Contact Report 150

Contact Report 150 Part 1


• Contact Reports volume: 4 (Plejadisch-plejarische Kontakberichte, Gespräche, Block 4)

• Page number(s): Unknown

• Date/time of contact: Saturday, the 10th of October 1981, 3:15 AM

• Translator(s): βενιαμιν

• Official/unofficial translation: Unofficial

• Authorised/unauthorised by FIGU: Authorised

• Date of original translation: Unknown

• Corrections and improvements made: Sanjin

• Contact person: Quetzal


The Plejaren forces have withdrawn from Earth to deal with a war-like race whose star systems are dying - which requires all of the Plejaren's available forces including the Lyrians and Vegans, Quetzal continues the prophecies and predictions from where Semjase left off at Contact Report 136, talks about overpopulation, Jupiter's moons, Menachem Begin, horror that occurs in Iran, and a "Free Peace Combat Community".

This is part 1 of the entire contact. This part is an unofficial and unauthorised translation and may contain errors.


Man, you’re really lucky that I had been resting on the sofa.

What would you have done if I had been resting in bed?


1. Then I would have called you.


You're really good.


2. I must speak the same words to you, but as a reproach.


I don't understand?

What have I done that is crooked?


3. You people ignore the ordinal rules once again.


Not that I know of, my son.


4. What reasons exist then for the fact that Thomas doesn't handle his night watch as the ordinal rules prescribe?


But Quetzal, the ordinal rules actually state that group members who don't reside in the center only have to perform a night watch if they remain in the center for a night.


5. That is correct, so why is this then being transgressed?


Now, I really don't understand, because Thomas did go home at around 12:00 AM, as was explicitly clarified according to the instructions that were given on last Saturday at the group meeting.


6. You shouldn't speak an untruth, or are you actually not aware that Thomas is staying with K.?


I don't understand that, because only about twenty minutes ago, I took another short tour around the house and didn't see a light in her room.


7. So that’s why you thought that Thomas was no longer present.

8. I understand.

9. But this isn't the case, and this isn't good because the whole thing, even in and of itself, is not right and there are unreal feelings behind this.


But that’s not our matter (not something we should be concerned about).


10. You're right[1] , we must not do that, but I would like to address the fact that through this unreality, a neglect of duty appears that should not be allowed to appear.

11. After Saturday’s explanation of these things, it would have been Thomas’ duty to report to the night watch.

12. And as I have determined this isn't the first time for him that such a neglect of a duty has appeared.

13. Especially with regard to cooperation, my results showed that he is a shirker, if I want to clarify using your earthly vocabulary.

14. This must be made clear to Thomas by the responsible ones on the board of directors still today, whereby you should make sure yourself that in the early morning hours, Thomas is pulled here to work as the ordinal rules prescribe.


I am very sorry, this is embarrassing for me, but I knew nothing about this.

And I suppose that also M. and E. have no idea of the fact that Thomas is with K.


15. That should hence correspond to the truth, but I must ask you to pass along a further duty to M. and E., which is that they make certain that Thomas performs his proper night watches if he has not left the center at around midnight, whereby no leeway of time is to be left open.

16. Midnight should and must be kept punctual.

17. Moreover, the ordinal rules stipulate that all group members residing abroad have to complete an entire night watch, always then, when they stay in the center at night.

18. This means that if a group member resides elsewhere, but nevertheless, for each night or several nights stays at the center, that he/she then has to take over a full night watch every single night that the group member remains in the center.


But this is simply impossible because on the following day, the people either have to go abroad again or else have to work in the center.


19. That is correct, yet, whoever of the group members can find the time to spend each night or several nights per week in the center, in spite of the daily work and the entire studies, which are in no way easy, then he or she can also perform the night watch.

20. In other words, this also means that the, over the years, very arduously developed order is not to be broken again, and thereby, the extremely illogical and emotionally-decided unreal aberrations, etc. will be prevented, or will at least arrive in forms that slowly create sound clarity.


Okay, okay, I can't go up against your logic because it couldn't be any sharper.

But with that what you have said, it should now indeed be sufficient.


21. Unfortunately, not yet, because concerning Thomas, I still have to address the ordinal rule which states that 30 minutes after an appearance in the center, work must be taken up.

22. This also always applies in the evening if the other group members are also still working, since Thomas has to lend them a hand as a group member.


This should really be understandable because this point is also clearly stated in the ordinal rules and the house rules.


23. For Thomas, it must be specifically explained once more.

24. On the other hand, through this it must also be made clear to him that all the rules and regulations are valid for him as well, into which all group members are arranged, and through those alone, order could be created and can be maintained.

25. Absences from his side cannot receive any consideration at all and neither can exceptions or special rights.

26. The peril of such things would be much too great because immediate rebellion and renewed destructive moods would be the consequence.


I know; therefore, I will take the necessary action immediately in the morning.


27. That is good.


Presumably, but I would like to sleep a little bit before that.


28. But I will have to speak for two to three hours with you.


Then it should just be so.


29. After that I will then carry out a time shift, so that you can actually still put your pate to rest.


Very nobly expressed.

But if that is so, then I would still have a few more questions.


30. Yes?


Of course.

First: can you give me information concerning to what extent the other two Plejaren groups in America and in Asia sustain contacts with Earth people?


31. There are none since the last spring, and it will remain so until the middle of 1982.


Aha, then they all went away also?


32. That is correct.


And – when they were still here, how was it?


33. Their contacts with Earth people, without exception, took place in such ways that none of the contact persons had any knowledge of the fact that they stood in contact with our members.

34. Physical or visual-visionary contacts were strictly avoided and also none of this kind took place.

35. Not one of the contact persons had any knowledge or suspicion that they were under our contacts, neither in America nor in Asia.

36. Only here in Europe do we maintain physical contact with you and also those telepathic contacts, about which you are informed.


Aha, and now what about this: Why were all of the stations evacuated, and where have your people gone?


37. You have never asked about such things until now.


I know, for I am also not curious about these things.

It would now be interesting for us to know why such displacements of persons are taking place with you, or does it deal here with a secret?


38. It does not deal with such.

39. I’m just puzzled by your question because hitherto you’ve kept yourself away from such questions.

40. Not only did we have to remove all of our available forces from the Earth, but also from many other worlds, including Erra.

41. We need all available forces because the population of an entire system, which includes 16 inhabited planets and three suns, has prepared itself to a space-traversal in a war-like manner because its system is sinking into a downfall.

42. The targets of these still war-accustomed humans are the habitable planets of the most diverse constellations, whereby also the SOL system and, hence, the Earth is included.

43. These rather inhumane human life forms are willing to kill the inhabitants of their selected planets, in order for them to win their own habitat.

44. On the one hand, our forces are now preventing these life-forms from realizing their plans of breaking out into space, but on the other hand, our forces more systematically settle the populations of those various endangered planets onto uninhabited but well inhabitable areas, while another part of our forces search for new inhabitable and suitable planets, where the rest of these people can be situated and resettled.


Incredible, but can’t the Lyrians and the Vegans give you any assistance in this?


45. We also have many forces of theirs involved in this task; another part of them will take over the tasks on Earth at the end of this month, as I already explained to you earlier.


I know, you spoke of the fact that Menara’s father, her brother, and her sister will come here, together with 35 others.


46. That is correct, but these 38 persons only represent the first wave, which will take over our own station and our tasks.

47. Our and both of those other stations, America and Asia, will be fully occupied with our allies.


Therefore with the Vegans and the Lyrians – and, are they all of a different colour?


48. You would say that they are chocolate brown.


But that is a joyful surprise.

But say, since we are already talking about people of different colors: did you in the meantime find out more about the origin of the Chinese and the Japanese?


49. Unfortunately no, and for now we have to suspend this research.

50. However, we are close to the goal, and we will inform you as soon as we have a definitive result.


I just wanted to know.

Then still another question: check once in my office.

There is a drawing by Lee Elders on that small brown table.

He drew me a boomerang-like ship of unknown origin.

Such ships supposedly have been sighted recently and, in the bygone months, repeatedly in America, whereby these should display a completely black colour and have enormous headlights in operation at night.

Is that known to you, and if so, what explanations can you give me in relation to this?


51. I see here the paper that you mentioned on my view screen, and I can also explain a few things about this to you:

52. The drawing is incorrect because these aircraft are much less cuneiform than how the drawing represents them.

53. The wing-like sides of the bodies, therefore, are further apart.

54. The sizes of these devices vary between a few meters and several hundred meters.

55. The building material is of a extremely hard and resistant material, in contrast to our materials, which are of a soft form.

56. Moreover, these aircraft are, as you already mentioned, for the most part black, but they have other colors, which evidently were not observed, and which are usually also drowned out by the black.

57. Unfortunately, we can not clarify the origin of these aircraft, which we have observed and monitored for eleven years, because there is no possibility that we can form a connection with the passengers of these devices.

58. The aircraft are so designed that all of our attempts of communication have failed because our waves and vibrations and all other equivalent types have been absorbed by the outer hulls of the devices.

59. No radio waves and no other kinds of vibrations are capable of penetrating into these aircraft because the outer hulls of each device absorb everything in terms of power storage for the ships’ propulsion and everything else.

60. This means, among other things, that these aircraft are so designed that they absorb all waves of all frequencies and, therefore, all vibrations of all kinds for power storage, like also sunlight and all therewith occuring radiations, etc.

61. But the moon light and the weak light of the stars are also absorbed and stored as power, together with many other things, which are still unknown to the earthly scientists.

62. It is certain, however, that the life forms controlling these aircraft are humane and reveal no hostility at all, which is flawlessly evident by our eleven-year long observation and monitoring.


That is so incredible, and you have until now found no means of getting in contact with these newts?


63. No, until now, we have found no means.

64. Perhaps we can still succeed in this, if…


You think that will happen, if they will still be on Earth for long enough and fly through our air space?


65. Exactly, but now, I would like to explain to you the following predictions for the following years.

66. The last predictions were mainly only for one year, so until the month October of 1981, because Semjase had to return early from her contact with you, even though it was intended for her to give you predictions that were calculated for several years.



That is, on the one hand, of interest, but on the other hand, I often wonder whether these predictions have a point at all.


67. Sooner or later, successes will appear from this.


You mean after the arrival of the events?


68. Yes, and actually only at a much later time.

69. But let me now begin:

70. The statements of Semjase ended with the assassination of Sadat, who, by you and with my assistance, was still warned when I brought you to him on July 28th.

71. The next event now, which will already very soon take place, will concern this time, in a less sensational form, the Israeli political murderer Moshe Dayan, who will already in a few days from now die a natural death.

72. Subsequently, in many places on the Earth, earthquakes will be recorded again on several occasions, those which will eventually lead to the large earthquake disaster, about which it should not be talked about for now.

73. The next spectacular event will take place on October 28 in Sweden.

74. It will be that a submarine of the USSR must be raised by the Swedish navy in Swedish waters because the boat will be operating espionage in their waters.

75. Through the inattention of the navigational forces, the submarine will come into distress, after which it will then be tugged by the Swedish navy.

76. This would be, in and of itself, a political trifle, but the fact that the submarine will carry atomic weapons on board will become known, which will lead to a great deal of political turbulence.

77. Only, the 6th of November will set a preliminary end for this event, when on this day, the USSR submarine is led back out from the waters of the Swedish Highness.

78. Then, on the 31st of October, Switzerland will run into turmoil because in Kaiseraugst a, for Swiss conditions, large-scale demonstration of 20,000 people will take place.

79. This demonstration will be directed against the construction of the nuclear power plant, which will be approved for construction by the Swiss Federal Council in spite of all of the citizen protests against the building, which represents a crime against people, country, culture, fauna, and flora, just like any other construction of such plants, which never find arguments for justifiability.


In regards to this, I would like to set a question: Is there actually no possible way to use atomic energy without having big dangers thereby arise for humans, animals, and plants, etc.?


80. This possibility exists, and it is also used by us.

81. The Earth human, however, is not yet in a position to do this.

82. Nevertheless, he still works negligently and completely irresponsibly with atomic energy, whereby through this, he consciously produces deadly dangers for all life forms.

83. In every respect, nuclear energy may only be used by humans then, when all occurring substances and waste can completely riskless be utilized and processed as far, as to ensure that absolutely radiation-free matter emerges from it.

84. But this is only possible through a process of change, that changes the radioactive radiation back into the original mass, through which means the feedstock again emerges.

85. Now, if the human works with or uses radioactive materials before he is capable of the process of changing back into original matter, then he acts in ways that are criminal and that violate the laws of nature.


But how are then the energy problems supposed to be solved?


86. Each planet always provides its life forms with enough natural energy sources that don't entail risks.

87. A stipulation for this, however, is that the planet disposes the normal population-size and does not become subject to overpopulation.

88. The Earth is now, with approximately 4 billion humans (1981), overpopulated and has gotten completely into disorder by the greed for power, greed for profit, and greed for luxury of the Earth human.

89. If the Earth human would be reasonable and would introduce an appropriate birth stop, then within a short period of time, a reduction of earthly humanity, back to the normal level of 529 million, could be accomplished.

90. The energy problem would therewith be resolved in a natural way as well as the problem of the procurement of food.

91. But the stupidity of the Earth human is boundless in this respect, because without any responsibility he violates all laws of nature, whereby he is also not responsive to the termination of this problem, whereupon yet the false humaneness comes, which still protects and promotes this crime of overpopulation, as also the problem of famine, etc.

92. Alone the return to the normal population of earthly humanity would be the correct and only solution to solving the energy and food problems.

93. Everything else are always only illogical partial solutions, which show illogical effects from illogical origins.


But even from the way things are today, there ought to be a solution in order to solve these problems.


94. That is correct, but these solutions can only be time-conditioned because problems continue to grow by the further increasing overpopulation and, thus, by the greed and unreasonableness of the Earth human.

95. Therefore, it would be totally wrong if I would mention and explain those possibilities, which actually exist, in order to solve these problems with the energy and the food thoroughly.

96. We can only then involve ourselves with mentioning of such possibilities, when the Earth human strives for a drastic reduction and a natural decimation of the planetary humanity to the normal state.

97. Only then could we show possible solutions to the problems, so that these problems would be actually resolved during the reduction.


With the irrational insanity of the people of Earth, this will not be able to be the case because they will not let themselves be taught.


