The Talmud of Jmmanuel







For the materialization of this small book I wish to express my sincere gratitude to the spiritual forms Petale and Arahat Athersata.

對於這本小冊子的出版,我謹對 Petale Arahat Athersata 的靈態表示衷心的感謝。

In addition, my gratitude is also extended to my life-long teachers and friends Sfath, Asket, Semjase, Quetzal and Ptaah, etc., who took an interest in me in a loving way and taught me great knowledge, in order to prepare me for my important and difficult task. May my gratitude reach them across immeasurable distances, thus enabling me to maintain a lasting memory.

此外,我還要感謝我畢生的老師和朋友 SfathAsketSemjaseQuetzal Ptaah 等,他們充滿著愛心關懷我,並傳授我豐富的知識,使我為我重要而艱巨的任務作好準備。願我的感激之情能夠跨越不可估量的距離傳達給他們,從而使我能夠永誌在心。

This book is being dedicated without distinction to all human beings in the whole universe. May it be a form of spiritual values to all of them and expedite the progress of evolution, the truly lawful love emanating from Creation, harmony and truth and to the attainment of true knowledge, wisdom and peace.


I also express   my thanks   to the discoverer   of the tomb where Jmmanuel had lain, and to the translator of the text that I found, as well as to my dear wife Kalliope and my children Gilgamesha, Atlantis-Sokrates and Methusalem, through whose companionship and love I was able to fulfill my difficult task and continue to fulfill it in the future.

我也感謝發現「以馬內利」(Jmmanuel)埋葬地點的人,感謝我所找到文件的翻譯者,以及我親愛的妻子 Kalliope 和我的孩子 GilgameshaAtlantis-Sokrates Methusalem,由於他們的陪伴和愛,我才得以完成我歷經的困難任務,並在未來繼續完成它。

I also thank the following persons who stood by my side as I carried out my difficult task, have rendered valuable services and made possible the publication of the work:


Mrs. Walder, Miss Flammer, Miss Stetter, Miss Moser, J. Bertschinger, the Wichter family, H. Runkel, H. Proch, B. Brand, H. Schutzbach, the Ventura family, Miss Rufer, E. and G. Moosbrugger,   Mrs. Koye, S. Lehmann, G. Kropf, Ph. and W. Stauber, B. and H. Lanzendorfer, P Petrizzo, A. Schubiger, M. Brügger, E. Beldi, S. Holler, A. Bieri, E. Bieri, H. Bent, E. Gruber, L. Memper, Ch. Frehner, Ch. Gasser, B. Keller.

Walder 夫人、Flammer 小姐、Stetter 小姐、Moser 小姐、J. BertschingerWichter 家族、H. RunkelH. ProchB. BrandH. SchutzbachVentura 家族、Rufer 小姐、E. Moosbrugger G. MoosbruggerKoye 夫人、S. LehmannG. KropfW. Stauber 博士、B. Lanzendorfer H. LanzendorferP PetrizzoA. SchubigerM. BrüggerE. BeldiS. HollerA. BieriE. BieriH. BentE. GruberL. MemperCh. FrehnerCh. Gasser B. Keller

"Billy" Ebuard Albert Meier


We are in deepest gratitude to James Deardorff for his detailed investigation of the genuineness of the 1978 and 2001 German versions of the Talmud of Jmmanuel, which has enabled the clear and consistent translation that you see before you. Additionally we thank Eduard Meier, for his early encouragement of our efforts and his faith in our abilities. We thank our most able attorney, whose careful preparation and analysis of the legal issues have given us the courage to publish this controversial document. Finally, we wish to express our gratitude to all those persons who, through their faith in us and patience with us, have made this work possible.

我們深深感謝 James Deardorff 詳細調查了 1978 年和 2001 年德文版《Talmud of Jmmanuel》的真實性,使呈現在你們面前的是清晰而一致的翻譯版本。此外,我們感謝愛德華.邁爾,感謝他早期對我們努力的鼓勵,並信任我們的能力。我們還要感謝我們最能幹的律師,他們認真準備和對法律問題的分析,使我們有勇氣發表這一份有爭議的文件。最後,我們謹向所有對我們的信任和對我們有耐心,而使這項工作成為可能的人表示感謝。

Wild Flower Press





The opposite portrait is of Jmmanuel, known to most people as Jesus Christ. It was prepared by a woman designer from the Rhine Valley, Switzerland in December 1976, after an original pen drawing by Semjase, the pilot of a beamship, whose home planet, Erra in the Pleiades, is about 500 light years from our solar system.

這幅就是「以馬內利」(Jmmanuel)的畫像,大多數人稱之為「耶穌基督」(Jesus Christ)。這幅畫像是於 1976 12 月由瑞士萊茵河谷的一位女設計師根據 Semjase 的原稿所繪製的,Semjase 是一位外星光束飛船的駕駛員,她來自「昴宿星團」(Pleiades;應該是 Plejares 星系,以下皆同)的 Erra 行星,距離太陽系約 500 光年。

The spelling   of Jmmanuel   with   a "j"   is no mistake, for according to the Pleiadians, this name is traced back to their forefathers, who spelled the name Jmmanuel in written language with a "J".

用“j”拼寫 Jmmanuel 並沒有錯,因為根據「昴宿星人」(Pleiadians;應該是 Plejarens,以下皆同)的說法,這個名字可以追溯到他們的祖先,他們在書面用語中用“J”拼寫了 Jmmanuel 這個名字。


The portrait of Jmmanuel on page x was drawn by Semjase on December 31, 1975, from old pictures dating back to the time when Jmmanuel was active in Palestine. These old pictures of Jmmanuel, in the Pleiadians possession, show characteristics that differ significantly from commonly accepted images of Jesus. Comparisons of these portraits to the Shroud of Turin, preserved at the Vatican, reveal clearly that the pictures reproduced here are not identical to the features in the picture on the shroud, which allegedly shows the image of Jmmanuel during the time after the crucifixion.

