Chapter 4 – PLEYARENS   第四章 普雷亞星系的外星人 - Part 3

4.2.1 Communicating with Earth Humans

4.2.1 與地球人類的溝通

Knowledge of all Earth languages ever spoken - 4.9-24

普雷亞人保存了地球上有史以來所有說過語言的知識 - 4.9-24

Semjase was able to speak the German language perfectly. It is much easier for the Plejarens to learn a new language than it is for Earth humans. They have access to every earthly language ever spoken as well every dialect and manners. Language training courses exist with language scientists and computers. Their computers have the means to transfer the information into humans during a hypnotic state where the language terms and senses are implanted in their memories. This process takes 21 days and an additional ten days to be able to speak the language fluently. Their scientists and apparatuses provide training for the correct pronunciation. This requires a total of 30 to 31 days. The language institutions on Earth use tape recorders, which is the initial way in which to construct machines like they use. Different places are already researching on how to use computers for this purpose.


Conditions for questions being asked & answered - 8.25-43

提問與回答問題的條件 - 8.25-43

Meier was told that that the Plejaren are not allowed to solve secrets for humanity, as this would not be advantageous for the spiritual development of Earth humans. So, he is requested to not ask questions of a scientific nature, as they will not be answered. Such questions would lead too far and bring more understandings then are good for them. Their spiritual development is just too limited in these respects. Meier can be told much more information, but he must keep the information to himself. His friends and acquaintances are not as developed as he is. Some of them can qualify according to the scheme 3/2, 3/1, and 3/3. Only one of his friends falls in the position of 3/7. But, they are all inclined to learn more than is spiritually advantageous for them. They will ask questions that surpass the limit for elaboration. They will also want to make contact with the Plejaren, but this will not be possible. They must recognize this information to be the truth and acknowledge it before they can proceed. However, they are still doubtful and do not want to let the truth work in them.


Plejaren not interested in responding to doubters - 9.100-114

普雷亞人沒有興趣回應質疑者 - 9.100-114

When Meier tells Semjase that her words sounded harsh, he is told that the truth always sounds harsh. She asks him to not ask any more questions in the future that do not basically come from him. She says that she has no need to answer questions that he already knows the answers to or answer illogical questions. She has no desire to answer questions for friends that neither of them are interested in. Meier is asked to tell his friends to be satisfied with this arrangement. The way that his friends are being unreasonable and not using their brains with their unjustified distrust and criticisms are harmful to their mission. When they want to serve the mission, they must have confidence and learn to use their reasoning logic. If they are unwilling to do this, then they are without worth to them.


Conditions for Plejarens to contact an Earth human - 24.1-18

普雷亞人與地球人接觸的前提 - 24.1-18

In response to a demand from H.J. for Semjase to make herself and her beamship visible to him and others, she states again that this would be impossible for the following reasons: 1) Before contact with any Earth human, there must first be a decade-long study in all aspects, 2) all individuals contacted must be spiritually developed, and 3) any contactee must be sufficiently developed to be able to recognize and elaborate essential truths by themselves without considerations from others or scriptures in order to draw conclusions, 4) all temporary contacts result in having the memory of the event eliminated, 5) all contacts are made as a result of higher orders, 6) restricted contacts enable security from forces that would confiscate everyone and everything, 7) restricted contacts prevent those who only seek sensations and selfish desires from gaining access which could result in panic and very dangerous consequences. After decades of exploration, the Plejarens could find no one on Earth, except Meier, that was developed enough for contact.


Contact reports should be censored of personal data - 29.147-152

接觸報告應當過濾個人方面的資料 - 29.147-152

The contact reports should be distributed in internal circles, as they currently exist. For external circles, the reports should be altered with all personal concerns removed. If the external circles want to have the unedited reports, then they should be provided in their complete form. The revised form of the reports, are only intended for the general public.


Communication/Understanding - 31.162-168

溝通與理解 - 31.162-168

The Plejarens use a small apparatus attached to their belt to speak and understand foreign languages. It is a language translator that can quickly convert a spoken language into another one for others to understand. However, they prefer to speak in foreign languages when they are able to do so. When Meier writes down conversations spoken in another language for the contact reports, he receives the meanings of what was said without needing to do any conversions.


