Contact Report 183


• Contact Reports volume: 5 (Plejadisch-plejarische Kontakberichte, Gespräche, Block 5)

• Page number(s):

• Date/time of contact: Friday, March 25, 1983, 3:00 PM

• Translator(s): Benjamin Stevens

• Date of original translation: Thursday, October 15, 2009

• Corrections and improvements made: N/A

• Contact person: Taljda


This is the entire contact. It is an unauthorised and unofficial translation and may contain errors.


You have allowed yourself to wait for a long time.


1. I was fully occupied with closely monitoring the individual members of the group and incorporating them into my calculations.

2. In this process, unfortunately, I not only encountered facts that are of a pleasant nature but also ones that are negative in larger parts.

3. It would be pointless to explain a lot about this at the moment, and on the other hand, the individual members themselves are aware of what negative forces they are still given to.

4. From my side, it is only to be advised to them that they now finally strive to remove these deficiencies in an honest form.

5. But if these efforts shouldn't be taken and shouldn't be implemented in a foreseeable and useful time, then the consequences for this would have to be borne.

6. My findings revealed that several members of the group are always rather uninterested in a joint effort and in the necessary will for employment.

7. Personal, futile reasons are given as excuses, in order not to have to be involved in the joint effort and in the joint construction.

8. Also, sorrows of all kinds are set forth and are presented in each case as worse than they truly are, and very often, variations in facial expressions of pain are artificially created.

9. Now, this can no longer continue, along with many other incidents, because if the goals are to be reached, especially by 1985, then it must come to the point where every single member of the group finally lays aside his selfish ambitions and softness and makes the appropriate changes within himself and also that he makes full use of himself.

10. If this shouldn’t be the case from now on, then the objectives must be canceled and be forgotten, for then, reaching the goals won’t be possible.


I already know this; Semjase and Quetzal also spoke of this.


11. With the difference that the two of them were too lenient and aligned their feelings too much toward you.

12. That won’t be the case with me because I know how to keep myself from profound feelings that would allow too much forbearance to arise.

13. From my side, it will be such that I will actually meet all announced sanctions if further offenses against the rules and order, etc. should continue to occur.


Quetzal already said that, and I have no reason to doubt it.


14. That is very good if the members of the group also finally understand this and grasp it.

15. From my side, I now issue the provision that in the center and in the community, everything is to be handled and carried out in such a way as I consider it to be right.

16. At the same time, I do not deviate from the provisions given by Quetzal, Semjase, and Ptaah, neither from those of the High Council.

17. I also bring no goal reforms, for the given objectives cannot be changed.

18. What will be new with my regulations, however, is that the works to be settled in the future will be arranged by me, whereby I first have to discuss these interests with you because in this connection, you have the better overview and the better knowledge.

19. First of all, my orders are those which I determine in repetition of Quetzal’s arrangement, that in no way may any fences, huts, and buildings etc. be created, thus also no other environment-changing things.

20. Strict attention must be paid to the order all around the center and on all parts of the land, and in relation to the given ordinal rules and house rules as well as the statutes, it is to be noted that these must be complied with in the strictest form.


And how does it stand, then, with the new greenhouses, the garden wall, the light and television monitoring systems, and with the new pigsty, the chicken house, as well as with the rabbit house?


21. These are all concerns that you have already discussed with Quetzal and which he found to be right, so you can work in these directions.

22. There only might be difficulties with the planned rabbit house, namely with the authorities, because there are currently no powers that are willing to allow such a construction.

23. As I was able to clarify, you will presumably have to wait for several years before you can receive the necessary permission.

24. Also, you are not financially capable of affording such a construction because in accordance with the existing provisional plans, the current cost amounts to about 22,000 francs.

25. We calculated this according to the price lists of the materials, which you made available to us.

26. But as already explained, the bigger problem lies with the authorities, who do not consider such a construction to be necessary, that is, if the same powers that currently give their word have to decide on this.


It isn’t just the building authority of Turbenthal that is responsible for this but also the senior civil servant of the Canton of Zurich, the Cantonal Construction Committee, and the Cantonal Water Pollution Control Center, I know.


27. That corresponds to the facts; that is correct.

28. It is now to be said further that the concerns that were raised by Quetzal on February 3rd, regarding the new times and division of labor, etc., are effective as of today and must be followed accordingly by every single member of the group.

29. For this and for the incorporation of all, I grant a period of one month, which ends on the last day of the month of April, but this doesn’t mean that gross breaches of duty and violations during this time won’t be punished with the removal of the various aids that were already specified by Quetzal and that have been granted to you by us.

30. Now, in accordance with our instructions, the following is to be noted from now on:

31. (Sentences 31 to 40: Internal Division of Labor)

41. In addition to the aforementioned works, the female members are also to be concerned with environmental work and planting work, as directed by Eva.

42. Surplus animals, such as ducks, geese, roosters, chickens, etc. are to be reduced to a reasonable amount, whereby the animals are intended for the slaughter, in order to serve as nourishment for the group members.

43. With regard to the feeding area for animals, Silvano is to make sure from now on that this is strictly locked and that no one has access to it except him and Elsa, who has a living space there.

44. The same applies to the poultry house and to the later such areas.

45. Silvano always has to hand over the necessary animal feed personally and promptly to those who fill in as a replacement for him.

