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Contact Report 576     第576次接觸報告



Synopsis     摘要

Explanations regarding the fine-fluidalness of fine-spiritual perceptions, of telepathy, levitation and teleportation. 


This is an excerpt of the contact. It is an unauthorised and unofficial translation and may contain errors. 




Very well, my question refers to the fine-fluidalness of fine-spiritual perceptions, of telepathy, levitation and teleportation etc., as well as also to the effective truth which alone comes from reality. Can you say something in explanation about this, just accordingly, what emerges from your discoveries? It does not indeed have to be a treatise, because it really is enough if you simply briefly and clearly summarize the essentials.

很好,我的問題是有關細質流動fine-fluidalness)方面,也就是靈性感知spiritual perceptions),心靈感應telepathy)、懸浮levitation)和瞬間移動teleportation)等等,以及存在於現實也是事實的真相。關於這些你可以針對性的說明一下,你們有什麼發現?你不必深入闡述,你只是簡要的說明一下,因為如果要深入探討那真是說不完。


14. You can also explain this.



I could do this, but I think, that only an explanation on this matter on your part would certainly be of meaning.



15. Naturally I can certainly give an explanation from our point of view. …


16. The natural world, which exists in material and fine-fluidal form, corresponds alone to reality, and only in it is also the effective truth pre-determined; therefore the truth can be found nowhere else than in reality itself.


17. All of this means, that the natural world not only has a material reality and truth, but also a fine-fluidal reality and truth.


18. Hence must about fine-fluidalness - which is a fine-fluidal-consciousness-energetical factor- is to be effectively understood as a high-fine-fluidalness, because this corresponds to a purely spiritual-energetical nature, which is many times finer, than even fine-fluidalness, which forms a symbiosis with the purely material.

因此必定就是這種細質流動意識能量的因素fine-fluidal-consciousness-energetical factor)的細質流體被實際上理解為高度細致流體,因為這對應於純粹靈性能量的(spiritual-energetical)性質,且更為細致,甚至細質流體純粹物質會形成共生現象symbiosis

19. The Earth human is at the present still not in the position, to register, to measure and to prove fine-fluidal energies with physical means, although he however certainly is able to track some fine-fluidal signals.


20. The reason for this is, because it is a kind of energy conversion into another, whereupon an energy transformation signal is released in magnetic vector, respectively in the magnetic flux density.

這是因為它是一種能量轉換的過程,此期間一種能量轉換信號被釋放到磁向量magnetic vector)中,分別轉換到磁通量密度magnetic flux density;或稱磁場)中.

21. From the fine-fluidal energies emerge also electric and magnetic signals, the effects of which can be observed and registered.


22. The fine-fluidal energies, which exist in connection with human beings, are aroused, respectively created by the humans themselves, whereupon in this case the size and number of electrons increases.


23. And when the fine-fluidal energy is released from the human being, then he can also consciously steer the flow of this energy, whereby the interaction, respectively the mutual influencing of one another between the consciousness and the electrons themselves is effective over very great distances.


24. Fundamentally the fine-fluidal energies follow completely different laws, than is the case with the material energies.


25. The fine-fluidal energies have different and unique characteristics, when they are emitted, respectively radiated.


26. Also to explain about this is, that they are however not only a kind of fine-fluidal energy, but are more than this, consequently every one of the fine-fluidal kind expands also in a totally different space-time realm.


27. These different realms thus correspond to different levels of reality, just like those different ones, which are purely human associated, like however also those, which are connected to fine-spiritual perceptions, which spring from the spiritual realm of the Gemut[1].

這些不同的領域因此對應到不同層次的現實,就像那些純與人類相關的不同部分,如那些與細質靈性感知相連接, 從靈態領域出現的靈體[註一]Gemut)。

28. The fine-fluidal energy, which flows from the highest realm, is therefore that, which arrives from the spiritual Gemut realm via the spiritual in the material subconsciousness, and then ultimately into the material consciousness.

因此,從最高境界流出的細質流動能量,它經由物質潛意識material subconsciousness)中的靈態的靈體領域spiritual Gemut realm)而來,然後最終進入物質意識。

29. Therefore this fine-fluidal energy virtually flows from above to below.

因此, 這種細質流動能量實際是從上向下而流動。

30. In the human-fine-fluidal realm each fine-fluidal level as a kind of transparent copier plane is put at the disposal of the next following level.

在人的細質流體領域, 每個細質流體層級,都是作為一種透明的複製平面,供下一個層級來運用的。

31. When then the fine-fluidal energy enters into the next level, then it aligns itself to this, informs itself and it learns as well.


32. In each of these levels totally different laws are given, and regarding this, is because the energy increasingly compresses itself, and I mean from above to below, consequently therefore to the densest level which corresponds to the physical realm.


33. The fine-fluidal level lies directly above the physical level.


34. The energies of the fine-fluidal levels penetrate all levels of material existence and form therein accordingly the polarity principle of the atom and molecule, which indeed forms the foundation of coarse matter.

細質流體的能量層級穿透物質存在體的各個層次,並在其中按照其原子和分子的極性原理構成,這確實形成了粗粒物質coarse matter)的基礎。

35. The consciousness of the human is integrated with the lowest fine-fluidal level, as well as however also with those which lie above it.


36. As a result patterns are created, which are relevant for the material realm and which work like a force-field, which the human connects with in the next energy level in him.


