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Contact Report 218 (1987/5/30)   第218次接觸報告






Nice that you have come, my friend, because I have a great need to leave the globe somewhat. Somehow everything here depresses me, and I feel that the world is crushing me and that I am completely robbed of my freedom. If I may ask you, take me into your ship and zoom with me for two or three hours somewhat out into free space where I can see the stars and the galaxies in the expanse of the universe. That will certainly help me and bring inner peace, the feeling of freedom, quiet and calm back to me again.



1. As a matter of fact, your appearance terrifies me.


2. But I also know why you are so downcast and are so very depressed, because I watched everything as you were so viciously tormented and insulted by your wife.


3. On one hand, to me, it is all completely incomprehensible and strange how your wife carries on and revolts against you in such a way, insults and torments you, and on the other hand I would never have thought that she could be so scurrilous and degenerate.


4. But actually I have never looked deeper into this matter, nor have any of us, because we do not want to violate your private sphere.


5. But today this happened unexpectedly and inadvertently, because I wanted to seek you out on a private basis and because of that I paused over the Center house in order to see if you are well enough to have a conversation with me in regard to a certain matter.


6. Now after everything that I have seen and heard, I must completely revise my opinion in regard to your wife, which indeed all those others of us must also do who I self-evidently must orientate about the truth and reality.


7. For my part, I still want to make the comment about this, that your wife has carried on like the the Fury - the mythological, raving, furious, and terror-disseminating, Roman goddess of vengeance - and that that is absolutely unworthy of a human kind of female.


8. And, with her, that it actually concerns a core group member, makes everything still very much worse, more incomprehensible and more unworthy.


9. Moreover she herself in particular should already have long since been taught something better, and should have learnt much, since she indeed stands directly at the source of the teachings and the knowledge and she knows about the actual contacts with us.


10. Moreover, in this regard, she herself has been permitted to witness many events, and so forth, consequently she should long ago have turned to a better, more reasonable and more human way of behaviour.


11. Naturally we knew - and indeed already many years before the contacts were taken up with you in the 40's - that she, in view of her upbringing, her demeanour and thinking, as well as in regard to her behaviour, and so forth, would bring you much tribulation, suffering and pain, because that would be required for your development and the unfolding of your energy for the fulfilment of your mission.


12. Yet we actually did not know that everything would be so very bad, as I now myself, as a silent observer, had to witness.


13. For my part, I do not understand how you cope with all that and have never complained and that you continue to stay with your wife and you do not part from her.


14. You would have really had every ground for that with a clear conscience and with justification.



You are a very dear friend to me, Quetzal. You know many things about me, yet you also do not know many things about me, as is precisely now also the case with the relationship about which you have spoken. One one hand, I always give every human another chance to change to the better, to make something good again, or to correct a mistake, until that also actually then has happened, or until I finally must acknowledge that every chance will be senselessly, scornfully, malevolently, wantonly or uncomprehendingly wasted. But many months or many years and even decades can pass until this point in time, and I only give up if I can see no more hope and no more possibility that a goal would indeed still be obtainable. But I have never yet reached such a state of giving up, because in this regard my patience is very extensive.



15. We all know that.


16. And your patience, in association with your endurance, is indeed also the decisive factor through which you are able to carry out your mission.



That may be, yet I still actually wanted to say something more: see, in regards to my wife, I affirmed that I will stand by her in good as well as bad times. That may be only an unconsidered and empty phrase for many humans in the case of their marriage or other occasions, not, however, for me, because I actually contemplated these words and this promise very precisely before it had progressed such that I could stand by them with a clear conscience. My thoughts in this regard already began with Sfath and it was consequently already clear to me as a boy what these words and this promise actually signify in their sense and what value they have hidden within them.


Therefore the recognition as well as the conviction and the decision matured in me that, during my entire life, come what may, I would never break my word or promise. What is more, I am able to still remember that this resolution arose in me sometime in the month of April or May after my seventh birthday. Anyway, the dandelions, the lady's smock, as well as many other flowers, were blooming in the meadows. Everything was also blooming in the gardens.


Also the hawthorn bushes and various bushes of all kinds were in glorious full bloom, as well as the cherry trees, pear trees and apple trees. The Sun shone splendidly warm from a cloudless azure blue sky and a fabulous twittering of birds was all around.


Therefore I then reached the decision that I will never break my word or promise. And I also hold to that in relation to my wife as well as in relation to every other human. That will also remain that way, and indeed even if everything gets even worse with my Kannibalen.


[Translators' note: Billy has generously shared with us many of his older poems in his 2004 book, "61 Jahre Gedichte Sprüche Aphorismen" (61 Years of Poems Sayings Aphorisms). From there we learn - from many touching love poems written for his beloved Kalliope - that "Kannibalen" was one of Billy's affectionate nicknames for his wife, along with "Kannibalenkind", "Agapulla" and "Agapimo".]

英譯者註:在他2004年寫的“61 Jahre Gedichte Sprüche Aphorismen”一書中,比利曾很大方的和我們分享許多他以前寫的詩歌。從那裡我們知道了很多感人至深的愛情詩集,那是為他的摯愛Kalliope 所寫,“Kannibalen”曾是比利對他妻子充滿愛意的昵稱,還有"Kannibalenkind", "Agapulla""Agapimo".

I can, in regard to her - as well as in regard to every other human - only then step back from my word and promise if she herself breaks her word and promise and goes her own way without me. On my part I can therefore never break a word or promise that I have given, nor indeed if there are bad consequences for me.



17. I did not know that, my friend, yet I find that you should at least defend yourself.


18. It could actually have come out very badly since your wife had, with great strength, flung the knives and forks in your face over the kitchen table.


