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Contact Report 251-2 (1995/2/3)   第251次接觸報告之二


這裡即是那 23 頁資料的內容開始


Good. So, I shall begin with this:


The story about Enoch (Henok in German) or Nokodemion, respectively, is well known within our group; excerpts from it can be found also in the OM. However, nothing was ever mentioned until now about the other things that transpired with Enoch nearly 12 billion years ago with regard to his peoples. Even as far back as Sfath, your people requested that I remain silent until 1995. Later on, this commitment of silence was reconfirmed too by Asket, then Semjase, Quetzal and yourself, Ptaah. Now that 1995 has begun, and you have given me your permission to talk about it, I want to offer my knowledge as I still recollect it:

這是關於 Enoch (德語稱 Henok )或者 Nokodemion 的故事 , 有關這方面我們的團隊都知道得很清楚;他的節錄可以在 OM 註: )裡找到。然而,到目前為止將近 120 億年來,沒有人提及關於 Enoch 與他的子民所發生過的的事 。之前早在 Sfath 那個時候,你們的人就要求我對此保持沉默到 1995 年。後來,再由 Asket ,接著是 Semjase Quetzal 和你自己( Ptaah )也都要求我繼續保持這個承諾。而現在已經到了 1995 年,我得到你們的允許,趁我還記得的時候,想要將這些內容述說出來:

After the great restitution movements by the peace fightertroops, following the end of the peace wars and peace times between all peoples and planets, Enoch's original tribes split into two lineages. One lineage went its own way to the Lyrian territories, where they settled in another space-time configuration that deviates by a fraction of a second from this, our space-time, configuration. They lived there, but only after they had inhabited other worlds and systems in other alien galactic regions for many billions of years that resulted in wars.

隨著戰爭接近尾聲,在維和部隊大量的復原行動之後,最終的和平,終於降臨至各行星與所有人民。此時 Enoch 最初的種族分為兩派, 一派移居到“天琴座星系”的領域 ;但那裡的時空結構與太陽系不同(相差幾微秒) (譯者註:也就是我們所謂的不同 維度”或“次元” )。而就在他們居住在那不同的星系長達數十億年之後,又發生了各種戰爭。

Subsequently, tribal emigrations occurred throughout space and ultimately culminated in another space-time configuration that deviates from ours by the fraction of a second. The territory was located in the Lyra star system. For this reason, people continue to speak even to this day of the Lyrian territories and the Old Lyrians who, later on, had to return to our space-time configuration partly for exploration purposes and partly as a method of escape.  

隨後,星際移民遍佈整個太空,範圍也包含了另一個時空結構;也就是在 天琴座星系” 內的領域。出於這個原因,至到今天人們仍然在說: 天琴座星系” 的人和那些老 天琴座星系” 的人,他們後來都不得不回到我們的時空結構內 ,除了探險,還有另一個原因,就是為了逃生。

Consequently, they arrived on Earth and became active in the well-known things I have already mentioned. Up to this point, this lineage retained all knowledge of their earliest origins, and from these earliest origins evolved the Pleiadians, or rather the Plejarans. In their own language they call themselves by the identical name as their star cluster beyond the Pleiades, which is located in another space-time configuration and also deviates from our space-time configuration by a fraction of a second.  

結果,他們也來到了地球上,開始從事於我已經提過的事情。而這一派妥善繼承了早期的所有知識,並由這些最早的起源,演化出昴宿星人 正確來說,應該是 Plejaren ,那是由他們所居的母星團而命名,該星團位於昴宿星團之外的時空結構中,偏離我們太陽系幾微秒

After breaking away from Enoch's ancient tribes approximately 12 billion years ago, the second lineage, ventured on a totally different route than that of the Lyrian group, if they may be called that. They, too, emigrated into other galaxies. But a mere 7 billion years ago, knowledge of their true, Ur-ancestry (Ur = most ancient origin, primeval) was lost. Today they have absolutely no knowledge of their true heritage. Hence, their chroniclers, historians and others created a different legend about their heritage that had nothing, or very little, in common with their true background any longer.  

