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Contact Report 251-6 (1995/2/3)       第251次接觸報告之六


續那 23 頁資料的內容

With the melting of the polar caps there also looms for Earth in the not-too-distant future another severe economic crisis that will spread throughout the globe. And another global war, World War IV, will once again threaten this planet and its entire terrestrial population because of their own unreason. However, several reasonable individuals are able to neutralize the threat, which is again abetted by the invention of new weapons with great striking power that will be the materialization of those weapons existing now only in science fiction novels. They are deathray throwers, ray canons, ray rifles and ray guns, among others. In the midst of these developments, three scientists will generate an incredibly inexpensive energy source, although this will not be the only new form of energy, for another will be found as well, that is based on sound vibrations.

伴隨兩極冰帽的溶化,大約在不久的將來,全世界將會爆發另一場嚴重的經濟危機 。由於地球人類的非理性行為,第四次世界大戰的陰影將會再一次籠罩整個星球,不過好在會有幾個頭腦清楚的人可以扭轉這次危機。挑起這次大戰的因素又是由於新式武器的發明,這些具強大殺傷力的武器過去只會出現在科幻小說中;像是死光發射器、雷射砲以及各式的雷射槍等。在這些武器發明期間,有三位科學家將會發明一種了不起的便宜能源,而新式能源還不止這些,另外有一種和聲音振動有關的能源也會被發現

And again, new and deadly weapons will be developed from this. Scientists tend to utilize everything they can get their hands on, and for this reason it is inevitable that Man will stop the Greenhouse Effect and utilize its effects in reverse, thereby preventing a further melting of the polar caps. These actions, in turn, will lower the highly elevated water levels of all oceans. During this period, terrestrial Man will increasingly dedicate himself to space travel, which he had neglected for many years. Venus will be particularly interesting for terrestrial human beings during this period, and for this reason Man will contemplate sending a manned space capsule to the volcanic planet.


Simultaneously, Man will avail himself of a new energy source by exploiting the Earth's interior energies. He will develop two new, dangerous weapons. The first weapon's high-pitched, humanly inaudible sounds will be able to destroy any material and will have the capability of absolutely destroying all life forms ... - an ultrasound weapon in other words. The second weapon will have as its basis high frequency energies which, too, will be capable of destroying and killing everything. Discoveries and inventions in the field of gene technology or gentic manipulation, respectively, will continue, for events must unfold - contrary to the desires of the foes of genetic manipulation who even now persist in ranting and raving against it. The time is no longer that remote when, through genetic manipulations, plants and animals will be successfully cross-bred, and totally new life forms created. Hence, the stupid, antagonistic gripers will scream in vain; they should be grateful instead that science has advanced to a point where genetic manipulations become feasible.

同時人類開始開發利用地球內部的能源 。而屆時另外將會有兩種新式致命的武器出現:第一種武器會發出人類聽不見的聲音(也就是超音波武器),它能摧毀一切生命。第二種武器會產生高頻的能量,同樣也會摧毀一切。基因科技或基因改造領域的發現和發明將會各自繼續,而即使是目前極力抗拒基因改造的人士,屆時會展開對抗那些反對基因改造的人。由於基因的操控,不會太久之後,動植物將會交叉繁殖成功,而會創造出全新的生命形式,因此那些愚蠢的反對雜音不會造成干擾。值得慶幸的是,此時的基因科學已經非常先進,使得修正人類被竄改的基因,成為指日可待的事。

For only through genetic manipulations will future rectification of the terrestrials' genetically-manipulated degeneration be guaranteed, so that they may be able to again fit into the normal progression of negative and positive. Creational secrets will, of course, not unravel through this process and will remain a mystery to Man for the time being, even though he will actively search for them while on space stations beyond Earth. This does not signify, however, that science will be inactive; on the contrary. Scientists will unveil the secret of gravitation. In doing so, they will begin mastering certain facets of space and mass. But just before this transpires, terrestrials will develop the capability of allowing human organs to "regrow" for organ transplants. These organs will always be adapted to the particular body in need of the organ. As a result, the danger of organ rejection is eliminated.

