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A.D. After Disclosure —
When the Government Finally Reveals theTruth About Alien Contact

真相揭露過後 ——
當政府當局終於坦然公開 曾與外型文明接觸過的真相


英文版出版日期: 2012 5 22

 Introduction     內容簡介

Thousands of books, all debating whether UFOs are real or just figments of our imaginations, have been published. This book is not one of them.


More than six decades into this quiet revolution, we can now see the outlines of a reality that has been sneaking up on us, one step at a time.

這場無聲的革命,迄今已進行了六十多年 ,而如今我們可以看到那正在步步逼近中的真實景象

The issue that was hushed up by one generation, then turned into an object of derision by another, now demands to be heard straight in ours.


Since the first major wave of UFO sightings in 1947, the number of people who believe that UFOs are of extraterrestrial origin has steadily risen. Today, a majority of Americans, as well as other global citizens, believe this is so, and at least five percent claim to have seen a UFO.

自從 1947 年幽浮目擊事件所引發的第一波風潮以來,相信幽浮是天外訪客的人數就平穩攀升。如今大多數美國人民和世界上其他國家的人民都相信上述觀點,而且全球至少有 5% 的人聲稱看過幽浮。

The evidence that something strange has been happening is voluminous and convincing. All you have to do is look for it. Through the years, determined researchers have forced the release of classified reports prepared by the U.S. government and other nations. These accounts tell a story of contact through the eyes of thousands of professional witnesses, such as law enforcement, military pilots, and even astronauts. Most people now reject the theory that all sightings can be explained away as weather balloons, swamp gas flares, ball lighting, or mass hallucination. Instead, they have settled on one conclusion: Some UFOs appear to be intelligently controlled physical craft of some kind from some place that is not here.


Accepting that as our starting point makes our book different.


A.D. After Disclosure is the first project to focus on what might happen after an announcement that UFOs are real.


Even if you are skeptical about UFOs, or (if you believe in them) doubt that the secrecy will end any time soon, this book should still engage you. Consider it a fascinating “What if?”


What if UFO secrecy were to end? How would that change our world?


No secret can last forever. Our society is changing so fast, so completely, that we will be unrecognizable a mere century from now. In such a world, with intelligent computers, advanced quantum computing, and nearly unforeseeable developments in global communication, can we really believe that a secret such as the presence of an alien intelligence on Earth can continue to remain hidden and undisclosed? At what point between now and then do we cross the threshold of knowing the truth about UFOs, and having an open acknowledgment of them in our world? It might be as soon as next week, or as long as several more generations, but it won’t be forever. It will happen. The wall of official denial that has been in place for more than half a century is now crumbling.

沒有永遠的秘密 。我們的社會變化是如此之快又如此徹底,僅在百年之後我們就會物是人非。目前的世界,有智慧型電腦,有先進的量子電腦,此外全球通信的發展幾乎無可限量,我們真能相信,地球上存在外星智慧生命這樣的秘密,可以長久保持而不被揭穿嗎?什麼時候我們會跨越秘密之門,揭開幽浮的真相,公開承認它們存在於這個世界?快則下周,慢則幾代人之後,但不會是永遠。它遲早會發生。矗立了半個多世紀的官方否認之牆,目前已正搖搖欲墜。

And yet, an acknowledgment that “UFOs are real and some of them are not us” will not end the debate. It will only lead to more questions, and mark a new phase of the mystery.


Will Disclosure lead to social panic? Undermine religion? Destroy the stock market? Or will it lead to revolutionary new technologies, extended life spans, and world peace?


If alien civilizations have sent their own explorers across the universe to visit us, who are they? What do they want? And why would some of our people keep the news of their arrival from the rest of us? What will unmasking a truth of this magnitude do to our reality, our way of life, our culture, our society? Could it be that these beings are not “visitors” from another part of our universe, but full-time residents of our world already? Are even stranger physics involved, such as dimensions or time travel? Any such revelation will be a game-changer of monumental proportions. Unlike 9/11 when we said everything changed, in this case it really will. Full Disclosure could usher in an age of human unity or one of greater global conflict. It could lead to paradise or hell.

如果外星文明送出了探索者穿越宇宙,來拜訪我們,他們會是誰?他們想要什麼?為什麼我們的地球同胞要封鎖他們到訪的消息?這一事實真相的揭開會給我們的現實、生活方式、文化以及社會帶來什麼影響?有沒有可能他們並不是其他星球的“來訪者”,而已經是地球的常住居民?其中是否涉及某些特殊的物理現象,如維度時空穿梭?任何這樣的揭秘都會帶來里程碑式的顛覆。不像在 911 事件時,我們說一切已經改變,而這次,一切才是真的改變了 。完全揭秘可能引發全人類的團結,也可能導致空前激烈的世界大戰。可能上達天堂,也可能墬入地獄。

Those are the questions that have kept us up at nights; because we wanted answers, we have written this book. Both of us feel that our previous research has led us inexorably to this project. We may now be believers in UFO reality, but we did not start out that way. We followed the facts where they led.


