The Spiritual Teaching in Everyday Life

An interview with Billy Meier


The following interview with Billy Meier, the only authentic UFO contactee and the prophet of the new time, was filmed at the Semjase Silver Star Center in Hinterschmidrüti, Switzerland. Billy's face-to-face contacts with the Plejaren extraterrestrial human race began in 1942 and are ongoing for more than 72 years.

以下資料是比利邁爾在瑞士HinterschmidrütiSemjase Silver Star Center接受訪談時錄製的,他是唯一真正的UFO接觸者兼新時代的先知。


The purpose of the contacts is to help us assure our own very threatened future survival. The means for doing so are contained in the non-religious, belief-free spiritual teaching, at the heart of which is complete self-responsibility for our very thought, feeling and action.


【訪談內容】:The Spiritual Teaching in Everyday Life

QWhich virtues should a person learn and express in life?


AFreedom, harmony, love, sincerity, self-awareness, self-respect, self-esteem, these are the values, but do you see, there are the things one must do.


QWhat can you tell us about singing as a form of communication?


AThat is a very good method, singing then you can communicate with people who have at least a bit of harmony, harmony in oneself and harmony for the people around you.


QWhy should the human connect to the mission?


AWhat I have to say is, the same thing I have said many times before in the past, one has to connect to the people with the teaching, the mission so they learn all the values of life, the creational laws and recommendations, so the natural-creative laws and recommendations that they are learned and analyzed, that they are followed and applied. So that the human being one day becomes in himself peaceful, harmonious, balanced, has love for himself, has compassion for himself, is honest with himself, has esteem for himself, that he is not egotistical, but that he is good and lives in dignity, and expresses all of those values to his fellow human beings.

答:正如同我之前多次說過,我必須要說的是,一個人必須運用使命中所提供的教導與他人共處,這樣他們才能學到生命的真諦;也就是造物的法則與建言creational laws and recommendations),當他們學習和分析了創造自然的法則與建言之後,就會去遵從和運用。這樣人類有一天將會在他們之中實現和平、和諧、平衡,變得愛自己、充滿激情、誠實面對自己、尊重自己,成為一個不妄尊自大而善良且有尊嚴的人,並對所有其他人也表現出同樣的美德。

QEgoism, is it always negative/bad?


AEgoism is, as a rule of thumb, good and bad. When it comes to maintaining life itself, then a certain form of egoism is necessary. Self-egoism, to keep oneself alive and go through life, for what you need as food and fluids, material for knowledge and development, etc., etc. In this case a self-egoism is needed and justified. However, when a form of egoism is expressed, which harms one's fellow human beings or oneself, then it is negative.


QIs Negative always bad and positive always good?


AEverything has two sides. A good side and a bad side, a positive and a negative side. Negative is not always bad and positive is not always good. We have four meanings. negative and positive, and bad and good. And you have to specifically define these values according to the right situation. when something is good then normally you would say it is positive. But it does not have to be positive in such a framework that the positive gives a strong energy. Something can be good in a normal reasonable way, without a strong and forceful energy behind it. And with the negative and the bad it is exactly the same.


QWhat can you tell us about the future development of man and woman?


AThe development in regards to man and woman. In the distant future, not today, not tomorrow, not the day after tomorrow and also not next year, but in the not so distant future, the woman will gain dominance in relation to governing the world. Then the women will be the "strong men". However this is really necessary. You know, when you look back over the last 10,000 years and think about it, then we had only 250 years of peace in these 10,000 years and war in the remaining 9,750 years. If women would have governed or had been in the governments then certainly it would have been much better. Because women are much more sensitive fine-feeling, etc., etc.,. They are generally not so power hungry as the majority of men. Then one can expect that when women come to power, then they take the rudder, when they take control, that everything becomes much better. However, this requires that amongst the people, between men and women equal rights must come into being. This is very difficult, because men always want to dominate. This is already so for thousands of years women have been suppressed and they have defended themselves against it, which also resulted in war, when a few women seized power and were annoyed, bad and negative, malicious, etc., etc., and created hatred against the men's world which resulted in war again. But when the time arrives that this will really happen then a lot will change for the better. It's already visible in present day in corporations, etc., that where women are in power business is conducted better and more humanely than in the case of men.


QCan prophecies be changed?