以上的以馬內利畫像,是 Semjase 1975 12 31 日依據以馬內利於巴勒斯坦活動時的舊圖像所描繪的中譯者註:請參閱《 041 次接觸報告》第 125 句之後。]。在「昴宿星團」擁有這些以馬內利的舊圖像,顯示與一般人所接受的耶穌形象有明顯不同的特徵。將這些畫像與梵蒂岡保存的都靈裹屍布(the Shroud of Turin)進行比較,可以清楚顯示,這裡複製的畫像與裹屍布上的照片特徵並不完全相同,據稱那些照片顯示的是以馬內利在受難之後的形象。



In 1963 the text presented in this book was discovered by "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier in the form of scrolls encased in preservative resin, after a Greek Catholic priest by the name of Isa Rashid discovered the actual burial cave of Jmmanuel (who has been erroneously called Jesus Christ). Written in the literary language of Old Aramaic, the document was buried under a flat rock in the tomb. It was Rashid's wish that his name not be publicized.   He feared,   and rightfully   so, that he would   be persecuted by the Church and the Israelis and perhaps even be assassinated, a possibility that unfortunately became true later.

1963年,在一位名叫Isa Rashid的希臘天主教神父發現了以馬內利(曾被誤稱為「耶穌基督」)的實際墓穴後,“比利”愛德華.阿爾伯特.邁爾以包裹在防腐劑樹脂的卷軸形式發現了這本書中的文字。這份文件是用古阿拉姆語Old Aramaic)的文字寫成,被埋在墓穴的一塊扁平的岩石下。Rashid 希望他的名字不要被公開。因為他擔心,而且這種擔心是其來有自的,他擔心會受到教會和以色列人的迫害,甚至可能被暗殺,不幸的是,這種可能性後來成為現實。

The author of the scrolls was a contemporary and disciple of Jmmanuel who was known by the name of Judas Iscariot. For about 2000 years he has been wrongly denounced as the traitor of Jmmanuel, although he had nothing to do with the betrayal. This ugly deed was actually carried out by Juda Ihariot, the son of a Pharisee.

卷軸的作者是以馬內利的當代弟子,他的名字叫加略人猶大Judas Iscariot)。大約兩千年來,儘管他與背叛毫無關係,但他卻一直被誤斥是以馬內利的叛徒。而這個醜惡的行動實際上是由一個法利賽人Pharisee)的兒子 Juda Ihariot 所為。

In order to save their threatened heresy, today's still-dominant orthodox and conservative clergy and their naive followers will probably attempt to deny the scrolls, destroy this book and denounce it as lies, as they have done with many other ancient writings that bore witness to the truth. (See, for example, the books Henoch and Jezihra, among others, which were removed from the Bible because they had been too close to the truth when handed down). As before, it will happen again that this writing will be attacked and probably taken out of circulation. It will probably happen that pressure from many sides will be exercised on the editor of the writing, or he may be persecuted or assassinated in order to preserve the "true religion." (Three attempts on his life were made in 1976, once even in the presence of witnesses. By the end of 1990 the number of murder attempts had increased to 13.) Certainly efforts will be made to induce police, authorities, public prosecutors, judges and courts of all kinds to prohibit this book, to ridicule it, to repudiate it or to suppress it, actions which,   however,   will   not   detract   one   iota   from   its   veracity.   The obscurantists in charge certainly will proceed with all circumspection, skill and intrigues to have the document dismissed, denounced as a hoax and quashed, as has been the case upon publication of other writings whose original scripts, however, were then hidden in the Vatican Library in Rome.

為了拯救他們受到威脅的異端邪說,今天仍然占主導地位的正統和保守的神職人員和他們天真的追隨者可能會試圖否認卷軸,摧毀這本書,並譴責它是謊言,就像他們曾經對許多見證真相的其他古代著作所做的那樣。(例如,像是《Henoch》和《Jezihra》等書籍,這些書被從《聖經》中刪除,因為它們在傳下來時過於接近真相)。和以前一樣,這本著作將再次受到攻擊,並可能會取消發行傳播。也可能會發生這樣的狀況,那就是來自多方面的壓力施加在這篇著作的編輯者身上,或者為了維護“真教”(true religion),他可能會受到迫害或暗殺。(1976 年間,他遭到三次謀殺企圖,一次甚至在證人在場的情況下。到 1990 年底,謀殺未遂事件增加到 13 次。)當然,人們會努力促使警察、政府當局、檢察官、法官和各類法院查禁這本書,並嘲笑它,否定它,制止它,但是,這些行為絲毫不會減損其真實性。當局的蒙昧主義者(obscurantists)當然會以一切謹慎、技巧和陰謀的方式,使這份文件被駁回、譴責為騙局並撤銷發行,正如其他著作出版時的情況一樣,然而,這些著作的原文隨後被隱藏在羅馬梵蒂岡的圖書館裡。

But there will also ensue an outcry against the text from the religious fanatics and other misled persons who will want to proceed with all means against its existence and the editor. It has always been like that, as everyone knows-there is no shying away from murder, assassination or anything similar. The editor is well acquainted with this fact and consequently has taken necessary precautions. But the "Holy Ministry:' the "Holy See in Rome" and the Pope have always taken steps to build up or to save the erroneous cult religion of Christianity. In this connection the readers need only to think of the Inquisition (ordered by the "Holy See"), through whose command millions of people in Europe alone were brutally slaughtered, tortured and murdered. The number of murders on record committed by the "Holy See" amounted to nine million during the Inquisition, while the number of undocumented murders adds at least another nine million.