98. Earth humanity drives itself thereby into a helpless abyss.

99. But the Earth human should not die out and be destroyed, which is why appropriate measures must be taken.


And how should these look, then?


100. As crazy as it sounds, with the knowledge about the earthly overpopulation:

101. A new people must be established.

102. But it must be a people that lives in accordance with the natural-creational laws, making it the role model for the large mass of stupefied Earth humanity and affects them instructively.

103. I will give you more specific information about this at a later date, in connection with other matters that refer to your group.


Ah, this is already clear: you think that our group will be the basic core of this new people, through the constantly new group members and their descendants.


104. That is correct, and with the approval of the High Council, we are at it already, for quite some time, allowing the emergence of this new people as a basic core.


This is known to me.

Some things have already been done, while the rest is still to follow, whereby already the next year brings again another increase in growth, in a manifold form, if I am not mistaken.

But the planned process will still take many centuries, if it lets itself be fulfilled at all, because the inflow to the group will be slight for a long time, so the group will only grow slowly.


105. It is foreseen and intended as such, but we indeed have some trouble in keeping the explanations in a good framework, because the group members themselves still think irrationally about these things.

106. Their mental attitude, their false views and the like, make everything more difficult for us, even though everything would be fairly easy if we could act after that which corresponds to rightness.

107. But for the time being, we are still dependent on manipulations, which don’t bring the desired full success, which means that we often have to accept actions, for which we have to expend all kinds of efforts, but we can’t guarantee that a full success can be achieved.


I understand, and I know where the problem is.


108. Yes, the problem is well known to you, but we should now speak again of other things because I still have much to explain:

109. Until the 29th of November, nothing of major importance will report itself world-wide, barring the unnecessary noise around Poland.

110. The 29th of November, however, will then again bring an event that will be broadcasted by the publication sectors of the people, even though it deals with an entirely natural incident.

111. On this day in America, the actress Natalie Wood will be pulled dead from the sea, in which she will drown after being in a marriage dispute and in a drunken state.

112. Again, after that, not much will arise of significance, until finally a point is reached in Poland which intensifies things.

113. General Jaruzelski will impose martial law on the country in order to prepare the end for the, several years long, destructive bustle of large masses of the population and for the politically-subversive trade union [2], whose head is Lech Walesaist.


114. As usual, the Earth people don't see the truth here also, which is why they cling to the trade union party and cry according to a false humanitarianism.

115. That these rebels truly want to seize power in the country, that they are work-shy, and that they have, for many years, forced the entire country and the entire population into distress and misery and into hunger and financial ruin through evil compulsions, are things which nobody wants to see or recognize.

116. It will come so, as it must come, which will unfortunately cost many human lives.

117. Indeed, in Poland, the prevailing force of a large part of the people and of the trade union Solidarity can only, in turn, be broken by force.

118. Unfortunately, through the mania of the false humaneness of the western world, also for Poland, an unjustified party will be embraced, thorough which especially the leadership of the Polish army and the leadership of the USSR are once again sanctioned unrightfully.

119. With the Earth humans, the sense of true humanity has already been lost for a long time unfortunately, which is why, once again, completely wrong politics will operate here also, whereby the truth is completely unrecognized and the fallible are placed into a unwarranted and false good light, so namely the trade union Solidarity and its attached work-shy group which know no boundaries in their greed for money and power.

120. The western countries and people, however, do not want to see this truth, which is why they will, through the falsely understood humaneness, seek to put the blame on the leaders of Poland and Russia, but who in this case, really do not bear guilt at all.

121. Not lastly but rather in the first place, the American President Reagan will bear the guilt for this false humanity and anti-propaganda against the governments of Poland and Russia, who behaves in his office like a little rascal and will impose dangerous sanctions against Russia and Poland.


But there is nothing else to be expected because you once explained that Reagan will be the real fundamental reason for the next world arms race.


122. That is correct because he will be the presently biggest warmonger and power-greedy man since the time of the last World War.

123. This will, however, effect him dearly malign, about which I will give you the necessary information, but at a later date.

124. His last departure will be so inglorious, as also the abolition of sanctions imposed by him and the regulation of the crisis in Poland.


That will indeed be inevitable.

But please say, how it will look for the whole world this winter, which would be something of greater interest than stupid and primitive politics.


125. All kinds of things brew themselves together:

126. The whole of Europe and very large parts of America will get flooded by enormous masses of water that will cause material damage in billion-fold dollar amounts, as well as demand very many human lives.

127. Especially Switzerland, Germany, England, France, and America will have to suffer under massive floods, which will bury and destroy very much, but which constitutes only a small part of everything that this winter brings with itself.

128. Besides tremendously large snowfalls, the clouds will open their sluices for very large amounts of hail [3], which also points that unusual cold spells are to be anticipated, like the people of these affected areas only very rarely experience, when nature calls forth for natural changes.

129. But all the events of this winter, as the preceding and the ones still to follow, are not just attributable to natural events alone, but also to the outrageous unreasonableness of the Earth human against nature, etc.

130. In certain areas, the temperatures will drop down to 60 degrees (Celsius) below zero and further, and will freeze everything.

131. The average degree of coldness, however, will be from 30 to 40 degrees below zero in various areas in Europe and America, which means the death and destruction of many human lives and animals, as well as crops, etc.

132. And these cold spells won’t stop before reaching the more southern regions, whereby, in particular, the American vacation paradise of Florida, etc. will be drawn heavily into the detrimental effects of the destruction and the cold weather.

133. However, Australia will also have to suffer, particularly from a large drought, but also from major water ingresses.

134. All of this, though, won't yet mean the end or the contentment of this winter because partly quite vicious earthquakes will also occur around the world at this time, whereby especially America will be the land where most quakes will appear, next to North Africa, Italy, Oceania, and Japan, as well as China and Russia.

135. But virtually all countries of the world will be shaken by lesser and greater quakes, whereby in different places, also volcanic eruptions will thereby come to light, which are, as well, partly due to the crazy human effort of destroying the Earth, but especially in recent years, the atomic bomb tests, etc. have contributed a large part to the release of these events.

136. The end of the winter, then, which still entails many other bad events, will also demand many human lives and material values again because the snowmelt will not only cause massive avalanches to descend and to destroy very much, but also floods will appear through massive snowmelts, as well as landslides that will destroy much, from which even Switzerland won't remain spared.

137. However, such events already set themselves in even before the middle of winter is reached, and they will continue well into the third millennium and will bring death, destruction, and annihilation.


The prospects are so beautiful, man oh man.

Apparently, we can prepare ourselves for some "great" things in the next year, and in the coming decades, as well as in the new millennium.


138. The center will not be drawn very hard into these detrimental effects.

139. As you know, it is located very safely, which is also the case in terms of weather influences.

140. Even though you are located over 800 meters high in elevation, nevertheless, the cold weather will not attack you as much as will be the case in the lower situated and other regions.

141. Your seat is on the hill of a cirque, which not only diverts storms, snow, and rain to very large parts around you, but also protects you against too large break-ins of coldness, which are driven off in large part around the ridge of hills.

142. I estimate that at your location, the average minimum temperatures will be about 18 degrees below zero, but in very extreme cases, they will drop to about 29 degrees below zero, yet this is hardly to be expected due to the protective ridge of hills all around.

143. However, a direct polar cold air wedge from the north would have to penetrate here if it should become colder than negative 18 degrees or if the minimum mark should actually be exceeded.

144. Everywhere outside of your cirque, it will normally be very much colder than it will be with you, which can be a comfort to you.

145. You really have a good seat in many relations.


We have already noticed that, especially during storms and hurricanes, for they have almost always deviated around the hill crests – also the hail weather.


146. As I said, you live in a good place, even if it can’t be excluded with certainty that one kind of weather or another cannot fall into your cirque, but this will be a rarity.


I also said that we know that.

We repeat ourselves.


147. That is correct.

148. So once again, let’s speak of other things.


That should be the right way.

But if you allow it, then I would have another question.


149. Of course, then ask.


Good; what do you think about this: you told me months ago that I should prepare a peace writing and should deliver it to all governments and peace movements.

You also said that you would be helping me with this, but I still haven't seen anything of it.

On my side, I also haven't found the time yet to get myself behind this task.

How would it be now if someone from the group or even several members together would write up such a script, after which the two of us could then get together and put it into the proper form.

Wouldn’t this be an acceptable proposal?


150. The idea is good because admittedly, I haven't yet found the necessary time to dedicate myself to this task.

151. Your proposal would free both of us from a lot of work if at least the concept of the script would be drafted by one or more group members.


Then I will see to it that this is undertaken.


152. Also, the new sporadic writing is due.


I know, and I hope that I will still finish the first edition before the first quarter is over.


153. That would be very gratifying.

154. But listen now further to what I still have to report to you about the future:

155. Namely, a great deal will occur, but no influences will arise from the SOL line-up of celestial bodies in the month of March 1982 since all SOL celestial bodies are on an Earth-lateral course and are, thus, in a short angle on a side of the Sun.

156. All of the celestial bodies are too far away from the Earth that they would have even the slightest direct influences on the Earth and its life forms.

157. And as you know, there only arise change phenomena of the central sun vibrations and the central sun radiations, which exhibit only a pure astrological value, which means that they, as pure neutral central sun forces, exhibit only a variable value for the life forms, which use these in negative or positive forms.


That is clear to me, but since we are already talking about celestial bodies, I still have another question concerning Saturn.

As is known to you, the American space probe, Voyager, travels past Saturn and sends recorded images to Earth.

This will give the scientists large eyes once more, as was already the case with Jupiter, because inevitably, they will have to recognize once more from the recordings, that also around this not-matured dwarf sun more satellites orbit than what was previously assumed.

To my knowledge, it has been argued until now that Saturn only has its 10 or 12 moons; although, it is true that there are 29, if I omit the Adoniden.

Now, it would interest me whether all these moons will be discovered by the picture transmissions of probes, etc.?


158. It will be so - and still more.

159. As you already could conclude by yourself on your great voyage, at the place and location, there revolve around Saturn 29 moons that are actually to be beholded as such.

160. These are expected to be discovered in their entire number in approximately up to 25 years by probes and by telescopes.

161. But in truth, there aren't anymore so many that can still be discovered up to this number because since your journey to Saturn, the Earth scientists have discovered a few more moons, but which apparently slipped past you during the last few years.

162. After the discovery of the moons around Jupiter, scientists now reckon that they will also still find some undiscovered satellites around Saturn, but nevertheless, there will still be a surprise for them.


Do you think because of the Adoniden, which partially orbit millions of kilometers outside of Saturn?


163. That is correct.

164. These small planets, called Adonis, as you correctly say, are so small that they cannot be ascertained and seen from the Earth, at least not for the time being, because the necessary instruments for this do not yet exist.

165. A large portion of these small planets will certainly be detected by different probes and earth-orbiting telescopes, which will cause some confusion with the scientists.


I can imagine because there is a fairly large number of them that orbit Saturn – besides the few small wandering Adoniden, which only pass by this SOL satellite from time to time.

But I can well understand that they are not visible from the Earth because on average, they only exhibit a diameter of between roughly 10 to 50 kilometers if I still correctly remember what Ptaah and Semjase explained to me back then in the year 1975.

In addition, there are still some smaller as well as larger ones present in huge distances from Saturn.


166. That is correct, but it should also be known to you from where these Adoniden arrived at Saturn.


Of course.

Back then, Semjase said that these small satellites, in part, come from larger fragments of the planet Malona, which had its course between Mars and Jupiter, before it was destroyed by an explosion that was unreasonably generated by the local people and was torn into thousands of pieces.

While the bulk of the destroyed planet revolves around the Sun as an asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, some small groups of Adoniden have isolated themselves and have flown off into space by the expansion forces of the planet’s explosion, whereby a larger group of these then arrived into the attractive forces of Saturn, which keeps them since then as micro-satellites, which also means that these are not actual moons of the unfinished sun-planet but are just foreign bodies that have immigrated and that are the size of Adonis, while the number of actual moons of Saturn is only 29.


167. That is correct, but let’s leave it at that because I still have other things to explain to you.

168. The time following the previously mentioned events will bring with it a short-term break from large or larger events.

169. Even natural disasters will hold themselves within a small frame because besides some earthquakes and floods, not much will happen related to this, other than in China, Japan, and also Mexico, where a larger quake will make itself noticable with human losses.

170. In the month of May, Europe will be the next in the row in this regard, whereby especially Germany will be the central point, but without major damages.

171. On the other hand, winter will shortly break in again in different European areas once it becomes supposed by the people that this would already be past.

172. Namely, until about the 10th of May, snowfall will appear again in Switzerland, in Germany, and in other European countries, after spring has allowed its splendor of flowers, but there will be no serious damages.

173. Towards the end of April or the beginning of May, the Pope of Rome will again dissipate the moneys of his believers, because once again he will begin an extremely expensive trip to different countries, which will cost many millions of dollars.

174. Thus, he will also visit Portugal, where he will hypocritically let it be announced that the Madonna of Fatima had protected him, helping him survive the assassination attempt that had been perpetrated on his life.

175. However, with this consciously mendacious and fraudulet allegation to his believers, he will encourage the hatred of a Catholic priest of a different faith, who will want to kill him and will attack him with a dagger, but this will be thwarted by security personnel before the priest arrives in the direct vicinity of the Pope.

176. After his stay in Portugal, the Pope will proceed to England, which will be reckoned as a sensation because, since the secession of the English-Anglican Church from Rome, no Pope has ever given more effort for the English church in this manner.

177. In truth, the whole journey of the Pope to England, however, will not serve for Christian-connecting relations or for the renewed alliance of the Roman and English church as the Pope will untruthfully make known, firstly because it will only concern his personal image, which he wants to strengthen and to develop, and secondly, it is also about the intrigue machinations of bringing the English Church back under the upper rule of the Roman Papacy.


I think that the present Pope is disgust-inciting, mendacious, hypocritical, one who deliberately misleads the people and is a toadying pulpit creep, who only wants to lead a nice life and make a name for himself.

At the same time, when I think of other Popes, then I must say that different ones among them at least still believed in what they said and did, while this Pope is only pretending; although, he is a damn bad actor.


