Contact Report 152


• Contact Reports volume: 4 (Plejadisch-plejarische Kontakberichte, Gespräche, Block 4)

• Page number(s): 301-304

• Date/time of contact: Wednesday, the 4th of November 1981, 6:47 PM

• Translator(s): Benjamin Stevens

• Date of original translation: September 28, 2009

• Corrections and improvements made: Benjamin, 8/27/10

• Contact person: Quetzal


A telepathic contact where Quetzal conveys the monthly contribution finances for the core group members.

This is the entire contact. It is an authorized but unofficial translation and may contain errors.

A Thought Transmission Contact


1. Due to the lack of necessary time for a direct contact, I reach you telepathically today.

2. The arrival of our Lyran and Vegan forces, who take over our tasks on the Earth for the time being, makes a lot of work for me, which is why I lack the necessary time for a personal appearance.

3. I call you today because I would like to confirm to you my decision in reference to my calculations regarding your monthly financial contributions, still before your next meeting.

4. I have taken all such concerns to hand again and analyzed them in great detail.

5. The result of my clarification showed that the calculated data are of correctness, which is why they should be respected by all group members.

6. In this regard, as I know, you've already drafted a written list, which you have wisely made available to me as a copy.

7. This list corresponds to my calculations, and it was correctly made by you.

8. Every group member should think about these calculations and act accordingly, for it is of necessity.

9. Furthermore, I've thought about the further use of various group members again because this use is still repeatedly unsatisfactory.

10. So far, I have not yet found a solution for this because these issues are more complicated to handle than what might be assumed at first thought.

11. Regarding Thomas, however, I've gotten the same result as before, so I can only confirm to you what I have provided as an arrangement for him.

12. Henceforth, he has to carry out 2 full night watches per month, which last from midnight until the break of dawn.

13. In addition, he should still be assigned to another half of a night watch, in order to create a balance with the other night watchers.

14. Both full night watches should be completed by him in each case on the nights of the first and third Saturday to Sunday, while the remaining half of a night watch occurs through the division.

15. Furthermore, it is to be said to Thomas that unpleasant things work in him, and it is his duty to resolve these.

16. There is no need, however, for me to explain more about it, for he knows enough about it already.

17. What is otherwise still to be said is that the progress and success of the group in all aspects has started off well in recent weeks; however, much more attention still has to be paid to the fact that the given ordinal rules actually become observed.


18. Occasionally, tendencies still exist among the individual group members not to observe the ordinal rules and, instead, to violate these and make exceptions to these.

19. This, however, may not appear; rather, it needs to be corrected in every respect.

20. Now, my friend, I would like to inform you that all of our replacement forces have arrived here and that I have already issued the first instructions and tasks, so already in a very short time, I will find enough room for me to talk with you personally, face to face.

21. From everyone, I am to send you dear greetings, as well as all group members.

22. They are all glad, as well as we, that now, everything with you can still be steered onto the right track and that the first successes have already become apparent.

23. This statement also lies in my own personal sense.

24. And since this is so, I would now also like the group members to understand that we will again be ready in the next year or the year after that to do some demonstrations, which should specifically be for the group members and during which films and photographs may be made, as was formerly the case, before the unpleasantness was at hand.

25. Nevertheless, this commitment can only have validity if the overall efforts continue on and all obligations are fulfilled properly, which also refers to the study of the teaching as well as to the meditation exercise, which, unfortunately, isn't always followed and was entirely omitted by a group member, which must now be fixed by him most urgently.

26. These are the concerns that I had to explain to you today and which should still be inserted into your clarifications at your next meeting.

27. Now, until the next personal meeting, my friend, until we meet again.

Billy's Down to Business, Serving Information to the Whole Core Group

Quetzal explains the following:

1. Elsi complains constantly about the poor state of her finances, and indeed, as the only member of the group.

2. But the fact that she has placed herself into this bad financial situation, she doesn't want to see this with all of her often stated reasons.

3. In particular, she doesn't want to see that she can bring in the necessary financial means for her private interests and for the group interests just by accepting a steady job, through which she earns an income 5 days a week.

4. It is now urgently necessary that the group members can make Elsi understand that she has to give up her temporary work and, at last, rationally search for and take over a full employment.

5. Nevertheless, should she not do this, despite the present need, then in the future, she should refrain from complaining about her self-inflicted, bad financial situation, and she should also, which should otherwise be expected, fulfill her financial obligation to the mission and the group, without constantly complaining as the only group member and falling behind in the obligations.

Internal Contribution List

This monthly contribution is to be provided during the next 12 months of the coming year of 1982, so from January, 1982 up to and including December, 1982, after which this contribution can then be reduced again, according to a list.

Louis has promised Bernadette that as of January, 1982, he will take over a full month’s contribution within the scope of the principal payments.

According to Quetzal, in accordance with my proposal that I made for him, Louis' monthly contribution can and should be integrated into the amount of the principal payments, so these instead of capital rises and falls.

As of January, 1982, the following will be paid:

Elsi [amount hidden from public viewing]

Jacobus [amount hidden from public viewing]

Madeleine [amount hidden from public viewing]

Bernadette [amount hidden from public viewing]

Engelbert / Maria [amount hidden from public viewing]

Louis [amount hidden from public viewing]

Then, with the same six (6) principal payers, the monthly contributions as of January, 1983 remain the same for four years, without a change to a lower contribution, after which the debts to be paid until then will have been settled.

Monthly Contributions of the Other Group Members

To this end, I have submitted my proposals to Quetzal, which he hasn't accepted, however, according to which he raised the contributions among all, with the explanation that these contributions must be made in a steady form and that these are calculated in such a way that they can, in fact, be paid by the individual contributors. An evasion and non-payment cannot come into question, as Quetzal says.

For this, still the following:

The Swiss Civil Code states the following under Article 71, II, Contribution Obligations:

The contributions of the members shall be determined by the STATUTES. As long as there is no such determination, the members have to make necessary contributions in equal shares for the pursuit of the association’s purpose and to cover the association’s debts.

According to Article 62, III, since the 17th of June, 1978, the Free Community of Interests has been an established association in the form of a legal entity but as a simple society, according to which, in spite of everything, legislation is arranged in Switzerland.

If we would now go exactly by the law, without the lawfully modifiable contributions of the group members, then according to the current expenditures and debts of FIGU, every single member would be obliged to make a somewhat higher monthly contribution, whereby this also couldn't be reduced in the case of double-income married couples, and these would, therefore, have to make a double contribution each month.

By our statutes and ordinances, we can now define the contributions in such a way that this legal obligation doesn't apply and, thus, henceforth apply the approaches that Quetzal has established, with the explanation that these contributions can actually be paid by the group members according to his overview, etc.

If the entire amount needed comes in when others are still working, then their contributions can, in turn, be integrated into the principal payments, thereby lowering their contributions. And the more that individual group members voluntarily raise their monthly contributions, the more that the principal payment contributions can be reduced, which are really in enormous heights. A little group sense and sense of togetherness would only be beneficial in this case. (So says Quetzal.)

The incidental expenses, together with the fixed payments per 1982 and every month of this year, will be calculated by Quetzal. This amount, then, is for repairs, new purchases, mission work, material, etc., etc. and should be collected and provided by small payments.






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