19. You could have been killed by the kilogram weight of the crystal ashtray which she hurled, right across the whole kitchen, at your head.


20. I will heal your wounds and swelling when we are in my flying device.


21. But then, let us now go.


22. Later, when you feel better again, we can catch up on that about which I wanted to talk to you.


23. First I want to now fulfil your long held wish for you.



Thank you for your caring. I can well use it, because my skull thunders and rumbles with a thousand imps. But which wish do you mean, because I have several of them that surely will, however, never be fulfilled?



24. I can feel for you regarding your headache, but you will soon be free of it.


25. I am thinking in regard to your wish, being that you would like to plunge into the deep sea and observe the deep sea animals.



We can do that today?



26. That is of correctness.


27. Let us go now.



Is that possible then with your beamship - and where will we dive into the deep sea?



28. All of our flying devices are suited for diving processes, whereby, due to our pressure protection screens, there are no limits set for the depth.


29. We will dive into the depths of the Atlantic as well as the Pacific.



So. I am ready.


On arrival in Quetzal's beamship, he treats the various scratches as well as the wounds and the swelling on my head. Within minutes everything is healed, and also the buzzing and the hammering in my skull, as well as the headaches, are gone. Then we zoom out into the world's free space, where we spend around 50 minutes, whereby I feel better and better and freer and freer, and I can also rid myself of my depression. Meanwhile, practically nothing is said, because I am occupied with my thoughts which Quetzal quite obviously does not want to interrupt. Then Quetzal flies his beamship back to Earth and over the Atlantic, to then descend into the depths of the sea. Then we hover over the spongy sea-bottom and Quetzal moves the beamship, which indeed has now become a diving ship, slowly along.

到了Quetzal的飛船裡,他為我處裡了身上各處的抓痕與傷口,還有我頭上的腫脹地方。幾分鐘內一切都治好了,我頭上被砸過的傷,還有我的頭痛都好了。然後,我們飛向上空進入地球的外太空,我們在那裡大約待了50分鐘,使我心情感覺越來越好,人也越來越自由,而且我自己也可以擺脫我的抑鬱症。在這同時,我們幾乎沒有說話,因為我滿腦子東想西想,而Quetzal顯然也並不想打擾我。之後Quetzal就駕著飛船返回地球,我們飛到大西洋上空,接著向下潛入到大海深處。隨後飛船盤旋在海綿狀的海底 Quetzal操控飛船緩緩前行,而這時飛船確實成了一架潛水艇。

The beamship glows externally in radiating brilliance, and lights up the pitch black darkness in a broad circumference. Not much is said thereby, because I devote my entire attention to everything I can see during one full hour in the deep sea. Thereafter, this also applies for the deep sea dive in the Pacific, which, however, only lasts 25 minutes.


In regard to the living things, there is not exactly much to see in the deepest depths, because creatures appear only in isolation, in small form, whereby, for me, however, they are exotic, as are also those in the higher areas of the water. Many of these living things are self-luminous, in greenish or whitish light. I can only observe bigger life forms extremely sporadically, each and every one of which is of a strange form - those seen by me, at any rate. Still more seldom, gigantic animals emerge out of the darkness of the deep sea, as, for example, whitish and reddish as well as brownish giant squid and dark grey or black snake-shaped creatures, which I estimate to be 15 to 20 metres long and four to five metres in diameter. Also, in three different locations, three single gigantic forms of life emerge, which I initially designate as deep sea whales, however Quetzal will instruct me that it deals with so-called Sleeping Sharks, the existence of which is not yet known to terrestrial humans. The smallest of the three I estimate to be some 10 metres long, while the two others are some two to three metres longer.

關於生物方面,深海其實沒有很多可以看到的生物,這些生物都看起來很小並且與世隔絕,然而在我看來,牠們和淺海區域的生物一樣奇特。這些生物很多都會自體發光,牠們身上會發出綠色或者白色的光。我只能觀察更大一些的生物,牠們偶爾零星地出現,看起來都很奇特。偶爾會有巨大的動物出現在深海的黑暗處,例如白色、紅色及棕色的巨型魷魚還有一些黑灰或黑色的蛇形動物,我估計有1520公尺長,直徑有45公尺另外在三處不同地點,還出現了3個大型生物,開始我以為是深海鯨魚,然而Quetzal告訴我牠們是所謂的睡鯊Sleeping Sharks;請參閱:罕見深海巨怪「太平洋睡鯊」),牠們對地球人來說還是未知的生物。這三隻中的最小一隻我估計有10公尺長,而另外兩隻比這隻長23公尺

But there are, among many other very interesting things, also the "black chimneys" [a.k.a. "black smokers"], of which Quetzal had once spoken, and he said that they are the essential origin of the later forms of life on the Earth, in water, air and land, along with inclusions from outer space through comets, meteors and asteroids. In these "black chimneys" from which pitch black swathes - which are impregnated with sulphur and various materials - rise up, emerged early branches of bacteria which, as they rose out of the chimneys, were released and began the evolutionary work of life. But that, says Quetzal, is all still unknown to the terrestrial scientists. What is still interesting with this observation of the "black chimneys" is the fact that in their nearer and further surroundings, swarms of enormous numbers of large and snow-white creatures, which I simply designate as giant or oversized scampi [a.k.a. shrimp/prawns], bustle about on the sulphurous rocks or on the other steep rocks.