178. Your words are appropriately correct, but this Pope will not be able to exercise his evil doings much longer.

179. Namely, through his criminal doings, he also has already predetermined his end, but about that, I want to make no particulars at the moment.

180. Rather, it is appropriate that I tell you that this fraudulent man is now scheming to also visit your homeland, Switzerland, where he will be present in Geneva and continue to perform his acting.

181. Besides this, he will also strive to arrive in Argentina in order to break in on the population with his dishonest manner regarding the war between Argentina and England.

182. During the month of April 1982, the Argentineans will militarily garrison the Falkland Islands, which are under the English colony, whereupon England will then send out a fleet, through which a veritable guerrilla war will emerge between both countries, which will demand many human lives and war material.

183. This war will be a sign of the threatening Third World Conflagration in the third millennium.

184. Moreover, this will also be the actual fundamental point for the fact that in this World War, if it cannot be prevented, England will come under attack from the East with great power.

185. But this still lies in the far future, and if it should get so far, then nobody will search for the grounds for the attack on England in this forthcoming Falkland conflict, that will erupt in the month April of 1982; although, in truth, the origin will lie there.


This bratty girl Thatcher and the rascals of the Argentinian army are responsible for this, right?

Someone should lead them all to a public place, in front of a world-wide television camera, pull down their pants, put them over the knee, and give them a good textbook example spanking.


186. You amuse me, but it would truly be a very effective solution because it would then be impossible for them to be in their positions, which they are unable to perform anyways.


Altogether, they are truly not at all adults but rather regular rascally boys and girls, even snotty-nosed little boys and girls.


187. Your dialect expressions are very appropriate, and there is not a single mature person among them, as is the case with most of the other rulers of the Earth.


Finally, an open word relating to this – and those who would actually be somewhat suited as executive personnel are not man enough to enforce what is right because they do not dare to fend[4] themselves against their party comrades – perhaps because they fear for their posts.


188. That is correct, but we should not talk about these things because they deal with politics.


Nevertheless, it is so, and I think that we do not politicize when we identify the errors of the governments.


189. That is indeed correct, but the Earth human still tends toward understanding things falsely.

190. Thus, let us turn again to other things.


That’s fine with me; also, I have a question that has nothing to do with the whole area of political crap: I calculated the date of the 11th of May to be the time when Bernadette should give birth to her son, based on her statements.

At the same time another date, or several, come up, so namely the 21st, 22nd, and 23rd of May 1982.

Which one of those is right?

On my side, I conclude the 11th of May because this is the nearest possibility.


191. Some mistakes must have slipped in to you, but this is understandable because of the condition of your nerves.

192. You do know that you must have healthy and functioning nerves for such calculations.

193. If that isn't the case, then there will be mistakes that you cannot grasp or recognize, which is actually proven in the difference of the days May 21st, 22nd, and 23rd.

194. The first date, indeed, lies the closest to the truth, but unfortunately, this is also not true.

195. The birth will take place on the 9th of May in the early afternoon hours, shortly after 2:00 PM.


I know that my nerves are, once again, not quite in order as they should be.

Already, I repeatedly wanted to get myself behind some tasks, but it does not and did not work out for me.


196. That is correct because the proper functioning of your nerves is extremely necessary for your work.

197. But now, I should report to you further of the upcoming events because that is our current main topic.


It is, yes. Then maybe you can also tell me: how are things now with the filming?

I mean, what will happen in regards to our film, which is supposed to be made by the Americans about our mission, etc.?

Can you give me any information about this?


198. I already explained to you at an earlier date that this work must be completed no later than the end of 1982 because after that, you will have no more time for it.

199. For this reason, we have set all responsible persons in America under our pertinent purpose-oriented impulse radiations, through which they will be led to work more intensively.

200. And as things now look, it seems that around the 25th of April 1982, this film work will be started, so the film will come about in the foreseeable time.


I simply can’t understand why, starting in 1983, I should have no time anymore for the filming.


201. Besides the additional upcoming routine work that will come about from the film itself, people in Japan will also begin to be interested in our entire cause in the largest measure, so much additional work will expect you from this.

202. Also, even more film work will be incorporated into it if our calculations prove themselves as given.

203. Now, however, we should not speak of these matters anymore because, in relation to world events of the coming time, there is still a lot to explain, for example, in the middle of 1982, the time will be reached by the peoples of the Earth which will decisively establish guidelines that will make the fate of the humans nearly unalterable.

204. But even though these guidelines will appear, the eyes of the Earth people will remain closed and blinded, like also their sense of truth.

205. Mainly it concerns, in relation to this, the criminal interests of the would-be statesman Begin, who will commit a further terrible crime under the eyes of the world public, without that the rest of the world intervenes and ends the terrible killings.

206. In the middle of 1982, Begin will demonstrate his true character with full power when he allows an attack with war-Gewalt on the capital of Beirut in the country of Lebanon and allows it to be destroyed for the most part, whereby many thousands of innocent people - women, men, and children - will be killed.

207. The murderly degenerated Menachem Begin will thereby give excuses that will find attention in the UN and in the rest of the world; although, behind Begin’s actions lies hidden nothing else than the lunatic greed for the spilling of human blood as well as the lust for sovereign power over the entire country and all its ethnic groups.


He is a cowardly pig and a scoundrel without an equal.

My reflection about him has revealed that he is a damn rotten creature who lives entirely criminally, is vindictive, and boundless in his cowardice.

He is not only a zero, an absolute washout, and a naught, but in addition a unparalleled scoundrel, and moreover a psychopath of the same size as Khomeini, the insane-Ayatollah in Iran.

Begin is in the same sick hospital as Khomeini: cowardly, deceitful, mean, selfish, power-hungry, psychopathic, validity-addicted and domineering, a megalomaniac and who is otherwise burdened with all the malignancies into which a person could have lapsed.

He is an absolute degenerate and is undignified of life.

He is a person who could never develop the ability to live honestly and become a human being – an absolute zero, who wants to hide his absolute inability to live through cowardice and lust for blood, whereby the responsible persons of all earthly governments are stupid enough not to recognize this fact, and so, they grant him leave instead of bringing him and his power-addiction to reason, in order to dissolve his power and suffocate his power-thinking completely.

But the Earth people and especially the responsible rulers are so blinded and stupid that they do not recognize the truth, thus, also not the actual sense of Begin’s actions and his associated infamous and cunning plots, which truly, have only fully fledged through his office, as it was with the treacherous criminal acts of Jmmanuel’s traitor, namely of Juda Ihariot.

Begin’s ancestors, already at their olden times, were probably criminals of all types and kinds, who drank friendship with their potential or assumed enemies, at times, in order to then treacherously murder them, to slaughter them when they were drunk out of their senses and defenseless.

And after they had libelously falsified, like Israel, their own chronicle, where Jmmanuel’s traitor actually wasn't a disciple like Judas Iscariot, Jmmanuel’s disciple Judas Iscariot was then placed as the traitor until the present day, while the true traitor, the high priest’s son, Juda Ihariot, is not even mentioned in the hypocritical chronicle, so that the real traitor to Jmmanuel’s assassination should be innocent.


208. Helpless anger speaks from your words there, my friend.

209. Anger over the fact that you preach the truth to the Earth people for nothing and that, thereby, this criminal would-be politician can continue to murder under the eyes of the Earth population and realize his goals, namely - to seize the rule of the entire country more and more to himself.

210. But you can do, and are really able to do, nothing in regards to this through the dissemination of the truth because the murderous and human blood-demanding death power of the heavy criminal has already become too great, so only the fulfillment of the prophecies can still bring a change in the bloodthirsty rule- and power-addiction of this degenerate.

211. His country Israel, so says a prophecy, will be destroyed in the distant future from the lands of the East through war and death, when the fighters of the East will wade knee-deep in the blood of the people of Israel.

212. And all this just because the leaders of all world governments are just as blind and cowardly as the populations of many countries of the Earth in order that they would put a stop to the criminal, murderous, and human-blood-thirsty, would-be politicians, and criminal politicians in Israel.


The world will have to learn what snakes it is nourishing in its bosom.


213. That will certainly be the case, but only then, when everything has become inevitable.

214. Unfortunately, the megalomania and truth-denial of the Earth humans allows them to recognize the truth only too late.

215. Thus, in the middle of 1982 it won't be enough that the criminal Begin will lead a murderous and brutal war in Beirut against the Palestinians, but this criminal will continue in even further and harder measures because he will never give up his plans for territorial reign.

216. So not only in Beirut will many thousands of innocents - children, women, and men - die but also again after that, in the future, when this criminal would-be great further pursues his plans for country conquest, while the leaders of the world still stupidly, incomprehensibly, and even leniently watch him, along with those of the nation, which still believes in a reparation for the sufferings of the Jews during the Second World War.

217. These believers do not understand that a reparation for the infamous actions of the Third Reich is impossible and that such a reparation can never be made to the surviving relatives and descendants of those, who were murdered and slaughtered in the Third Reich between 1939 and 1945 through the indirect orders of the Thule society by Adolf Hitler and his generals and other leading powers, etc.

218. A reparation could only take place with the victims themselves, which, however, is impossible.

219. But a reparation to the surviving relatives and descendants, etc., is completely misdirected because most of these people live in hatred and vindictiveness, as well as with cravings for power and in materialism, for the purposes of seizing the rule of the country to themselves and subjugating, exploiting, and enslaving the rest of the humanity of the country.

220. Thus, the large mass of the Earth people live in the wrong mania for an unwarranted reparation for the suffered disgraceful deeds done to their ancestors and predecessors, with which the Earth people nourish a very vicious, poisonous, and life-threatening snake in their bosoms.

221. So it will happen that in the month of July 1982, the Palestinian refugees, expelled out of their rightful homeland, should be forced through the accomplished war events released by Begin, the land that was was home to them and which belonged to them for millennia and which brought much death and destruction to them, to have to recognize it as Israel, as a state.


That just cannot be true.


222. Unfortunately, this will be so certain, as Begin will implement the expulsion of the Palestinians from Beirut with murder and destruction, without that the responsible in countries of the Earth and Earth humanity will undertake something about it, or recognize what the actual plans in the criminal Begin’s brain really are, concerning snatching the rule over the land to himself.


Thus, this should also be the time when Iran will begin a renewed major offensive against Iraq, right?


223. Apparently, you have dealt with these matters a little more closely?


I have, yes.


224. Good; yes, in the month of July, under the supreme command of the insane Ayatollah Khomeini, the Iranians will drive forward the, until then, approximately two-year war again to a climax, whereby on both sides, with the Iranians as well as with the Iraqis, many thousands of people will again die.


There is simply no end to the insanity.


225. You know why.


Yes, but how is it actually with the disasters around the middle of the year 1982, which are evoked by the weather and climate, etc.?


226. At least during the month of July, very bad things will happen in this relation.

227. Your homeland, Switzerland, will also be stricken by the heaviest of storms, particularly the areas of the Jura.

228. Concerning this, bad things will also happen around your center, whereby you yourselves will get away with minor damages at this time.

229. Particularly, Switzerland and France will be met with severe hail, whereby also very wild waters will then appear as a result of heavy thunderstorms that will destroy crops, buildings, roads, fields, forests, and meadows, in addition to many other things.

230. This will happen, after bright sunshine will have appeared for only a few weeks.

231. What falls in various places as too much water to the Earth will lack in other places, but then afterward, heavy thunderstorms and floods and destruction will also occur there.

232. In Japan alone, storms and floodwaters will appear in the area of Nagasaki, which will cost many hundreds of human lives.

233. Thousands of houses will be destroyed, which will also be the case in various other countries, along with immeasurable additional damages to crops, to animal life forms, and to everything that people have created.


Then there’s a pretty bad year.


234. That will be the case; that is correct.

235. Also, new diseases will make an appearance with the Earth people, and at times even epidemics will break out in some countries.

236. But this still won’t be enough, because at this point in time, only the first half of the year 1982 will have passed.


Then, after the first half of the year, there are still quite evil things to be expected?


237. That is correct, but I would like to again report chronologically about this because many of the upcoming events after the first half of the year 1982 represent precursors or further developments of the insanity of the Earth people, which have already begun or will still begin and which will drag themselves into the year 1983 and even into later decades.


Then please tell me about these things in order.

But before this, I would like to ask you whether you can answer one more question for me that is still on my chest?


238. Then ask.


In the coming years and decades, there will again appear more frequent passages of comets, including those such as Halley's Comet, which can practically be observed in the sky, at times, even in broad daylight.

Now, this is my question: when you took me in 1975 on the great voyage, I saw beyond our solar system and planetary system the immense belt of material of frozen acids, rocks, Adoniden, and lifeless planets of which some were quite large.

Like the asteroid belt beyond the orbit of Mars, this belt also moves around the Sun but very far outside of Pluto’s orbit.

At that time, you explained to me that celestial bodies of all kinds pass through this belt, such as dark stars and other space bodies, and that every now and then, smaller or larger bodies tear out from this belt and enter into another orbit around the Sun, which can then partly be observed as comets from the Earth and, thus, can be seen.

If I remember correctly, you told me at that time that on the one hand, this belt was still widely unknown to the Earth people in its magnitude but that on the other hand, more would soon be discovered, but this apparently hasn't happened yet because until now, I haven't seen, heard, or read anything about this.

Furthermore, you explained that this material belt consists of the remains of the formation of the solar system and of immigrated materials from space, etc. Now, I wonder how high the percentage of comets is that appears in our solar system and that arises from this material belt beyond Pluto’s orbit.

(See “Existent Life in the Universe” by Billy, Aquarius Time Publishing Company.)


239. It has probably escaped your attention, but this belt was in the meantime discovered and actually by a Dutch astronomer named Oort.

240. In accordance with its discovery, the discovered belt will be called the Oort Cloud in Earth’s scientific circles, but that’s about it, because the connections of this belt to the comets of the SOL system are still, to my knowledge, foreign and unknown to the Earth scientists.

241. But the truth is, that about 97% of the SOL system comets arise from this belt, like also the planetary bodies passing by this belt upset the trajectories of the materials through their attractive forces, so then these suddenly scramble, which removes isolated larger and smaller objects, pushing them into new orbits around the solar system, where they then appear as comets, while others fly out far from the Sun into free space in order to disappear somewhere in the vastness of the universe, often also as migrant dark planets, which will partly be captured again by bigger celestial bodies as satellites and then orbit them, far away from these new mother stars.

