This page attempts to list, in a single location, all major events in history that have been revealed by Billy and the Plejaren Federation and some of those yet to come.

本頁嘗試在一張清單中列出 Billy 和 Plejaren 聯邦 所揭露的所有歷史重大事件,以及一些將來會發生的重大事件

英版來源:EVENT TIMELINE EARTHFuture Of Mankind

英版譯者:Daniel Leech, AlistairJames



宇宙時間軸(History of the universe timeline)資料來源:OpenLearn


The number in brackets e.g. [1] links to the reference at the bottom of the page which contains the source, typically from the Contact Reports. Academic Comparison\Cause and Effect in grey is not from Billy Meier but from the semi-official world and academic written history, for perspective. The words that are coloured blue are normal links to pages inside the wiki and those in red, as normal, represent wiki pages that have not been created yet. BCE means before common era, CE means common era. The ~ tilde symbol represents a rough approximate timing-frame. The view history tab at the top of the page, has an older deleted revision which contains much more information from a much wider variety of sources, but it was deemed too speculative.

學術對照\因果關係Academic Comparison\Cause and Effect灰色表示,這些資料不是來自比利.邁爾,而是以半官方與學術界著作的視角來看。
藍色字詞可連結至wikiFuture Of Mankind內部製作的查詢頁面)的已建立完成之頁面;而紅色字詞的連結通常表示尚未建立完成wiki頁面
BCE表示「公元前」(before common era;也稱「西元前」)的年代,CE表示「公元」年代。


46,000,000,000,000 years ago    Birth of this universe, the DERN universe.[43]

46兆年前                                      誕生了這個宇宙,也就是 DERN 宇宙。[43]

41,800,000,000,000 years ago   The stage of this universe's development was reached in which the first fine matter began to change into its transitional form.[42]

418,000億年前                         宇宙的發展達到了第一個細微物質fine matter)開始轉變為過渡形態的階段。[42]

40,300,000,000,000 years ago   The first solid material came into existence.[41]

403,000億年前                         第一批固體物質生成。[41]

39,260,000,000,000 years ago   The first higher forms of life came into being.[40]

392,600億年前                         第一種更高的生命形式出現。[40]

1,911,000,000,000 years ago The first formations of gas come about for the Milky Way galaxy.[39]

19,110億年前                       銀河系Milky Way galaxy)首次形成氣體狀態。[39]

1,730,000,000,000 years ago The first formations of gas come about for the Sun.[38]

17,300億年前                       太陽形成第一批氣體狀態[38]

646,000,000,000 years ago  The Earth itself had the beginning of its origins, as the first gasses, molecules, and atomic particles and quarks, and so forth, formed.[37]

6,460億年前                           地球本身開始它的起源,形成第一批氣體、分子、原子粒子和夸克quarks)等等型態。[37]

86,000,000,000 years ago    The prophet Nokodemjon is born in the Waron star system in the Lyren galaxy. He appeared repeatedly until the last time of 12 billion years ago.

860億年前                              先知 Nokodemjon 出生在 Lyren星系galaxy)的 Waron星系他反復出現,直到120億年前的最後一次。

46,000,000,000 years ago    The solid body of Earth began to form.[36]

460億年前                             表殼固態的地球開始形成。[36]

28,000,000,000 years ago    Nokodemjon became a purely spiritual form.[35]

280億年前                             Nokodemjon 成為一種純粹的靈態spiritual form)。[35]

12,000,000,000 years ago    Nokodemjon came back out of the Arahat Athersata spirit level for the sake of his peoples, who followed no creational laws and commandments at all, to bring his peoples to reason and therefore to rationality.[34] Enoch's original tribes split into two lineages. One lineage, who we refer to as the Old Lyrians, went it's own way to settle throughout the galaxy and eventually settled in the Lyra and Vega star system in another space-time shifted configuration. Another lineage, who we now refer to as the Creator Overlords, also settled throughout the galaxy and eventually arrived in the Sirius star system.

