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Contact Report 251-7 (1995/2/3)      第251次接觸報告之七


續那 23 頁資料的內容

Terrestrial Man's urge to explore knows no bounds and, consequently, he will penetrate ever deeper into space; unfortunately, this tendency will also produce repercussions. Inevitably, unexpected disasters will occur, for the prediction states that in the not too distant future, terrestrial Man will face some extremely terrifying phenomenon during his space expeditions that will present great and trying obstacles. One event, supposedly twenty years later, will take place as the frightening and definite conclusion is reached that the Sun is truly a dying star. And an additional thirty-five years later, terrestrial human beings will face a new horror when one of their exploration spaceships brings a deadly epidemic back to Earth that will leave medical scientists completely helpless.

此時的人類知道宇宙是浩瀚而無垠的,於是更加急迫深入宇宙探險,然而這股熱潮卻將會遭遇一些打擊;某些意想不到的災難難免會發生。預測指出在不久的將來,於太空探險中的人類將面臨一些非常可怕的現象,這將形成一些巨大和惱人的障礙。而其中之一,就是大約 20 年後,人類會驚訝地確認:太陽是一顆垂死的恆星 又再過 35 年後,人類會面對另一件讓人恐懼的事,那就是勘探太空船會把致命的流行病帶回到地球,而屆時的醫學專家對此卻完全束手無策  

By this time, Man will have gained knowledge about the essence of Creation for thirty-five years; likewise, the truth will be understood that negatives and positives represent within themselves equal, independent units although they also form a perfect unit when joined. The previously mentioned space-exploration craft will lift off shortly after this cognizance, whereupon it will encounter the great horrors. Equipped with a completely new propulsion system, the expedition spacecraft is expected to penetrate space to the extent that it will reach the original home planets of the first genetically manipulated peoples. Such an undertaking will still be completely irresponsible on the part of the terrestrials from that period.

到了這個時候,人類已經慢慢認識到「造化」的本質 ,在歷經了 35 年的靈性覺醒後,也同樣理解到宇宙間的真理,那就是: 正向與負向的兩個面向,都同等存在於他們的內在 雖是各自獨立,但卻完美的結合成一體 有了這個認知,之前提到的太空勘探船會在不久後升空,然後就遇上那些可怕的事(將致命的流行病帶回地球)。配備了全新推進系統的探勘太空船,預計可以穿越長距離到達那第一批基改人類(地球人類來源)的家鄉星球。然而這樣的任務,在當時仍然是由一些完全不負責任的地球人所策劃。

On one hand, they will have remained trapped in their genetically manipulated degeneration and, on the other, in their megalomania they will vastly fail to underestimate the dangers of space and alien worlds. They will become aware of their failings only midway along their path toward the home planets of the genetically manipulated peoples' origins, when the expedition will be confronted by terrifying extraterrestrial life. Ultimately, this space expedition becomes feasible only when the technological apparatuses, machinery, all electronic instruments and many other items from that period are no longer operated and piloted by human beings. The technological devices will become equipped instead with independent, biological intelligence that makes all piloting and operations almost infallible. The robot-humans still performing those functions at that time will rebel against this change of events.


Simultaneously, terrestrial space travel will reach the pinnacle of its development as research forges on, and soon further deductions and solutions will unlock additional secrets of matter. Concurrent with this development will begin the rule by the robot people under the leadership of someone from their own ranks, who will be the enemy of all other human life forms and cause a great stir, although he will die very soon after these events.


During this same period, once again, the megalomanic scientists will perform an incredible spectacle by producing a gigantic second sun. Although this group of scientists will be small in number, nonetheless, through a dangerous experiment they will ignite one of the SOL planets, which will burn for seven days and glisten in the SOL system as a second sun before it burns out and fades. Jupiter and Saturn could be equally suitable candidates for this experiment as they are uncompleted miniature suns, making redundant the selection of planets for this future insanity.

在這期間,那些妄自尊大的科學家會再次演出一次令人難以置信的奇觀:製造一個巨大的人造太陽,雖然這些科學家人數不多,但是他們的一個危險實驗會引發太陽系的一顆行星燃起 7 天的熊熊烈火,在其燃盡之前成為了第二顆太陽,而木星和土星則是這個瘋狂實驗的候選星球。

Great progress in brain research will occur in the same period, including the implantation of micro modules into human and animal scalps. The micro modules will assume and execute all the brain's navigational functions. At this time, far from Earth, an artificial world within another alien solar system will be populated by an immense migration surge that stems from the continued, irrational increases in terrestrial overpopulation. The robot people, simultaneously, will become a danger to normal human beings through their own propagation and the siring of many descendants.


