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Contact Report 150 Part 1-3   第150次接觸報告之一(3)

接觸日期: 1981 10 10 日,星期六,凌晨 3 15


這是第一部分第 3 小段,談論的重點包含:

木星和土星的衛星數量 問題;

■ 繼續 預測未來( 1982 年上半年的)事件,談到英阿福島戰爭,以及貝京(曾任以色列總理)與柯梅尼(曾任伊朗最高領袖)等相關的中東局勢,還有一些天災地變。


Good; what do you think about this: you told me months ago that I should prepare a peace writing and should deliver it to all governments and peace movements. You also said that you would be helping me with this, but I still haven't seen anything of it. On my side, I also haven't found the time yet to get myself behind this task. How would it be now if someone from the group or even several members together would write up such a script, after which the two of us could then get together and put it into the proper form. Wouldn’t this be an acceptable proposal?



150. The idea is good because admittedly, I haven't yet found the necessary time to dedicate myself to this task.


151. Your proposal would free both of us from a lot of work if at least the concept of the script would be drafted by one or more group members.



Then I will see to it that this is undertaken.



152. Also, the new sporadic writing is due.



I know, and I hope that I will still finish the first edition before the first quarter is over.



153. That would be very gratifying.


154. But listen now further to what I still have to report to you about the future:


155. Namely, a great deal will occur, but no influences will arise from the SOL line-up of celestial bodies in the month of March 1982 since all SOL celestial bodies are on an Earth-lateral course and are, thus, in a short angle on a side of the Sun.

接著有很多事會發生,但是在 1982 年三月份太陽系天體排成直線並不會出現任何影響,從那時起所有太陽系天體在一條地球橫向的路線上,因此,在太陽一側的一個短角上。

156. All of the celestial bodies are too far away from the Earth that they would have even the slightest direct influences on the Earth and its life forms.


157. And as you know, there only arise change phenomena of the central sun vibrations and the central sun radiations, which exhibit only a pure astrological value, which means that they, as pure neutral central sun forces, exhibit only a variable value for the life forms, which use these in negative or positive forms.



That is clear to me, but since we are already talking about celestial bodies, I still have another question concerning Saturn. As is known to you, the American space probe, Voyager, travels past Saturn and sends recorded images to Earth. This will give the scientists large eyes once more, as was already the case with Jupiter, because inevitably, they will have to recognize once more from the recordings, that also around this not-matured dwarf sun more satellites orbit than what was previously assumed. To my knowledge, it has been argued until now that Saturn only has its 10 or 12 moons; although, it is true that there are 29, if I omit the Adoniden. Now, it would interest me whether all these moons will be discovered by the picture transmissions of probes, etc.?

這對我來說很清楚,但由於我們已經在談論天體,我仍然有另一個關於土星的問題。正如你所知,美國無人太空探測船 航海家 1 行駛過土星並發送記錄到的影像到地球。這會讓科學家們再一次大開眼界,因為已經是在木星附近的情況,因為不可避免地,由於那些記錄他們將會再次不得不承認,那同樣圍繞這不成熟的矮太陽比起以前所假設的擁有更多衛星軌道。據我所知,有人認為到目前為止,土星只有其 10 12 顆衛星;雖然,事實上是有 29 顆,假如我略去 Adoniden 的話。現在,這會引起我的興趣,是否所有這些衛星都會被圖像傳送發現?


158. It will be so - and still more.

這將會如此 —— 而且還有更多。

159. As you already could conclude by yourself on your great voyage, at the place and location, there revolve around Saturn 29 moons that are actually to be beholded as such.

正如你們已經可以在偉大的無人太空探測船自行斷定,在那地方和位置上,還有大約 29 個土星衛星,實際上是被這樣認為。

160. These are expected to be discovered in their entire number in approximately up to 25 years by probes and by telescopes.