120億年前                              Nokodemjon為了他的人民,從Arahat Athersata靈性層次回來(化為肉身),因為他們根本不遵循造物法則與建言creational laws and commandments),為此,他督促他的人民重拾理智而返回合理性的生活。[34]
Enoch原來的部族分成兩個血統:一個血統,我們稱之為古天琴星人Old Lyrians),他們自行移居遍即整個星系,而最終定居在天琴座Lyra)和織女一Vega)恒星系,這是在另一個時空偏移的結構中;另一個血統,我們現在稱他們為創造主Creator Overlords),他們也移居在整個星系,而最終定居於天狼星Sirius)恆星系。

7,000,000,000 years ago  The Sirian Creator Overlords lost knowledge of their true ancestry or origin. They lose the capability to defend themselves and they start to genetically engineer new warrior races. Warrior races [much later] mutiny and escape with help across the galaxy and some arrive on the planet Kudra in the Nisan star system, others on planets Mars and Malona in the Sol star system and land begin to create new colony's.

70億年前                            那些天狼星創造主失去了他們真正祖先或起源的知識,因此他們失去了自衛的能力,於是他們開始運用基因工程創造新的戰士種族。但這些戰士種族(後來)在協助下起而反抗並穿越銀河系逃生,有一些人到達Nisan恒星系的Kudra行星上,其他人則到達太陽系Sol star system火星Mars)和法厄同星Malona;或稱Phaeton)這兩顆行星上,開始創造新的殖民地。

5,000,000,000 years ago  The Earth was so hard and solid, that slowly life developed on it, first only seas of lava and volcanoes and then, in the course of time, also the very first and ur-primitive life in the form of lichenoid plant life.[33]

50億年前                            地球表面開始形成堅硬的固態地殼,生命逐漸在上面發展。首先只有充斥著熔岩和火山的海洋,然後隨著時間的推移,也開始出現最初和最原始的苔癬類lichenoid)植物。[33]

28,000,000 years ago       The first humans, in their original form, came into being on the oldest planetary systems of our galaxy.[32]

2,800萬年前                       第一批人類,以他們最初的形式,來到我們銀河系最古老的行星系統上。[32]

27,000,000 years ago       The first physically recognisable humans emerged quite certainly as the life forms named hominids, which, however, first appeared very much later on the Earth.[31]

2,700萬年前                       第一個身體可以非常肯定識別為人類的生命形式出現,這些生命形式被稱為原始人hominids)。然而他第一次出現在地球上卻是非常晚的事。[31]

26,000,000 years ago       The Lyren galaxy dissolved itself and turned into energy, out of which new stars and planets and a new galaxy came into being. Some of the human spirit forms incarnated on Earth are originally from the Lyren galaxy.[30]

2,600萬年前                       Lyren銀河自行解體變成能量,其中出現了新的恒星、行星和一個新的星系。地球上一些人類的轉世,其靈體最初就是來自Lyren銀河系[30]

22,000,000 years ago       The first three peoples who first came to Earth simultaneously. They were the red ones, the brown ones and the white ones. This came about because the Destroyer had done its work of destruction in the Lyran home systems.

2,200萬年前                       第一個同時來到地球的三個種族,他們分別是紅色種族、棕色種族和白色種族。這是因為毀滅者」(the Destroyer在他們的家園星系;也就是Lyran造成了毀滅性的破壞。

2,500,000 years ago            Academic Comparison - Lower Paleolithic - Evidence of early human tools.

250萬年前                          學術對照 - 舊石器時代初期 - 早期人類工具的證據。

2,400,000 years ago          The Kinten (Chinese) and Niper (Japanese) races arrive at planet Nissanin the Lyra star system after traveling from planet Kudra of the Nisan star system.[29]

240萬年前                          Kinten(中國)和Niper(日本)兩個種族從Nisan星系Kudra行星出發後,到達Lyra星系中的Nissanin行星。[29]

2,400,000 years ago            Academic Comparison - Lower Paleolithic - Genus Homo appears as a carnivorous scavenger.

240萬年前                          學術對照 - 舊石器時代初期智人Genus Homo)還屬於食腐肉食性物種。

1,500,000 years ago         Indigenous Earth human develops into modern form.

150萬年前                         原生地球人類發展成為現代的形態。

500,000 years ago            Indigenous Earth human develops first tools.

50萬年前                           原生地球人類開發了第一個工具。

400,000 years ago              Academic Comparison - Lower Paleolithic - Control of fire by early humans.