AProphecies change because they are not fixed. Prophecies are not predictions. Predictions will happen with 100% certainty. You also know this from the predictions made in the contact notes. Prophecies are something totally different. It's a possibility, which can occur when people continue their ways as usual then prophecies will fulfill themselves. If actions and behaviors are changed into a better form then the whole, in relation to the prophecies, also don't have to fulfill themselves.


QWill the prophecy about the Pope fulfill?


AUntil now, it is not according with the prophecies, so many things have happened that, for the time being, these things will not fulfill. Because many things have changed.


QWhat is the difference between prophecy and prediction?


AWhen it comes to predictions it is so they have been seen in the future how it really will occur. When a prediction is made, it will happen with 100% certainty. Then there are also the probability calculations, in which, for example, you can calculation within 70 or 80 percent about event, which will occur if the present course is maintained in the future. It's basically like a prophecy. However, It's based on a calculation, which is named a probability calculation. A prophecy is solely based on cause and effect. A cause will lead to a certain effect when everything continues in the same way. Then the law of causality will come into play. So cause and effect is also a prophecy.


QWhen does the spiritual teaching start in human life?


AIn principle, the spiritual teaching starts at the birth of the human being. Yes, by the parents who explain the things to the children, neither in a missionary nor in a forceful way, not by "Gewalt", but in love, honor and worth. by explaining in a simple manner, how the natural-creative laws and recommendations function; how the human must behave; how his conduct must be; how his behaviors must be; how he should think;how he must feel, etc., etc. This already starts right after birth. Moment. However, this should never be hammered in as with a religion or a sect. It must be free and in love without coercion, Gewalt and influence. It only may be an explanation.


QWhy is it so important to study the spiritual teaching when evolution already happens?


AThe spiritual teaching contains many natural-creative laws and recommendations, which are explained in the spiritual teaching in such a manner: what the human should learn, how he should learn, what he should live and how he should live. This applies to the whole life of the human being. When the human follows the spiritual teaching, these are guidelines, laws and recommendations, which should be followed. First they all need to be studied, which is important, so it really stays in one's memory. Also it needs to be understood and be logically followed, i.e. it must be applied. This enhances the speed of evolution. The more a person learns, the more rapidly he evolves. You know that, Amy knows that and the two gentlemen know that. Everyone who has a little rationality understands this. The more one learns, the more knowledgeable the human being becomes. The essence of knowledge becomes wisdom.


QCan you tell us more about the effects of swinging-waves between people?


AAh, those are swinging-waves of sympathy and antipathy. These are swinging-waves, which emanate from thoughts and feelings and from the psyche, which can hit people around you. When people are sensitive, fine-feeling enough, then they can perceive these swinging-waves. When a person is sympathetic, the other person will be happy to see him. When a person is antipathetic, then the other person will be not happy see him. Then vexation results. When an unsympathetic person comes then a disharmonious mood will result. However, when a sympathetic person comes, the mood will become peaceful and harmonious. In the negative case, it will be disharmonious.


Qwhy do some people find the spiritual teaching and the mission earlier in life than others?


AThis is actually an easy question, and to be answered easily. Every human is completely different than the others. Every person has a completely different intelligence from the other. And so his intellect, his rationality, his intelligence are completely different in all ways as there are people we have 8.3 billion people on this world, which is called with you trillions, 8.3 trillion people, by us 8.3 milliard people and every person is profoundly different that no one has the exact same values, interests, etc., not the same knowledge, etc., so everything is completely different. Some have a little intelligence, the other has so much intelligence, the other has a bit more intelligence, etc. With the interest for any things, be it the spiritual teaching, or whether it concerns reality and it's truth or whatever cause, etc., it is so different and no one is evolved in exactly the same way as the person next to him. There are 8.3 billion differences amongst the people. So there will be people who are more consciousness-related developed than the other. He will come forward much earlier with questions concerning the spiritual teaching, life, etc., etc., and the other who is less developed comes somewhat later to these questions. According to the consciousness-related evolution, also forms an interest in creative-spiritual concerns, etc., natural-creative laws and recommendations, for the way of life, for the study, for knowledge, or something else.


QWhy did the mission at the present time start in the northern hemisphere?


