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The Law of One, Book V, Fragment 34
Session 60, July 1, 1981

一的法則:卷五, 片斷三十四
第六十場集會, 1981 7 1

Jim: The first two questions in this portion of Session 60 touch upon Carla’s tendency towards martyrdom in general terms; that is, in the case of the Ra contact Carla’s desire to be of service in this contact was strong enough that she would open herself completely to the contact until there was no vital energy left for her own ease of transition back to the waking state. Ra’s suggestion in this regard was that if she were to reserve some vital energy, it would be possible that the contact could continue over a longer period of time. Ra recognized that her basic incarnational lesson was to generate as much compassion as possible and was the root of the unreserved opening to the contact, but Ra also suggested that a little addition of wisdom in the reserving some small amount of vital energy might enhance her service.

Jim 評論 第六十場集會中的前兩個問題涉及 Carla 傾向於殉道的一般情況 也就是說 在與 Ra 通訊的個案中 Carla 在這個通訊的服務渴望有足夠的強度 以致於她會完全地敞開自己直到沒有剩下任何生命能 ,( 造成 她自己無法輕易地轉折回到清醒的狀態 Ra 在這方面的建議是如果她願意保留一些生命能 該通訊有可能持續一段更長的時間 Ra 辨認出她基本的人生功課是儘可能產生許多憐憫 這並且是毫無保留對該通訊開放的根源 Ra 也建議多加一點點智慧在保留一小部分生命能可以增進她的服務

In fact, our entire group was then in the process of exercising more caution regarding the frequency of sessions. We had begun to travel the martyr’s path in having sessions too frequently and giving of the self—of the instrument—until there was nothing left. As we continued to hold sessions when she was not in good shape, it was also suggested to us by Ra that overly to stress caution in scheduling sessions further apart and in resting Carla was as deleterious to retaining the contact as our martyring behavior was at the beginning of the sessions. In having the sessions, in distributing the material to others, and in living the daily life in general we found that there is a basic kind of dedication to serving others that is helpful. But when that dedication becomes focused on a strong desire that a specific outcome be the result of any effort to serve others, then one is distorting the service with preconceived ideas. “Not my will, but Thy will” is the attitude offering the most efficient service.

事實上 我們整個小組當時正運用更多的謹慎調整集會的頻率 我們先前因為太頻繁的集會而開始走向殉道者的途徑 器皿給出自我 直到沒有任何東西剩下為止 當我們持續在她情況不是很好的時機繼續舉行集會 Ra 提醒 我們 過度強調謹慎 排程 ), 將集會行程拉開好讓 Carla 休息 與我們最初開始 密集 集會的殉道行為相比 這麼做對於維持通訊同樣有傷害 在舉行集會、散佈資料給他人、每日生活的過程中 一般而言 我們發現有一種基本的服務他人之奉獻是有益的 但當奉獻聚焦於一股強烈的渴望 要求任何服務他人的努力有一個具體的結果 那麼這個人以預設的想法扭曲了服務 不照我的意思,但憑禰的意旨 這個態度提供最有效率的服務

And once again we see the beneficial role that a physical limitation can play in one’s incarnation. In this case, Carla’s arthritis is seen to be the means by which she pre-incarnatively determined to focus her attention, not on the usual activities of the world, but on the inner life, the life of meditation and contemplation which her physical limitation offered her. This same limitation has also been used to carry out other pre-incarnatively chosen lessons, as mentioned by Ra in the last two responses. Such preincarnatively chosen limitations confound many healers who have the opinion that no disease is ever necessary. However, it seems that some people choose lessons that will utilize the entire incarnation and not just a portion of it. Thus the distortions needed to present the opportunities for these kinds of lessons are not meant to yield to healing efforts.

