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Contact Report 710(2018/9/11)   第710次接觸報告













資料來源:FIGU/ 'Billy' Eduard Albert Meier

報告卷屬:Plejadisch-plejarische Kontakberichte, Gespräche, Block 16



資訊參考:「FIGU Zeitzeichen





校對改進:Stephen Lane


英版連結:「Futureofmankind. James Moore]」









Synopsis      摘要

This is a partial and preliminary translation of the contact.



... ... ...

It may be that the whole thing is necessary in the way you mentioned, because when I think about what happened again recently when a sect follower arrived at my place, the members of the allegedly born-again Jesus Christ alias <Christ Sanandaj> resp. <Jesus Sananda Jmmanuel> who are supposed to spread messages. She fanatically harassed me with the Jesus-Sananda-Jmmanuel nonsense and wanted to bring me to her cult side, so I think it might be necessary that something be done in the way you say. The woman brought me two more books with the titles <And they called him Jmmanuel> (), and <Space-Gate> (The veil is removed) Nos. 2 and 3 of the PHÖNIX-JOURNAL. In one of the books it is mentioned that in chapter 5 of a Phoenix journal it is written by this Christian Sananda what an imaginary Plejan commander named Gyeorgos Cweres Hatonn supposedly says in the so-called Phoenix journals, and I will read you some of it here:

整件事有可能就像你所提到的那樣,是有必要(進一步採取一些行動),因為我再一次想起了最近發生的一件事:一個宗派的信徒來到我這裡,她是所謂再生耶穌.基督Jesus Christ);別名基督.薩南達伊Christ Sanandaj)又或耶穌.薩南達.以馬內利Jesus Sananda Jmmanuel)的成員,這些成員被認為是應該傳播資訊的人。
這個女人還給我帶來了兩本書,一本書名是:他們叫他以馬內利And they called him Jmmanuel)[1];另一本書名是:空間門Space-Gate2],鳳凰城期刊PHÖNIX-JOURNAL),第2期和第3期。在其中一本書裡提到:在這個所謂的鳳凰城期刊》(Phoenix journal中,據說有提到某一期的鳳凰城期刊的第五章節,是由這個基督.薩南達Christian Sananda)寫的,後者是一個虛構的名為Gyeorgos Cweres HatonnPlejan指揮官,我會在這裡給你讀一些相關內容:


  Und sie nannten ihn Jmmanuel(德)

> And they called him Jmmanuel(英)

> 他們叫他以馬內利(中)


  Ich bin Sananda(德)

> 我是薩南達(中)



> Space-Gate(英)

> 空間門(中)


  Der Schleier wird entfernt(德)

> The veil is removed(英)

> 摘掉面紗(中)





<A brief summary of what the Phoenix journals are has been given by Commander Hatonn himself>: <These journals are the words of truth, God's promises for publication in the end-times, to give mankind one last chance to choose the truth rather than the lie.>

指揮官Hatonn本人已經送出了一份《鳳凰城期刊》(Phoenix journals)內容的簡要概述這些期刊是真理的話語,是上帝God)在末日end-times)對公眾做出的承諾,給人類最後一次選擇真相而不是謊言的機會。

<Gyeorgos Cweres Hatonn later outed himself as nothing less than our Creator Son Christ Michael Aton and is thus the highest authority among the authors.>

Gyeorgos Cweres Hatonn後來出現並成我們唯一的創造主之子 - 基督.邁克爾.阿頓Creator Son Christ Michael Aton),並因此成為權威群體中的最高權威。

<I did not come then to bring peace to the world, but the sword of truth and knowledge. The actual authors are represented as beings from the so-called Brotherhood of Light of the Cosmic Planes, above all a Gyeorgos Cweres Hatonn, Supreme Commander for the Earth Transition Project, Esu Jesus Immanuel Sananda, who already 2000 years ago was the ambassador of the spiritual planes on this planet - commonly known as Jesus Christ - was incarnated, and various masters of the colour rays as for example the probably best known master of the violet ray Saint Germain, which also has guided the destiny of the world several times in physical form. Hatonn presents himself with these words before: <I am Gyeorgos Cweres Hatonn, Supreme Commander Earth Crossing Project, Air Command Sector of the Plejaden, Intergalactic Fleet Federation under the command of Ashtar, representative of Earth for the Cosmic Council and Intergalactic Council of the Federation on the Transition of Earth. You can call me <Hatonn>.>

這個實際上的權威是來於自詡為所謂宇宙層面的光之兄弟會Brotherhood of Light of the Cosmic Planes的那些生命體beings);
總之,這位Gyeorgos Cweres Hatonn是,地球過渡項目Earth Transition Project最高指揮官Supreme Commander伊蘇.耶穌.以馬內利.薩南達Esu Jesus Immanuel Sananda),也就是在2,000年前就已經擔任過這顆星球上靈性層面spiritual planes)的大使,也就是俗稱耶穌.基督Jesus Christ)的化身,而且還是(掌握)各種顏色射線的大師,就例如:可能是最著名的(掌握)紫羅蘭射線的大師聖日爾曼Saint Germain)那樣
我是Gyeorgos Cweres Hatonn地球穿越項目Earth Crossing Project的最高指揮官,隸屬於阿斯塔Ashtar)指揮下的星際艦隊聯邦Intergalactic Fleet Federation-空軍指揮部Air Command Sector of the Plejaden/Plejaden),在地球過渡期間,擔任聯邦(的)宇宙理事會」(Cosmic Council)和星際理事會」(Intergalactic Council)的「地球代表」,你可以稱呼我為Hatonn

I, too, am quoted in the book <Space-Gate>, as follows: <Geraderücken von einigen Aufzeichnungen - I will take the opportunity to pay tribute and correct a few mistakes. The contacts of Pleiad ships and commanders to Billy Eduard Meier in Switzerland are real and you better start paying this attention. The terrestrial man has a miserable nature and destroys everything he does not understand. So, you are about to be brought down by our people who are with you to bring you the truth and a certain degree of knowledge. Billy Meier has nothing to gain and absolutely everything to lose by bringing our contacts and teachings to the public. My commanders from the Pleiades came to you politely and willingly to support you and you harass and devalue them.> ... ... <I, Commander Hatonn of the Pleiades ... ...>

Pleiad飛船及其指揮官與瑞士的Billy Eduard Meier的接觸是真實的,你們最好開始關注這一切。
地球人類terrestrial man)具有一種悲慘的本性,並會搗毀一切他(們)尚不理解的東西。
通過將我們的接觸和教義傳達給公眾,Billy Meier並沒有什麼可獲得的,並絕然沒有什麼可失去的。
來自Pleiades的指揮官(們)和善地來到你們身邊,並願意支持你們,並幫助你們擺脫那些騷擾。... ...

