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The Law of One, Book III, Session 61
July 8, 1981

一的法則:卷三,第 六十一場集會
1981 7 8

Ra: I am Ra. I greet you, my friends, in the love and in the light of the infinite Creator. We communicate now.

RA 我是 Ra 我在無限造物者的愛與光中向你們致意 我們現在開始通訊

Questioner: Could you give me an indication of the instrument’s condition?

發問者: 你可否告訴我器皿的狀態指標

Ra: I am Ra. This instrument’s vital energies are improving. The physical complex distortions are quite marked at this space/time and there is a decrease in physical complex energies.

RA 我是 Ra 器皿的生命能正在改善 肉體複合體 的扭曲在這個空間 / 時間 相當顯著 ,( 它的 肉體複合體 能量有些減少

Questioner: Is there anything in particular that the instrument could do to improve the physical condition?

發問者: 有沒有什麼器皿可以做的特別事情可以改善肉體狀態

Ra: I am Ra. This instrument has two factors affecting its bodily distortions. This is in common with all those which by seniority of vibration have reached the green-ray level of vibratory consciousness complexes.

RA 我是 Ra 這個器皿有兩個影響身體扭曲的因素 這些因素對於所有已經抵達綠色光芒的老資格振動意識複合體都是共通的

The first is the given in-streamings which vary from cycle to cycle in predictable manner. In this particular entity the cyclical complexes at this space/time nexus are not favorable for the physical energy levels.

首先是已知的內流 in-streaming 依照週期以可預期的方式變動 對這個器皿而言 這個空間 / 時間鏈結的週期並不利於肉體能量層級

The second ramification of condition is that which we might call the degree of mental efficiency in use of catalyst provided for the learning of programmed lessons in particular and the lessons of love in general.

第二個因素是心智效率 即使用催化劑學習特定規劃的課程或一般愛的課程之效率

This instrument, unlike some entities, has some further distortion due to the use of preincarnative conditions.

這個器皿 與一些實體不同 由於 投胎前 的狀態而有更進一步的扭曲

Questioner: Can you expand on what you meant by the “cycling instreamings of energy”?

發問者: 你可否詳述你所說的 " 週期的內流能量 "

Ra: I am Ra. There are four types of cycles which are those given in the moment of entry into incarnation. There are in addition more cosmic and less regularized in-pourings which, from time to time, affect a sensitized mind/body/spirit complex. The four rhythms are, to some extent, known among your peoples and are called bio-rhythms.

RA 我是 Ra 當一個實體降生之際展開四種 規律的 週期 此外有一些較宇宙性較不規則的向內湧流 三不五時地影響一個變敏感的 / / 靈複合體 這四種韻律 在某種程度被你們人群知曉 稱之為生物韻律 bio-rhythms

There is a fourth cycle which we may call the cycle of gateway of magic of the adept or of the spirit. This is a cycle which is completed in approximately eighteen of your diurnal cycles.

第四個週期我們可以稱為行家的魔法入口週期 靈性 週期 這個週期大約為期十八天

The cosmic patterns are also a function of the moment of incarnative entrance and have to do with your satellite you call the moon, your planets of this galaxy, the galactic sun, and in some cases the in-streamings from the major galactic points of energy flow.

宇宙性 樣式 也是降生進入時刻的一個函數 它跟你們的衛星 你稱為月亮 ], 這個星系的行星、太陽 以及在某些情況與一些主要的銀河能量流動點有關

Questioner: Would it be helpful to plot these cycles for the instrument and attempt to have these sessions at the most favorable points with respect to the cycles?

發問者: 如果將針對器皿的這些週期繪製出來 並嘗試在最有利的 點進行集會 是否有幫助

Ra: I am Ra. To that specific query we have no response.

RA 我是 Ra 對於此特定的詢問 我們不做回應

It may be noted that the three in this triad bring in this energy pattern which is Ra. Thus each energy input of the triad is of note.

值得注意的是這個 三人小組 帶入 Ra 這個能量型態 因此該 三人小組 的每一端能量輸入都值得注意

We may say that while these information systems are interesting they are in sway only in so far as the entity or entities involved have not made totally efficient use of catalyst and, therefore, instead of accepting the, shall we say, negative or retrograde moments or periods without undue notice, have the distortion towards the retaining of these distortions in order to work out the unused catalyst.

