The Peace Meditation    和平冥想

Saalome gam naan ben uurda, gan njjber asaala hesporoona!

Peace be on Earth, and among all beings!


Old Lyran written as: Salome gam nan ben Urda - gan njber asala hesporona!
pronounced as: Saalome gam naan ben uurda gan njjber asaala hesporoona!
English: Peace be on the Earth, and among all created creations!
Deutsch: Friede sei auf der Erde, und unter allen Geschöpfen!

老天琴星人(Lyran)寫下了:Salome gam nan ben Urda-gan njber aswala hesporona!
發音為:Salome gam naan ben uurda gan njjber aslaa hesporoon!
德文是:Friede sei auf der Erde, und unter allen Geschöpfa!

Introduction   介紹:

In the spring of 1984, FIGU members in Switzerland began meditating with the so-called PEACE MEDITATION. Organized by our extraterrestrial friends from the Plejares, this peace meditation was intended to initiate a turn for the better in the terrestrial humankind's future. The intent was that through the emission of powerful and logical impulses, a positive polarity can be forged to counteract the negative "force field" surrounding the Earth much like a huge bell, which influences the terrestrial population and all nature. This negative force field was established, and continues to be entrenched, by several centuries of religious-sectarian, extremist and deteriorated terrestrial human thinking. To reverse this negative energy, therefore, the concept has been to produce dynamic "counter impulses," which the extraterrestrials would send to Earth via a telemeter disk hovering high above the Semjase-Silver-Star-Center, coupled with some other devices and the assistance of over 3.5 billion humans within the Plejaren federation. We, at FIGU, have since discovered that by initiating this action the concept has obviously proved to be successful. To this end, and a bit further along in this text, we provide excerpts from the actual contact conversations which took place between Ptaah and Semjase, respectively, so as to illustrate their reasoning behind this matter and other relevant background information.

1984年春天,FIGU的成員開始了一種叫和平冥想的活動。和平冥想是由來自Plejares的地外友人組織所發起,目的是為致力於地球的人類能夠轉變到更好的未來。其意圖是通過發射有力並充滿邏輯的脈衝能量logical impulses),產生一種正極性(正義之氣,正向能量)來中和像一口大鐘一樣環繞著地球的負面力場negative force field),該力場一直影響著地球人類和大自然。很多世紀以來的宗教宗派思想,極端主義和惡化變質的人類思維方式,形成了這種負面的力場,它還在不斷加強。因此,為了逆轉這些負面能量,概念就是產生一種動態的反脈衝能量counter impulses,然後外星人通過懸浮在SSSC中心(Semjase-Silver-Star-Center)高空的遙控飛碟,以及借助其他設備還有Plejaren聯邦的35億人的冥想幫助,將這種能量傳給地球。在FIGU,我們自從發起這個活動後發現這個概念已證明是成功的。為此,本文將進一步地提供一些與PtaahSemjase接觸報告的摘錄,用來闡明該事物背後的推論和其他相關的背景資料。

Since terrestrial humankind, for better or for worse, is accountable for its own condition as well as for that of the planet, it is accountable also for the healing process. For this reason we call upon every rational and responsible human to participate in FIGU's Peace Meditation. The more people who become involved, the greater and more powerful will be the positive-neutral force!


While we do not wish to trigger or put any fear into people: Threats of World War III and other disasters have not been eliminated! Continuous and immensely diverse efforts on everyone's part will be required for a long time to come, so that one day in the distant future, terrestrial humankind will think and act in a more peaceful manner.


Since every turn for the better, or the worse, is always a consequence of every individual's decisions and efforts, the motto for all rational people should be to keep idle hands active. They must not allow themselves to be prodded along the path of life like a herd of sheep under the influence of their collective instinct. Indeed, they must shape and direct their own destiny. Therefore, anyone who lives by the foolish and misanthropic maxim "after me the flood" should instead say "live and help live," which we offer here to indicate that rebirth (reincarnation) is not merely a speculative, philosophic theory. Reincarnation is a fact and can be proven through logic. All human beings will repeatedly incarnate on Earth (regardless of whether one willingly acknowledges this or not), and in their rebirth they will re-enter the precise type of world they helped shape in the past. And it matters little whether their assistance in shaping the world was active or passive, destructive or constructive.