但是,隨後也會有宗教狂熱分子和其他被誤導的人對文件提出強烈的抗議,這些人將想盡一切手段來反對其存在和編輯。眾所周知,事情總是這樣,人們無法回避謀殺、暗殺或類似的事情。編輯人員非常熟悉這個事實,因此採取了必要的預防措施。但“神聖部門”(Holy Ministry):“羅馬教廷”(Holy See in Rome)和教皇總是會採取措施建立或拯救基督教這一錯誤的邪教。在這方面,讀者只需想到(由“教廷”下令的)「宗教裁判所」(Inquisition),僅通過他們的指揮,歐洲就有數百萬人慘遭屠殺、酷刑和謀殺。“教廷”在宗教審判期間記錄在案的謀殺人數就達 900 萬,而沒有紀錄的謀殺人數目至少又增加了 900 萬。

This translation provides strong evidence that the cult religions' heretic doctrines have manipulated the truth and that they are the irresponsible machinations of unscrupulous men, some of whom were hired by the "Holy See." Others were foolish, fanatical, in a deranged state of consciousness, or power-hungry human beings who, without hesitation or scruple, misled humanity for thousands of years, shedding the blood of millions through murder. Furthermore, the descendants of these murderers and unscrupulous men established over the centuries and millennia   a   mighty   cult-religious   power   capable   of   ruling   over   all humanity. In the course of past millennia the cult religions ruthlessly, and through bloody and brutal murders, fought their way to become the most powerful forces of the earth, to which even brutal and dictatorial governments bowed down and still do.


Cult Religion:


The most sordid pretext of maximum power in the name of false and mendacious love that literally walks over dead bodies without hesitation or scruple.


Backed by the false doctrine of the New Testament, the Christian cult religion meddles in the politics of all countries. Moreover, it is not embarrassed to interfere in the most intimate family life of human beings- even in the bed of marriage partners-in order even there to attack and destroy the last and most private secrets of human beings.

以《新約》的錯誤教義為後盾,基督教邪教干涉了所有國家的政治。此外,它還介入人類最親密的家庭生活 —— 甚至在婚姻伴侶的床上 —— 也毫不尷尬,甚至在那裡攻擊和摧毀人類最後和最隱私的秘密。

Now finally has come the time when a stop can be put to all these unscrupulous activities, if man becomes sensible enough, revises his thinking and devotes himself to the real teachings of Jmmanuel. In all likelihood, all those who have bashed their heads against the brick wall of the cult religions deceitful madness and are therefore no longer capable of normal and sensible thinking, will fight and oppose it with all means; and yet, their desperate fight will be in vain because truth will be stronger than any cult-religious mania or dirty lie, even though the lie has been in existence for thousands of years. The scandalous falsehoods of cult religions will now be shattered and destroyed for good, no matter how much the cult religions and all their followers and advocates rebel against it. Finally truth will be victorious, even though it must be secured through great struggles, as it has been written in the Scriptures, which say that the truth will provoke a worldwide catastrophe. However, truth is required and must no longer be silenced. A catastrophe will be understandable if one considers that the cult religions have attained immense power, which so far has enabled them to suppress, with murderous and sordid means, all truths directed against them. They will again attempt to do this, even if it means indulging in murder as has often been the case in the past. For this reason, the editor of this work will run the risk of being persecuted by order of the cult religions, private fanatics and sect members, to be murdered or be handed over to the courts.


From all this may the earthling at last realize what the cult religions are and with what type of bloody means they fight the truth, as it is only in this way that they are capable of maintaining their full power and control over the enslaved human beings.


Here it must be pointed out emphatically that followers and supporters of the true teachings of Jmmanuel are just as much at risk as is the editor of this document himself. However, the editor is even more endangered because he is the contact man for extraterrestrial intelligences and very highly developed spiritual entities on exalted planes who transmit to him true spiritual teachings that he disseminates without modification, thereby exposing the lies of the cult religions, which will lead to their slow but certain eradication.


Isa Rashid, the discoverer of the burial cave and translator of the original scrolls, was equally endangered, so that years earlier he took the precaution of withdrawing from the Church to live incognito somewhere with the family he had started in the interim. Conscious of the immense power of the cult religions, he wanted to conceal both his name and the original scripts from the public. He rightfully feared for his life and for those of his beloved family, all of whom since that time have become victims of the cult religions' persecutors, by whom they were assassinated. Long before this point in time, Rashid, under the seal of secrecy that his name not be mentioned, gave the translation of the scrolls to his good friend, the editor, Eduard Meier. But it was not until 1974 that Meier, in turn, received permission from the plane of Arahat Athersata to make the translation of the scrolls accessible to other interested circles.

墓穴的發現者和原始卷軸的翻譯者 Isa Rashid 也同樣受到生命的威脅,因此,他在幾年前就採取了預防措施,退出教會,並且在此期間組成的家人一起隱名埋姓在某地生活。由於意識到邪教的巨大力量,他想向公眾隱瞞他的名字和原始手稿。他當然擔心自己和他心愛家人的生命,從那時起,他們全都成為邪教迫害者的受害人而被他們暗殺。早在這個時間之前,Rashid 在他的名字不被提及的保密協議下,將卷軸的翻譯交給了他的好朋友,也就是編輯者愛德華.邁爾。但直到 1974年,邁爾才從 Arahat Athersata 的層級上獲得許可,讓其他感興趣的人能夠查閱這些卷軸的翻譯

In 1963, Rashid on various occasions took his friend, Eduard Meier, to the actual burial cave of Jmmanuel, which was practically filled with a great   deal   of   sand   and   dirt.   In   the   course   of   excavations   Meier subsequently found various items that confirmed the contents of the scripts.

1963年,Rashid 在不同的場合帶著他的朋友愛德華.邁爾來到以馬內利的實際墓穴,那裡幾乎充滿了大量的沙土。在挖掘過程中,邁爾隨後發現了各種物品,證實了手稿的內容。

Unfortunately it must be mentioned that the document is no longer complete, since various pieces of the scrolls were completely illegible and decayed. Furthermore, some were obviously missing. What was preserved nevertheless bears shocking witness that in the course of two millennia an infamous false doctrine, a web of unequalled lies, was manufactured around the person of Jmmanuel in order to erect a cult- religious power and unscrupulously enslave earthlings-all this truly at the cost of misled, trusting and unaware human beings and their belongings, and above all at the cost of innocently spilled blood through the dirty intrigues of the "Holy See:' which deceitfully preaches love for the purpose of exploitation, enslavement and assault of people on Earth.