242. But others will rush uncontrollably as dark migrant objects through space.


Then only around 3% of all comets in the SOL system stem from outside of it and from somewhere in space.


243. That is correct.


At that time, you also said that the largest part of all meteorites not only whizzes through our system from the asteroid belt, but that the, by far, larger part comes from the two belts beyond Pluto.

Those space projectiles are then also in overwhelming numbers, which fell on moons and planets and into the Sun and which would still continue to crash down even further on, while only a smaller part originates from the asteroid belt.


244. That is correct, but you were to remain silent about that, particularly with regard to the second belt.


I know, but I remember well that you told me that I may speak about this after 1980, because then, the scientists of the Earth would have discovered these facts themselves.

This time is over, even if I have heard nothing like that about the belts.


245. That is also correct.

246. The sense of my words was not to criticize you but rather I just wanted to point out that we explained to you back then that you were not allowed to announce your knowings before 1980.


That's also how I comprehended it.

But tell me now: Halley's Comet and the comet Roland, for example, those come as projectiles from deep space, right?

In any case, that’s how I understood it at the time.


247. That is also correct.

248. They belong to the 3% of foreign-system comets.


So one could say that 97% of all comets are co-inhabitants of the SOL system?


249. If you want to state it in such a way, then that is correct, even though we see it differently, and I must explain that these comets stem from other systems in space.


Of course, in accordance with your statement that each star and each planet with its own satellites represent their own system, which is why you speak of, for example, Jupiter or Saturn or Uranus, etc. as other systems, but nevertheless not about our solar system.

This is known to me, but it still causes confusion with us because for us, the SOL system is called as such with all its planets and their satellites, and including the unsuccessful small suns Saturn and Jupiter.

In general, we only speak of the Sun with its planets as being a system, while we do not speak of planets and their moons as being systems.


250. The necessities about this were already explained at an earlier time.


Of course, I think that it was necessary to address this fact again.


251. I understand, you probably think of misunderstandings.



My questions are now answered, so now you can go on and continue speaking of those things that relate to earthly affairs in the future.

I interrupted you at the concerns about the nasty thunderstorms in 1982 as well as at the concerns of diseases and epidemics.


252. That is correct, and exactly about these things, I still have to give some explanations:

253. Especially from the month of July of 1982, the heaviest thunderstorms will appear which will cause major damages in Europe.

254. Switzerland will also be affected by this, as well as Germany and Austria and various other European countries.

255. The destruction of houses and other buildings, roads, fields, vineyards, crops, railroads, and vehicles, etc. will appear, whereby also floods will arise, which will be triggered by torrent-like thunderstorms.

256. In many parts of Switzerland, immense damages will be caused by the thunderstorms, particularly in the Jura region, as well as in the area of Andelfingen.

257. Unfortunately, human lives will also be lamented over, both through lightning strikes and indirect causes of the flood thunderstorms.

258. From these torrential and flood thunderstorms your center will also not remain spared, which is also why I give the advice to secure the entire area as good as possible in view of the coming water ingresses, as well as everything else that needs to be done to avoid damage caused by these expected thunderstorms.


That is faster said than done because it will probably be like always, namely that the insight and commitment for this work only occurs when the damage has already been incurred.

Unfortunately, before that, it doesn’t work out.

I also know of exposed locations where damages may occur, especially landslides, etc., but one will only be able to fix these up when it’s too late or almost too late.


259. This is known to me.

260. It is indees so, that until now you still must supervise and arrange everything and also that the control is still with you, as well as the mastering that it is even being worked rapidly.

261. It can be said that a true and rapid work performance can only occur in less than four group members in the center, and a reasonable work performance only truly comes about if you yourself lend a hand, but then, if you do the work entirely, a greater performance appears than what is the case with three normally working men in a joint working method.

262. You actually replace, in connection with this, three strong and labor-conscious men.


You exaggerate a little, my son; better go on now with your predictions...


263. As you wish:

264. On around August 15, 1982, South Italy will again be smitten by an earthquake because this part of Italy will not be coming to rest for some time.

265. But specifically, Switzerland and Germany must also endure a lot of unrest but in another area.

266. So as it concerns epidemics, especially in these two countries, there will be all kinds of unrest and suffering be spread by sexual offenders as well as through the stupid-audacious behavior and degeneracy of young girls.

267. The year 1982 will be for Switzerland and for Germany a year during which, particularly from about the middle of the year, many of the school girls and teenage girls, adventurously and without the knowledge of the parents, go away from home to travel like gypsies through the land and countries, while many others will be seduced by sexual offenders, will be raped and beaten, and will be brought to death.

268. Thus, the year 1982 will be a pretty bad time for Switzerland and Germany with respect to this, also in view of the further mass killings, whereby particularly family mass killings are to appear.

269. Elsewhere, a new and dangerous epidemic appears which is triggered by the shamelessness and sexual greed and degeneration of the Earth people, who have already lost themselves in unbridled and animalistic satisfaction of sexual lust and in their degenerated impulses.

270. Animals are, in relation to this, truly much more developed than the Earth human because animals have their mating season according to nature, while the Earth human, in this regard, suffers from an abnormal degeneration and from thoughts produced by sexual greed, and also lives and acts accordingly.

271. This will, however, have its consequences because such violations against the laws of nature always bring bad consequences.

272. And so, it will be that a new epidemic sexually transmitted disease, which is already rife in the U.S., will be brought into Europe and be spread.

273. This is a very malignant form of immunodeficiency that can’t be fought against for the time being and, thus, will be incurable and will demand many human lives over decades.


The prospects are so nice for the people of this world.

You have also told me back then, during my great voyage, about a serious illness that should be revealed in connection with space flight.

You then said something about the fact that the people of the Earth would very soon, through their space flight experiments, find out that they could not pursue this primitive kind of space flight that is pursued by them without taking severe damage.

If I remember correctly, you then told me that through this primitive earthly kind of space flight, the danger of an incurable illness exists for the would-be astronauts and that all those who had flown in space capsules above the Earth's ozone layer were already infected.

You explained back then that something will happen with the brains of these people.


274. That is correct because at that time, we explained to you the dangers of space flight because the conquering of interstellar space isn't as simple, as the Earth people imagines it.

275. The free space hides many dangers in itself, which the Earth person is still in no way aware of.

276. In particular, the very dangerous kind of space-conquering, as is pursued by the Earth people, releases damage to the health in the person.

277. First and foremost, the Earth people have no knowledge about the hazardous, body-damaging, as well as organ-damaging radiations, which prevail in all of space and pass through it.

278. On the other hand, the realization also escapes them that the human body cannot cope with weightlessness on a permanent basis, which is why it already begins to take on physical and organic damage after seventy hours of a weightless state.

279. If the Earth person, as well as any other race to be classified as space mastering, wants to pursue space flight, then the spacecraft equipment must be adapted to the given conditions in all respects, as well as the space suits for the life forms themselves.

280. Space flight equipment and space suits must be safeguarded and made resistent by a special insulation shielding layer with regard to the various body-damaging and organ-damaging space radiations and space vibrations.

281. This is the most important factor for the preservation of life in space for the human, and so it is also the most important factor for the conservation of organic and physical health of the people who move through space with space-competent missiles or in protective suits.

282. The second and equally important factor in this regard is based on gravity and is to be observed with equally great importance as with the shielding against the space radiations and space vibrations.

283. If these factors are not taken into account, and thus, the spacecraft and protective suits of the people are not prepared accordingly in a way that the missiles and protective suits are made resistant against the outside influences of the radiations and vibrations by special insulation shields and that the spacecraft and protective suits are equipped with their own gravitational fields, then the body and all organs and bones of the space traveling people will take damage to the health.

284. Radiations, vibrations and the sorts, unprotected flying objects and also such overalls, as well as the weightlessness of interstellar space lead, in the very first place, to health damages in the brain and in the bones of humans and many other life forms.

285. These, together with many other forms of injury to health, which spread to the whole body and to all organs.

286. Thus, if the human life form is not protected in space by special shields and by artificial gravitational fields against the space radiations and space vibrations and against the weightlessness, then he will suffer health damage, which, in a stark case, usually leads to death.

287. The first severe reaction of the brain injury that I mentioned, for example, leads to barely detectable brain swelling in very minor cases, which will, after some time, lead to thought and action uncertainty and then inevitably result in reaction loss, such as, for example, the sudden loss of control of a vehicle or aircraft or the appearance of completely faulty actions against all reason.

288. These kinds of minor cases already occur with those people who, even on the Earth, linger in containers where weightlessness is produced, but on the other hand, they also appear in all those Earth people who leave the Earth for only a very short duration and get out above the earthly ozone layer.

289. Truly, all of that may only be done then, when the necessary precautions are sufficient enough; otherwise, the health damages are inevitable.

290. However, if a human or any other life form lingers for a very long time, such as many months or years, unprotected in weightlessness in space, then the initially developing brain swelling of an inflamed form will suddenly develop in reverse sequence, by which brain atrophy then develops, as with weak-thinking and elderly people.

291. Even the brain substance itself suffers a loss; thus, the entire brain mass passes through this phenomenon of a pathological nature.

292. This symptom of illness, and it evidently deals with such, is caused on the one hand by the uninhibited influence of space vibrations and space radiations of various kinds, as well as by weightlessness.

293. The illness originating from these factors inflames the brain substances and the brain itself, after which a new illness factor rapidly arises, which expresses itself as a decrease of brain activity, through a kind of palsy of cerebral substance, which then leads to the general shrinkage of total brain mass, which can no longer be stopped by human and medical and other similar means.

294. If the person lingers long enough unprotected and weightlessly in space, then the brain contraction ultimately leads to the point where the person loses the absolute control over himself, his thinking, and actions and life.

295. The ultimate end, then, is insanity and death.


Exactly; that is what you explained to me back then, but how long will it still take before the people of the Earth recognize the first facts of these matters?


296. It will be the time around the middle of 1982.

297. But in truth, only a few facts will be fathomed initially, while the final or, at least, the further scope of the effective space threats will be recognised only much later, after the initial space flights have already claimed the lives of Earth people.


A question regarding this – but no, I better leave it.


298. Then I will give further explanations regarding the events to be anticipated on Earth.

299. I explained to you that Israel will pursue a very sinister game of a political character, with regard to the Palestinians as well as with respect to the ambitions for territorial rule.

300. So after the Israeli expulsion of the Palestinians from Beirut the next step will be that for the first time, Israel will officially stand against the demands and ordinances of those that have, until then, given all the determinant assistance to this country, so that Israel, under the leadership of Begin, could even carry out its criminal and murderous actions to the time of the Palestinian expulsion from Beirut.

301. Thus, after the expulsion of Palestinians, Israel will set themselves against the Americans in an open form, because by then, the Begin's leadership will recognize that they will have in the meantime already safeguarded their murderous political power on Earth so far that this step can be dared.

302. When this event occurs, it will concern the demands of the American President Reagan towards Israel, at which Israel will gloatingly turn a deaf ear because its murderous political power will have actually reached a point which allows it to justify these action before those who are blind and ignorant.

303. But America and the rest of the world will nevertheless continue to stand by Israel, still not recognizing what evil game of murderous plans for territorial reign Israel actually conceives.


And in Iran - how do things go on over there, at this point in time?

Abomination is going on over there, which scoffs at each humaneness and at every Menschsein[5].

As I reckened years ago, not only that pregnant women and children are executed there, but also raping of women will take place before these are shot.


304. That, too, will become known in about the month of July of 1982 or else during the month of August of 1982.

305. Thereby, it will certainly be concealed for the time being, that these women and girls will not only be raped and then murdered, but that they must suffer agonizing torture before, during, and after the rapes, whereby also their marks of femininity will be slit or chopped up and cut off with knives.

        • Translator's Note: the following lines through line #317 are very graphic and further describe the subject that has just been introduced. If the reader decides to read these lines, he or she should know that a proper warning has been given. If the reader does not wish to read more details about this, then he or she should resume reading at Meier’s comment after line #317.


        Cruel pigs - they even maltreat the breasts and genitals of these moribunds with knives.

        Damn pigs.


        306. This special kind of torture, as the Iranian Revolution Guards and the Khomeini henchmen call it, and which is legalized in such a way that the moribund women and girls, who are even of children's ages, are being massacred alive, will not only take place in the year 1982 alone, for already at present, they use this along with many other tortures.

        307. But we have already spoken of this at length, at least in terms of the executions of women and girls in pregnant states, etc.

        308. But the world should truthfully know what kind of horror is actually going on in Iran.

        309. Among thousands of events relating to this, I can report examples that I observed myself over my monitors and that boosted within me the naked horror.

        310. I saw a girl of less than 11 years of age put to death in a dim dwelling in the most horrific manner.

        311. Already physically developed as a woman, the child was outstretched by hands and feet and tied to a hard couch, after which nine men then assaulted her, raping her in the most brutal way.

        312. While the last of these criminal and inhuman creatures assaulted the girl, another suddenly pulled out a knife and minced the child’s young breasts, while the rapist cried out voluptuously and lustfully bathed in the squirting blood.

        313. However, that was only the prelude to an even more terrible end because now, the rest of the brutish creatures dropped onto the child, while another knife penetrated into the vagina of the child and jerked, slitting highly to the belly, so that the intestines poured out.

        314. Another cut the child’s ears off, and another worked off his murder and blood intoxication rage with a knife to the thighs of the girl.

        315. The hell of a truly ghastly blood intoxication took place, before ultimately, one of the brutish men put his pistol to the temple of the child and carried out the final execution.

        316. From this you can see that in Iran, under the dirty cover of religion, things truly take place from which the rest of the ignorant world could learn the horror.

        317. But still for a long time, Earth humanity will have no knowledge of these horrific operations, and when it should some day be the case, nevertheless, the Earth people, on the one hand, are so far removed from the places of these events, and on the other hand, it doesn’t concern them, while their senses are already so jaded against murder, rape, death, cruelty, and bestial killings of human beings that they simply cannot be deeply affected by these facts and events but simply superficially take note of them, not worrying about it further, and they indulge cheerfully in the joys and glories and in the blinking of an eye of their daily lives because they think: what the heck, it doesn’t concern them - and the dead suffer no more pain.