AIt is not simply limited to the northern hemisphere but it addresses the while world. However, since ancient time it was determined that the next teaching would be brought, so the ancient teaching of the prophets, teaching of truth, teaching of the spirit, teaching of life, as it is called, in the new age, is not brought in an underdeveloped country, but in a country with a good education, where peace prevails in the whole country. From this place, in this case, Switzerland, from this place everything is spread over the whole world. We have contacts in the whole world. We have contacts in the whole of Europe, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Italy, Austria also Belgium, Holland and Russia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, etc.; we also have contacts over there where we disseminated the teaching; also in Japan, and recently also in China. Then in Nigeria, Israel and many more countries and of course in America and Canada.


QWhy does the mission seem to be based in the northern hemisphere?


AThe northern hemisphere is a more secure location, because in the southern hemisphere practically everything is in turmoil. South America, several countries of South America, over there , Arabia, Africa, it's everywhere the same over there. The certainty that one can spread the teaching in a good and better way from a place, that's naturally Switzerland, in the northern hemisphere. Which I forgot to mention, sorry.


QWhy do you keep on working so hard even when you have fulfilled the mission more than was expected?


AAt present time, we have a completely different time than 2,000 more years ago. Currently we have many possibilities in technical ways, for example, the internet. We have computers, which one can use to write with, so this must all be used. This means that much more work has to be done than in earlier times. It was originally planned that I should write 8 books, however there are now more than 50 books. hundreds of articles, booklets, etc., etc., and this technology that we currently have must be utilized. The time which is given to us to spread the mission in this way, which was not possible in earlier times, when something was said, then someone was needed to write it down, when no time was left to write it down oneself. Also at present time I write down everything myself, not the other ones. or that I have my computer and in the past my typewriter. This is how its done in the present time. Because these possibilities are given, it's my personal opinion, much more must be done, hard work has to be done, and we should not sit down and take it easy, as we say.


Qhow many children should a family have at the most?


AA family should not have more than three children. Also at present time, which is given from ancient times, not 10, 20 or even 25 in one family as may be found here in Switzerland, in one family, which is completely insane. A family should not have more than three children. Another reason is that the children need to get the right attention from their parents, their surroundings, from school, etc. So the children are instructed correctly, so the children can learn, which is no longer possible if there are more children. Also the attentiveness of the mother and father cannot be given equally to all children when there are more children. On the other side it prevents overpopulation. When there are only three children, then everything balances out with births, deaths, rebirths, etc. When more children are conceived, then an ever-increasing overpopulation comes into being. That is the fundamental thing, which should be confined by means of a worldwide birth stop regulation. That on one side the overpopulation is reduced, so everything is arranged in such a way, that in a family children are allowed to be conceived only at a certain time, this is the only humane way to reduce the overpopulation. So more deaths occur that births. And when the normal population is reinstated then the birth control has impacted in such a way that the human finally grasps what is common sense and rationality and how it should be enacted, so no more children are begotten like rabbits or guinea pigs, or mice, which conceive offspring en masse. So just three children per family. if, e.g., a man has multiple wives, if there's bigamy, that he can have three children per wife, but no more than that. But in the so-called civilized world monogamy rules. Also in a monogamous marriage only three children are allowed. Simply three children per woman.


QShould people conceive children by means of artificial insemination?


AArtificial insemination is not correct. It's against the laws and recommendations of the creative nature. There is no life-form in the universe, except the human being who is so insane, as to do artificial insemination. No animal does that, only the human beings. The human being also does this with the animals; artificial insemination.


QWhat recommendations are there for people who want to have children?


AThe rule is that people who don't want to get married and do not have children. They should not bring any children into the world. When two persons are together, whether married or not, when they are a couple, a unity, are in an alliance, then they have the right to have three children. About single mothers who have no binding with a man they should not bring any children into the world. Not because it would be forbidden, forbidden from a natural-creative viewpoint, but simply because every child needs not only a mother, but also a father. When there are single mothers, there's usually the problem that no father is present; that he does not care about the children. Those children as a rule will have a much more difficult life in order to achieve something in life than children who have a father and a mother. It's not forbidden that single women can have children. Absolutely not, it's not written down anywhere, and no natural-creative law says that. However, taken from a purely human perspective this should not be the case because when there is no father present who can also care for the child together with the mother, the child will have difficulties in life. This is basically the rule.


QWhat can you tell us about people of two different races having children?