在大約 120 億年前,另外一派(第二派)則移居到了其他的星系,但就在 70 億年前,他們逐漸失去了其真正遠古祖先的傳承。今天,他們已經完全沒有承襲祖先任何的知識與歷史,而他們自己則創造了另外不同的傳說,與真正的歷史背景幾乎完全沒有任何關係。

This lineage consisted also of many diverse races, in the same manner as the Lyrian lineage. However, in contrast to the Lyrians, who remained ready to fight at any time and steadily evolved toward an equilibrium from which emerged the peaceloving, well-balanced, highly developed Pleiadians, the second lineage reached that state far too quickly. Consequently, they completely lost their capability to fight and were increasingly defenseless against aggressors.  

這一派(第二派)和第一派(“天琴座星系”人派)一樣包含了各種不同的種族,而第一派與第二派不同的是,第一派還保留了隨時可以作戰的能力,同時也朝向和平與友愛穩定地進化,也就是說在戰鬥與進化之間,保持了很好的平衡,演化出現愛好和平、均衡而高度進化的 Plejaren 人。而第二派則很快達到這種狀態(愛好和平、高度發展),但卻完全失去了戰鬥能力,使他們對宇宙的其他侵略者毫無抵抗力。

As a result, they joined an extensive emigration of all peoples and landed in the region of the Sirius constellation. Once again they lost all knowledge of their past and their heritage. Again a new Ur-history of their ancestry was assembled and registered into the annals. This lineage spread through the Sirius regions' farthest reaches and continuously evolved to the point where they were capable of creating new life. Having lost the ability to fight, these people bred new human races and manipulated their genes so these new races would be able to fight and protect them from repeated attacks by aggressors.  

最終,他們(第二派)不得不全部移民到天狼星系,然而,他們又再次遺忘了自己的歷史和來源,於是又創造了一次新的編年史。這一派的人分佈在整個天狼星系,並且持續不斷地進化到有能力創造新的生命 由於這些人本身失去了作戰能力,所以培育出新的人類種族,並竄改他們的基因,使這些新的種族能夠戰鬥,並保護他們免受侵略者的一再攻擊

Through invasive genetic manipulations, these new human races were turned into life forms who bore barbaric traits that tended toward degeneration and cruelty, and their life span was limited to approximately 100 years. Their genes were manipulated and tampered with because the creators and overlords feared the beings would band together and annihilate them.  

透過侵入性的基因竄改,這些新人種都變成了天生具有野蠻特質的生命體,傾向於墮落和殘酷他們的壽命被限制在大約 100 。他們的基因被竄改並削弱,因為那些創造者和統治者害怕這些人種會聯合起來殲滅他們。

Eventually, their fears became reality, and for this reason new methods had to be found to bring the genetically-manipulated races under their control once again, although it meant that these goals would have to be achieved through radical extermination. Since the "creator-overlords" were more powerful than the genetically-manipulated individuals those found but one recourse and that was to flee, which they did with help from benevolent supporters in the Sirius regions. At the same time, these supporters secretly decided to exploit the genetically-manipulated people for their own use.  

然而最終,他們的擔心還是變成了現實(被創造出的人種開始反抗他們)。基於這個原因,新的配方再次被研發,以便那些被竄改基因的人種,再度受其控制,然而這個目標,要 透過種族滅絕的方式實現。由於那些“創造主”比這些被創造的人種強大,所以這些被創 造者唯一的辦法,那就是逃走,而他們也得到在天狼星區域內,一些仁慈的支持者的幫助。不過在同時,這些支持者卻也暗中盤算,讓這些被竄改基因的人種,有朝一日能為他們自己所用。

Two large, genetically-manipulated peoples fled from the Sirius regions and settled in an area on the other side of the Sun. This meant they landed within, and then inhabited, a very distant part of a remote solar system; indeed, on planets beyond the galaxy's central sun, the sun of the Milky Way. Eventually, however, they were discovered by space travellers from the Old Lyrian lineage, whereupon they emigrated into the Lyra regions. Ultimately, within more recent terrestrial history, they came to our planet, where they settled in China, Japan and other locations, and various new, so-called races formed.  

兩大被竄改基因的人種逃離了天狼星的領域,並安頓在一個在太陽另一端的區域。也就是說,他們在僻遠的恆星系統(距離銀河系中央很遠的一些行星上),一個非常遠的地方降落後定居下來。但到後來,他們還是被來自“天琴座星系”人那一派(也就是第一派)的太空探險隊發現,因此他們又移居到天琴座區域。最終, 在較近期的地球歷史內,他們來到我們的星球上,定居在中國、日本和其他地方 ,於是,各種新所謂的種族相繼形成。

Upon leaving the Sirius regions, the other genetically-manipulated peoples found a way to the SOL System, where several thousands of rebellious genetically-manipulated people had previously been banished to a myriad of terrestrial locations as a punishment. These masses of diverse races found refuge on the planets Mars and Malona/Phaeton, respectively, where they constructed cities, pyramids, stations and other things. They led a good life on Mars until the planet become uninhabitable through cosmic influences. 

