Creator Overlords      創造主

Sirian technically-advanced humans who created a new human race with a limited life-span of 100 years, which also bore barbaric traits that tended toward degeneration and cruelty. This new human race, which exists on Earth today, was created to protect the Sirians as they had lost the ability to fight through self-manipulation when they were previously living in the Lyra star system.


The reason for the new human races' limited life span was because the creator-overlords feared that they would band together and annihilate them. Eventually, their fears became reality, and for this reason new methods had to be found to bring the genetically-manipulated races under their control once again, although it meant that these goals would have to be achieved through radical extermination. Since the creator-overlords were more powerful than the genetically-manipulated humans those found but one recourse and that was to flee, which they did with help from benevolent supporters in the Sirius regions. At the same time, these supporters secretly decided to exploit the genetically-manipulated people for their own use.


Two large, genetically-manipulated groups of humans fled from the Sirius regions and settled in an area on the other side of the galaxy in the Nisan star system. Eventually, however, they were discovered by space travellers from the Old Lyrian lineage, whereupon they emigrated to the Lyra star system and later on came to the Sol star system. Another group of humans fled to the Sol star system and settled on planets Mars and Malona. Some rebellious humans had also already been banished to the Sol star system.


Lyra star system      天琴星系

● Lyra is a small constellation. It is one of 48 listed by the 2nd century astronomer Ptolemy, and is one of the 88 constellations recognized by the International Astronomical Union. Its principal star, Vega (Abhijit in Sanskrit), a corner of the Summer Triangle, is one of the brightest stars in the sky. Beginning at the north, Lyra is bordered by Draco, Hercules, Vulpecula, and Cygnus. Lyra is visible from the northern hemisphere from spring through autumn, and nearly overhead, in temperate latitudes, during the summer months. From the southern hemisphere, it is visible low in the northern sky during the winter months.

天琴座是北天銀河中最燦爛的星座之一,因形狀猶如古希臘的豎琴而命名。它是古希臘天文學家托勒密列出的48個星座之一,也是國際天文學聯合會所定的88個現代星座之一。雖然天琴座面積不大,但郤並不難認,因為它的主星織女星是「夏季大三角」的其中一個頂點。由北面開始順時針方向,天琴座天龍座武仙座(海格力斯)、狐狸座天鵝座所包圍。中心位置:赤經 1850分,赤緯 36°。座內目視星等亮於6等的星有53顆,其中亮於4等的星有8顆。

Sirius star system      天狼星系

● A star system 8.6 light years distant from where the Creator Overlords lived and from whence genetically modified human refugees came to the Sol star system assisted by a benevolent Sirian faction and settled on Mars and Malona.


● It is also a star system where the Old Lyrians settled.


Nisan star system       Nisan星系

● A star system on the other side of The Milky Way galaxy that contains the planet Kudra.


● The Chinese and Japanese races were both created in this star system before they emigrated 2,400,000 years ago to the planet Nissan in the neighborhood of Lasan in the Lyra star system due to overpopulation of the planet. 25,978 years ago they emigrated from planet Nissan to planet Earth and are consequently the youngest immigrants by race on Earth today.


Mars       火星

● Mars is now a desolate and uninhabitable planet but it was not always this way.


● Long ago it was inhabited by human refugees from Sirius until cosmic influences made it unhabitable.


● Here are some quotes from Contact Report 251 that mention Mars:


Two large, genetically-manipulated peoples fled from the Sirius regions and settled in an area on the other side of the Sun. This meant they landed within, and then inhabited, a very distant part of a remote solar system; indeed, on planets beyond the galaxy's central sun, the sun of the Milky Way. Eventually, however, they were discovered by space travellers from the Old Lyrian lineage, whereupon they emigrated into the Lyra regions. Ultimately, within more recent terrestrial history, they came to our planet, where they settled in China, Japan and other locations, and various new, so-called races formed.


Upon leaving the Sirius regions, the other genetically-manipulated peoples found a way to the SOL System, where several thousands of rebellious genetically-manipulated people had previously been banished to a myriad of terrestrial locations as a punishment. These masses of diverse races found refuge on the planets Mars and Malona/Phaeton, respectively, where they constructed cities, pyramids, stations and other things. They led a good life on Mars until the planet become uninhabitable through cosmic influences. For this reason, the genetically-manipulated people had to leave that planet in ancient times and, subsequently, they settled on Earth. Over the course of time, they became terrestrial human beings whose true and genuine Ur-origin was within the regions and planets of Sirius.