AThat depends on the people in their surroundings, whether there is racism or not. Basically, mixed race children from two peoples are absolutely not a problem, only should it not be done excessively that two peoples mix with each other on a grand scale so individual peoples do not lose their identity. But when mixed race children are created, it's not problem. They are human beings like any other human beings regardless if they are mixed children or not, it does not matter. They have the same obligations and rights like anyone else. The problem is racism, the hatred of foreigners, which is very strong on this planet, especially in Germany and in America and Russia, it is very strong also with the pure Islamists. I do not speak about the belief in Islam, but I speak of the Islamists who are degenerated and cause terror, etc., etc., which has nothing to do with the believers in Islam. The Islam is a religion like Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, etc., etc. This is the big problem that we have on this world. You can see this concerning the Neo-Nazis, widely spread over there in America, especially in the big prisons is the Aryan brotherhood, etc. Big problems. They are responsible for destroying everything. This is also applies to the Ku Klux Klan, this will go on for a long time, unfortunately. You know, in America, e.g. the Aryan Brotherhood is a powerful organization, just like the Ku Klux Klan, the same as the mercenaries, legionnaires, etc., and the crackpots, which cause terror, such as AL-Qaeda, all around the world it's the same problem in this regard. Then there are also crackpots in the governments who do things, which are completely wrong and fuel much more hatred and drive further everything evil, which can now be seen in Syria, where the world is silent, they only have big words regardless if it's with NATO or the EU, or UN or any state. Instead of doing the right thing, only nonsense and stupidity is committed.


QAre international peace-combat troops the only correct way to bring peace?


AYes, international peace-combat troops are the only correct way, which has the right to create peace in every country as soon something comes up to disarm armies so no war and no terror can be committed and the people in power, for example Assad in Syria, must be taken out of office. arrested and deported. They must be banished. These thing are simply not done. Humanity just watches how thousands, ten thousands, hundred thousands of people are murdered and nothing is done. Secretly weapons are provided, so that they can kill each other, etc., etc.


QWhy does the subconsciousness create a dreamworld, which the consciousness does not understand?


AThe subconsciousness and consciousness do not work together in such a way that the consciousness can understand what the subconsciousness brings. The subconsciousness, as a rule, brings symbolism. This symbolism must be explained by thinking, by dream interpretation, etc., etc.


QWhy do dreams stay a mystery for the rest of our lives?


AThis is because they are symbolic; dreams, as a rule, are always symbolic and they must be explained by dream interpretation, or they remain unanswered.


QWhat should one do with dreams, which appear to be unrealistic?


ADream, which are (appear) unrealistic, are also symbols, which need to be interpreted. Many times all dreams appear to be unrealistic, however they must be explained by means of dream interpretation.


QHow can we understand what is hidden in our dreams?


AThat's difficult, also the same rule applies on this, it is the interpretation, which is needed to interpret dreams to explain them in order to see what really is hidden in the dreams. if it concerns a daydream when events of the day are repeated symbolically or if it deals with certain dreams, which contain things from the future, or about an event, which has occurred or will occur, whatever it is, it is very difficult to find out. This requires a lot of thought in order to interpret this. One needs to know the dream interpretation symbolism, etc., etc. and have enough fantasy to explain the dreams, to see and to fathom what is hidden in the dreams.


QHow we can put might in out thoughts?


AMight is automatically in a thought. It's a force, an energy, which develops a force, which also means it's a might. Force, might, energy is automatically in a thought. One does not have to develop them separately; it matters if a thought is concentrated or not, if it's to the point and concentrated or not.


QWhat is the truth about Mohammed and his alleged 9-year-old wife?


AMohammed never had a 9-year-old wife. This is all a lie. It's all a lie, all made-up. Mohammed never took a child as his wife.


QHow many wives did Mohammed have?


ANo, there were not many. It was only Aisha, she was the main wife in his life.


QWhat will happen with the Indonesian islands and the Bahamas?


AAll those islands will sink in the ocean. In the course of time this will happen, it won't take long anymore. It is becoming increasingly worse with the rising water because of the melting of the glaciers, the melting of the North Pole, the South Pole and Greenland melts, which will cause a rise of the sea level and will flood the Indonesian islands.


QIs this a collateral effect?


AYes, that is also a collateral effect of the whole, the storms that will appear, through earthquakes, etc. The islands that are very low and have no elevations, will be flooded by the ocean, because of the increasing sea level. Through the melting of ice, there is more and more liquid water and the islands will be flooded.


QWhy do the Plejaren discriminate and not allow study groups in America?


AThere is no discrimination. However, it was so that in America a question was asked via Lee Elders, to the American government that they could have contact with the Plejaren through me to get answers, to ask questions, etc., to promote development. This was refused. This is the reason why the Plejaren want nothing to do with America. When the Plejaren say that they don't want it, then it will stay that way. They do not change their position back and forth.