<Billy Meier will be honoured - My promise to the beloved Billy Eduard Meier is great that - just as in the case of Judas Iscarioth, your name will be washed away and will be honoured in the books of transition. So be it. The returning Jmmanuel, now known in his fulfilled inheritance as Sananda, travels with myself, Aton out of the light ... ...>

Billy Meier將受到尊重,我對(我)心愛的Billy Eduard Meier的承諾是偉大的,就正如「加略人猶大」(Judas Iscarioth)的情況一樣,你的汙名將被沖洗,並將在過渡的書籍中受到敬仰。


I know this sect, but not its books and journals, etc., which is why I do not know what it reads, which I find extremely stupid and full of lies and deceit.



For me it is absolutely clear that this <Jesus-Sananda-Jmmanuel-Sect> resp. the author of the whole thing stole my materials of the <Teaching of Truth, Teaching of the Spirit, Teaching of Life> and transformed them in his own sense and now spreads everything under the direction of today's s sect leadership, as has already been done by this glory man and thus spreads everything around the world as his <Teaching>. In addition, the author is not exactly well educated in the art of writing, as it is not exactly a bright light of intelligence with its morbidly foolish sectarian fantasy, which is woven into it, because many things are so abnormal that they are effectively underdeveloped in terms of consciousness and thus have a primitive effect. Everything was clearly copied, stolen and falsified as a result of irrationality and incomprehension not only by the teachings but also by the contact reports, and obviously already in the 1970s or 1980s as well as in the 1990s, because this cult has been functioning since then, as well as still today with the <Plejaden>, which we called at that time as alleged origin of the Plejars, in order to lead cheaters, liars and charlatans astray and to be able to unmask them as delusional liars and cheaters, which then also worked. However, this sect did not understand exactly this, neither then nor now, which is why it is still messing around with the <Plejaden> and thus leads itself into ad absurdum and reveals itself as a sect of lies and fraud. In everything, there is also a great deal of <God> working around, so it is clear from everything that religious sectarianism is in the foreground. ... ... ...

對我來說,這已經非常清楚:這個或稱為耶穌-薩南達-以馬內利(的)教派」(Jesus-Sananda-Jmmanuel-Sect),其整件事的始作俑者,盜用了我的真理教導精神教導生活教導Teaching of Truth, Teaching of the Spirit, Teaching of Life)的素材並以他自己的意思篡改了它們,現在,又將這一切在如今的教派領導層的指揮下四處傳播,就好像這個榮耀之人已經做過的那些事那樣,並由此,將這一切做為他自己的教義”Teaching)在全世界傳播
由於不理性和不理解,不僅是我的(靈性)教義”teachings),就連「接觸報告」(Contact Reports)也都被明確地拷貝、盜取和篡改了,這些事,明顯在二十世紀七十年代或八十年代,以及二十世紀九十年代(就)已經發生了,因為這個教派從那時起就一直在運作直到今天還在使用Plejaden這個詞我們曾在那個時候使用這個詞做為Plejars的所謂起源稱謂這麼做是為了引誘那些欺騙者、說謊者和騙子上鉤,從而能夠揭露這些人是妄想的欺騙者和騙子的本質,事實上,這(在當時)確實發生了作用。


An especially tragic event will happen in the near future, but also all further events in all your manifestos as well as the predictions mentioned by Hilak and my father Sfath concerning the natural events caused by the fault of mankind on Earth and destroying everything will be infallibly fulfilled, whereby these coming events will claim many human lives and destruction.


Ein besonders tragisches Ereignis wird sich in nächster Zeit ereignen, doch auch alle weiteren in all deinen Manifesten sowie die in den von Hilak und meinem Vater Sfath genannten Voraussagen in bezug auf die durch Erdenmenschenschuld hervorgerufenen und alles zerstörenden Naturereignisse werden sich unfehlbar erfüllen, wobei diese kommenden Geschehen viele Menschenleben und Zerstörungen fordern werden.

You speak of facts about which the earth people must think a lot about, then make right and logical decisions and put them into action. However, what has already been ruined and destroyed cannot be made good again, which is why all efforts must only be directed towards doing the best possible to avoid further destructive and annihilating machinations, which would aggravate the already predestined, which will inevitably happen. Only in this way will it be possible to prevent further catastrophic destruction, devastation and extermination of nature, fauna and flora, as well as of the climate and the planet itself, beyond the already largely predestined extent of catastrophic destruction, devastation and extermination, which will then only result in the extent of the catastrophes that can no longer be prevented. And this alone is the way and also the possibility that with it the earth, its atmosphere and the climate as well as nature and its fauna and flora as well as all waters and seas can slowly be granted a rest in the course of the following times, which however will correspond to a centuries and millennia long process. Only in this way can the necessary things be done for the distant descendants of humanity on earth and a chance to survive be given to them, and only if a drastic reduction of overpopulation is enforced by means of a birth ban lasting several years and then permanent state-controlled birth control.