Due to genetic alterations, these descendants will be born without arms and legs, with their nerve endings already exposed. This will permit easy access to the nerve endings of their extremities, which can then be attached without surgery to various devices and machinery, etc. The robot people will become a true menace to normal humans, for they will possess unforeseen consciousness-related powers. Over time, they will further develop these powers by way of an above-normal application of their consciousness whereby the brain, through unique, painstakingly constructed energy generators, will be endowed with special energies from the outside. All of this will allow the forces of the consciousness to perform at record levels.

由於基因的改變,這些仿生機器人的後代生來就沒有手臂和腿,他們的神經末梢裸露在外,因此不須手術就很容易附著在不同裝置和機械等等設備上 。由於這些機器人擁有意料之外的意識能力,對普通人將是個真正的威脅。隨著時間推移,他們將進一步的開發這些力量,透過他們意識的非凡應用,從而使大腦經由獨特而精心建構的能量生成器,可從外部賦予特殊的能量;所有這一切都將使他們的意識的力量達到值得紀錄的層次。

The time will come when further powerful changes take place within the SOL system as the Sun's nuclear fusions decrease. Indeed, the entire gravity field will not only become unmanageable and changed, but large-scale climatic changes will become the daily norm. These occurrences will inspire scientists to record performances because they will wish to find methods to counteract the Sun's negative consequences. These consequences will manifest themselves far sooner than anticipated in fact, and contradict millennia-old, erroneous scientific assumptions. Only then will people correctly realize that the Sun is a dying celestial body and that, subsequently, the end of the SOL system will herewith be predetermined already. Nonetheless, the Sun will continue to exist another billion years, but by then it will be a dead star that will, ultimately, be swallowed up and destroyed by a Black Hole. Therefore, scientists will begin performing at feverish rates.


In the process they will discover that the base for pi was miscalculated. By eliminating the error in pi, and correcting future computations based on pi, scientists and their amazing, highly developed technology will have the capability to make unimaginable energies accessible to the people of Earth. This will be accomplished through the terrestrials' diversion and utilization of energies from Black Holes from within the Milky Way system. Scientists at this time, though, will still be unable to travel to the center of our galaxy to tap the existing Black Hole in that region. Still, it will be unnecessary to go to the center of our galaxy, at least at that particular time, for nearby objects will produce sufficient energy to serve Earth's needs.

在這個過程中,他們會發現 π 值的基準計算錯了 。經由消去 π 值的錯誤,並糾正以 π 值為基礎的未來計算,科學家和他們驚人且高度發展的技術,將有能力使地球人民得到難以想像的能量;也就是能達成地球人類透過轉移而利用在銀河系內來自黑洞的能量。然而科學家在這個時候仍然無法前往銀河系中心,去開發在這區域內現有黑洞的能量。不過並沒有必要去到銀河系中心,至少在那個特定時刻,附近的物體就會產生足夠能量來供應地球的需要。

This new energy source, in fact, the energy type itself, will enable terrestrials to develop new forms of space travel. In the wake and expansion of these developments, a travel and transportation factor becomes reality which, prior to 1995 and long into the future, had been called fantasy: Time travel. This discovery/invention, in turn, will enable Man to travel into both the past and the future, and as well into the vastness of the Universe, something that was hitherto impossible. In the aftermath of these events new human life forms will be discovered, without doubt, and humans of Earth will learn unfathomable information from these extraterrestrials, for these ETs will possess remarkably greater intelligence than the terrestrials.