我們可以說雖然這些資訊系統很有趣 但也只有在該實體並未完全有效地使用催化劑的前提下 它們才具有影響力 因此 不如 接納 這些負面或退化的片刻或時段 無需過分注意它 保有這些扭曲好工作未被使用的催化劑

It is to be noted that psychic attack continues upon this entity although it is only effective at this time in physical distortions towards discomfort.

我們注意到超心靈攻擊持續作用在這個器皿上 雖然它此時僅有效地使得肉體朝向不舒服的變貌

We may suggest that it is always of some interest to observe the roadmap, both of the cycles and of the planetary and other cosmic influences, in that one may see certain wide roads or possibilities. However, we remind that this group is an unit.

我們建議觀察 個人的 公路地圖 總是有些趣味的 包括週期的變化以及行星與其他宇宙的影響力 因為 一個人可以看到 特定 的寬廣道路或 可能性 無論如何 我們提醒 ), 這個小組是一個單元

Questioner: Is there some way that we could, as a unit then, do something to reduce the effect of the psychic attack on the instrument and optimize the communicative opportunity?

發問者: 既然我們是一個單元 有沒有什麼方法 我們可以做些事情來降低超心靈攻擊在這個器皿發揮的效應 並最佳化通訊的機會

Ra: I am Ra. We have given you the information concerning that which aids this particular mind/body/spirit complex. We can speak no further. It is our opinion, which we humbly offer, that each is in remarkable harmony with each for this particular third-density illusion at this space/time nexus.

RA 我是 Ra 我們已經給予你關於協助這個特別心 / / 靈複合體的資訊 我們不能再說什麼 我們謙卑地提供我們的意見 你們 每一個實體在第三密度的這個空間 / 時間鏈結中皆十分和諧地相處在一起

Questioner: I would like to ask questions about healing exercises. The first is, in the healing exercises concerning the body, what do you mean by the disciplines of the body having to do with the balance between love and wisdom in the use of the body in its natural functions?

發問者: 我想問關於治療練習的問題 首先是關於身體的治療練習 你曾說到身體的修練 重點是使用身體自然機能過程中 愛與智慧的平衡 你的意思 是什麼

Ra: I am Ra. We shall speak more briefly than usual due to this instrument’s use of the transferred energy. We, therefore, request further queries if our reply is not sufficient.

RA 我是 Ra 由於器皿使用轉移能量的狀況我們必須說得比平常簡短一些 如果我們的回答不足 請進一步詢問。

The body complex has natural functions. Many of these have to do with the unmanifested self and are normally not subject to the need for balancing.

There are natural functions which have to do with other-self. Among these are touching, loving, the sexual life, and those times when the company of another is craved to combat the type of loneliness which is the natural function of the body as opposed to those types of loneliness which are of the mind/emotion complex or of the spirit.

身體 複合體有自然機能 許多機能與未顯化自我有關 通常並不需要去平衡 還有一些自然機能與其他 - 自我有關 包括碰觸、愛撫、性生活 以及渴望有人陪伴 和身體的寂寞 搏鬥 相對於 理智 / 情感複合體或 屬靈 的寂寞 它有所不同 當這些自然機能能夠在日常生活中被觀察 一個實體可以檢驗它們 以觀察自我之愛與 其他 - 自我之愛 對比智慧的自然機能的用途。在這個平衡過程,你們大多數人可以檢查出許多幻想與迷失的思想。

When these natural functions may be observed in the daily life they may be examined in order that the love of self and love of other-self versus the wisdom regarding the use of natural functions may be observed. There are many fantasies and stray thoughts which may be examined in most of your peoples in this balancing process.

Equally to be balanced is the withdrawal from the need for these natura functions with regard to other-self. On the one hand there is an excess of love. It must be determined whether this is love of self or other-self or both. On the other hand there is an over-balance towards wisdom.