這些預計大約會在 25 年內被探測器和望遠鏡發現,它們整體的數量。

161. But in truth, there aren't anymore so many that can still be discovered up to this number because since your journey to Saturn, the Earth scientists have discovered a few more moons, but which apparently slipped past you during the last few years.

但事實上,再也沒有這麼多還能夠被發現,達至這個數字,因為自從你 / 你們到達土星的旅程,地球科學家已經發現了多幾顆衛星,但顯然在過去幾年中你們錯過了。

162. After the discovery of the moons around Jupiter, scientists now reckon that they will also still find some undiscovered satellites around Saturn, but nevertheless, there will still be a surprise for them.



Do you think because of the Adoniden, which partially orbit millions of kilometers outside of Saturn?

你認為是因為 Adoniden ,其部分在土星之外繞行百萬公里?


163. That is correct.


164. These small planets, called Adonis, as you correctly say, are so small that they cannot be ascertained and seen from the Earth, at least not for the time being, because the necessary instruments for this do not yet exist.

這些小行星,稱為 Adonis ,你說得很對,是如此之小,它們仍未能從地球確定和看到,至少暫時沒有,因為對此必要的儀器尚不存在。

165. A large portion of these small planets will certainly be detected by different probes and earth-orbiting telescopes, which will cause some confusion with the scientists.



I can imagine because there is a fairly large number of them that orbit Saturn – besides the few small wandering Adoniden, which only pass by this SOL satellite from time to time. But I can well understand that they are not visible from the Earth because on average, they only exhibit a diameter of between roughly 10 to 50 kilometers if I still correctly remember what Ptaah and Semjase explained to me back then in the year 1975. In addition, there are still some smaller as well as larger ones present in huge distances from Saturn.

我可以想像,因為它們其中有相當多圍繞土星而行 —— 除了幾個小型流浪的 Adoniden ,它們只會偶爾經過這顆 SOL 衛星。但我很明白它們不能從地球上看見是因為一般而言,它們只呈現直徑約在 10 50 公里之間,如果我還沒有記錯 Ptaah Semjase 回溯到 1975 年之時向我解釋的。此外,還有一些較小以及較大者存在於與土星距離極遠處。


166. That is correct, but it should also be known to you from where these Adoniden arrived at Saturn.

正確,但它也應該被你所知,這些 Adoniden 從那兒抵達土星。


Of course. Back then, Semjase said that these small satellites, in part, come from larger fragments of the planet Malona, which had its course between Mars and Jupiter, before it was destroyed by an explosion that was unreasonably generated by the local people and was torn into thousands of pieces. While the bulk of the destroyed planet revolves around the Sun as an asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, some small groups of Adoniden have isolated themselves and have flown off into space by the expansion forces of the planet’s explosion, whereby a larger group of these then arrived into the attractive forces of Saturn, which keeps them since then as micro-satellites, which also means that these are not actual moons of the unfinished sun-planet but are just foreign bodies that have immigrated and that are the size of Adonis, while the number of actual moons of Saturn is only 29.

當然。當時, Semjase 表示,這些小衛星,部分來自行星 Malona 較大的碎片,它們有其在火星與木星之間的路線,在其被一場由當地人民不合理地產生的爆炸毀滅並撕裂成數以千塊碎片之前。而大量被毀的行星環繞太陽公轉如同一條在火星與木星之間的小行星帶,有些小群的 Adoniden 已經被自行分離出來並透過行星爆炸的膨脹力已經飛進了太空,由此其中一群較大的隨後進抵土星的引力之中,這使它們自此成為微型衛星,這也意味著,這些都不是未完成的太陽行星( sun-planet )實際上的衛星,而只是已經移居的外來物體,而且都是 Adonis 的大小,而實際土星的衛星數目只有 29 個。


167. That is correct, but let’s leave it at that because I still have other things to explain to you.


168. The time following the previously mentioned events will bring with it a short-term break from large or larger events.


169. Even natural disasters will hold themselves within a small frame because besides some earthquakes and floods, not much will happen related to this, other than in China, Japan, and also Mexico, where a larger quake will make itself noticable with human losses.


