Contact Report 151


• Contact Reports volume: 4 (Plejadisch-plejarische Kontakberichte, Gespräche, Block 4)

• Page number(s): 296-301

• Date/time of contact: Monday, the 12th of October 1981, 12:07 AM

• Translator(s): Benjamin Stevens

• Date of original translation: September 28, 2009

• Corrections and improvements made: Benjamin, 8/27/10

• Contact person: Quetzal


Quetzal talks about true love, marriage, and sexual relations.

This is the entire contact. It is an authorized but unofficial translation and may contain errors.


Man, you came back pretty quickly. It was only on Saturday that we had a contact together. What brings you here so urgently?


1. My coming is of urgency because there are, yet another time, unpleasant things at hand, which could once again lead to signs of declines in the Center and, thus, among the group members.

2. It is very unfortunate that such incidents occur again and again when new members are chosen.

3. This time, it concerns Thomas, for whom I already had to attach a complaint.

4. In anticipation that he would rebel against the issued orders and ordinal rules, I've endeavored since Saturday morning around a detailed inspection of him.

5. It became apparent with this that he rebels against the orders and that he wants to share a corresponding document with you.

6. In the course of this present day, you might receive this letter from him, but which you shouldn't deal with in more detail but rather hand it over to the responsible person of the group, so the group's managing director, who is competent and responsible for this.

7. The managing director has to take this important matter to hand and make it clear to Thomas that he is in the wrong and that he cannot continue living in this way as a group member.

8. Exceptions cannot be approved any more, not even for him; consequently, he also has to adjust himself into the given ordinal rules.

9. One exception immediately leads to the next exception for him, and the order is already broken again.

10. We ourselves as well as the long-standing group members have collected enough experiences in this to know that this is actually so.

11. Just one exception would inevitably lead to the beginning of a new destruction, which is why none can be allowed.

12. Thomas is of the mistaken assumption that he can have special privileges for himself because he has set himself in a certain closer connection with K., even though he must realize what the ordinal rules mean for all those who are to be regarded as group members or as those interested in the teaching and so on.

13. The ordinal rules and the house rules, however, are also valid for him, so his ideas which he wants to submit to you are not acceptable, namely that he only wants to visit the Center during visiting hours on Tuesday, in order to be together with K.

14. However, this is just as unacceptable as also his idea that he could spend each Friday night to Saturday sleeping with K., without having to complete the established night watch or to work then on Saturday morning.

15. He is a core group member, and as such, he is incorporated into the regulations of the group and, thus, into the statutes and ordinal rules and house rules, which he has to follow and to fulfill.

16. However, if he does not follow these from now on, then the statutory period is to be granted to him as a time to reflect and change, after which he is to be excluded from the group upon a failure to follow the rules, in accordance with the statute articles which state that the Center must remain closed to him in the future.


But I can't give him the report to read because your order is that the reports may only be handed over to the group members once a month, so that also in this respect, more order will finally prevail.


17. That is of correctness, and this rule also shouldn't be broken, without exception.

18. What can be done, however, is that in important concerns, the chairperson orders the respective group members to himself, in order to read aloud the necessary details of each of these reports, but without handing over these reports for the personal inspection of the individuals concerned.

19. However, this should only be handled in such a way in urgent cases, and Thomas is currently such an urgent case.


Then I've acted wrongly.


20. How am I to understand that?


Thomas asked me if he could examine the latest report pages. I then told him that this wasn't allowed, as a result of your order that the reports may only be released once a month at the meetings.


21. Your explanation was of correctness and, thus, represents no wrong action, even if Thomas, in his irrational and almost childish rebel's sense, thinks that he could personally demand from you that you must provide him with the transmissions, which he will also address in his letter, like also the threat that he wants to take up a personal fight with me if I am not in accordance with his will.

22. For my part, I find that such threats and demands are more than just malicious and destructive and can only find a corresponding punishment, which, nevertheless, falls to the judicial power of the group's board of directors.

23. Such degeneracies just cannot be tolerated in the group because they inevitably lead to new destruction, as was ever the case.