46. Furthermore, it is to be made sure that over the next two years, the poultry shelter near the waters becomes rebuilt and properly created in an orderly manner, yet in such a way as it presently exists, so that the authorities find no opportunity for attack.

47. Concerning Silvano himself, it is important to note what was already said by Quetzal, whereby for the change and fulfillment, I set a time period up to the last day of the month of April.

48. Besides, with everything, I can in no way accept that any offenses take place against my arrangements.

49. Arranged work and working hours are to be kept, and excuses can never find attention or any validity.

50. Furthermore, I have yet to note that the garden of Cornelia requires a complete change because what exists is unworthy of a garden specialist and is, moreover, landscape-hostile.

51. A clean enclosure is most urgently needed, and in relation to this, I would like to ask you to give directions with regard to the design.

52. In reference to the children, it must be ensured from now on that they devote themselves to less playful activities but rather to skilled-labor tasks, which is why they should be increased in a reasonable and rational form and be steadily requisitioned for educational work.

53. That would be the most essential for the time being, which I had to include.


It is also a rather nice amount.


54. That is true, but everything is very necessary.

55. But now, I would still like to state the necessities regarding the upcoming tests, wherewith I become attentive to the questions to be asked by the individual group members.

56. Every member of the group is to prepare three completely personal questions, which they then have to keep on your device.

57. But for now, the questions are to be handed to you in written form in a sealed envelope, which you then have to hand over to me, unopened.

58. After the inspection of the questions, I will then record my answers on tape, so that these may be heard by the individual questioners, without other people, not even you, hearing these answers.

59. Over the course of next week, I want to begin with this work, so I must be in possession of the questions by next Sunday evening.

60. Should the way of written questions prove to be better for me than the way of the communication device, then it will remain so in the future, and I’ll then only give my answers on tape.

61. Nevertheless, this will first prove itself next week, when we conduct the experiments.


This way is also a possibility, but we’ll see.


62. Good, then we have discussed everything for today.

63. There’s just one thing I have to say:

64. You still haven’t handed out the contact reports from the 3rd of February to the members of the group.

65. This is now necessary, and it has to happen before the 5th of April dawns.


Okay, I will let the reports be read aloud this evening and also from now on, if you still transmit these to me in time.


66. I will do that, and now, until we meet again.


See you again. - Bye.


67. One moment; before I go, I have another word to say that is important.

68. Yesterday, in the early night, I was briefly walking on the upper road, where in front of the Semjase tree, I almost fell over a fully loaded wheelbarrow.

69. More order should also be seen with regard to such concerns.

70. Order on the sidewalks is just as important as it is on the lands and in the gardens, where miscellaneous things still leave much to be desired.

71. If I think, for example, of how heavily the garden was infested with weeds and how neglected, unnatural, and catastrophic Cornelia’s garden was - an evil blemish, unable to be integrated into the surroundings - then it makes me sick.

72. Such atrocities, however, should no longer arise in the center of your community for a long time, which is why you must be strictly careful now to ensure that everything finally becomes harmonious.

73. Should Cornelia not agree to arrange her entitled section of the garden according to our instructions, then this section of land should also be worked on as a general group garden.


One could still make terraces with the trunks of trees, which would already lead to a better design.


74. I agree with that if you mean something of the same kind as, or something similar to, what the strawberry beds exhibit.


That’s exactly what I meant.


75. Then it should be so.

76. But furthermore, I would no longer like to have to see that the garden is full of weeds.

77. Everything has to be removed from this, and it then must be kept clean and tidy.

78. A diligent weed-removal in a garden is of urgent necessity.

79. As I also determined, the fowl enclosure must, under all circumstances, be repaired in several places, but it also must be extended.

80. In addition, in a smaller enclosure, ducks are always locked up in the smallest space, which must be corrected immediately, by tomorrow at the latest.

81. Ducks and chickens are to be released to a larger space six weeks after hatching, so that they can mingle with other animals.

82. Cruelty to animals means additional periods beyond such a six-week time, if animals are not left with their equals.

83. Therefore, I insist that the animals be released no later than tomorrow at 12:00 PM.

84. Particularly with regard to the animal husbandry, I still have to clarify some very important points at the first opportunity because certain members of the group treat the animals in an unnatural manner and in a way that also borders on animal cruelty, whereby in this connection, I speak of an unreasonable overrating and coddling of the animals by human beings, specifically referring to Cornelia.

85. She should think about this and then act in a normal fashion.

86. Should this not be done, then we will have to think to ourselves about removing the wrongly treated animals from her sphere of influence or removing them altogether.

87. Members of the group, with all their knowledge, should be more reasonable and more rational and should also act accordingly.

88. Now, I am well aware that a veto will be raised against my words, and I also know from which side, even if it should, perhaps, only be silent.

89. These four group members, however, should once think thoroughly about whether any creative laws or commandments allow them to treat animals in this way and to take away the naturalness of their existence.

90. This form of animal cruelty that is applied to the animals hinders their own way of life and makes them subject to the people who are wrongly treating them.

91. So much about that for today.

92. But now, I really have to go.

93. I just want to say that everything I explained today now possesses validity for every single member of the group, as soon as my words become known.

94. Until we meet again.








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