The Law of One, Book V, Fragment 26

Session 44, March 28, 1981

一的法則:卷五, 片斷二十六
四十四場集會, 1981 3 2 8

Session 44 was removed from Book Two because it is almost entirely a maintenance session. In querying as to how best to revitalize Carla’s physical vehicle and aid the contact with Ra in general we did, however, discover a couple of fundamental principles which we found useful thereafter.

Jim 評論
我們將第 44 場集會從卷二移除 因為它幾乎完全是一個維護 器皿 的集會 無論如何 在問到如何最佳地重新賦予 Carla 肉體載具活力 並協助與 Ra 的通訊的過程 我們的確發現幾個根本的原則 在往後的日子是有用的

In the first answer we found that a strong desire to be of service is not enough when it is uninformed by wisdom. Carla, and our entire group as well, suffered in the first months of the Ra contact from an overactive desire to be of service through having more sessions with Ra than was helpful for the contact over the long run. Scheduling so many sessions in such a short period of time was overly draining on Carla’s physical energy and would mean that the total number of sessions that was possible during her incarnation was probably being reduced.

Ra 首先的答案中 我們發現強烈渴望有所服務是不夠的 還需要有智慧的灌注 Carla 與我們整個小組在最初與 Ra 通訊的幾個月由於過度渴望服務而受苦 也就是說,在短期內排入太多的集會場次 這樣對長期與 Ra 通訊是不利的 同時,對於 Carla 的肉體能量也造成過度耗損 最後很可能導致她的壽命縮短或總體集會場次的減少

The second principle which we found of interest was the power of dedication. If Carla dedicated herself to having a session with Ra she would expend an amount of energy equal to a full day’s work—even if the session did not occur. Thus it was most important that her dedication be informed by wisdom, if not her own then that of the support group’s. Thus, for any person, it is the will which drives the dedication, all thoughts, words, and actions depending therefrom. As one points the will, one’s desires become manifest. It is important, therefore, that one use the will carefully.

我們發現的第二個原則是奉獻 dedication 的力量
如果 Carla 奉獻她自己給一場與 Ra 通訊的集會 她會花費相當於一整天工作的 能量 —— 即使這場集會沒有發生
因此她的奉獻需要智慧的提醒 這是至為重要的 如果不是她自己的智慧,那麼就必須由支持小組提醒她
是故 對於任何人 意志驅策著奉獻 所有思維、言語與行動都從那一點出發 當一個人將意志指向哪裡 他的渴望就得以顯化 所以 重要的是一個人要小心地使用意志力

My body has always been fragile. Born with birth defects, laid low by rheumatic fever at the age of 2 years and kidney failure at ages 13 and 15 , I have since worked with an increasing amount of rheumatoid arthritic and other rheumatoid diseases. By 1981 , when the contact with Ra began, I had had several operations on my wrists and finger joints, and was experiencing rheumatoid changes in virtually every joint in my body, the neck and back being the worst hit after the hands. I had worked as a librarian, a job I loved, and as a researcher and writer for Don, but 1976 was the last year I was able to manage a typewriter, and by 1981 I was on Social Security Disability and having grave problems physically, both organic and rheumatoid. I was in pain constantly. I tolerated this without much remark, and tried to appear well; indeed, I felt healthy. But the body was a weak one. And I think that the trance state was difficult because without my being able to move my body around, it simply lay in one position during the sessions. This meant that the bad joints were liable to become far more painful, especially in those joints of back, neck and wrist which were severely damaged. I would wake up in a world of hurt. There did not seem to be a way to avoid this, and it was easy for me to be discouraged at my imperfect physical vehicle. I felt as though I were letting the group down when Ra said they had to limit the session length, and always tried my hardest to maximize my time in trance.