除了其他有趣的事物外,還有黑煙囪”(black chimneysQuetzal曾經說過,它們和來自太空的彗星,流星和隕石一樣,其中的參雜物是地球上生命的起源在這些“黑煙囪”中升起漆黑的黑霧(裡面蘊含了硫磺和各種元素),出現了早期的細菌分支,它們從黑煙囪中噴出,開始生命的進化工作Quetzal說,對於這個,地球的科學家還一無所知。有趣的是在“黑煙囪”的附近和周圍,充滿了一大群很大和雪白的動物,我把其稱為大龍蝦(蝦/對蝦),牠們在充滿硫磺的岩石和陡峭的岩石那裡忙忙碌碌。


Leaving the deep sea and after a few minutes back again in my office, it is precisely 3:17AM as I look at the clock.)



I would like to thank you very much for everything, my friend. My son, the whole thing was an exceptionally special experience for me, for which many scientists would envy me.



30. It was a special honor and a joy for me to be allowed to fulfill your long-cherished wish.



I am honored by that, but you still must be sure of my gratitude. May I now ask you a few things? You know, I only go to bed around the early morning, and thus, if you still have time…?



31. For the next four days, I have my free timetherefore, you may heedlessly take one or two hours from me, and thus, you can raise your questions.



Some time ago, you told me what you call your Plejaren language, as well as the intercosmic language and the language of the people, to whom Menara belongsyou mentioned specific names, but they have all escaped me again. Please mention them to me again.



32. The Plejaren language, we call SARATthe intercosmic language, we designate as KOSAN, and the language of the people, to whom Menara belongs, we call JENAN or DERON-language.



Exactly, those were the names of the languages. Thank you. Before the end of the seventies, there was talk – with you, Semjase, and Ptaah – about the fact that in almost 1,000 years, a great danger from space will threaten the Earth. If I remember everything correctly, you spoke of a large meteor or asteroid or of a comet. Yet also in this respect, I am no longer familiar with everything, which is why I would be grateful to you if you could give me some details about this danger again. Afterward, I was asked about this by several people, because some years ago, I gave answers to questions, which you had explained to me. Now, in relation to this, questions have even arisen recently. At that time, there was also talk of the fact that also in about 1,000 years, the magnetic pole of the Earth would be shifted southward from the north in such a way that it would then be located in the area of Mecca in Saudi Arabia.



33. That is correct.


34. The magnetic north pole – and with it, of course, also the South Pole – is shifting from the north to the south in the direction specified by you.


35. And the magnetic north pole must already be searched for in the area of Greenland.


36. This is due to the Earth’s internal shifts and displacements of the most diverse inner planetary layers, as well as powerful variations in the Earth’s innermost hot, liquid mass, through which the actual geomagnetism is produced.



The inner planetary layers, this belongs to the field of the geologists who deal with earthly tectonics, i.e. with geotectonics, right? This is a branch of science of geology, which deals with the construction of the Earth's crust, the storage conditions of the rock strata and other layers of the Earth, their variations over the course of time of geologic history, as well as with the causes that trigger such storage variations, if I still correctly remember what I learned in school.



37. Your memory is as good as ever.


38. Your statement corresponds to the truth.


39. But concerning your first question:


40. Our talk was about an asteroid.


41. If the conditions relating to the orbit of the asteroid change, then in nearly 1,000 years - more exactly said, in exactly 893 years, in mid-March of the year 2880 - this could come very close to the Earth or even endanger it through an impact or through a too-close flyby.


42. In any case, this asteroid, which was already discovered by terrestrial astronomers in 1950 and which received the designation 1950 DA, will at least come in very dangerous proximity to the Earth, namely within the orbit of the Moon, at a distance to Earth of about 260,000 to 300,000 kilometers.

無論如何,這個小行星已經被地球天文學家在1950年發現了,並被稱為1950 DA它將以非常危險的近距離到達地球,也就是說在地球的軌道內,距離地球大約26萬至30萬公里處
中譯者註:根據維基百科資料:如果1950 DA持續以目前的軌道運行,它將在2880316日靠近地球。]

43. However, if changes in the course of the asteroid should arise, which can always be a probability due to cosmic as well as Sol-planetary influences, etc., then a closer, very close, or even a more distant flyby is possible, whereby even the Moon could, perhaps, enter into the path of the asteroid.


44. The possibilities are always very many, through which the courses of meteors, comets, asteroids, wandering planets, and clouds of energy, as well as clouds of matter, etc. can be changed in their journey or in their drifting through space.


45. However, by the year 2880, the technological capabilities developed by the Earth people will be able to counteract the threatening catastrophe, namely in the form that the asteroid, which is a little more than 1,000 meters in diameter, can be forced away from its Earth-endangering course.



Yes, that is the information that you gave to me. But now, to something else: over and over again, heinous ones appear, claiming that they have had contacts with you or else with some extraterrestrials and that they would have been promised that the extraterrestrials would bring salvation to the Earth and to the Earth people. As a rule, these heinous ones who make such assertions are some sect-bosses or delusional believers and lunatics of other natures, who lie their heads off and promise their believers and followers that the extraterrestrials will come with spaceships and save all of those or at least a part of those, who believe in the hypocritical horror stories of the bringing of salvation through extraterrestrials, and will take them to a nicer, more peaceful, and better planet in safety. The heinous ones who invent and maintain such stories – partly due to pure addiction to profit, delusional faith, confusion, or craziness – try to convey to their followers who are enslaved to them and to their believers that the extraterrestrials would allegedly take their own responsibility from them and send them rescue.



46. That is well-known to us.


47. All evil means are right to these liars, swindlers, and deceivers, in order to bind those who are enslaved to them and their believers to themselves.