再一次 我們看見一個肉體的限制能夠在一個人的人生中扮演有益的角色 在這個案例中 Carla 的關節炎被視為她投胎前決定聚焦她的注意力的一種手段 焦點不放在世間的尋常活動 而是放在內在生命上 她肉體的限制提供她冥想與沉思的生命 同樣的限制也被用來執行其他投胎前選擇的功課 Ra 在最後兩個回覆中提到的 事項 )。 這種投胎前選擇的限制使許多醫者困惑 因他們認為沒有任何疾病是必須的 無論如何 看起來有些人選擇的課程要用到一輩子 不只是一部分而已 是故這些扭曲是必須的 以呈現這些課程的機會 它們並不必然會屈服於治療的努力

Carla: It may seem as though I have had a life ruled by disease and limitation. In actuality, that just isn’t so. At one time, when Donald had died and I had not yet fully decided to survive him, my condition worsened to the point where I had to stay horizontal all the time. But even then I was able to make letter tapes and to channel, until the very end of that dark period, the month or so before going to the hospital in January of 1992 . And I can honestly say that even in that extremity, I wanted to stay.

Carla 評論 看起來我彷彿一生都被疾病與限制所統治 事實上並非如此 在某段時間 當唐納死去時 我尚未完全決定要活得比他久 我的狀態惡化到我必須全時間平躺著 但甚至再那個時候我能夠製作通信錄音帶與傳訊 直到黑暗時間的真正結尾 1992 年一月左右 我進入醫院 我可以誠實地說 即使在那極度的困境 我仍想要留下來

Today, I simply do not think very much about my aches and pains, and I don’t think other people notice anything out of the ordinary about me. I don’t appear ill, and do not act that way either, so people just assume I am healthy. Having done everything I could to better my condition, and failed to make any dent by any means, I have concluded that the symptoms of pain which I experience are not signal but noise. This is the basic pain management theory I learned in rehab that fateful year of 1992 . Something that has no message is a useless thing, no matter how irritating. I was riding one of those electric buggies airline employees use to transport the elderly and feeble, and remarked on the constant bee-baw, bee-baw, bee-baw as the cart wended its way through the pedestrian traffic in the huge corridor. The driver said she didn’t even notice it any more, she was so used to it. Exactly. I don’t do this perfectly: I complain at least daily to my mate, who has identified listening to the daily report as a service to the weary! It really helps to gripe a bit. As long as the griper doesn’t take it too seriously.

今日 我單純地不去多想我的痛苦與酸痛 我不認為其他人會注意到我有什麼與正常人不同之處 我看起來沒有生病 舉止也不像個病人 所以人們只會假設我是健康的 為了改善我的狀態 在做過一切我能做的事之後 任何方法都無法促成任何進展 我的結論是我所經驗的疼痛的徵兆不是信號 只是噪音 這是我在關鍵命運之年 西元 1992 進行復健時學到的基本痛苦管理理論 一個沒有訊息的東西是無用的 不管它多麼使人煩擾 當時我乘坐在一種電子嬰兒車上 航空公司員工用來運輸老人與虛弱患者的工具 當車子通過廣大的長廊 經過來往的行人時 我注意到那恆常的嗶 - 啵、嗶啵、嗶啵聲 並發出簡短評論 司機說她根本不再注意這聲音 她已經很習慣了 的確 我在這點做得不完美 我至少每天跟我的伴侶抱怨 他已經將聽取疲憊患者的每日報告卻認為一種服務 訴苦一下真的有幫助 只要訴苦者不要太認真看待這件事

I know this is not easy, and I spent months during that period thinking that I might not make the cut! It is difficult to face pain, especially ancient, blade-keen pain that has crippled, and to work through the crystallizations that kept the arms down and the back separated from the neck. What saved me was love. I have a real passion for cooking. I love to play with tastes, to mix herbs and spices and all the kinds of food there are. The fact that the result of this playtime is meals that people enjoy is icing on the cake! I’d been banned from the kitchen 12 years ago. After thorough testing to be sure I would not harm my condition, I was OK’d to take up cooking again. I loved being in the kitchen to the point where I would just hang on to the stove and cook long past the point where I would have given up if I’d just been sitting or standing and doing nothing. And then there was the love I had for Jesus—I promised Him that I would get better, and give praise and thanksgiving and glory to His holy Name. Which I do, frequently! Between the two, a miracle occurred for me, given by Love to love for Love’s sake. And I pray to be able to share my story of being a Wanderer and one who wishes to serve, with all those who are awakening to their spiritual identity at this time.