只有通過基因的修正,將來才能確保矯正人類基因的退化,使他們能夠再次邁入正面和負面的正常發展。而 造化宇宙 的玄機,人類在此時當然還無法參透,即使他們將來在外太空站上積極向外探索,祂的奧秘對人類而言仍是個謎。不過這無關緊要,而人類在這方面的科學探討也不是很積極。另外,科學家們將會揭開重力的秘密,並就這個發展開始掌握某些太空與質量方面的原理而在這之前,地球科學家將會發展出人類器官的再生能力以利器官移植。這些器官將往往能夠被需要器官移植的身體所接受,於是消除了器官排斥的危險

During this period, renewed advances into outer space will occur, whereby a large space project, critical to mankind, will take shape, and Albert Einstein's theory on relativity will undergo several additional modifications. One religion will initiate large-scale war activities at that time which results in the development and utilization of another new, dangerous weapon that will be capable of changing the climate, a so-called climate weapon. However, as bad as they may seem, these periods are not as unstable as that of 1995, a year when new discoveries on Mars are possible; and a year when the seeds of a new ideology are sewn that sets it apart from traditional religions.

在這段期間,探討外太空的活動將有新進展;一個對人類至關重要的大型太空計劃將初具規模,而愛因斯坦的相對論將進行一些 補充的修正 。此時會有某一派宗教人士發動一些大規模的戰爭活動,這導致另外一種新而危險武器的發明與運用,這種武器就是所謂的氣象武器。雖然這期間世界並不穩定,但並不會比 1995 年還遭。當火星上有新發現的一年,同年有一種新的意識形態萌芽時被接合,它是從傳統的宗教中脫離出來的。

1995 will also be a year when an unknown, powerful male individual begins to come into prominence who spellbinds the world and gathers followers around him in much the same rat-catching manner as the Pied Piper of Hamelin. For this reason, in one prophecy, he is called the rat-catcher. These events coincide with many innovations and discoveries in technology and science; for 1995 and the ensuing years bring incredible breakthroughs that will change civilization. One contributing factor to these breakthroughs in the near future will be, finally, the exposure and rectification of an error in the Pi-number calculation.

1995 年將有一名尚未出名但深具影響力的男性開始脫穎而出,他吸引了全世界的目光並 花衣魔笛手 捕老鼠相似的方式聚集他周圍的追隨者 基於這個原因,在一個預言中,他被稱為捕鼠者。這些事件與許技術和科學的創新和發現有巧合之處;因為 1995 年及隨後的幾年裡科技將有令人難以置信的突破而改變了文明的進程。在不久的將來,這些突破的其中一個促成的因素,後來會是 π 圓周率 計算錯誤的發現和修正。

Precipitated by the previously mentioned climate weapon, the entire Earth will be subjected to very problematic climatic changes when overall temperatures fall, that is, they drop dramatically. The result will be that land masses and oceans will freeze because of Man's insanity. Consequently, a new invention will be developed that, powered by the most economical of energies, artificially heats the Earth's atmosphere. This is the moment when Japan and China will discover that the prevailing physics is not the last word in knowledge, but that there exists yet a higher level of physics which extends into fine-matter spheres. Upon this realization, science will be discredited for some time.

前述的那種氣象武器可以使全球的氣溫驟降,從而使廣大的陸地和海洋因人為的瘋狂舉動而凍結 結果導致一種對大氣進行人造加熱的嶄新技術因而發明,這種技術使用的是最經濟的能源為動力。這時日本和中國發現當前的物理學並非最終的真理存在另外一種 更高級別的物理學,其擴展到了 fine-matter 的領域 基於這樣的認識,科學將會失去威望一段時間。

Nonetheless, space exploration will continue and a new world discovered in this process; a new Earth that will be suitable for maintaining human terrestrials. The actual period when space travel and with its many related discoveries commence will begin already in the very near future, however. Overall, expeditions into space will be successful, e.g., terrestrials will discover, or rather locate, ancient human traces and effects left behind on Mars. This will present sufficient reason for terrestrials to build, furbish and fly new spaceships with even greater ranges into the vastness of space, to make ever greater, more interesting and, especially, more significant discoveries. Initially, these spaceships will travel over relatively long periods of time until propulsion systems are developed that make super-speed space travel without timeshifts feasible.

雖然如此,太空探險還是會持續,並且在其間發現了一個全新的世界一個 完全合適人類生存的星球 在不久的將來這些太空相關的計畫會開展,並且太空遠征會獲得成功。人類會發現並找到火星上遠祖的遺跡,這也讓地球人更熱衷於太空冒險。但在還沒發現運 用”時間偏移”方 式而能以超高速進行穿越宇宙之前,地球的太空船還會使用現行的技術相當長一段時間。

Spaceships reaching velocities above the speed of light, indeed, speeds several million times the speed of light, will one day become the rule. But until this occurs, several hundreds of years, even millennia, will pass. Still, these aforementioned predictions shall occur in the near and somewhat more distant future and mankind will not be kept waiting too much longer; even elderly people alive today will experience the commencement of these predictions. The discovery, refurbishing and renewed operation of ancient extraterrestrial artifacts and stations on Mars in the not-too-distant future, and much later in other places as well, will be accomplished by our more distant descendants.