離開天狼星地區後,其他被竄改基因的人種找到一種方法來到太陽系,那裡以前曾有數千個的被竄改基因的叛逆份子,被放逐到地球上許多地方作為懲罰。而那些不同的人種,在火星和 Malona 星找到了避難所,他們在那裡建造城市、金字塔、基地與其他等等。他們在火星上過著美好的生活,直到該行星因為宇宙環境的影響,變得不適合居住而離開。

For this reason, the genetically-manipulated people had to leave that planet in ancient times and, subsequently, they settled on Earth. Over the course of time, they became terrestrial human beings whose true and genuine Ur-origin was within the regions and planets of Sirius. Only the pyramids and gigantic monuments on Mars were left behind, abandoned, but stations remained operative for a long time even though all life on the planet had perished.  

出於這個原因, 被竄改基因的人不得不在遠古時代離開火星,後來他們定居在地球上。隨著時間的推移,他們成為地球的人類 ,而他們真正的最初起源,乃是位於天狼星的領域 。僅有火星上的金字塔和巨大的古蹟被留下並遺棄,但基地仍然可操作很長一段時間,即使在那個星球上的所有生命已經被消滅。

One day all of this will be discovered by terrestrials, the genetically-manipulated people, and some of these sites will even be used once again. Malona, or rather Phaeton, was destroyed in fratricidal wars by its genetically-manipulated inhabitants who had originally come from the Sirius regions, and who blew up the planet by diverting parts of an ocean into the subterranean or underwater magma chambers of a gigantic volcano.  

總有一天,(火星上的)一切將會被地球人 (也就是被竄改基因的人)發現而其中一些遺跡甚至會再次被使用 Malona (或者更確切地說是 法厄同星 的居民,他們也是來自天狼星地區被竄改基因的人種,但後來在其自相殘殺的戰爭中被摧毀。他們透過轉移一部分海洋到地下或水下一個巨大的火山岩漿洞穴中,炸毀了該星球。

The SOL System's Asteroid Belt contains fragments of this former planet, whose orbit was not where the Asteroid Belt is today but was located where Mars orbits the Sun today, and Mars at one time was located where the asteroid belt is today. This position reversal was caused by immense upheavals in which the Destroyer (planet) played an important role.  

太陽系的小行星帶 中,含有這個被炸毀行星的碎片,但其原來的軌道並不是目前小行星帶的所在位置而是位於今天火星環繞太陽的軌道上 而火星曾經一度位於今天小行星 帶的位置 這種運行軌道巨大的反向變化,其中“毀滅者”扮演了重要的角色

The planetary locations of Mars, Earth and Malona/Phaeton, and solar systems on the other side of our galaxy, in the Milky Way, where the two yellow races settled down, were selected as effective hide-outs by these races' benefactors, who were the conspirators for the escape of the genetically-manipulated people. Throughout the past, the refugees' hide-out locations were kept secret from the "creator-overlords" in fear that once the overlords determined the refugees' location, they would send out punitive expeditions to eliminate the fugitives.  

火星、地球和法厄同星,以及在銀河系另一邊的恆星系統,兩個黃種人在那裡定居了下 來,這些地方被這些人種的“恩人”們(也就是協助他們逃跑的同謀)選定為有效的躲藏處。在過去以來,“難民”(被竄改基因的人種)的藏身位置,一定要對“創造主”保密因為就是害怕一旦被他們知道,就會派出討伐隊來消滅這些“逃亡者”

This danger remains in existence even today and, consequently, the Americans were extremely careless in sending into space probes revealing data on the Earth's location and descriptions of human beings. If, by chance, this information should fall into the hands of the "creator-overlords", they would learn that the genetically-manipulated people, the terrestrials, somehow had survived and greatly multiplied over these past millions of years, and one would have to assume that attacks upon Earth and its inhabitants would be launched from the Sirius regions. Such actions would result in the terrestrials' total elimination.  