同樣要被平衡的是從一種 需要 退縮 也就是 其他 - 自我 相關的自然機能之需求。一方面 有著過度的愛 該實體必須決定這是 自我的愛 其他 - 自我的愛 或兩者皆有。另一方面 則是過度朝向智慧的失衡。

It is well to know the body complex so that it is an ally, balanced and ready to be clearly used as a tool, for each bodily function may be used in higher and higher, if you will, complexes of energy with other-self. No matter what the behavior, the important balancing is the understanding of each interaction on this level with other-selves so that whether the balance may be love/wisdom or wisdom/love, the other-self is seen by the self in a balanced configuration and the self is thus freed for further work.

認識身體複合體是有益的 好讓它成為一個盟友 處於平衡狀態成為一個隨時可以被清晰使用的工具 因為每一個身體機能都可以 越來越高 如果妳願意 的能量複合體 之中 使用與其他 - 自我交流 不管是什麼行為 重要的平衡 技巧 是在這個層次上理解與其他 - 自我的每一個互動 所以不管平衡的重點是愛 / 智慧或智慧 / 其他自我都 可以 被處於平衡配置的自己看待 因此自我得以被釋放從事進一步的工作

Questioner: Then the second question is, could you give an example of how feelings affect portions of the body and the sensations of the body?

發問者: 那麼第二個問題是 你可否給我一個例子 關於感覺如何影響身體的一部分以及身體的知覺 sensations )?

Ra: I am Ra. It is nearly impossible to speak generally of these mechanisms, for each entity of proper seniority has its own programming. Of the less aware entities we may say that the connection will often seem random as the higher self continues producing catalyst until a bias occurs. In each programmed individual the sensitivities are far more active and, as we have said, that catalyst not used fully by the mind and spirit is given to the body.

RA 我是 Ra 要一般性地講述這些機制幾乎是不可能的事 因為每一個老資格實體都有它自己的程序 關於較少覺察的實體 我們可以說這方面的連結通常看起來是隨機的樣子 因為高我持續地產生催化劑直到 該實體 產生一種 偏好
在每一個有規劃的個體中 由於更加活躍的敏感性 沒有被心智與靈性充分利用的催化劑會被身體接收

Thus you may see in this entity the numbing of the arms and the hands signifying this entity’s failure to surrender to the loss of control over the life. Thus this drama is enacted in the physical distortion complex.

因此你可以看到這個實體 即器皿 的手臂與雙手麻痺表徵該實體無法臣服於一個事實 即失去對生命的控制 於是這齣戲便在肉體 變貌 複合體中上演

In the questioner we may see the desire not to be carrying the load it carries given as physical manifestation of the soreness of those muscles for carrying used. That which is truly needed to be carried is a preincarnative responsibility which seems highly inconvenient.

以發問者為例 我們看到 渴望不要負荷它正背負的擔子於是肉體顯現的徵狀是被用來背負的肌肉之痠痛 那真正需要被負荷的是一個降生前的責任 似乎是個 高度地不便 的責任

In the case of the scribe we see a weariness and numbness of feelings ensuing from lack of using catalyst designed to sensitize this entity to quite significant influxes of unfamiliar distortion complexes of the mental, emotional, and spiritual level. As the numbness removes itself from the higher or more responsive complexes the bodily complex distortions will vanish. This is true also of the other examples.

以抄寫員為例 我們看到疲倦與麻木的感覺 這是由於缺乏使用那些 原本 被設計來使這個實體敏感化的催化劑 這些催化劑對於這個實體而言是不熟悉的變貌複合體 包含心智 / 情感、 靈性層面的顯著湧入 in-pouring )。 麻木 自己 離開 較高或較快反應的複合體 身體複合體中 麻木 的扭曲將消失 這點對於其他例子也是如此

We would note at this time that the totally efficient use of catalyst upon your plane is extremely rare.

我們在此時特別要提到在你們的 次元 平面上完全有效使用催化劑的實體為極度地罕見

Questioner: Could you tell me how you are able to give us information like this with respect to the first distortion or Law of Confusion?

發問者: 你可否告訴我你如何能夠給予我們這類資訊 似乎涉及混淆法則或第一變貌

Ra: I am Ra. Each of those is already aware of this information.

RA 我是 Ra 每一個 當事者 都早已察覺這個資訊

Any other reader may extract the heart of meaning from this discussion without interest as to the examples’ sources. If each was not fully aware of these answers we could not speak.