將來太空船的航行速度可以高於光速 速度達到幾百萬倍光速,將在有朝一日成為家常便飯然而這是幾百甚至上千年以後的事情了。不過,上述這些預測將在不久發生,有些在更遙遠的未來,而人類不會等待太久,甚至今天還活著的老人將會經歷這些預測的開始階段。在不久的將來,會整修和重新使用火星上遠古祖先留下來的基地,而往後還會發現其他地方的遺跡,則將是我們後代子孫的事了。

These events are also associated with grave danger, however, for dangerous diseases and epidemics will be brought back to Earth by way of space travel, along with the exceedingly vicious 'wolf' as one prediction calls this horror, which could be a horrifying animal or a deadly epidemic. The definition of the "wolf" is not clear yet and its explanation is still pending. According to the prediction, this deadly factor will be introduced or carried to Earth either by ordinary space travellers or lawbreaking space travellers. Additionally, in the distant days ahead, the discovery of a new and very significant substance is foretold; one that will benefit Man greatly - as long as he is able to utilize it to his own benefit.

然而,這些事件還伴有嚴重的危險,因為危險的疾病和流行病將透過太空之旅被帶回地球,還有極為惡性的「狼」,正如一個預測如此稱呼這令人恐怖的事物,這可能是一種可怕的動物或一種致命的流行病。「狼」的定義目前還不清楚並且仍然有待說明。根據預測,這個致命的因素可能透過普通的太空遊客被引入,或經由違法的太空遊客攜帶到 地球。此外,在遙遠的未來,會發現一種全新並非常重要的物質;只要能夠善加 利用, 對人類有著極大的幫助。

This entire scenario transpires at a time when a new order exists on Earth that satisfies, in an inexpensive manner, all needs of Man. New, overall-like suits for humans will be invented and produced that will enable Man to fly through the air freely without aid from any other devices. Barely three decades prior to this event, however, a third DNA information code will be discovered in the human body, and the first concrete steps will be undertaken to eliminate diseases in the elderly, heart diseases and attrition. After approximately 25 years, these efforts will prove successful.

這整個場景將發生在地球上出現一個新秩序的時候,到那時人類所有的需要都會以一種廉價的方式得到滿足 。將有一種 可以讓人自由地飛翔 而無須任何其他的輔助設備 的新服裝 發明並生產出來 ,而這件事情發生之前的約 30 年前,在人體裡會發現第三個 DNA 資訊碼,而這是根除老年疾病和心臟疾病的重要起步 ,約 25 年後這方面的努力會獲得成功。

Simultaneously, once the appropriate steps are taken, the feasibility of a classless society, as well as technologically-biological prerequisites, will emerge that deal with the worldwide cleanup of the polluted rivers, lakes and oceans. This praiseworthy progress will be negated, however, by an extremely negative invention in form of a biological weapon; it will wreak tremendous havoc and induce instant aging in humans and animals (in seconds). Shortly thereafter the period of "nocturnal dawning" comes into existence, as stated in another prediction. This "nocturnal dawning" will be a new technological achievement whereby the dark side of planet Earth is illuminated by an artificial sun affixed to a space station; this device will not create full daylight, but a bright, dawnlike condition.

同時,如果採行適當步驟,可達成無階級化的社會。而藉著必要的生物科技,全球受污染的河流、海洋等會得到淨化清理。然而這些值得讚賞的成就,會被一種致命的生化 武器所抵消;這種生化武器 會造成重大的破壞,並 導致 人類和動 物在幾秒內 瞬間衰老 此後不久 正如另一個預測所言, 會出現所謂 夜間曙光 這種夜間曙光將是一種全新的技術成就,藉此地球上黑夜的一面會被固定在一個太空站上的人造太陽照亮;當然不會亮如白晝,而是像黎明的曙光

The artificial sun in the sky will virtually ring in a new age, the Age of Space Conquest on a grand scale. From here on, space travel definitively will become commercial and turn into a significant, powerful institution by which Man, through science, will pursue the enigma of Creation and with it the origin of life and all existence. Of course, these events will make science very respectable again especially as they relate to the institution of space travel, which will control the scientists. Ultimately, this will not turn out well and will transpire as it must: This space travel institution will increasingly ignore the terrestrial governments and science, deal with them unfairly, and will generate conflicts again that provide the most auspicious base for a new war.