48. But the truth is that neither we nor any other Earth-foreigners exercise the role of the bringers of salvation.


49. Neither we nor others bring teachings of salvation to the Earth and, thus, to the Earth people, for any teaching of salvation is of a religious and sectarian nature and only serves to make those who believe therein dependent and enslaved, in order to subjugate them, to exploit them, and also to cause them to remain faithful to the relevant religion or sect.


50. In addition, each teaching of salvation is designed to drive the believers and those who are enslaved into erroneous teachings and into the mistaken belief that all their offenses, wrong life-styles, and injustices, as well as the harming of fellow human beings, can receive lenient treatment and can easily be forgotten, and thus, they would be forgiven by the bringers of salvation.


51. It is in the tricked believers and the enslaved that the responsibility for anything and everything would lie in a predetermination or present determination with the extraterrestrials or just with God the Creator, who should allegedly exist and who should determine and direct everything.


52. Thus, the religious believers, sect-believers, delusional believers, and others are forcefully kept – by unfair, misguided elements, etc., through lies, swindle, and deception – from bearing and perceiving their own responsibility for anything and everything that always arises in life.


53. The belief in salvation-bringing extraterrestrials, in any salvation-bringing teaching, or in a salvation-bringing God, who should also still be just, as well as full of love, understanding, and willingness to help, corresponds to the imagination of profit-minded people who, originally, had deliberately designed their created erroneous teachings in order to gather believers and enslaved ones around themselves, whom they could exploit in every respect, in order to be able to lead lives of joy and glory through them.


54. And since ancient times, there have always been enough fools, who let others think for them instead of giving themselves the trouble of thinking, of reasoning, and of the pursuit of truth and the recognition of actuality and, thus, reality, for it was always easier for them to shift the responsibility for anything and everything onto others or onto extraterrestrials or simply onto a God-Creator, i.e. a Creator God, in order, then, to take the path of least resistance and the path of least effort, as well as the path of laziness.

自古以來就總是存在許多傻瓜,他們讓其他人代替自己思考、推理、追求真理、認知真理以免除思考的麻煩,因此現實中他們容易將責任以及所有事情都寄託到其他人或者外星人身上,或者簡單的歸因於 God-Creator,也就是創造一切的上帝,以此讓他們走捷徑或者付出最少的努力以及可以懶惰。

55. And there are still such people on the Earth today, unfortunately still in large quantities.


56. But if the Earth person really wants to experience a salvation, then he must get this himself, in that he laboriously acquires it himself.


57. But this means that he must turn to the truth and reality and must perceive his own responsibility in every respect and must bear it and fulfill it.


58. In this meaning, it is given to be recognized that neither extraterrestrials nor a God-Creator, neither a teaching of salvation, a religion or sect, nor any lunatic, spinner, delusional believer, “divine one,” “inspired one,” guru, master, or exalted one by his own grace, etc. brings any salvationrather, only every single person can acquire this for himself, in reference to his own personality, his conduct and his life-style, his behavior, his love, his inner and outer peace, his balance and harmony, his knowledge, his wisdom and evolution, and his entire progress in consciousness-related and material form.



Man, son, that was quite a speech, and indeed, one that makes a lot of sense. I am just surprised that you use words like “lunatic” and “spinner.” That is not your style.



59. The designations come from your vocabulary, and I think that they give the right character to my explanation.



Ah, that is accepted and also clear. Now, once again a question that relates to the “black hole” phenomenon. Our astronomical science still isn’t clear as to whether black holes actually exist.

哈,明白了很清楚。現在又有一個問題是關於“黑洞”(black hole)現象的。我們的天文學家仍然不清楚黑洞是否真實存在。


60. About that, I may not explain too much because there is still a fairly long time needed before the astronomical scientists of Earth are in a position to understand these important things.


61. So it will extend into the third millennium before they will be ready to gain the necessary understanding for this and to evaluate it properly.


62. First, they still must attain many other insights through researches, in order to be able to understand everything bit by bit in all contexts.



But in broad terms, you could still deal with it.



63. Well, but I may not actually explain too much.


64. So:


65. In every galaxy, a black hole exists at its center.


66. But there are still black holes that have their existence in free space, which are stationary, so to speak, while others wander through free space, as this is also the case with regard to “black clouds,” i.e. dark clouds of matter, which are simply called “dark clouds” by the earthly scientists of astronomy.

可以這麼講,仍有其他黑洞固定的存在於空閒的空間中;而有一些則遊蕩在自由空間中,這也是與黑雲”(black clouds)有關的,例如黑雲一般的物質被地球天文學家簡稱“暗雲”(dark clouds)。

67. The so-called “black holes” actually have nothing to do with a hole, for in truth, these concern very coarse-material formations of matter of enormous sizes, which originally result from giant collapsed suns, as well as partially from collapsed galaxies.


68. Such events likewise occur over and over again, at the present time and also in the future, somewhere in the far reaches of the universal matter belt, which is erroneously regarded and designated as the actual and entire Universe by the earthly scientists of astronomyalthough, this consists of six other belts, so therefore, there are seven.

在現在以及未來,這些事情一次又一次也在遙遠的宇宙物質地帶universal matter belt)某處同樣的發生,但宇宙物質地帶被地球天文學家錯誤的當做是整個宇宙;但是整個宇宙還包含其他六個地帶belts),宇宙總共有七個地帶
譯者註:有關整個宇宙的七個地帶」進一步說明,請參閱 第143次接觸報告

69. But back to black holes:


70. These developed, i.e. resulted, from the collapsing of suns of immense sizes as well as from the collapsing of galaxies, in which a black hole was already present, however.