不幸的是,必須指出,該文件已不再完整,因為卷軸的各個部分因腐爛而完全難以辨認此外,有些顯然已經丟失了。然而,保存下來的文件卻令人震驚地證明,在兩千年的時間裡,圍繞在以馬內利四周的人,製造出了一個臭名昭著的虛假教義,一個無與倫比的謊言網,以建立一個邪教的宗教力量,肆無忌憚地奴役地球人 —— 所有這一切,都是以被誤導的、信任的和不了解的人及其財產為代價,最重要的是,透過“羅馬教廷”的骯髒陰謀,以無辜的流血為代價,欺騙性地宣揚愛,以剝削為目的,奴役和打擊地球上的人。

It is very rare that one individual succeeds in publicizing themes and truths that clarify causal connections or at the least shed some light on them when they pertain to cult religions or political matters. The existing practice proves that, as a rule, such human beings were unscrupulously persecuted, tortured and murdered. Forces called to the fore appear promptly, knowing how to place the truthful contents of a statement into a dim light. To them any means is justifiable to make truth itself into a travesty. But that is not all, because as soon as anything is published and disseminated that clarifies causal relationships and truths concerning cult religions or political matters, then, the publications are taken out of circulation with the help of clergy, police, government agencies, courts, the powerful of the cult religions and their fanatical followers. The publications are "safeguarded" or destroyed, to continue depriving the earthling of the real truth, letting him starve and perish woefully in his misery of false thinking and false teachings, because only in so doing can he be further   exploited   to his last   drop   of   blood,   particularly   by governments and cult religions.


The German version of the Talmud Jmmanuel does not correspond to the original translation from ancient Aramaic because Isa Rashid neither mastered the German language sufficiently nor was he familiar with the code of the Mission to the point that he could have drawn up the German version. The German version does represent a copy of the translation from ancient Aramaic, but in a form that has been corrected by Eduard A."Billy" Meier and supplied with the code required by the Mission.

德文版本的《以馬內利的教導》與古代阿拉姆語Aramaic)的原文不相符,因為 Isa Rashid 既沒有充分掌握德語,也不熟悉傳教士的代碼,以至於他無法起草德語版本。德文版本確實代表了古代阿拉姆語的譯本,但其形式已被愛德華.A.“比利”邁爾更正,並提供了傳教士所需的代碼。

Thus, the German version represents a product 80% of whose style and sentence structure was achieved by Eduard A. Meier, while the remaining20% must be considered Isa Rashid's translation effort.

因此,德語版本代表的作品有 80% 的風格和句子結構是由愛德華.邁爾所完成的,而其餘的 20% 必須被認定是 Isa Rashid 的翻譯成果。

Getting the German version spelled correctly, according to the ancient linguistic form, as well as the Mission's required coder, comprised slightly more than four times the work input and energy required   for the translation from ancient Aramaic.


The editor, "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier


Epilogue and Explanation


Over a long period of time the translator of the Jmmanuel scrolls wrapped himself in silence without the editor of the translation knowing the reason. The mystery was solved on September 19, 1974, when he received a letter written by the translator in Baghdad, Iraq, on September 14, 1974. Following the epilogue is an English translation of the letter, from which the readers will learn the necessary details.

在很長一段時間裡,以馬內利卷軸的譯者把自己包裹在沉默之中,而譯本的編輯者卻不知道其中的原因。1974 9 19 日,當他收到譯者於 1974 9 14 日寄達伊拉克巴格達的一封信之後,這個謎團終於解開了。結語之後是這封信的英文譯本,讀者可以從其中了解到必要的細節。

Because of the unexpected   loss of the original scrolls the only evidence was lost, unfortunately. Moreover, the Arcanum/Talmud Jmmanuel is thereby no longer complete. Only 36 chapters have thus been brought together, a little more than a quarter of what made up the original scrolls.

由於原始卷軸的意外丟失,遺憾的是,唯一的證據也隨之遺失了。此外,《以馬內利的教導/奧秘》(the Arcanum/Talmud Jmmanuel)也因此不再完整。因此,只有 36 章彙集在一起,略多於原始卷軸的四分之一

Because the editor is somewhat familiar with the remainder of the story of Jmmanuel, he would not want to withhold from the reader the most important events, described here in broad terms: With his mother Mary, his brother Thomas and his disciple Judas Iscariot, Jmmanuel traveled to northern India. On the way he preached in many countries and had to flee frequently because his speeches were revolutionary. Thus his trip to India took him several years which entailed severe hardships. In today's West Pakistan, high up in the north and in the outermost spurs of the western Himalayas, his mother became very sick and died when Jmmanuel was about 38 years old. After the loss of his mother, Jmmanuel moved on and went over to today's Indian Kashmir   where he kept spreading   his teachings. He covered a vast portion of India, in the northern part of the land, and also today's Afghanistan and West Pakistan, because ten Israelite tribes had settled there after emigrating from Israel.

因為編輯者對以馬內利故事的其餘部分有些熟悉,所以他不想向讀者透露最重要的事件,在這裡只作了大致的描述:以馬內利與他的母親瑪麗亞(Mary),他的兄弟湯瑪斯(Thomas)和他的門徒加略人猶大Judas Iscariot)一起前往印度北部。在路上,他在許多國家傳道,因為他的演說內容是革命性的,所以不得不經常東躲西藏。因此,他的印度之行花了他好幾年,期間還歷經了嚴重的困難。在今天的西巴基斯坦,在北部和喜馬拉雅山最外層,他的母親病得很重,在以馬內利大約 38 歲時去世了。失去母親後,以馬內利繼續前進,來到今天的印度喀什米爾(Indian Kashmir),在那裡他不斷傳播他的教導。他覆蓋了印度北部大部分的地區,以及今天的阿富汗和西巴基斯坦,因為有十個以色列部落從以色列移民後定居在那裡。

When Jmmanuel was about 45 years old he married a young and pretty woman, who bore him numerous children. He settled down, like any normal head of a family, in today's Srinagar in Kashmir, India. From there he undertook numerous trips and continued preaching his new teachings. He died at the age of between 110 and 115 of natural causes and was buried in Srinagar.

