Q: Is this then always the same spirit form reincarnating as the DL because, if not, how is it that a young child can pass the identification tests of possessions and persons used to authenticate him as the reincarnated DL?


A: No, it isn't the same spirit form. Each Dalai Lama is/has a new personality.
Regarding the children: Small children automatically grasp those things that impress them the most. This can also be connected to vibrations (fluidal forces) that are stored within objects. Since each DL is a "new" spirit form there cannot be a direct link to the former one's material possessions. At the 261st contact of February 24, 1998, Billy explained the circumstances in a very simplistic way, like this (abridged version): The consciousness of those monks who are responsible for the search for the new Dalai Lama is highly-developed. Therefore they are able to "receive information" through meditation and vision in order to know where they should search for the new head/leader. The child is found by the monks because he is endowed with highly-developed consciousness vibrations that can be received and traced. A child of this type has a high consciousness-evolution and is executing strong consciousness-related activities while still very young. Therefore, the small boy is able to recognize through meditative influences etc. objects etc. that did belong to former Buddhist leaders.


Q: I can see clearly now how they carried out their work. They made themselves available to the people during their travels, and instructed and informed those who invited them into their homes. So in carring out the mission today in our modern world, what is the best or most effective way we can make known the teachings? In other words, what is the most important thing we can do today to help with the mission?


A: The most important thing is that the teachings are distributed in written (and correct!) form all over the world. In ancient times this usually happened in non-written form which opened the doors to many mis-interpretations and mistakes, etc., which was also the case with many religious books, like the Thora, the New Testament, the Quran, etc. The people of those times usually were rather uneducated and didn't understand much of the teachings. Many terms which were necessary to explain the teachings correctly were non-existent in those times.


Q: I've been having a hard time figuring out why a technologically advanced group like the Giza Intelligences, with their ability to travel around the universe, would waste their time on Earth, over what seems like an ancient vendetta. By some of the Stevens translated Contact Notes, it seems the Giza Intelligences were racists against non-whites, since they aided Hitler, but were they really just using Hitler and others to destroy the whole human race?


A: Striving for world domination would be correct, not racists. Their goal was to rule, not destroy, the human race. Without human beings you cannot rule. The Giza Intelligences influenced Hitler through the Thule Society.


Q: We know that the astral body has three immortal parts: they are the Spirit, Comprehensive Consciousness Block and the Gemut.
Could you explain in simple words

1. What is Gemut and its function?

2. Where will Gemut go after one dies?

3. Would Creation create all these three parts at the same time when creating an individual astral body?

4. What happen to these three immortal parts when evolution reaches a stage that a body is no longer needed?


1. 甚麼是「心智」,他的功能是甚麼?

2. 人於死後「心智」將去哪裡?

3. 當「造化」創造每個「星芒體」時,也同時創造這三個部份嗎?

4. 當進化到不需要身體的階段,這三個不朽的部分會發生什麼情況?

A: Regarding your questions: You can forget the "astral body" because it has nothing in common with the things you mention in your questions. The Gemuet belongs to the spirit form, in a similar way as the Psyche belongs to, or is a part of, the human being's material body.
The Comprehensive Consciousness Block has no personality and doesn't think. It is an energetic block for creating, in entire neutrality, a new personality after an incarnation of the spirit form. As the word "immortal" implies, the "three immortal parts" continue to exist after death and even when no material body is needed any longer (in the spirit form).


Q: How old was Jmmanuel when you met him?


A: About 32 years old.


Q: There is still much controversy & uncertainty on how the Great Pyramid was built.
Could you please shed some light on exactly how the Great Pyramid was built.(i understand it was built aprox 73,000 years ago) Were other Megaliths constructed using the same methods ?


A: Only a very small part of the work was done with the aid of telekinetic devices/forces. Most of the work was executed by about 200,000 slaves (plus animals) over a time period of many decades. A huge number of the slaves died during this process. (Altogether a very impressive work!) The Megaliths were also constructed by human being's hand labor.