The Peace Meditation in practical terms


Who can participate?


Anyone can participate in the meditation who possesses a clear, material consciousness (which must not be impaired by drugs, alcohol or a severe psychological illness). It is imperative that the decision to participate in the peace meditation is completely voluntary. Participants, say, a child for instance, must not be commanded into joining.


How old should the participant be?


As soon as a child is old enough to comprehend the issues (and only if the child willingly and voluntarily requests to participate).


What is the schedule of the Peace Meditation?



[經編譯者比較之後,建議參考上列連結的的二項;也就是澳洲的FIGU Australia網頁中敘述的時間,因為地理位置與時區較為接近台北時間(僅有23小時的時差),故將原文與翻譯如下:(尤其是請行參考B選項)]

A. Semjase-Silver-Star-Center (SSSC) Switzerland

A. 按照瑞士SSSCSemjase-Silver-Star-Center)時間:

Each Peace Meditation session lasts 20 minutes and takes place on the first and the third weekends of the month (target day is always the first Saturday of the month).


On Saturdays at 6:30pm and 8:00pm Central European Standard Time and at 7:30pm and 9:00pm Central European Summer Time.


On Sundays at 8:00 pm Central European Standard Time and at 9:00 pm Summer Time.



For those in Australia who want to participate in the Swiss meditation, the times are as follows:


On Sundays at 4:30am and 6:00am Eastern Daylight Saving Time (summer time) respectively and at 3:30am and 5:00am Eastern Standard Time (winter time) respectively. On Mondays at 6:00am Eastern Daylight Saving Time (summer time) and 5:00am Eastern Standard Time (winter time) respectively.


B. Australia

B. 按照澳洲當地時間:

Each Peace Meditation lasts 20 minutes and takes place on the second Saturday of every month. There are two meditations at 18:30 and 19:30 Eastern Standard Time (winter time) and 19:30 and 20:30 Eastern Daylight Saving Time (summer time).




Times must be adhered to precisely (eg. timed by an atomic clock). When in doubt, it is preferable to begin somewhat earlier rather than later.



Due to technological means implemented, Peace Meditations can now be done by individuals or groups at anytime, however it is still recommended that the Peace Meditations be done at the scheduled times which our Plejaren friends will continue to follow.



How am I to meditate?


Prior to beginning any type of meditation, we recommend that you read the book Introduction into Meditation (however, this is not a requirement). Since this book is currently available only in the German language, many people may not be able to read it yet. The meditation process as such consists of softly whispering or speaking the meditation sentence for the entire 20 minutes. Try not to pursue any straying thoughts; this means allowing no thoughts to enter the mind that are not part of the meditation procedure. Concentrate solely on the sentence "Salome gam nan . . ." Should you catch yourself concentrating on other thoughts, return to focusing on the meditation sentence. A very important point for the success of the peace meditation is based on the proper intonation and pronunciation of the sentence to avoid emphasizing the wrong syllables.

在開始任何形式的冥想前,我們都建議你讀一遍Introduction into Meditation(冥想介紹)(但這不是一個要求)。由於這本書目前只有德語版,許多人因此還無法看。冥想的過程是輕聲低語冥想經文20分鐘。不要試著去追隨任何雜念,也就是說不要讓任何與冥想無關的想法進入腦海。只是將注意力集中在經文:“Salome gam nan …”如果你發現自己出現其他想法,再把注意力拉回到冥想經文。成功的冥想要點就是以適當的語調和發音讀出經文,避免強調錯誤的音節。

The vowels in the following meditation sentence -

"Saalome gam naan ben uurda, gan njjber asaala hesporoona!"

“Saalome gam naan ben uurda, gan njjber asaala hesporoona!”

are pronounced in English phonetics as follows:


Saalome (aa = father) gum naan (aa = father) ben uurda (uu = crew, moo) gun neeber asaala (aa = father) hesporona (o = tone, go).

Here is an audio clip of the above meditation sentence:


How does the Peace Meditation function?