40萬年前                           學術對照 - 舊石器時代初期 - 早期人類對火的控制。

387,000 BCE                      The ET Asasel created Ledon, the father of the dark race (the native African race) with an Earth human female.[26] Semjasa created Adam, the father of the white human race.[27] Sartael created Tet-el, the father of the red (American Indian) human race. Giant humans of up to 33 feet height arise from the mixing of ET human and Earth human over several generations. The prophet Henok travels to Earth from the Lyra star system (from a different space-time continuum)[28].

西元前387,000           外星人Asasel與地球人類女性[26]創造了Ledon,也就是黑色人種(非洲本土)之父。Semjasa創造了Adam,也就是白色人種之父。[27]Sartael創造了Tet-el,也就是紅色人種(美國印第安人)之父。而高達33英尺的巨型人類,是由外星人和地球人類好幾代人的混合人種。先知HenokLyra恒星系(位於不同的時空連續體)前往地球[28]

228,000 BCE                      War of Liberation in the Lyra and Vega systems.

西元前228,000           LyraVega中發生了解放戰爭War of Liberation

200,000 BP                         Academic Comparison - Middle Paleolithic - Anatomically modern Homo sapiens appear in Africa, including by this point lack of significant hair compared to other primates.

距今BP20萬年          學術對照 - 舊石器時代中期晚期智人Homo sapiens;又稱「解剖學意義上的現代人(英語:Anatomically modern humans)」)出現在非洲,包括此時與其他靈長類動物相比缺乏顯著的毛髮。

190,000 BCE                      Pelegon arrives from Plejares, with 70,000 of his people, on Earth.[25]

西元前19萬年                    Plejares星系而來的Pelegon帶領著他的7萬子民到達了地球。[25]

131,000 BCE                      Refugees from space-time shifted region of Beta-Centauri led by Atlantsettle on Earth and establish cities of Greater Atlantis, Lesser Atlantis and Mu. Refugees also from Plejares led by Armus settle in modern day Armenia region. Refugees from the Sirius system also settle on Earth at another location.

西元前131,000           來自原避難地馬腹一Beta-Centauri;又稱半人馬座β)恆星系的時空偏移區域,由Atlant領導的人民在地球上定居,他們建立了大亞特蘭提斯Greater Atlantis)、小亞特蘭提斯Lesser Atlantis)和Mu)城市。來自Armus領導的Plejares難民也定居在現代的亞美尼亞Armenia)地區。而來自天狼星系的難民也定居在地球上的另一個地點。

~69,000 - 77,000 BCE       Academic Comparison - Middle Paleolithic - Toba Volcano supereruption. This event caused a global volcanic winter of 6–10 years and possibly a 1,000-year-long cooling episode. *Note: the destruction of Malona above.

約西元前6.9~7.7萬年       學術對照 - 舊石器時代中期 - 多峇火山巨災Tobaa Volcano supereruption)。這一事件造成了6-10年的全球火山冬季,並可能造成長達1000年的冰河時期。

~73,000 BCE                      Planet Phaeton/Malona is destroyed by the inhabitants through war actions, more specifically, tremendous quantities of seawater are induced into the crater of a volcano. This causes an explosion that partially destroys it but which also thrusts it to a more distant orbital position whereupon a further explosions completes it's destruction. Thus the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter is created because of man's insanity and megalomania.[23] The atmosphere on Mars also becomes uninhabitable by a temporary increase in solar energy followed by a receding of the radius Sun's life-zone. Most of the human spirit forms of Malona and Mars reincarnate on Earth which is becomes the only planet remaining within the life zone.[24]

約西元前73,000         法厄同星Phaeton/Malona;是位於火星木星軌道間的一顆假設的行星,它的毀滅被認為是導致小行星帶形成的原因。)是被居住在其上的人民,經由戰爭所摧毀。更具體地說,由於大量的海水被誘導到火山的噴火口。這會引發爆炸而部分摧毀這顆星球,但也把它推到一個更遙遠的軌道位置,由於這樣,再一次的大爆炸就完全的毀滅了它。因此,火星和木星之間的小行星帶,就是因為那些人的精神錯亂和狂妄自大[23]而造成的。火星的大氣層也由於太陽能量的暫時增加,以及太陽系適居區半徑的縮小,也變得無法居住。原來在法厄同星火星上大多數的人類靈體都來到地球上轉世,因為這裡是在適居區內唯一的行星。[24]

71,344 BCE                        Egyptian pyramids built by group of humans from Orion constellation.[citations needed]

西元前71,344             由一群來自獵戶座Orion constellation)的人類建造了埃及金字塔Egyptian pyramids)。[需要引文]

50,000 - 70,000 BP             Academic Comparison - Middle Paleolithic - Homo sapiens move from Africa to Asia. In the next millennia, descendants of these human groups move on to southern India, the Malay islands, Australia, Japan, China, Siberia, Alaska, and the northwestern coast of North America. *Note: the destruction of Malona below.