在天空中的人造太陽實質上提升起了一個新時代,一個規模宏大的征服太空時代。從此開始,太空旅行必將走入商業化,並使相關產業成為重要的設施,而經由這些科學技術,人類將尋求 造化宇宙 」之謎 以及所有生命的起源 當然,這些事件將會使科學再次受到尊敬,特別是涉及到太空旅行的建設,此時這些科學家還會接受控制。但到最後,不好的結果必然會發生:掌控這些太空旅行建設的科學家們,將日益忽視地球上的政府和科學的監管而自行其事,這會帶來太空衝突引發新的戰爭。

All of this will come into play barely 15 years after the aging gene is isolated and neutralized, when the human biologic aging process is largely surmounted, and the related previous vicious genetic manipulation finally remedied again. A looming new war will break out and last for approximately 40 years. During this period or about 6 years prior, humans will be machines, that is, robots for the first time by connecting their nervous system to microscopic electronic-biologic gadgetry and machinery that will serve to guide them. This will cause great problems about 85 years later, when the now powerful scientists begin to play 'God', as they had done in earliest times, and they will create new hybrids between humans and animals through genetic alterations.

就在衰老基因被隔離出來並使其失效,而最終再度 修正了被竄改的基因 僅僅 15 年後,一個可能發生的新戰爭將會開打並持續約 40 年之久 。大約在這時間的 6 年前,人類首度開始連接他們的神經系統到精微的電子生物小機件和機械裝置上,以利於直接操縱它們(類似仿生機器人)。而這在 85 年後會帶來很大的問題,當那些厲害的科學家們開始扮 演“上帝”的角色,正如早先的年代一樣,他們將經由基因工程,創造出新的人獸混種生物

These new 'semi-humans' will declare their solidarity with the robotic humans. But before this transpires, another 80 years will pass after the creation of robotic humans, as I mentioned previously. With the creation of robotic humans, intelligent, biologic-electronic-machinelike robots will be constructed. A gigantic space station will be built, upon which a vast number of humans will live while the station travels in its own orbit around the Sun.

這些新的「半獸人」會宣布他們會與機械人類休戚相關。但正如我前面提過,這已經是發生在機器人類被創造出來 80 年之後的事了。隨著機器人類的創造,具有智能的電子生物機器人(仿生機器人)將被製造出來。一個巨大的太空站將建成,可容納海量的人類居住其中,而這太空站會自行圍繞太陽的軌道運行。

Because of Man's intrinsic attitude, induced by his degeneration, wars and revolts will occur on Mars. These events will transpire when humans, after conferring with extraterrestrials, construct residential buildings beneath the oceans which will dangerously interfere with the ecologic equilibrium of the oceans, land masses and the air. Once again the time will arise when another new, dangerous, fatal weapon is invented that will disintegrate the bones of life forms. Simultaneously, the artificial sun created about fifty years prior will drift from its orbit and over a mere seventy-two hour period will plunge to Earth.

由於人類基因退化的劣根性,火星將會出現戰爭。這些事件的發生,是由於在人類與外星人建立協約,而於海洋底部建立居住性建築之後所致,這樣做會危害且干擾到海洋、陸地和天空的生態平衡。再一次,致命的新式武器會被發明,而這些致命武器會使骨骼瓦解而讓生命煙消雲散。在此同時,人造太陽會在 50 年前創造發明出來,並且每 72 小時繞地球一圈

The Earth's own rotation and orbit around the Sun will change then and result in the reduction in the length of years, days and nights. Unfortunately, this will also be the time when the first space conflict - a space war - takes place between terrestrials and those humans who will have migrated to Mars by then. The gigantic space station in orbit behind the Sun will be damaged. At this time a new terrestrial chronology will be contemplated because the altered lengths of the days and seasons on Earth cannot be utilized in the old system.


Terrestrial humanity already under the spell of religions and religious sects at this time, will remain spellbound for several more centuries. Following the installation of the new terrestrial chronology, the founder of a new religion will come to the forefront and revoke the Christian Sunday, Islamic Friday and Jewish Sabbath, in order to establish a new holiday schedule. As an experiment, money will be briefly abolished, but clandestine trading with valuable goods such as precious metals, diamonds and other commodities will continue. Sometime later the insane terrestrials wretchedly will alter the Earth's atmosphere in a dreadful format.


