Contact Report 426


This contact report was translated from FIGU Special Bulletin 26.

• Page number(s): Unknown

• Date/time of contact: Saturday, July 8th 2006, 8:57PM

• Translator(s): Dyson Devine and Vivienne Legg

• Date of original translation: August 2006

• Corrections and improvements made: N/A

• Contact person: Ptaah


Billy and Ptaah discuss the events in Israel, in the Gaza Strip and in Lebanon.

This is a small excerpt of the entire contact.


[beginning of sentence not provided] ... when I still have something to do with extraordinary predictions to report to you in regard to events which will occur in the next days. Firstly would ... [remainder of sentence not provided] Secondly, extremists of the Hezbollah organization in the Lebanese-Israeli border area will abduct two Israeli soldiers in order to, on one hand, avenge the war-like, bandit-like Israeli incursion into the Gaza Strip, and on the other hand - as with the first abduction - to press for the liberation of Palestinian prisoners in Israel.

Through this second abduction Israel feels further strengthened to be active in war because the Israeli military will invade Lebanon and also carry out much harm there which can easily become a widespread conflagration.


Again, one more nail in the plank of a general world insecurity in regard to an extensive war, its danger newly enflamed through this act of the Palestinians and Israelis.

If it goes further, then the prophecy of a third world fire in the year 2006 will indeed still be fulfilled, also if that is not to be hoped for.


Yes, at least the danger grows again through all the craziness and lunacy of all camps in the Near East who give their bloody and insane orders and who influence their followers such that these all commit crimes which can lead to a world fire.

To these crazy war mongers and war leaders, however, also belongs the USA, which terrorizes the population in Afghanistan and in Iraq with its presence and with its atrocities as well as with its military force, (and) sets the various groups of believers against each other and, as far as possible, conjures up civil wars.

Also, the fact that the irresponsible mighty ones and followers of the USA, Great Britain and Germany, and so forth, one-sidedly support Israel, discriminate against the Muslims and deny them all help, also does not lead to peace coming about.

And to be said, in regard to the prophesied third world fire, is that it indeed does not yet appear as such, and as a fulfillment of the prophecy, yet that can change very quickly through the craziness of the responsible-ones in the world, and indeed from one hour to another.


You said that already earlier, yet the question is whether this event will actually happen.

However, the way the situation appears between the irresponsible power-greedy ones on our world, the possibility exists, still long into the distant future, that a third world war disastrously draws over the Earth.

The fact alone, that criminal power-greedy ones always again make an opportunity for wars and other acts of terror in diverse countries - as do also actual terror organizations and individual terrorists with their criminal terror-attacks - shows therein that, sooner or later, one day it can come to a new world war.

Something that would be hindered if humanity finally would stop sanctifying the criminal power-greedy ones, and voting them in as their leaders, instead of already chasing them to the devil before they even only have the possibility of coming to the rudder.

Yet many of the people are stupid and idiotic and scream in support of the power-greedy ones and are themselves of the same criminal attitude as them.

As a matter of fact there is only one possibility to stop the entirety of the worldwide war lunacy, if, according to Henok's principle, a worldwide multinational troop, fighting for peace, would be created which is subordinate to a pure peace-government in which no power-greedy ones would have any kind of power.

The worldwide peace-government must be concerned with acting according to Henok's scheme, in that their troops, fighting for peace, destroy and eliminate all weapons of mass destruction, respectively, all kinds of weapons of war, in all countries, and so a worldwide peace would be brought about and be preserved.

If the people, on one hand, have no power-greedy ones at the rudder any more, and no weapons of war at their disposal any more, and they could also no longer manufacture or buy such, with which they can attack and force down other people, then the chance of a worldwide peace really exists.

Yet such an action requires a proper portion of intelligence which, as a rule, is just as absent in the criminal and irresponsible power-leaders as it is in all the people who are their followers, and who support the state criminals.

As a matter of fact there are only very few individual cases with governments of which it can be said that these lead the people correctly and are actually also concerned about the wellbeing of the people.


Your words have been put into the Earth-human ear, yet that will only remain a wish because most will not want to hear, rather they further live in the delusion that they behave correctly, use their intelligence and do that which must be done.

It will also be these humans who will assert that your explanations are stupid, illusory and unable to be carried out, because their reason and their understanding does not extend to comprehending, recognizing and understanding the realizable possibility of your named measures, let alone that their intelligence extends to being able to imagine the actualization.

Yet, that the actualization of your explanations is actually possible, is proven by the fact that that was also the case with Henok.

The Earth humans have, however, no inkling or knowledge of that, and very much time will still pass before they will even gain only a weak idea of that, being that your explanations can really bring results.

Intelligence is thereby a very important factor in order alone to bring up the necessary understanding for your mentioned Henok system, and intelligence must be still more extensive in order to manifest that which you have named.

Unfortunately, at this time, there are only a few Earth humans with whom reason and understanding reach so far that your explanations fall on fertile ground.

However, none belong to those who make great words and a name for themselves in the world in order to shine before the people - as beams of intelligence, of knowledge and of wisdom, because truthfully they are without light, unintelligent, stunted creatures, without knowledge and wisdom, through whom the people are led into error and held far from true knowledge and the evolution of consciousness.

They, who praise their own common intelligence, are those - and were those since ancient times - through which the harm, frustration, restriction of evolution and progress, as well as war, suffering and need are brought over humanity and the fauna and flora, and were brought since ancient times.


Uh, man, that strikes home.

Already I now hear the bad words of those who must feel addressed and will abuse both of us for big talk and for unjustified condemnation.

But that is all the same to me because what you have said is the truth and the truth now remains the truth and cannot be glossed over through puffed up words. ...






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