170. In the month of May, Europe will be the next in the row in this regard, whereby especially Germany will be the central point, but without major damages.


171. On the other hand, winter will shortly break in again in different European areas once it becomes supposed by the people that this would already be past.


172. Namely, until about the 10th of May, snowfall will appear again in Switzerland, in Germany, and in other European countries, after spring has allowed its splendor of flowers, but there will be no serious damages.

也就是說,直到大約 5 10 日,降雪將再次出現在瑞士,在德國和在其他歐洲國家,春天之後已經允許其花朵的璀璨予,不會有嚴重的損害。

173. Towards the end of April or the beginning of May, the Pope of Rome will again dissipate the moneys of his believers, because once again he will begin an extremely expensive trip to different countries, which will cost many millions of dollars.


174. Thus, he will also visit Portugal, where he will hypocritically let it be announced that the Madonna of Fatima had protected him, helping him survive the assassination attempt that had been perpetrated on his life.

由此,他還會拜訪葡萄牙,他在那裡會假惺惺地由其被公佈,那就是法蒂瑪聖母( Madonna of Fatima )保護了他,幫助他在已被犯下的暗殺企圖中存活下來。

175. However, with this consciously mendacious and fraudulet allegation to his believers, he will encourage the hatred of a Catholic priest of a different faith, who will want to kill him and will attack him with a dagger, but this will be thwarted by security personnel before the priest arrives in the direct vicinity of the Pope.


176. After his stay in Portugal, the Pope will proceed to England, which will be reckoned as a sensation because, since the secession of the English-Anglican Church from Rome, no Pope has ever given more effort for the English church in this manner.


177. In truth, the whole journey of the Pope to England, however, will not serve for Christian-connecting relations or for the renewed alliance of the Roman and English church as the Pope will untruthfully make known, firstly because it will only concern his personal image, which he wants to strengthen and to develop, and secondly, it is also about the intrigue machinations of bringing the English Church back under the upper rule of the Roman Papacy.



I think that the present Pope is disgust-inciting, mendacious, hypocritical, one who deliberately misleads the people and is a toadying pulpit creep, who only wants to lead a nice life and make a name for himself. At the same time, when I think of other Popes, then I must say that different ones among them at least still believed in what they said and did, while this Pope is only pretending; although, he is a damn bad actor.

我認為,目前的教宗是煽動厭惡、虛偽、偽善、一個故意誤導人民的人,而且是一個諂媚的講道壇諂媚者,他只想帶來一個美好的生活並使自己成名。與此同時,當我想到 其他 的教宗,那麼我必須說,他當中不同的人最起碼仍然相信他們所說和所做的,而這個教宗只是假裝的;雖然,他是個他媽的糟糕的演員。


178. Your words are appropriately correct, but this Pope will not be able to exercise his evil doings much longer.


179. Namely, through his criminal doings, he also has already predetermined his end, but about that, I want to make no particulars at the moment.


180. Rather, it is appropriate that I tell you that this fraudulent man is now scheming to also visit your homeland, Switzerland, where he will be present in Geneva and continue to perform his acting.


181. Besides this, he will also strive to arrive in Argentina in order to break in on the population with his dishonest manner regarding the war between Argentina and England.


182. During the month of April 1982, the Argentineans will militarily garrison the Falkland Islands, which are under the English colony, whereupon England will then send out a fleet, through which a veritable guerrilla war will emerge between both countries, which will demand many human lives and war material.

1982 年四月份期間,阿根廷人將會在軍事上駐軍福克蘭群島,那是英國殖民地,屆時英國將會派遣一支艦隊,透過這一場出現在兩國之間名副其實的游擊戰,這將會需要到許多人的生命和戰爭物資。

183. This war will be a sign of the threatening Third World Conflagration in the third millennium.


184. Moreover, this will also be the actual fundamental point for the fact that in this World War, if it cannot be prevented, England will come under attack from the East with great power.

