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Contact Report 141 (1981/1/3)      第141次接觸報告

接觸時間: 1981 1 3 日,星期六,凌晨 1 40

Synopsis    提要

Billy's health has been recovering but is still quite bad, Semjase has been given permission to give Billy more metal samples again and primordial water from another planet, explanations about the falseness of two photos of alleged extraterrestrials is given, also explanations why there are so many false contactees and how it is easy for the Earth human to be deceived by them, and the Plejaren's acquaintance with human beings from the planet Haster in the Garon system of the Jenam galaxy - who have (or had) a base here on Earth and seeked contact with up to three people from Earth!
In relation to the "Green Model Head" photo of an alleged extraterrestrial, it is clarified that "UFO... Contact from Planet Iarga" is a hoax. Separately it is also clarified that "UFO Contact from Planet Acart" is a hoax.

和來自 Garon 星系 Jenam 恆星系 Haster 行星的人類熟識 他們在地球同樣也有基地,並且與三個地球人有接觸
關於“綠頭模型”所謂的來自 Iarga 星球的外星人是一個惡作劇,“ UFO… Acart 星球接觸”也是一個惡作劇。

This is the entire contact. It is an authorised but unofficial translation and may contain errors.



You don't hold to my wish, my child. You, nevertheless, know exactly that I have broken off the contacts, and I don't want to continue them any more.



1. I came to visit you because you have a birthday in one month from today.



Oh, I see, that's different, and - either way, I am really happy. If I want to be honest, then I must admit that the time of our contact disruption has become devilishly long. But I still think it's better like this and should remain so. But why, then, did you already come today? Don't you have any time on my birthday?



2. I thought that a visit as an advance notification was better, and if you allow it, I would like to talk with you again about the discontinuation of the contacts.



If it's just a discussion, then so be it. I think that I'm so far better off again that I no longer get excited so quickly.



3. You look better, much better.


4. Obviously, you could still recover a little bit.


5. Nevertheless, I'm not mistaken in that your health is still very bad.



There, you're quite right, but I will still certainly improve a lot more. Perhaps I can then devote myself to my work again.



6. Does that mean that you're willing to take up the contacts with us again?



I said nothing about that.



7. Yet it would be desirable and a great joy for all of us.


8. It would certainly be appropriate if you'd think about it.


9. We ourselves can also continue with our task.



Today, I am neither for nor against it in this respect.



10. Certainly, but your reflection would certainly be of value.



That may be, and - okay, I will do it. Give me some time until the filming and the photographing. Then, we can talk about it again.



11. Sure, it's a word, and this gives me joy and hope.



Your joy and hope are an honor for me, but you shouldn't set your hopes too high.



12. I don't do that, but I foresee something because you're healthy again, or at least there is so much of a striving forward to an improvement that your optimism is recognizable again.


13. And just that means a lot with you.



Alright, but just like that, you shouldn't speak of me.



14. Why not?


15. It's just the truth.



You see, you say that. But one may not say such truths on Earth.



16. I don't understand that?



It's quite simple: very often, you and also Ptaah and Quetzal have said things about me, by which I have been put in the devil’s kitchen. These truths, as you call them, are valid with many as adulation to portray me as some kind of nice super person and as better than the others. In so-called circles of friends, this has already been claimed very often, as well as in the other circles that want to destroy me and our work. Here on Earth, such things just aren't of value.

往往你, Ptaah Quetzal 都說真實的事情,我似乎是一個超人或者什麼的,但是地球上往往行不通。

很簡單的道理︰ 很多時候,你也 Ptaah 和查爾有事情有關我說,,我已在魔鬼的廚房。這些真理,你打電話給他們,正如有效與許多作為描繪我作為某種超級好人和比其他人更好的追捧。在所謂的朋友圈子,這已經要求很經常,以及在其它圈子,想要破壞我與我們的工作。這裡在地球上,這樣的事情就是沒有價值。


17. About that, you truly shouldn't trouble yourself because such speeches only reveal the boundless envy and self-knowledge of those who are totally incapable in their own strength to equate with you even approximately.


