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Contact Report 150 Part 1-6     第150次接觸報告之一(6)

接觸日期: 1981 10 10 日,星期六,凌晨 3 15


這是第一部分第 6 小段,談論的重點包含:

■ 有關 巨大的彗星 毀滅者 」( Destroyer 可能接近地球時間的計算誤差。


Ah yes, good that you speak about it because speaking of a comet, I would like to ask you a question. Years ago, I already spoke with Semjase several times about the Destroyer, which must be a gigantic comet. Semjase then gave me a lot of information in relation to this wanderer, but she was not quite sure as to the exact dates regarding the actual times of circulation, and regarding the years of appearance, etc. She told me back then that she was not precisely oriented about everything and that quite possibly, there could be errors in her data. Semjase

啊是了,你說這件事很好,因為說到一顆彗星,我想問你一個問題。幾年前,我就已經跟 Semjase 談及幾次 毀滅者 ,它必定是一顆巨大的彗星。隨後告訴我很多關於這流浪者的資料,但是關於循環的確切日期她並不十分清楚,而關於出現的年份等等,當時她告訴我,她並沒有精確地導向一切,而且她很可能,在她的數據中可能會有錯誤。


454. That is correct because these issues are not in her field, and she has never been deeply occupied with them.


455. She took up this information only in passing, which she then passed along to you in a friendly manner, but unfortunately, she somewhat intermingled some data of importance, particularly in issues of time, whereby she somewhat confusingly intertwined different time calculations into one another.


456. It should be noted that four calendars appear that are different and thoroughly divergent from one another, which Semjase has mentioned to you in her explanations but has not explained more closely, which would have been necessary for a full understanding of the issues.

這點應該要注意,有四個不同並完全從彼此分歧的曆法出現,其中 Semjase 在她的解釋中向你提到,但是沒有更仔細地解釋,對於這問題有一個充分的認識將會是必須的。

457. In the right way, you should have turned to me for accurate information about this because interests around comets and similar phenomena fall into my learned field of work.


458. But now, this shouldn't mean that you have been misinformed by Semjase because that isn't the case.

但現在,這並非意味著你已經被 Semjase 誤導了,因為情況並非如此。

459. Her information reflects the given facts, but these were mixed with each other due to inexact knowledge.



That is reassuring, but at least now, can you give me the exact information?



460. Our conversation topic is a different one, but if it is so important to you, then I will gladly be ready to give you the exact information.


461. It is, however, necessary that I go back very far and also put the times in a single calculation, thus, in the time calculation that is customary on Earth.


462. But it should be explained first of all that the current terrestrial calendar does not correspond to the true calendar because at the beginning of this new era, various time suppressions were made by people, which were never recorded.


463. As is known to you, the new calendar is calculated after Jmmanuel; although, this calendar already differs by six (6) years, in the form that six years too few have been calculated.

如你所知,新的曆法是在 Jmmanuel (註:以馬內利) 之後計算的;雖然,這曆法已經相差了六( 6 )年,在形式上算少了六年。

464. This is, by the way, a fact that is even known to those responsible for terrestrial time calculation, who know exactly, that according to that, the year 1981 must already become calculated with the year 1987.

順便說一下,這是一個事實,這對於那些在地球上計算時間的負責人而言甚至已知,他們確切地知道,據此, 1981 年必定被算成 1987 年。

465. But apart from this six-year time demolition, another one comes to light, and actually one of 40 years and 4 months, which must also be applied before the new calendar.

但是,除了這 6 年的時間消除外,另一點也真相大白,實際上還有 40 年又 4 個月,也必須在新的曆法之前加上去。

466. Thus, between the time before Jmmanuel, which is designated on Earth as “Before Christ,” and between the time “after Christ,” 46 years and 4 months are missing which are not taken into consideration in the new calendar.

因此, Jmmanuel 之前的時間之間,在地球上被稱為「基督之前」,而「基督之後」的時間之間,丟失 46 年又 4 個月,這都是沒有被考慮到新的曆法當中的。

467. Those 46 years and 4 months were simply suppressed through various changes of power of the past, and also the data was changed regarding the rulers and their lifetimes and their reigns and was distorted by those who had to work on the chronicles and records.

46 年又 4 個月就這樣透過以前權力的各種改變而被抑制,關於統治者和他們一生以及他們的統治的數據也進行了修改與歪曲,透過那些負責編年史和記錄工作的人們。

468. Such sources of error often only appeared because the records were made, in cases, many years after the events, whereby false calculations inevitably had to arise.


469. But through these false calculations, errors embedded themselves into the calendar, which do not want to be vouched by the Earth people and do not want to be repaired.


470. But now, if we want to mention the precise dates with regard to the Destroyer, then we must calculate in these time suppressions and proceed moreover from the present time, whereby we must then incorporate the missing 46 years and 4 months that were suppressed by the chroniclers between the post and the pre-Christ time, so that practically, there appears an extraordinary and forgotten time between the old and new calendar, by which we can actually begin with the modern times calculation at the year one (1) Jmmanuel, aka post-Christ.

但是現在,如果我們想對毀滅者提出確切日期,那麼我們必須在這些時間抑制中計算並從當前時間開始,因此我們必須再納入那透過基督前和後之間的編年史而被抑制丟失的 4 6 年又 4 個月,因此實際上,似乎有一段平凡而被遺忘的時光在新舊曆法之間,由此我們可以真正以現代時間計算 Jmmanuel ,又稱後基督一年而開始。

471. Thereby, it should still be noted by you, as I must explain, that all the now following information is calculated according to the standard earthly pre- and post-Jmmanuel calendar.

因此,這仍然應該被你注意到,正如我必須要解釋,現在接下來的所有信息是根據地球前和後 Jmmanuel 曆法標準計算的。


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