And another war on Earth will ensue, for terrestrials will have failed in their attempt to become more peaceloving and intelligent. The future will hold nothing positive pertaining to scientists because they will have begun to perform their first genetic manipulations on humans and animals by this time, and will be creating entities, so-called 'semi-humans', whom they will produce by crossing humans with pigs and then train them as fighting machines. These entities will be sent into war and also perform a variety of tasks in space. However, this situation will not go well very long. The entities will oppose their creators, like it is also the case with robotic humans who will have arms and legs amputated so that their nervous system can be attached to minute electronic-biologic devices, whereby these semi-humans become living navigational devices for spaceships and every type of weaponry, machinery and terrestrial vehicles, to name but a few.

由於從事和平友愛和更智慧的努力失敗,地球將會再一次爆發戰爭。此時的地球科學家誤入歧途, 開始對人類和動物進行首次的基因改造,並會創造出所謂的“半獸人”;也就是人和豬的基因混種,然後訓練他們成 為作戰機器 。這些生物會被送往戰場以及太空中執行各種任務,不過這種狀況不會持續太久。這些半獸人會反抗他們的創造者,但就像機器人類的情況一樣,他們的手臂和腿會被截去,已使他們的神經系統可以連接到微小的電子生物設備,從而使這些半獸人變成太空船和各種類型的武器、機械裝備和地面車輛活生生的操作工具,這只是舉少數幾個例子。

A man will appear and present the universal teachings to the entire terrestrial human population. He will be remarkably successful, although existing religions and religious sects will follow up with global countermeasures - as has been the case since ancient times. The teachings of the spirit will be included in this teachings, and some fourty years later the teachings of reincarnation will have been disseminated worldwide and accepted by the existing religions.

有一個人將會出現對地球所有人進行宇宙教義的教導 他會取得巨大的成功,雖然還是會有一些現行的宗教和教派人士如影隨形的全面杯葛,就像自古以來的情況一樣。他的教導中將會包含靈性教導,而四十多年後,關於 轉世重生 的說法會被世人熟知並被各種宗教所接受

However, prior to this event some unpleasant encounters with extraterrestrials will take place that may result in a gratifying union depending upon which direction Man takes; taking the wrong direction will result in disagreeable, possibly even dangerous prospects. Through technological intervention, Man will slowly learn to prevent natural catastrophes. Volcanos, in particular, will be placated and their activity controlled, as will be the influences of weather conditions.

然而在這之前會發生很多一些與外星人的不愉快遭遇,但也可能導致一個可喜的聯盟 ,這取決於人類採取哪個方向;採取了錯誤的方向,會導致不愉快甚至是危險的情勢。借助各種科技發明,地球人開始慢慢學會防止自然災害,特別是火山,將會安撫並控制它們的活動,就像影響氣候狀況一樣

Triggered by the invention or, rather, discovery of a new and very valuable energy source and its rights to ownership, renewed war activities on Earth will ensue. Problems will also occur within human populations because their relative immortality, that is, the increase in human longevity, will amount to life spans of from 350 to 450 years. This increase in longevity will also precipitate increasingly greater problems of overpopulation and all other subsequent obstacles, which will include migrations that will result in new types of interbred peoples.

由於一種非常有價值的新能源被發現,但因為搶奪所有權而為地球帶來新的戰爭。人口過多問題也會發生,因為此時人類的 壽命已延長到 350 450 接近不朽了 。長壽也將導致人口過剩及其他衍生困擾,其中包括移民導致全新的雜交人種。

Among them will be a group who call themselves Eurasians. They will demand the Eurasian region for their homeland at a time when the 'semi-humans', those human-animal, genetically-manipulated creatures and the robot-humans will be creating incredible problems. These difficulties will lead to the deplorable decline of every space travel program and nearly bring space travel to a complete standstill. The problem will come about because of the robot-humans' and semi-humans' refusal to continue working for normal human beings, and because of their unwillingness to continue a life of subservience and exploitation as living maneuvering devices for spaceships, vehicles, equipment, war machines and so other gadgetry. These events will transpire at a time when a climatic reversal begins on Earth because of the Sun's noticeably weakening activity triggered by reduced nuclear fusions within it.

這些人中,有一群人會自稱是歐亞人,他們將會要求歐亞地區作為其祖國家園,而這會發生在 半獸人” 和機器人類帶來重大問題 的年代。這些困難會導致所有太空旅行項目不幸衰退甚至完全停止發展。問題之所以會出現是因為機器人類和半獸人拒絕繼續為人類工作因為他們 不願意繼續成為屈從和剝削的生命 如同活生生的飛船、車輛、設備、戰爭機器等其他小玩意的操作設備 。這些事件會發生在由於太陽內部的核聚變慢慢衰退而導致地球氣候開始逆轉的時候。    


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