事實上,這種新能源,其本身的能源種類,會使地球人發展新形式的太空旅行。而這種科技的覺醒與發展,將實現目前 1995 年)以及漫長未來都還會稱之為科幻的 時光旅行 這一發現(發明)可依次 讓人前往過去和未來,並可以進入浩瀚的宇宙 而這些都是迄今不可能發生的事 。在這些事件後,新的人類將會被發現,而地球人類將無疑的會從這些外星人那裡學習到深不可測的資訊,因為這些外星人明顯比地球人類具有更高的智慧。

Developments in every field will progress rapidly and result in the creation of artificial, biological intelligences that will be utilized for the guidance and handling of all apparatuses, devices, electronics, machinery including flying craft and vehicles. By this time there will be no concern of these biological intelligences becoming independent to later endanger terrestrials as it will be the case with the robot people, who will no longer be of any use and be exterminated without further ado.


The time will then come when all space stations and satellites orbiting the Earth, Mars and Venus will crash. This will be the result of the Sun's ever decreasing activity having changed to such an extent that monumental gravitational changes of all planets will occur, even to the Sun itself. Scientists will be working at record levels to find solutions for the changes, but they will be unsuccessful. Yet, they will have success in as much as they will discover an incredibly important factor in the Creational formula. Thereafter another danger from space will threaten the terrestrial world, this time from the depths of the central Universe. The danger from this threat will become evident only much later, however.


Prior to this event, terrestrial humans will place artificial suns into orbit around the Earth, albeit far beyond the customary distance. Terrestrials will not have much luck with these satellites either, for one of the artificial suns will begin to glow due to severe damage and scorch large regions on Earth. In turn, the aftermath of these events will dangerously affect Earth's atmosphere and produce an oxygen deficiency that precipitates worldwide riots. From this catastrophe another will evolve because the scorched land and lack of oxygen cannot remain without consequences either. The catastrophe will affect the economy and the entire food processing industry and will result in a famine the likes of which the world has never seen nor experienced over the past thousands of years.


This will signify the beginning of the end for conventional space travel, for barely one decade later time travel, through the advancement of technology, will become routine. Millions of light years will be bridged, that is, traversed, without any time loss, and human beings will no longer experience limitations in their conquest of distances. This also is the time when geriatric research, through genetic reverse-manipulation, will release the human population from the premature aging's curse; a curse that was brought about, long ago, in the initial fighting peoples' genes by the gene manipulators, the "creator-overlords".

因為科技的進步,幾乎在這十年之後“時光旅行”將成為家常便飯,這將意味著傳統太空旅行時代的結束。 百萬光年的距離可在一瞬間穿越而沒有任何時間上的損失 人類將不再受距離的限制 這時也是基因研究高度發展的時候,透過基因的逆向操作,人類族群將 從提前老化的詛咒中解放 這是一個很久以前的 詛咒,在最初被那些“創造主”竄改基因而使人類成為好戰的族類。

This reverse manipulation will afford Man an even longer life span than that achieved by terrestrial geneticists through prior procedures, whereby human lives increased to an average life expectancy of four hundred years. These new achievements will produce an extremely long human life expectancy of thousands of years. In the ensuing few years the time will come when intelligent ocean dwellers will begin to contact human beings and communicate with them, and a new race of terrestrial inhabitants will thereby be founded. Then the time will come when aggressions with Martian inhabitants will begin and result in the actual launching of attacks on the colonies. These events will be followed by fifteen years of relative calm, finally bringing good fortune to the Earth's human inhabitants in their quest to find their actual origins.

由地球遺傳學家透過基因逆向操作的程序,使人類的壽命得以延長,藉此人類的 壽命預計延長到平均 400 這是千百年以來人類所成就最長的壽命 。在隨後的幾年,棲居海洋中的外星人將開始與人類接觸溝通,而地球上也將發現一個新的人種。之後,由於火星的居民開始侵略地球,導致地球對該殖民地發動攻擊。而在這些事件之後的十五年,有段相對平靜的日子,這最終為地球人類在他們尋求自己實際起源這件事上帶來好運。

A terrestrial space expedition will penetrate into the regions of Sirius and discover, or rather locate there, proof of the Ur-Ur-Ur-ancestry of the human beings on Earth, who previously were procreated through genetic manipulations in ancient times by the Sirius "creator-overlords". This discovery will reveal that over many millennia, the terrestrials' ancestors fled across long twisting paths, found the SOL system and began settling there. Thus, humankind on Earth will eventually find its direction back to its origin - which, of course, will not suddenly resolve mankind's problems by any means.