The meditation sentence is composed of words from the Lyrian language, a language previously spoken on Earth 289,000 years ago and then again 13,500 years ago by the ancient Lyra-Vega descendants when the extraterrestrials inhabited this planet for a short period. By speaking (or thinking!) this sentence in unison as a group, certain impulses are released from the stored data banks known as the Akashic Records. These records envelop the Earth and every thought and other impulse generated by all humans who have ever lived, currently live or will live on this planet in the future, are stored therein. Through the accumulation of stored unconscious impulses within every meditator, and because of the intensity they generate (after all, more than 3.5 billion extraterrestrials participate in the peace meditation as well), negative force fields are covered up and increasingly neutralized. 

冥想經文是由天琴座語言寫的,那是289,000年以前地球上在講的一種語言,然後當古天琴-織女星人後代於13,500年前在地球短暫定居後又將該語言帶來地球。小組一起通過齊聲輕念(默想)經文,從記憶庫也被稱為阿克夏記錄Akashic records)[編譯者註:維基百科譯為阿卡西記錄]中會有某種脈衝被釋放出來(眞水註:有關阿克夏記錄或者以前經常被翻譯成資料庫/記憶庫的相關資料,可以簡單參考:百度百科阿克夏記錄)。這些記錄涵蓋了地球以及所有曾經活過的,正在活著的,和將要活著地球人產生的思想和意識。通過每一位元冥想者所儲存的無意識的脈衝積累,以及產生的強度(畢竟有超過35億地外生命也參與了和平冥想),負面的力場被掩蓋並逐漸地被中和。

Seating position, sitting aids, and the surroundings


The peace meditation is best conducted in small or large groups, however anyone can also do it alone.


A meditation pyramid aids the meditator. It serves as a focal point, an enhancer of personal thought vibrations, and as a relay station to the energy center in the Semjase-Silver-Star-Center in Switzerland. Such pyramids, made from copper according to specifications supplied by the Plejaren, are sold at the Semjase-Silver-Star-Center in Switzerland, or one can be built by the meditator him- or herself.

冥想金字塔meditation pyramid)會有助於冥想者。它可以作為一個焦點,可以強化思想振動,也作為在瑞士SSSC中心的能量中轉站。這些金字塔根據Plejaren提供的規格用銅打造,瑞士的中心有出售,冥想者也可以自己製作一個。



Copper Pyramid. Copper Meditation Pyramid for Self Healing

The meditation pyramid is placed either on a table if the person(s) meditates while sitting at the table, or in a slightly elevated position on a stool on the floor (the top of the antenna should be level with the meditators' foreheads). When several meditators of varying height participate in the meditation, an average level may be selected.


Using a compass, one of the pyramid's diagonal lines must be aligned due north; that is, the four corner points are directed toward the four cardinal points of the compass, namely North, South, East and West. When meditating as a group (two or more persons), we recommend that someone be designated beforehand who signals the beginning and the end of the peace meditation.




1. The meditators either sit at a normal height (no upholstered seats or the like) around a table, or else, they take a lotus/cross-legged position or sit on their haunches on a carpeted surface, whereby a small stool or a cushion, blanket, and so forth, is used as a seat. It is important that the spine and the head be relaxed and upright throughout the entire meditation period.


2. The minimum distance to the pyramid must be more than 50 cm (20"), measured from the chest to the pole of the antenna.


3. Participants seated around a table hold hands with those beside them and are, therefore, linked together in a closed circle. The palm of the left hand points upward and clasps from underneath the right hand of the person to the left, while the right hand, palm down, holds the left open palm of the person to the right.


4. Another permissible position while not holding hands is as follows: When meditating on the floor, the back of the open palm may be placed upon the knees, while the fingertips, curled upwards, point toward the meditator's forehead. As a variation, the hands can be placed, palm-down, upon the person's own thighs, whereby the fingertips rest at the knees.


5. In another version, for those sitting on the floor (5 persons or more), the person's own left thigh (above the knee) and the thigh of the meditator to the right serve to support the person's hands (which are positioned as described in #3).


6. When the individual meditates at a table, both arms are extended toward the left and right sides of the pyramid in front of the individual, hands held open vertically with fingertips pointing toward the pyramid while the narrow edge of the palms rests on the table.