37. Therefore, the physical level takes up a positive space-time frame, which is electromagnetic in the main way and whereupon in this - just like with a magnet - opposites attract.

因此,物理層級取得了一個正極的時空框架space-time frame),而在其上主要作用是電磁的方式就像磁鐵一樣異性相吸。

38. Then, the potential diminishes with time, while a condition emerges, which in fact brings about a disorderly effect, which truthfully however is well-ordered.


39. The fine-fluidal level on the other hand is a negative space time area, which corresponds to a very high electromagnetic form and similar to a magnet attracts towards itself.


40. The potential of the well-ordered disorderliness diminishes with time, which is why everything becomes clear.


41. In regard to the human it can be said, that those communications to the material level come into being via the seven senses[3], however if then the fine-fluidal level and all of those above are to be reached, for this he must make use of his intuition, which is anchored in the seventh sense, namely in fine-spiritual perception.


42. With fine-fluidity the pineal gland acts as an antenna, recognizes the conscious-like signals and sends these from the physical to the higher fine-fluidal levels.

松果體pineal gland)具有細質的流動性,具有天線的作用,能識別意識之類的信號,並將這些信號從物理層級發送到更高的細質流體層級。

43. The fine-fluidal structures interact however also between the fine-fluidal levels and the physical-material consciousness, because they have an influence on the lower and higher levels, as a result the human can perceive them also on the physical, respectively material consciousness level.


44. Material energy manifests itself in the frame of positive space-time, whereby it in nature is accordingly electromagnetic and has a positive mass.


45. This material energy arouses a gravitation, and it - in contrast fine-fluidal energy - is much slower than the speed of light, and in contrast to fine-fluidal energy, is also visible in its movement.


46. Fine-fluidal energy occupies thus another space-time and manifests itself in the bounds of negative space-time, wherein it has a negative mass.


47. In inner nature accordingly it is magnetic and moves with a speed above the speed of light speed.


48. The fine-fluidal energy is responsible for that, which the Earth human describes as paranormal energy, which is used for telekinesis, teleportation, levitation and telepathy etc.

細質流動能量負責,地球人類將其描述為超自然能量paranormal energy),用於遠端運動telekinesis)、遠端傳輸teleportation)、懸浮心靈感應等。

49. This fine-fluidal energy however cannot be seen with the eyes, but can only be perceived in a fine-spiritual perception-like way by humans, which then according to Earth human sense is to be understood as paranormal effect.

然而, 這種細質流動能量不能用肉眼看到,只能被人類以類似細質靈性感知的方式感受,根據地球人類的感知,將被理解為超自然的效果。

50. Fine-fluidal energy still cannot be detected by Earth science, as well as also not with corresponding apparatuses and measuring devices, because such still do not exist.


51. So it is also still very difficult for the scientist, to understand completely or even explain efficiently, fine-fluidal energy.


52. The natural world in materiality and fine-fluidness is by the human as reality to respect and to understand as wisdom of development of the creative-natural laws.


53. Therefore, the human has to give up his resistance against this and to develop totally and knowledgeably evolutively, because only then, when effective reality is perceived, understood and accepted, can it also be recognized and understood, that alone the truth comes from it.


54. There is not something other than reality, from which a truth could come, because what is not materially or fine-fluidally existent, can also not involve truth and not be proved, just like a faith - be it religious-sectarian or other form - ,which is not existent on a material or fine-fluidal level.


55. The natural world in material form corresponds to all of that, which is seen with clear eyes and which smell and sense-like can be perceived and which materially can be recorded.


56. The natural world in fine-fluidal form corresponds to all of that, which can be perceived only fine-spiritual-perception-like and through the fine-fluidal senses.


57. The fine-fluidal senses are taken up in the pineal gland and aligned therein, so that when impulses, etc manifest themselves in fine-fluidal forms, these are revealed as an ‘inner recognition’ and as an ‘inner perception’.

細質流體的感官佔用在松果體中並在其中與之同步,因此,當脈衝等以細質流體形式表現出來時,這些感覺就會表現為內在認知inner recognition)和內在感知inner perception)。

58. The registering of fine-spiritual perceptions is therefore not in the material, but established in the fine-fluidal realm of perception, because these values underpin fine-fluidal energies and vibrations, which are many times finer than those of the normal consciousness and of the thoughts and feelings.


59. The term fine-fluidalness describes therefore the form of fine matter, which is finer and more active than coarse-material matter, which builds up the body.

細質流體一詞描述了細質物質的形式,它比形成身體的粗粒物質coarse-material matter)更精細、更活躍。

60. The asserted, the fine fluidal, exists then between matter and non-matter and serves for the explanation of an interaction between both elements or to be more precise for the explanation of non-material phenomena in general.


61. Therefore behind the coarse-material experiential reality is a fine-fluidal world, which penetrates all matter and through which the human can perceive fine-spiritual perceptions, which on the one hand from the spiritual Gemut area by way of the subconscious forms and the pineal gland, penetrates into a fine-fluidal level of the consciousness.


62. Or, there are on the other hand, fine-spiritual-like fine-spiritual perception impulses, which go out from other sources and via the pineal gland arrive into the levels of the material consciousness, which is given the ability, to receive the fine-fluidal information from the pineal gland and to forward this into the daily consciousness.



Thank you for the explanation.



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