71. Through a collapsing, the entire mass of the collapsing sun or galaxy is so tremendously strongly pressed together, i.e. compressed, that a small quantity of only 1 cubic centimeter of matter weighs several tons.


72. And so, this compressed matter, of course, also generates a powerful gravitational field, by which tremendous masses of matter are attracted and drawn into the “black hole,” i.e. into the compression-body, by what means this slowly but steadily grows and becomes larger.


73. This growing, of course, also means that the gravitational field continues to become stronger and further-reaching.


74. In your galaxy, which you call the Milky Way, the gravitational field extends far beyond 100,000 light-years in diameter.


75. From this, it can also be recognized that a galaxy first emerges from an existing “black hole.”


76. Through its gravitational field, it draws, i.e. tears, very far-off nebulae, gases, dust particles, suns, and planets, as well as meteors, comets, and asteroids, etc. into its spell, and then, everything within many light-years of distance begins to rotate around this “black hole,” from which a galaxy is ultimately formed, whose entire mass rotates at tremendous speed – in a bar-shaped, spiral-shaped, or any other form – around the center, even around the “black hole.”

受引力場影響,黑洞吸引、撕碎例如非常遙遠的星雲,氣體,塵埃,恒星以及行星,還有流星、彗星以及小行星等等,於是很多光年距離內的東西開始圍繞著這個“黑洞”旋轉,最後一個星系便由此形成,所有物質以驚人的速度旋轉 — 以螺旋形或者其他形式-圍繞著中心,也就是圍繞著“黑洞”

77. During this process, it naturally happens that through the compressed core, i.e. through the “black hole,” the torn-in matter gradually makes the core more and more powerful, and ultimately, it swallows the entire galaxy, which will also happen some day with the Milky Way.


78. Such a process, however, takes hundreds of millions of years and often even billions of years.


79. That is, my friend, what I may explain.



That’s more than I expected. But you can tell me what happens later, then, with a “black hole.” Somehow, it will, indeed, convert back into something, right?



80. That is correct.


81. Once a critical mass of a “black hole” is reached, it starts to heat up in a resulting internal atomic fire to such an extent that from this, an enormous solar structure develops, which then separates as an enormous flow of matter and explodes, from which new structures, gases, and nebulae, etc. develop again, which ultimately enter into the gravitational field of a “black hole” again, from which a new galaxy then develops.



Since we’re already at it: as I was able to determine on my great journey with Ptaah and Semjase, very many stars are seen from the Earth, which actually aren’t such, i.e. which aren’t suns, but rather gigantic nebulous formations and galaxies in the depths of space, located at distances that are to be calculated at many tens of thousands or even millions and tens of millions of light-years from the Earth. Not to mention the alleged stars that can’t be seen from the Earth with the eye or with simple telescopes, etc., since they are located billions of light-years away. Many of the so-called “naked eye stars” that are incredibly far away from the Earth truly aren’t suchrather, they are gigantic, radiating nebulous formations or galaxies.



82. That corresponds to the truth, and in this connection, there can only be talk of those objects that are located at very far distances from the Earth, because from this, there are very many actual solar objects to be seen, which are located at much closer distances.



My speech also isn’t of these actual suns but just of those very distant objects that are only visible from Earth as so-called stars, but in reality, these are very luminous nebulous formations or galaxies, which exhibit enormous dimensions of dozens or even hundreds of light-years and which exist at distances of many light-years, which must be counted in the dozens, hundreds, thousands, or even millions.



83. My words also corresponded to this notion.



Excuse methen it was a misunderstanding. – And while we’re already at it: unfortunately, it happens over and over again that misunderstandings arise, in connection with the old forms of speech, so also in connection with “castration” and “sterilization,” as these two concepts are called in the “Talmud Jmmanuel.” Of course, I strive hard to clarify these misunderstandings in myself in the best possible manner, just in accordance with my knowledge. Over these two concepts and their actual meaning, I was instructed in such a way by Sfath, and also the storage banks freely gave the same information, that the action of “castration” and “sterilization” – in the old sense and, thus, also in the sense of the “Talmud Jmmanuel” – didn’t mean that the fallible ones, who were included in this action, had their gender deformed or removedrather, the “sterilization” and “castration” quite simply took place through the fact that the possibility of bisexual sexual intercourse was taken from the fallible ones, in that they were separated from the opposite sex and were taken to places of compliance, where in accordance with the gender of the fallible ones, only those of the same sex had to serve their term, i.e. their punishment, as this is simply called today. As Sfath explained, this separation from the presence of the opposite sex corresponded to the so-called “castration” and “sterilization” because through this action, no bisexual relations and, thus, no bisexual sexual intercourse could take place any more, which also prevented that fallible descendants could be produced.

抱歉打斷下;然而存在一個誤解。我們來看下:不幸的是,關於之前的對話誤解一次又一次的出現,而且在“castration”和“sterilization”裡出現了誤解,這兩個概念在“Talmud Jmmanuel”被提及。當然,我自己盡我所能,用盡最大的辦法努力澄清這些誤解,在我知識水準範圍內進行解釋。Sfath給我的教導超出這兩個概念以及他們的實際含義,並且存儲庫也提供了同樣的資訊,那就是“castration”和“sterilization”的古老的含義以及“Talmud Jmmanuel”中的含義裡都沒有這種意思,即:犯錯的人(指受上述處罰的人)的性器官被破壞或摘除;而是“sterilization”和“castration”簡單的來說就是消除犯錯的人的實施兩性性行為的可能性,通過這種方式他們被同異性隔離開,並且被帶往合規的地方,在那裡犯錯的人的性別是一樣的,只有和他們同性別的人才可以在那裡履行他們的期限,那也就是指我們今天所稱的刑罰。正如Sfath所解釋的,這種與異性相隔絕的模式就相當於所謂的“castration”和sterilization”,因為通過這種措施,兩性關係不會存在,因此兩性性行為也再也不會出現,這也就不會再產生易犯錯的後代了。