Open contact of Plejarens & Earth not provided for - 35.P1066

普雷亞人不提供與地球人的公開接觸 - 35.P1066

Impulse contact information sent to authors, etc. - 39.S350-353

發送給創作者的脈衝信息 - 39.S350-353

Certain Earth humans, like authors, receive information from outside their world so that they can describe, paint, or create models of things and possibilities for the future. In this way, the people of Earth are slowly prepared for coming events and scientists are able to receive concepts and formations that give them incentive to develop new things.


2 women in telepathic contact with Plejarens - 61.129-134

有兩個女人與普雷亞人有心靈感應的交流 - 61.129-134

The Plejarens are only in telepathic contact with two women in Europe and one of these is Amata Stetter.

普雷亞人在歐洲僅與兩個女人有進行心靈感應交流,其中的一位是Amata Stetter

Reading human thoughts - 64.28-31

解讀人類的想法 - 64.28-31

Because the Plejarens are prohibited from analyzing the innermost thoughts of others, they were unable to realize and recognize how complicated and illogical the thoughts are of Earth humans which enable them to write and publish untrue and distorted values other than what they, themselves believe. The Plejarens first discovered this when they came into personal contact with Meier and discovered his readiness to help them understand the thinking of Earth humans. After that, they were able to work with this matter in the proper way. They realized that they had deluded themselves for decades about the double character of earthly humans because such duplicity was completely unknown to them. They had never experienced this before.


The meaning of words & their exact values - 66.2-9

文字語言與其確切的含義 - 66.2-9

When Meier attempted to give Semjase a present from Herbert, she stated that she was not permitted to accept goods. Meier explained that goods equate to a payment while a present equals the feelings of wanting to give love and delight to someone else. Semjase says that this was not the feelings of Earth humans, that she was aware of and asked if his definitions only applied to himself and a few others. He replied that it was possible because people generally give presents when they feel obligated to do so and usually during mutual exchange. He has had to explain a lot to people regarding the different meanings of words. He separates the meanings of words according to their special and exact values in order to avoid misunderstandings in communication. People are unused to thinking within a word’s true meaning and context. Although misunderstandings still exist, people come to learn the true values. But, long explanations are always necessary.


A hard language is demanded for telling the facts - 66.100-101

難聽的話是為了要訴說事實- 66.100-101

The impression that people may have from reading Semjase’s words may often seem to be deceiving, but a harsh language is demanded for telling the facts. Only by harsh language, can Earth humans be tempted to think for themselves.


4.2.2 Government

4.2.2 管轄機構

Plejaren "government" - High Council - 61.169-171

普雷亞人的“政府”是「高層理事會」- 61.169-171

The Plejaren government does not keep an administration. They only have a High Council that provides high advice and never a command or order.


Plejaren are connected to an alliance of planets - 23.104-108

普雷亞人與一個行星的聯盟有聯繫 - 23.104-108

The Plejaren are allied in a confederation that reaches far into the cosmos. Within this alliance, there are about 127 million solar systems inhabited by human forms of life. There are also innumerable other intelligent races that are not human species which are unknown to the Plejarens or those that they simply do not stay in contact with. Unfortunately, the Plejaren are not permitted to reveal publicly, the number of human and non-human forms of life inhabit this solar system. Nor can they disclose the planets that they inhabit.


Plejaren planets - each planet has only 1 nation - 35.P754-759

普雷亞星系中的每一個行星只有一個國家 - 35.P754-759

The Plejaren worlds are not separated into different states or nations as they as is the case on Earth. Each world has one single world government, which functions as an executive institution. They are all subordinate to the High Council. The High Council is the essential government of all of their worlds and is the center of government. The council is not on their home world, but on a very special planet within the solar system of the central star for their races.