7. The meditation, respectively speaking the Lyrian sentence, is performed with the eyes closed.


At the end of the 20 minutes, possibly signalled through a muffled beep (e.g., put a towel over a flower pot that covers a kitchen alarm or the like), the participants should "rest" with closed eyes, while holding the same position 2-3 minutes longer until the designated person announces "yes."


Ensure that the meditation is performed without disturbances; hence, free from pagers or [cellular] phones ringing, unannounced visitors at the door, TV sounds or similar noise! 


Is the Peace Meditation dangerous?


The Peace Meditation is completely harmless and enjoyable to all the participants as long as the meditator adheres to the aforementioned explanations and instructions. A possible side effect may be that inexperienced individuals find discomfort if their legs fall asleep or the like. 


What did our extraterrestrial friends say about the topic of peace meditation?


136th Contact conversation, Tuesday, October 14, 1980, 11:41 p.m.



I know, and that's probably how it'll stay because the people on Earth are not likely to alter their ways so quickly and accept the truth that changes could still be invoked, for the better, I mean.



While you are not permitted to speak about it at this point so as to endanger the success, it is still advisable that great efforts be made to change various future incidents for the positive, although they seem to be inevitable now. Toward the latter part of 1983 or spring of 1984, we are planning to introduce an effective peace meditation to benefit Earth, its inhabitants, and events that will occur there. Included in this effort will be everyone on Erra and many members from our federation, whose total will comprise more than 3.5 billion humans. This will produce an extremely powerful energy force through which the terrestrials and their actions, hence their occurrences, should be influenced and political confusion resolved. These efforts will also lead to freeing Russia and other countries from their current dictatorship status. The procedures have been instituted and mandated by the High Council, who have found a permissible method to intervene using a particular cosmic clause that could be used to influence terrestrial affairs. As part of the result brought about by these peace efforts, the inhumane wall will fall, which currently divides Germany into two separate countries, thus the two sectors will be reunited into one. Every group member is asked to help, for the strength and initiative of each and every last one is imperative, as is the assistance of other humans on Earth who will voluntarily join you in this effort. In this regard you are only permitted to speak about the peace meditation and its purpose in the peace effort. You may not mention the issues I previously told you about and which I specifically named just now. Should you not adhere to these instructions and speak about these items, you will not only jeopardize all efforts in this direction but the anticipated successes commencing in 1987 will not occur either; they may even transform into something negative.



What a thought. Of course, I'll sit on my mouth. —But—do you actually think that the dictatorships on Earth will come to an end in the next decade, and that the wall in the DDR [German Democratic Republic] will come down?



This is as good as certain, although World War III will still be a threat, in addition to many other forms of tragedies. Success will follow as long as we conscientiously and systematically perform the peace meditation. Beginning with 1987, many other things will change, for the positive that is. However, the first tangible and substantial successes will only become evident in 1988, and within a very brief time afterward they will begin to solidify to the point where the first major uprisings will begin in 1989 and terrestrials will experience their temporary apex in 1990. But I must state once again that you must remain silent on these matters for now.





I will do that. There is no way I am going to endanger all of these future efforts.



Only time will tell the success rate these efforts will bring.



Slowly some hope is rising within me—and I will put all of this into the drawer of my lost memories so I don't endanger anything.



You will be permitted to speak about everything when the events become more apparent.



By then I'll have forgotten it all. —So it looks like as the end of the 1980s approaches, we soon can expect some rays of hope in regard to a worldwide improvement of freedom and peace. Then the world will look a bit better.



Yes, so it will. But now I must leave. Moreover, you are tired. Good-bye.



Good, and many thanks, girl . . .