此外,這也將會成為為了這個事實 —— 在這場「世界大戰」中實際上根本 的一點,假如它不能被阻止,英國將遭受來至東方的強國攻擊。

185. But this still lies in the far future, and if it should get so far, then nobody will search for the grounds for the attack on England in this forthcoming Falkland conflict, that will erupt in the month April of 1982; although, in truth, the origin will lie there.

但是,這仍然在於遙遠的未來,而且如果它應該那麼遠的話,那麼沒有人會為在這場即將到來的福克蘭衝突中對英國的攻擊尋找理據,這將會在 1982 年四月爆發;雖然,事實上,起源會在那兒。


This bratty girl Thatcher and the rascals of the Argentinian army are responsible for this, right? Someone should lead them all to a public place, in front of a world-wide television camera, pull down their pants, put them over the knee, and give them a good textbook example spanking.



186. You amuse me, but it would truly be a very effective solution because it would then be impossible for them to be in their positions, which they are unable to perform anyways.



Altogether, they are truly not at all adults but rather regular rascally boys and girls, even snotty-nosed little boys and girls.



187. Your dialect expressions are very appropriate, and there is not a single mature person among them, as is the case with most of the other rulers of the Earth.



Finally, an open word relating to this – and those who would actually be somewhat suited as executive personnel are not man enough to enforce what is right because they do not dare to fend[4] themselves against their party comrades – perhaps because they fear for their posts.

最後,關於這點一個公開的字( open word —— 以及那些實際上會成為稍微適合作為行政人員的人不夠強硬去執行對的事,因為他們不夠膽捍衛自己,反對 他們的黨內同志 —— 也許是因為他們擔心自己的崗位。


188. That is correct, but we should not talk about these things because they deal with politics.



Nevertheless, it is so, and I think that we do not politicize when we identify the errors of the governments.



189. That is indeed correct, but the Earth human still tends toward understanding things falsely.


190. Thus, let us turn again to other things.



That’s fine with me; also, I have a question that has nothing to do with the whole area of political crap: I calculated the date of the 11th of May to be the time when Bernadette should give birth to her son, based on her statements. At the same time another date, or several, come up, so namely the 21st, 22nd, and 23rd of May 1982. Which one of those is right? On my side, I conclude the 11th of May because this is the nearest possibility.

那我沒意見;同時,我有一個問題與政治廢話全面無關:我計算過 5 11 日是 Bernadette 應該生下她兒子的日期,根據她的陳述。與此同時另一日期,或幾個,算上來,所以換言之是 1982 5 21 日、 22 日和 23 日。其中哪一個是正確的?在我來說,我推斷 5 11 日,因為這是最接近的可能性。


191. Some mistakes must have slipped in to you, but this is understandable because of the condition of your nerves.


192. You do know that you must have healthy and functioning nerves for such calculations.


193. If that isn't the case, then there will be mistakes that you cannot grasp or recognize, which is actually proven in the difference of the days May 21st, 22nd, and 23rd.

若非如此,那麼就會出現錯誤,你不能掌握或識別,這實際上會在未來的日子 5 21 日, 22 日和 23 日被證明其差異。

194. The first date, indeed, lies the closest to the truth, but unfortunately, this is also not true.


195. The birth will take place on the 9th of May in the early afternoon hours, shortly after 2:00 PM.

誕生將於 5 9 日在下午較早的時間,下午 2 時之後不久。


I know that my nerves are, once again, not quite in order as they should be. Already, I repeatedly wanted to get myself behind some tasks, but it does not and did not work out for me.



196. That is correct because the proper functioning of your nerves is extremely necessary for your work.


197. But now, I should report to you further of the upcoming events because that is our current main topic.



It is, yes. Then maybe you can also tell me: how are things now with the filming? I mean, what will happen in regards to our film, which is supposed to be made by the Americans about our mission, etc.? Can you give me any information about this?