Q: How does thought directly affect matter (for example when a spiritual "miracle" is performed)?


A: Yes, as you indicate with your quotation marks: There doesn't exist anything like miracles, because everything can be explained and is ruled by the law of cause and effect. It is the consciousness forces that bring about effects and results which the people often call "miracles".


Q: Modern scientific laboratories have estabished a body of evidence for precognition and the concept of predetermined events. Can you speak to the age-old dilemma of free will vs. predetermination?


A: Actually there's no dilemma, it just seems to be one. Each human being is free to decide about his individual future. The human being has a free will, which means that he (she too, of course) can decide to do or not do a thing, to think in this or that way, etc. Depending on the decision the future will be shaped and brought into effect. The thought is the cause, the action the effect. Each human being is constantly determining his life. There is NO predetermination by a God. That which man considers as a predetermination can be changed anytime if the correct measures are taken.


Q: The Pleiadians/Plejarans claim a common ancestry with us namely the Lyra-Vega system. Does this mean that before they migrated to the Pleiades, and before we came to the Sol system, that we were generally, on about the same spiritual level or the same age in spirit? If so, then what primary factors have contributed to their evolutionary advancements?


A: They made a greater effort than we. Besides they have made peace among themselves about 50,000 years ago, which means they didn't have wars since then. In contrast, we on Earth are still fighting and killing each other, and more than once civilization had to start from the ashes again.


Q: In the TJ, chapter 20 talking about marriage: " What has been joined together in this way, let no human being separate, because it is against the laws of nature" Why is it that an act of divorce will go against the laws of nature? As divorce is very very common nowadays, I need strong logical reasons in backing up this concept.

問:在以馬內利的教誨The Talmud of Jmmanuel)這本書的第20章中,有關婚姻的描述:以這樣的方式結合在一起,讓人們不再分離,因為這有悖於自然法則。為什麼離婚這樣的行為有悖於自然法則?像離婚在當今如此普遍,我需要一個有力的理由來支持這種想法。

A: This relates to true love ("empfindungsmässige Liebe", in contrast to "gefühlsmässige Liebe"). True love cannot be destroyed, and those who are dwelling in this deep and highly-evolved form of love shall not be hampered and be harmed in order to separate the persons. (To do so is an act against the laws of nature.) The normal case within marriages is feeling-related love, which is quite superficial and is in danger to be dissolved anytime if it is not deep enough. This love form is normally based on and triggered by thoughts, sexual attractions, etc.


Q: This refers to the Science and knowledge of reincarnation: was there any specific Spiritual Science which dealt and showed humans or for that matter Plejarans the ways of remembering reincarnated past lives to develop in each new life when becoming physical again, is it a posibility? The reason for the question is because in my outside readings there has been claim of such Science but through Vatican/Christian laws or otherwise, they have either destroyed the books for the sake of taking this power away from humans.


A: Such Science was never present or taught on Earth. Such claims most probably are simply based on new-age nonsense. Of course, the functioning of reincarnation is a part of the spiritual teachings (and is explained within it). However, on other planets there certainly may be teachings/science regarding remembrance of reincarnations.


Q: As I understand it, once a person dies on a planet, he will then reincarnate on this same planet. For beings that have evolved beyond the need for physical bodies are they also obligated to stay in the region of their homeworlds, or do they have the choice to move throughout the universe?


A: The beings you mentioned are pure spirit forms (Reingeistformen). Their realm is extended throughout the Universe. (Arahat Athersata is the lowest of those realms.) They are not bound to a system or planet anymore.

答:你是指純精神的靈體了,他們的範圍已經擴展到整個宇宙(Arahat Athersata是那個領域最低的一個層次),他們不再受限於任何星系或星球。

Q: In chapter 21 of the TJ, Jmmanuel said, "And when you are knowledgeable and live in the truth of wisdom, your spirit and your consciousness will be filled with infinite power. Then everything you command or ask for in prayer, you will receive if you trust in it." How can I use these principles to heal my Spinal Cord Injury?