距今5萬至7萬年                學術對照 - 舊石器時代中期 - 智人Homo sapiens)從非洲遷移到亞洲。在接下來的幾千年中,這些人類群體的後代將移居到印度南部、馬來群島、澳大利亞、日本、中國、西伯利亞、阿拉斯加和北美西北海岸。

48,000 BCE                        The beginning of the current age of peace of the Plejares star system.

西元前48,000             Plejares恒星系開始了當前的和平時代

28,500 BCE                        Academic Comparison - Upper Paleolithic - New Guinea is populated by colonists from Asia and Australia.

西元前28,500             學術對照 - 舊石器時代晚期 - 新幾內亞(New Guinea)居住著來自亞洲和澳大利亞的殖民者。

24,000 BCE                         Academic Comparison - Upper Paleolithic - Folks around the world use fibres to make baby-carriers, clothes, bags, baskets, and nets.

西元前24,000             學術對照 - 舊石器時代晚期 - 世界各地的人們使用纖維製作嬰兒背帶、衣服、袋子、籃子和網子。

23,988 BCE                        The Kinten (Chinese) and Niper (Japanese) races arrive on Earth from the Lyra star system.

西元前23,988             Kinten(中國)和Niper日本)兩個種族Lyra星系到達地球

18,000 BCE                         Academic Comparison - Upper Paleolithic - Chatelperronian culture in France and Spain.

西元前18,000             學術對照 - 舊石器時代晚期 - 法國和西班牙的Chatelperronian文化。

13,500 BCE                        All 144,228 members of the Getreuer immigrate from Lyra to Earth in order to assist the Nokodemion spirit form in the mission which for Earth began in 387,000 BCE.

西元前13,500             所有144,228名忠實的信徒(Getreuer;德語)從Lyra星系移居到地球,以協助Nokodemion靈體在西元前387,000年於地球開始的任務

13,000 BCE                        Group that later became The Bafath fail an attempted coup and flee to space-time shifted region of Beta-Centauri.

西元前13,000             後來成為吉薩精靈The Bafath;也被稱為Giza Intelligences)的集團,企圖政變未遂並逃往馬腹一Beta-Centauri;又稱半人馬座β)恆星系的時空偏移區域

11,500 BCE                        It was recognised that the High German language must exist on the Earth in the New Age so that the teachings of the spirit could be fully extensively clarified comprehensively with the required words and terms and word-combinations, as would not be possible in any other language of the Earth peoples during this future time.[22]

西元前11,500             於地球的新時代中,高等的德語被體認到必須存在,以便在靈性的教導中,所需的單詞、術語和片語,都可以充分而廣泛地表達。在這個未來的時期,用地球任何其他民族的語言,都不可能達到這個目標。[22]

11,000 BCE                        The Bafath return led by Arus I and initially conquer Hyperborea in the far north (modern day Florida, USA). Arus II son of Arus I conquers India, known then as ArienPakistan and Persia locations and forces the Sumerian forefathers south. The Sumerian forefathers are descendants of the Sirian refugees that settled in 131,000 BCE.

西元前11,000             Arus一世領導的吉薩精靈The Bafath)返回地球,他們首先征服了遠北的Hyperborea(現代美國的佛羅里達州)。Arus一世之子Arus二世征服印度India),當時被稱為 Arien巴基斯坦Pakistan)和波斯Persia)的地區,並迫使蘇美爾Sumerian)祖先南遷。蘇美爾的祖先是西元前131,000年定居天狼星Sirian)難民的後代。

10,790 BCE                        Arien splits off from Hyperborea and allies itself with Mu and AghartaHyperborea constantly attacks Mu and Greater Atlantis for the next 502 years.