Carla 評論
我的身體總是脆弱的 天生就有一些缺陷 兩歲時罹患風濕熱 13 歲與 15 歲時腎臟衰退 從那個時候起,我就必須面對持續惡化風濕性關節炎與其他併發症狀 到了 1981 開始與 Ra 通訊 我已經在腕部與手指關節上動了幾次手術 實際上 我持續經驗風濕病變蔓延到身體的每一個關節 雙手是最嚴重的 其次是脖子與背部
我曾經做過圖書管理員 一個我喜愛的工作 接著是 Don 的研究員與書寫員 1976 年是我能夠使用打字機的最後一年 到了 1981 我被列為社會福利殘障人士 我的肉體問題十分嚴重 同時包括臟器與風濕問題 我恆常地處於痛苦中 我忍受這狀況沒有太多的談論 並嘗試看起來不錯 我的確感覺健康 但身體是衰弱的
我認為那時的出神狀態是困難的 因為我無法移動我的身體 它在整個集會中只能躺在一個位置
這意味著傷痛的關節傾向變得更痛 特別是背部、頸部與腕部的關節受到嚴重損害 我醒來的時候處在一個疼痛的世界中 當時 似乎沒有方法避免這現象 我很容易為我不完美的肉體載具感到沮喪
我感覺彷彿是我讓這個小組失望 Ra 說到他們必須限制集會的長度 我總是盡全力最大化我處在出神狀態的時間

Donald and Jim never reproached me even the first time, and were endlessly patient in working with my limitations. However, I cried many a tear of frustration, for I wished so much to be able to continue with this channeling of Ra. It was fortunate for the contact that Jim and I were lovers, for apparently all the physical energy I had to give, after the first few sessions, was the energy transferred during lovemaking. How does a person called “pure” have a lover?

Don Jim 一次也沒有責備我 並且以無盡的耐心一起工作我的限制
不管怎樣 我哭泣著,流下許多挫折的眼淚 因為我是多麼想要能夠繼續傳訊 Ra
幸運的 對於通訊而言 ], Jim 與我是情人 明顯地,我在最初幾場集會中給出的肉體能量全都是在做愛過程中轉移得來的能量
一個被稱 純潔 人怎會有一個情人呢

Purely, of course. I tried celibacy for about two years when Don and I first got together. I found it extremely difficult and unsatisfying as a life choice. After talking this over with Donald, we agreed that I would take a lover if I wished. As he was gone fully half of the time flying for Eastern Air Lines, I was able to be completely discreet. He never saw the lover, who never saw him. When Jim began coming to meditations regularly, I had once again been celibate for about four years, not having anyone I felt good about to be a lover and friend. Jim was the answer to a maiden’s prayers, being extremely fond of his solitude most of the time, but a marvelous companion and an amazing lover when he was in the mood. He wanted nothing from me in the everyday sense of having a constant companion. Don wanted only that companionship. The two men fitted into my life like puzzle pieces, just so. It was, for the time it lasted, a seamless and wonderful threesome of those who truly and entirely wished to serve.

純潔地 當然 我跟 Don 在一起期間 我嘗試禁慾 celibate 兩年 我發現它極度困難 並且不是一個令人滿意的生命選擇
在與 Don 討論之後 我們同意,如果我想要,我可以找一個情人
他幾乎一半時間都在駕駛東方航空的飛機 我完全可以謹慎地 做這件事 )。
從未見過那位情人 反之亦然 Jim 開始定期參與我們的冥想 再次地 我禁慾了四年 沒有找到一位我覺得好到可以當朋友與情人的對象
Jim 是一個少女祈禱的回應 大多數時間,他極度地喜歡獨處 但他心情好的時候 又是一個令人驚歎的同伴與情人 他不想要我每天恆常地陪伴他 Don 只要那樣的同伴關係 這兩個男人如同兩塊拼圖 成為我生命 拼圖 的一部分
在這段時間內 這是一個天衣無縫與美妙無比的三人小組 他們完全真實地想要服務

I pondered Ra’s words about martyrdom for some time, and eventually decided that I should take a vacation, the first one I had taken since 1971 . Jim and I went to the seashore, and I rested and felt great healing. I see this as the first step I took away from the forces of death and towards an embrace of continued life. I wish that Don could also have done this, but it was not in him.