我知道這並不容易 我再那段時期花了好幾個月想著我可能無法在這場考驗中倖存 make the cut )! 面對痛苦是困難的 特別是那古老、如刀片般鋒利的痛苦使我殘廢 雙臂下垂 以及背部與頸部分離 同時工作 自己 穿越這結晶化過程 那拯救我的東西是愛 我對於烹調有股真正的熱情 我熱愛與味道玩耍 混合藥草 herbs 與香料與所有現存的食物 這段玩耍時間的成果是產生人們愛吃的菜餚 這個事實 對我而言 如同蛋糕上的糖霜 我在 12 年前就已經被禁止下廚 在通過完整的測試 確定我不會傷害自己的狀態 我獲得同意再次下廚烹飪 我愛待在廚房裡 以致於我可以待在爐子邊煮菜很久 如果我只是坐著或站著什麼也不做 我一定早就不玩了 然後是我對耶穌的愛 我向祂承諾我 的情況 會變得更好 並且將讚美、感恩、光榮獻給祂神聖之名 我經常這麼做 在這兩者之間 一個奇蹟為我發生了 為了 的緣故由 給予愛 此外,我祈禱能夠分享我做為一個流浪者的故事 一個想要服務的人生 與那些此時正朝自己的靈性身分覺醒的人們分享

Yes, I am still limited by my physical restrictions. I have spent literally years refining a schedule that I can live with, that has the most things in it that I want in my life, without overstressing my frail body. At this point, Jim and I have things worked out very well, and I have been fortunate to escape difficulty this last year or so. It is a first! I just take things at the speed I know is safe for me.

是的 我仍然受限於我的肉體障礙 我實在地花了好幾年精練出一個我可以生活的行程 滿足大多數我在此生想要的東西 又不會過度使用我脆弱的身體 在這點 Jim 與我一起運作得很好 我大概在去年幸運地逃離困難 這是第一次 現在我做事的步調只以我知道安全的速率進行

Needless to say, when this contact was ongoing, I had no such concept of caution. I adored Don, he wanted this contact more than anything I’d ever seen him go after; during this time he was actually a happy man. These were golden moments for me: I had had but one goal for a long time from 1968 onwards, and that was to make a real home, both physical and metaphysical, for Don. I knew he was comforted by being with me, so I felt I always helped. But this state he was in was unique. Here was my star-crossed love, peaceful and completely satisfied with his life for the first and only time I ever saw. I couldn’t wait to do the next session, just so I could wake up to see him grinning with delight.

不消說 當這個通訊進行之際 我沒有這種小心的概念 我愛慕 Don 他要這個通訊超過任何我曾看過他追求的事物 在這段時間,他真的是一個快樂的男人 這些 日子 是我的黃金時刻 1968 年以來 我有很長一段時間只有一個目標 那就是為 Don 打造一個真正的家 物質與形而上的家 我知道他與我在一起是舒適的 所以我感覺我總是有所幫助 但他所在的這個狀態是獨特的 這裡曾住著我 流星劃過 star-crossed 的愛 那時是我第一次,也是唯一的時候看到他平靜與完全地滿足於他的人生 我等不及再進行下一次的集會 只因如此我能夠在醒來時,看見他欣喜地露齒微笑

It is fairly easy to see from the questions he was asking that Don felt my best chance for healing lay in mental work along the lines of his Church Of Christ Scientist Mother’s faith. He was accustomed, when a family member got a cold or illness, to calling the Practitioner, who would spend time in prayer and meditation, affirming the perfection of whatever seemed to be imperfect. This method of thinking is extremely valuable, and I do want to give credit to this marvelous practice of affirming perfection. For that is the overriding truth— behind all of this seeming imperfection there is utter perfection beyond telling or measure. I have sensed and felt it, but have never been able to bring back words. However I believe those experiences to be true.