The genetically manipulated peoples, along with their benefactors, the "traitor" "creator-overlords" who eventually settled on Mars and Malona, ultimately developed into a notable technological culture. Unfortunately, they were not able to protect themselves sufficiently and one day were forced to flee from the planets. Their scientists discovered that the SOL system was cosmically much more perilous than they had originally anticipated. Many comets, roaming planets, meteors and other perils repeatedly endangered the two newly inhabited planets Mars and Malona/Phaeton. Several of these space intersectors plunged upon the planets, causing immense damage and taking numerous human lives. In the process, a large roaming planet was discovered that had an unusually long rotation period and an orbit that projected it far beyond the outermost planets of the solar system. According to the astronomers' calculations, this large celestial body threatened to collide with the planet Mars, or to ravage it to a point where all planetary life, including all floral, faunal and human life, would be completely destroyed and annihilated in the wake of a near collision. The genetically-manipulated people, or rather their distant descendants, made the decision to abandon their place of exile.


As they completed the details for their emigration opportunities, a dispute again erupted among the distant descendants of the genetically-altered people who had, of course, inherited the genetic manipulations from their ancestors. A decisive factor in the erupting disputes proved largely to come from the new teachings presented by the benefactors. The teachings stated that the benefactors were the creators of the genetically-manipulated individuals or, rather, their distant descendants, and that they, the creators, must be awarded absolute obedience and worship. Most benefactors claimed to be the highest exalted beings -- the creators and makers.


However, these opinions and demands were not shared by all benefactors and, subsequently, two camps formed: One camp consisted of the purported creators, and the other of those who retained their prevailing benevolent attitude, who distanced themselves from this "creatorism". A dispute resulted not only among these two camps but also among the faithful within the two parties, their followers. Ultimately, the antagonists reached an agreement whereby those who wanted to do so departed from planet Mars in the direction of Earth and Malona. Subsequently, many people from both camps grouped together to emigrate jointly, some of whom travelled to the planet Malona/Phaeton and the others to Earth. The emigration group leader to Malona/Phaeton was called Zenteka, whose wife (Amalaka) concurred with him. The earthbound group also had two emigration leaders who were brothers called Semos and Passas. The atmosphere on Malona was safe and healthy for the emigrants and the peoples already inhabiting it. It was somewhat like the air on Mars and similar to the air the descendants of the genetically-manipulated peoples had become accustomed to over many millennia in their spaceships. Unfortunately, the same could not be said about the air on Earth. Pragmatic modifications were therefore required for future emigrants who wanted to live on Earth.


For this reason, the same purposeful adjustments ensued that had previously been effected when the degenerates were exiled to Earth: At that time and before they were deported to Earth, the exiled individuals were forced to adapt to the terrestrial atmosphere, and their skeletal frame required further stabilization, among other things. Those individuals willing to emigrate from Mars to Earth now had to undergo the same remedial procedures so that they would be capable of establishing themselves on this planet.


Everything transpired as the scientists had formerly predicted: The "Destroyer" penetrated the Martian orbit and wrenched Mars with it into another SOL orbit, namely that of Malona, where it remained. Subsequently, Malona drifted away, however, because of the Destroyer's powerful forces, but managed to exist in this orbit until the time when it was destroyed by its inhabitants many millennia later, and became the Asteroid Belt. During this "drifting catastrophe", the inhabitants of Malona were decimated from approximately 470 million humans to barely 14 million; however, they were able to recover somewhat and by the time they destroyed their planet, their population had increased again to approximately 52 million.


The refugees on Earth lost contact with the people on Malona and Mars, which became completely desolate and its remaining inhabitants perished. Individuals from the benefactor group who previously had demanded that they be exalted and worshipped, fiercely spread their false teachings and never again allowed the well-disposed benefactors to gain any power. In this manner, the "creator-overlords" were then capable of putting on the airs of terrestrial Man's creators, rising to power and spreading their insane religious doctrines which, however, contained an absolutely novel yet equally false history of humankind's origin, history and belief. Its purpose was to definitively destroy and lose all data of mankind's true descent in the event that someone else would attempt to secretly glean the information from somewhere.


Of course, the true benefactors did not allow this occur. They fought back by inventing their own religious creeds and disseminating them among the now numerous terrestrial human beings. They were hoping that through their new belief system, humans would learn to search for the genuine truth, to grasp and comprehend everything that is truly Creational and natural - and they envisioned their situation turning to the better. To this end, the true benefactors coined the phrase: "The teachings shall be produced for the human beings on Earth, so that they may destroy the impurity and degeneration within their abused bodies."