西元前10,790             ArienHyperborea分離出來並與Mu)和雅戈泰Agharta又稱:地底人)結盟。Hyperborea在接下來的502年裡不斷攻擊大亞特蘭提斯Greater Atlantis)。

~10,000 BCE                      Academic Comparison\Cause and Effect: Holocene begins, Allerod oscillations bring transient improvement in climate. Sea levels rise abruptly inducing massive inland flooding due to glacier melt. The Bering Sea land bridge is covered in water. Long Island becomes an island. Lake Agassiz forms. A permanent ecological change occurs in Europe, Savannah-dwelling reindeer, bison, and Paleolithic hunters withdraw to the sub-Arctic leaving the rest to forest animals like deer, aurochs, and Mesolithic foragers. In North America many animals become extinct including the Dire Wolf, Smilodon, Giant Beaver, Ground Sloth, Giant Columbian Mammoth (Mammuthus columbi), Woolly Mammoth, Mastodons, Giant Short-Faced Bear, American Cheetah, Scimitar Cats (Homotherium), American Camels, American Horses and American Lions. Settling of Mediterranean isles re-begins, the Maglemosian people settle UK

約西元前1萬年                  學術對照\因果關係:新世Holocene)開始,阿雷羅德震盪Allerod oscillations)帶來氣候的暫態改善。由於冰川融化,海平面上升突然導致大規模的內陸洪水。白令海陸橋Bering Sea land bridge)被水覆蓋。長島(Long Island)變成了一個島嶼。阿加西湖(Lake Agassiz)形成。歐洲發生了永久性的生態變化薩凡納Savannah;又名:大草原)居住的馴鹿、野驢和舊石器時代的獵人撤退到亞北極區,只剩下了其餘像是鹿、原牛aurochs)和中石器時代的工匠。在北美洲有許多動物滅絕了,包括恐狼Dire Wolf)、斯劍虎Smilodon)、巨水獺Giant Beaver)、地懶Ground Sloth)、哥倫比亞猛獁Giant Columbian Mammoth,學名:Mammuthus columbi)、真猛瑪象Woolly Mammoth)、乳齒象Mastodons)、巨型短面熊Giant Short-Faced Bear)、北美獵豹American Cheetah)、似劍齒虎Scimitar Cats,學名:Homotherium)、擬駝American Camels)、史氏馬(American Horses)和美洲擬獅American Lions)。地中海的小島重新開始定位,馬格來莫斯人(Maglemosian)則定居於英國。

9,498 BCE                          Greater Atlantis and Mu destroy eachother.[21]

西元前9,498                   大亞特蘭提斯Greater Atlantis)和Mu摧毀對方[21]

9,000 BCE                          The prophet  is born.

西元前9,000                   先知Henoch誕生。

6,339.5 BCE                       The Destroyer rips Venus out of its orbit around Uranus and "tows" it behind itself in the direction of the Earth's (orbital) path.[20]

西元前6,339.5               毀滅者The Destroyer)將金星Venus)從圍繞天王星Uranus)的軌道中拉出來,然後牽引”它在其身後,一直朝著地球(軌道)的路徑方向而來。[20]

~6,200 BCE                        Academic Comparison\Cause and Effect: Mt. Etna Sicily produces a massive volcanically induced landslide causes a megatsunami which devastates the eastern Mediterranean coastlines on the continents of Asia, Africa and Europe.

約西元前6,200               學術對照\因果關係:西西里島埃特納火山Mt. Etna)發生大規模火山滑坡,引發特大海嘯,摧毀亞洲、非洲和歐洲各大洲地中海東部的海岸線。

6,104 BCE                          Venus breaks into the earth's path and disturbs its rotation in such a way that a new rotational period originates, bringing gigantic earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods and elemental storms. Lesser Atlantis in modern day Santorini, Greece is destroyed by the volcanic eruptions.[19]

西元前6,104                   金星闖入地球的軌道,擾亂地球自轉而形成一個新的自轉周期出現,同時帶來巨大的地震、火山爆發、洪水和風暴。小亞特蘭提斯Lesser Atlantis)被現代希臘的聖托里尼Santorini火山爆發所摧毀[19]

4,023 BCE                          Arus XI is murdered by his third born son, Jehavon who took over command of the HyperboreansArmus people, the Aryans and Hebraons.

