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Contact Report 006     第006次接觸報告





Synopsis     摘要

Semjase continues to explain more to Billy, and he gets her laughing. The interesting matter of human life in its entirety comes around, thus the so-called Reincarnation / Rebirth. The Plejaren Federation call the universe the 'Schöpfung', and she explains that even were all their knowledge from all the federated member worlds combined, they still wouldn’t know everything about it. Laying out what they do know and are prepared to offer about evolution and consciousness; watered down for the sake of time, Semjase gives up a piece of scientifically founded Plejaren conjecture for him to marry up.


This is the first time Semjase begins introducing religious terminology into their conversations, but she uses it in ways that religious people have never used it. A controversy which begins here but only much later fully unravels. Also first time it’s silently affirmed that it’s always been more about evolution than creation, which upset many individuals back in the 20th century especially. 


This is the entire contact. 




1. It took a very long time until you were ready for this next contact.     



It just so happened because I had to deal with various things and was therefore constantly strained.        



2. That can happen.        


3. But now, I would like to explain more to you.   



Can't that still wait, because I myself would have something that interests me very much; something that also preoccupies others very much, namely the life of the human being in its entirety?  



4. As you want, but I actually wanted to give you a task and continue telling my story that I began the last time.    


5. But that can wait, if you have something more important in your opinion.



Thanks, Semjase. In fact, I presently have something that seems very important to me: the life of the human being, as I said before. This means that I am interested in the development of the life, its classification, the spirit and its development and how it is concerning the so-called rebirth.      



6. Oh well, a field that is not just a headache for me.  


7. But on the other hand a science that is very wide-ranging and that has neither brought us such kinds of cognitions that the last secrets would be known to us.    


8. Therefore, concerning this, I can also only explain to you what is known to us and what we assume to be given.       


9. On the whole, there are actually only five very important points that we exactly know of, while two further points are of no certainty yet for us either.       


10. This is because they already lead us into the secrets of the Creation, which is unapproachable for us too.      


11. Nevertheless, I don’t want to withhold our assumptions from you.  


12. The life from the beginning to the end is divided, as said, into seven (7) main stages or main periods.  


13. These in turn are divided into seven (7) sub-periods, hence resulting in its entirety.        


14. The sub-stages or sub-periods can be compared to grades in school, except that these must not be calculated for one year, but for one human lifetime.


15. This means that a very specific form of development and a very specific goal of development lie in a sub-stage.    


16. Once all seven (7) sub-stages are passed through, which can take hundreds of thousands of years, then a main period is completed.    


17. The spiritual life form is completely genderless, because a gender is without exception only characteristic of organic life, which guarantees its reproduction.     


18. But organic life, like spiritual life, is subject to the law of rebirth, in order to guarantee a development in both forms.    

但是為了確保這兩種生命形式的進化,有機生命和靈性生命一樣,都受到重生法則law of rebirth)的支配

19. Thus, every human life form has to live through seven (7) distinct main stages or periods and in each case seven (7) associated secondary or sub-stages (periods).      


20. In the case of location-dependent organic life forms, the periodic effects of the seasons are determinative, whereas in the case of spirit-evolutive or spirit-dependent life forms (such as e.g. the human being) the periods are irregular and are often set individually.      


21. They therefore do not fall under a very distinct cycle like plants etc.        


22. A rebirth of the spirit-dependent human being after his/her death of the body, can therefore already reoccur after fractions of a second or however only after decades, centuries, millennia or after hundreds of thousands of years.     


23. If a spirit-conditioned life is destroyed prematurely, that is, without it having reached a relative evolutionary goal, then it is to its disadvantage.


24. This is because it cannot fully pass through and complete its sub-period and must repeat i.e. complete this period through an intermediate life or during a normal life cycle in order for it to nevertheless achieve the period's goal.       



So that means that this life may under certain circumstances have to be lived a second time?      



25. In a sense, yes; at least from the moment a life was forcibly destroyed.  


26. Accordingly, the life is naturally then also shorter, because it only has to make up for something "missed" in order to fulfil the period's goal.  


27. The whole thing however, can be made up during a normal life cycle, as the case may be.       



So then one could call it, that it would be the hell, a punishment so to speak?