24. Especially now that very much in the group has fundamentally changed for the better and that every single member of ours and also all group members endeavor very joyfully, such rebellious and destructive outbursts may not newly appear or even be tolerated.

25. And in order to suggest all this to you another time and give you the task of talking to Engelbert as managing director about this, I'm back again so quickly.

26. And Engelbert should regulate this matter with Thomas because as chairperson, this is his duty, along with the remaining available board of directors.


However, Thomas will unreasonably bring his association with K. into play.


27. Nevertheless, no exception can be made, and moreover, Thomas knows the given rules as well as any other group member.


But then, I have a question: how do you handle such cases on Erra?


28. We know of no such problems because every human being on our world abides by the unwritten laws and commandments.


And how do they see it or what do they say when two people "are good for each other," as they say?


29. They say that two people who come together and suppose that they can develop deeper feelings for each other have to determine, during the time of three years, whether these feelings are actually existent or not.

30. After this time, they are examined by authoritative experts of the matter, after which then, in the case of a mutual, logical consistency of feelings, love, etc., the two can be joined together in marriage.

31. The period of three years is divided in such a way that every 7 days, the two see each other once for several hours - depending on time availability - personally and seeing each other alone and spending this time at their sole discretion, but it is absolutely excluded that they spend this time sleeping with each other or even having sexual relations.

32. Such activity is only acceptable when the test gives the assurance that they will close the covenant of marriage, which won't be the case with Thomas and K.

33. If two such people perform an activity that always or occasionally brings them together during the weekly seven days, then nothing is to be argued against it, but at the same time, a personal togetherness isn't allowed.

34. The reason for this is that each of the two should always have time during six days to thoroughly rethink and reconsider all of the insights and experiences experienced on the seventh day.

35. Then, in addition to this, after two years, there comes a 12-month separation period, during which the two may not see each other.

36. As a rule, they work on different planets during this time, in order to maintain sufficient distance and to have time to think.

37. Then, only after this, there follows the aforementioned test.

38. Other harmless physical contacts as well as communicative forms are, of course, allowed at any time.


I think that this regulation has a lot of value in itself. This might also work on the Earth, when human beings of the Earth think a bit rationally.


39. That is of correctness; it's just that the Earth human beings, unfortunately, very often let themselves be guided by wrongly-produced and wrongly-imagined feelings, by which they just as often become of the confused and incomprehensible view that they couldn't live any more without those human beings whom they've chosen as partners.

40. And that's where the crucial point begins:

41. The Earth human being chooses his partners incorrectly, which leads to divorces in more than 50% of all cases.

42. The law of love, however, says that each of those partners should come together, who are vibrationally determined for each other by true feelings in life.


That is clear to me and also to most of our group. But with the majority of humanity, a lack of clarity still prevails.


43. That is known to me, but not only in this respect, as even in reference to sexual interests, confused views sometimes prevail.

44. It is even supposed that sexual relations only really occur when the chosen partners are suitable for each other.

45. This, however, is a very bad and misleading fallacy of wrong thinking and wrong understanding.

46. Just sexual relations call forth malignantly deceptive feelings in human beings, which they generate themselves by lustful, pleasureful thoughts.

47. Particularly with female life forms, this very often leads to dependence on the respective partners because they draw false conclusions through their falsely generated feelings and become of the faith that their sex partner is the right one.

48. In truth, sexual relations are only of correctness when clarity prevails in every way, with regard to love, feelings, and sensations, etc. and when a lifelong partnership in the form of a marital union is certain.

49. If a sexual relationship is first begun and exercised then, then it represents the crown of love – in the form of connecting fulfillment.


You've said that wonderfully. It could be from Semjase or Menara.


50. Even we men are capable of saying the right words about these things.


I've also just noticed that. On the Earth, that is, unfortunately, not possible.


51. I wouldn't claim that because the Earth human being is also so far advanced that there are men who can truly express these things in good words.

52. But now, my friend, it's back to the time that I remember my tasks and, therefore, must leave you.


Then farewell, my friend, and very dear thanks.


53. Until we meet again, I will come back in a short period of time.






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