High Council - the essential government over all - 35.P760-790

「高層理事會」是所有普雷亞人的主要管轄機構 - 35.P760-790

The High Council consists of half-spiritual and half-physical beings that are cross-dimensional. They are human forms of life with enormous wisdom and knowledge that are in a state of transition. In their evolution, they have progressed so far that they release themselves from their material bodies and are semi-spiritual entities. They are the only human forms of life that are able to communicate with higher pure-spiritual forms. The oscillations of the spiritual spheres are much higher that physical humans can generate. Human beings are only able to make contact with creatures with the same grade of oscillations and initiate communications. This means that Earth humans can only come into contact with those of about the same position in evolution. It is a safety measure in Creational law in which no form of life is able to tap into more knowledge than is allowed according to their state of evolution. The Plejaren worlds are all subordinate to the central government, which is formed by the semi-spiritual High Council. The planetary governments are only executive organs operating on the advice of the High Council. The government of the High Council is based upon natural Creational law. All events and all regulation is only based on natural law, which every single form of life is regulated. Every decision of the High Council accords to the form of life affected. They are based on the premise that every single creature has a position in evolution and their differences cannot be excluded. Their teachers in spiritual evolution, endeavor to study the spiritual development of every single creature.


Petale, Arahat Athersata & High Council - 39.P19-20

PetaleArahat Athersata與「高層理事會」- 39.P19-20

The essential spiritual lessons will not be transmitted to Meier from the Plejarens, but from a very high spiritual sphere, which can only be communicated with through the High Council or by Arahat Athersata. This is the sphere of Petale, which transmitted the Twelve Commandments to Meier.

主要的靈性教導不是從普雷亞人傳輸給邁爾的,而是從一個很高的精神領域,這只能通過「高層理事會」或Arahat Athersata與之溝通;這就是Petale,祂傳輸十二誡律給邁爾

High Council duties - 41.93-94

「高層理事會」的職責- 41.93-94

The education of Plejaren children is an obligation of the parents, but there is also control by the High Council, which also settles regulations, teachings, order, etc., and determines their righteousness. The High Council also contracts all marriages, which is why they do not know of divorce.


4.2.3 History

4.2.3 歷史

Plejaren ancient home was the Ring Nebula of Lyra - 30.19-29

普雷亞人祖先的家鄉是天琴座的環狀星雲 - 30.19-29

In the original home worlds of human races, there was a powerful destruction of a very great star. This occurred a very long time ago by a power-hungry barbarian. This IHWH perished along with everything else in the damage. The destruction developed into the form of a gigantic eye that should serve as a memorial to the other creatures of the universe of what an evil delusion and thirst for power can do. This formation is designated IHWHMATA or eye of god. On Earth, it can be found in the Lyra Constellation and it known as the Ring Nebula, or M57. A very powerful telescope is needed in order to see it from Earth.


Plejaren first spaceship - 57.92-93

普雷亞人的第一架太空船 - 57.92-93

The Plejarens constructed their first flying machine that was capable of traveling into space, 21 million years ago. This happened millions of years after a great catastrophe occurred when a Destroyer planet broke through the Vega Constellation.


Plejaren ancestors flew in "airplanes" - 57.191-192

普雷亞人的祖先在“飛行器”中飛行 - 57.191-192

The Plejaren’s earliest forefathers moved through the air in very primitive flying machines with internal combustion engines, which now appear to them as being very adventurous, barbarous, and monstrous.


HISTORY OF THE ARYANS (See section 6.1) - 70.19-171

雅利安人的歷史(請參考第6.1節) - 70.19-171

4.2.4 Language

4.2.4 語言

Origins of Plejaren writing - 31.230-238

普雷亞人使用文字的起源 - 31.230-238

The Plejaren alphabet consists of 26 letters, of different shapes and names then English letters, plus two more letters for the sounds of “ch” and “sch”. Meier copies them along with the pronunciations from Semjase's explanations. There are no umlauts or other pronunciation keys. This alphabet is 11,000 years old. It is taken from the ancestors of Plejaren scientists on Earth, who based the patterns on star formations as seen from Earth. The script is composed of circles (representing stars) and lines. Their older letters were much more complex and no longer used on Earth. But, it was in use centuries ago and often changed. Some current Earth scripts are altered forms of this Plejaren alphabet. The ancient scripts on Earth were brought by "the heavenly sons & daughters" who were responsible for the re-emergence of Earth humanity from savagery.