28. Sure, because hell in truth means a self-inflicted punishment which must be served, always providing that the life is destroyed i.e. ended by oneself.


29. In other words this means that a sin, a self-caused error, must be made good again.     


30. If however the life is destroyed by the hand of a third-party, then of course one cannot speak of punishment or atonement etc..   



Aha, so then hell and sin in a religious sense are of pure nonsense?       



31. Viewed that way, yes.    



So does this then mean that nobody is met with guilt, if he/she makes errors in life, which he/she can make up for in the form that, he/she recognises the error or whatever one wants to call it, no longer making it and takes it in as knowledge, from which then a degree of essence of the wisdom must result?



32. You are able to astonish me because your interpretation meets the deepest core of the truth.       


33. More and more, we all get the impression that you know more than we do and that you only want to test us.    


34. Somehow, a secret surrounds you, which we are not able to reveal.        



That is too much of glory, Semjase, because this essence of wisdom wasn't cultivated in my own field. I got it from the Talmud Jmmanuel.  

過譽了,Semjase,因為這項智慧不是我自己的領悟,而是由塔爾穆德.以馬內利Talmud Jmmanuel;即所謂耶穌基督)那裡得到的。


35. I understand, but still, I see that it is also your conviction, and thus my astonishment is justified by it, but so is our conjecture, which I just made known to you.    



You actually amuse me, because do you really need justification?      



36. Naturally not, and you understand the sense of my words exactly.  


37. Thus please don't split hairs and don't make jokes with me.       



I just wanted to have you on.     



38. I don't understand that.  



It means, that I allowed myself a joke.   



39. Oh I see, I didn't know that.        


40. That expression is new to me.    


41. However on the other hand your words again testify to your peculiar sense of humour, as well as to the fact that we could be right with our conjecture.    



I just can't find everything funny and laugh about things that other human beings can laugh about. Their sense of humour often seems primitive to me. And now just stop the conjectures.    


Semjase: (laughing) (笑)       

42. That is known to me very well, and I have often enjoyed your peculiar sense of humour – well, let's leave the conjectures aside in the future.   


43. Let's let time do its work.     



That’s all I needed – was there no other way?      


Semjase: (laughing again) (再笑)  

44. I also like to laugh.   



That makes me happy. But now we have strayed from our conversation.  



45. You're right, because I still have to explain a few things regarding your question:      


46. The seven main stages or main periods each represent one full period with in turn their sevenfold subdivisions.    


47. You would say that this would be one semester.      


48. Therefore, in your sense this would be called a semester-life, during which seven different subjects have to be completed.   


49. I want to explain this to you schematically:    


50. 1. Primary life 

1. 初級生命

1) Primary development of the intellect and the consciousness.     

1-1) 智能與知覺的初級發展。

51. 2) Primary intellectual and consciousness-based thinking.   

1-2) 初級智能思辨與知覺思辨。

52. 3) Primary intellect-based thinking.  

1-3) 初級認知思辨。

53. 4) Primary use of intellect and consciousness-power.     

1-4) 初級智能力量與知覺力量的運用。

54. 5) Primary intellectual actions.   

1-5) 初級認知行為。

55. 6) Primary wilful thinking and acting.  

1-6) 初級有意志的思維和行為。

56. 7) Intellectual conduct of the life.      

1-7) 由認知指導生活。

57. Life forms in these stages are designated by already rationality-endowed beings as mentally ill (ill in consciousness), as idiots etc., whose consciousness and intellect, however, are in reality simply not yet developed in knowledge-based terms (new spirit, who has to first form itself through learning and experience etc.).     


58. 2. Rationality-based life 

2. 理性生命

1) Primary development of rationality.   

2-1) 理性的初級發展。

59. 2) Effective realisation of the rationality and its use.   

2-2) 有效的理性領悟和它的運用。

60. 3) Primary recognition and acknowledgement of higher influences.  

2-3) 初步認知與更高權勢的認可。

61. 4) Belief in higher influences without having knowledge.  

2-4) 對更高權勢的全盤(盲目無知)信仰。

62. 5) Belief in higher powers, deluded belief, fear of evil, veneration of what is good, etc. and so on. Germination time for religions etc.      

2-5) 崇拜更高的權力、盲目的信仰、對邪惡的恐懼、祟尚美好的事物等等,宗教的萌芽時期等等。

63. Present stage of the average Earth-human ****


6) Primary recognition of the real reality. Stage of knowledge-based development.