17. 對此,你真的不應該麻煩自己因為這種講話只揭示了無限羡慕和自知之明的那些不能完全憑藉自己的實力,甚至大約等同于你的人。

18. On the other hand, we never spoke to you of your person in a praise-speaking manner; rather, we always only mentioned facts, thus - truths, about which we gave you relative statements.


19. However, such statements do not correspond to praise, which is why it is inappropriate and defamatory of third parties when they lay such unjustified accusations on you.


19. 然而,這種聲明不對應一致好評,這就是為什麼它是不合適的誹謗性的協力廠商當他們躺在你的這種不公正的指控。

20. We never had the intention, and we never gave such praise to you, to portray you as a super person, etc.


21. All such activity is also far from our way of thinking and our ethics and also from our overall knowledge of the harmfulness of praise-speaking.



Nevertheless, the human being of the Earth thinks so stupidly and illogically.



22. The only ones doing such, as I have mentioned to you, are those whose minds do not reach up to logical grasping and understanding.



It also makes no difference; therefore, let's leave it with what we've talked about. I'd prefer it if I could soon go on the trip to do my film work and photo work.



23. You must not wait very long, for soon, the weather conditions and the land will be such that you can start on your way, even though it still doesn't look like that at present.



That's good, because I've been sitting on pins and needles for a long time.



24. However, this coming work will be very difficult for you again.

然而這即將到來的工作對你來說仍然很困難的 .

25. And in such a way that my foresight comes true.




That is well-known to me because I'm not making them for the first time. Also at the other times, I often didn't go to sleep for days.


26. Sure, but it will be rewarding with regard to good material.

27. But now, my friend, I want to include many dear greetings and wishes and all the love, which I should convey to you from father, Quetzal, Pleija, and Menara.

28. Also, all other friends and girlfriends greet you, also Asket and Nera.


That can't be true. Human child, that's a joy! Were you in the DAL Universe, then? And - of course, give all of them my heartfelt thanks and let everyone be greeted rather nicely from me.


29. I will gladly relay your greetings, also to Asket and Nera, who were with us on Erra.


That is news, human child!


30. I have another surprise for you.



Aha, and what should it be?



31. When you carry out your photo and film work, only then can I give you the surprise.


32. Until then, you still have to be patient.



What should it be, then?



33. I have been given the permission to hand over a small amount of metal samples to you again, which you already asked me for a long time ago.



Fantastic. Dear thanks for your efforts.



34. However, it will no longer concern the same materials, but they have an approximate resemblance to the first samples.



That doesn't matter. It is important that I receive new metal samples, which should then be analyzed.



35. There will also be new surprises for the analysts once again.



That I can imagine.



36. Besides the metal pieces, I'll still be allowed to hand over some other things to you, such as a liquid from a planet that is still in its primeval form of development.



What kind of liquid is it?



37. You would call it primordial water.



Thus, so to speak, a primordial soup?



38. That is, indeed, your name for it.



That is fantastic. Does this primordial soup, then, also contain plant germs?



39. That would be possible, but I will bring plant germs to you if I can obtain permission for this.



That would really be the culmination of the whole.



40. Certainly, but you should get for me some small glass containers for these things.



I will. Glass bottles wuld probably be the right thing?



41. Sure.



Good, I'll get them for you within the next few days. You must fetch them, then, only with me.



42. I will gladly do so.



May I ask you some questions since you're already here?



43. Sure.



Good, thank you. Here, these are two photos that I have received from Wendelle Stevens. As you can see, it concerns two model heads. Can you tell me whether any human life forms are known to you that look like these pictured heads?

這裏有兩張照片, Wendelle Stevens ,是關於兩個頭顱模型的,你能告訴我是否有這樣的人形生命?