任何讀者可以從這個討論中萃取核心意義而無須關切這些例子實際的來源 如果不是每個例子都充分察覺這些答案 我們不能談論這些

It is interesting that in many of your queries you ask for confirmation rather information. This is acceptable to us.

有趣的是在你們許多詢問中 你們要求一個確定 而非資訊 我們可以接受這種方式

Questioner: This brings out the point of the purpose of the physical incarnation, I believe. And that is to reach a conviction through your own thought processes as to a solution to problems and understandings in a totally free situation with no proof at all or anything that you would consider proof, proof being a very poor word in itself. Can you expand on my concept?

發問者: 我相信這帶出肉體降生的重要目的 那就是透過你自己的思想過程 在完全自由的狀況沒有任何證據下找到問題的解答 從而獲致一個堅定的信念 證據在這裡是個非常貧乏的字眼 你可以詳述我的概念嗎

Ra: I am Ra. Your opinion is an eloquent one although somewhat confused in its connections between the freedom expressed by subjective knowing and the freedom expressed by subjective acceptance. There is a significant distinction between the two.

RA 我是 Ra 你的意見是動人的雖然在表達自由的連結上有些混淆 即自由藉由主觀知曉表達以及自由藉由主觀接受表達 這兩者有顯著的差異

This is not a dimension of knowing, even subjectively, due to the lack of overview of cosmic and other in-pourings which affect each and every situation which produces catalyst. The subjective acceptance of that which is at the moment and the finding of love within that moment is the greater freedom.

這不是一個知曉的次元 即使是主觀的 知曉 ), 由於缺乏宇宙概觀以及其他一覽影響每一個催化劑情況之湧入之能力 主觀接受此刻的東西以及找到此刻蘊含的愛將是更大的自由

That known as the subjective knowing without proof is, in some degree, a poor friend for there will be anomalies no matter how much information is garnered due to the distortions which form third-density.

沒有證據下的主觀知曉 在某種程度 是個貧乏的朋友 因為不管收藏了多少資訊 總是會有例外 這是由於形成第三密度的變貌使然

Questioner: The third question that I have here is, could you give examples of bodily polarity?

發問者: 我這裡有第三個問題 你可否給予身體極性的例子

Ra: I am Ra. Within the body there are many polarities which relate to the balancing of the energy centers of the various bodies of the unmanifested entity. It is well to explore these polarities for work in healing.

RA 我是 Ra 在身體中有許多的極性與 未顯化實體中各種 形體 能量中心的平衡有關 探索這些極性對於治療工作是好的

Each entity is, of course, a potential polarized portion of an other-self.

每一個實體當然也是其他 - 自我的一個潛在極化部份

Questioner: The last question here says that it would seem the proper balancing exercises for all the sensations of the body would be some sort of inactivity such as meditation or contemplation. Is this correct?

發問者: 這裡的最後一個問題說 對於身體所有的知覺 合宜的平衡練習似乎是某種不活動 好比冥想或沉思 這樣說正確嗎

Ra: I am Ra. This is largely incorrect. The balancing requires a meditative state in order for the work to be done. However, the balancing of sensation has to do with an analysis of the sensation with especial respect to any unbalanced leaning between the love and the wisdom or the positive and the negative. Then whatever is lacking in the balanced sensation is, as in all balancing, allowed to come into the being after the sensation is remembered and recalled in such detail as to overwhelm the senses.

RA 我是 Ra 大部分是不正確的 平衡過程需要冥想狀態好讓工作可以被完成 然而 ,( 身體 知覺的平衡與分析這些知覺有關 特別是關注任何不平衡的傾斜 愛與智慧 之間或 正面與負面 之間 ], 如同所有的平衡過程 在知覺被記憶後允許 缺乏的部分浮現 並且能回想每個細節 以致於 淹沒 overwhelm 五官

Questioner: Could you tell me why it is important for the appurtenances and other things to be so carefully aligned with respect to the instrument and why just a small ruffle in the sheet by the instrument causes a problem with the reception of Ra?