198. I already explained to you at an earlier date that this work must be completed no later than the end of 1982 because after that, you will have no more time for it.

我已經在較早的日子向你解釋了,這工作必須在不遲於 1982 年年底完成,因為在此之後,你將沒有更多的時間了。

199. For this reason, we have set all responsible persons in America under our pertinent purpose-oriented impulse radiations, through which they will be led to work more intensively.


200. And as things now look, it seems that around the 25th of April 1982, this film work will be started, so the film will come about in the foreseeable time.

而正如事情現在看起來那樣,似乎大約在 1982 4 25 日,這部影片的工作將會開始,所以這部影片會大約在在可預見的時間到來。


I simply can’t understand why, starting in 1983, I should have no time anymore for the filming.

我只是不明白為什麼, 1983 年起,我應該沒有太多時間用於拍攝。


201. Besides the additional upcoming routine work that will come about from the film itself, people in Japan will also begin to be interested in our entire cause in the largest measure, so much additional work will expect you from this.


202. Also, even more film work will be incorporated into it if our calculations prove themselves as given.


203. Now, however, we should not speak of these matters anymore because, in relation to world events of the coming time, there is still a lot to explain, for example, in the middle of 1982, the time will be reached by the peoples of the Earth which will decisively establish guidelines that will make the fate of the humans nearly unalterable.

然而,現在我們不應該再談論這些事情了,因為相對於即將來臨的世界大事,仍然有很多要解釋,例如,在 1982 年年中,那時間會被地球的人們達成,這將會果斷地確立指導方針,這將會使人類的命運幾乎不可改變。

204. But even though these guidelines will appear, the eyes of the Earth people will remain closed and blinded, like also their sense of truth.


205. Mainly it concerns, in relation to this, the criminal interests of the would-be statesman Begin, who will commit a further terrible crime under the eyes of the world public, without that the rest of the world intervenes and ends the terrible killings.

關於這一點,主要涉及想成為政治家的貝京 (譯者註: Begin ;又譯為比京, 1977 年至 1983 年任以色列總理) 犯惡事項,他將會在全世界公眾的眼皮下犯下一個更可怕的罪行,沒有世界上其他的干預以及結束這可怕的殺戮。

206. In the middle of 1982, Begin will demonstrate his true character with full power when he allows an attack with war-Gewalt on the capital of Beirut in the country of Lebanon and allows it to be destroyed for the most part, whereby many thousands of innocent people - women, men, and children - will be killed.

1982 年中期,貝京將會全力展示他的真實個性,當他允許一場帶有戰爭暴力的襲擊在黎巴嫩國家首都貝魯特以及允許它在很大 程度上被破壞,由此成千上萬無辜的人 —— 婦女、男人和孩子 —— 將會 被殺死之時。

207. The murderly degenerated Menachem Begin will thereby give excuses that will find attention in the UN and in the rest of the world; although, behind Begin’s actions lies hidden nothing else than the lunatic greed for the spilling of human blood as well as the lust for sovereign power over the entire country and all its ethnic groups.



He is a cowardly pig and a scoundrel without an equal. My reflection about him has revealed that he is a damn rotten creature who lives entirely criminally, is vindictive, and boundless in his cowardice. He is not only a zero, an absolute washout, and a naught, but in addition a unparalleled scoundrel, and moreover a psychopath of the same size as Khomeini, the insane-Ayatollah in Iran. Begin is in the same sick hospital as Khomeini: cowardly, deceitful, mean, selfish, power-hungry, psychopathic, validity-addicted and domineering, a megalomaniac and who is otherwise burdened with all the malignancies into which a person could have lapsed. He is an absolute degenerate and is undignified of life. He is a person who could never develop the ability to live honestly and become a human being – an absolute zero, who wants to hide his absolute inability to live through cowardice and lust for blood, whereby the responsible persons of all earthly governments are stupid enough not to recognize this fact, and so, they grant him leave instead of bringing him and his power-addiction to reason, in order to dissolve his power and suffocate his power-thinking completely.