我衡量 Ra 關於殉道的話語好些時候 最終決定我應該放個假 1971 年以來我第一次放假
Jim 與我來到一個海灘 我在那兒休息並感到大量的療癒 我將這次旅行視為我擺脫死亡勢力的第一步 也是朝向擁抱持久生命的第一步
我但願 Don 也可以給自己一個假期 但他的裡內沒有這個想法

I think Ra’s comments on how to treat psychic greeting are very wise. To look on these experiences of being “attacked” as less than vitally important was to invite their prolongation. When faced and given full consideration, without fear, just being with these energies and loving them, seeing them as the dark side of oneself, the greetings were simply experiences to have and to ponder, working towards acceptance of the full self. Jesus suggested that we not resist evil, and I think this is part of what He meant—to embrace the greeting as coming from the self, and as loved by the self, was to draw its teeth and neutralize its venom.

我以為 Ra 關於如何對待超心靈致意的評論十分睿智
看待這些被 攻擊 的經驗不具關鍵重要性,即是邀請它們延長停留期間
無懼地面對這個經驗 充分地考量它們 與這些能量相處並愛它們 將它們視為自己的黑暗面 這些致意只是一些經驗 思索與工作它們,朝向接納完整的自我
耶穌曾建議我們不要抵抗邪惡 我想他部分的意思是擁抱 超心靈 致意好比它們來自我們自身 鍾愛它的效應可以拔去它的利齒、中和它的毒液

Donald had a long-standing interest in ritual magic, one that predated my arrival in his life. He was fascinated with the thought that somehow he could help me by dealing with the negative entities that were offering greetings. It has always been an uneasy thought that he, as he once discussed with Jim, might have tried to make a pact with the entity that was so persistently greeting me, to give himself instead of me.

唐納對於儀式魔法有長期的興趣 這個興趣比我來到他的生命中的時間還要早
他著迷於一個想法 那就是他可以跟那些提供致意的負面實體打交道 藉此幫助我 他總是有個令人不安的想法 有一次 他與 Jim 討論 他認為可以嘗試與持續對我致意的那個實體簽訂一個 協定 將他自己給出去 以取代我

Session 44, March 28, 1981

四十四場集會, 1981 3 2 8

Ra: I am Ra. I greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We communicate now.

RA 我是 Ra 我在太一無限造物者的愛與光中向你們致意 我們現在開始通訊

Questioner: The instrument had some question as to her vitality. We were having some difficulty in appraising it. Is it possible for you to comment on this?

問: 這個器皿有個關於她的元氣 vitality 的問題 我們有些困難去評估它 你是否可能評論這點

Ra: I am Ra. We scan this instrument and find that we may be of service without infringement due to this instrument’s decision to abide by the most careful appraisal possible rather than the most desired.

RA 我是 Ra 我們掃描這個器皿 發現我們可以有所服務而不會冒犯 因為這個器皿決定 遵從 最謹慎的評估,而非最渴望的結果

We have been surprised that we have been able to maintain contact on a regular basis during this most intense period of negatively influenced interference. Sexual energy transfers have at some workings given this instrument additional vital resources upon which to draw. However, this is not so at this working and, therefore, the will of the instrument drives its bodily complex. This instrument has no judgment about this service. The faculty of will, while recognized as most central and valuable, could in this application cause serious distortion in the bodily complex of the instrument. May we note that martyrdom is not necessarily helpful. We ask this instrument to examine these thoughts, judge, and discriminate the possible truth of them, and if they be deemed true we suggest this instrument release the power of judgment to the support group whose interests are balanced far more than this instrument’s. Allow decisions to be made without expectation or attachment to the outcome. Our hopes, may we say, for long-term contact through this instrument depend upon its maturing ability to be of service to other-selves by accepting their help and thus remaining a viable instrument.