發問者: 你可否告訴我為什麼一些附屬物品與其他東西要被如此仔細地排列對準於器皿周圍 以及為什麼只是一個器皿旁床單的小皺紋就會導致接收 Ra 的問題

Ra: I am Ra. We may attempt an explanation. This contact is narrow-band. The instrument is highly sensitive. Thus we have good entry into it and can use it to an increasingly satisfactory level.

RA 我是 Ra 我們可以嘗試解釋 這個通訊是窄頻的 該器皿高度地敏感 因此我們擁有良好的進入通道 並且以持續增加的滿意程度使用它

However, the trance condition is, shall we say, not one which is without toll upon this instrument. Therefore, the area above the entrance into the physical complex of this instrument must be kept clear to avoid discomfort to the instrument especially as it re-enters the body complex. The appurtenances give to the instrument’s sensory input mental visualizations which aid in the trance beginning. The careful alignment of these is important for the energizing group in that it is a reminder to that support group that it is time for a working. The ritualistic behaviors are triggers for many energies of the support group. You may have noticed more energy being used in workings as the number has increased due to the long-term, shall we say, effect of such ritualistic actions.

無論如何 出神狀態 容我們說 這個器皿並不是不用付出代價的 因此器皿肉體複合體的入口上方必須保持清澈以避免器皿的不適 特別在它重新進入身體複合體的時刻 附屬物品給予該器皿的知覺輸入一些心智的圖像有助於出神過程的開始 小心排列這些物品對於供給能量的小組是重要的 因為它提醒支援小組這是工作的時間 這種儀式的行為是支援小組許多能量的啟動開關 你可能已經注意到在每次工作中有更多的能量可被使用 這是由於長期執行這類儀式行為的 累積 效應

This would not aid another group as it was designed for this particular system of mind/body/spirit complexes and especially the instrument.

儀式 對於其他群體不會有幫助 因為它是為了這個特別的心 / / 靈複合體系統而設計 尤其是針對器皿

There is enough energy transferred for one more long query. We do not wish to deplete this instrument.

還有足夠的能量進行一個長時間詢問 我們不希望耗盡這個器皿

Questioner: Then I will ask this question. Could you tell us the purpose of the frontal lobes of the brain and the conditions necessary for their activation?

發問者: 那麼我將問這個問題 你可否告訴我們大腦 前額葉 的目的 以及啟動它們的條件

Ra: I am Ra. The frontal lobes of the brain will, shall we say, have much more use in fourth density.

RA 我是 Ra 容我們說 大腦前額葉在第四密度有更多的用途

The primary mental/emotive condition of this large area of the so-called brain is joy or love in its creative sense. Thus the energies which we have discussed in relationship to the pyramids: all of the healing, the learning, the building, and the energizing are to be found in this area. This is the area tapped by the adept. This is the area which, working through the trunk and root of mind, makes contact with intelligent energy and through this gateway, intelligent infinity.

所謂大腦的這塊大區域 以它的創造意義而言 主要的心智 / 情緒狀態是喜樂 因此我們曾討論的和金字塔 相關 能量 所有的治療、學習、建造、 供給 能量 都可以在這個區域找到 這個區域可以被行家取用 透過工作心智的軀幹與根部 與智能能量接觸 並透過這個 入口 接觸智能無限

Are there any queries before we leave this instrument?

在我們離開這個器皿之前 有沒有任何的詢問

Questioner: Only is there anything that we can do to make the instrument more comfortable or to improve the contact?

發問者: 只想問有沒有什麼我們可以做的 好幫助這器皿更舒適 或改善這個通訊

Ra: I am Ra. This instrument is somewhat distorted but each is doing well. You are conscientious. We thank you for continuing to observe the alignments and request that on each level you continue to be this fastidious as this will maintain the contact.

RA 我是 Ra 這個器皿有些扭曲 但每一位都做得很好 你們是謹慎認真的 我們感謝你持續觀察各個排列 並要求你們繼續在每個層次上都這麼吹毛求疵 因為這樣將維持該通訊

I am Ra. I leave you in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. Go forth my friends, rejoicing in the power and the peace of the one infinite Creator. Adonai.

我是 Ra 我們在太一無限造物者的愛與光中離開你們 我的朋友們 向前去吧 在太一無限造物者的和平與大能中歡欣鼓舞 Adonai


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