當以馬內利大約 45 歲時,他娶了一個年輕漂亮的女人,她生了無數孩子。他像任何正常的一家之主一樣,定居在今天的印度喀什米爾的斯利那加Srinagar)。從那裡,他進行了無數次的旅行,並繼續宣講他的新教導。他於 110 115 歲之間由於自然原因去世,並埋葬在斯利那加。

Judas Iscariot died at the age of about 90 and was buried near Srinagar. Joseph, Jmmanuel's first-born son, continued writing his father's story and left India after Jmmanuel's death. After a three-year's journey he returned to the land of his father and lived in Jerusalem until his death. From India he took along the original scrolls and hid them in the burial cave in which Jmmanuel had lain. He considered that place the safest. As was explained in the Foreword, these scrolls were found there, 36 chapters of which are rendered here in translation.

加略人猶大在約 90 歲時去世,也葬在斯利那加附近。約瑟夫(Joseph)是以馬內利的長子,他繼續寫他父親的故事,並在以馬內利死後離開印度。經過三年的旅行,他回到父親的土地上,一直住在耶路撒冷直到他去世。他從印度帶走了原始卷軸,並把它們藏在以馬內利的墓穴裡。他認為那個地方最安全。正如前言所解釋的,這些卷軸是在那裡發現的,其中的 36 章在這裡有翻譯的版本。

Hinwil, September 20, 1974 -- "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier, editor

1974 9 20 日於欣維爾 —— 編輯者:“比利”愛德華.阿爾伯特.邁爾

Letter from Isa Rashid

來自 Isa Rashid 的信件

Poste Restante Baghdad, September 14, 1974
Head Post Office Baghdad, IRAQ

1974 9 14 日,寄達巴格達郵局

Dear friend Billy:


I am sorry, dear friend, for not having written so long and for not being able to send you additional translations of the scrolls. That has its reason in my fears which unfortunately have come true now.


As I always told you, 1 was prepared that one day I would be persecuted on account of the discovered scrolls. That has happened now. Just barely was I able to flee from Jerusalem with my family. Now I am staying with good friends in Baghdad where, however, I cannot stay long and must move on soon. Where to, I don't know yet, but I will notify you as soon as possible.


I have been persecuted by two different groups, both Christians and Jews, which was to be anticipated, because the scrolls are not favorable towards either religion. After my lucky escape a misfortune struck me, which cannot be made undone. First I fled from Jerusalem to Lebanon and stayed there at a refugee camp with my family. But there the Jews located me and, with their military, attacked the camp, which resulted in many deaths. Only with great difficulty my family and I escaped the massacre and we were able to flee once more. But unfortunately all scrolls got lost and they are no longer in my possession. I believe they all burned when the Jews destroyed the homes by fire, but maybe they fell into the hands of the Jews?


Then the Israelis announced that they had undertaken a punitive action against Palestinian guerrillas. However, in reality, they, together with some people from the Christian church, were after me and my scrolls. By means of the alleged punitive action they were now able to cover up and falsify the actual reason and purpose of their venture. And because of the disappearance of the original scrolls, any proof is missing that the New Testament   of   the   Bible   is an   outrageous   lie whereby   mankind   is condemned.


Dear friend, unfortunately these are the latest bare facts and I do hope that you and your family will not meet with the same fate as I. After all, you do have 36 chapters of the Talmud Jmmanuel and they do represent an immense   danger   to Christianity,   the Jewish   faith,   Islam   and   other religions. Therefore be very cautious and see to it that those few existing teachings of Jmmanuel will not get lost. They are really too valuable. I for my part do withdraw from the whole matter because I cannot endanger my family even more. Therefore keep my name and everything else a secret on the occasion of publication. I entreat you to do so. I know that I can always rely on you and thank you for it. You will hear further news from me on occasion and I am sending you my best regards, also from my family.

親愛的朋友,不幸的是,這些都是最新而最重要的事實,我希望你和你的家人不會遇到和我一樣的命運。畢竟,你還有《以馬內利的教導》中的 36 個章節,它們確實對基督教、猶太信仰、伊斯蘭教和其他宗教構成了巨大的危機。因此,要非常謹慎,確保這幾個現有的以馬內利教導不會丟失,它們真的太寶貴了。就我而言,我確實退出了整個事情,因為我不能再危及我的家人了。因此,在出版的時候,要對我的名字和其他一切保密,我懇求你這樣做。我知道我總是可以依靠你,並為此感謝你。你可能偶爾會聽到我進一步的消息,我和我的家人也向你致上最誠摯的問候。

Isa Rashid

(Editor's note: One of the Israeli air raids against Lebanese refugee camps on June 18-20, 1974, as reported in many newspapers, is believed to have been the bombardment that engulfed Isa Rashid.-editor)

(編輯者註:據許多報紙報導,1974 6 18 日至 20 日,以色列對黎巴嫩難民營的空襲之一,據信就是吞噬 Isa Rashid 的那次轟炸。)

The Israeli Air Raid that Flushed Out Isa Rashid
By Jim Deardorff

驅散 Isa Rashid 的以色列空襲事件
作者:Jim Deardorff

According to Rashid's letter to Meier dated 14 Sept., 1974, Rashid had been forced to flee from Jerusalem after he learned that his translation project and some things about the Talmud of Jmmanuel (TJ) had become known to Israeli authorities. Although at the time the TJ was discovered in Jerusalem, in 1963, the West Bank was under the control of Jordan, it had come under Israeli jurisdiction after the short war in 1967. Rashid's letter mentioned that he and his family had fled to a Lebanese refugee camp, but that an Israeli raid destroyed it and forced him to flee once again. However, in the letter Rashid did not bother to state the date on which the raid occurred, what kind of raid it was, or which refugee camp he had been located in; rather, his concern seemed to have been to convey the terrible news to Meier that he had been forced to leave behind the TJ scrolls, which were presumably destroyed in the raging fires. Meier would have to be content with just the 36 chapters of the TJ that Rashid had mailed to him some years earlier. It is of interest to inquire which Israeli raid, and when, was likely responsible for the alleged destruction.