232nd Contact, Friday, November 17, 1989, 0:37 am 



Unfortunately, our contacts before January 29, 1986, did not bring about the complete success we had envisioned, and we departed from all of you with great regret. We hoped, however, that with the passing of time everything would change for the better. On one hand within the group, and on the other in worldwide events as well, since you have the support of 511 millionpeople of our own population on Erra and another 3.02 billion individuals galaxy wide from those peoples in our federation when your group performs the Peace Meditation. And in actuality, success did come about and it has now begun to bear fruit—for instance in Russia, Poland, East Germany, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, and Korea. These will be followed by other countries. Everything has transpired according to the prophecies, which state that peace will emanate from Russia. All of these immeasurably monumental successes were triggered solely by your group and all of the loyal people on Earth, along with us on Erra and our federation friends. At this moment you have 3,406 peace meditation participants on Earth. And all of you included in this number may be proud of performing the one and only correct peace mediation, which will prompt those peace impulses within terrestrial people that slowly permit peace on Earth to become a reality-just as they have been stored in their storage record locations, from where they impact humans. Thereupon humans understand these impulses and are able to bring them to fruition. It is a fact that all other current efforts for peace on Earth, be they of a political, religious, fanatical or purportedly esoteric nature, have been just as ineffective as the attempts of those who purport to be mediums or other alleged contactees for spirits, saints or extraterrestrials and the like. Their efforts have been totally meaningless and futile, for each of them lacks the knowledge and the true potential to implement what must be done to awaken the necessary impulses within humans, and for them to utilize and make them effective. Furthermore, they lack the knowledge when the peace meditation must be conscientiously performed to turn this voluntary collaboration of our 3.5 billion co-assistants into an immense vibratory force. The honor of knowing this information, and the capability of doing so, was granted exclusively to your group and to all of those loyal people who are at your side. Through the truthful teaching they have become increasingly more knowledgeable and capable of learning how to think and act in a Creational manner. On Earth the honor and success for the current peace efforts by the various government officials and numerous humans goes singularly and exclusively to the members of your group and to all those 3,381 loyal individuals who remain and work shoulder-to-shoulder with you in all honesty, truth, and in cognizance of the peace efforts—openly or discreetly. Unfortunately, I must mention the fact that in spite of all the successes in the peace and freedom efforts, which are also widespread, the bitter side of the situation has not been eliminated, and setbacks are already looming. One of the reasons for this is that in countries where populations now feel free from previously suffocating laws, the people are currently acting very unreasonable, and governments will soon be forced into resorting to strong, restrictive measures again. And this, in turn, will lead to renewed bloodshed. Much of the blame for this matter must be shouldered by the western, the so-called free countries of the world which, through murderous, underground-type wars, incite hatred against the eastern countries and the southern nations of Africa and America. The biggest shouters and those bringing the greatest harm are the Americans and the Germans, in addition to various other, mostly western nations, who believe they must place rules and remonstrations on the eastern nations. Likewise, certain western powers sneakily undermine and defame the eastern nations' governments by using intrigants to incite the people against their governments, and by nurturing conflict in every conceivable form. Unfortunately, this means that everything will change and one day evil, bloody wars will again result from this situation . . .


246th Contact, Saturday, June 19, 1993, 11:17 p.m. 



Then I have another question regarding the third worldwide inferno, the third world war. For a long time mention was always made of the threat of a third worldwide inferno, and that it was as good as inevitable. However, towards the mid 1980s you increasingly stated that the danger of a third world war had diminished due, in part, to the Peace Meditation we perform in conjunction with the many billions of people from your federation, and also because, through impulses, you and your people influenced certain terrestrials into instigating a more rational thinking mode. What is the current status regarding the threat of a third world war?



Currently no factors point in the direction that such an event is looming, and if all related guidelines for terrestrial governments and the population in general remain within the prevailing framework and continue to evolve, then the threat of a third worldwide inferno will probably be contained. However, terrestrials are incredibly volatile, domineering, arrogant and unsettled, and for this reason it cannot be confirmed with absolute certainty that another worldwide inferno will not be triggered at a later date. It is, therefore, imperative that multinational fighting troops be organized according to the Henoch [Enoch] system and deployed immediately to intervene in every country, to create peace and order when wars or revolutions loom or break out. The same applies also to countries where despots, dictators and the like perpetrate their inhumane deeds. Multinational troops would also be responsible for fighting crime and the organized crime system, and they would play a dominant role in enforcing measures to combat overpopulation. We have already discussed this topic in another setting.



Thank you. . . . 













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