        Damn it once more, because the living persons who are brought to death, they lived before that, and before their death they had to suffer these inhuman atrocities.


        318. That is correct.


        I think that, in this regard, it doesn't change anything, that those who have been killed and will still be killed in Iran, that these have lifted up this mass killer Khomeini into the sky and have regarded him as a god and savior.


        319. That is correct because it does not alter the fact that these murders, rapes, cruelties and inhumanities should have never been allowed to be committed.


        And those who do it anyway, they are a thousand times worse than ordinary murderers.

        For such creatures, there isn’t even a designation in any language.

        Not even for those murderous henchmen, who simply execute death sentences through judges.

        These killers on command are also very much worse than any killer who is executed by them.


        320. You speak a very true word.


        I wish I could change all this madness; there ought to be a possibility.


        321. Unfortunately there isn’t one; at least not in the sense that a sudden end could be set for these murders and other inhuman atrocities.

        322. There would only be one solution in the long run, and in fact through a transnational party, therefore an international peace combat force and a union with enough members in every country of the Earth, which would have ascendance over every other party.

        323. But this peace combat troop and party, I use this designation for better understanding, should be apolitical in every form and relation and be uniformly aimed, through spiritual leadership and peace combat, to steer the population of each country into the life-correct courses and into the necessary knowledge.

        324. Truthfully, such a peace combat troop and party would have to be a uniformly aligned “Free Peace Combat Community,” whereby the framework of the UN and NATO in this amended sense would be exactly right.

        325. But it cannot be avoided that these organizations and the community would have a top spirit leadership with subleaderships well-informed in the spiritual teaching, after which everything could be truly steered in a creationally-given form through these leading forces.

        326. Thus, no political machinations must arise in the sense as these are usual on Earth and which lead to wars, murders and manslaughter and revolutions.

        327. Also, terrorism and anarchy, crime, riots, and demonstrations, etc. would have to be prevented by this, in that all Earth people would have to be treated uniformly and be incorporated into a uniform order and giving of rights.


        That is easily said because again and again, crazy extremists of a terroristic character emerge in the smallest groups, who organize kidnappings, who storm and occupy embassies, schools, and government buildings, murdering people in order to cash in millions of amounts of extorted funds, so that they can make for themselves a happy and comfortable life.

        And the responsible of the countries even help this riff-raff in that they, on the one hand, yield to the blackmailing, and on the other hand, even carry out similar actions, whereby it is still given to them that they have and exercise the damned power to provoke wars, whereby, in this regard, they can even engage the damned religions in this, in particular – the Christian churches, who themselves really do not want to have peace, but by all means seek and advocate that the countries of the Earth produce war armies and war material, accumulate and stockpile these, in order to be able to wage war, always under the guise of the strange and crazy shouting that, indeed, peace according to God’s order, and additionally, love must prevail on Earth.

        If one then addresses these idiots and power twerps on this fact, then they say as a response that each country needs an army with adequate weapons in order to be able to ward off an invading enemy.

       This is a matchless idiocy, for if all countries uniformly have peaceful intentions and act accordingly, then no country needs armies and weapons of war.

        Then, a regular safety army with appropriate weapons would be sufficient, in order to be prepared for contingencies, such as if inhumane life forms from outer space should undertake attempts toward world domination, etc.

        Nevertheless, I must say that your idea of a world-wide “Free Peace Combat Community” within the framework mentioned would be very good, and, indeed, should be pursued, but which alone would not suffice in today's world.

        All the crazy warmongers and terrorists, anarchists and protesters, etc. could not be restrained with words and spirit teachings for the time being and be brought to reason.

        It would require, in this case, a special armed army that would have to comprise millions of men and which would intervene immediately in every single country and create peace and order where any rebellions, terrorist acts, and wars, etc. begin to threaten or erupt.

        This army would also have to be responsible that all male and female participants of such acts hostile to peace would be immediately and mercilessly separated for life, within the scope of how it has been handled for thousands of years by you, that those who are guilty are moved to specially guarded and lonely islands, etc., men and women being separated, from where they could never return back to society.


        328. That is correct.

        329. I also would have given you this explanation in reference to the peace combat troop.

        330. In your speech, you also spoke of terrorism, and precisely on this topic, I would like to make you a prediction, which refers to your home country, Switzerland.

        331. In Berne, so my calculations showed, in the year 1982, the Polish Embassy will be taken by terrorists, whereby a smaller number of hostages will fall into their hands.

        332. This event will occur around September 6th of 1982, although, this terroristic game will cause no harm to human lives, and already on September 9th, in the course of the 10th to the 11th hour of the morning, it will find its end.

        333. Through a smaller detonation of an explosive by the police forces of a Bernese special command, which is carried out under the name “Star,” the police forces gain entrance into the embassy and, first of all, the four extremists, the terrorists, will be taken into custody, after which then, in the second place, also the hostages will be released.

        334. Because these events concern an incident in the capital of your home country, I made an effort, using a time bypass, to monitor closely the upcoming events, whereby I have made a very deplorable observation, which refers to the acting and thinking of the responsible and enforcing personnel.

        335. The Swiss federal councilman, Kurt Furgler, will establish a crisis committee, over which he himself will preside.

        336. Now on the one hand I determined that this responsible person is severely religiously entangled, and on the other hand, all of his actions paradoxically come from great insecurity, while another factor relating to this is that he is driven by an unusually strong craving for recognition in his actions and words.

        337. This unique combination will lead at the time of the events to the fact that only great perplexity will prevail in the fight against the terrorist acts, after which a solution will then appear only much too late.

        338. If this responsible person would be capable of logical thinking, then just one and a half hours after the taking of hostages and the occupation, all events could be terminated through the same process that is first brought to execution on September 9th.

        339. In addition, this Kurt Furgler also suffers very quickly from states of anxiety, also in this upcoming event, which is why he, in truth, is already for this reason not exactly a good fit for his post.

        340. Regarding the policemen that will be deployed, similar negative characteristics are to be criticized because all parties involved only act because the commands are given to them, while fear blazes within them, combined with a peculiar urge for exercising power and violence.

        341. Their movements and their actions testified, in my observations, of their fear and arrogance at the same time.


        I know what you mean.

        You want to say that they will behave like small young boys, who play Indianerlis[6] and who defeat their enemy in order then to place their foot into the necks of those defeated, while threatening the underdog with deadly weapons.

        That they won't beat themselves with their weapons across their proud-swollen chests like gorillas and give a Tarzan scream of victory will be like a miracle.

        But comfort yourself with this: I’ve already known these poses and practices with the Swiss police forces for 45 years because they differ from all other megalomaniac weapon swingers of all other countries in the world in no iota.

        They all are small, megalomaniac, and illogical young boys, who have weapons in their hands to lift themselves up as gods, but they often behave worse in their thinking and actions than toddlers, who are able to think a thought for the first time and who get to play with a piece of wood for the first time.

        Small young boys with physically adult bodies who think and who know who they are and what they can do.


        342. On my side, I could not have explained these facts in so much detail, but you were capable of this with your vocabulary.


        Thanks for the flowers, but in the end, I speak with a vocabulary that belongs to my mother tongue.


        343. That is correct.


        Well, what other pieces of news do you have in stock?


        344. There is still a lot, but before I speak further of this, I would like to bring the earlier initiated topic to an end.


        You mean you still want to explain something with regard to the world-wide “Free Peace Combat Community?”


        345. That is correct, I want to speak of it again because we began something with it and did not bring it to an end.


        More shouldn’t really be said about it any more; we have chewed through the most important things.


        346. It was not mentioned exactly what kind of highest leadership such a community would have to correspond.

        347. I think that it is important to say a few words about it.

        348. It would, thus, have to be taken into account that such a leader would be free from material ambitions, so also from self-righteousness, selfishness, illogic, and all other faulty concerns, which could lead to lust for power, arrogance, inequality, and preference for one over another or to other negative incidents and manifestations, as it is now the case, unfortunately, with all governments on Earth, without exception.

        349. Furthermore, it is still to be explained regarding a necessary army, that this would very certainly have to hold a position of power, but in a logical force (logische Gewalt), which means that an enforced non-violence (gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit) would have to prevail, in accordance with the creational laws.


        Yes, I understand, but this might be a subject that those aside from our group members won’t understand so fast because outsiders have no clue about what signifies an enforced non-violence (gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit) or a logical force (logische Gewalt) and how these work.


        350. That is correct, which is why we should not render anymore about it and should pick up again with the course of the things of the future.

        351. Thereby, I would like to talk, as an exception, about a coming event which is not of great importance in and of itself because too many such events continually appear and cannot be stopped because those responsible for these are not approachable about appropriate preventative measures, for their greed and irresponsibility are more pronounced and more overwhelming than the responsibility for and safety of their fellow men.

        352. On the other hand, I would like to mention this event because it will take place where a core group member lives, so in Pfäffikon, where Hanna resides.

        353. It will be September 12th, 1982, at exactly 2:57 PM, when a large passenger transportation vehicle from Germany with about 40 passengers from a seniors’ association from Sindelfingen will crash, due to security barriers of a train coming into Pfäffikon from Fehraltorf not being closed, and it will be torn like a rotten wooden box.

        354. The sad balance of this accident will be around 39 dead people, who are to be charged as debt victims to those money-greedy and derelict persons who bear the responsibility for the railroad crossings.

        355. But also responsible for this are all those who accept assignments as construction firms and carry them out in order to create such railroad crossings.

        356. But also responsible for this are all those workers involved in the execution and erection of such projects, and also responsible for this are the architects who plan such railroad crossings.

        357. But also responsible are the engineers, planners, organizers, and primarily those who, as managers of the railroads, order the planning and execution of such life-threatening crossings.

        358. Already for several decades, and especially for today’s high-tech time, such railroad crossings in every form and on all roads and paths constitute a matchless irresponsibility and a criminal machination, as they do not find their equals on Earth in a similar form, if everything is considered except warlike and similar actions.

        359. What the railway officials and the railroad-powerful afford themselves in this count, and not just in Switzerland, corresponds to legalized murder, for which all those responsible have to sign, who lifted or are lifing just one finger for such crossings or who produced or are producing even one thought to bring them into effect.

        360. Already for decades, such crossings in small and large-scale should not have been existent, but ought to have been safeguarded by underpasses, by which no street or road would lead across a railroad track.

        361. That this has not already been so for a long time, for this, no excuse must be validated.


       What will happen is unfortunate, but maybe it will help the fact that the SBB (Swiss Federal Railway) and other railway companies at home and abroad will become smarter.


        362. Unfortunately, that will not be the case, not even for the drivers themselves who, like the driver of the coach, usually drive on the streets with excessive speeds, without having good control over their vehicle.

        363. Were this circumstance not to prevail on September 12, 1982, then the accident might well be avoided, as well as the one in Monaco, where only a few people in a passenger car will be flung from the road in a hairpin curve, in which the princess of Monaco is then located, namely - the former movie actress Grace Kelly, who suffers serious injuries from the accident, so she must be placed into a hospital for care, etc., where she then dies, however.


        Death doesn't even make a stop before these greats, because with him there are no differences.

        This sounds somewhat brutal, but it corresponds to the truth.


        364. It is accurate that it sounds brutal, and what you said is equally true.

        365. Furthermore, I know very well which feelings occupy you, in a sad form, even when you speak so coldly and seemingly apathetically of death and of those who are killed solely through human fault.


        Particularly in relation to this so-called human fault, I would like to speak for once.

        What do you think about this: isn't it the case that a human fault always exists with such events, even if the technology fails?

        I think to myself, and that's actually also how I see it, is that a technical failure corresponds to a human failure and is, thus, an error or possible fault of a person because the technical maintenance is only poorly performed and also because the necessary checks are not fulfilled.

        On my side I think, for example, that even just for a car, that it would have to be tested and checked off from A to Z at least every 14 days if it is used very often.


        366. Your assumption is correct, and actually in every point, also with the examination of vehicles because these would have to be subjected to a precise inspection after any longer use, even if they were only used for one or two weeks.

        367. That is also how it is handled with our aerial vehicles and other means of transportation, although we are, in technical terms, around 3,500 years ahead of terrestrial, still quite primitive technology.

        368. The experience has taught us and our ancestors that such and moreover very precise checkups are needed for each and every longer use.

        369. And since this rule became valid for us, there were never any more accidents, neither in air, at sea, on land, or in space, except when any security measures were ignored, which led the way to technical failure of the transportation devices, or when it came to foreign influences, of which the human skill and technology had not become masters.

        370. But such accidents took place during the last past approximately 2,000 years very rarely, and up to the present hour, their number only amounts to 16.


        Man, so few accidents we should also have on Earth, but on the other hand, it can be said that such checkups are hardly feasible due to the costs and countless vehicles.


        371. It would be quite feasible, if such a pronounced materialism and egoism, etc. didn’t prevail with the Earth people, together with the poverty of recognising and fulfilling duty, and poverty of love for the next one (brotherly love).


        You bring ideas which the Earthly twits can still in no way understand.


        372. Which they do not want to understand because their materialism and their personal penefit, etc. always proceed them.


        My son, you speak to me from the heart.


        373. The purest truth, it can’t be any purer.


        Even with this, the human of the Earth does not take it very seriously.


        374. That is also known to me, and for that, for this Earth-human behavior, there is no excuse.


        I think so, too.

        I agree with your opinion.


        375. Good, then I can now probably report further of the coming events, and in this regard I must point out Israel one more time, that after the expulsion of the Palestinians from Beirut, there will be no peace but instead, shortly afterward, new acts of war will already begin, but this time against the Syrians stationed in Lebanon, where Syrian rocket stations will be destroyed by bomb attacks, after which these bombings then expand to the city of Beirut; and as always, the attacks will obviously be triggered by Israel.

        376. This criminal act constitutes only the prelude to another crime, which will be planned by Menachem Begin, the Israeli head of state.

        377. Similar to the case of the assassination of the Egyptian President Sadat, he intends to build up and execute the same intrigues once again.

        378. Even in this case, his criminal and murderous intrigues will succeed, as with the assassination of Sadat.

        379. Through Begin’s intrigue, and through treacherous, hired assassins, an approximately 200-kg heavy and portable bomb will be produced in order to deposit it in a house and cause an explosion, during which time the new to-be head of state, Beshir Gemayal, will be there.