地球的一項太空探勘將遠達天狼星區域,因而發現地球人類最初祖先的證據 —— 那些在遠古時期由天 狼星的 創造主” 竄改基因所產生的人類 這項發現將揭示千萬年前,地球人類的祖先跨越又長又曲折的路途逃離家鄉,最後發現了太陽系並在那裡定居下來。於是,地球上的人類終於找到了自己的方向,回到了他的發源地。當然,這也不會馬上就有辦法解決人類的各種問題。

Of course, linked to this discovery will also be contacts with very distant ancestors of the previous "creator-overlords", as well as other intelligences from Sirius that will, by then, no longer lead to the pursuit and slaughter of the genetically-manipulated descendants, the terrestrials. The contacts will lead to a collaboration instead, resulting in the previous genetic manipulation's definitive reversal. This action, in turn, will result in the birth of new descendants who will be normal and no longer be degenerate. The circle finally closes and Man will become a true human being, in equilibrium with the negative and positive.

與這個發現必然有關的,就是同時與遠祖 的“創造主” 以及其他來自天狼星的智慧生命 有所接 。到了那個時候,不會再發生基改人的後代(也就是那些來訪的地球人)被追殺的情況,反而會因為這些接觸帶來一項合作,結果是將以前竄改的基因作了最終的逆轉。這一行動將導致人類新生代的誕生,他們將是正常而不再墮落的人類之前的循環最終結束,地球人將成為 真正的人類,包容了正面和負面的平衡狀態

The reversal of this previous degeneration-gene manipulation, along with the continually climbing overpopulation, precipitated even more so by the extraordinary human longevity, will result in plans for the eradication of those humans in whom the genetic reverse manipulation had not yet been performed, on Earth as well as on all other worlds colonialized by terrestrials, and space stations inhabited by them. This eradication will transpire in the same manner previously proclaimed and demanded by responsible individuals a very long ago: A worldwide halt in the birthrate over a seven-year cycle. Within this framework, only parents whose degeneration was previously eradicated through genetic reverse-manipulation will be permitted to procreate.


Only those individuals, therefore, will be legally entitled to sire any offspring. Illegal pregnancies will be assessed as the most abhorrent crime, punishable by death to the guilty parties. This concept will only come about as an inescapable law five years before the period when complete authority over planet Earth is placed into the hands of the administrative sphere within the Sirius alliance, and enforced therefrom.


Nonetheless, in these distant days ahead, Earth scientists will be ambitious; they will fulfill new objectives, make new discoveries, and capture chemistry's last remaining secrets. Despite the incredible knowledge that extraterrestrial intelligences will have passed on to the terrestrials, by far not every mystery about everything will have been penetrated or unraveled. Therefore, research will continue into all facet including that of astronomy, and scientists will subsequently penetrate to the center of the Milky Way to investigate its secrets and those of the Black Hole.


The Sun's activity will increasingly cause more concern, as it becomes notably weaker and unable to provide sufficient energy to supply Earth and Mars with light and warmth. In these distant, future times artificial suns will routinely orbit the Earth at a considerable distance so as to brighten and heat its surface. This situation will not remain benign either as one can deduce from an event that will occur seventy years after capital punishment for illicit procreation becomes law, when two of these artificial suns will destructively collide with one another, inflicting severe damage.

太陽的活動將逐漸引起更多的關注,因為它明顯在變弱,而無法提供地球與火星足夠光和暖的能量。在這遙遠的未來,人造太陽將以一段相當遠的距離定期進入地球軌道,以照亮及加熱地表。這種情況不會始終保持在良好狀態,這些人造太陽的其中兩個將會毀滅性地相互碰撞,造成嚴重的損壞,而這會發生在非法生育成為法律並處以極刑的 70 年後。

These, then, are the overall predictions for a succession of future centuries, whereby the sequence of these enumerations has become somewhat intermixed, and only the most significant future events are mentioned here. In addition to these events, many other things will transpire concurrently, e.g., of a political, military, religious, scientific, evolutionary and cosmic nature; the prediction that the terrestrial social formats of states still prevalent in 1995 will be abolished and replaced with new programs, whereby the individual no longer must personally make provisions for his or her old age through his personal finances, because society, or rather the federal state, will pay for it.