西元前4,023                   Arus十一世被他的第三個兒子Jehavon殺害,他接管了HyperboreansArmus人民雅利安人AryansHebraons指揮權。

4,006 BCE                          Venus crosses into the Earth's path and lightly disturbs it without bringing about large catastrophe.[18]

西元前4,006                   金星穿越地球的軌道,只造成地球的輕微擾亂,而沒有帶來大型災難。[18]

3952 BCE                           Academic Comparison\Cause and Effect: Bede began his history of the world

西元前3,952                   學術對照\因果關係:貝德(Bede開始了他的世界史。

3900 BCE                           Academic Comparison\Cause and Effect: The 5.9 kiloyear aridification event, ending the Neolithic Subpluvial and probably initiating the most recent desiccation of the Sahara desert.

西元前3,900                   學術對照\因果關係:5.9千年的乾旱事件(The 5.9 kiloyear aridification event),結束了新石器時代的次洪積(Subpluvial),並可能導致撒哈拉沙漠Sahara desert)最近這次的沙漠化。

3,683 BCE                          Jehavon murdered by his son Jehav who then took over command.

西元前3,683                   Jehavon被他的兒子Jehav謀殺,隨後由他接管了指揮權。

3,545 BCE                          Venus stabilises itself and sets itself into its own path around the sun.[17]

西元前3,545                   金星逐漸穩定進入環繞太陽的路徑。[17]

3,343 BCE                          Jehav murdered by first-born son Arussem but Arussem exiled by his younger brothers Ptaah and Salam. Arussem returns soon after and creates his base beneath the Giza Pyramids. Ptaah and Salam begin to rule Hyperborea with justice, wisdom and kindness.

西元前3,343                   Jehav被長子Arussem謀殺,但Arussem被他的兩個弟弟Ptaah Salam流放。Arussem不久後返回,並在吉薩金字塔Giza Pyramids)下建立他的基地。Ptaah Salam開始以正義、智慧和仁慈統治Hyperborea

3,010 BCE                          Arussem ousted by a mutineer called Henn, known as Jehovah in the tongue of the Hebraons and The Cruel One.

西元前3,010                   Arussem被一個叫Henn的叛變者趕下臺,而這個叛徒Hebraons的口中被稱為和殘暴者The Cruel One耶和華Jehovah

2,080 BCE                          Jehovah displaced by Kamagol I. Kamagol I forced all earthly religions into his control and created terrible cults which demanded human blood. Kamagol II his son was even worse, he overthrew his father, deprived him of power and let him die miserably in a deep dungeon. Kamagol II introduced the monstrous mass murder of Earth-born terrestrial human beings.

西元前2,080                   耶和華Kamagol一世取代。Kamagol一世強迫所有世俗宗教納入他的控制,並製造了可怕的邪教,要求人類以血祭祀。而他的兒子Kamagol二世比他更壞,他推翻了他的父親,剝奪了他的權力,讓他死在一個深的地牢。Kamagol二世在位時造成了地球人類一場可怕的大規模屠殺

1446 BCE[15]                     HilakPtaahs great-great-grandfather, used a dimension transportation device, probably a Beamship, to go to several time-shifted space-times of Earth ie the future, in order to compile a report which later could be condensed into a chronicle of general but important and proceeding events surrounding the life of the prophet of the new age, which his great-great-grandson could deliver in the form of a prediction text at the point of delivery. See Prophecies and Predictions[16]

西元前1,446[15]              Ptaah曾祖父Hilak使用可能是Beamship;一般譯為飛船)的跨維度(dimension)運輸裝置,去了幾個時空偏移的地球,也就是未來,主要是為了整理一份報告,以便後來可以濃縮成一份圍繞新時代的先知的生活進行的事件普遍但重要的歷史事件紀錄,好讓他的曾孫可以在適當的時間公布預測事件的內容。請參閱:預言和預測[16]

891 BCE                             The prophet Elia is born.

西元前891                      先知以利亞Elia)誕生。

772 BCE                             The prophet  is born.

西元前772                      先知以賽亞Jesaia)誕生。

662 BCE                             The prophet Jeremia is born.

西元前662                      先知耶利米Jeremia)誕生。

63 BCE                               Plejos son of Salam takes over leadership of the civilisation of Hyperborea.

西元前63                        Salam的兒子Plejos接管領導Hyperborea的文明。

22 BCE                               Plejos places Hyperborea under the guidance of the Andromedan High Council.

西元前22                        Plejos仙女座星系Andromedan)高級理事會(High Council)的指導下,將Hyperborea置於其中。

2 BCE                                 The prophet Jmmanuel is born on February 3rd in Bethlehem, Palestine. His biological father was the Plejaren Gabriel and his mother was the Earth woman called Mary.

