Chapter 7 – EARTH   第七章地球 - Part 2

7.2 Status of Earth

7.2 地球的狀態

"Energy bales" that circle the Earth - 39.42-44

環繞著地球的能量球” - 39.42-44

There are spheres of energy of different types and strengths that circle the Earth at different distances and intervals. They are very important for the maintenance of life on Earth.


Effects of mining, oil drilling, etc. - 45.56-61

採礦與石油鑽探等的影響 - 45.56-61

Ore and other mineral mining on a planet or star is only done by the Plejarens in extreme emergencies because they consider this process equal to the destruction of it. Stars and planets are never exploited as is done on Earth and they consider the exploitation on Earth to be the destruction of the planet. The first evil effects of this destruction on Earth began decades ago and Earth is now experiencing the pains of destruction. Humans on Earth should understand that the way in which they exploit the planet, robs its fundamental life force by depriving it of its oil, gas, and different ores. The effects of this cause the Earth to suffer shifts inside that lead to volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. This is because the Earth is slowly breaking down into itself.


Fertile ground reduced from 86.1% @1940 to 39.7% - 45.112-116

地球上的可耕沃土,從1940年的86.1%減少到目前的39.7 - 45.112-116

Because of the unreasonable actions of Earth’s inhabitants, she is missing many elements, which she needs for production. Human beings have robbed them from her. In only one century, the surface of the Earth has lost so much fertile ground that it will need many millions of years for it to become fertile again. Within the past 25 years, the humans of Earth have destroyed so much fertile ground that the recovery rate is surpassed by 144.2%. This means that, in only 25 years, earthly humans have generated 144.2% new unfertile wasteland with the destruction of woods and fertile ground in addition to the natural waste regions. 35 years ago, 86.1% of Earth’s surface was fertile. Today, there is only 39.7% of fertile ground to grow plant life in.


7.2.1 Atomic Bomb Aftereffects

7.2.1 原子彈爆炸的後遺症

Atomic explosions effect the atmospheric stratums - 35.P900-925

原子彈爆炸影響了大氣層 - 35.P900-925

A much greater danger, as a result of the nuclear explosions, exists with the release of elementary radiations, which will present great riddles to Earth scientists. Three main factors to life on Earth are injured by the release of these elementary radiations. The catastrophic effect, after an atomic explosion the size of the Hiroshima bomb, lasts for several centuries and negatively influences all processes of life preservation. The pure atmospheric stratums of the Earth are catastrophically influenced by the release of these elementary radiations, which cause electrical energies in great magnitude.


This happens in very high frequency ranges near the ultra-violet spectrum, which are unknown to Earth sciences. This radiated energy mingles with the oxygen in the air and generates huge quantities of ozone. This ozone value is increased 34 times the normal value after an explosion. This is a dangerous concentration that destroys all microorganisms of a wide variety in a large area, which are of critical importance for the preservation of life on Earth. Then, a short time after the explosion, the ozone values decrease drastically to very low levels. Certain elementary effects penetrate all matter and endure for hundreds of years, during which time they continually kill all microorganisms that come near them.


Another important factor, in addition to lethal destruction of the ozone, is the effect on the ozone belt, which surrounds the Earth and protects it from ultra-violet radiation from the sun. Those gases are injured in several ways and become unable to absorb the ultra-violet rays. Atmospheric lightning produces ozone that does not destroy microorganisms. But, industrial ozone is generated from different factors. Lightning cleans while the other pollutes. A healthy ozone belt provides natural protection from the sun’s strong ultra-violet radiations. Living creatures that are directly irradiated by radiations from the sun and from other parts of the universe, are inevitably killed. Nature always generates just as much ozone as is necessary to guarantee life.


Atomic Bomb, long-term effects - 35.P926-933

原子彈的長期影響 - 35.P926-933

Special elementary radiations that are generated by atomic explosions, reach great heights, spread themselves around the globe, and influence the different stratums. One such menaced stratum is known as the “Van-Allen Belt”. This belt consists of electrons and photons that are specially caught by the Earth’s magnetic field. This has a critically important function for the existence of life on Earth. The belt exists at an average height of 1,000 kilometers. The charged particles are in constant movement with spiral courses from pole to pole. The inside portion of the existing spiral values are decisively greater and have a more important meaning.


Atomic Bomb affects - 45.63-66

原子彈(試爆)的影響- 45.63-66

The worst things that human beings are doing to the Earth are conducting subterranean experiments with atomic bomb explosions. The public is told that the subterranean explosions are atomic bomb test, but in truth, they are much more dangerous. These explosions are from another bomb that is produced from natural organic products of nature, whose effect is many thousand times stronger than the present atomic bomb. When exploded in a certain region, it produces an immense chain reaction that causes a complete firestorm over the Earth within eight minutes, atomizing everything. Once the chain reaction is started, it cannot be stopped and there is no escape. Not even the Plejarens could do anything about it.


7.2.2 Dams

7.2.2 水壩

Dams - 45.59-62

水壩 - 45.59-62

The construction of dams and similar formations cause the collected water to shift the Earth’s mass. The effects of this cause the Earth to suffer shifts inside that lead to volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. This is because the Earth is slowly breaking down into itself.