2-6) 對真正現實的初步認知。這是知識相關事物的發展階段。

Research, first spiritual cognitions and their use: "spiritual healing”, telepathy, etc. etc.


64. 7) Primary development of knowledge and essence of wisdom.  

2-7) 知識與智慧的初級發展。

65. 3. Intellect-based life

3. 智能生命

1) High-level development of the intellect. High technology, second use of spiritual power with first cognitions. Primary procreation of life forms.

3-1) 智能的高等發展,高科技發展,再次運用初步認知的靈性力量,初部生成生命形式。

66. present stage of the educated Earth-human = scientists, etc. ****


2) Realisation and use of knowledge, truth and essence of wisdom.


Slow reduction of belief-assumptions.


67. ****3) First utilisation of knowledge and essence of wisdom.  

3-3) 首次運用知識與智慧。

68. **** 4) Recognition and utilisation of the laws of nature. Creation of hyper technology. Second procreation of life forms.    

3-4) 承認和運用自然法則,創造超級科技,再次生成生命形式。

69. 5) Natural use of knowledge and essence of wisdom in recognition of spiritual powers. Further reduction of belief-assumptions.  

3-5) 能自然運用在靈性力量認知上的知識與智慧,且更進一步破除宗教的迷思。

70. 6) Life in the knowledge of the essence of wisdom, truth and the logic.  

3-6) 在智慧、真理與邏輯知識中的生命。

71. present stage of some few borderline and humanities scholars ****


7) Primary recognition of the reality as real Absolutum.  

3-7) 初步認知到現實為真正的Absolutum

72. 4. Real life

4. 真實生命

1) Clear knowledge about the reality as real Absolutum.  

4-1) 明確認識到現實為真正的Absolutum

73. 2) Recognition of the spiritual knowledge and the spiritual essence of wisdom.       

4-2) 對靈性知識與靈性智慧的認知。

74. 3) Utilisation of the spiritual knowledge and the spiritual essence of wisdom.       

4-3) 靈性知識與靈性智慧的運用。

75. 4) Recognition of the reality of the Creation and its laws.     

4-4) 認知到「造化」與其法則的事實。

76. Your present stage, which is already tending toward the next one ****


5) Life according to the creational laws. Clarification of the spirit and the intellect. Recognition of the real task and power of the spirit.

4-5) 依據造物法則運作的生命階段;淨化靈性與智能,認知到真正的作用與力量。 

Total reduction of all belief-assumptions.       


77. * 6) Deliberate and directed utilisation of spiritual and consciousness-based powers.  

4-6) 對靈性與意識相關的力量,作有意義與可控制的運用。

78. 7) Procreation of first viable life forms.  

4-7) 初步生成能存活的生命形式。

79. 5. Creational life

5. 創造性生命

1) Procreation and direction of life forms.     

5-1) 生命形式的生成與控制。

80. 2) Creation of machine/apparatus-based viable life forms.  

5-2) 創造出在機械設備上能生長的生命形式。

81. 3) Development of spiritual and consciousness-based power for the control of material and organic life forms.    

5-3) 發展出靈性與意識相關的力量,以掌控物質和有機的生命形式。

82. Present stages of our races ****


4) Wilful control of the life and all its forms and species.     

5-4) 以意志力掌控生命與其所有的形態。

83. **** 5) Stage of recognitions. Recollections of past lives, etc.    

5-5) 認同的階段;對過去生命(眾多前世)的憶起。

84. **** 6) Essence of wisdom kingship = JHWH. The second to last highest might-knowledge.    

5-6) 智慧大師JHWH)的本質;僅次於最高級的知識力量。

85. **** 7) Recognition of the spiritual peace, the universal love, and the creational harmony.        

5-7) 體認到靈性的平靜、無所不在的愛與造物的和諧。

86. 6. Spiritual life

6. 靈態生命

1) Acknowledgment and realisation of the spiritual peace, the universal love and the creational harmony.        

6-1) 承認並實現到靈性的平靜、無所不在的愛與造物的和諧。

87. 2) Life in purely spiritual forms.       

6-2) 純靈體的生命形式。

88. 3) Spiritual creations.      