Don 所問的問題 我們可以相當容易看見他感覺療癒的最佳機會在於心智的工作 沿著他母親的信仰 基督教科學會 ]。 當他的家人感冒或生病 他已經習慣於看到家人連絡信心治療者前來 該醫者會花時間在祈禱與冥想上頭 在任何外表看起來不完美的地方肯定其完美 這個思考方式是極為珍貴的 我真的想要讚許這個令人驚歎的肯定完美之練習 因為在所有表面的不完美之背後 存在全然的 無法述說或衡量的 完美 這是高於一切的真理 我覺察並感覺到這點 但完全無法帶回隻字片語 無論如何 我相信這些經驗是真實的

As to the idea of my pre-incarnatively choosing the limitations, and the lesson of loving without expectation of a return, both of these topics had been covered in a past-life regression done by Larry Allison in 1975 , and I felt sure that this was the case. It rang true with that depth of resonance I have come to associate with personal truth. I felt and feel fortunate to be alive, and if I have to pay some dues, that’s OK. I’m glad to be at the party! When I do die to this world, I hope that I will be satisfied I’ve done all I can—and I don’t feel that way yet. One thing I know I still have ahead is to write some sort of witness to those truths that have been shared with me at dear cost. When I have written all I know about the devotional life lived in the midst of it all, then I will be fairly satisfied that I have served my part. But we never really know what the sum of service is, do we? I don’t presume to think that I know all that is slated for me to experience. And am satisfied to let it surprise me.

至於我在投胎前選擇種種限制的想法 以及不期待回報的愛心功課 1975 年萊禮 Larry Allison 為我做的前世回溯當中,就已經涵蓋這兩個主題了 我確實感覺事情就是這樣 它在內心深處響起真實的共振聲 我將它與個人真理相聯結 從過去到現在 我都覺得活著是幸運的 如果我必須支付一些 費用 那沒問題 我樂於出席這場派對 當我真的要在這個世界中死去時 我希望我將感到滿意 因我已做完所以我能做的事 然而我尚未感覺如此 我知道在前方還有一件事 即是寫一些真理的見證 那是 某些人 以昂貴的代價與我分享的真理 當我寫完所有我所知的 關於在這一切當中活出奉獻的人生 那麼我將相當地滿足 我已完成我這部分的服務 但我們絕對無法真的知道什麼是服務的總合 不是嗎 我不假設我知道所有 人生 石版上等著我經驗的東西 我為此感到滿意 讓它給我驚奇

Session 60, July 1, 1981

六十場集會, 1981 年七月 1

RA 我是 Ra 我在太一無限造物者的愛與光中,向你們致意 我們現在開始通訊

Questioner: It is my opinion that the best way for the instrument to improve her condition is through periods of meditation followed by periods of contemplation with respect to the condition and its improvement. Could you tell me if I am correct and expand on this?

問: 我的看法是 改善器皿狀態的最佳方式為透過多次的冥想 伴隨著對自身的狀態與改善 方式 沉思 你能否告訴我是否正確,並且詳述之

Ra: I am Ra. Meditation and contemplation are never untoward activities. However, this activity will in all probability, in our opinion, not significantly alter the predispositions of this instrument which cause the fundamental distortions which we, as well as you, have found disconcerting.

RA 我是 Ra 冥想與沉思絕非不恰當的 untoward 活動 無論如何 以我們的意見 在所有的可能性當中 這個活動不會顯著地變更這個器皿造成根本扭曲的素質 我們跟你一樣感到 擔憂

Questioner: Can you tell me the best approach for altering, to a more acceptable condition, the distortions that the instrument is experiencing?