That's what I think it is. Now, however, I want to take stock of something that I have seen and experienced through my travels with Sfath into the future, namely the future that will become extremely unpleasant for humanity on earth if it does not make a decisive and rapid change for the better, good and right. The future journeys with Sfath have two different forms in relation to what results for humanity on earth, whereby today I want to talk about those facts and make clear what will result in the negative case if mind and reason do not finally win as the most important factor for the change of attitude for the good and right of the general and special way of life. So I want to explain how it will come, if generally in all countries nothing is done to the right and good government and in various countries separatist works are done, as for example already for a long time and also today in Catalonia. This also includes the USA's hegemonic behaviour towards world domination, which will finally come to an end and in which the entire US armed forces will be withdrawn from foreign states and the USA will also have to put an end to all its influences on foreign countries. If peace, freedom and tranquillity are to emerge in humanity, it will be necessary to resort very quickly to means by which all technical, electronic, economic, political and social developments can no longer continue to develop negatively as they have up to now. In particular, with regard to arms production and arms sales to all corners of the globe, it must be said that this is a factor which, if nothing worthwhile is done about it and if this evil is not completely eradicated, will continue to lead to discord, lack of freedom and, again and again, to acts of war and terrorism. The Weapons production and the transfer of weapons to all parts of the world are the most important factors, by which no firm and lasting global peace and no effective freedom and democracy can be achieved. Apart from this fact, things will also arise in nature, which mankind itself has provoked, and so for example the landslides will increase - as I already mentioned in the 1940s and 1950s. years with predictions, I tried to shake up mankind by appropriate warnings to many public media and to governments etc. - which are constantly increasing by the dissolution of the permafrost. All other predictions will also prove to be correct in the future because all natural catastrophes will become more and more violent, such as the increasingly primeval storms of all kinds, earthquakes, seaquakes, tsunamis and increasingly serious floods and droughts, etc. As you Plejaren explain, global warming has already increased by 1.2 degrees, and this cannot be reversed in the foreseeable future, because to the contrary it will continue to increase. And this happens because through the unstoppably growing overpopulation all destructive machinations continue, as a result of the fact that through all the ever increasing mankind in general also all their needs increase higher and higher and everything continues to be done to satisfy them. This also applies to meat production, which is created by huge herds of animals, especially cattle, which emit huge amounts of methane gases that destroy the atmosphere and cause disaster. But also enormous masses of poultry and all sorts of animals are kept for the production of meat, whereby also these cause excessive harm, e.g. also by diseases and epidemics. As a result, all the efforts made by the UNO, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the scientific climate researchers and environmental protection organizations and the 'Green' parties, etc. in relation to all sorts of climate protection efforts to curb CO2 emissions and other dirt, poison and pollutant emissions into the atmosphere will no longer be of any use. The climate is already so badly damaged that the evils that have arisen will continue to progress and bring ever greater natural disasters, which can no longer be countered by human intervention. As a result, everything will get worse and worse and nothing will change for the better, even if all internal combustion engines and thus cars and machines etc. are taken out of circulation, as well as if fossil fuel burning is banned. The enormous emissions into the atmosphere from other sources, especially shipping, which uses heavy fuel oil for combustion, aircraft, which also emit huge amounts of dirt into the atmosphere, industrial chimneys, etc., are all enough to increase the overall level of atmospheric and environmental degradation.

因此,「聯合國組織」(UNO),「政府間氣候變化專門委員會」(the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change),「科學氣候研究人員和環境保護組織」(the scientific climate researchers and environmental protection organizations)以及「綠黨」(Green parties...之前所做的一切努力都將白費,這些努力涉及各種氣候保護措施,用以制止人類將二氧化碳和其它汙物、毒物和污染物排放進大氣的行為。
地球的氣候已經遭受如此嚴重的損害,以至於已然出現的惡劣情況仍將繼續進展,並帶來前所未有的、更大的自然災害,對此,人類將無法再對其有效防範。結果,一切都將變得越來越糟,即便是所有的內燃機,因此也就是汽車和機器等... 都被取消流通,連同化石燃料也都被禁燃,即便如此,也不會讓任何事變得更好。

On a very large scale, there is also the destruction of nature and its fauna and flora through the application of tons of pesticides, fungicides and herbicides, which not only destroy large parts of the plant world and even destroy it to extinction, but also birds, lizards, mammals and all kinds of small animals and thousands of useful insects. And the fact that the health of people is also damaged as a result, and that many of them increasingly fall prey to and die of the scourge of cancer and other dangerous diseases, does not concern all those who produce all the toxins, nor all the others, such as farmers and horticultural enterprises, etc., who spread all these toxins into nature. And the fact that these toxins then also get into the food and into the atmosphere and waters, so that then also into the bodies of humans and animals etc. and in these complaints and diseases and even cause death, does not concern those responsible without conscience, because they are all interested only in their horrendous profit. And the fact is that the origin and the resulting machinations and the effective effects of the whole are based solely on the fact that the overpopulation is overwhelming, because its constant and unstoppable growth requires more and more substances, materials and achievements as well as medicine, food, luxury goods etc. So more and more necessary things and objects are required, as well as furniture, houses, vehicles, ships, airplanes, building machines, which, in turn, required new roads, tunnels, factories, corporations, etc., and many other things for their production, and which were driven to ever higher heights by the continuing rise of the overpopulation - and driven up further and still worse. And this is because neither a worldwide birth ban imposed by governmental law for several years nor a worldwide controlled birth regulation takes place, whereby in the long run alone all worldwide rampant evils could be slowly brought under control and dissolved. And this could happen in this context only if the reduction of humanity on earth as a result of a birth stop and birth control and natural deaths were to slowly reduce all long-running and nature-destroying machinations, and their fauna and flora as well as the atmosphere and climate destroying machinations, which have been triggered by the masses of humanity overpopulation and have been pursued up to now, but are still being irresponsibly continued. But what wants to be done by the magnanimity of those climate researchers, environmentalists, Green parties and other environmental protection screamers who only spit big words into the world with confused ideas, useless proposals, regulations and unrelated assertions, that partly corresponds to some necessities, but not to what has to be done effectively. On the one hand, they are not able to recognize the effective truth that all the evils and catastrophes that exist worldwide are solely the fault of the long overboard overpopulation with its irresponsible and criminal machinations against nature, its fauna and flora, the atmosphere and the climate. This, while on the other hand they are probably also too stupid or too cowardly to seek the real truth or to accept it from those warning people who effectively know the real facts and shout out into the world -- as, for example, I have done again and again since the 1940s through predictions and still do today. But this does not want to be recognized or not to be brought up for fear and cowardice against unpleasant reactions from ignorant groups of the population, as especially all public media do not publish such statements and warnings, do not mention them, do not explain them to mankind on earth and therefore conceal them. But there are also other facts to be mentioned which refer to the future because as a result of overpopulation further evil, malicious, criminal and destructive machinations arise out of it, like acts of terror, acts of war, persecutions, droughts, tremendous storms, famines, racial hatred and religious hatred as well as diseases and epidemics which are spread all over the world. New streams of refugees will also be coming in the coming times, increasing in masses and bringing with them enormous problems, such as criminality, outrages and family destruction. The already severely atrophied interpersonal relationships and the indifference of people towards each other and towards nature, its fauna and flora and also its destruction, will blatantly increase more and more. All these evils and the resulting catastrophes are constantly accumulating and growing in strength, but the great mass of mankind on earth has still not understood that it is due to the ever-increasing further degenerative and criminal machinations of the overpopulation, which are inexorably driven forward by overpopulation growth.