西元前2                          先知以馬內利Jmmanuel)於23日出生在巴勒斯坦的伯利恒Bethlehem)。他的親生父親是Plejaren名叫加百列Gabriel),他的母親是地球女人名叫馬利亞Mary)。

1 BCE                                 Plejos and his people depart Earth for the Plejares.[14]

西元前1                          Plejos和他的人民離開地球前往Plejares[14]

571 CE                               The prophet Mohammed is born on 19th February in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

西元571                          先知穆罕默德Mohammed)於219日出生在沙烏地阿拉伯的麥加Mecca)。

~1800 - 2000 CE                Plejaren fine-material impulse communication with telepathic transmission devices to various individuals worldwide such as Einstein and others. They are provided information that lead to various progresses for instance in technology and medicine etc.[13] See Foo Fighters.

約西元1800~2000年間      Plejaren細微物質fine-material)運用脈衝通信心靈感應傳輸telepathic transmission)的設備,傳達資訊到世界各地的人像是愛因斯坦Einstein)等等人。他們提供的資訊,導致各種領域的進步,諸如在技術和醫學方面。[13]幽浮Foo Fighters

1905 CE                              Academic Comparison\Cause and Effect: Albert Einstein lays down a paper titled "Does the Inertia of a Body Depend Upon Its Energy Content?"

西元1905                        學術對照\因果關係:愛因斯坦發表了一篇題為身體的慣性取決於其能量含量?的論文。

1932 CE                              Academic Comparison\Cause and Effect: James Chadwick discovers the neutron

西元1932                        學術對照\因果關係:詹姆斯.查兌克James Chadwick;英國物理學家)發現中子(而獲1935諾貝爾物理學獎)。

1932 CE                              Academic Comparison\Cause and Effect: Leo Szilard conceives of a multiplying neutron chain reaction

西元1932                        學術對照\因果關係:利奧.西拉德Leo Szilard)設想了一個倍增的中子鏈反應。

1934 CE                              Academic Comparison\Cause and Effect: Enrico Fermi bombards uranium with neutrons

西元1934                        學術對照\因果關係:恩裡科.費米Enrico Fermi)用中子轟擊鈾。

1937 CE                             The prophet of the new time Eduard Albert Meier is born on 3rd February, in Bülach, Switzerland. He was the second of seven children. His father was a shoemaker.

西元1937                        新時期的先知愛德華.阿爾伯特.邁爾Eduard Albert Meier)於23日出生在瑞士的比拉赫Bülach)。他是七個孩子中的第二個。他的父親是一名鞋匠。

1945 CE                              Academic Comparison\Cause and Effect: Trinity the first detonation of a nuclear weapon in known academically history.

西元1945                        學術對照\因果關係:三位一體Trinity)是已知學術史上核武器的第一次爆炸。

1945                                    Sfath explains to Billy in February that Hiroshima 6th followed by Nagasaki 9th would be destroyed by atomic weapon.[12]

西元1945                        Sfath2月間就向比利透漏說,今年(8月)6日,日本的廣島Hiroshima),而在同月的9日則是長崎Nagasaki),將被原子彈摧毀[12]

1945 CE                              Academic Comparison\Cause and Effect: Hiroshima 6th August followed by 9th at Nagasaki, destroyed by atomic weapon.