[Note from the translator: below are black and white photos of the two model heads in question. They have been taken directly from this contact conversation of Block 4 of the German Contact Reports.]

The Green Model Head; Photo: Wendelle C. Stevens

綠頭模型;照片由Wendelle C. Stevens提供

The Beige (Whitish-Brown) Model Head; Photo: Wendelle C. Stevens

白棕色頭顱模型;照片由Wendelle C. Stevens提供


44. Are you of the acceptance that these head replicas have true backgrounds?



You're good; I asked you a question, but then you asked me a counter-question.



45. I have my reasons for this.



Well then: here, I consider this green head absolute nonsense. During the Great Journey, I had the opportunity to see your recordings of human life forms, which you kindly demonstrated to me with your viewing devices. But I cannot remember a single human life form that looked like this or substantially similar. Moreover, there were, as you explained at that time, about 30 million different races, which you let me see visually.

我覺得這個綠頭完全是胡說八道,在偉大的旅行期間,我有機會看到你關於人形生命形式的記錄,你曾經解釋過,大約有 3 千萬不同的種族,但是我不記得有這樣的人形。


46. With that, you are quite right.


47. No human life form exists in the universal space within reach of us that bears even a slight resemblance to this imaginary product pictured here.


48. On the other hand, the person has already been known to us for a long time, who claims that she has contact with life forms of the kind photographed here.


49. We became aware of this through a routine analysis of Mr. Stevens' interests as he tried to transfer the book.


50. As a result, we concerned ourselves in detail and thoroughly with the person who wants to have alleged contacts with the life forms of the kind photographed here.

51. Our detailed investigation proved that this person invents deceitful and swindler-like assertions and also disseminates these in this unpleasant manner.

52. This person does this, in part, completely deliberately, but another part is self-suggestive hallucinations.

53. The other unpleasant fact is that this person gathers self-conceived material and wants to distribute it among the Earth people with the false assertion that it comes from contact conversations and transmissions with the human life forms depicted right here in this photograph, which, of course, in no way corresponds to the truth because everything truly only corresponds to a fantasy production of the person concerned.


Something similar, I thought to myself. But now, what is with the second picture? And - why do you, once again, mention no name?


54. That would only aggravate the whole machination in favor of the deceitful person concerned because only too quickly, people can be beguiled on the Earth by such false assertions and be misled.


Good, but now, what about the second picture?



55. This model is also built on lies and deception, but this fraudulent picture belongs to a person who lives about 8,500 km away from the one who professes to the green picture fraud.

這個模型也是一個欺騙性的謊言,但是公開這張照片的人和原始擁有這張照片的人相隔有 8,500 公里遠。

56. Also this person, through whose initiative this whitish-brown model head has originated, has no contacts to exhibit with any other intelligences than the Earth people.



But why, then, do both these people, as well as many others, do such crazy things?


57. We already talked about that many times.

58. Furthermore, which I would still like to add to my former explanations, there is still to be mentioned:

59. The entire activity of many such people is based on a delusion of the time.

60. And unfortunately, there are many Earth people who have fallen to this delusion of the time, whereby the crazy religions bear the majority of the blame for the fact that this delusion has appeared.

61. The Earth human being, through the lies of the crazy religions, has been cast into fear and into the uncertain knowledge view that the false teachings of the crazy religions are extremely weak and just wrong, which is why the human being of this world searches for new perspectives of understanding and truth.

62. However, blinded and misguided by the crazy religions and cults, the Earth human being searches for the truth in directions that are still connected to crazy religions.

63. This entails that unstable people turn to those mysterious things which are well-known on the one hand but, on the other hand, still represent an unsolvable and incomprehensible phenomenon to the human being, in this case, the ships of extraterrestrial intelligences, which the Earth human being simply calls "UFOs."

64. However, for the unstable groups of Earth people, everything represents an unsolvable, incomprehensible, and extraterrestrial phenomenon that must have a supernatural origin, and this supernatural, in this case, is to be equated with a divine origin in a cult-religious and crazy-religious sense.