事實上:整件事的根源及其所造成的(人類)陰謀,連同其實際影響effective effects),都完全基於人口過剩overpopulation)這一壓倒性的事實,因為其持續且不可阻擋的增長,需要越來越多的物質、物料和(人類)成就,以及藥品、食品、奢侈品等等
一方面,這些人尚無法認識到(存在於全球範圍內的所有邪惡和災難,完全是長期增長的人口過剩的錯誤這一實際事實effective truth後者(即:長期增長的人口過剩)以其不負責任且犯罪的(人類)陰謀,對大自然及其動植物種群、大氣和氣候,造成了不可挽回地毀壞
對此,在另一方面,他們也可能太過愚蠢或太過懦弱,從而無法找到真實的真相 real truth),又或是做不到從那些真正瞭解真實的事實 real facts),並向世界大聲疾呼的警示者那裡接受這一切,後者(即:警示者)就正如,以我為例:我從二十世紀四十年代來以來,就已經一次又一次地通過預測向全世界發出警示,直到今天,我也仍在這麼做。
但是,這些事(即:上述的真實的事實)不應該是出於對(人群中那些無知者群體的不愉快反應的害怕和膽怯),而被承認或是被提及,就如同... 特別是那些公共媒體從不發佈這類聲明和警示,也從不提及它們,更不會向地球上的人類解釋這些事,也正因為此,所有這一切都被遮掩了

The overpopulation of the world today has long since exceeded the ecological viability of its habitat, and this fact is the central problem of the Earth's humanity, which is promoting more and more poverty, hunger, unemployment and the growth of slums, which today occur mainly in developing countries and are attributed to the population explosion there and the resulting strong population pressure. But that is not all, because the degenerated machinations of overpopulation have also given rise to devastating environmental problems that destroy the global climate and nature and its fauna and flora, as well as the globally destructive ecological footprint of humanity. And this is also the case with regard to the consumption of oil, natural gas and natural coal, where petroleum, which is refined into motor oils and fuels for internal combustion engines, is needed on the one hand for all kinds of machinery and motor vehicles, such as cars and motorcycles, etc., many of which are only prestige vehicles and would not be used by users. On the other hand, many absolutely pointless fuel-powered vehicles for sports and the like are being produced all the time and more and more. Their CO2 emissions destroy nature, the climate and flora, as well as endangering people's health and making them ill. And if the catastrophic destruction caused by overpopulation and the immense use of fertile land for endless housing, roads, sports fields, amusement parks and production facilities of all kinds etc. is shown, then there is no understanding among the thoughtless, irresponsible and inexorably growing overpopulation mass. The criminal machinations, which are carried out by the overpopulation without hesitation, in order to keep themselves alive on the one hand and to promote on the other hand their high-driving madness for luxury and also their growth leading into a catastrophe, result in, for example, an overfishing of the seas and all other waters world-wide. But that is not all, because the enormous worldwide deforestation and a very precarious consumption of water as well as harmful emissions that destroy and pollute nature, its fauna and flora and the atmosphere, which have been fatal to many people, fauna and flora and to many forms of life for many years, are related to the growth of the world population. The loss of forests alone is caused, among other things, by poverty, by so-called land-grabbing, which is carried out by international investors who clear huge areas of forest for plantations, but where there is also strong population growth in the affected regions. Most of the people in these areas are farmers who operate a subsistence economy, respectively a form of farming that consists of creating a small economic area in which they can live and work, e.g. a farm, produces all the goods it needs for its own consumption itself and is therefore independent of the market. Due to the strong population growth, it is no longer possible for them to because their available arable land is disappearing as a result of deforestation and the soil is being eroded and decays, because the deforested forest no longer protects it, which in the long run means an even greater loss on arable land. Overall, however, the loss of forests also has a considerable impact on the lives of populations in poor countries worldwide, because forests no longer protect the soil from flooding and avalanches. Moreover, in poor countries, forests are often the most important source of heating and cooking materials, because most of the cooking is done with wood. If the availability of water or the available freshwater resources in relation to the quantity of freshwater that a person needs per year is also taken into account, then depending on the size of the quantity, water scarcity, water shortage and water emergency up to and including the water crisis can be defined. Water scarcity today is already one of the central problems in some parts of the world, which will affect more and more people all over the world in the future, with the number of deaths caused by water scarcity increasing rapidly and strongly and inevitably leading to armed conflicts over water. If, according to your Plejaran data and calculations, the current water availability for terrestrial mankind is considered, then only 67 percent of the world's population will have sufficient water available today in 2018, while the rest of the world's population, namely 24 percent, is already suffering from water shortages and even 8 percent from dangerous water shortages. With regard to the uncontrolled growth of the overpopulation, it is politically claimed with lies and deception that births are declining in various countries, which, on the one hand, however, corresponds only to a human reassurance lie, and on the other hand it is the case that in reality births continue to rise worldwide, because more and more women are able to give birth year after year and, of course, they also have offspring into the world.

如果人口過剩大量使用化肥,以及永無止境地建造住房、道路、運動場、遊樂園和各種生產設施等... 所造成的災難性毀壞,繼續上演的話,那麼,在那些沒有思想、不負責任和不可阻擋的大量過剩人口之中,將不再有任何諒解。[利昂註釋:這裡的意思是,當事態持續惡化,直至突破生態臨界點之時,那麼一切都將是徒勞的,無論人類再做出什麼樣的轉變,都再也無法挽回毀滅性的生態災難已然出現的這顆星球,屆時,人類將自食其果。]
生活在這些區域的絕大多數人,都是經營自給經濟subsistence economy)的農民,也就是一種包含創建一個小範圍的經濟圈的農業形式,人們在其中生活和工作,例如:一個農場,生產各種用於自身消費的產品,因此,是一種獨立於市場(經濟)之外的農業形式。