A: In principle it is possible to use these forces/energies/laws, but in order to become capable for this you would have to devote your entire life to this goal (besides possessing the knowledge of "how to do it").


Q: For what purpose or purposes was the Great Pyramid built for and who actually created the design & wanted it built ?


A: The pyramids were built for protection reasons (to give shelter from a prophesied catastrophe). Beside this, astronomical information was interwoven into the construction.


Q: Semjase said that the damage from the Christian religion had spread to other systems and galaxies and even caused their destruction. How is this possible when, as crazy as things are here, we haven't yet destroyed our own world over this, at least not to the extent she describes?


A: The other ones had more sophisticated weapons and technology to destroy themselves. --- We are still bound to our planet (luckily, in this respect). We are still in our baby shoes compared to them (in technical aspects).


Q: If a slow moving (primitive) space ship takes several generations to reach it's destination planet, and during this journey babies are born in this ship (therefor increasing it's population), where would the spirit forms come from?


A: The spirit forms would come from the nearest planet that is inhabited by human beings (where the people are at least as highly developed/evolved as the people in the space ship).


Q: Do Plejaran change their teeth more than one time? Or they just like earth human beings changing the teeth only once when they are young?


A: They only change once, like here on Earth. However they would [utilize] the means (technically) to let grow a third generation if the need arises. But since their teeth are in good health ... Btw: Billy once tasted their teeth-cleaning means, something like a chewing-gum. It tasted deliciously, somewhat sour, and you could get addicted to the flavor of it, he said.


Q: I have a question regarding the beamship designs, I guess the dynamics of the flight is similar to how frisbees fly in the air, but, with an advanced propulsion systems at Plejarans' disposal, aerodynamics would be hardly relevant, especially in space travel. So, my question is, why such designs? Because I'm simply not impressed at all of the "toy-like" shapes of beamships.


A: The beamship's form existed even before the first idea for manufacturing a frisbee was glimmering in the head of a person in the last century. According to the Plejarans this form is the most suitable for travelling through space which is not empty, by the way. There are dust particles, gases, etc. And the disk-shaped form is very suitable to fix/install their propulsion system.


Q: Could you tell me did Semjase contact any people in Tibet during her stay on Earth in the past few centuries? If yes, could you tell us the year and name of the contactees?


A: No, she didn't.


Q: I would like to know what are the most healthy foods to eat on the planet right now. Seaweeds?


A: What about sauerkraut? --- The most healthy foods are those that have the best effect on you, and that's an individual thing. Everything that does not diminish your health (and hopefully still tastes fine) is healthy. Diversity could be a motto. Perhaps you could start with avoiding those food types that contain a lot of artificial colors and ... Btw: You will not find anything to eat without any traces of poison, because the Earth's atmosphere and the environment ... but that's another story ...


Q: I was wondering if you are familiar with the theories behind the so-called New World Order? Part of the theory is as follows. Secret and not so secret groups and organizations are united in trying to create a One World Government, that will be secretly governed by them, while at the same time making it seem Democratic to the rest of the world. Is There anything you can say about these groups.


A: This is nonsense. It is the imaginary work of people who are trying to make money by writing fantastic books about something that is not true. They are claims and theories only.


Q: Do you know if "Judas Ishcarioth" like Jmmanuel is reincarnated now on earth and what country he may be reincarnated in??? If Judas may be reincarnated as a new person , do you think he has access to rewrite any of the lost parts of the Talmud that perished by fire in lebanon in 1974??? and may he have secret contact with Arahat Athersata and Plejarens?


A: We don't give information about any person's past (or future) incarnations anymore. The person Judas Iscarioth was not able to get in contact with spirit forms and had no contacts with extraterrestrials.


Q: I am curious to know the difference, if any, in physical characteristics between the yellow race ETs and our asian race.


A: We don't have special information about this.


Q: Few days ago ,American Mars probe "Oddysey" discovered water (frozen) on Mars.My question : is there any life on Mars, and if so, please describe it's nature (is it just bacterias or maybe some animal life form?)


A: There are only bacteria and viruses, no animals or human beings.