他是一頭懦弱的豬和一個無與倫比的惡棍。我對他的見解已經透露,他是一個該死的爛生物,他徹底有罪地活著,是報復性的,而且在他的怯懦中無邊無際。他不僅是一個零,一個絕對的失敗,還是一個無,但除了一個無可比擬的惡棍之外,而且還是一個與柯梅尼( Khomeini ;伊朗最高領袖)那個在伊朗瘋狂的阿亞圖拉( Ayatollah ;回教什葉派領袖)不相伯仲的精神病患者。貝京與柯梅尼是在同一個病院的:懦弱、詭詐、卑鄙、自私、貪婪權力、心理變態、正當成癮(註: validity-addicted )和霸道,一個妄自尊大的人,而且要不然他就是背負了所有罪惡深入到一個可能已堕落的人之中。他是一個絕對的墮落者,而且是毫無尊嚴的生命。他是一個永遠無法發展按正道而行的能力的人,並 且變成一個人類存在 —— 一個絕對的零,他想掩飾他絕對的無能,透過怯懦與對鮮 血的慾望而活著,由此地上政府的負責人都足夠愚蠢而不會認清這個事實,因此,他們給予他離開而不是把他和他的權力癮恢復理智,以完全化解他的權力和壓制他的權力想法。

But the Earth people and especially the responsible rulers are so blinded and stupid that they do not recognize the truth, thus, also not the actual sense of Begin’s actions and his associated infamous and cunning plots, which truly, have only fully fledged through his office, as it was with the treacherous criminal acts of Jmmanuel’s traitor, namely of Juda Ihariot. Begin’s ancestors, already at their olden times, were probably criminals of all types and kinds, who drank friendship with their potential or assumed enemies, at times, in order to then treacherously murder them, to slaughter them when they were drunk out of their senses and defenseless. And after they had libelously falsified, like Israel, their own chronicle, where Jmmanuel’s traitor actually wasn't a disciple like Judas Iscariot, Jmmanuel’s disciple Judas Iscariot was then placed as the traitor until the present day, while the true traitor, the high priest’s son, Juda Ihariot, is not even mentioned in the hypocritical chronicle, so that the real traitor to Jmmanuel’s assassination should be innocent.

但地球人,還有特別是負責的統治者是如此盲目和愚蠢,他們無法認清真相,因此,也沒有實際意識到貝京的行動及其相關臭名昭著和狡詐的陰謀,這真的,只透過他的辦公室而完全成熟(註:意思不明),這正如 Jmmanuel (註:以馬內利)的叛徒奸詐的犯罪行為一樣,也就是 Juda Ihariot (註:詳見以馬內利生平)。貝京的祖先,早在他們的古代時,也許已是所有類型和種類的罪犯,他們與他們潛在或假設的敵人友善喝酒,時常,為了接著背信棄義地殺害他們當他們喝醉了失去他們的知覺而且手無寸鐵之時。而且在他們誹謗性的偽造後,像以色列那樣,他們自己的編年史,其中 Jmmanuel 的叛徒其實不是一個像 Judas Iscariot 這樣的門徒, Jmmanuel 的門徒 Judas Iscariot 然後被認為是叛徒直至今天,而真正的叛徒,大祭司的兒子, Juda Ihariot ,甚至沒有在虛偽的編年史中被提及,所以 Jmmanuel 的遇刺真正的叛徒應該是無辜的。


208. Helpless anger speaks from your words there, my friend.


209. Anger over the fact that you preach the truth to the Earth people for nothing and that, thereby, this criminal would-be politician can continue to murder under the eyes of the Earth population and realize his goals, namely - to seize the rule of the entire country more and more to himself.