This, in turn, ensured that no fallible ones – i.e. criminals, and with these, asocial child-elements – could be placed into the world, who would have then enjoyed a bad upbringing by their fallible parents and by their environment and would have even become fallible ones, criminals, and asocial ones. In addition, now the question as to whether this was also kept and handled in such a way with your ancient peoples, since this law goes back to the age-old laws of Henok and Henoch, whose most distant descendants are your peoples. And what about today? If this law applied to you in earlier times, does it still also apply today?



84. What you have just explained also corresponds to the truth.


85. And in fact, it is also the case that all our ancient peoples handled the law addressed by you to its full extent.


86. The law still invariably applies today, but it already hasn’t been put to use for several millenniums, due to the fact that there are no more fallible ones, criminals, and asocial elements among us.



Sfath already enlightened me as a small boy about the fact that new religious sects will continuously arise and run rampant starting from the fifties, even so-called UFO-Sectarianism, Parapsychology-Sectarianism, and Esoteric-Sectarianism, which has also proven itself to be true since that time, like also many other things that he predicted to me for the future. His words were that as a result of this, very bad things and events would occur, which has also, unfortunately, proven itself to be true. Against this sectarianism, so I think, something should be done, which I would do with great pleasure. Unfortunately, I see no great chances therein if I would strive for this, but this still won’t keep me from raising my voice against it, which certainly won’t make me more popular, however. So far, I have only had bad experiences. The question is, whether there is still any sense to it. What do you think?

Sfath 在我是個小男孩的時候已經向我預示到,新宗教將持續的出現並且從五十年代開始猖獗,甚至有的叫做UFO教派超心理學教派以及秘傳教派,從那以後就像他對未來其他事情的預測一樣,這些都被證實是真的。他說,由於新教派的出現,非常糟糕的事情和事件將會發生,很不幸的是他說的被證實是真的。所以我認為應該做一些事情來反對這些教派,我很樂意做這些。不幸的是,通過我為此的努力,我並沒有看到太大的改變,但這些無法阻止我反對宗教的聲音,即便我做的這些並不會讓我更受歡迎。至今,我只有糟糕的經歷。問題是,繼續下去是否還有任何意義。你怎麼認為呢?


87. Your actions relating to this are well-known to us.


88. Thus, we also know that you are badly attacked from a more religious as well as from a purely sectarian side, which is certain to bring you unpleasantness in time and even legal actions against you because sectarians, who are attacked with the truth, usually defend themselves vehemently, in order to downplay and to deny their wrong doings.


89. Sectarians are liars, swindlers, and cheats, who are only out to rally believers and enslaved ones around themselves, in order to exploit these and to be able to position themselves in the light and in the forefront, as self-appointed eminences and divinities of their own graces or as representatives of a God or any allegedly high and lofty as well as all-knowing and powerful extraterrestrial, etc.


90. But we have already talked about this.



Right, but that doesn’t answer my question as to whether I should continue in my actions against sectarianism.



91. We must leave this to your decision and responsibility, even though we think that your actions relating to this are right and desirable for the dissemination of the truth.



That is a clear answer. With this, I also know that I’m really going to incur legal action and more and more religious and sectarian enemies. Then so be it, and then, I can also immediately lash out on the timpani with what I say now, which will then also be written down as a contact conversation and be spread throughout the world. So then: religions and sects sow hatred and separation of the people among themselves, and they drive their believers, enslaved ones, and fanatics into harming, abusing, fighting, and eradicating those of other beliefs. Since ancient times, religions and sects do not create peace, freedom, harmony, and love, but rather animosity, anger, quarrel and rage, as well as blind fury, racial hatred, hatred against other faiths, bondage, dependence, servitude, slavery, war and strife, distress, misery, sorrow, anxiety and fear, delusional faith, superiority over other people, autonomy, and many, many other serious evils, through which murder and mayhem prevail among the Earth people.


Through the insanity of the religions and sects, it has been determined since time immemorial as to what lives are worth living, namely only those who belongs to one’s own religion or sect, while everything else is heathenistic, damnable, and worthy of eradication. Through their dogmas, delusional beliefs, and fanaticism, the religions and sects determine the insanity and the inhumanity of making war upon and exploiting those of other faiths. It is even determined as to who owns the goods, the property, and the country and as to what nations and what States have a right to live or not. Religions and sects determine the existence or nonexistence of people, nations, and States. And religions and sects are the most powerful and most dangerous means of power and force, as well as of the wars, the capital, the exploitation, and the deception of the people. In the foreground, they preach love and peace, but in the background, they create, demand, and promote murder and mayhem, robbery and terrorism against those of other faiths, in order to bring their own religion or sect to power, no matter how much human blood flows and is shed and no matter how much pain, sorrow, grief, distress, and misery, as well as hatred and terrorism develop again by this.