在這段負面影響力干擾最強烈的時期 我們對於迄今能夠規律地維持通訊感到驚訝 性能量轉移在某幾場工作集會曾給予這個器皿額外的生命力資源 可茲汲取 ]。 無論如何 在這次工作集會並非如此 因此該器皿的意志力驅策它的身體複合體
這個器皿對於這個服務沒有判斷 意志的機能 儘管被認可為最珍貴與核心的 機能 ), 在這個用途上卻可能造成該器皿身體複合體的嚴重扭曲
容我們特別提醒 殉道並不必然有幫助 我們請求這個器皿檢驗這些意見 判斷並辨別它們可能包含的真理 如果它們被認為是真實的 我們建議這個器皿釋放判斷的權力給支援小組 他們的 關注 要比這個器皿的 關注 更遠為平衡
允許 自己 在不期待或不依附結果的前提下做出決定
容我們說 我們希望長期透過這個器皿通訊 這個希望有賴於器皿逐漸成熟的能力 接受他們的幫助,保持一個存活的器皿 從而繼續服務其他 - 自我

May we thank the questioner for allowing us to speak to this point, for we were aware of the distortions incumbent upon one whose will to serve is not regulated by knowledge of limitations of bodily complex distortion.

容我們感謝發問者允許我們說到這個要點 因為我們過去覺察到一個 器皿 背負的這些扭曲 當一個實體服務的意志沒有被身體複合體變貌之限制的知識調節所產生的扭曲

Questioner: Could you please terminate this contact as soon as necessary since we are not aware of the vitality of the instrument at this time?

問: 在必要的時候 能否請你迅速地終止這個通訊 因為我們此時無法覺察該器皿的元氣

Ra: I am Ra. In your way of speaking our hands are, to a certain extent, tied. This instrument has called upon inner reserves which are dearly bought. Therefore, we have the honor/duty of using this energy to the best of our ability. When it becomes low we shall most certainly, as always, express the need for ending the working. The only way of avoiding this sharing of service at whatever cost is to refrain from the working. It is a dilemma.

RA 我是 Ra 以你們說話的方式 我們的雙手在特定的程度上被綁起來了
這個器皿已呼叫的內在庫存量是以昂貴的代價買來的 *
所以 我們有這個榮譽 / 義務以我們最佳的能力使用這份能量
當它變得低落時 一如往常,我們將毫不遲疑地表達結束這次工作的需要
唯一避免分享這個服務造成的任何代價的方法是禁止該工作集會 這是一個兩難的局面
* 譯註:這句意指形而上的代價 並非世俗的金錢買賣 。)

Questioner: Can you tell me what the tone was that I heard in my left ear when you started your communication?

問: 當你開始通訊時 我在左耳內聽到一個音調 你能否告訴我那是什麼

Ra: I am Ra. This was a negatively oriented signal.

RA 我是 Ra 這是一個負面導向的信號

Questioner: Can you tell me how I would hear a positively oriented signal?

問: 你能否告訴我如何算聽到一個正面導向的信號

Ra: I am Ra. Two types there are of positive signal. First, in the right ear location the signal indicates a sign that you are being given some unworded message saying, “Listen. Take heed.” The other positive sign is the tone above the head which is a balanced confirmation of a thought.

RA 我是 Ra 有兩種類型屬於正面信號
首先 在右耳位置中的信號暗示一個意思 你獲得某個非言語的訊息說 聽啊 要留意 。” 一個正面信號是位於頭部上方的音調 表示對於一個想法的一個平衡的確認 信號 )。

Questioner: Are there any other negatively oriented signals that I get?

問: 我是否還獲得任何其他負面導向的信號

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct. You are able to receive thought-forms, wordforms, and visions. However, you seem able to discriminate.