根據 Rashid 1974 9 14 日寫給邁爾的信,Rashid 在得知他的翻譯計畫和有關《以馬內利的教導》(Talmud of JmmanuelTJ)的一些事情被以色列當局知道後,被迫逃離耶路撒冷。儘管 1963 年在耶路撒冷發現《以馬內利的教導》時,西岸還在約旦的控制之下,但在 1967 年的短暫戰爭之後,西岸就歸以色列管轄了。Rashid 的信中提到,他和他的家人曾逃到一個黎巴嫩難民營,但以色列的一次突襲摧毀了這個難民營,迫使他再次逃離。然而,在信中 Rashid 並沒有詳細說明突襲發生的日期,是什麼樣的突襲,或者他所在的難民營;相反的,他所關心的似乎是向邁爾傳達一個可怕的消息,也就是他被迫留下了 TJ 卷軸,這些卷軸可能在熊熊大火中被毀。邁爾將不得不珍惜 Rashid 在幾年前郵寄給他的那 36 章《以馬內利的教導》。有意思的是,要問問是哪一次的以色列襲擊,以及什麼時候,可能該要對所謂的“焚毀”負責。

Working backwards from the September date, we find from newspaper accounts that the first possibility was an Israeli bombing raid upon a "tent encampment" near Rashaya el-Fukhar in southeast Lebanon on 9 Aug., 1974. However, this was not one of the official refugee camps sponsored by the United Nations. Moreover, there does appear to have been a provocation for this raid, which was promptly carried out after Lebanese terrorists abducted several Syrian Druze workmen who were constructing a security fence for Israel along the border between Lebanon and the Golan Heights. Hence we move further back in time.

9 月的日期開始倒推,我們從報紙的報導中發現,第一種可能性是 1974 8 9 日,以色列轟炸黎巴嫩東南部拉恰亞Rashayael-Fukhar[中譯者註:應該是Al Foukhar]附近的一個“帳篷營地”。然而,這不是聯合國贊助的官方難民營之一。此外,這次襲擊似乎是有原因的,在黎巴嫩恐怖分子綁架了幾名在黎巴嫩和戈蘭高地Golan Heights)邊界為以色列修建安全圍欄的敘利亞德魯茲(Druze)工人之後,立即進行了這次襲擊。因此,我們把時間再往前推。

We move past other raids, which also were not upon Lebanese refugee camps, until we come to the series of raids of June 18-20, 1974. These were Israeli air raids upon several refugee camps in southwest Lebanon, ostensibly in retaliation for a guerrilla incursion into Chamir in northern Israel on June 13th, in which three Israelis and all four guerrillas involved died. The air raid of June 18th is the most likely candidate to have struck the refugee camp at which Rashid and his family had been staying (and to which he may have been tracked by Israeli security), since the raid on the first of the three days would have contained the greatest element of surprise.

我們經過其他襲擊,這些襲擊也不是針對黎巴嫩難民營,直到我們來到 1974 6 18 日至 20 日的一系列突襲中。這是以色列對黎巴嫩西南部幾個難民營的空襲,表面上是為了報復遊擊隊 6 13 日入侵以色列北部的 Chamir,在這次入侵中,3 名以色列人和 4 名參與的遊擊隊員全部死亡。6 18 日的空襲是最有可能襲擊 Rashid 及其家人所住的難民營(他可能已經被以色列的安全部門人員追蹤到了),因為三天中的第一天的突襲會有最大的意外因素。

This particular air raid, and those of the following two days, are prime suspects here because the Israeli bombardment appears to have been unusually highly escalated, being responsible for 70 civilians killed and as many more wounded (see the New York Times of 21 June, 1974, pp. 1-2), considering that the guerrillas involved in the earlier incursion had only been four in number and had died five days earlier. On June 21st, a U.S. senator, Abourezk of S. Dakota, spoke out against the brutality of these raids. In the Congressional Record, Vol. 120, No. 91, he stated, "I am extremely saddened to note that the government of Israel has seen fit to conduct daily bombing raids on civilians in southern Lebanon, in the farming areas, and, indeed, in the refugee camps where the military communiques which emanate from Israel say that the bombing raids are designed to kill suspected terrorists."

這次特別的空襲,以及隨後兩天的空襲,是這裡的主要嫌疑犯,因為以色列的轟炸似乎異常升級,造成 70 名平民死亡和更多人受傷(見 1974 6 21 日《紐約時報》第 1-2 頁),考慮到參與早期入侵的遊擊隊人數只有 4 人,並在 5 天前就死了。6 21 日,美國參議員,南達科他州的 Abourezk,公開反對這些突襲的野蠻行徑。在《國會記錄》第 120 卷第 91 號中,他說:「我非常痛心地注意到,以色列政府認為應該每天轟炸黎巴嫩南部、農耕地區的平民,實際上在難民營中來自以色列的軍事公報說,這次轟炸行動是為了殺死可疑的恐怖分子。」

And the Washington Post of June 24th stated, "Contrary to published speculation, the highest officials of the U.S. government were both astonished and outraged by the overkill of Israel's revenge last week against Palestinian   bases, endangering   fragile peace hopes for the Mideast."

6 24 日的《華盛頓郵報》稱,“與公佈的猜測相反,美國政府的最高官員對以色列上週對巴勒斯坦基地的過度報復行動感到吃驚和憤怒,這危及中東地區脆弱的和平希望。”

This series of raids quite possibly was delayed too long after the alleged provocation for it to have been the real provocation. In contrast, the Israeli air raids of May 16-18 commenced just one day after three terrorists, soon dead, had held 16 children hostages in Maalot, May 15th. A purported explanation for the delayed retaliation of June 18-20 was offered by Israeli Information Minister, Aharon Yariv (New York Times, 19 and 20 June); namely, that the delay was to allow President Nixon to calmly complete his Mideast trip of June 10-18, 1974. However, this explanation could well have been a lame excuse, since it is a great political embarrassment to have to admit that one's country held off on a series of brutal, devastating raids, supposedly   aimed at wiping out terrorists, in order to avoid upsetting   the chief executive   of their prime benefactor   nation. The preceding Washington Post statement instead indicates, as might be expected, that in reality, high U.S. officials were outraged over the raids even though they did not occur until just after the end of Nixon's trip.

