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How Could You Forget?


Once there was a time when we encountered a civilization that had come into contact with The Association. Eventually in sharing information back and forth, it came time to describe and define your existence, and what we are doing in our interactions with you. Well, do you realize that one of the closest approaches to an argument we have ever had with anyone -- not exactly in the same way: no negativity, no real violent emotionality -- but the closest we have ever come to an argument was when they simply could not believe there could exist any expression of individuality anywhere within the physical universe that could not be aware of its own power, that could actually forget it creates its own reality. It took quite some convincing, as it was simply beyond their conception.

以前我們曾經遇過一個與「星際聯盟」有所接觸的文明,在彼此交換資訊之後,到了我們要描述地球人類的存在狀況以及與人類互動中作了些什麼的時候。嗯,那是我們唯一的一次跟其它文明有接近爭議的互動 —— 與你們的爭執不同:沒有負面的抗爭,沒有真正的激烈情緒 —— 而我們之間爭議的焦點就是他們無法相信:在此一物質的宇宙中,怎麼會有任何個體表達說:不曾察覺其自身的力量,怎麼會忘記是他們創造了自己的實相,那要花很多的力氣說明,因為的確是超越他們所能理解的概念。

This is not to say they are any better than you, but to show you how many different ways there are to perceive reality, and to point out that there are civilizations who have created themselves to not even be able to inherently conceive of the ability to forget we are a part of Infinite Creation. Recognize, therefore, that it was quite astonishing to them to realize that you were actually able to funnel your great power in such a manner as to use that power in creating within yourselves the ability to forget you even had the power you were using.

這並不是說他們比你們有任何優越,而是讓你們明白:要領悟與認知實相,可以有如此眾多不同的面相。同時指出:居然會有一些文明,可以把自己造就成違反本能;忘記了自己是無垠造化的一部份。要知道,這對他們來說是驚訝而難以理解的;居然會有人能把自己強大的力量限縮成這樣 —— 在你們自己的內在創造出一種能力,去忘卻以往人類曾經擁有過的力量

They learned something new about themselves that day and something new about the universe. You taught them, to their very great amazement that that was one way All That Is can express it; and now they have a much broader understanding of the variety of ways Infinite Creation can manifest. You taught them something by your willingness to experience such a high degree of limitation in focus. They in turn began experimenting to some degree with the idea...not that they created exactly the same degree of forgetfulness.


But you see, the idea in their civilization became a source of enjoyment. They found, as you also found to some degree, that the ability to impose the illusion of forgetting upon themselves, however momentarily, allows them to experience things as if they are experiencing them for the first time. They were able to realize that that was not an experience they had ever had. Thus they were able to generate for themselves a whole new understanding of creativity simply from the altering of the perspective, the altering of the point of view -- of creating the scenario of not remembering that you are connected to the experiences you are creating your reality to be.

可是你知道,這種理念在他們的文明裡變成了一種享受的來源。他們發現,正如你們也有類似的發現,有能力去讓自己忘記從前,無論時間再短,都能使他們去做一些事,每次都像第一次體驗,彷彿從前未曾做過一樣。所以只要改變觀點,改變視角,他們就能產生對創造力全新的領悟 —— 就如同人類可以去造就一種情境,不記得自己與所經驗的事有關,不記得是自己在創造自己的實相

Therefore be aware that even though you have created such a seemingly negative past, other individuals in the universe have benefited greatly from your unique willingness to create such a reality, one which can be shared in different ways as a learning tool by many individuals in the universe. You have also assisted us in assisting other worlds, because our thought patterns would otherwise be highly alien to you and yours to us. Without the use of the model of this physical channel; without experiencing Earth life through the connection with him -- in a life you would consider a past life of mine -- we would not have the model to draw from, the experiences to draw from, to be able to assist you now, or to even speak with you in the same terminology.

因此要知道,雖然你們創造了似乎很負面的過去,但宇宙中卻有一些文明因為人類願意去創造這樣的實相而受到了很大的助益,這可以被宇宙中許多其他文明當作不同形式的學習題材。你們也協助我們去幫助其他的世界,否則我們彼此的思維模式就會有重大的差異。如果不曾運用這個肉身作為溝通管道的模式;如果沒有透過與地球的“他” —— 可以看作是我的前世 —— 之間的連繫,我們就無法形成此一模式,造就此一經驗,能夠在此時此刻來協助你們,或是能夠以同樣的語詞來跟你們說話。

And so in using your high degree of focus in limitation, we have been able to know that if our model works on your world, it works marvelously on many other worlds that do not have such a high degree of limited focus. Because you are then the master lock for almost any other civilization experiencing limitation to any degree. And so we thank you for the high focus you have created, because then in dipping into your well, we have most of the tools necessary to deal with almost anyone else. We thank you for forging the type of steel that allows us to cut through many bonds of illusion which we find exist in many other societies beside yours.




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