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Asket's Explanations - Part 8   Asket 的解釋(第八部分)


接觸地點: Jmmanuel時代的耶路薩冷

Synopsis  摘要

Billy continues to converse with Jmmanuel in the year 32 in or near Jerusalem. This is the final part of Asket's Explanations.




But now please just tell me how things stand with your teachings. How should they be described and what is still correct within that which has been handed down? It is indeed said in the New Testament that you are the son of God; and that God himself embodies Creation. Also, in these testament texts, God is always even spoken of as the Heavenly Father and you are spoken of as the redeemer of mankind, and so forth. Everything is quite confused and often even absolutely illogical and paradoxical.



213. Truly, you say it.


214. I already told you that Judas Iscariot's text, which contained sections of my teaching, was stolen.


215. This text will be the basis of all falsifications.


216. Presently they are also continued, in a falsified manner, by the Pharisees and scribes and are not completed according to my teachings.


217. The reason that this is happening is truly, however, only in order to falsify them now - and even more at a later time - to the point of being unrecognisable, and also to use them against me in court.


218. As I therefore speak and teach of Creation the texts are being falsely modified in such a way that mendacious words are put into my mouth, and I am supposed to have spoken of a father in heaven, the gathering of a host of angels and many other false things.


219. But I have never done that because these forms do not correspond to the truth.


220. I have always faithfully spoken of the truth of Creation as being of Creation, and of God as being of God.


221. God was never put on a level with Creation by me, because God is a creature of Creation as are you and I and every other human.


222. In his form, he is a King of Wisdom and a ruler over human races, in the same way that a king or emperor also is a ruler over human races on Earth.


223. But Creation is the immeasurable secret and the Creation of every creation.


224. It is omnipotence, knowledge, wisdom, love, omniscience and BEING.


225. And my teachings speak of it alone, when I talk of it and its laws and recommendations and of the power of eternity.


[Translator's note: sentence 226 is omitted in the original.]


227. Truly, this alone is the truth and nothing else.


228. But, in your time, when everything is handed down differently, then that corresponds to an evil deception and abominable falsification on the part of the twisters of the texts and false teachers.


229. Truly, the point of the falsifications lies just in the slander against me from the side of the scribes, Pharisees and priests in order to have me die on the cross.


230. But the further reason also lies in the fact that, through these false and twisted teachings, the humans of Earth are to be beaten into serfdom so that they are caused to succumb to poverty in regard to knowledge and reason, whereby they will be able to be shamefully enslaved through belief so they can be exploited in evil ways.



They are really very profound things. But how is it then with religion in general? I find, that in spite of the monstrous falsifications, still various things handed down are quite good when seen from a religious point of view. And when I thereby speak of religion, then I mean really the religion itself, not, for instance, the dogmas and other false teachings. By that I therefore mean that which, in your language, you more aptly designate as cults. Apart from this cult, I find that that which one must designate as religion quite good or at least partly quite good.



231. Truly, you are not inferior to me in my teachings.


232. It is as you say.


233. The reconnecting things, therefore the religions, are of great value for allowing the human to recognise knowledge.


234. The reconnecting religious values always are, and remain, the values of the spirit and therewith wisdom.


235. But these religions must be free of misleading cults, from dogmas and false teachings.


236. Normally, religions themselves contain matters concerning the knowledge of the spirit, natural and Creational laws and recommendations in pure forms, while cults, dogmas and other unreal teachings, which are based on unreal assumptions and assertions, are of purely human origin.


237. That means that religious teachings, in the form where they are constructed by means of dogmas and other kinds of false teachings, are wrong in every respect because the religious teachings themselves also become falsified through that which is not real.


238. A religious teaching itself can only be valuable and truly instructive if it is free of dogmas and human false teachings as well as other nonsense, and is brought together with the relegeous.


[中譯者註:relegeousrelegeon的延伸詞,而relegeon沒有英文釋義,FIGU詞典裡的標準意思是:the rejoining to rightness,直譯為:重新歸向正義;或可簡譯為:正道。]

239. But in my time as in yours, religion is fundamentally wrong, and only relegeon alone can be useful.


240. Religion always remains wrong for these times, and only relegeon finds true legitimacy.


241. This will continue until the truth is again purified and religion and relegeon can again be united.


242. The reconnection and the joining-together-again - therefore, religion and relegeon - can only then constitute a harmonic unity when dogmas and other false teachings and all human nonsense is removed from them and destroyed.