Q: Regarding the concept of kundalini, can you explain what this actually is, if it indeed actually exists?


A: That's something that does not exist. It's certain people's imagination only, as it is the case with the chakras.


Q: As I understand it, the Plejaren male may have more then one wife at a time. Do you know how this is arranged on a daily basis? Does each female maintain a seperate residence on a seperate parcel of land and the male comes to visit each female at different times?


A: Of course there are also Plejaran males who are not married, and there are men who are married to just one woman. Each family (of a maximum of 5 persons: husband, wife, three children) and, therefore, each wife has her own house and parcel of land (about 100 x 100 m). In the case of Quetzal who has four wives, all of them live on adjoining parcels of land. And Quetzal himself has his own house too (somewhere out in the wilderness he built a cabin where he has a vegetable garden, many animals, including cows that he is milking himself when he is there. Funny, isn't it?! --- And in case you are planning to ask what the cows are doing with their milk when he's not there: Then the androids have some work to do.) There are other families, however, where the women/wives live in different places. And there are families where the women and children live together, but where each wife/family still has her own residence where she can go to if she wishes. The man is visiting his several families (if there are several) on a regular basis. But, of course, he is always willing and ready to visit all his families anytime if there is a problem, and the wives are there for him too if he has a problem. etc.


Q: " When one is existing on the Higher Level(s) without the use of a Physical-Material-Body..and is "Pure Spirit", how does their Reincarnation manifest? " As I take it....that the Mother and Father Process..is not accountable for procreation.


A: In the spiritual levels there is no incarnation anymore (there is no flesh, and therefore no "carnation"). The spirit form, the pure spirit form, is always changing and developing, evenly and without steps. The spirit form becomes lighter and lighter and develops towards higher levels, and on and on You could compare it with some colored water: when you slowly but steadily add a lot of water, the color slowly fades away and the fluid becomes clear.


Q: Regarding "Human inbreeding" or Consanguinity: Should marriages between related persons be avoided and, if so, to what extent? Also, for what reasons?


A: Basically, to avoid inbreeding has nothing to do with a creative law, but it is a recommendation only. To marry a cousin, for example, doesn't necessary mean that the children who stem from this marriage will be handicapped physically or mentally. The same is true if a mother sleeps with her son and gets pregnant from him, etc. However, the nearer the relation grade is the higher the risk that defects of any sort may occur. To see to it that there are no marriages between relatives, or rather children coming from such marriages, is very advisable. There is not only a higher risk of physical defects, but also a weakening of immunity, and an overall weakening of psychic strength, etc. When you talk with a person who is breeding rabbits, cows, horses, sheep, etc. you will learn that it is cared for that the male animal is frequently exchanged/replaced, and they have good reason! Just ask that person why he is doing this. I (CF) would say that another good reason for avoiding and not permitting inbreeding (in the case of human beings) is that this ban is some form of protection against incest! A protection for the children to grow up without sexual advances by adults, etc. etc.


Q: What is the average age of the Pleiadian/Plejaran spirits and the average age of the Earth spirits? If you can tell us the age of the Lyrian spirits on Earth, and the other human races on Earth too, in relation to the Pleiadians/Plejarans, this would help us to see how much more effort we need to put forth to achieve peace, if we are generally, of the same age.


A: It's (nearly) impossible to detect the real age of a spirit form. We do not know when a spirit form has been created by Creation (and how long it has been inactively waiting for its first incarnation.) Besides, we should not depend our efforts to a difference of age only. Efforts for peace are necessary at all times.


Q: Do certain spirits look each other up over several lifetimes or in another format are they somehow bonded together?


A: No. However, from time to time (and that could be centuries or millennia) spirit forms may meet again (in the material plane or in the Beyond as a "we-form"), but not in a way as the human beings thinks/imagines.