Richard Dolan has a graduate degree in history from the University of Rochester, where he studied U.S. Cold War strategy, Soviet history, and international diplomacy. He was writing a book about U.S. national security policy during the early Cold War when he became fixated on the issue of UFOs. His research evolved into UFOs and the National Security State, a multi-volume historical study of the attitudes and policies toward UFOs by the military and intelligence community, and the fascinating development of citizen movements to end UFO secrecy.


Bryce Zabel grew up near McMinnville, Oregon, just a few miles from the spot where two of the most famous UFO photographs in history were taken. Even so, as a TV network correspondent and investigative reporter, he started as a skeptic. Yet, he found his mind opening when his research for several high-profile film and TV projects suggested to him that UFOs were not science fiction, but science fact. He created the NBC TV series, Dark Skies, wrote the SyFy Channel’s first original film Official Denial, and worked with Steven Spielberg on Taken.

布萊斯扎貝爾在俄勒岡州的麥克明維爾附近長大,距史上最著名的兩張幽浮照片的拍攝地點,僅幾英里之遙。即便如此,作為電視台通訊記者和調查記者的扎貝爾,一開始也是懷疑論者。後來他為幾部引人注目的電影和電視節目進行了大量研究,意識到幽浮不是科幻小說而是科學真相之後,他拓寬了視界。因此,他導演了 NBC 電視連續劇《幽浮檔案》,編寫了科幻頻道第一部原創電影《幽浮 X 檔案》的劇本,並與斯史蒂芬史匹柏在電視劇《劫持》中合作。

Throughout both our careers, we have each sifted through the evidence, listened to the believers and deniers and, frankly, done the homework that investigative journalists and university scholars should have done, but which few have tried. And while the work has been rewarding, it has never been easy, and has often been troubling.


A detached review of the proven evidence, much of which is freely available in once-classified documents released through the Freedom of Information Act, tells us that militaries from around the world have been plagued by UFOs. There is no other way to characterize these events. Time after time, sensitive and restricted air space has been the scene of violations by objects tracked on radar and seen visually by base personnel. Attempts to intercept have often been made, typically ending in failure. The documents describe these unknown objects as performing maneuvers that would have destroyed our best fighter aircraft. UFOs could hover indefinitely, and then accelerate instantaneously. Witnesses often described them as roundish or disk-shaped, giving rise to the term flying saucer.

現有證據大部分都來自《資訊自由法案》頒布之後公佈的機密檔案,以超然心態來分析這些證據,可以發現各國軍隊都被幽浮問題所困擾。 除此之外,沒有其它方式來解釋以下一系列事件。雷達跟蹤到,地面工作人員也親眼看到飛行物一次又一次侵犯敏感和管制領空。當然軍方會試圖攔截,卻往往以失敗告終。根據檔描述,這些不明飛行物足可摧毀我們最好的戰鬥機。幽浮可以無限制地在空中盤旋,並瞬間加速。目擊者通常將其描述為圓形或盤狀,以致逐漸出現了“飛碟”一詞。

To read one or two such reports, we might well be inclined to dismiss them as mistakes: unknown natural phenomena, equipment malfunctions, or some other error in perception. But hundreds of such reports have come down to us. Their tone is serious. Higher level military and intelligence personnel discussed them and were left perplexed and sometimes distressed.


The general scenario is clear. Advanced technology has been traversing the Earth. Regardless of who it belongs to, it is technology that is not supposed to exist—and yet it does. Moreover, those individuals in strategic positions of power were able to create and maintain a system of secrecy designed to keep the rest of the world in the dark.


Was it right to keep this secret from the people since the 1940s? To laugh at people who saw what they saw, to make them feel small and ridiculous for speaking out? To transform the most important information of our time into fodder for stand-up comedy?

20 世紀 40 年代起,一直對民眾保密是否正確?嘲笑那些說出真實見聞的人,讓其覺得說出事實是荒謬卑微之舉是否正確?把我們這個時代最重要的資訊變成笑料素材是否正確?

No, it was not. Perhaps, after the truth is known, there will be efforts to bring some of these secret-keepers to justice. More likely, however, many people will shrug their shoulders and reflect that they might have done the same thing had they been confronted with the problem of UFOs. They will also find, as we have in the course of our research, that the problem of UFOs has seldom been clear, and never simple.


And yet, whatever the reasons for keeping us in the dark, we deserve to hear the full story now. We deserve to make our own plans. The truth may be wonderful, or it may be disturbing, but whatever it is, people have the capacity, and more importantly the right, to learn it and act upon it.