Already today, in 2018, the Earth is so overpopulated that several Earths would be needed to distribute the mass of overpopulation on it and to populate the planets with a reasonable number of people so that they do not threaten to collapse one day. But this is precisely what will threaten the earth in the future, for this will be the case if reason does not finally prevail over the whole of mankind on earth and a ban on births for several years is finally imposed, followed by strict, officially controlled birth rate regulation. Well, until 2018, the absolute majority of mankind on earth was still dominated by selfish irrationality, as it has always been. Also the proclamation of Tehran on 13 May 1968 did not bring anything in relation to a reduction of the overpopulation, when a passage was taken up by the International Conference on Human Rights, which said that every married couple should be granted the basic right to decide freely about the number of their children and the distances between the births. This proclamation was also confirmed in the action programmes of the World Population Conferences held in Bucharest in 1974, in Mexico City in 1984 and in Cairo in 1994, but all this has been ineffective, because in reality the whole thing is not controlled, because to this day no decrees have been issued by the state to regulate births by law, but everything remains the same and, as a result, overpopulation is being driven up further. In 1979, the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women first enshrined the right to family planning in the Convention on the Status of Women. Whether it will ever be possible, however, to curb population growth in poor developing countries and industrialized countries depends not only on political decisions, but also on the world population itself. At the Cairo World Population Conference in 1994, the implementation of the relevant decisions was the central focus of attention, whereby the key points of the action programme in this regard included a qualitative and quantitative improvement of reproductive health care, including family planning, as well as <empowerment> or < empowerment or transfer of responsibility> to women, or the strengthening of their legal, economic and social position. Population policy is officially pursued in various countries with the aim of reducing the number of births. But this is effective only <officially>, because in reality the whole thing is only extremely lame and meaningless up to not being handled at all, everything is nothing more than noise and smoke, which enrich certain administrators and state conductors. So the whole thing cannot work, especially not in poor countries, where in many cases there is sheer poverty and therefore no functioning health system. In particular, women in rural regions in particular are often not reached in developing countries if information is already given about the rampant overpopulation and the urgency of birth control. In many countries, in particular where Catholic circles engage in sectarian-suggestive soul-catching and have the lies to tell, there are criminals working against all education and birth control in a dirty and rambling way, thereby making access to contraception methods and contraceptives at all impossible for the entire population. In the case of the Philippines in particular, this has led to poorer women very often becoming pregnant unintentionally and giving birth to children who they are unable to feed. In 1979, for the first time, a Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women was made binding under the Women's Convention on the Right to Family Planning. However, the extent to which this Convention is effective is still written in the stars. If we look around the world at how women are treated by the world of men, how their rights are inhumanly curtailed, how countless of them are beaten, thrashed, raped, abused, enslaved, prostituted or even murdered for their work of equal value to men, then there is nothing effective about eliminating all forms of discrimination against women. Everything goes on in the old framework, as it has been done for thousands of years by the men's world, contemptuous of women, humiliating women and autocratic, domineering and exploiting women. But whether it will be possible to slow down population growth both in the industrialized countries and in the poorer developing countries through understanding, reason and a sense of responsibility depends, on the one hand, on the individual human beings of the entire earthly human race and, on the other hand, on intentional political decisions, decrees and ordinances.

同樣,於19680513日發佈的「德黑蘭宣言」(The Proclamation of Tehran)也並沒有帶來任何涉及減少人口過剩的事情,當時的「國際人權大會」(International Conference on Human Rights)通過了一項決議,其中說明:每一對已婚的夫婦都應該被賦予自由決定他們孩子數量及其生育間隔的基本權利。
1974年在布加勒斯特Bucharest),1984年在墨西哥城Mexico City),以及1994年在開羅Cairo)舉辦的「世界人口大會」World Population Conferences)的行動綱領中,同樣也確認了這項宣言(即:「德黑蘭宣言」),但是,所有這一切都沒有落到實處,因為在現實中,整件事並沒有得到控制,因為直到今天為止,國家(層面)也從沒有頒佈過任何法令來依法對生育進行管控,而是一切都保持不變,結果,人口過剩被進一步加劇了。
1979,消除對婦女一切形式歧視公約」(The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women),首次將計劃生育的權利引入了「婦女地位公約」(The Convention on the Status of Women)。然而,無論這些措施是否有可能遏制貧窮的發展中國家和工業化國家的人口增長,這都不僅取決於(當事國的)政策,還取決於世界人口本身。
1994年,在開羅召開的「世界人口大會」上,執行相關決議是舉世矚目的焦點,在這方面,行動綱領的關鍵點包含一項生殖健康護理的定性和定量改進(措施),這包括計劃生育family planning),以及授權empowerment)或授權或轉移責任empowerment or transfer of responsibility)給女性,又或是強化她們的法律、經濟和社會地位。
1979年,「消除對婦女一切形式歧視公約」,被首次載入「婦女計劃生育權公約」(Women's Convention on the Right to Family Planning),並形成約束力然而,該公約Convention)的效力範圍(即:效力程度),仍停留在文件層面
如果我們環顧世界,看看男性世界是如何對待女性的,女性的權利是如何被不人道地剝奪的,女性中又有數不清的多少人,是因為從事與男性同等價值的工作而遭受毆打、痛打、強暴、虐待、奴役、賣淫甚至是謀殺的,由此,在這種情況下,消除對婦女一切形式的歧視eliminating all forms of discrimination against women),根本就沒有發揮任何作用。

The implementation of the decisions of the Cairo World Population Conference of 1994 would be essential for this, which, however, corresponds nothing more than to a pious wish, because in the background basically everything only corresponds to an immature idea and moreover no seriousness. If this action programme were really to be taken seriously, one of its key points would be a qualitative and quantitative improvement in reproductive health care, with the associated decisive clarification of a birth regulation, including family planning, and, as I have already said, the <empowerment> of women - in other words, the strengthening of their legal, family, economic and social position. Unfortunately, at conferences of this kind, as at many others, there is only a lot of empty and nonsensical talk, with the same kind of action plans being adopted and agreements being drafted as well as deals, treaties and conventions being signed, which are ultimately worth no more than the pages of paper when they are shredded and destroyed. So as a rule nothing at all happens to teach humanity on earth through enlightenment etc., about an urgently necessary and worldwide birth stop. As a result, there is also no worldwide education regarding the extremely urgent necessity of a birth control carried out officially and personally by every woman, as a result of which the overpopulation remains unnoticed despite the urgency of what is absolutely necessary, as a result of which people in general also fall into an ever-increasing state of evil. Calamities, poverty, lack of possessions, lack of money, even financial distress and complete destitution lead to hardship and insufficiency and cause sorrow, suffering, psychological torment, torture and misfortune. This results not only in emergency situations, poverty, neediness and general limitation, deprivation and barrenness, but also in crises, miseries and many other abuses with regard to the procrustal bed or patterns of unpleasant situations, into which many people are forced by force and suffer more and more loss, as a result of which they fall into impoverishment and further predicaments. On the one hand, the misery of mankind increases faster than the population increases, on the other hand, the prosperity level of the upper elites rises on average as a result of ever higher wages and profit-sharing at the expense of the common people, the proletariat and the ordinary social class, who as employees dependent on capitalism have no means of production of their own and are therefore completely dependent on the capital-rich elite. In principle, it would have to be assumed that the ever faster growing world population generally requires greater economic profitability and efficiency, but this is precisely what is counteracted by the greed for money of the upper elites because in their pleonexia or greed for profit and avarice they accumulate ever larger fortunes because instead of maintaining, expanding and increasing economic profitability and its efficiency, it is increasingly being reduced despite the growing demand as a result of the increasing overpopulation. And this depletion or reduction, which only serves the profit and wealth of the upper elite of each faction, makes the dependent employees unemployed, impoverishes them and plunges them into misery. And one of the most important ways and methods practiced by the upper elites - who greedily hoard and increase their wealth to the immeasurable - is to move their production plants to low-cost countries with or without official authorization, thereby putting their established workers on the street and making them bread-less. Another way and method is to automate the production processes in such a way that the workforces of companies, firms and corporations are reduced by hundreds or thousands, respectively, and dismissed superfluously and consequently into unemployment. Where, however, there are no factories, but pure processing operations, where only jobs are carried out, such as at the post office, banks, telephony and all sorts of other similar operations and their branches, etc., In order to increase the wages and assets of the upper elites, the work establishments are quickly suspended and closed in a profit-seeking manner, whereby much is declared as <public service>, which is intended to serve the welfare of the population, but which in truth is to the detriment of the population, but which serves the horrendous profit and welfare of the upper elites and their accumulation of assets.