        380. Apart from this man, there are still another approximately 30 people who will find death through these intriges of Begin and murder attacks.

        381. The cause of this, to be anticipated, criminal act on around September 14, 1982 will be that this criminal to humankind and mass murderer will come up with the idea that he can, through this machination, let his army forces march into Lebanon officially as an alleged peace-maintaining troop and a security troop, which he will actually succeed in doing because no leader of the Earth and no citizen will come to the thought that this assassination, like with Sadat, will, solely through Begin’s initiative and will and in cooperation with treacherous, Arab-Lebanese elements come to materialization.

        382. Officially, as with Sadat’s assassination, on Begin’s behalf, the treasonous forces won’t be recognized as the tools of Begin because the performers act in the belief that they would only serve their organization alone, without knowing that their high-level personnel are in common cause with Begin in traitorous and intrigue-like ways.

        383. Thus, Menachem Begin will succeed in performing a new step in relation to his plans of country conquest, without the leaders of the world and the nations throughout it having even the slightest idea of what is truly happening.


        This Begin is probably the worst dirty swine that strolls on this globe presently and still for some time.


        384. That is correct because the next ones are still not in office, who are on a par with Begin, whereby later, the worst national criminal and murderer will be Ariel Sharon, whose swearing-in as Prime Minister will take place on February 6, 2001.


        And the leaders of the world are, most notably, straw-dumb; because how else could they misjudge the actual machinations and plans for country conquest, etc.


        385. That is also correct because even after this recent crime, the world leaders will further aid and abet the plans and assassination attempts, etc. of Israel and Begin, without recognizing the truth.

        386. For this reason, I will still have a lot of predictions to make in connection with Israel.


        You will deliver your explanations chronologically about that.


        387. That is correct.


        Well, then I still have another question, which is not based on this wannabe leader and numero one criminal.

        You have spoken about the death of Grace Kelly, however, you gave no further information.


        388. I omitted that, yes.

        389. Her death occurs in the evening hours of September 14, 1982, where the accident will have already happened one day earlier.

        390. The reason of her death will be that an injury to the brain occurs, which leads to a hemorrhage, which will be recognized too late.

        391. That will be the main factor of her death, although two further life-threatening factors will appear from the accident.


        A failure of the doctors, so to speak.


        392. Not directly, but only indirectly.


        What am I to understand by that?


        393. The princess will be connected to a life support machine, but this will soon be turned off because the doctors will realize after some time that the vital functions of Grace Grimaldi are only of a purely mechanical nature.


        You mean that she will be dead, but that the life support machine still further holds the motor life mechanism in course?


        394. That is correct, but we should not speak about that further because it is not of importance.

        395. More important are other events that occur only one day after the death of the princess.

        396. It will be …


        I have another question about this: you mentioned earlier the name Grace Grimaldi.

        Is that the surname of Prince Rainier of Monaco?


        397. That is correct, but now listen to what will further happen:

        398. Before the funeral of the princess can take place, in Iran, the Ayatollah Khomeini, who has lapsed into insanity, will let his best friend and longtime fellow combatant, Sadeg Ghotbzadeh, be executed by a shooting command of revolutionary troops, whereby the probably most devout and most submissive follower of Khomeini’s previous time will be turned off.

        399. His fate on this matter will arise from the fact that he recognizes much too late that Khomeini has lapsed to insanity and suffers from a pathological bloodlust and desire to murder, coupled with cowardly fear, so he unscrupulously allows all to be punished by death, whom he classifies for himself as dangerous.

        400. Nevertheless, this criminal incident, already on the 17th and 18th of September of 1982, is overshadowed by a much worse event in Beirut.

        401. Once again, a mass murder will be produced by Begin’s intrigues, which should be and will be useful towards his plans.

        402. In a subsequent order, forces controlled by him will undertake something that again won’t be recognized by anyone as the work of the Israeli mass murderer and state criminal.

        403. Through the state traitors loyal to Begin, the leaders of the Christian militias in Beirut will be caused to let their armed militia forces invade the refugee camps of the Palestinians in order to wreak an indescribable bloodbath and massacre among the Palestinians, seizing women, men, and children, and this will not find anything equal to it so quickly.

        404. And all this will happen under the protection and under the supervision of Israel, which will even ensure with its military forces in Beirut that the murderous Christian militias of the Lebanese can invade the refugee camps, after which the massacre will then demand more than six thousand human lives.

        405. Only after the end of the massacre will Israel officially intervene and pretend that it wanted to prevent these murders.

        406. But in truth, the intervention will only occur to cover up Begin’s criminal actions and, thus, wash his hands before the world public in innocence.

        407. The fact will be that this massacre and the invasion of Begin’s troops in Beirut will serve only for purposes, primarily for further developing Begin’s country domination plans, while the second reason will be to allow this massacre.

        408. Through the murder of Beshir Gemayal orchestrated by Begin, it will be easy for this murderous criminal to win over the Lebanese Christian militias to himself on treacherous detours and accomplish his plans to murder and rub out the Palestinians remaining in Lebanon.

        409. The leaders of the Christian militias will enter into plans with Begin when he assures them that he will let the Israeli army march in for the massacre in Beirut for their protection, which he will promise and let it be carried out.

        410. When this murderous undertaking is then finished, then Begin will allow his army to depart from Beirut again because he will see his goals in this matter realized.


        A matchless murderer and intrigues-scoundrel.

        Who and what is this murderer, really?


        411. He is the product of a marriage disgrace and also a combat-brother of the criminal SHARON who, in the main army position, converts Begin’s orders into reality.

        412. Sharon is the actual army leader, and as Begin’s combat-brother, this man stands back in nothing behind himself.

        413. The fact of the reason behind the combat brotherhood of Begin and Sharon, however, is unknown everywhere, except with their parents, because only the parents of these two criminal and murderous elements know the secret of the ________[7] relations between the two of them as well as their tendency, which they often pursue together, but which is publicly unknown.

        414. But enough with that because these issues are not very important, because what the future brings is more significant.

        415. At the end of October or early November of 1982 it will get so far, that Begin and Sharon will be recognized as the originators of the Beirut massacres, but unfortunately, they will barely be braught to justice, even when many upright Israelis will intervene against the two criminals; thus, everything remains the same for the time being.

        416. Then, from about the 5th of November of 1982, Switzerland, France, Andorra and Spain will be hit hard by unusually large and hard dry storms.

        417. Many human lives, animals, and buildings, as well as nature itself will suffer and sustain great harm, which amounts to billions of Swiss francs.

        418. Many deaths will have to be deplored, and not just in those countries.

        419. Even America and the Hawaiian Islands will suffer severe damage and human lives in larger numbers will have to be deplored, and in particular, California is to be mentioned specifically, where tremendeous palagic storms will race over the land.

        420. Smaller and medium-sized villages will be destroyed as if they had been equalized to the ground by bombs.

        421. On November 10, 1982, Russia will then enter into a national mourning because on this day, at 4:16 AM, the state leader, Leonid Brezhnev, will conclude his life, but unlike others, he will find his end peacefully in his sleep.

        422. His successor will be a certain Juri Andropow.

        423. At about the same time, the evil and murderous power of the RAF in the Federal Republic of Germany will break, because at this time the leaders of this criminal organization will fall into the hands of the police; primarily, it concerns the gang members Adelheid Schultz and Brigitte Mohnhaupt, after which then on the 16th of November, also the actual supreme head of the gang, Christian Klar, will fall into a trap of the police and be arrested.

        424. With the months of October and November comes the time when the Italian, Swiss, Turkish, French, and German security and police forces finally recognize that the Pope assassin was not a loner and did not just work for himself but that he belonged to a conspiracy and had accomplices.


        I thought, in accordance with your information, that he would work alone?


        425. Then you misunderstood me because my explanations only referred to the facts of the events in the sense of what becomes known to the earthly authorities and security forces at the time of the event and for some time afterward.

        426. It may very well be that my explanations gave the strong impression that the assassin was an exclusive handler.


        I understood it in such a way, because you said that he actually…


        427. That is correct, but my statement only refers to the initial facts, which will be known at the time of events and some time afterward.


        Then I misunderstood you.

        I was too inattentive.

        But go ahead and narrate of the coming matters.


        428. With pleasure.

        429. The month of November and the month of December will bring the Earth into a dangerous situation and back into the danger of a nuclear war, for which we do not yet know whether we are allowed to take any counter measures to avert this danger.

        430. The reason for this threat, how could it be otherwise, will be supplied by the American president Ronald Reagan, who, as a warmonger, is crazy enough to want to station new nuclear missiles in Europe, which will displease the Russians and will even drive them to station death weapons of the same kind in the European region if Reagan should stay with his insanity plan.


        That guy is crazy.


        431. He is a very dangerous paranoiac and with this also psychopathically heavily burdened.

        432. Ronald Reagan is a great threat for the entire earthly humanity because he is not only a very vicious and unpredictable warmonger, but the actual, main man for the decisive point of a Third threatening World Conflagration, as I have already explained to you several times.

        433. He actually embodies this origin because through his warmongering, he produces crazy ideas in the heads of many Earth people, which could one day lead to the Third World War, even if the wheel of death should no longer be set in motion by Ronald Reagan himself.

        434. His evil behavior could hit future-waves, which could become deadly breakers.

        435. Still other like-minded individuals have been at work in this regard, as it presently is and also will be the case at the time, and also their machinations are of significance in regards to an impending Third World War, but never in the same measure as with Ronald Reagan, except later with the Bushs.

        436. As is known to you, there are seven anti-logos who will be depicted guilty for the threatening World War, and Ronald Reagan is indeed one of them.

        437. But the possible still incendiary anti-logo will only in a coming time reach his great power, which will enable him for this work of destruction.

        438. But there should be no talk of this now because the time until then still takes a while, and also, the mentioning of these facts is not beneficial because the Earth human will not listen to the warnings.

        439. For this reason, we can deal with the interests of the future, which are of some importance for the people of Earth, and from which he might learn that we indeed know the future and are entitled to prophetic statements, even if the Earth person has not listened to us thus far.


        Unfortunately, I know.

        You are probably quite right that it is useless to talk now already about these coming things.

        I also suppose that the people on this planet can’t be taught better even when they recognize the truth of the prophecies and predictions.

        But go ahead and continue with those things that you wanted to mention.


        440. I ended with my predictive explanations at the month of December, and for this month, I still have to give further explanations that relate to the weather and the, out of that, resulting disasters.

        441. As Europe will be without snow in this coming time, there will also be a privation of snow in many places in America as a result of unusual warm air influences, and there will even be famine due to unemployment.

        442. Other countries will be smitten with the heaviest thunderstorms and will not be preserved from natural disasters.

        443. Such natural storms will move all around the Earth in December of 1982 and spread misery, distress, and death.

        444. To mention everything in their details or to enumerate the harmed countries would lead too far, which is why I only give this information in general terms.

        445. The turn of the year 1982/1983 brings not much of significance, but it might be interesting for you to know that shortly after the turn of the year, a great natural drama will be imminent on the Hawaiian Islands because there, a volcano again gets to outbreak in several and prolonged eruptions.

        446. Not much damage will result from this coming volcanic activity because the human settlements were placed at sufficient distances; thus, these won’t be impaired.


        It would, perhaps, be interesting to know in some cases where and what will take place, as for example the famine in America, which sounds a little unbelievable.


        447. It will be a fact because this famine will arise in DETROIT.

        448. In the country of Yemen, near Sanna, in Dhamar, a moderately severe earthquake will arise, which will demand many human lives and more than half a million homeless people.

        449. As another example of the time of December of 1982 applies a large expected landslide by torrential rains in ANCONA, which will wreak tremendous damage.

        450. But at this time of December, something pleasant will happen for a change because Spain will re-open the blocked border of Gibraltar, which had been closed by Franco’s power.

        451. Is this data sufficient for you?


        It is because it offers something concrete.

        What will, or about what will the talk in people’s mouths be when the volcano on Hawaii has erupted?


        452. Different things will come from it, particularly with politics, in relation to disarmament, but which is not meant seriously because all only want to overreach one another.

        453. At the same time, the Earth people, being jolted through official reports, will be frightened once again, because at this time, a new Russian atomic spy satellite will fall and move across the sky like a small comet.


        Ah yes, good that you speak about it because speaking of a comet, I would like to ask you a question.

        Years ago, I already spoke with Semjase several times about the Destroyer, which must be a gigantic comet.

        Semjase then gave me a lot of information in relation to this wanderer, but she was not quite sure as to the exact dates regarding the actual times of circulation, and regarding the years of appearance, etc. She told me back then that she was not precisely oriented about everything and that quite possibly, there could be errors in her data.


        454. That is correct because these issues are not in her field, and she has never been deeply occupied with them.

        455. She took up this information only in passing, which she then passed along to you in a friendly manner, but unfortunately, she somewhat intermingled some data of importance, particularly in issues of time, whereby she somewhat confusingly intertwined different time calculations into one another.

        456. It should be noted that four calendars appear that are different and thoroughly divergent from one another, which Semjase has mentioned to you in her explanations but has not explained more closely, which would have been necessary for a full understanding of the issues.

        457. In the right way, you should have turned to me for accurate information about this because interests around comets and similar phenomena fall into my learned field of work.

        458. But now, this shouldn't mean that you have been misinformed by Semjase because that isn't the case.

        459. Her information reflects the given facts, but these were mixed with each other due to inexact knowledge.


        That is reassuring, but at least now, can you give me the exact information?


        460. Our conversation topic is a different one, but if it is so important to you, then I will gladly be ready to give you the exact information.

        461. It is, however, necessary that I go back very far and also put the times in a single calculation, thus, in the time calculation that is customary on Earth.

        462. But it should be explained first of all that the current terrestrial calendar does not correspond to the true calendar because at the beginning of this new era, various time suppressions were made by people, which were never recorded.

        463. As is known to you, the new calendar is calculated after Jmmanuel; although, this calendar already differs by six (6) years, in the form that six years too few have been calculated.

        464. This is, by the way, a fact that is even known to those responsible for terrestrial time calculation, who know exactly, that according to that, the year 1981 must already become calculated with the year 1987.