對於這事實感到憤怒,你白白傳講真理 / 真相給地球人了,而且,因此,這個罪犯將要成為政治家,能夠繼續在地球全人眼皮下謀殺和實現他的目標, 也就是 —— 為他自己奪取整個國家越來越多的控制。

210. But you can do, and are really able to do, nothing in regards to this through the dissemination of the truth because the murderous and human blood-demanding death power of the heavy criminal has already become too great, so only the fulfillment of the prophecies can still bring a change in the bloodthirsty rule- and power-addiction of this degenerate.

但是關於這方面你不能透過真理的傳播做什麼,而且是真的不能夠做什麼,因為重罪犯兇殘和渴求人類鮮血的死亡權力已經變得過於巨大,所以在嗜血 的統治 —— 和這墮落的沉溺權力中,只有實現預言還能夠帶來一個改變。

211. His country Israel, so says a prophecy, will be destroyed in the distant future from the lands of the East through war and death, when the fighters of the East will wade knee-deep in the blood of the people of Israel.


212. And all this just because the leaders of all world governments are just as blind and cowardly as the populations of many countries of the Earth in order that they would put a stop to the criminal, murderous, and human-blood-thirsty, would-be politicians, and criminal politicians in Israel.



The world will have to learn what snakes it is nourishing in its bosom.



213. That will certainly be the case, but only then, when everything has become inevitable.


214. Unfortunately, the megalomania and truth-denial of the Earth humans allows them to recognize the truth only too late.


215. Thus, in the middle of 1982 it won't be enough that the criminal Begin will lead a murderous and brutal war in Beirut against the Palestinians, but this criminal will continue in even further and harder measures because he will never give up his plans for territorial reign.

因此,在 1982 年中期這還不會足夠,那罪犯貝京將會帶來一場兇殘和殘酷的戰爭,但這個罪犯將會繼續甚至更進一步和更難測量(註: harder mass ),因為他永遠不會放棄他對於領土統治的計劃。

216. So not only in Beirut will many thousands of innocents - children, women, and men - die but also again after that, in the future, when this criminal would-be great further pursues his plans for country conquest, while the leaders of the world still stupidly, incomprehensibly, and even leniently watch him, along with those of the nation, which still believes in a reparation for the sufferings of the Jews during the Second World War.

因此,不僅在貝魯特將有成千上萬無辜者 —— 兒童、婦女和男人 —— 死 亡,但是再次在此之後,在未來,當這個罪犯想進一大步地奉行他國家征服的計劃之時,而世界的領導人還在愚蠢地、不可思議地、甚至寬大地觀看他,連同那些國家,那些仍然相信會有一個為了在第二次世界大戰期間受苦的猶太人的補償。

217. These believers do not understand that a reparation for the infamous actions of the Third Reich is impossible and that such a reparation can never be made to the surviving relatives and descendants of those, who were murdered and slaughtered in the Third Reich between 1939 and 1945 through the indirect orders of the Thule society by Adolf Hitler and his generals and other leading powers, etc.

這些相信者不明白,一個為了那第三帝國 Third Reich ,指希特勒統治下的德國) 臭名昭著的行為的補償是不可能的,這樣的一個補償永遠不會向那些倖存的親屬和後代作出,他們在 1939 年和 1945 年之間在第三帝國被殺害和屠殺,透過圖勒會社 Thule society ;一個神秘學組織) 希特勒和他的將軍及其他領導力量等等間接的命令。

218. A reparation could only take place with the victims themselves, which, however, is impossible.


219. But a reparation to the surviving relatives and descendants, etc., is completely misdirected because most of these people live in hatred and vindictiveness, as well as with cravings for power and in materialism, for the purposes of seizing the rule of the country to themselves and subjugating, exploiting, and enslaving the rest of the humanity of the country.


220. Thus, the large mass of the Earth people live in the wrong mania for an unwarranted reparation for the suffered disgraceful deeds done to their ancestors and predecessors, with which the Earth people nourish a very vicious, poisonous, and life-threatening snake in their bosoms.