However, in these teachings, as in the teachings by the "creator-overlords", there lay the secret hope that these various philosophies of faith and religious doctrines would form a monumental hindrance, whereby the distant descendants of the genetically-manipulated peoples would limit the size of their population to tolerable and responsible numbers. An alternate motive behind this was that the manipulated people's descendants would neither rise against the "creator-overlords" nor the still benevolent benefactors in order to gain control over them, among other things. The benefactors did not want the descendants to prematurely evolve to the point where the descendants had the capability to fly once more into space with the help of a too rapidly expanding, too highly developed technology, and where they would find their previous homeworlds such as Mars and the planets in the Sirius region.


The "creators" also hoped that in their scheme of things, and through their various religious doctrines, the terrestrials would eradicate themselves through the ensuing confusion and wars. They based their hope on the concept that terrestrials would only be technologically, biologically and scientifically capable of conquering space when they had evolved through a sufficiently lengthy period, so as to achieve the mandatory adjustments in their thinking processes and actions. In other words, their intention was that terrestrial human beings, through religious doctrines and diverse religious forms, would have the insight to resolve their genetically-manipulated deterioration problem, whereupon they could correct this deterioration. An important factor in this scenario was that, in the distant future, the terrestrials would discover for themselves the genetically-induced earlier damage imposed upon them, and find their path back to normalcy through appropriate genetic reversals. They believed and hoped that the distant descendants of the genetically-manipulated peoples, the terrestrials, should only then seek contact with their original past, their ancestry, other worlds and human beings in the vastness of the Milky Way, alien galaxies, and the Universe.


Malona/Phaeton星        Malona/Phaeton星(法厄同星

● A planet in our star system that is now the asteroid belt that lies between Mars and Jupiter, it was once a home for over 400,000,000 human beings who were descendants from the genetically manipulated peoples that originated from the Sirius star system, long ago. 73,000 years ago the human beings on Malona fought each other in a war that ended with the planet's destruction.


● Malona, also called Malon and Phaeton, is mentioned by Semjase in the Contact Report 004:


109. Man on Earth must get accustomed to the thought that his predecessors have forced all of mankind and Earth itself to the brink of ruin, and had to partially evacuate the planet in a wild escape.


110. It should also serve as a warning to him that thirst for power and barbarism are attributes that bring death.


111. A second race also had to experience this truth in your solar system.


112. In their unlimited hatred and unquenchable thirst for power, they destroyed themselves right down to the last man, and scarcely a creature survived the conflict.


113. They eliminated and destroyed their own planet with a huge explosion and nothing remained of it but the many thousands of asteroids, which today still circle your sun — as a reminder of the human beings’ deadly irrationality.

他們以一個巨大的爆炸毀滅了自己的星球,而且沒有留下任何東西 — 除了變為成千上萬的碎片;就是今天仍然圍繞著你們太陽的小行星似乎是提醒著人類這項致命的錯誤。

114. (These asteroids are) remnants of the once thriving planet "Malona", which was destroyed by its inhabitants in their barbarian thirst for power and irrationality.


● Billy also mentioned how Malona was destroyed in Contact Report 251:


● Malona, or rather Phaeton, was destroyed in fratricidal wars by its genetically-manipulated inhabitants who had originally come from the Sirius regions, and who blew up the planet by diverting parts of an ocean into the subterranean or underwater magma chambers of a gigantic volcano. The SOL System's Asteroid Belt contains fragments of this former planet, whose orbit was not where the Asteroid Belt is today but was located where Mars orbits the Sun today, and Mars at one time was located where the asteroid belt is today. This position reversal was caused by immense upheavals in which the Destroyer (planet) played an important role. The planetary locations of Mars, Earth and Malona/Phaeton, and solar systems on the other side of our galaxy, in the Milky Way, where the two yellow races settled down, were selected as effective hide-outs by these races' benefactors, who were the conspirators for the escape of the genetically-manipulated people.


● Also mentioned in Contact Report 251 is how the inhabitants of Malona constructed cities, pyramids, stations and other things:


● Upon leaving the Sirius regions, the other genetically-manipulated peoples found a way to the SOL System, where several thousands of rebellious genetically-manipulated people had previously been banished to a myriad of terrestrial locations as a punishment. These masses of diverse races found refuge on the planets Mars and Malona/Phaeton, respectively, where they constructed cities, pyramids, stations and other things.












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