問: 你能否告訴我一個最佳的方法將該器皿正經驗的扭曲改變到一個更可接受的狀態

Ra: I am Ra. There is some small amount of work which the instrument may do concerning its pre-incarnative decisions regarding service to the infinite Creator in this experience. However, the decision to open without reservation to the offering of self when service is perceived is such a fundamental choice that it is not open to significant alteration, nor would we wish to interfere with the balancing process which is taking place with this particular entity. The wisdom and compassion being so balanced by this recapitulation of fourth density is helpful to this particular mind/body/spirit complex. It is not an entity much given to quibbling with the purity with which it carries out that which it feels it is best to do. We may say this due to the instrument’s knowledge of its self which is clear upon this point. However, this very discussion may give rise to a slightly less fully unstopped dedication to service in any one working so that the service may be continued over a greater period of your space/time.

RA 我是 Ra 關於該器皿降生前的選擇 也就是在這個經驗中服務無限造物者 它可以做一些小量的工作 然而 當感知到服務 機會 決定毫無保留地提供自我是一個如此根本的選擇 以致於它不會對顯著的變更敞開 我們也不想要干涉在這個特別實體中發生的平衡過程 藉由複習第四密度的要點 智慧與憐憫成為這般地平衡 這對於該特別之 / / 靈複合體 是有幫助的 當該實體執行工作 亦即它感覺它可以做到最好的事 它的純度沒有什麼好挑毛病的 我們可以這麼說是由於該器皿對於自我的知識在這點上是清楚的 無論如何 這裡的討論或許促成一個比完全無礙稍微少一點的服務奉獻 在任何一次工作皆是如此 這樣該服務可以持續較大一段 你們的 空間 / 時間

Questioner: You are saying, then, that the physical distortions that the instrument experiences are part of a balancing process? Is this correct?

問: 那麼,你是說該器皿經驗的肉體扭曲是平衡過程的一部分 是否正確

Ra: I am Ra. This is incorrect. The physical distortions are a result of the instrument’s not accepting fully the limitations placed prior to incarnation upon the activities of the entity once it had begun the working. The distortions caused by this working, which are inevitable given the plan chosen by this entity, are limitation and to a degree, consonant with the amount of vital and physical energy expended, weariness, due to that which is the equivalent in this instrument of many, many hours of harsh physical labor.

RA 我是 Ra 這是不正確的 肉體扭曲是該器皿不充分接受降生前 自我 限制的結果 一旦它開始該工作 它的活動已受到限制 這個工作造成的扭曲是無可避免的 由於這個實體選擇這個計畫 該扭曲是限制以及在某種程度上與花費的生命與肉體能量和諧一致 疲倦是由於這工作相當於器皿從事許多、許多小時的嚴酷肉體勞動

This is why we suggested the instrument’s thoughts dwelling upon the possibility of its suggesting to its higher self the possibility of some slight reservation of energy at a working. This instrument at this time is quite open until all resources are quite exhausted. This is well if desired. However, it will, shall we say, shorten the number of workings in what you may call the long run.

這即是為什麼我們建議該器皿 的思想 好好思索一個可能性 即建議它的高我或許可以在一個工作中 稍微保留能量 這個器皿在此時相當地敞開 直到所有資源完全耗盡為止 如果 這樣渴望 這是好的 然而 容我們說 長期 以你們的說法 而言,這樣會縮短工作的總次數

Questioner: Will spreading the workings out over greater intervals of time so that we have more time between workings help?

問: 將這些工作展開 拉大時間間隔 好讓我們在各次工作之間有更多時間 這樣做有幫助嗎

Ra: I am Ra. This you have already done. It is not helpful to your group to become unbalanced by concern for one portion of the work above another. If this instrument is, in your judgment, capable and if the support group is functioning well, if all is harmonious and if the questions to be asked have been considered well, the working is well begun. To overly stress the condition of the instrument is as deleterious to the efficiency of this contact as the antithetical behavior was in your past.