Sarat language and Kosan language - 61.215-219

Sarat語言和Kosan語言 - 61.215-219

The name of the language that is spoken in the Pleja System is called Sarat. There is also a common inter-galactic language that is known as Kosan.


"telenotical" - word defined - 36.38-40

telenotical”的定義 - 36.38-40

"Arimo" - word defined, "hold on" - 39.83-95

Arimo”的意思是“暫停” - 39.83-95

Tir Nan Og - "Green Lands", "Land of Youth" - 39.P192-195

Tir Nan Og”的意思是“綠色土地”或“年輕的土地”- 39.P192-195

Plejaren - mother-in-laws ("Geranisa") - 42.100-104

普雷亞人的公婆(“Geranisa”) - 42.100-104

Spharmiddon - word, meaning the end of the Earth - 45.64-68

Spharmiddon的意思是地球的結束 - 45.64-68

"Adonis" - ancient Greek word, beautiful humans - 39.P41-42

Adonis”是古希臘文字,意思是美麗的人類 - 39.P41-42

SENAN (name of our universe in Asket's language - 54.11

SENAN亞斯克的語言中是我們宇宙的名字 - 54.11

The following are words that are spoken in the native language of the Plejarens and their meanings: “Telenotical” is a type of telepathic influence that uses hypnosis and high frequency oscillations as inaudible signals into human ears, “Arimo” means to hold onto something, “Tir Nan Og” refers to green lands or a land of youth, “Geranisa” is the title for a mother-in-law, and “Spharmiddon” means the end of the Earth. In additions, “Adonis” is an ancient Greek word that means physically beautiful humans and “Senan” which is the name of our universe in Asket’s native language in the Dal Universe.

以下是普雷亞人母語中口語的含義:“Telenotical”是使用催眠和高頻振盪的無聲信號轉換成可影響人體耳朵的心靈感應,“Arimo”是指暫停的意思,“Tir Nan Og”,是指綠地或年輕的土地,“Geranisa”是指公婆,而“Spharmiddon”是指地球的結束。此外,“Adonis”是古希臘字,意思是長的好看的人類,而“Senan”在亞斯克達爾宇宙中的語言,意思是我們所在宇宙的名稱。

4.2.5 Mission on Earth

4.2.5 在地球上的任務

Plejaren - bases and stations - 7.215-223, 54.47

普雷亞人的基地和太空站 - 7.215-22354.47

The Plejarens have bases on Earth as well as many other planets, where they live. One base on Earth is high in the mountains of Switzerland. Their other bases that are located around the Earth are well built so that it is impossible for other people to find them unless they know their exact location. The Plejarens established a station in Switzerland more than 300 years ago.


Mission of the Plejarens - to help Earth humans - 25.56-70

普雷亞人的任務是幫助地球人 - 25.56-70

The Plejarens are on Earth to help earthly humans in their development. This is a voluntary, self-imposed obligation. However, humanity must also contribute its own share in these endeavors and take up a certain voluntary duty in order to contribute to the workload. People must learn that their selfishness and limitless egotism is completely out of place and is not justified. The help that is required from mankind includes all necessary capital and labor. Humanity is wrong when it believes that they can just take and not give anything back. When people join together and help, they become greater than their individual efforts. The giving and taking must be equal. When the Plejarens provide spiritual knowledge and goods, etc., then people should elaborate the goods and knowledge and contribute to making it available to everyone. When humanity believes that it is more blessed to take than to give, then they will not free themselves from their evil egotism.


114 Plejarens stationed on Earth - 57.73

114 普雷亞人進駐在地球上 - 57.73

Plejarens stationed on Earth - fluctuates monthly - 57.111-113

普雷亞人進駐在地球上的人每月有異動 - 57.111-113

There are 114 humans from the Pleja System that are currently stationed on the Earth. This number changes from month to month. There are often times when there is less than 50 Plejarens here and other times, there are more than 300. This is dependent upon their missions here as well as the availability of transports for their supplies.






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