7.2.3 Earthquakes

7.2.3 地震

Earthquake in Tangshan, China on July 28, 1976 - 70.196-204

1976728日,中國唐山大地震 - 70.196-204

The Plejaren explorations into the earthquakes in China on July 28, 1976 found that 893,000 people were killed, 208,000 people will bear heavy injuries for the rest of their lives, and 811,000 people have been injured. In addition, there are about 70,000 people who are missing below the ruined fields. The Earth will not find tranquility because even worse earthquakes will occur. They will be of such horrible power that countries and islands will sink.


Earthquakes, China - 71.6-12

1977年的地震預測 - 71.6-12

In 1977, the worst earthquakes in 900 years will shake the Earth and change the surface of the planet. The death count will be higher than in 1976. Undersea volcanoes will create new islands. The first such island will appear near Japan. Existing islands, and parts of continents, will sink below the sea and the shifting of landmasses will be felt. Earthquakes will menace all of the countries that were shaken by earthquakes in 1976, in 1977. Different earthquakes will afflict the great underwater trench between San Francisco and Alaska, as well as the regions of Austria, Switzerland, and Germany. In addition, Russia, Africa, and the island regions of Oceania will be shaken by quakes.


7.2.4 Evil on Earth

7.2.4 在地球上的邪惡能量

Evil on Earth - 22.81-117

在地球上的邪惡能量 - 22.81-117

The earthly sphere is now in an energy level of the most-wicked negative forces, which surround the Earth like a heavy coat. These negative powers rose, and become ever stronger, from the huge negative thought energies of humans on Earth. With their heresies and many kinds of wickedness, they lay the whole world into destructive and deadly radiations. Crystals of all kinds, as well as jewels and different minerals, strongly receive and absorb such energies. The wicked negative human thought energies are strongly charged and bring dangerous needs and misery. From each kind and character, these energies become mediums of sickness, languishing states, and death to people who come into their possession. Crystals and precious stones were highly influenced where they grew before being found by humans. This was caused by the very strong coating of power that covers the Earth.


When humans want to have crystals and precious stones in their possession, own them for their value, use them as trinkets, or for health reasons, they must first be free from dangerous radiation. Otherwise, their oscillations may bring death and destruction over them. Crystals and precious stones must undergo a neutralization process for at least five years because of the huge amount of negative energies from thoughts by earthly mankind that they are charged with. The neutralization can be accomplished with a simple apparatus. If people do not submit their possessions of such things to the neutralization process, when this has been made known to them, then they should not be surprised when they are strongly persecuted by sicknesses, misfortune, misery, and depravation as well as death and damage.


People are inclined to carry many types of lockets, trinkets, etc. for their own protection. But, they are not aware that nearly all of these things are plain useless and are only pretended to be effective according to their beliefs. The carriers of such things also make themselves susceptible to great dangers and even place their lives into jeopardy because these things are often very strong receivers of negative thought powers that are transferred to the carrier. Because of this, such things should be submitted to neutralization from time to time. Based upon the mineral or material content, this should be done from six months to two years. Of course, this process can be reduced to a few minutes if the proper apparatus is used. Only crystals, precious stones and other minerals from extraterrestrial worlds, which are either uninhabited or possess very balanced forms of life, are recommended. Objects from such worlds have not been influenced from degenerate human negative thought powers, as exists on Earth.


The receivers, like those on Earth, are created when the crystals, stones, or minerals have been exposed to strong negative radiation for several thousand years. The Crystals, stones, and minerals can also be receivers and radiators of positive energy forms if they are grown on worlds with positive life forms. This conforms to the all-valid law of nature. Once these things are carried by thinking-forms of life, they adapt themselves very quickly to this living form in order to receive and send out the carrier’s characteristic energies. If these things have been subjected to thousands of years of negative energies, they will be shot into their carriers, which can cause them to degenerate into the negative. There are also positive degenerate forms, which are unknown on Earth. The crystals, minerals, and precious stones from worlds with positive degenerate forms, do not need to undergo a neutralization process. This would only be necessary if they had been exposed to wicked negative forces within 2 to 4 thousand years. If so, then they would only need a simple purification process for seven years before being carried by people. Pearls must also be treated in the same way.


A neutralization or purification cannot be accomplished with occult formulas, conjured potions, or anything similar. A special apparatus is necessary, which absorbs the negative energies and neutralizes them. For neutralizations, the negative energies are withdrawn from the objects and altered into neutral powers. The neutral powers are then absorbed by the objects and form a balanced power after a certain amount of time has passed. For purifications, the absorbed degenerate powers are set free after being neutralized. The objects do not need to be recharged in this case because their neutralized forces may generate their own balanced forces on their own. Such objects require purification for a full seven years only when they have been carried by very strong negative degenerate people, like those who feel delight from the torture of others. Crystals, minerals, and precious stone that have been in possession of normal-negative human beings, do not need to be purified. There is the possibility that the objects can be of extraterrestrial origin. They have usable neutral and large forces that are of worth on Earth.








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