RA 我是 Ra 這是正確的 你能夠接收到思想 - 形態、文字 - 形態、與異象 不過 你似乎能夠辨別

Questioner: Is there a reason that I am open to these signals of a negative nature?

問: 我對這些負面特質的信號敞開 是否有一個原因

Ra: I am Ra. Are you not all things?

RA 我是 Ra 難道你不是所有事物

Questioner: I think that it might be a good idea if we terminated the contact at this time to allow the instrument to gain more of the necessary energy before continuing these sessions. This is my decision at this time. I would very much like to continue the contact, but it seems to me, although I can’t tell the instrument’s level, that the instrument should not use up any more energy.

問: 我想如果我們在此時終止該通訊可能是個好主意 可以允許該器皿在繼續往後的集會之前,獲取更多必要的能量 這是我此刻的決定 我很想繼續這個通訊 雖然我無法知道該器皿的 能量 水平 但在我看來 該器皿不應該再用掉任何能量

Ra: I am Ra. We are responding to an unasked query. However, it is most salient and therefore we beg your forgiveness for this infringement. The energy has been lost to the instrument, dedicated to this purpose only. You may do as you will, but this is the nature of the instrument’s preparation for contact and is the sole reason we may use it.

RA 我是 Ra 我們正在回應一個未被請求的詢問 無論如何 它是十分顯著的 因此我們乞求你原諒這個冒犯 該器皿的能量已經消耗了 僅奉獻於這個目標 你可以做你意願的事情 但這是該器皿準備通訊之特質 也是我們可以用它的唯一原因

Questioner: I am not sure if I fully understood you. Could you say that in a little different way? Could you explain more completely?

問: 我不大確定我充分地理解你 你能否以稍微不同的方式說一次 你能否更完整地解釋

Ra: I am Ra. Each of you in this working has consciously dedicated the existence now being experienced to service to others. This instrument has refined this dedication through long experience with the channeling, as you term it, of Confederation philosophy, as you may say. Thus when we first contacted this instrument it had offered its beingness, not only to service to other-selves but service by communication of this nature. As this contact has developed, this dedication of beingness has become quite specific. Thus once the vital energy is dedicated by the instrument to our communications, even if the working did not occur, this vital energy would be lost to the day-by-day experience of the instrument. Thus we indicated the importance of the instrument’s releasing of the will from the process of determining the times of working, for if the instrument desires contact, the energy is gathered and thus lost for ordinary or mundane purposes.

RA 我是 Ra 你們每一位在這個工作中有意識地奉獻 正在經驗中的 生活給服務他人 眾生 )。 這個器皿透過長期的通靈經驗 套用你們的稱謂 精煉這個奉獻 傳導星際聯邦哲學 以你們可能的說法 ]。 因此當我們首先接觸到這個器皿 它已經提供其存有狀態 不只給予服務其他 - 自我 還針對這類特質的通訊之服務 當這個通訊發展成熟後 這個存有狀態的奉獻變得相當地明確 因此一旦該器皿將生命能奉獻給我們的通訊 即使這次工作 集會 沒有發生 這股生命能 會遺失在該器皿的每日經驗之中
因此指出該器皿從決定工作時間的過程中 釋放其意志的重要性 因為如果該器皿渴望通訊 能量將被聚集 從而消耗到日常或世俗的目的上

Questioner: In that case, since her energy is already lost, we might as well continue with this session, and we should very carefully monitor the instrument and be the sole judge of when the sessions should occur. Am I correct?

問: 在這種情況下 因為她的能量早已耗費 我們可以繼續這場集會 並且我們應該非常小心地監看該器皿 並做為何時應該舉行集會的唯一裁判 我說得正確嗎

Ra: I am Ra. This is profoundly correct. This instrument’s determination to continue contact during this period has already extended the low energy period.

RA 我是 Ra 深刻地正確 這個器皿在這個時期決意繼續通訊 已經 延長 了低能量的時期

Questioner: This is very revealing to us. Thank you. Each of us gets signals and dreams. I have been aware of clairaudient communication at least once in waking up. Can you suggest a method whereby we might be able, shall I say, to nullify the influence of that which we don’t want of a negative source?