如果該行動綱領真地有被認真執行的話,那麼其中的關鍵點之一,就在於對生殖健康護理(領域)的定性和定量改進,並伴隨一項生育規定的相關決策性說明,這(應)包括計劃生育family planning),正如我之前已經說過的那樣,賦權empowerment)給婦女,換言之,就是強化她們(即:女性群體)的法律、家庭、經濟和社會地位
一方面,人類苦難的增長要比人口(數量)的增長更快另一方面,上層精英upper elites)的繁榮水準,亦由於前所未有的高工資和利潤分紅而得到總體上升,而這都是以犧牲普通人民、無產階級和普通社會階層的利益為代價的,後者作為依賴於資本主義的雇員,並沒有屬於他們自己的生產方法means of production),並因此完全地依賴於資本富足的精英(階層)。
為了增加上層精英的工資和資產,工作場所會很快以一種追求利潤最大化的態度被關停,其中的許多都會被宣佈為公共服務public service),以此致力於提升人民的福祉,但事實上...這對人民是極為不利的,但卻大大有利於上層精英(的)可怕的利潤和福利及其資產的積累。

And in reality, the <Public Service> strictly cuts off all relief to the population, because by opening and closing post offices, bank branches, etc., the population is forced to take many more routes to reach post offices, banks, etc. As a result, a <Public Service> has come into being, in which the population itself does the work that the post office and the banks etc. would have to do as <Public Services>. But as far as the employees are concerned, they are simply put on the street and don't know when and whether they can still get a job somewhere and earn a living for themselves and their family with honest work - or whether they remain unemployed, become a burden to the social welfare office or eventually sink into crime. This inevitably leads to a widespread growth of poverty in the working class in all countries of the world, which inevitably leads to poverty and thus to hunger, disease, epidemics and slum formation as well as to political and civil social unrest. And this will be especially the case in the future in relation to diseases and epidemics which, on the one hand, as a result of globalization, will be spread to all countries and spread many times over, even in the industrialized countries, while, on the other hand, diseases and epidemics will continue to spread, also as a result of climate change, and will appear in countries which, because of their cooler climate, have been spared by it until now. In particular, future diseases and deadly epidemics from the southern hemispheres, such as Africa and South America in particular, will break through the borders of their southern regions, invade the northern hemisphere and bring fatal disaster to people. This will also increase impoverishment and social unrest, and the enormous increase in the mass of overpopulation will also play its part in this, for because there is no long-standing birth stoppage and no preventive limitation of the birth rate, because it is not enforced - there will inevitably be no limitation of the exploitation of the earth's resources and the earth will be exploited, robbed and destroyed until it collapses. Due to the growing overpopulation, the standard of living of humanity on earth will ultimately deteriorate drastically, as human diseases and epidemics will arise everywhere, spread and people will die of terrible deaths. The speed of chemical technological progress will continue to bring much disaster, as has always been the case in this regard, because every new development in this regard has always been used for murder, manslaughter, war and terror. The digital network is also becoming more and more a huge problem for mankind, because through its direct use, the earth's population is becoming more and more socially impoverished and loses its ability to contact and connect with its fellow human beings. As a result, the already existing interpersonal indifference is becoming more and more blatant and widespread, and is no longer allowing any compassion to arise for one's neighbour. But through the digital network and its direct use, man also becomes impoverished in terms of his education and the use of all his cognitive abilities, because nothing more needs to be thought about, but only smartphones need to be clicked on for all and every knowledge, and specialist software used to find out in words and pictures in a simplistic form. It no longer has to be laboriously learned and studied by oneself, because all desirable knowledge is stored in digital networks and can be retrieved at will at any time, without having to think about it, without having to learn or otherwise cognitively process the retrieved information, let alone store it in one's memory, and thus cognitive stupefaction through the use of the digital network is inevitable. The digital network can also be used to find like-minded people who can exchange their interests with one another, but who are also increasingly able to coordinate and organise deviant, paedophile, criminal, delinquent, subversive and terrorist machinations. Through the development of so-called biological weapons a dangerous bio-terrorism develops, whereby, as Sfath already said, aggressive artificial <super-viruses> are released in this way to exterminate masses of people and even whole peoples. It must also be said that climate change and global warming, which already exists and cannot be stopped in the future, will in some places lead to a heat that will reach lethal levels.

通過開發所謂的生化武器biological weapons),一種危險的生物恐怖主義bio-terrorism)隨之崛起,由此,正如Sfath已經說過的那樣,通過這樣一種方式,極具侵略性的人工超級病毒super-viruses)被釋放出來,用以消滅大量人口,甚至是全人類