西元1945                        學術對照\因果關係:86日廣島,9日長崎,先後被原子彈摧毀。

1976 CE                              Kamagol II dies at almost 4000 years old.

西元1976                        Kamagol二世去世,享年近4000歲。

1977 CE                              Quetzal takes Billy forward in time in a Beamship to photograph San Francisco and surrounding areas after a big earthquake and tsunami.[11]

西元1977                        Quetzal乘坐飛船帶領比利觀察在美國舊金山San Francisco)經過大地震和海嘯後的狀況,並在飛船拍攝當地及其周邊地區的照片。[11]

1977 CE                              Published Books - Semjase-Kontakt-Berichte, 1st Edition, Volume 1 - Contact Report 001 to Contact Report 008[10]

西元1977                        出版書籍 - Semjase-Kontakt-Berichte1版,第1001次接觸報告008次接觸報告[10]

1978 CE                              All 2,100 members of The Bafath group arrested and deported to the Neber system by the Plejaren Federation. Base under Giza Pyramids removed of all technology and filled with stone.[9]

西元1978                        所有2,100吉薩精靈The Bafath)份子被Plejaren聯邦逮捕,並驅逐到Neber星系。同時清除了吉薩金字塔基地下的所有技術,並將其以石頭填滿。[9]

1982 CE                              A splinter group of The Bafath on planet Saban in the Karan star system2.1 million light years distant are arrested and their base with it's devastating booby trap disarmed.[8]

西元1982                        一個吉薩精靈的分支小組,在210萬光年遠的Karan恆星系統中的Saban行星上被逮捕,他們的基地與其毀滅性的誘殺陷阱一併被廢除。[8]

1995 CE                              All personnel of the Plejaren Federation depart Earth; all bases of operations are returned to their natural states again. Monitoring devices remain, of which telemeter discs are among these.[7]

西元1995                        Plejaren聯邦的所有人員離開地球所有行動基地都再次回到其自然狀態。但其監控設備仍然存在,其中包含遙控飛碟。[7]

~2074/2075 CE                 Nokodemion spirit form's next incarnation. When it will continue to "spread the mission again in this world as another personality".[6]

約西元2074/2075          Nokodemion靈體轉世的下一個化身,將繼續在這個世界,以另一個人物的身分,再次傳播使命[6]

~ 3999 CE                          The Nokodemion spirit form will leave Earth where it has existed since 387,000 BCE[5] to continue the mission throughout the rest of the universe.

約西元3999                    西元前387,000[5]以來一直存在於地球的Nokodemion靈體將離開,而在宇宙的其他區域繼續執行任務。

~380,000,000 CE               The Sun will already be incorporated into processes, through which an excessive activity will emerge, by what means all life on Earth will slowly start to become extinct (all CO2 will start to sink into the ground).[4]

約西元38,000萬年         太陽將被吸收進入一系列過程,如此將出現一種過度活動的狀態,這意味著地球上所有的生命將慢慢開始滅絕(所有的CO2將開始沉入地下)。[4]

~470,000,000 CE               No floral, faunal, and human life forms can exist on the planet any more.[3]

約西元47,000萬年        已經沒有植物、動物和人類的生命可以存活在地球這個星球上[3]

~4,000,000,000 CE            The Sun will only exist as a dead, respectively shrunken, dark, and inactive star, along with some inactive planets, which will still float, together with their burned-out sun, through free space for around 6 billion years.[2]

約西元40億年後                太陽將只會成為一個死寂的、逐漸坍塌的、黑暗而不活躍的恒星,它仍被一些不活躍的行星環繞,而這些行星仍然會繼續漂浮,伴隨他們燒毀的太陽,殘留在太空中大約60億年[2]

~10,000,000,000 CE          The entire Sol star system will be pulled in by a black hole and be compressed by its heavy mass.[1]

約西元100億年後              整個太陽系將被扯入一個黑洞black hole),並被其巨大的質量壓縮而塌陷[1]

Sources     資料來源

Further Reading     進一步閱讀

For an even bigger more accurate timeline (with regrettably the word ‘creational’ in the title, but that still deals with evolution), see creationaltruth.org/creational timeline.pdf (external link) - it deals with Billy Meier's more detailed book information; with the evolution and interplanetary family lineage, genealogy and ancestry of Earth and another world.

有關更大更精確的時間軸(令人遺憾的是標題中包含造化」(creational一詞,但仍涉及進化)[中譯者註:不明白英譯者括弧內要表達的意思為何?,請參閱造化的時間軸Creational Timeline;外部連結PDF檔案)- 它涉及比利.邁爾更詳細的書籍資訊;與地球和另一個世界的進化以及星際家族的譜系與祖先

References     參考資料

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