65. Many of the false UFO contacts or other UFO witness, if we still want to use the term UFO for the sake of understanding, act in their own deceitful ways for purely sectarian reasons that are still motivated by fear or by delusional, morbid notions of world improvement, or they act in such a way out of purely personal psychological abuses.

66. So they are, as a rule, morbid or sectarian, starry-eyed idealists with delusional ideas, or they are people who are mentally ill and who never find enough recognition for themselves according to their own judgment, which is why they see themselves as disadvantaged people who are excluded from the joys and honors of life or think that these are too shortly held.

67. Then, through deceitful and swindler-like machinations in the matter of UFOs, they believe that they can get recognition for themselves because they are particularly named in the public or simply in larger circles, by which they can satisfy their hunger for recognition.

68. In addition to these swindlers and fraudsters, however, there are also those who pursue charlatanism for fun, together with those who want to make everything seem ridiculous and impossible through false actions, assertions, and photographs, and not infrequently, political or sectarian backgrounds play a crucial role in this.

69. Then, however, those swindlers and fraudsters are still to be mentioned who invent lies out of pure greed for profit, in order to get rich through swindling and deception in the matter of UFOs.


To which kind, then, do these two belong, from whom these fraudulent photos, i.e. these fraudulent model heads, came, in accordance with their details?


70. They belong to the group of those who seek recognition and who are, at the same time, blinded, starry-eyed idealists.

71. And in the madness of their activities, they are so rich in imagination that they know to perfect their deceitful machination so that they can work certain things of reality of everyday life into their deceptive machination of untruth.

72. Thus, one of the two deceptive persons even knows how to get names and all kinds of data of people anywhere on the Earth through investigations and acquaintances, etc., in order, then, to evaluate these things in the way that the deceitful person who has these data approaches gullible people with the assertion that he has been handed these data or that they were transmitted to him by extraterrestrials or otherworldly life forms, and this, of course, along with more lies and fanciful assertions.

73. Then, if these gullible ones investigate the information and find it confirmed, then they misguidedly believe in these assertions and suppose that the deceitful person really has contacts with extraterrestrial intelligences or otherworldly life forms, etc.


Aha, there I can remember. Wendelle Stevens, indeed, came to me with such a story. There should be an American who wants to have contacts with otherworldly ones or extraterrestrials. Now, one of these life forms is supposed to have given this man information about a Swiss and his family; the Swiss should be named Kobler or something similar and should live somewhere in or around Zurich. The alleged American contactee now claims that this alleged otherworldly being or extraterrestrial life form told him that the Swiss is the brother of a wannabe contactee and that they should, in turn, find themselves in this world, etc.


74. Sure, I responded exactly to that with my explanation.


Ah, then this machination is known to you?


75. Surely.


And how did this wannabe contactee receive the information about the Swiss?


76. The Swiss is a very busy man and travels a lot and with pleasure.

77. He deals a lot with music and often travels to many countries, including America.

78. Thus, his name became known in certain circles, by which the alleged American contactee learned from a friend the name of the Swiss, including other important family data, etc.

79. Then, with a little investigation and effort, the alleged contactee got to know all interesting facts about the Swiss, after which he then began to spread his fairytale.


Aha, and Wendelle has fallen for this. I've suspected something like that for a long time. I also haven't held back with my view on this subject. With your information, I am satisfied. I just don't understand why such a fast one can be pulled on Wendelle Stevens.


80. Many Earth people can be deceived by such wrong interests.


81. But now, we should let the matter rest, for I still have another announcement to make:


82. For about forty days, there has been another station of extraterrestrial intelligences on Earth, provided by us to resembling human life forms from the planet HASTER in the GARON system of the JENAM galaxy.