就算是今天,這種危險依然存在,因此美國發送探測器到宇宙,暴露地球的方位和人類 的描述,是非常粗心的一件事情 如果有一天這些資訊被“創造主”掌握,並且知道這些 被竄改基因的人類,在過去的幾百萬年還生存著,並且數量還不少那麼地球就可能遭受來自天狼星的攻擊,而這種攻擊,毫無疑問會把地球所有人類都根除

The benefactors would not rush to aid the terrestrials, for they have withdrawn from our region long ago, shortly after their ventures to Earth, in fact, when they began fearing the genetically-manipulated people, the terrestrials, in much the same way the "creator-overlords" did formerly. This fear, which also gripped the benefactors led to the eradication of the Earth peoples' ancestral records by way of various manipulations.  

到時候,當初協助逃亡的那些“恩人”不會趕來幫助地球人 ,因為他們在很久以前就已經從地球撤離了。事實上,他們和之前的“創造主”一樣害怕基因被竄改過的人這種擔心害怕,同樣讓這些“恩人”想過各種辦法來根除地球人類的祖傳記錄

At this time, the benefactors elevated themselves to gods and exalted themselves above the terrestrial population, who rapidly became their vassals and believers. Truthfully, in doing so, the benefactors very soon became the antithesis of benefactors. On one hand they hoped to make the genetically-manipulated people their subjects and that, on the other, many cults, religions, fratricide, family feuds and wars would be launched through this worship of gods, whereby the terrestrials, the genetically-manipulated people, would decimate and exterminate themselves.  

在之前的時候,那些“恩人”們早已經開始自封自己為神,並駕凌在地球人之上,而這些地球人很快就成為了他們的附庸和信徒 。說實話,這樣做,“恩人”很快就成了“仇人”。一方面,他們希望這些被竄改基因的人種成為他們的臣民,而另一方面,由於這種對神的崇拜,導致許多偶像崇拜、同室操戈、家族爭鬥乃致戰爭爆發如此這般,地球人(也就是這些被竄改基因的人種)將會自相殘殺而自我毀滅

As a consequence, they, the gods, respectively former benefactors, hoped they would be free from the danger of the aggressive, barbaric terrestrial human life form. This plan went completely awry, however, because terrestrial Man, who had become increasingly stronger, smarter, more barbarian and underhanded, began to enjoy his role and defended it to the last drop of blood with every conceivable means, ancient and modern.  


Consequently, the genetically-manipulated population, now the inhabitants of Earth, totally slipped from the control of their former benefactors, respectively the gods, who, in turn, withdrew from the terrestrial human beings and from Earth -- but not before swearing revenge and demanding satisfaction in the future from the human population on Earth. For the Old Lyrians, the benefactors' withdrawal paved their way to Earth and its human beings, and as they ventured to Earth on expeditions and in flight after leaving their space and time configuration, they entered our space-time configuration in the SOL System.  

因此,這些被竄改基因的人種,也就是現在地球上的人類,完全從他們以前的“恩人”(神明)的控制下溜走,反而這些神明要從地球上撤離 —— 但不是在發誓報復並要求地球人口在未來達到滿意之前(譯者註:即這些“恩人”在發誓將來要報復,並要求未來地球人口要他們滿意之後才撤離;後段原意有些不甚明白)。對於“老天琴星人”而言,那些“恩人”的撤離,正好為他們來到地球而鋪路。他們在冒險飛行離開他們的時空結構後,進入到太陽系的地球來探險。

After a while they, too, comported themselves as gods and began causing havoc. The former benefactors of the genetically-manipulated population had no idea then, nor do they now, that these developments took place nor do they know about the existence of the Pleiadians, respectively the Plejarans. The terrestrial, genetically-manipulated human beings, however, disobeyed the Lyrians and Pleiadian/Plejaran gods as well, although some of these gods attempted to force the terrestrials, such as the Gizeh Intelligences, Ashtar Sheran and the like, under their yoke and domination, using every conceivable means possible.  