        465. But apart from this six-year time demolition, another one comes to light, and actually one of 40 years and 4 months, which must also be applied before the new calendar.

        466. Thus, between the time before Jmmanuel, which is designated on Earth as “Before Christ,” and between the time “after Christ,” 46 years and 4 months are missing which are not taken into consideration in the new calendar.

        467. Those 46 years and 4 months were simply suppressed through various changes of power of the past, and also the data was changed regarding the rulers and their lifetimes and their reigns and was distorted by those who had to work on the chronicles and records.

        468. Such sources of error often only appeared because the records were made, in cases, many years after the events, whereby false calculations inevitably had to arise.

        469. But through these false calculations, errors embedded themselves into the calendar, which do not want to be vouched by the Earth people and do not want to be repaired.

        470. But now, if we want to mention the precise dates with regard to the Destroyer, then we must calculate in these time suppressions and proceed moreover from the present time, whereby we must then incorporate the missing 46 years and 4 months that were suppressed by the chroniclers between the post and the pre-Christ time, so that practically, there appears an extraordinary and forgotten time between the old and new calendar, by which we can actually begin with the modern times calculation at the year one (1) Jmmanuel, aka post-Christ.

        471. Thereby, it should still be noted by you, as I must explain, that all the now following information is calculated according to the standard earthly pre- and post-Jmmanuel calendar.


Contact Report 150 Part 2



• Contact Reports volume: 4 (Plejadisch-plejarische Kontakberichte, Gespräche, Block 4)

• Page number(s): Unknown

• Date/time of contact: Saturday, the 10th of October 1981, 3:15 AM

• Translator(s): Marc Juliano

• Official/unofficial translation: Unofficial

• Authorised/unauthorised by FIGU: Authorised

• Date of original translation: Saturday, the 18th of August 2001

• Corrections and improvements made: N/A

• Contact person: Quetzal


Quetzal talks about The Destroyer and Earth's moon's origin.

This is part 2 of the entire contact. This part is an unofficial but authorised translation.


Good, then go right ahead, and best of all, starting from where the Destroyer originally came from.

Concerning this, unfortunately, ambiguities also still exist.


472. The original point of origin of the Destroyer is unknown to us, which is why I can only give details on where it found its way into the SOL System.

473. Its origin lies in the old Lyra System where, from time immemorial, the dark planet—called 'Wanderer' at that time— wreaked system-wide destruction and had brought the earthly Moon on that course which led it to SOL System and to the Earth.

474. A fact, which may appear to many scientists of Earth as unbelievable, fantastic and as an unusual coincidence, but which nevertheless corresponds to the truth.

475. The Earth Moon, many millions of years ago, was torn away by the Destroyer as a fragment of a planet four million years older than Earth and was hurled out into space, heading for the SOL System, where it was then caught by the Earth as a satellite.


476. Meanwhile, the Destroyer—after the collision with the planet— followed much more slowly the path of the planetary fragment.

477. This is for reasons unknown to us and due to occurrences that we were never able to clarify.

478. In this connection, we can therefore only employ speculations with regard to similar events that are well-known to us, but which do not satisfy us regarding the Destroyer and its course to the SOL System behind the planetary fragment, which is why I would not like to explain our relevant thesis more closely, although for us it seems to be the only possibility why the Destroyer also found its way to the SOL System, so it cannot be spoken of as a coincidence anymore.

479. The Moon, the former planetary fragment, joined itself to the Earth as a satellite already some few millions years ago, while its successive and much slower Destroyer first penetrated into the SOL System for the first time approximately 970,000 years ago, whereby it triggered a tremendous Earth catastrophe.

480. A large part of the Earth humans at that time, however, found protection and survival because they had been warned by our ancestors regarding the coming of the Destroyer and the impending disasters, consequently they built themselves structures like the Pyramids and also other shelters.

481. After this first appearance of the Destroyer, it assumed an orbit that regularly carried it every 714 years back into the SOL System.

482. It moved through the SOL System on its course about 87 times before it altered its orbital path and orbital time in the year 12,943.5 B.C. for the first time through circumstances unknown to us, namely to a constant of 575.5 years.

483. This took place by means of circumstances very strange and incomprehensible to us, whereby the first and second course and orbital period change did not fall on 575.5 years, but on 533 and 618 years.

484. Having burdened us up until several months ago with an inexplicable phenomenon, the Destroyer held a constant orbital period of 575.5 years, which it achieved, however, with a large exception only every third year.

485. In between there regularly arose large orbital period variations of years, whereby the lowest orbital period amounted to 412 and the highest orbital period to over 670 years.

486. Look here, this is the exact data of the Destroyer’s appearance by year in the SOL System, as well as its respective exact orbital period, along with various details which still impart other values for you, e.g. disturbances of the Earth by the Destroyer and by Venus, which was pulled out of the “solar” system of Uranus by the Destroyer and had been brought on a course toward Earth.

487. In addition, there is still other important data apparent from these recordings as you can recognize here.

488. Thus, if you begin here, then you have the year 14,812 B.C., a time at which the Destroyer still indicated a fixed constant of 714 years orbital period.

489. Record this data now, then you will have it available any time you need it.


How does it look regarding your time, if I copy down the data?


490. Don’t worry about it, I’ll tell you when I must go.


Thanks, I’ll hurry.

14812 B.C. - 714 orbital period years

14098 B.C. - 714 orbital period years

13384 B.C. - 714 orbital period years

Special Event: The Destroyer hurtles on a collision course with Jupiter and disturbs its rotation, whereby it rumbles by so close to the outer layers that an enormous storm develops, rotating and extending into the innermost layers.

The mass of Jupiter pulls upon the matter of the Destroyer and accumulates a particle and moon ring around itself which will persist for millions of years, together with the primordial particle and moon ring system — already existent since around four billion years — into which the new ring will integrate.

The gigantic storm that already developed in the most primeval times on the colossal planet has nothing to do with the Destroyer. Concurrent with the passage of the Destroyer in the Jupiter system, it pulls a small, ancient moon with a diameter of about 4 kilometers out of its orbit and hurls it with immense speed out into the space of the SOL System on an unknown path, accompanied by several smaller asteroids.

At first, this moon loses itself in a very distant orbital path, where it then reemerges after a long time and moved through the SOL System — time and time again — until one day, it will be recaptured by Jupiter and will crash down into it with great certainty which, according to our calculations, will be around the time of the turn of the twentieth to the twenty-first century A.D.


Contact Report 150 Part 3



        • Contact Reports volume: 4 (Plejadisch-plejarische Kontakberichte, Gespräche, Block 4)

        • Page number(s): Unknown

        • Date/time of contact: Saturday, the 10th of October 1981, 3:15 AM

        • Translator(s): βενιαμιν

        • Official/unofficial translation: Unofficial

        • Authorised/unauthorised by FIGU: Unauthorised

        • Date of original translation: Unknown

        • Corrections and improvements made: N/A

        • Contact person: Quetzal


Relevant excerpt of Contact Report 248.

This is part 3 of the entire contact. This part is an unofficial and unauthorised translation and may contain errors.

Contact Report 150 Part 3 Translation


(See 248th Contact, Thursday, February 3, 1994, 5:04 PM:

Conversation between Ptaah and Billy:


But now, another question: in the 150th Contact Report of Saturday, October 10, 1981, 3:15 AM, Quetzal spoke of the fact that in 13384 B.C., a small Jovian moon of approximately four kilometers in diameter was torn off by the Destroyer and was taken on a journey, with which some small asteroids followed.

It was then said that one day, this small moon will return to its place of origin, even to Jupiter, just to crash down on it.

In addition, now the following: earthly scientists have made the discovery that presently, a small planetoid with a diameter of about four kilometers approaches on a collision course with Jupiter, accompanied by several asteroids following it.

According to scientific calculations, this small planetoid, which is called Shoemaker-Levy 9, should crash down on Jupiter in the middle of the year 1994, shortly behind the visible horizon of the Earth.

Now, do these small planetoids concern the small moon mentioned by Quetzal, which went out from Jupiter on a journey in the year 13384 B.C. and now “celebrates” its return to its place of origin, or do these concern another space projectile?


They concern the small moon mentioned by Quetzal, which will actually arrive again into the gravitational field of Jupiter with great certainty.)


Contact Report 150 Part 4



        • Contact Reports volume: 4 (Plejadisch-plejarische Kontakberichte, Gespräche, Block 4)

        • Page number(s): Unknown

        • Date/time of contact: Saturday, the 10th of October 1981, 3:15 AM

        • Translator(s): Marc Juliano

        • Official/unofficial translation: Unofficial

        • Authorised/unauthorised by FIGU: Authorised

        • Date of original translation: Saturday, the 18th of August 2001

        • Corrections and improvements made: βενιαμιν (Dankeschön!)

        • Contact person: Quetzal


Continued orbital statistics of The Destroyer, the destruction of Atlantis, and the Noah's Ark flood.

This is part 4 of the entire contact. This part is an unofficial but authorised translation.

Contact Report 150 Part 4 Translation


12670 B.C. – 533 orbital period years

Special Event: For reasons unknown, Destroyer changes its orbital period which from this point on is incalculable.

12137 B.C. – 618 orbital period years

11519 B.C. – 575.5 orbital period years

11503 B.C. – Deluge

Special Event: (Maya) Destruction of the continent of Atlantis following a feudal war with MU, whereby MU scientists pulled a small planet (Adoonis = the ugly, in contrast to Aadonis = the beautiful) out of the Asteroid belt and directed it to Earth and onto Atlantis, which consequently sank in the ocean and caused a deluge.

10943.5 B.C. – 489 orbital period years

10454.5 B.C. – 662 orbital period years

10219 B.C. – Deluge

Special Event: A large asteroid crashes in the Indian Ocean, causing a deluge.

9792.5 B.C. – 575.5 orbital period years

Special Event: Destroyer rips 7 large asteroids from the Asteroid Belt casting them into various dangerous orbits and which, in coming times, will endanger the earth. One of them probably in (the year) 2014.

9545 B.C – Deluge

Special Event: The seven large asteroids from the Asteroid Belt reach earth’s orbit and crash into the world oceans: one in the North Sea, one in the Indian Ocean, one in the Chinese Sea, one in the sea off the southeast coast of Australia, one in the Atlantic and one in the Pacific, producing a huge deluge on a worldwide scale.

The last one continues on its orbit.

9217 B.C. – 578 orbital period years

9186 B.C.

Special Event: Halley’s Comet disturbs earth’s rotation and leaves the planet in a particle trail, lasting 32 days.

8639 B.C. – 573 orbital period years

8066 B.C. – 575.5 orbital period years

7490.5 B.C. – 591 orbital period years

7210 B.C.

Special Event: Halley’s Comet disturbs earth’s orbit as well as its rotation and leaves the earth in a particle trail, lasting 19 days.

6899.5 B.C. – 560 orbital period years

6339.5 B.C. – 575.5 orbital period years

Special Event: Destroyer rips Venus from the orbit of Uranus and draws it behind in the direction of earth’s orbit.

6104 B.C. – No Deluge

Special Event: Venus breaks into earth’s orbit and disturbs its rotation, such that a new rotation time is brought about, connected with powerful earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, and elemental storms.

5764 B.C. – 519 orbital period years

5245 B.C. – 632 orbital period years

4613 B.C. – 575.5 orbital period years

Special Event: Biblical Deluge

Destroyer penetrates earth’s orbit, disturbs its rotation and its solar orbit, causing enormous earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and elementary storms, consequently bringing forth all the events of the biblical flood (not concerning the Noah’s Ark flood).

The rotation of the earth is altered, and a pole shift results.

(See: 248th contact, Thursday, February 3, 1994 5:04 PM:

Conversation between Ptaah and Billy:


... Now, I once again have something concerning the bible and, specifically, with regard to the so-called Noah’s Ark which was actually built at one time, however, at a completely different time than it is claimed in the bible.

The biblical flood did not happen at the time as claimed by the bible but in the year 4613 B.C. and was brought about by the Destroyer.

(This portion translated by βενιαμιν)

Quetzal made the following statement: 4,613 B.C. – Destroyer falls into the Earth's orbit, which disturbs the Earth in its rotation and in its revolution around the Sun, triggering immense earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and elementary storms, and from the whole event, the Biblical flood arises.

The rotation of the Earth is changed and a polar shift takes place.

(end of portion from βενιαμιν)

The biblical flood, therefore, conforms with reality, even though it has been placed in another time by chroniclers, as this also applies to the fabrication and the events surrounding Noah’s Ark.

This was actually built around 98,400 years earlier and, hence, around 100,000 years ago, calculated back from today.

Is that true?


That is correct, but from what source does your knowledge stem?


From Quetzal, naturally.

At one time, I was together with him on Mount Ararat in eastern Turkey, respectively on the Russian-Turkish-Iranian border and, indeed, because I was interested in the history of the Ark.

There, he explained to me these very things.

According to him, the Ark landed about 100,000 years ago, and not on the the peak of the 5,165 meter high Ararat but about 30 kilometers away and not at the height of a summit.

The size of the ark also corresponds to the one given in the bible. With this, the many animals and only a few human beings had really survived an earlier deluge which, like the biblical deluge, was brought about by a pole shift.


That is not correct, as it was a colossal tidal wave brought about by a large comet which nearly collided with the earth and caused an enormous catastrophe which, among other things, lifted the Ark high on Mount Ararat.


Pardon me, then I mixed up the two events.


That must be the case.


Thanks for your clarification.

Now – Noah did not live at the time of the events with the Ark and neither did his family.

Nevertheless, the event happened amazingly close to what the bible reports, only that the builder was a man named Noahkadnosser, and he maintained contact with an extraterrestrial named Zebalon who explained the approaching danger of the comet to him and advised him to build the Ark, which he then did in cooperative work with his family and, hence, survived the immense deluge – along with his family members and many domestic and land animals.

These factual events were handed down since around 98,000 years ago by word-of-mouth again and again, whereby the name Noahkadnosser was altered little by little into oblivion and finally ended in the name of Noah, while the extraterrestrial who was in contact with Noahkadnosser was unnamed and elevated to a god.

After the biblical flood, the actual Bible-Ark-Noah history was then created, whereby the actual origin of the events ultimately became lost.


That is what is also recorded in our chronicle with regard to the important events on the earth.