Overall, the refugee crisis, natural disasters, and Islamist terror - exercised by the <Islamist state> or <Daesch>, by its mad murderers who believe in the apocalypse and want to establish an Islamist world order as IS terror militia through struggle, bloodshed, murder, homicide, torture, subversion, atrocity, rape, and destruction - are only a small part of what the future will bring. In terms of terror throughout the world, it is not the actual criminal terrorist organizations that are at the forefront, but the USA, which, in its hegemonic delusion of world domination, will never miss a single US terrorist act to satisfy its world domination craving, as it has always done, but which will one day come to a bad end. But what has happened so far since the end of the Third World War in terms of evil, catastrophes and degeneration through man-made and natural catastrophes, etc., was the beginning of all the horrors yet to come. But there is also the EU dictatorship, which will disintegrate more quickly than anyone can dream of, as it will also happen in the future that nations will seal themselves off and that ultimately new wars will break out between states that are still friends today, if the political muddle is continued in the way that has always been the case and continues to be the case today. If understanding and reason do not finally emerge, then the whole thing is inevitable, as it will be, if US-America does not finally give up its world-greedy hegemony and if it is not put in its place by all states of the earth in time and if a real worldwide peace does not come about in time. If all this does not happen, then bombs will once again fall on Germany and soldiers from France, Greece and other countries will again invade Germany and fight, murder, rape and plunder in the destroyed cities. And if this happens, then it will be that after all the refugees from Arabia who are seeking refuge and protection in Germany today, everything will change in such a way that from then on many Germans will flee as persecuted war refugees to the Arab countries and seek protection and reception there, where they will have great problems due to their lack of cultural adaptability. In large parts of Europe the sky will then darken and the land areas will become devastated landscapes, all buildings and houses will be destroyed and plundered, as then also hardly any food will be found. And if this time comes, when mankind on earth does not finally learn to follow the creative-natural laws and recommendations in order to create worldwide peace on earth in the foreseeable future, then it will be that encountering another human being alone will become a danger to life. And it will continue to be the case that, if human mania is not stopped with regard to the new achievements to be created in the future, cyberneticists will drive research and development to undreamt of heights, using research directions, biological, technical and sociological systems of all kinds to develop automatic regulation and control mechanisms. If, in the future, earthly humanity does not remember, does not make an overturning change for good and for true humanity, and does not establish a serious, worldwide and lasting peace, and becomes a true society of understanding and reason, then it will be terrible for it. It is already the case today that companies, firms and corporations dominate people's lives and direct them as they please, without employees being able to defend themselves against the upper dictatorial elites and get their rights. Even the trade unions, workers' rights and social benefits have already come under such pressure that the workers, who lose their jobs and are put on the street by the lousy machinations of the company, firm and group administrations, have to go along without rights and be glad that they are still tolerated as citizens. Workers' rights are trampled underfoot, and in the future trade unions will lose their influence on employers and become powerless. In the future, it may be that only in the way of naming and using a valid credit card number or by prepayment the transport and treatment of the sick, as well as police investigations, will be carried out only by advance payment. The EU dictatorship and many other states around the world do not want a democracy, whereby idiots from the Swiss population want to abolish the semi-democracy that exists in Switzerland and allow themselves to be enslaved by the EU dictatorship. In the future, however, there will be many other things that the whole of mankind on earth will have to think about in depth, for there will be far-reaching computerisation, electronization and their far-reaching networking, which will drive terrestrial mankind to the edge of its existence if the cybernetic mania of mankind is not stopped, which is out to develop electronic machines with an artificial form of consciousness and intelligence that ultimately supercomputers and electronic cyber beings will gain power over mankind. And if this actually happens, then the continued existence of the entire earthly population will be called into question, as will the continued existence of the planet itself.

總的說來,難民危機自然災難,以及(由伊斯蘭國家Daesch發起的)伊斯蘭恐怖主義Islamist terror)(該恐怖主義透過其信仰現代啟示錄的瘋狂兇手,就如同「IS/伊斯蘭國」的恐怖民兵那樣,通過打鬥、殺戮、謀殺、殺人、酷刑、顛覆、暴行、強姦和破壞,妄圖建立一個伊斯蘭世界Islamist world)的秩序),所有這些都將是出現在未來的一小部分。
不僅如此,就(通過人為和自然災難等的影響所造成的邪惡、災難和墮落)而言,人類自「第三次世界大戰」(Third World War)[利昂註釋:事實上,人類歷史上已經發生過三次世界性的戰爭,我們所熟知的一戰World War I)(1914728日至19181111日),其實是「第二次世界戰爭」(Second World War);而二戰World War II)(193991日至194592日),其實是「第三次世界戰爭」;人類歷史上真正意義上的「第一次世界戰爭」(First World War)是發生在(1754-1763年)的「七年戰爭」(Seven Years' War)]結束以來,所發生的所有事,都只是尚未到來的一切恐怖事件的開始。
不僅如此,還有歐盟獨裁統治EU dictatorship),其瓦解的速度要比任何人想像的都要快,正如在未來,國家間的自我封閉也會發生,還有最終,如果政治(層面的)混亂繼續以一種一直以來直到今天都是如此的方式惡化下去的話,那麼,那些在今天還是朋友的國家之間就會爆發新的戰爭。
如果這種情況(最終)發生了,那麼在所有從阿拉伯Arabia)來到德國尋求庇護和保護的難民(現階段)之後,一切都將從那時起,以這樣一種方式發生轉變,即:許多德國人將作為遭受戰爭迫害的難民逃亡到阿拉伯國家Arab countries),並在那裡尋求保護和接納,然而,他們會在面臨很大的問題,因為他們缺乏對(當地)文化的適應能力。
控制論者將通過利用各種研究方向(包含生物學、科技和社會學/倫理體系)去發展可自主調節和可自主控制的機械,推動相關領域的研究,並(最終)發展到無法想像的高度,如果人類對這些將在未來被創造出來的新成就new achievements)[利昂註釋:此處所指,即是:「AI」,也就是「人工智慧」(Artificial Intelligence)在未來的崛起,及其註定會對人類產生的毀滅性威脅。]的狂熱,不加以(有效)克制的話,那麼這種情況(即:人類文明的惡迴圈)就將繼續下去。
如今的情況已然如此:公司,企業和大公司把控著人們的生活,並隨心所欲地支配他們,沒有雇員能夠保護自己免受上層獨裁精英upper dictatorial elites)的欺壓,並獲得他們(自身原本應有)的權利。
甚至是工會trade unions)(也做不到這一點),工人的權利和社會福利已然承受著如此巨大的壓力,以至於那些失去工作的工人,透過其(之前所屬的)公司,企業和大公司的管理層的骯髒陰謀,而(被迫)流落街頭,還不得不在沒有任何權利的前提下艱難前行,並(麻木地)自樂於他們仍然被承認是公民。
歐盟獨裁統治EU dictatorship)和世界上的許多其它國家都並不想要民主,其中,來自瑞士Swiss)人口中的白癡們,就想要廢除存在於瑞士半民主semi-democracy),從而使他們自己被歐盟獨裁統治所奴役。