RA 我是 Ra 你們早已完成這點 你們小組關切該工作的一部分勝過其他部分將變得不平衡 這樣是沒有幫助的 如果依你的判斷 這個器皿有能力並且支援小組運作良好 如果一切都是和諧的 如果詢問的問題被好好地考量 工作 集會 就會良好地開始 過度強調該器皿的狀態對於這個通訊的效率是有害的 如同你們過去恰恰相反的行為

Questioner: Aside from the workings I am concerned about the physical distortions of the instrument in the area of her hands and arms. Is there a, shall we say, mental exercise or something else that the instrument could work on to help to alleviate the extreme problems that she has at this time with her hands, etc.?

問: 除了這些工作之外 我關切該器皿的肉體扭曲 ,( 特別 在她的雙手與雙臂區域 容我們說 是否有個心理練習或其他什麼東西是器皿可以從事的 好幫助她減輕雙手在此時極度嚴峻的問題 等等 。?

Ra: I am Ra. Yes.

RA 我是 Ra 有的

Questioner: Would this be an exercise of meditation and contemplation upon the alleviation of these problems?

問: 這是不是一個針對減輕這些問題的冥想與沉思練習

Ra: I am Ra. No.

RA 我是 Ra 不是

Questioner: What would she do then in order to alleviate these problems?

問: 她要做什麼以減輕這些問題

Ra: I am Ra. As we have said, this instrument, feeling that it lacked compassion to balance wisdom, chose an incarnative experience whereby it was of necessity placed in situations of accepting self in the absence of other-selves’ acceptance and the acceptance of other-self without expecting a return or energy transfer. This is not an easy program for an incarnation but was deemed proper by this entity. This entity therefore must needs meditate and consciously, moment by moment, accept the self in its limitations which have been placed for the very purpose of bringing this entity to the precise tuning we are using. Further, having learned to radiate acceptance and love without expecting return, this entity now must balance this by learning to accept the gifts of love and acceptance of others which this instrument feels some discomfort in accepting. These two balanced workings will aid this entity in the release from the distortion called pain. The limitations are, to a great extent, fixed.

RA 我是 Ra 如同我們曾說的 這個器皿感覺它缺乏憐憫去平衡智慧 選擇這次的肉身經驗藉此把它置放在必要的情境中 即在沒有其他 - 自我的接納的環境中去接納自我 以及不期待回報或能量轉移的前提下 接納其他 - 自我 這不是一個簡單的人生課程計畫 但這個實體 當時 認為是恰當的 因此這個實體需要冥想 並且時時刻刻有意識地接納自我的限制 其真正目的是將這個實體帶入我們正使用的精準調頻之中 此外 在已經學習到不期待回報,仍然放射接納與愛之後 這個實體現在必須學習接受他人的愛與接納以為平衡 目前這個器皿感覺接受這點有些不自在 這兩個平衡的工作將協助這個實體釋放稱為痛苦的扭曲 這些限制在很大的程度上是固定的

Questioner: Is the fact that the instrument was already consciously aware of this the reason that the first distortion was not in force in making it impossible for you to communicate this to us?

問: 是不是因為這個器皿早已有意識覺察到這點 所以第一變貌並未生效 否則 你不可能與我們溝通這點

Ra: I am Ra. This is not only correct for this entity which has been consciously aware of these learn/teachings for some of your years, but also true of each of the support group. The possibility of some of this information being offered was not there until this session.

RA 我是 Ra 這是正確的 這個實體已經有意識地覺察到這些學習 / 教導好些年 以你們的稱謂 ], 不只如此 這對於支援小組的每個成員也是真實的 這次提供的資訊,有 某些 部分是不可能提供的 直到這次的集會

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