243. Humans of your time already recognise this profound truth and search out the pure-religious facts in the false traditions in order to process them into a form which recognises knowledge.


244. However their powers and cognitions in this regard are still in their very beginning stages, and largely they are still trapped in their cultic and false religions whereby they become greatly confused and are not able to separate the chaff from the wheat.


245. They certainly know about the falseness of the cultic religions and about the truth of the truthful religions, yet they are still too trapped by that which pertains to cults for them to be able to free themselves from them.


246. So, unfortunately, they always still seek the truth of the truth on the wrong paths and do not recognise that this lies much closer to them than they suspect.


247. Truly, that is unfortunately so in my time and it will also be so in your time.



My thoughts are in accord with yours. But it will be very difficult to convince humans of this truth.



248. Truly, that is so.


249. But the truth will always have to be fought for.


250. My time, however, is exceeded for today and I must go on my way.


251. But we will see each other again and speak of very many things yet.



I hope so because I still have very many questions. But in closing, may I still ask you one single question?



252. So be it.



When you came along here to Asket, Jitschi and me, you practically simply passed over Asket with the conversation and since then she simply sits here near us and listens to our words. Do you have certain grounds for behaving that way, and do you not believe that Asket must feel somewhat neglected by that?



253. Truly, truly, these words arise from your feelings.


254. The girl is in peace here as are you and I and we are all equal.


255. Nobody feels neglected in our circle, so also not this girl here.


256. But Asket has brought you here into the past for very definite reasons, because you should recognise the truth and not her.


257. She herself knows this truth in every detail and therefore requires no explanations.



36. It is as Jmmanuel says.



Then I am reassured, but what should we do now?



258. Follow me and stay close to me.


 (Explanation from September 5th, 1975, Hinwil


That is also what happened, and we followed Jmmanuel and his group.


(During our conversation, Jitschi had formed a friendship with Jmmanuel's followers, and, for the time being, no longer concerned himself with Asket and me.)


Explanation from September 7th, 1975, Hinwil

Eduard的解釋,寫於197597, Hinwil

Unfortunately, the further reports of the contacts with Asket must be interrupted here. The reason for that is that I can no longer locate the old reports from the year 1953/1964, as I have obviously hidden them too well. Should I no longer be able to find them, then I will have to discuss with Semjase what should be done. Therefore I will try to come into contact with her in order to ask her.


Note from Translator   英文譯者的註記

The next day, September 8th, 1975, Billy made telepathic contact with Semjase, making it the 32nd official contact. He explained his problem with the lost transcripts and, after some discussion, Semjase suggested to Billy that perhaps Asket could, once again, transmit the lost reports to him. Semjase then provided the below advice.


Please note that the following two numbered sentences (20 & 21) are not included in Wendelle Stevens' book, Message from the Pleiades, consequently, the small remainder of subsequent translated sentences naturally became wrongly numbered, therefore, for instance, the final sentence in Contact 32, in FIGU's Kontaktberichte Block 1, is called number 27, but the corresponding sentence is numbered as 25 in the Stevens book.

請注意,下面兩句(2021)沒有被包含在Wendelle Seven的書《Message from the Pleiades》裡面,因此,書裡隨後的語句編號也錯了,因此在 32次接觸報告裡,FIGU的接觸報告,第一卷裡,最後一句標號是27,而在書中是25

This marks the concluding section of Asket's Introduction and Explanations, being pages 303 - 360 in the Plejadisch-plejarische Kontakberichte, Gespräche, Block 1.



20. Later we will simply weave in that which is missing from the reports with Asket, if they are transmitted to you from Asket.


21. Should that not be the case, then that is no longer of significance, because, to my knowledge, the further conversations with Jmmanuel covered things with which relate to his history, and so forth, as well as to facts which, anyway, are not of great significance for the Earth humans to know - apart from exceptions.



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