However, almost no person wants to hear or know these truths because the real truth is not in demand but only lies and deceit, swindling and fraud, as well as deception. These worthless ones are the ones to whom people give their attention and their faith. Thus, it happens that every prophet or every prophetess of the truth is banished to the desert, where they can no longer be heard. And in fact, it is also the case that those who announce the effective truth become designated as sectarians by their critics and enemies and become attacked, slandered, and denigrated. And this, even though between a sectarian or sect and a prophet or prophetess, there is such a huge difference in the effective truth, which should actually be recognized by a rational person. But obviously, the critics and enemies are devoid of any reason in this regard. They only practice criticism and slander, in order to assert themselves for the sake of material rewards, for they are hostile to the truth or the truth simply does not penetrate into the brains of the critics or slanderers due to their own arrogance. One reason for this may be that their reason and intellect are not strong enough, so the real truth cannot be recognized. But there are still many other reasons for this, and enumerating them all would probably fill books.



92. Those are words that are not to be denied.



There’s still much more to say, namely that by and large, the Earth people aren’t actually interested in the effective truth but only in unreal things and lies of religions, sects, swindlers, liars, and cheats, who lie their heads off, hypocritically preaching doctrines of salvation and plans of salvation and giving just as deceitful promises of salvation, which can never be fulfilled. And the Earth people fall for this because to them – in their falsehood and in their ignorance, in which they eke out their existence and search for a better life and for the real truth – there is a real need for salvation. And the rule is that through the deception of the religions and sects, the people rely on the false story of divine salvation and on the divine plan of salvation. Through this, with unintentional force, they push every responsibility far away from themselves, relying on the message of salvation and, therewith, on the redemption, which will never become a reality, by God or by his hosts of angels, by Jesus Christ, by saints or even by those who are deceased, who should bring help from the beyond, or by extraterrestrials, as this has been preached and has been maintained for quite some time by irresponsible and exploitative UFO-sect gurus, who will support themselves as such in the future, as Sfath explained, by what means all of the chiefs of the sects become very rich, for they financially exploit their followers and believers, as well as those who are enslaved to them and other fools, and through this, they live in joys and glory.

還有許多其他可說的,那就是總體而言,地球人不會真正的對真理感興趣,而只相信不真實的事情以及宗教謊言、教派、騙子、謊話人以及欺騙者,他們偽善的宣揚救世主義、救世計畫並給出了具有欺騙性質的救世承諾,這些承諾永遠不會實現。地球人陷入其中是由於存在這種救世的需求,這是因為在他們誤信與愚昧之中,他們想竭力彌補生活上的不足之處,並尋求更好的生活以及尋求真相然而事實卻是,他們通過宗教和教派的欺騙,依賴上了神的拯救以及救世計畫這種編造的故事。因此,通過潛意識的力量他們使他們自己遠離了責任,依賴救世的消息,隨之而來的卻是救贖永遠不會成真。他們指望上帝或者天使、耶穌、聖徒或者甚至那些死去的人會從來世或者外星人帶來幫助,因為這些謊言被不負責任的以及意圖盤剝別人的UFO教派所宣揚並維護,如 Sfath 所述他們會在未來用這種手段維護自己,這麼做會使這些教派的首領非常富有,他們在財政上盤剝這些隨眾和信徒以及那些被奴役的人或者其他傻蛋,他們由此過的舒坦又榮耀

The Earth people do not run to the truth but to lies and deception, to religions and sects, and they believe everything that they are led to believe and everything that is given to them by the sect bosses and religious bigwigs. With this, I in no way want to attack those religionists, i.e. those parishioners, priests, monks, devotees, and other religious representatives, who are devoted to their faith in honesty and who maintain love, peace, freedom, harmony, humanity, and true brotherly love, etc. in the best form. In fact, I know many such people, and their way of life in these forms could not be bettertherefore, I give them all necessary respect and due reverence, even though they are connected to a religious faith. But those whom I attack are all those who cannot be added to these worthy people because they are among the severe or most severe fallible ones who, in their degeneracy, give no honor to the designation of person, having parasite-like, mendacious, swindler-like, and deceitful thoughts, feelings, emotions, and ways of acting, and through these, they deeply and disgustingly alienate and dissociate themselves from the designation of honorable person.



93. Unfortunately, everything is actually so, as you say.


94. And it will still take a very long time before the people of the Earth reflect and begin to look for their salvation no longer in the religions and sects but rather in the reality, in that they turn their ears and their minds to the actuality and truth.


95. Many centuries and even millenniums will still pass before the seeds of the truth, which you painstakingly sow, will rise up, germinate, and thrive, for which you will, as a rule, only reap ingratitude, bad words, and criticism, as well as slander and attacks on your life, as this has, so far, already been the case several times.


96. Nevertheless, you must still do your work because the spreading of the seed is of urgent necessity.


97. First, there will only be few, who will cultivate the seeds that are sown and who will allow fruits to thrive from this, but these will gradually multiply themselves and spread all over the world.


98. Everything will be very laborious, however, because the truth isn’t wanted to be heard or recognizedrather, only a message of salvation and an alleged salvation-bringing of a religious and sectarian form are demanded to be heard and are expected, as you have expressed this clearly.


99. Very many people of the Earth think and hope in this way because they are not acquainted with the truth and are not taught thisrather, they are deceived and cheated by the false religions and false representatives and by the sectarians and their followers, namely through erroneous teachings, false evoking of hope, and through unrealizable, dishonest, and unreal promises.


100. Through the pretense of false facts, the people are made into believers, enslaved ones, and fanatics who, without hesitation and without any scruple, don’t even shy away from murder – in the name and belief of their religion or sect, as well as in accordance with the instructions of the religious leaders and sect leaders – and from brutally massacring their fellow people, in order still to desecrate them and rob them later.


101. You correctly cite with your words that there are, of course, also respectable, proper, and dignified people among the religionists, but unfortunately, these correspond to a very small minority.



