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The Law of One, Book V, Fragment 35
Session 63, July 18, 1981

一的法則:卷五, 片斷三十五
六十三場集會, 1981 年七月 18

Jim: Carla’s arthritis began just after her kidneys failed when she was thirteen years old. In her childhood she had the very strong desire to be of service to others, but after many difficult experiences as a child unable to fit well anywhere she felt so sure that she would never be able to really be of service that by the age of thirteen she prayed that she might die. When her kidney failure six months later provided her with an avenue for such an exit from the incarnation, her near-death experience was of the nature where she was told that she could go on if she chose to but that her work was not done. She immediately chose to return to this life, now feeling that there was indeed service to be provided, and the juvenile rheumatoid arthritis set in immediately.

Jim 評論 Carla 十三歲時 她的腎臟 機能 衰退 接著關節炎開始發作 在她的童年期 她有十分強烈的渴望去服務他人 但做為一個小孩,經過許多困難經驗之後 她在哪兒都無法適應良好 她很確切地感覺她絕對沒辦法真正有所服務 在她十三歲那年 她祈禱她可以死去 六個月之後 她的腎臟失靈 提供她一個離開肉身的途徑 她的瀕死經驗是 她被告知如果她選擇離開 她可以繼續前進 靈魂的旅程 ), 但她的工作沒有完成 她立刻選擇返回此生 她感覺到的確可以提供服務 接著幼年型類風濕性關節炎立即開始發作

You can also see here how the efforts of negative entities intensified the choice to die that she had made of free will, but by that same free will there was no force that could hinder her return to service once she had made that choice.

你可以在這裡看見負面實體努力強化她憑自由意志做出的死亡選擇 但憑藉相同的自由意志 一旦她做出那 相反的 選擇 沒有任何勢力可以阻礙她返回服務

Carla: The concept of limitation, especially in the form of physical disease, being a benign thing can be disturbing to think upon at first. I asked myself why in heaven’s name would I choose this particular condition? For it is as cunning in how it limits me as it could be. Although the rheumatoid disease has altered each joint in my body, it has focused on my hands, wrists and shoulders and back. I simply cannot do anything physical for too long a period, including typing at this very computer’s keyboard. I cannot pick up heavy things, or do heavy cleaning around the house. In general, I must watch how long I work at anything, for I cannot do a good day’s work and expect to rise the next day feeling well. I simply must write a lot of rest into the schedule. Any time I do overstep these unseen limitations, I reap the reward of having lots of quiet time while I recuperate.

Carla 評論 限制的概念是有益的 特別是肉體疾病的形式 ,( 起初思考這點是覺得困擾的 我問我自己 老天啊 為什麼我要選擇這個特殊的狀況 因為它是如此地熟練於限制我 盡它所能地限制我 縱使類風濕性關節炎改變了我體內的每一個關節 的症狀 集中在我的雙手、手腕、肩膀與背部 我就是無法長時間做任何身體動作 包括目前在該電腦鍵盤上打字這件事 我不能提重物 或大規模地清理屋子 一般而言 我必須小心觀察我在任何事上工作的時間 因為我無法好好地做完一天的工作 同時期待第二天可以感覺良好 我就是必須將大量的休息寫入行程表中 任何時段 只要我踏出這些無形的界線 我收穫的報酬就是大量的安靜時間好恢復體力

Through the years, therefore, I have become very able to live in a world that is retired to the point of being a hermit’s way. Even in the depths of illness, in the early ’ 90 ’s, I was still given work to do, in the channeling, and in correspondence with a wide variety of students, counsel-ees and friends. My voice, because it hurt to produce a tone, was faint, but my thoughts still flew with wings, and there was immense satisfaction in continuing to serve.

於是,經過這些年 我已經變得十分能夠活在一個偏僻的世界 退隱的程度相當於一個隱士的生活 即使在疾病最惡劣的時候 90 年代早期 我仍然被賦予工作 從事傳訊 並且與許多不同的學生、諮商顧客與朋友通信 我每發出一個音節都會疼痛 因此我的聲音是微弱的 但我的思想仍然乘著翅膀飛翔 在繼續服務的過程中 我有著極大的滿足

It has always been difficult for me to take things lightly. I am always the one so intensely riveted on whatever I am doing that there’s no possibility of my being “cool.” Forget it! So Ra’s telling me I needed to reserve energy for myself during sessions did not sit well. However, given the way I was physically wasting away, I realized I would have to learn how to do that. I have come to appreciate this lesson greatly, and so pass the advice on to each who sees himself in these words. It is a worthwhile thing to preserve the physical shell; indeed, it is the kind of loving act that teaches as it aids.

我總是很難將事情輕鬆看待 我總是如此地全神貫注於任何我正在做的事情上頭 我的存有中沒有 冷淡 這種可能 想都不用想 所以 Ra 告訴我必須在休會期間為自己保存能量 我並未好好 坐住 這個建議 然而 基於我肉體消耗的方式 我領悟到我必須學習如何執行這個建議 我開始大大地欣賞這個功課 所以請將這個忠告傳給每一個在這些話語中看見自己的人 保存肉體軀殼是一件值得去做的事 它是一種愛心的舉動 它教導同時也幫助你

Session 63, July 18, 1981

六十三場集會, 1981 年七月 18

Questioner: Was the original problem with the kidneys some 25 years ago caused by psychic attack?

問: 大約 25 年前 超心靈攻擊是否引發 器皿的 腎臟的原初問題

Ra: I am Ra. This is only partially correct. There were psychic attack components to the death of this body at that space/time. However, the guiding vibratory complex in this event was the will of the instrument. This instrument desired to leave this plane of existence as it did not feel it could be of service.

RA 我是 Ra 這只有部分正確 在那個空間 / 時間 ), 這個身體的死亡具有超心靈攻擊的成分 無論如何 在這個事件中的 主導 振動複合體是該器皿的意志 這個器皿渴望離開這個存在平面 因為它並未感覺它能夠有所服務

Questioner: You are saying then that the instrument itself created the kidney problem at that time?

問: 那麼,你是說該器皿自身在那時創造該腎臟問題

Ra: I am Ra. The instrument’s desire to leave this density lowered the defenses of an already predisposed weak body complex, and an allergic reaction was so intensified as to cause the complications which distorted the body complex towards unviability. The will of the instrument, when it found that there was indeed work to be done in service, was again the guiding factor or complex of vibratory patterns which kept the body complex from surrendering to dissolution of the ties which cause the vitality of life.

RA 我是 Ra 該器皿渴望離開這個密度 該渴望降低原本已傾向虛弱的身體複合體之防禦 一個過敏反應當時被如此地強化,以致於導致併發症,將該身體複合體扭曲朝向不能存活的狀態 當該器皿發現的確有服務的工作可以去完成 它的意志再次成為 主導 要素或振動型態複合體 它保守著身體複合體,使其免於向其繫結 ties 的分解投降 這些繫結促成生命的活力

片斷三十五 結束]

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