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Contact Report 541 (2012/6/2)   第541次接觸報告




Synopsis   摘要

Reader question in connection with aliens


Readers question For me it's a bit confusing as to what is said in the contact reports by Ptaah in connection with aliens who are stationed around the earth, whereby Ptaah said there are no others, except those who have joined their Federation. However, on the other hand, the Plejaren have spoken about unknown aliens that are here. Even in different countries, small and large UFOs have been observed by the military, by the police and by pilots etc. perhaps something clearer can be said about this R. Ganz, Switzerland

讀者向我提問:按接觸報告中Ptaah與那些駐守在地球四周外星人聯繫的說法,Ptaah說除了那些已經加入他們聯盟的,沒有其他外星人,這點讓人感到有些困惑。因為Plejaren曾說到,還有一些他們未知的外星人在這裡。況且在地球上許多國家的軍方、警方和飛行員等等,他們都目擊到了一些小型與大型的不明飛行物,關於這些現象,是否可能有更明確的說法?   - R. Ganz於瑞士

Response Unfortunately, it took some time to answer your question, because first I wanted to obtain a clarification in a conversation with Ptaah, and secondly, the bulletins for August and September were already completed, so I wasn't able to respond to your questions in there. Consequently, the possibility to first respond arose in this special bulletin, namely through a reproduction of part of the following corresponding conversation: Billy

回答:不好意思,我遲了一些時間回答你的問題,因為我首先要與Ptaah澄清並交換意見。其次,八月和九月的公告bulletins)已經完成了,所以我不能在那裡回答你的問題。因此,可能做出第一個反應的,就呈現在這份特殊的公告》上,也就是經由複製以下相關對話的一部分來回答你。   - Billy

This is an excerpt of the contact. It is an unauthorised and unofficial translation and may contain errors. 



Precisely. Then the following: Various people do not understand your statements regarding extraterrestrials which fly in the terrestrial air space - or not. So I want to once again come to speak about unidentified flying objects, but not about those, which are from those extraterrestrial origins about which we have already spoken several times, and what you have determined is that all these were located as a result of historical records of the Nokodemion-peoples to Earth. For this purpose you have also explained that eventually these planets peoples to whom the spacecraft belonged, have joined your federation. There are diverse UFOs observed all over the world of which different large and small objects belong to secret terrestrial developments in various countries, but this can not be officially proven because their existence is denied and covered up, although detected by many witnesses.


Hence, that's not all that is said, because there are still also the various large and small dimension-change-capable flying objects from the Earth’s future. All of which, you have spoken of openly or privately, as well as your daughter Semjase and Quetzal occasionally said something about this. But on that point, now to the question: for years some spectacular UFO observations have been variously made worldwide​​, which were also confirmed by the military, air force and other airplane pilots, police-units and private individuals. However, you had said that except for those which you mentioned, no more extraterrestrial flying devices were flown into the airspace of the earth, or would fly in.



You mix something up or have misunderstood something, dear friend, because what is correct, is the fact of my views regarding this, that no further unknown Earth-strangers, to us Plejaren, fly in the earthly space. In addition, I also spoke thereof, that we don't maintain any contacts with these unknown-to-us Earth-aliens which move in the earthly space, or that there is no possibility for us, that we can get in contact with them. Regarding this, I spoke to this fact on several occasions, thus for ex. in June 2006 (Note from Billy = 424th Contact, June 17, 2006) as well as in December 2007 (Note from Billy = 457th Contact, December 12, 2007) and in December 2010 (Note from Billy = 511th Contact, December 25, 2010). So if I have spoken about this, that no further Earth-strangers known to us, come to the earth, then this is referring exclusively to newly-appearing foreigners to Earth, not however to those whose existence here on Earth has already been known for quite some time.



Again a misunderstanding, but now this would also be clarified. So those unknown to you are still present, whereby these also fly in and fly out. That really was totally misunderstood, both by various readers of the contact reports, as well as by me. But how does it stand with your investigations regarding contacts between earth humans and these strangers moving in the terrestrial air space of whose existence you know



As we have seen through extremely accurate investigations, no touches, i.e. no contacts took place up until the present moment between these earth-strangers unknown to us and any earth-humans.



It's simply maddening that misunderstandings creep in again and again because you do not speak in detailed enough plain language if you are not specifically asked for it.



This corresponds to a mutuality, because you always answer only to direct questions, without giving further details thereof. And so, as you keep to in this regard, we adhere to this as well. This form of questions and answers is indeed also correct in principle, because thereby one does not go adrift into hardly important details.