但在不久之後,他們也一樣自封為神,並開始四處肆虐。而從前那批“恩人”們,後來並不知道這些事情的發展,他們也不知道 Plejaren 人的存在。不過,地球人同樣不願遵從這些 Plejaren 與“老天琴星人”的“神明”們,雖然這些人當中有些人嘗試強迫地球人臣服,例如像吉薩精靈或是 Ashtar Sheran 這一類的集團,就曾使用過一切可能的手段來操控人類。

The former benefactors divided into two groups also. One group included those individuals who had sworn vengeance against the terrestrials and later changed their minds, while the other group remained benevolent towards the terrestrials and hoped to one day return to Earth. These "gods" alone from either group know what the future holds in store for us.  


Should they really return one day, terrestrials cannot expect that anything good will come from those who changed from being benefactors to malevolent personages, for, despite their change into evil-mindedness, they were unable to return to their Ur-habitat in the Sirius regions. Due to their treason they were shunned as outcasts, and now they, too, must take great care ⋯⋯to not divulge their whereabouts to the former "creator-overlords" - or they may also become victims of their overlords' curse for revenge.  


Despite their departure from Earth and the SOL System, these former benefactors, who had become addicted to their passion for revenge, nevertheless continued to maintain some contacts with Earth beings, and occasionally they even visit here. During their contacts and visits they maliciously and falsely influence terrestrial individuals with erroneous messages, visions and similar things, in much the same way the dark elements among the Old Lyrians had done previously.  


These are only occasional intrigues, however, which only occur, as a rule, in cultlike-religious-sectarian form and are of very little significance, for they usually only affect the Christian religions and not all terrestrial religions. Since their alienation, the two groups, consisting of the former and the current benefactors, have had no contact whatsoever with each other. Indeed, it is very likely that such mutual contacts were strictly forbidden and knowledge of the other group's existence was erased from memory, as Quetzal once assured me according a secret Pleiadian clarification.  

不過,這些只是一些偶發的計謀,就類似在邪教中的一條規矩,並沒有太大的意義,因為他們通常只能影響基督教,而不是地球上所有的宗教。由於他們的疏離,這兩個派別, 包括之前和現在的“恩人”,並無任何相互接觸。事實上,他們很可能被嚴格禁止相互聯 繫,甚至,對另一派存在,可能已從記憶中被刪除,因為 Quetzal 曾經根據一個神秘的 Plejaren 人的說明,向我確認過這些情況。

Some rather astonishing things are revealed when the genetic manipulations performed by the Sirius-region "creator-overlords" on specific human beings that generated masses of fighters are scrutinized: By way of their evolution, the "creator-overlords" themselves had lost all their capabilities to fight. Their evolution was directed only toward opulence, knowledge, competence and so forth, while their own strength and capability to fight were completely eradicated.  

一些相當驚人的事情顯示,當天狼星那些“創造主”對特定的人類實施基因竄改而產生大量的戰士,是經過審慎思慮的:由於他們的進化方式,那些“創造主”自己已經失去了所 有的戰鬥能力,他們的進化只朝向富裕、知識與能力等方向發展,而自己的力量和戰鬥能力已經完全被根除。

Not only did they lose the stamina to fight but the capacity as well. When aggressors approached and threatened to annihilate these highly developed peoples, they had to find a solution to defend themselves against the attackers. To achieve this goal, they begot human beings into whom they implanted, through genetic manipulation, various forms of fighting capabilities along with an aging process factor as a precaution, whereby the genetically-altered people would soon become very old and die prematurely. Such actions prevented the genetically-manipulated individuals from banding together and rising up against the "creator-overlords".  

他們不僅失去戰鬥的毅力,同時失去了戰鬥的本領。當侵略者接近並威脅要消滅這些高度發達的人種時,他們不得不找一個解決方案,以保護自己抵抗攻擊者。為了實現這一目的,他們生產了人類,經由基因改造植入各種形式的戰鬥能力連同衰老因子一併植入,以作為預防措施,這樣基因被竄改的人種就會很快衰老並提早死亡。這些作法,可 以防止那些基因被竄改的人種,聯合起來對抗這些“創造主”。

This precaution soon proved to hold true, for the genetically-altered people continuously increased in numbers, and they inherited their manipulated genes - for all times. Due to the ever-increasing numbers of these genetically-altered individuals, and their escalating aggressiveness toward the "creator-overlords", these fighters became a growing threat. For this reason, alternate ways of eliminating them were required by the overlords.  