問: 這點對我們很有啟發 謝謝你 我們每一位都得到信號與夢境 我至少有一次在清醒時 覺察到遙聽 clairaudient 通訊
你可否建議一個方式 容我說 使我們能夠抵消 我們不想要的 負面源頭的影響 的效應

Ra: I am Ra. There are various methods. We shall offer the most available or simple. To share the difficult contact with the other-selves associated with this working and to meditate in love for these senders of images and light for self and other-selves is the most available means of nullifying the effects of such occurrences. To downgrade these experiences by the use of intellect or the disciplines of will is to invite the prolonging of the effects. Far better then to share in trust such experiences and join hearts and souls in love and light with compassion for the sender and armor for the self.

RA 我是 Ra 有形形色色的方式 我們將提供最可得或最簡單的方式
跟這個工作相關的其他 - 自我分享這個困難的通信 並且在愛中為這些影像與光的傳送者 為了自我與其他 - 自我 冥想 此為抵消這類事件之效應的最有用方式
遠為優良的方法是在信賴中分享這類經驗 在愛與光中聯合 每一個 心與靈 將悲憫給傳送者 將盔甲給自己

Questioner: Can you tell me the source of the instrument’s dream this morning as soon as she woke up?

問: 你能否告訴我這個器皿今晨睡醒前的一個夢境之源頭

Ra: I am Ra. The feeling of the dream, shall we say, was Orion-influenced.

The clothing of the dream revealing more the instrument’s unconscious associative patterns of symbolism.

RA 我是 Ra 容我們說 該夢境的感覺受到獵戶 集團 的影響 該夢境的衣裳揭露更多該器皿無意識中與符號體系相關的樣式

Questioner: In meditation a number of years ago my arm started to glow and to move rapidly involuntarily. What was that?

問: 在數年前的冥想中 我的手臂開始發光並且非自主地快速移動 那是什麼

Ra: I am Ra. The phenomenon was an analogy made available to you from your higher self. The analogy was that the being that you were was living in a way not understood by, shall we say, physicists, scientists, or doctors.

RA 我是 Ra 該現象是一個類比 由你的高我製造給你取得的 類比 ), 該類比是 描述 你當時的狀態 你生活的方式 容我們說 不被物理學家、科學家、或醫生理解

Questioner: What I am trying to get at in this session is if there are any practices that we might be able to do to best revitalize the instrument, for it is going to be necessary to do all we can in order to maintain our contact.

問: 我在這次集會中嘗試獲得的是有沒有什麼我們可以做的練習 能夠最佳地恢復該器皿的活力 因為有需要盡我們一切所能去維持我們的通訊

Can you tell us what we can do to increase the instrument’s vitality for these contacts?

你可否告訴我們什麼是我們能做的 最佳 事項 以增加該器皿在通訊期間的生命能

Ra: I am Ra. Your experience was a function of your ability to contact intelligent infinity. Therefore, it does not have a direct bearing upon this instrument’s vital energy.

RA 我是 Ra 你的經驗是你的能力的一個作用 去接觸智能無限 因此 它跟這個器皿的生命能並無直接的關係

We have spoken before of those things which aid this instrument in the vital energy: the sensitivity to beauty, to the singing of sacred music, to the meditation and worship, to the sharing of self with self in freely given love either in social or sexual intercourse. These things work quite directly upon the vitality. This instrument has a distortion towards appreciation of variety of experiences. This, in a less direct way, aids vitality.

對美麗的敏感度、歌唱神聖音樂、冥想與敬拜、在自由給予的愛中與自我分享自我 不管是在社交或性交方面
這些事物相當直接地工作生命力 這個器皿有一個朝向欣賞各種經驗的變貌 這點以比較不直接的方式協助生命力

Questioner: I was looking at a diagram of the advancement of magical practices starting from Malkuth and ending at Kether. I was wondering if these corresponded to the colors or the densities with Malkuth as one, Yesod as two, Hod and Netzach being three, Tiphareth four, and so on. Is this correct?