221. So it will happen that in the month of July 1982, the Palestinian refugees, expelled out of their rightful homeland, should be forced through the accomplished war events released by Begin, the land that was was home to them and which belonged to them for millennia and which brought much death and destruction to them, to have to recognize it as Israel, as a state.

所以這會發生在 1982 7 月,巴勒斯坦難民,驅逐出他們應有的家園,應該出自貝京之手透過熟練的戰爭事件被強迫,該土地對他們而言是家園,而且幾千年來都屬於他們,並且為他們帶來許多死亡和毀滅,不得不承認它是以色列,作為一個國家。


That just cannot be true.



222. Unfortunately, this will be so certain, as Begin will implement the expulsion of the Palestinians from Beirut with murder and destruction, without that the responsible in countries of the Earth and Earth humanity will undertake something about it, or recognize what the actual plans in the criminal Begin’s brain really are, concerning snatching the rule over the land to himself.



Thus, this should also be the time when Iran will begin a renewed major offensive against Iraq, right?



223. Apparently, you have dealt with these matters a little more closely?



I have, yes.



224. Good; yes, in the month of July, under the supreme command of the insane Ayatollah Khomeini, the Iranians will drive forward the, until then, approximately two-year war again to a climax, whereby on both sides, with the Iranians as well as with the Iraqis, many thousands of people will again die.

很好;是了,在 7 月份,在瘋狂的柯梅尼至高無上指揮下,伊朗人將向前推動,直到那時,大約為期兩年的戰爭再次推向高潮,由此雙方,伊朗以及伊拉克人,成千上萬的人會再次死亡。


There is simply no end to the insanity.



225. You know why.



Yes, but how is it actually with the disasters around the middle of the year 1982, which are evoked by the weather and climate, etc.?

是的,不過大約在 1982 年中期的災難實際上到底是怎麼回事,那是由天氣和氣候等引起的?


226. At least during the month of July, very bad things will happen in this relation.


227. Your homeland, Switzerland, will also be stricken by the heaviest of storms, particularly the areas of the Jura.

你的家園,瑞士,也將受到最嚴重的暴風雨侵襲,特別是 Jura 地區。

228. Concerning this, bad things will also happen around your center, whereby you yourselves will get away with minor damages at this time.


229. Particularly, Switzerland and France will be met with severe hail, whereby also very wild waters will then appear as a result of heavy thunderstorms that will destroy crops, buildings, roads, fields, forests, and meadows, in addition to many other things.


230. This will happen, after bright sunshine will have appeared for only a few weeks.


231. What falls in various places as too much water to the Earth will lack in other places, but then afterward, heavy thunderstorms and floods and destruction will also occur there.


232. In Japan alone, storms and floodwaters will appear in the area of Nagasaki, which will cost many hundreds of human lives.


233. Thousands of houses will be destroyed, which will also be the case in various other countries, along with immeasurable additional damages to crops, to animal life forms, and to everything that people have created.



Then there’s a pretty bad year.



234. That will be the case; that is correct.


235. Also, new diseases will make an appearance with the Earth people, and at times even epidemics will break out in some countries.


236. But this still won’t be enough, because at this point in time, only the first half of the year 1982 will have passed.

但是,這仍然不夠,因為在這個時刻, 1982 年僅過去了上半年而已。


Then, after the first half of the year, there are still quite evil things to be expected?



237. That is correct, but I would like to again report chronologically about this because many of the upcoming events after the first half of the year 1982 represent precursors or further developments of the insanity of the Earth people, which have already begun or will still begin and which will drag themselves into the year 1983 and even into later decades.

正確,但有關這點我想再按時間順序地報告,因為很多在 1982 年上半年後即將發生的事件代表地球人類的瘋狂先驅者或進一步發展,這已經開始或將會開始,而且這會將他們拖到 1983 年甚至到以後幾十年。


Then please tell me about these things in order. But before this, I would like to ask you whether you can answer one more question for me that is still on my chest?



238. Then ask.



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