大概在 40 天內,將有另外一個地外智慧生命的基地會建立,是來自 JENAM 星系的 GARON 恆星系的 HASTER 行星。

83. This galaxy is located 483 million light years away from the Earth, and 413 different human races live on the habitable planets there throughout the entire galaxy, which is, relatively seen, very little for an entire galaxy.

這個星系離地球有 483 百萬光年,有 413 種不同種族居住在此星系中的所有可居行星上,當然相對整個星系可居行星是相對很少的。

84. Just a few years ago, we entered into connection with the highly sophisticated inhabitants of the planet Haster, who have progressed so far in their overall development as it will be for the Earth people in approximately 1,120 years.

我們幾年前開始與 Haster 星球的居民有接觸,他們比地球大概先進 1,120 年。

85. With ethically and very highly distinct lifestyles, the inhabitants of Haster are very peaceful and loving, and besides this, they live in the same time-level as the SOL system, thus, in the present level, as this would be said or called by you.

他們的生活方式及倫理道德與地球完全不同, Haster 的居民是非常和平和充滿愛的種族,他們與太陽系在同一時間座標。

86. Because the Haster inhabitants are now interested in life forms in the remote vastness of the Universe which is still inaccessible to them but cannot yet reach these areas with their technology, we have extended our connections with them in such a way that we brought an expeditionary command of the Haster inhabitants here in the Great Spacer.

Haster 人現在很有興趣知道宇宙中的生命形式,但是他們的科技還不能到達如此深遠的宇宙,因此我們的偉大太空船幫住他們進行遠征探險。

87. We also helped them build their station, which was created in the depths of the North Sea and from where they will expand their expeditionary work across the whole world.


88. Since their mental, physical, and consciousness-related development has not yet progressed as far as ours, we can only maintain physical contact with them using our vibration-neutralizing devices, as we must also do so with the Earth people when it is necessary now and then.


89. However, this now means that the Haster inhabitants can freely move among the Earth people because their vibrations turn out to be bearable with those of the Earth people, but only briefly.

也就是說現在 Haster 人可以短暫地自由地穿行在地球人中。

90. The Haster inhabitants cannot remain in the direct range of the vibrations of the Earth people for more than 17 hours; otherwise, they begin to lose control of themselves.

Haster 只能忍受 17 個小時的地球人的振動,超過這個時間他們就會失控。

91. But since they have this 17-hour possibility, they have decided that they will seek contact with one or several people of the Earth for their study purposes and also for the instruction of the Earth people, but certainly with no more than three people, who must remain silent about it for their lifetimes, which is why especially upright people are to be selected for these contacts, who can be completely trusted.

由於有 17 個小時的時間,他們決定尋找幾個地球人進行接觸,以供他們學習和研究,但是只有 3 個人,而這三個人將在餘生對此保持沉默,這就是為什麼只會挑選正直的人進行接觸,因為這些人可以完全值得信任。


But not me, for I really have enough.



92. Certainly not; they won't do that.


93. You won't be burdened even more by them.



Then that's good.



94. Certainly, but now, I have to go back to the station, and - on February 3rd, I will visit you again if it's possible for me.

當然,但是現在我得返回基地了,在 2 3 日,如果可能我會探訪你。

95. Now, I only ask you to write down our conversation when I transmit it to you because it should be regarded as another contact report - even if it should be that you won't continue this any more.


96. Our discussion material contains some interesting facts that may be of interest to all people.



If I'm able to do that, then I'll do it. Then, I will try to call you. However, it might take several weeks. In addition, I won't tell anyone anything about our contact, and I will also hold back the report for so long, until I have finally decided on whether I will resume the contacts or not.



97. That is your decision.


98. I have nothing to object to that because I understand your thought processes very well.



Excellent, then I will do my best to take up your message and write it down before the month of February. But now, I also must go, because otherwise, someone will still come looking for me, and moreover, I still have to finish the snow-removal. Bye then, and lots of love to all.



99. Until we meet again.

100. Farewell.



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