這種預防措施很快被證明是正確的,因為那些基因被竄改的人種數量不斷增加,而他們一直保有那些被竄改過的基因特質。由於這些數量不斷增加的人種,不斷升高對那些 創造主 的侵略性,以致這些戰士成為一個日益嚴重的威脅。出於這個原因,那些統治者必須尋求消滅他們的可行方法。

However, prior to the selection of the most appropriate methods, most of the genetically-altered people were able to flee and, with the help of the benefactors, they found a secure place as I have already explained. The genetically-manipulated people have since established themselves on Earth to the degree where they simultaneously became this planet's rulers and its destroyers, because most of them remained overly entangled in the effects of the manipulated genes of fighting, viciousness, barbarism, bloodthirstyness, greediness, addiction, emotionalism, inhumanities, to name but a few.  

然而,在找到方法之前,大部分基因被竄改的人類,已在那些“恩人”的幫助之下開始逃 離,他們發現了一個安全的地方,並開始在地球上建立自己的地盤。在那裡,他們成為這個星球的統治者,卻同時也是毀滅者因為他們中的大多數,仍然過度沉溺於好鬥、邪惡、野蠻、嗜血、貪婪、成癮、殘酷與情緒化等等基因竄改的影響之中

These characteristics have been an evil legacy for mankind from early times, and they also may actually be called the "original sin". Information regarding the "original sin" was erroneously handed down by Christian religions as the fable of Adam, Eve and the devilish snake in the Garden of Eden. This "original sin", however, the genetic manipulation, repeatedly let the obsession for fighting and evil to surface from time immemorial - almost becoming Evil itself. Yet, in fact, this entire matter is based upon the manipulation of single DNA gene that can be rectified, if only our geneticists were to finally discover it.  

這些特點是過去早期人類的一種邪惡的遺留物,而實際上這也被稱為“原罪”。關於“原罪”的訊息,在基督教中,有關亞當、夏娃和邪惡的蛇,以伊甸園的故事被錯誤地流傳下來。然而,這種“原罪”,也就是基因竄改,造成對好鬥與邪惡的執迷,從遠古時代就呈現出 來,這幾乎成為惡魔的本身。然而事實上, 整件事只要修正一個 DNA 基因就可以糾正過來 ,當然要我們的遺傳學家最終能夠發現到它

This genetic manipulation, a characteristic for all living human beings on Earth by way of its inevitable, hereditary transmission, can be reversed and therefore by doing so, Man can finally escape his evil demeanor, which was imposed upon him by way of genetic manipulation. Although science has not yet sufficiently advanced in this field, scientists are nonetheless on the correct path.  

這種被竄改的基因,是所有生活在地球上的人類,不可避免且世襲的遺傳 但它可以被逆轉,只要這樣做,人類最終就可以擺脫邪惡的宿命 ,這是強加於他身上的基因竄改。儘管地球的科學還未先進到這個領域,但科學家們仍然走在正確的道路上。

For this reason alone there is ample justification today for continued progress in genetic research and genetic manipulation, despite objections by those who lack understanding, and others who vehemently reject these concepts and preach idiotic, religious nonsense against things they can neither prevent and nor impede. Terrestrial Man merely has to reverse the former specific genetic manipulation that compels him to resort to bloodshed and murder, bloodthirstiness, hatred, greed, addiction and all other inhumanities.  

基於這樣的原因,今天有足夠的理由去發展基因科學,而不要去管那些反對的聲音 ,儘管有些人因缺乏了解而反對,也有些人強烈抵制這種概念,並鼓吹愚蠢的宗教無稽之談來反對這些事情,但他們既阻止不了,也不能妨礙這方面的發展。 地球人只要糾正之前 被竄改的特定基因,就可以從那些“原罪”中解脫出來

Still, genetic manipulation of the fighting capabilities in the Creation-given Creational law and directive sense must not be reversed since the capability to fight is essential for Man's continued existence and evolution. Consequently, the same event must not occur that previously occurred with the "creator-overlords" who robbed themselves of this fighting capability and lost all of their strength to fight through manipulation of their own genes.  

不過,戰鬥本能是「造化」賜予的「造物法則」中,與生俱來的天性,是絕不能違反的 操作,因為,人若要繼續存在和進化,戰鬥能力是不可或缺的 。因此,以前發生的“創造主”他們透過操縱自己的基因,奪去這種戰鬥能力並失去自己所有的戰鬥力量,這樣的事 不會再發生。

For this reason, they were no longer able to defend themselves against any aggressors who attacked them and this, in turn, resulted in their monstrous concept of manipulating human beings so they would become fighting machines through genetic alterations - which, ultimately, precipitated new sets of problems. When the human beings who were genetically-altered into fighting machines by the "creator-overlords" are studied, evidence shows that they procreated, or rather bred specifically for this purpose as they were perfectly normal, indeed, even highly evolved human beings. 