問: 我正在注視魔法練習的進展之圖表 Malkuth 開始 Kether 結束
我在想這些站點是否對應各個顏色或密度 Malkuth 為一、 Yesod 為二、 Hod Netzach 為三、 Tiphareth 為四 以此類推 這樣是否正確

Ra: I am Ra. This is basically incorrect although you are upon the correct track of thinking. Each of these stations has a complex number and shading of energy centers as well as some part in various balances; the lower, the middle, the high, and the total balance. Thus there are complex colors or rays and complex charges, if you will, in each station.

RA 我是 Ra 這基本上是不正確的 雖然你位於正確的思考軌道上 這些站點每一個都有複雜的數字與能量中心 複數 的光影 漸層 以及不同平衡中的某個部分 較低、中間、高等 以及全體平衡 因此在每個 站點 中有著複雜的顏色或光芒與複雜的電荷 如果你願意這麼說 ]。

Questioner: Does the left-hand path of this represent the service-to-self path and the right-hand path the service-to-others?

問: 這張圖的左手途徑是否代表服務自我 右手途徑代表服務他人

Ra: I am Ra. This will be the last full query of this working.

RA 我是 Ra 這將是此次工作的最後一個完整詢問

This is incorrect. These stations are relationships. Each path has these relationships offered. The intent of the practitioner in working with these powerful concepts determines the polarity of the working. The tools are the tools.

這是不正確的 這些站點是 關係 複數 ]。 每一條途徑提供這些關係 施行者在工作這些強有力概念時的意圖決定該工作的極性 工具只是工具

Questioner: As an ending question I will just ask if it is possible for the lpsissimus then to have either positive or negative polarity, or must he be neither?

問: 做為末尾的問題 我只問 Ipsissimus 是否有正面或負面極性 或者他必須不在兩者之中

Ra: I am Ra. We shall respond to the meaning of this term in a specialized sense. The Ipsissimus is one who has mastered the Tree of Life and has used this mastery for negative polarization.

RA 我是 Ra 我們將以特殊化的觀點來回應這個詞彙的意義 Ipsissimus 是一個實體已精通生命之樹 並使用這個精通的優勢從事負面極化

Is there any brief query which we may respond to as we take leave of this instrument?

在我們離開這個器皿之前 是否有任何我們可以回應的簡短的詢問

Questioner: I am sorry that we got a little off the track today. I think that the most important thing that we accomplished was discovering how to better regulate the instrument’s sessions, and I would hope that you would bear with me for my inability to select questions properly at times.

問: 我很抱歉我們今天有點偏離常軌 這是很
我想我們完成的最重要的事項為發現如何更加地調節該器皿的集會[ 複數 ],我會希望你願意忍受我有時候沒有能力適當地選擇問題。

Sometimes I probe into areas to see if it is a direction in which we might go, and once entering, am then able to determine whether or not to continue in that direction. Other than that, all I would like to ask is if there is anything that we can do to make the instrument more comfortable or to improve the contact?

除此之外,我只想問有沒有什麼我們可以做的 好使這器皿更舒適 或改善這個通訊

Ra: I am Ra. There are no mistakes. Be at rest, my friend. Each of you is most conscientious. All is well. I leave you in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. Go forth, therefore, rejoicing in the power and in the peace of the one infinite Creator. I am Ra. Adonai.

RA 我是 Ra ,( 宇宙 沒有錯誤 好好休息 我的朋友 你們每一位都至為謹慎認真 一切都好 我在太一無限造物者的愛與光中離開你們 那麼 向前去吧 在太一無限造物者的大能與和平中歡欣鼓舞 我是 Ra Adonai

片斷二十六 結束]





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