這一系列的空襲很可能是在所謂的挑釁之後拖延了很久,這才是真正的挑釁。相比之下,以色列 5 16 日至 18 日的空襲行動是在三名恐怖分子於 5 15 日在馬阿洛特(Maalot)劫持了 16 名兒童作為人質後僅一天開始的,他們很快就死了。以色列新聞部長 Aharon Yariv(《紐約時報》,6 19 日和 20 日)對 6 18 日至 20 日推遲的報復行為作了所謂的解釋;即推遲是為了讓尼克森(Nixon)總統平靜地完成他 1974 6 10 日至 18 日的中東之行。然而,這種解釋很可能是一個彆腳的藉口,因為不得不承認,自己的國家為了避免惹惱他們主要受益國家的首席行政長官,而推遲了一系列據稱目的在消滅恐怖分子殘忍的、毀滅性的襲擊,這是一種極大的政治尷尬。先前《華盛頓郵報》的聲明反而表明,正如可以預料的那樣,實際上,美國高級官員對突襲行動感到憤怒,儘管這些行動直到尼克森訪問結束之後才發生。

Minister Yariv was a former Israeli chief of intelligence; hence he could well have been in on the necessity for a cover story for these raids. The raids took place about three weeks after Yitzhak Rabin replaced Golda Meir as prime minister of Israel, and Shimon Peres succeeded Moshe Dayan as minister of defense. It should be mentioned that Dayan had a special interest in Jewish antiquity, and was an ardent collector, indeed looter, of archaeological   artifacts (Biblical Archaeological Review 31, March/April 2005, pp. 53-57). Hence he may have played an inside role in striving to attain or destroy the TJ rolls.

Yariv 部長是以色列前情報局局長;因此,他很可能參與了為這些突襲行動提供掩護的必要性。這些襲擊發生在伊扎克.拉賓Yitzhak Rabin)接替果爾達梅厄Golda Meir)擔任以色列總理,希蒙.佩雷斯Shimon Peres)接替摩西戴陽Moshe Dayan)擔任國防部長約三週後。應該提到的是,戴陽對猶太古代有著特殊的興趣,是考古文物的狂熱收藏家,甚至掠奪者(《聖經考古評論》第31頁,20053/4月,第53-57頁)。因此,他可能在爭取獲得或摧毀 TJ 卷軸的過程中,發揮了內部情報的角色。

If one gives potential credence to Rashid's report, one may surmise that Israeli agents who had been on Rashid's tail since almost capturing him in Jerusalem, had learned that he had fled to a particular refugee camp. The highest Israeli officials, knowing that the TJ scrolls were dangerous for Judaism as well as for Christianity, consequently would have planned the action to eliminate the scrolls. They could afford to wait a little while until there was some provocation, but President Nixon's trip caused their raids to be delayed longer than they would have desired. The raids upon the several other refugee camps on the following two days, June 19-20, may then have been intended to divert attention away from otherwise having targeted just one particular refugee camp for destruction -- the one where Rashid had been staying.

如果有人對 Rashid 的報告給予可能的信任,人們可能會推測,自從在耶路撒冷幾乎抓獲 Rashid 以來,一直跟蹤 Rashid 的以色列特工,已經得知他逃到了某個難民營。以色列最高官員知道 TJ 卷軸對猶太教和基督教是危險的,因此會計劃採取消除卷軸的行動。他們可以稍等片刻,直到出現一些挑釁,但尼克森總統的訪問導致他們的突襲行動被推遲,時間比他們期望的要長。在隨後兩天,即 6 19 20 日,對其他幾個難民營的突襲可能是為了轉移人們的注意力,而不是將摧毀的目標放在 Rashid 所在的難民營。

In summary, Rashid's statement that the raids were actually for the purpose of targeting him and the TJ scrolls is consistent with the events outlined above. However, there is no definitive proof readily available that would verify his account, and he is no longer alive to testify to its truth.

總之,Rashid 關於襲擊實際上是為了攻擊他和 TJ 卷軸的說法與上述事件是一致的。然而,沒有現成的確鑿證據可以證實他的說法,而且他已經不在人世,無法證明其真實性。

The TJ's Heresies for Judaism as well as Christianity

TJ 對猶太教和基督教而言的異端邪說

It is easy to understand why the Talmud of Jmmanuel (TJ) is so heretical for Christianity, as it indicates that:


(a) Jmmanuel survived the crucifixion and was not resurrected,


(b) resurrection is thus a false concept, but reincarnation is a true one,


(c) Jmmanuel did not come to save mankind from their sins,


(d) Instead of teaching God's forgiveness of sins, Jmmanuel emphasized learning from one's mistakes,


(e) he was not the Son of God or divine, and


(f) his true name had not even been Jesus.


But it may not be as clear why the TJ, in the form of its original Aramaic scrolls, was treated as being heretical for Judaism by high Israeli officials who had been informed about it. Here are some of the reasons as I see it, listed in order of importance:

但是,為什麼以最初的亞拉姆語卷軸形式出現的 TJ 會被以色列高級官員視為猶太教的異端邪說,這一方面可能就不那麼清楚了。以下是我認為的一些原因,按重要性順序列出:

(a) The TJ indicates that Jmmanuel's teachings were quite distinct from those of the Old Testament, the latter having been fed into the first Christian Gospel by the writer of Matthew, who had been a Jewish scribe before converting. Hence the reverence that Christian religions place upon the Hebrew Scriptures -- the Old Testament (OT)-- would conceivably be totally undermined if the TJ's authenticity and content were to be made public. If this occurred, Americans' sympathy towards Israel as the seat of its Christian religious heritage would vanish, along with their political and economic support for Israel. Such a situation would be intolerable from both Jewish and Christian viewpoints.