答:這裡並沒有歧視。但是,是因為在美國,Lee Elders問過美國政府一個問題,讓他們可以通過我聯繫上Plejaren來問一些問題,得到一些答案,來促進發展。但是美國政府拒絕了。這就是因為這個,Plejaren決定不再與美國有任何關係。當Plejaren說:他們想就保持在那個樣子(不想改變),那麼就保持那樣。他們不會輕易改變自己的立場。

QSo it's not forbidden to have a study group in America?


ANo, it's not forbidden. However, nowhere in the world is it so hard and difficult as it is in America to form a study group because the people think and act differently than is truly needed and that would be possible to form a group. We have tried to form a study group in San Diego, which was completely destroyed. The exact same happened to Los Angeles, Oklahoma and Florida. The people in America are unable to adjust to a special system. They have crazy thoughts about freedom, which is in fact not freedom at all but which is in fact coercion, etc. This is why a group never came off the ground and broke up over and over again. The only person who really stuck to the case for 25, 30 years is Michael horn. And that's why he was granted the same rights as a Land Group. This means he can translate books and writings and sell them in the United States. With other groups, which consisted of multiple people, it did not work because of crazy thoughts about freedom and order dominated. So no order and no true freedom can be created in the group. That's why it must fail - and groups again are destroyed. This is the crazy American way of thinking, just as it is with the death penalty, a completely crazy way of thinking. Yes, very crazy thinking. In this way, a group cannot be created. There is a certain set of rules, which must be followed to have a special order and that is not possible in America. This can be seen in the politics over there, the organizations, which cause turmoil and terror, etc.; everyone wants to cook his won soup(everyone wants to do his own thing). If everyone does his own thing, then it causes differences, fights, strife, etc., etc., so no order can be created and no good thing can come about. And then it's broken up and destroyed by the people themselves who want to start something. This already happened for times in America, with four groups. And then somebody comes who wants to be the big boss, playing the guru; that's an impossible thing. There cannot be a boss only members in a group with the same rights, no one acting as boss; that's an impossible thing. There must be a prevailing democracy. Thoughts must be free and each human being must be allowed hi/her own opinion and discuss it with others and find the best in that. When something is decided then it must be right for everybody.

答:不,沒有禁止。然而世界上沒有其他地方比在美國成立學習小組更困難的了,因為人們想的和做的和成立一個小組所需要的大不相同。我們在聖地牙哥嘗試過成立學習小組,但被完全破壞了。在洛杉磯,奧克拉荷馬和佛羅里達都發生了同樣的事情。美國的人們不能夠適應一種特殊的體系。他們有著關於自由的瘋狂想法,而那實際上根本不是自由,而是強迫。這就是學習小組建立起來後,又一次次地被破壞了。只有一個人在這個案子上堅持了2530年,他就是Michael Horn。這就是為什麼他被允許和Land Group同樣的權利。這意味著他可以翻譯書籍和其他作品,可以在美國出售他們。而其他小組,包括了許多人,由於他們瘋狂的關於自由和支配的想法,這些根本行不通。因此,在小組裡根本就沒有秩序也沒有真正的自由得以建立。這就是這些小組註定失敗的原因。許多小組先後被毀掉。這就是瘋狂的美國思考方式,正與關於死刑的想法一樣,一種完全瘋狂的思想。非常瘋狂。這樣子的話,小組就建立不起來。小組需要一套規則,組員必須遵守它,以便形成一套特殊的秩序,而這在美國是不可能實現的。我們可以在那裡的政治和組織裡看到這些問題,這些問題造成了混亂和恐怖等等;每一個人都想要按照自己的方式來行事。如果每一個人都按照自己的想法做,會造成意見不合、鬥爭、爭吵等等,因此沒有秩序,就沒有好的結果。還有,一些人來小組裡想要當老大,裝大師;那是不可能的事。在小組裡,是沒有老大的,只有擁有同等權利的組員,沒有人可以作威作福;那也是不可能的事。小組裡必須有廣泛的民主。思想必須是自由的,必須允許每一個人發表自己的意見,並且與大家討論,從中找出最佳方案。當做出決定的時候,這種決定必須是每個人都認可的。

QIs the United States government better with Obama as the president?