那麼,這些就是 對未來世紀的整體預測 其中列舉的 時間順序已經有意加以混淆 只有最重大的未來事件在這裡被提到 。除了這些事件外,許多其他的事情將會同時發生,例如在政治、軍事、宗教、科學等方面乃至於在進化和宇宙本質方面;目前( 1995 年)仍然盛行的國家社會形式,預測將會被取消而換成新的形態,從此 個人不再一定要 透過他們的個人財務 為自己的晚年預作安排 因為社會(或者更確切地說是聯邦國家)會支付一切

A very inexpensive energy source will increase food supply production to the point where food can be distributed without charge. More of this incredibly inexpensive energy will be generated than Man on Earth can utilize. The cost of living will therefore drop to nearly zero. Pension plans, for example, along with other financial support systems, will become redundant, if for no other reason than the fact that virtually no income will be required any longer for a person's livelihood. At this point money will completely lose its value for these very same purposes, except for the fulfillment of personal pleasures, i.e., for recreational and pastime activities, etc.

一種非常廉價的能源將增加食物供應的生產,達到食物可以免費分配的地步 這種超級便宜的能源,其產出將遠多過地球人的耗用,因此生活費用將下降至幾乎為零。舉例來說,退休金計劃連同其他金融支持體系將會變得多餘。如果沒有其他原因 一個人的生活幾乎不需再有收入的必要 在這一點上,除了類似這些目的;像是為了個人的享樂,也就是說,為了娛樂和消遣活動之外,金錢將完全失去其價值。

Nevertheless, such actions will not produce solutions to every monetary problem to the point where money will be totally eliminated as legal tender once and for all. People from Earth will continue to be caught up with their thoughts of using money in the near and more distant future; and many hundreds of years will be marked by its use, although two attempts to completely eliminate money will be initiated. These endeavors are doomed, however, because Man simply does not wish to detach himself in the near future from money and wealth.

然而,這些行動將不會為每一個貨幣問題提供解決辦法,而達到一下子將“金錢作為法定貨幣”完全淘汰的地 步。地球的人民在不久和更遠的未來將繼續重拾他們使用金錢的想法;而且它在好幾百年中仍在使用,儘管將有兩次嘗試要完全淘汰金錢制度,然而這些努力註定不易成功,因為人們根本不希望自己在短時間內遠離金錢與財富

For this reason, all related efforts will be undermined because gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and other valuable, still undiscovered metals, precious stones, jewelry and other items sold illicitly, which will ultimately lead to the collapse of the attempts to abolish money. Money may eventually be prohibited by law in the distant future; such a development is just as predestined to occur as the one in the near future when the breeding of animals will be abolished. Geneticists will eventually discover a method that enables plants to produce the animal protein required by human beings. Scientists will finally realize that this process is actually feasible through genetic manipulation. This realization is to be expected very soon, although its enactment will not occur until much later.


Blame for this delay can be placed on the anti-genetic-manipulation gripers who, insanely and incomprehensibly, are against gene technology and gene manipulation. Anti-gripers' efforts must be blamed, therefore, for the burden upon life for long-time mass-breeding, mass-transports and mass-tortures of billions of animals. The solutions brought about by vegetable-animal protein production and a perfectly acceptable meat substitute could have been effected long before through gene-technology to be marketed as food supplies, were it not for the decades of insane anti-griping efforts that impede these actions. The blame for the suffering of many billions of animals must be directed toward these idiotic gripers until they are ultimately forced into silence and kept quiet. Only then will the ills of mass animal breeding and all other related tortures for animals find an end.

這些延遲,都是那些反對基因改造團體惹的禍,他們瘋狂且不可理喻地反對基因科技和基因操作 。因此,那些反對基因改造運動的團體必須受到譴責,因為他們促成了長時間以來大規模的養殖、大規模的運輸與 大規模對數十億動物生命的折磨所形成的負擔 人類對肉類的需求,可以透過「蔬菜 — 動物」蛋白質的生產和 一種完全可以接受的肉類替代品來解決 如果不是因為幾十年來那些瘋狂反對基因改造的運動阻礙了這些行動,這是可以經由基因科技作為食品供應推向市場的長期作法 。白白造成數十億動物的痛苦,這個過失必須直接由那些愚蠢的反對團體來承擔,直至他們最終被迫閉上嘴保持安靜。只有這樣,大規模動物養殖的弊病,以及其他所有對動物相關的折磨才會終止


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