That is right, and thus, it must simply be said clearly and plainly. But now, we should have talked enough about this. There are still some other questions that I would like to ask if your time still allows you to answer these for me?



102. Just ask.



Good – thank you. As you also know, the custom prevails among the Earth people – at least among many – that deodorants are used against perspiration. But to my knowledge, there is the risk of the elimination of immunity against bacteria and fungus, etc., at least, that’s what I can remember, which Sfath explained to me. He also taught me that through the reduction of perspiration, wrong smells arise, by what means the partners of the opposite sex, both the female as well as the male, become misled, for the male partner or the female partner cannot be in his or her “right smell,” i.e. “right scent,” “right aroma,” or “right fragrance.” This means that through the use of sweat-absorbing means, even deodorants and so on, and through an artificial smell, i.e. scent, what can no longer be perceived of the relevant person’s own scent becomes distorted and obscured.


Then, if the artificial means against the development of sweat are no longer applied, then the natural scent penetrates through again, which does not appeal to the male partner or to the female partner, which can then lead to conflict and to the break up of the relationship and connection, and indeed, this also happens in many cases. Moreover, the scent of the sweat of females and males is also decisive for sexual stimulation, which naturally becomes disturbed and falsified by the use of antiperspirants. Thus, a male partner and a female partner can have thriving sexual relations and joys as long as deodorants and other antiperspirants are applied, but if a discontinuance of the same occurs, then aversion or even disgust mutually arises among both people. But that isn’t enough, for as I already said, the immune system is also impaired by the use of antiperspirants, etc., in the form that fungus and eczema develop, and bacteria begins a health-destructive work and can carry this out. The question now is whether you can tell me something more about this?



103. By and large, you said what is necessary, but I can still explain the following:


104. The sweat of the person is a very necessary product of the body, through which this is protected against infections.


105. There is a very specific substance that is contained in the sweat – which I may not mention officially, however, due to our directives, for this would be a serious intervention in the earthly medical development – and this protects the skin from bacteria being able to settle and form on it, along with eczema, fungus, inflammations, and infections.


106. This defense substance produced by the body’s sweat practically forms the body’s own antimicrobial antibiotics, which have huge effects and even prevent inflammations and skin infections, etc.


107. Sweat develops, therefore, a very strong protection of an antibiotic nature, which, however, is just as much destroyed by deodorants and other antiperspirants, as you call them, as by too frequent washing.


108. Just for this reason alone, a simple body wash should be carried out each day, and only with clear water, without the use of chemical cleaning agents.


109. Such should only find use if work operations or other very dirty operations require it.


110. Under normal conditions, so with activity that doesn’t accumulate a lot of dirt, neither a shower nor a bath should be taken every day, for such destroys the antimicrobial protection of the sweat, by what means health damages can appear.


111. Frequent colds and attacks of the flu, as well as many other symptoms, often trace back to the fact that too much showering or bathing took place and, in addition, that chemical hair cleaners and body cleaners were used.


112. If very dirty work isn’t required, then at most, one full bath or one full-body shower each week should be sufficient for the maintenance of hygiene and health.



Unfortunately, with the irrationality and erroneous views of the Earth people, that will be met with deaf ears and with a horrendous desire to know better.



113. That will probably be the case.


114. Unfortunately, the fact of the need for sweat education, in the form discussed by us, is not yet known by terrestrial medical science, for up to now, only inadequate assumptions exist, which are geared toward the notion that the calcium content of the sweat forms some protection for the body.


115. In accordance with the current researches of the terrestrial scientists, it should still take, at least, another 15 to 20 years before they find out the truth through their efforts.



That is bitter medicine, my son. But what it is, one cannot change it anyways. But now, my friend, it has already become early morning, so I should still get some sleep, for my day will be strict and long again. You also know that Saturday is a workday for me, as it also is for you. I will keep the other questions for our next meeting and will ask them then.



116. You also actually look quite exhausted.


117. So I will go then.


118. Until we meet again.



Until we meet again.


Translator's Comments:    英譯者評註:

The confusion that may have arisen in the minds of modern English readers of the Talmud of Jmmanuel, when confronted with the words “Entmannung,” which has been translated in early editions of the Talmud of Jmmanuel as “castration,” and “Entweibung,” which has been translated in early editions as “sterilization,” has been eliminated in the Fourth Edition. For example, chapter 12 and verse 12 of the Talmud of Jmmanuel was formerly translated as:
"Whoever sexually abuses a child is unworthy of life and its laws and shall therefore be punished by castration or sterilization and be deprived of freedom through lifelong confinement and isolation."

當讀到詞語“Entmannung”時,困惑會出現在 Talmud of Jmmanuel 的現代讀者腦中,這在早期 Talmud of Jmmanuel 的版本中被翻譯成“castration,而“Entweibung”這個詞在早期版本中被翻譯成“sterilization”並在第四版的時候被刪除了。例如,Talmud of Jmmanuel 12 12 節原來的翻譯是:
"Whoever sexually abuses a child is unworthy of life and its laws and shall therefore be punished by castration or sterilization and be deprived of freedom through lifelong confinement and isolation."

In the Fourth Edition, the same verse is now translated as:
"Whoever sexually abuses a child is unworthy of life and its laws and shall therefore be punished by being cut off from the community and be deprived of freedom through lifelong confinement and isolation."

"Whoever sexually abuses a child is unworthy of life and its laws and shall therefore be punished by being cut off from the community and be deprived of freedom through lifelong confinement and isolation."

In more recent translations, such as in the Goblet of Truth, "Entmannung" is now translated as "separation of men," where men are being separated from women, and "Entweibung" is now translated as "separation of women," where women are being separated from men.



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