AIt is not better in the government with Obama's presence. Obama has good ideas, but he can't realize them because too many around him work according to the system, which destroys everything over again. A president can bring good ideas to win peace, or to bring something like the healthcare insurance then come the successors and revers everything. Completely insane. This is possible in America, but is not possible in Switzerland. In Switzerland the people have a voice, the people make decisions. In America those in the government and the rich make the decisions. This is very bad, this can never result in a real democracy in this way.


[Excerpt from contact 593, august 2nd. 2014]



Then something different: You have told me recently , that Barack Obama is no longer the same man as he was at the beginning of his presidency.



That's correct, because he was psychologically transformed in his thoughts and wishes by all those who have an direct and indirect influence on him.



So he changed his mind.



Yes, at least in several political concerns.



It is a fact that through his adversaries, who come from within the Democratic ranks, as well from the "Tea party", the Republicans, the defense powers, the military and consultants, etc., without being aware of it, he has undergone a brainwashing, which lets him swing now like a pendulum according to their will. So he cannot implement his earlier ideas anymore because the resistance has become so blatant that he can no longer resist it.



QWhat kind of fights and challenges do the Plejaren have in their federation?


AProgress is given over there exactly as it is given here, however vastly more developed than here on Earth, and so they no longer have battles, or wars, if you mean that, in their entire federation. There is no terrorism, no criminality, and no wars.


QHow do the Plejaren advance their consciousness-related and mental development?


AThey are all obligated to learn according to the natural-creative laws and recommendations for their personal development, to develop mentally, etc., etc. To get to know the natural-creative laws, to understand them and to follow them. As human beings, naturally the Plejaren also have their problems, which they have to master. Also, in regards to the upbringing of children and the care of children and everything possible. They also have problems like everywhere else just not in such excessive form as is the case here on Earth. Over here everything is so illogical and exuberant, which is not the case over there. If problem occur or differences of opinions, then this happens in a set framework so it cannot degenerate. Here on Earth, when problems occur, they, as a rule, degenerate because of illogic, or jealousy, or because of hatred, etc., etc. Unfortunately.


QDo the Plejaren use medications/drugs to recover from psychological shocks?


AWith the Plejaren, they do not use drugs/medication. When shocks occur, then they are solved by means of psychology. And the people are trained from childhood to keep their own behavior under control and when things happen, they solve the issues themselves in a rational manner. And when that is not possible, then the good psychologists are present to help them to overcome such shocks. However, as a rule, the Plejaren are capable to overcome such shocks themselves when they occur. This is also possible here on Earth, it all depends on how a person has been raised and according to his education how he has learned to handle himself in a psychological way. Unfortunately neglected here on Earth so there are only a few people capable of treating themselves in a psychological manner and who won't flip out. With most of people, when it happens to them, they have never learned to view themselves in a psychological way and treat themselves in a correct psychological manner.


QIs the father more important than the mother in the upbringing of the children?


AFather and mother are equally involved in the upbringing of the children however the more important part, with regard to life itself, lifestyle, way of living, comes from the mother, because the mother is directly involved with the children, because she gave birth to the children and in this way she can teach them better with regard to the overall mentality, behavior, learning and explaining of the natural creative laws and recommendations, etc., etc. This is far more important part, which is given in life, with regard to the behavior of the offspring, the children, because the father has totally different tasks, which concern themselves with the direct life, the material, etc. Of course, this is also important, but this has nothing to do with the modes of behavior, to show humaneness, to build feelings for other and oneself, to learn and nurture love, etc., etc. This is the concern of the mother, which is much more important that just the material. However for the upbringing, both are needed and important, the father and the mother, but the mother has a bigger role in relation to the upbringing, which focuses on the humaneness, love, honesty, with regard to the self-consciousness, and everything related to what is to be taught to the children by the mother by means of the upbringing/education.


QIs it always healthy to walk barefoot?


ATo walk barefoot is always healthy. However this should happen on natural ground and not on a rock-solid surface or something like that. You can also walk on a wooden floor, etc., etc. But the natural ground is the healthiest for the people to walk on. With shoes, with boots, with sandals and what all is not the healthiest. The healthiest is still walking barefoot. However in present time this is hardly possible because everywhere there are roads of concrete or asphalt and similar, sidewalks and promenades. So shoes are needed, especially in the summer when it's hot when the streets and the sidewalks get hot, which the feet cannot tolerate anymore. Then you need something under the soles like shoe soles, etc.











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