Q: I am wondering if you and/or our Plejaren friends could shed some light on the topic of genetic engineered food. I realize that the Plejarens do this and that it is successful, but in Canada now 50% of our foods are genetically engineered and while this is still in the experimental process, it makes me uncomfortable that the government has allowed these experimenters to put this food on the market without labelling so that the consumer cannot choose whether to eat it or not. We don't know yet what the effect of these genetically altered foods will be on the health of the population, or whether there is a danger of losing our natural vegetables, fruits, etc. from cross-breeding that will happen while these foods are planted next to each other. What do you think about this?


A: Since the seventies the people are eating more and more (heaps of!) genetically engineered food (grain, vegetables, fruit), without knowing, and without suffering any damage. And to all of those who ever ate avocados: That's a vegetable (or does it belong to the fruit category?) which originally was used for feeding pigs only and which was genetically engineered thousands of years ago by extraterrestrials.


Q: I would like some clarification on the subject of "Spiritual Enlightenment", "Selfrealisation". Some teachings refer to this as "The end of suffering". Some have a near death experience, others experience an energy change in meditation,that changes their perspective of life. In your 10th contact with Semjase, she talks about a spiritual awakening (recognizing the spiritual truth) that can be achieved by humans. Is Spiritual "Enlightenment" in an instant possible, or is it always a gradual process? What really happenes in a true Spiritual "Enlightenment" (changes in the body, psyche, gemut, consciousness) ?


A: "The end of suffering" is a silly, erroneous Buddhist teaching. "Spiritual Enlightenment" does not exist. However, there is "consciousness-related enlightenment", which means the same as "to acquire knowledge, wisdom and love". In the 10th contact Semjase was talking about consciousness-related enlightenment. In the early contacts she often used the word "spiritual" for "consciousness-related", because the people then did not yet understand "spiritual" correctly. (Actually, even to this day "spiritual" is often misused and misunderstood on Earth.) Consciousness-related enlightenment is a process and influences body, psyche, gemuet and consciousness, among other things.


Q: It was said by Jmmanuel in the TJ, that "if two women bed down or sleep with each other it is not against Creation, because they are conceivers..." Are Plejaren women bi-sexual then?


A: Some Plejaran women are bi-sexual, others not, just as it is the case here on Earth. Regading the information of women as being "conceivers...": What is mentioned in the TJ about this means that, under certain situations, a woman is able to conceive a baby from within herself (which is not possible for men). However, this is such a rare occurrence that it nearly never exists. But nevertheless the possibilities still lies within women. (In case that someone wants to ask: No, this did not happen to/with Mary, the mother of Jmmanuel.)


Q: If i remember correctly,plejarans mentioned that very few civilizations are capable of hyperspace and time travel.
1) I'm wandering ,if such advanced technology could be in any way dangerous for universe (i.e. for creation itself? )
2) I'm also wandering ,if plejarans perform time travel only after consulting with arahat athersata or high council?

問:1) 超空間和時空旅行會對宇宙造成危害嗎?
2) Plejaren

A: Regarding question 1): No
Regarding question 2): No. Btw: Time travel is not a common way of traveling for the Plejarans. They only do this for important reasons, e.g. for investigations/exploration. And they do it on their own (decision).

答:1) 不會。

Q: Since the Plerarans are in a different time configuration/dimension to ours, how can their vibrations reach the Earth in our dimension during the Peace meditation? And, is this similar to spiritual telepathy?


A: Yes, it is spiritual telepathy. They are using special devices to focus the energies which then are directed towards our planet.


Q: My question is about the spirit. I feel that I have a certain understanding of the things that I study and ponder about the spirit. Namely, "What it is", but how it works, learns, and how it process's knowledge and wisdoms that I, though my own initiative have created? Is somewhat a lot harder for me to comprehend. I feel that maybe If I can understand how my brains works, learns and how it process's knowledge and wisdoms maybe a link would be found in that, that will lead me to my anwser, even though I understand that the spirit has nothing to do with the consiousness or intellect...I hope my question makes sense....


A: The spirit is purely creative energy. Spirit does not learn, but store/gather/save only. Spirit gathers the positive/helpful "points/results" from the consciousness. Learning is being done with the consciousness, through/by the person's own initiative.











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