When the artificial consciousness and the artificial intelligence come into being, then sooner or later they will become independent and powerful and take over the command over the internet concerning all imaginable things, and then the whole networked infrastructure will be used against mankind itself, whereby the finite aim will be the cyberhegemony and the complete destruction of mankind on earth. Again and again I have to explain that the future will bring extremely dramatic events for earthly mankind, the planet, its nature and fauna and flora, for ever more violent and devastating hurricanes and typhoons will occur, as well as violent droughts, primeval storms and rain forces with immense floods, destruction and deaths. And all these phenomena of nature are becoming more and more frequent and stronger, which is a consequence of the climate change, which is man-made, and where all the other evils, which are also caused by the irresponsible overpopulation, are being driven further and further, and which are aimed at the destruction and annihilation of nature, its fauna and flora and the planet as a whole. There will be more and more crises in the economy, in the financial world and in the entire social sector, and larger crises will arise, some of which can no longer be overcome. Global migration will also increase to such an extent that no way can be found of coping with it, and a devastating problem will result, which will appear to be a kind of epidemic affecting all countries of unassailable proportions. All the longer, all the more it will become more and more urgent not to simply wait blindly for the great threats and to let everything be decided by politics, which always only plays on short-sightedness, because it has long since become necessary for every single human being on earth to implement himself in relation to a long-term risk assessment and to do and undertake everything himself from this what is right, best, good and life-supporting for mankind, nature, its fauna and flora and the planet Earth itself. All of this is considered in detail, based on a higher power, which as such has arisen from a complete human failure, from overconfidence, megalomania, autocracy, recklessness, irresponsibility and the delusion of standing above everything natural in creation, its nature and fauna and flora and consequently being able to play creation itself. But so that, with this delusional thinking and behaviour, the entire mankind of the earth has manoeuvred itself into misfortune and has already so missed and destroyed all that is necessary for life that now, in the coming times, only ever greater catastrophes are looming. In all this, it is not simply a question of not taking any risks, but of consciously regulating everything in the right and good way, in which everything necessary is done and carried out in order to find and take the right and good ways, despite the threatening hopelessness, in order to make compromises in life with regard to responsible behaviour towards nature, its fauna and flora and the planet itself. In this regard the people of the earth must prepare themselves in principle for what has been made clear by the predictions, because it will be extremely important for mankind to move intensively cognitively and to do everything necessary that has to be done in the future, also for everything that has not been predicted, which must not yet be mentioned for the protection of men with regard to their intellect and reason. It has already become inevitable that social inequality will bring much misery and need, but it will increase dramatically and drastically in the coming times. It is already the case today that around 130 of the richest earthlings of the high elite possess as much wealth as the entire world population together has in its own assets. In conclusion, I just want to say that most people always want to know everything and also want to know and understand better, but in truth they have neither true knowledge, and therefore know nothing, nor do they know the real reality and its truth. As a result, they have no understanding of all the worldwide disasters caused by the machinations of overpopulation and thus man-made catastrophes, which is why the fact is that they do not even understand the future catastrophe, in which they themselves are working and helping to build up the disaster - when it arrives - which no man on earth will survive - or very few will survive.

人工意識artificial consciousness)和人工智慧(最終)形成時,它們遲早會變得獨立且強大,進而接管涉及所有可以想像之物的互聯網的指揮權,然後,整個網路基礎設施都將被用於對抗人類自身,由此,其終極意圖finite aim將會是網路霸權cyberhegemony和地球人類的完全毀滅
綜上所述,我只想說:大多數人總想要知道一切,也希望可以更好地瞭解和理解(這一切),但事實上,他們既沒有真正認識到這一切並因此一無所知,也不瞭解真正的現實real reality及其真相因此,他們無法理解所有那些發生在全世界的(透過人口過剩的人類陰謀,也就是人為災禍所引發的)災難,這就是為什麼事實上,他們甚至都搞不懂未來的災難究竟是怎麼一回事從而在這個進程中親力親為地為這些(未來的)災難添磚加瓦,當後者到來之時,地球上將沒有人能夠倖免,又或是只有極少數會倖存下來


What you are presenting is actually more than you should say, because your efforts in this regard will probably not bring much in the way that your words would be listened to, as this has been proving since the 1940s when you warned mankind on earth with predictions that have been fulfilled for some time and will continue to do so.



I know that, but it's still my duty to talk and warn. And there is a great deal to be said about this, including the dirty machinations of the USA and the EU dictatorship, which are using every imaginable infamous means to try to damage Russia and create a vicious image of the enemy against it, which is against peace and freedom. This, while the effective fact is that the West, i.e. the EU dictatorship, but especially the USA, are the forces that prevent peace and freedom throughout the world and are continuing the Cold War, which is still smouldering and has not yet been overcome, because the USA, as well as the EU dictatorship as a vassal of the USA, is continuing to maintain it throughout the world and is misleading earthly humanity. The image of the enemy is intended to draw the whole world to the side of the USA through lies and slander, and to make Russia the enemy of freedom and peace, with the West in many ways using the power of religion for this purpose. These would have to be removed anyway, because also they only bring violence, discord and bondage and prevent men from their own thinking, consequently they, as always, are not capable and also in today's time and also tomorrow and the day after tomorrow will not be able to recognize the effective real truth and to form their own opinions, to decide for themselves and to act independently. This is also the reason why many people are only puppets of those who dominate them and suggestively hammer into them what they think, believe, hold as their opinion and what they should do. Therefore, most people are so trapped in their incapacity that they cannot make anything of themselves and therefore have no real success in life, following that they always see themselves as victims and therefore aggressively rebel against any effective real truth that is explained to them regarding their wrong thinking and behaviour. Therefore, everything is constantly getting worse for them, because their false thoughts and feelings, built up and lived by the misleading religions within them, make them brainless believers without initiative with regard to a free, peaceful and open independent use of their own thoughts, feelings and reflections to form their own personal opinions. This is unfortunately not possible for a believing person, because the fear of the threatening <penalty of God> always sits in his neck, which prevents him from developing independent thoughts and feelings. So he cannot - out of fear of an imaginary God that never existed in neither the present nor future - recognize the effective real reality and its truth, that not an imaginary deity, but only he, man himself, is his very own lord and master over himself, his thoughts, feelings, opinions, decisions and his experience as well as his responsibility and his actions.

我知道這一點,但(繼續)發聲和(提出)警告仍然是我的責任。而且有關這一點,還有很多話要說,這包括美國歐盟獨裁統治EU dictatorship的骯髒(人類)陰謀,它們利用每一種可以想像到的無恥手段去試圖損害俄羅斯並將(它們的)這個敵人(即:俄羅斯)塑造成一個惡毒的形象,從而加以抵制,這是對和平與自由的侵犯
不幸的是,這(即:上述的主動性)對一個信徒來說是沒有可能的,因為對上帝之刑penalty of God的威脅的恐懼,總是掐住他的脖子,阻止他發展獨立的思想和情感。


What you say belongs in the ears of the faithful.



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