In any case, we as a society will learn it. The structure of secrecy, when it falls apart in the months or years ahead, could disappear with astonishing speed. One day it will be there and the next it will not.


Those who have held this secret for so long need to understand that the river of time cannot stop, and that truth cannot indefinitely be denied. The day is coming when they will be forced to come clean, and it is best for them, as well as for humanity, that they do this sooner rather than later. We will need all the wisdom, foresight, and time possible to make a smooth transition to the new reality, After Disclosure, or A.D.


To the group of beings we have come to call the “Others”—whoever and whatever they are—we want to remind them that, whatever their attitude about the human race, our scientific trajectory may soon enable us to leap into their world. It may well be that, at some point in the future, they will be forced to answer to us for past transgressions, or we may be thanking them for past services rendered. Either way, the human race is poised to advance to the next level of civilization.

對於我們稱之為“外來者”的這一生命群體 —— 不論其為何人何物 —— 我們希望他們瞭解,無論他們對於人類的態度是什麼,我們科學的發展會使得我們很快進入他們的世界。在將來的某一天,他們可能會被迫為過去所犯的錯誤付出代價,也可能因為過去的幫助接受我們的感謝。不論採用何種方式,人類已準備好推進到文明的下一階段。

If there is a final thought to the journey of A.D. After Disclosure, it is a couple words of advice: no fear. That means: Do not be afraid to express your views regarding the reality of other intelligences interacting with humanity, for the truth is that more people believe this than you realize. Do not fear the secret-keepers, for they are people, too, who have generally done what they have out of the belief that it was best. Also, do not fear their power, as they are not infallible, and time is against them. You have your own resources to marshal the truth. Do not fear the Others, either, no matter what that truth may be. Whether they are angels, demons, good, bad, or indifferent to our fate, do not fear them. You lived well enough up until now, and you will survive well enough after the Great Change. Above all, believe in humankind, in our ability to face unexpected challenges, in the strength and wisdom that reside within us, waiting for the moment to manifest.

在本書編寫過程中,我們還有最後一點想法;一個簡短的建議:無所畏懼。這就意味著:勇敢表達其他智慧生物與人類互動的觀點,因為,事實上,相信外星人存在的人比你想像的要多。 不要畏懼秘密的保守者,因為他們也是人,他們的所作所為通常是因為他們相信這樣做是最好的辦法。與此同時,不要為其權勢所攝,他們並非絕無謬誤,時間會證明一切。你也有自己的資源來整理這一真相。同樣,不論真相是什麼,也不要畏懼“外來者”;不論他們是天使還是魔鬼,是善還是惡,是否對我們的命運無動於衷,都不要懼怕。到現在為止,你的生活過得足夠精彩,大揭秘之後,你的生活也依舊會精彩無限。總之,相信人類面對未知挑戰的能力,相信我們內心深處的力量和智慧,等待大放異彩的那一刻。

Although the nature of this book is speculative we have worked hard to keep such speculations informed and supported by solid research. You will notice, however, that some of the sources we refer to are listed as “confidential,” rather than by name. Although we wish this were not so, there are many people who have been touched by this cover-up who do not feel comfortable speaking openly, either because of past oaths of secrecy, fear of personal jeopardy, or ridicule. We want our readers to know that, through our professional training in the fields of history and investigative journalism, we have applied standards of credibility to such comments. Only those individuals who cross a threshold of reliability have been included. Hopefully, the day is not so far away when all people can speak openly on this subject.


Because we are seeking, in a sense, to paint a picture of how we believe the future will look, we have added a series of vignettes, and have placed them between the chapters of this book. These fictional depictions are meant to convey some of the ideas we are expressing, and we hope that they help the reader form a concrete idea as to how Disclosure might affect our world. Better still would be to help the reader form his or her own ideas more clearly.


A final observation about this unique study: After assessing the probable transformations that will affect our society and ourselves following Disclosure, we have gained a deeper appreciation for why UFO secrecy has been maintained for so long. In that sense, even if Disclosure were never to happen, or at least never to happen as we think it will, we feel this book is of value by demonstrating the multifaceted, revolutionary nature of the UFO phenomenon. You may not agree with all of our examples, scenarios, or conclusions, but we welcome the debate.


We are, however, confident that the truth will come out. We are not alone. And the Others are not light years away, some kind of cosmic penpals chatting by radio telescope. They are here, now.


The day will come when humanity reviews its history and divides it between everything before the truth was spoken out loud and everything A.D., or After Disclosure. Soon enough, we will all be living in the brave new world of life after contact.



Richard M. Dolan
Rochester, New York

Bryce Zabel
Los Angeles, California

理查 多蘭

布萊斯 扎貝爾

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