6-3) 創造完整靈魂體。

89. 4) Disembodiment of the spirit from organic bodies.  

6-4) 靈體由有機的肉體脫離。

90. 5) First spiritual existence.    

6-5) 初級靈態的存在體。

91. 6) Final spiritual existence.   

6-6) 終級靈態的存在體。

92. 7) Transition into the Creation.  

6-7) 轉變成為「造化」。

93. 7. Creation-life        

7. 造化生命

1) Twilight sleep over seven periods (eternities).   

7-1) 以朦朧狀態睡眠七個時期(永恆)。

94. 2) Awakening and beginning of creating in the Creation as Creation, during seven periods/eternities.      

7-2) 覺醒並在「造化」中以「造化」開始創造,持續七個時期/永恆。

95. 3) Creating of life forms.       

7-3) 生命形式的創造。

96. 4) Creating of new spirit (1.1) in the relative absolute fulfilment of the Creation.      

7-4) 在「造化」相應的完美中,創造新的靈魂。

97. 5) Creation of spiritual greatness in the Creation.      

7-5) 在「造化」中,創造靈性的崇高特質。

98. 6) Relative absolute fulfilment of the Creation in the Creation.      

7-6) 在「造化」中,使「造化」趨於完美。

99. 7) Last attaining of highest absolutely full development of the seventh period/eternity.        

7-7) 最終達到第七時期/永恆的最高最完美境界。

100. The twilight sleep of the Creation outlasts 7 periods/eternities/great times (311,040,000,000,000 years amount to one period/eternity/great time).   


101. By the twilight sleep of the Creation, all life and the entire universe cease to exist.     


102. Only after its newly awakening does it begin to create everything anew.       


103. During its twilight sleep there is neither space nor time; there is only the nothing, since they lie asleep in the unending womb of the Creation and the null time.   

在朦朧狀態的睡眠期間,既沒有時間也沒有空間;只有虛無,因為這狀態在「造化」無限的孕育之中與虛時間(null time)內睡著了。

104. If there is no creating thought, then there is also no power, no time, and no space; there is only duration in the nameless nothing.  

一旦沒有創造意念,就沒有能量、沒有時間、沒有空間;只有持續在一個“無可名狀的虛無”(nameless nothing)之中。


Now I am a lot smarter.       



105. You will get over it and work it out, probably sooner than me.   



I hope I can do that, even though it will cause me some headaches, especially the nameless nothing, with which I have never made ends meet with until now.  


Semjase: (laughing)(笑)       

106. Well, you'll probably keep your head.       


107. But concerning the nameless nothing, don't think too much about it, for it is also a mystery to us, which we cannot solve.   


108. But now, it is again time for me, for I must go.     


109. What I really wanted to tell you, I now have to postpone until the next time – unless you consider something else as more important.       


110. However, I understand that you were very concerned with what I had just said and that you wanted clarity about it.      


111. I gave it to you – in accordance with how I know that.    


112. Now, don't you actually know it better?  



Of course, Semjase, and I thank you for that. Now you know it. But I still have a question, if you allow me. It is about the Talmud Jmmanuel and the entrusted one by whose fault the original scrolls were destroyed, as you told me at an earlier time. With this entrusted one do you mean M. Rashid and if so, what are the connections between him and you?        

當然,Semjase,為此我要感謝你。但如果可以,我現在仍然有一個問題;是關於塔爾穆德.以馬內利Talmud Jmmanuel)和你之前告訴我的那個使者;由於他的錯使得原稿被毀了。這個使者,你是否指的是M. Rashid,如果是,他和你之間有什麼關聯?


113. This was bound to happen, and I see that next time I will first have to give you information about these things.       


114. Yes, it concerns Rashid, whom we had won for our tasks.  


115. But unfortunately, he has failed in many things.    


116. For too long he was dependent on the unreality of religion, so that it could grow roots in him, which often allowed him to think and act illogically.  


117. A fact that unfortunately cannot be made good again.  


118. But I can’t any longer talk about this now, because I am especially pressed for time today.  


119. Next time however you shall receive information.     


120. Also there's still time for everything else, and there is no reason to rush it.



Thanks, Semjase, you are very accommodating with me.    



121. There is no reason for thanks, and now – till we meet again.    



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