With which you are also naturally right again. For your explanation concerning your statements in old contact conversations, I shall pick out the corresponding information from the contact report-blocks and attach them to your explanation. I can also utilize our current conversation for answering a Bulletin-question.



That might be good, so those interested can read about it.



Thank you, but from the article a question for you also arises, namely, how is it with regard to friendships and enmities with you Plejaren, as well as with regard to Gewalt and coercion In the article I have written, that when friendships are sought after, that also enemies and thus adversaries will then appear.



Hostilities and enmities and ausartende outcoming effects in the sense that Gewalt and coercion arise, such as is the case with the Earth-humans, do not appear, at least amongst our Plejaren people. If necessary, we answer Gewalt and coercion with logical Gewalt(force), but never in the sense that life is endangered. And that is the case even if an attacking Gewalt or coercion would be directed against us, because we combat such ausartende Gewalt-activities in the extreme case without life-endangering arms, through which the antagonists are incapacitated only through fine-spiritual perceptionlessness-making, i.e. through anesthetization. This, however, has no longer been necessary for thousands of years. However, this only applies for our own Plejaren peoples, because it's different within our diverse Federation, however and in no case is it so bad, as it is among the Earth-humans with their killing, murder and destruction.

敵對行為與仇視心態會造成感受暴力(Gewalt;德語)與脅迫的影響升高,這是地球人類的情況,然而至少在我們Plejaren之間並沒有出現過。如有必要,我們會以理性的力量回應暴力與脅迫,但永遠不會危及性命 —— 即使在我們面臨暴力或脅迫攻擊的情況之下。我們在極端情況下打擊這種敵對的暴力活動,不會使用危及生命的武器,只會藉著造成無知覺狀態 —— 也就是用麻醉的方式,使反抗者喪失行為能力。然而這也經有好幾千年沒有這個必要了。不過這只適用於我們自己的Plejaren人民,因為在我們各種聯盟之中,那是有不同的狀況。然而在任何情形下,都沒有像地球人類之間那種殺戮與毀滅之如此糟糕的狀況。

Naturally, even with us Plejaren there is resentment, irritation, malice and bitterness, and so forth, because from these, no human beings nature is immune, however with us these unvirtues are kept within limits and get badly out of the control of the good human nature, in no case. Without exception, such virtuelessness holds only a short time, a few days at most, after which, intellect and rationality, honor, dignity, compassion and mutual benevolence again prevail and return to normalcy. However, hostileness, enmities and effects of the getting badly out of the control of the good human nature, never come to prominence. This finds the reasoning herein because with us, already from early childhood, through an ample education, an ample virtuousness as well as the logical mastery of thought-feeling-based and emotional impulsations and working them out, is learned from personal discord. This speaks to the fact therefore that no enemies or any other similar forms also appear, with the winning of friends, because this would contradict our ethics and logic.



So then no comparison to the earthlings can be drawn, because with many, when it comes to perceiving their own advantages, there prevails neither true ethics nor logic or true compassion or love, etc. Enmity, jealousy, envy, greed and egoism are very common and often degenerate into lifelong hatred, into legal battles, as well as not infrequently even into violence, coercion, murder, manslaughter and destruction. That is unfortunately the reality and its truth, as to how these Ausartungen occur with many human beings of the earth throughout their entire life. Unfortunately, it will still take a very, very long time until this changes - if at all, because all this Ausgeartete is habitually engrained in the human beings of the earth, to such an extent that there will be no large changes in the foreseeable future, consequently it is only the individual and small groups which bethink the better of it. And these are the ones which effect very much and must be an overarching example for the great masses, so that, extremely slowly, these align themselves to the examples.


But as I said, that takes an immensely long time to complete, and if you Plejarens said that it will alone take around 800 years until larger groupings of the human beings of this world, finally begin to turn with their thoughts and feelings to the reality, its truth, and thus also to the creational-natural laws and recommendations, then up until then, there can and will still be very much terribleness coming to humankind, to the planet, its nature and the fauna and flora.

但正如我所說的,這需要極長的時間才能完成,如果正如你們Plejarens的說法,它將需要大約800年左右的時間直到這個世界上的人類大眾終於開始將他們的想法和感受關注到現實,關注到真相並因此也開始遵循造物自然的法則與勸戒」(the creational-natural laws and recommendations)而生活然後直到那個時候,在這裡的人類及地球與大自然的動、植物群,仍然可能面臨重大可怕事件very much terribleness)的到來


Which, unfortunately, will really be so.



Which is why we never cease with our mission, but rather must steadily move onwards, even if it brings success only in dribs and drabs - but constant dripping wears away the strongest stone.



This is indisputable, and indeed also in the sense of the mission.



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