a TJ 指出,以馬內利的教導與《舊約聖經》(Old Testament)的教義截然不同,後者是由馬太的作者編入第一部基督教福音,在皈依之前曾是猶太抄寫員。因此,如果 TJ 的真實性和內容被公之于眾,基督教對希伯來聖經 ——《舊約》(OT—— 的崇敬就會完全受到破壞。如果發生這種情況,美國人對以色列作為基督教宗教遺產所在地的同情將會消失,同時他們對以色列的政治和經濟支援也將消失。無論從猶太教還是基督教的觀點來看,這種情況都是不能容忍的。

(b) In the TJ Jmmanuel teaches that the Jewish God (Yahweh or El) is not the true God,   or Universal   Consciousness,   but rather   was an advanced human or humanoid. Nowadays many of us would identify such an entity as an ET alien, but two thousand years ago this could not have been understood. This in turn opens the door to interpreting angels as aliens, sky chariots and pillars of cloud or fire as UFOs, and similarly identifying other elements of OT Merkabah mysticism. All this is truly blasphemous to mainstream Judaism, and was the true reason, not expressed in the Gospels, why Jesus' teachings were considered blasphemous by the high priest.

b TJ 中,以馬內利教導說,猶太教的上帝(Yahweh El)不是真正的上帝God),也不是宇宙意識Universal   Consciousness),而是一個先進的人類或人形生命(humanoid)。現在,我們中的許多人會將這樣一個生命認定為 ET 外星人,但兩千年前,這不可能被理解。這反過來又打開了一扇門,將天使解釋為外星人、把天空戰車和雲柱或火柱解釋為不明飛行物,並對《舊約》 Merkabah 神秘主義的其他元素也會有類似的解讀。所有這些對主流猶太教來說都是真正褻瀆,這也是為什麼耶穌的教導被大祭司認為是褻瀆,沒有在福音書(Gospels)中表述的真正原因。

(c) In the TJ, Jmmanuel expresses the opinion that Israel should not be considered a chosen race, and that the land of Israel was unjustly acquired from others through abominable wars. This of course goes against everything that Zionism stands for.

c TJ 中,以馬內利認表達了這樣的觀點:以色列不應被視為選定的種族,以色列的土地是通過可惡的戰爭從他人那裡不公正而獲得的。這當然違背了猶太複國主義所代表的一切。

(d) Although the TJ does not contain the many allusions to OT verses that Matthew does, it nevertheless contains some scriptural citations, and some of these indicate that the OT version is inaccurate and incomplete. The implication is that the ETs who planned Jmmanuel's mission knew what they or their predecessors had implanted into the minds of some of the OT prophets, especially Isaiah, and imparted this information to Jmmanuel also, during his 40-day period of intense learning under the tutorship   of   his   contacting   ETs.   The  implication   that   the   Hebrew Scriptures contain inaccuracies and gaps would not be acceptable to Jewish fundamentalists.

d雖然 TJ 沒有包含《馬太福音》(Matthew)對《舊約》經文的許多典故,但它還是包含一些經文的引用,其中一些說明《舊約》版本是不准確和不完整的。其含義是,策劃以馬內利使命的那些外星人知道他們或他們的前輩在一些《舊約》先知,特別是以賽亞Isaiah)的頭腦中植入了什麼,並在與以馬內利接觸的那些外星人導師的指導下,在他 40 天的密集學習期間,把這些資訊也傳授了給他。《希伯來聖經》(Hebrew Scriptures;也稱作《舊約聖經》)包含不准確和差距的暗示,是猶太原教旨主義者不能接受的。

(e) Jmmanuel's teachings on reincarnation would be just as repugnant to mainstream Judaism as they are to mainstream Christianity.


For these reasons, one sees that leaders within both Christianity and Judaism who had become informed of the TJ and its heresies would have had reason to team up together against this common threat, as indicated in Rashid's letter to Meier. Although at the time the TJ was discovered, the discovery site, being on the West Bank, was under Jordanian authority, it was well after the 1967 war, when Israel took control of the area, that knowledge of the TJ somehow reached Israeli authorities. It is not known just how news about the contents of the TJ leaked out, however. But some time prior to mid-1974 it apparently did leak out, perhaps due to the difficulty for Rashid to keep his translation activities a secret for so long, since his wife, for one, must have known what he was involved with. Rashid may also have confided in a friend or two in Jerusalem about the TJ, or perhaps have occasionally consulted experts in the Aramaic language at Hebrew University as to how best translate this or that word.

由於這些原因,我們可以看到,正如 Rashid 在給邁爾的信中所表明的那樣,基督教和猶太教的領導人已經瞭解了 TJ 及其異端後,他們有理由聯合起來對付這一共同的威脅。雖然在發現 TJ 時,位於西岸的發現地點在約旦管轄之下,但 1967 年戰爭之後,以色列控制了該地區,以色列當局不知何故地瞭解了 TJ。然而,目前還不清楚有關 TJ 內容的消息是如何洩露出去的。但在 1974 年中期之前的某個時候,它顯然已經洩露了,也許是因為 Rashid 很難將他的翻譯活動保密這麼久,因為他的妻子一定知道他與什麼有關。Rashid 可能還在耶路撒冷的一兩個朋友傾訴過 TJ,或者偶爾在希伯來大學諮詢了阿拉姆語專家,有關一些詞句如何翻譯最好。

The existent TJ translation is no threat to Judaism or Christianity, however, since definite proof of its Aramaic origins is lacking (though the German version does show some Aramaisms and many signs of deriving from an ancient document). Anyone who might feel threatened by it has only to claim that it was composed by a literary hoaxer.

然而,現存的 TJ 翻譯對猶太教或基督教沒有任何威脅,因為缺乏其阿拉姆語起源的明確證據(儘管德文文本確實顯示了一些阿拉姆語和許多源自古代文獻的跡象)。任何可能感到受到它威脅的人,只需要聲稱它是由一個文學騙子所創作的。




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