出於這個原因,他們(指“創造主”)無法再防衛自己,以對抗任何侵略者的襲擊,反之,導致他們產生操縱人類的荒謬念頭,因此他們經由竄改基因造就了一群 殺戮機器 ,而且最終,衍生出一堆新的問題。然而當人類被那些 創造主 因研究而竄改基因變成了 殺戮機器 時,證據顯示,他們能完全正常的生育與繁殖,事實上,甚至成為高度進化的人類。

But they were rudimentarily altered physically through the manipulation of their genes. Prior physical traits reappeared and made these people, among other things, extremely resistant to environmental influences, and they displayed a certain barbarity. Throughout all of these genetic alterations, however, the proponents neglected to manipulate the genetic factor responsible for cognizance, memory, comprehension and compliance with the Creational-natural laws and directives - everything that is balanced and good.  

但他們經過基因的篡改,身體被根本的改變,之前生理的特性又出現了,使得這些人種在其他方面極其耐得住環境的影響,而且他們顯示出某種程度的野蠻。然而,縱觀所有這些基因竄改的現象,那些竄改者忽略了改造其中主宰認知、記憶、理解及遵守造物自然法則的遺傳因子。須知道: 萬物都具有平衡作用與美好的一面

This omission was completely intentional, for research had shown that this particular omission would provide a form of security against the genetically-manipulated people's complete degeneration. The omission would always allow a degree of humaneness to surface and influence mankind's lives, actions and other factors, and thus provide some guarantee for the "creator-overlords" that genetically-manipulated individuals would not become viciously assaultive against them.  

不過這種疏忽也許完全是故意的,因為研究表明,這個特殊的疏忽,會提供某種形式的安全性,以抗衡被竄改基因的人完全墮落。這項疏忽,往往容許某種程度的人性呈現,並影響人類的壽命以及一些行動與其他因素,並因此對 創造主 提供了一些保證,使得被竄改基因的人種,不會對他們產生敵意的攻擊。

These specific desires were not fulfilled, though, except for the fact that the genetically-altered individuals did not become totally de-humanized or completely, utterly degenerated. From the earliest times therefore, the prevailing factor of stability or goodness, respectively, always penetrated the genetically-altered people's consciousness.  


Because of this factor over the past millions of years, viciousness has increasingly lost its significance although it remains quite evident, particularly within certain rulers, criminals, despots and others. Unfortunately, no one was previously aware that through the genetic manipulation, and the naturally existing factor of stability and goodness in Man, a conflict or at least a feeling of being torn between opposing emotions would arise. This holds true even today with many human beings.  

由於這個因素,在過去幾百萬年來,惡劣的因子已經日益失去了它的主宰性,雖然它在人性中仍然表現得相當明顯,特別是在某些統治者、罪犯、暴君和某些人身上 不過,沒有人事先知道,透過基因竄改, 人類還存有堅定與良善的天性 ,他們經常在內心會呈現一種衝突,或至少是矛盾的情緒會出現 這種現象,即使在今天,還是在許多的人類中見到

As a result of these genetic manipulations, and from earliest times, Man has fought these inner conflicts of good and evil - where evil frequently is the winner. Nonetheless, increasing numbers of humans combat their way to goodness by conquering the damage done by the genetic manipulation and their wicked legacy, i.e., the evil or original sin. Unfortunately, frequent excesses occur that are based upon degeneration and pseudo-humanism, because humans are unable to find the appropriate paths and cling to false ideals that frequently originated from religious-sectarian idiocy.  

這些基因竄改的結果,從最初的時候,人的善與惡這些內在矛盾已經交戰,而邪惡往往是贏家 然而,越來越多人在為走向良善的道路而戰鬥力圖征服被竄改的基因和那些 邪惡的遺留物 ,也就是所謂的“原罪” 然而很不幸,由於退化以及假的人道主義,許多 過激行為發生,因為 源於宗教的愚蠢,人類始終糾纏在虛假的理想中,而無法找到正確合適的道路


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