Your explanation is, therefore, correct.)


Contact Report 150 Part 5



        • Contact Reports volume: 4 (Plejadisch-plejarische Kontakberichte, Gespräche, Block 4)

        • Page number(s): Unknown

        • Date/time of contact: Saturday, the 10th of October 1981, 3:15 AM

        • Translator(s): βενιαμιν

        • Official/unofficial translation: Unofficial

        • Authorised/unauthorised by FIGU: Unauthorised

        • Date of original translation: Unknown

        • Corrections and improvements made: N/A

        • Contact person: Quetzal


The following portion was translated by βενιαμιν and concerns more information about Noah’s Ark from Contact 248 that was not originally attached to Contact 150 in Block 4 of the German Contact Reports.

This is part 5 of the entire contact. This part is an unofficial and unauthorised translation and may contain errors.

Contact Report 150 Part 5 Translation


I think it is simply astonishing that in spite of the later Biblical falsification, the history of the ark has been so well-preserved for more than about 100,000 years, if one just considers the fact that during this time, very few people lived on the whole Earth.

Do you perhaps know the number of people who lived at the time of the comet catastrophe and the number of people who died?


There exists with us no precise data about this but only estimates.

These say that before the gigantic tidal wave, approximately 870,000 people lived on that part of the Earth, and as a result of the catastrophe, about 650,000 lost their lives.

Of the surviving 220,000, about 140 people lived on the ark who, after the point of the flood, then settled the land again in the Middle East, where then also many foreigners immigrated.

This total of about 220,000 people had it very hard because for many thousands of years, they were decimated again and again by epidemics and all kinds of other disasters; therefore, they could only increase very slowly and reached a total population of 11 million people only about 10,000 years ago – distributed across the whole Earth, of course.

        *Note from βενιαμιν: The descriptions given by Meier of the size of the ark and the place where it landed seem to match closely with the boat-shaped structure that was discovered in the mountains of the Ararat region in the late 1950s through photographs from a high altitude aerial survey.


        An article about the discovery was first published in September 1960 in Life Magazine and extensive investigative work was later performed on the site for over a decade by Ron Wyatt and his archaeological team.


        On June 20, 1987, the Turkish Government, having officially recognized the site as the location of Noah’s Ark, established the new “Noah’s Ark National Park,” following confirmation by a government commission of the investigative work by Wyatt and his team.


        For more information about this, one can purchase the book “The Boat-Shaped Object on Doomsday Mountain” from Wyatt Archaeological Research’s website.


        It should be noted that the conclusions made from the evidences, which are reported in the book, are given from a Christian perspective.


Contact Report 150 Part 6



        • Contact Reports volume: 4 (Plejadisch-plejarische Kontakberichte, Gespräche, Block 4)

        • Page number(s): Unknown

        • Date/time of contact: Saturday, the 10th of October 1981, 3:15 AM

        • Translator(s): Marc Juliano

        • Official/unofficial translation: Unofficial

        • Authorised/unauthorised by FIGU: Authorised

        • Date of original translation: Saturday, the 18th of August 2001

        • Corrections and improvements made: N/A

        • Contact person: Quetzal


Continued orbital statistics of The Destroyer.

This is part 6 of the entire contact. This part is an unofficial but authorised translation.

Contact Report 150 Part 6 Translation


4037.5 B.C. – 486.5 orbital period years

4006 B.C.

Special Event: Venus penetrates the earth orbit and slightly disturbs the earth, however, without bringing about large catastrophes.

3551 B.C. – 664.5 orbital period years

Special Event: Small Deluge

Destroyer again runs on a collision course with earth and disturbs earth’s orbit and its rotation, bringing about worldwide catastrophes as well as a small deluge.

Through volcanic eruptions and the ejection of ash, the sun is eclipsed for 48 days.

3545 B.C.

Special Event: Venus stabilizes itself and sets itself on its own orbit around the sun.

3030 B.C.

Special Event: Halley’s Comet comes in a menacingly close proximity to earth and minimally disturbs the earth’s moon in its orbit.

2886.5 B.C. – 416.5 orbital period years

2470 B.C. – 412 orbital period years

2058 B.C. – 605 orbital period years

Special Event: Destroyer slightly disturbs earth’s orbit and Venus, which experiences a pole shift and receives a new rotational period.

Smaller catastrophes appear on earth which, however, are not of great significance.

1453 B.C. – 575.5 orbital period years

Special Event: Destroyer reaches a dangerous proximity to earth and evokes severe catastrophes.

Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, elemental storms, and floods of enormous magnitude are the result.

The sunlight is eclipsed through volcanic ash, which lasts for several weeks.

The volcano Santorini in the Hellenic (Aegean) Sea exploded and triggered a 180-meter-high tidal wave that rolled over the Mediterranean Sea and far into the land of the Nile in Egypt and flooded over everything.

Not only do many humans die as a result, but also innumerable animals whose cadavers decay after the flood recedes, causing many illnesses.

Through these events, the “seven biblical plagues” (time of Moses) are spawned, whereby the water of the Nile was also dyed red from the blood of the innumerable dead life forms and their torn and battered bodies.

The backward-rolling flood wave thrusts back across the Mediterranean Sea and forward to the northeast, where it then floods over the land of Syria, bringing about enormous terror and devastation.

877.5 B.C. – 597 orbital period years

Special Event: Harmless approach of the Destroyer toward the earth, whereby the Moon’s orbit, however, is slightly affected.

280.5 B.C. – 554 orbital period years

Year after Christ

A.D 32

Special Event: Crucifixion of Jmmanuel, accompanied by an unusual solar eclipse produced by an immense sandstorm.

At the same time, a very strong earthquake occurred in Palestine, Syria, Lebenon, and Saudi Arabia, which resulted in several seismic shocks during the crucifixion.

A.D. 273.5 – 475.5 orbital period years

A.D. 749 – 489 orbital period years

Special Event: Destroyer passes far away from earth’s orbit.

A.D. 1150

Special Event: Halley’s Comet comes very close to earth and leaves it in a particle trail, lasting three weeks and shining in a golden color from the sunlight.

A.D. 1238 – 442 orbital period years

A.D. 1680

Special Event: Up until now, the latest passage of the Destroyer, which may not return, as we (note: the Pleiadians/Plejaren) strive to remove this wandering planet from the SOL System.

A.D. 1910

Special Event: Flyby of Halley’s Comet.

Next appearance of the comet in the year 1986, far outside of earth’s orbit and completely harmless.

(Billy) So, I have this information.

However, I have somewhat abridged the explanations on it and have written it in my own words.


Contact Report 150 Part 7



        • Contact Reports volume: 4 (Plejadisch-plejarische Kontakberichte, Gespräche, Block 4)

        • Page number(s): Unknown

        • Date/time of contact: Saturday, the 10th of October 1981, 3:15 AM

        • Translator(s): Benjamin Stevens

        • Official/unofficial translation: Unofficial

        • Authorised/unauthorised by FIGU: Unauthorised

        • Date of original translation: Unknown

        • Corrections and improvements made: On 1/6/11, Benjamin Stevens added improvements that are found here: and here:

        • Contact person: Quetzal


Quetzal talks about the Red Meteor, the wrongness of scientific language, dimensions of The Destroyer and Earth, and the truth about the Bermuda Triangle.

This is part 7 of the entire contact. This part is an unofficial and unauthorised translation and may contain errors.

Contact Report 150 Part 7 Translation



491. But you have to make sure that they are shown correctly.


Certainly, you should know that I’ll do that.

But say once, since we’re already talking about this Destroyer: according to the prophecies transmitted to me, still different comets and also meteors of enormous size wander around like ghosts, which will be influencing the Earth and the life of this world.

I am particularly interested in the “red meteor.”

Now, is this the Destroyer, or is this another comet that passes again and again through our solar system?


492. Neither, my friend.

493. The meteor mentioned in the prophecies, which proves to be of enormous size and will cause most severe destructions on the Earth, and which threatens to bring, aside from climatic and tectonic changes also additional changes, will threaten to split the crust of the Earth from the present-day North Sea down to the Black Sea, which, however, does not have to occur with certainty, because certain factors speak against this.

494. It approaches from the depths of outer space towards the SOL-system and is a so-called stranger.


You mean, that this does not refer to a known comet, which again and again passes our system on its path?


495. That is correct, because the meteor travels on a path, which leads it to the SOL-system for the first time.

496. At earlier times, it was never in this area of space.


And its path shall end on the Earth?

Could you not do anything about this?


497. You know very well, that this will be the case and that we are not allowed to halt this event.

498. The cosmic powers have pre-programmed this event, which could only be stopped or prevented by Earth humanity themselves.

499. In their materialistic and misled disunity and in their megalomania, however, they disregard all warnings and prophecies, so that which is going to happen is probably inevitable, as an admonition and punishment, if you want to see it that way.

500. And as this warning and vengeance must occur, we are not allowed to take any steps in order to prevent the occurrence.

501. Earth humanity should listen to your words and warnings, but that especially they do not do.

502. You stand in a lost position, like one calling in the wilderness, and only few are and will be willing to listen to your words, to grasp their meaning, to reflect about them and to learn how to act correctly.

503. Those who will not listen will find death in exchange, when the meteor begins its work of death and creates a new continent, due to an enormous crack of the Earth, from the North Sea to the Black Sea, from which will spew forth red hot lava, if the prophecy should be fulfilled in its entire proportions, which, however, has not been determined in its final consequence.


You say that so dramatically and unscientifically.

In all other respects, I would be interested to know where this Earth tear arises.


504. It is our nature to remain human, including in scientific explanations without scientific language.

505. Scientific language prevails primarily only with the Earth people, who believe that they need to excel by using this language.

506. It is a degeneration of brazen megalomania, which leads, besides, to the playing down of all dangers.

507. That is one reason why we and also every other intelligent and honest-minded life form never get involved in scientific language, but only speak in a human linguistic manner, which must sound somewhat dramatic because the fact of the existing drama of the extraordinary is given.

508. A purely scientific manner of expression is always wrong, due to the playing down and minimizing and disregard of the dangers.

509. In reference to the event to be expected, I already told you that this one will part the land portion between the North Sea and the Black Sea.

510. Red hot lava masses and Earth gas, etc. will, in addition, create from it a deadly sulfurous wall, which, drifting westward, will cover the land and with that create an additional death-zone, if the prophecy should actually be fulfilled in its entirety, and if Earth humanity does not undertake something in unison to stop it.


Aha, that was also stated in one of the prophecies.

But is there not the slightest possibility, that you could yet prevent something?


511. Your question is rather illogical, my friend; on the other hand, we try very well to be helpful to Earth Man, in that we make these approaching horrors and events visible to many sensitives by visions, and also include you in these visions.

512. Unfortunately, however, all these sensitive ones, Earth humans, who are receiving corresponding vision-impulses from us, are always involved in some type of error religion, so they are not able to recognize us and they attribute the visions they receive from us to some godhoods or cosmic world directors, etc., although such figures and powers, in truth, only exist in the religiously misled minds of Earth humanity.

513. This is, unfortunately, also the case with our contact person on the Earth, who we already chose a long time ago in order to contemplate just the aforementioned events in the special visions, which should then be made evident by this person, which has already happened partially, but unfortunately, also under the aspect that he sees us as cosmic world leaders, divine forces, and as punishing elements, etc. through his religious and, thus, misleading maladjustment.

514. A fact which, in turn, will lead to further confusion.

515. Nevertheless, we will provide this contact person with further visionary impulses for the time being and also transmit a picture of your person to him, so that he will be aware of the real truth.

516. On your part, this should be a sign to you of the fact that this contact person really only receives his visions through our impulses if we allow the man to contemplate the visions in which your person stands in the left southern part of the country, being advised of the continent’s fate, and that you mention to him the fact that this part of the continent has become very hot, and that from now on, approximately the climate of Mexico will prevail in this area, and the climate becomes even hotter, however.

517. Unfortunately, it can only be feared, which has already arisen several times so far, that he will not recognize the situation of affairs and also your person and the important details; thus, he won’t be able to grasp the exact connections.

518. Unfortunately, his thinking and viewing abilities do not correspond to higher values than what is generally available to the Earth person, and moreover, crazy religious tendencies are also present, having arisen from crazy religious teachings, which allow him to overlook many facts or to misinterpret them, as well as the fact of the origin of his visions.


You surprise me with this message.

Can I at least know who this visionary is?


519. His first name is like yours, but in a writing and speaking language that is foreign to you.

520. But you should be silent about this, namely with regard to his name, by which he calls himself Edward K.



Silence is easy for me because it always protects me from all kinds of inconvenience and nerve-killing questions.

For this reason, I also want to give you no further questions.

Now, I would only be interested in other comets and the like, which will play a decisive role in the coming time for the Earth, for the SOL system, and for the people.

There are other such ghost-like projectiles around?


521. That is correct, but the previous information should be enough for you for now because my time is not sufficient in order to explain to you all facts that can now be mentioned in this regard.

522. My task today is to explain future events with regard to the coming events up to the month of March 1983.


Of course, about the Destroyer and its data, more and more questions arise within me.

Calmly continue further, then, with your actual topic.


523. I am happily ready, at a later date, to tell you more and to answer your questions that you’re interested in, but for now, I should devote myself to the predictions, which I can mention to you, anyway, only up to March 1983.

524. After this time, I will then try, if you deem it to be necessary, to give you more future predictions.


On the one hand, I think it’s good, but on the other hand, I always wonder whether they serve any purpose at all because often, I must recognize that they bear no fruit.


525. Unfortunately, the sense of the Earth people is still not aligned and developed far enough that they could grasp the entire scope of such predictions, even in a larger framework.

526. Primarily, only a few are capable.


To whom you say this, but now, continue on with your explanations.


527. During the month of February 1983, things begin to excite the world public again, which find their origin in massacres.

528. What will take place in Lebanon at the fault of Sharon and Begin will also arise in India, in the province of Assam, where local massacres will organize among the Bangladeshi immigrants, with around 5,300 Bangladeshi men, women, and children dying cruel deaths.

529. But this still won’t be the end of these massacre murders, whose origin will be searched for in new elections, because resident Muslims of Assam will also be murdered by the fanatical locals, whose number will amount to 1,800, and through the massacres, over 7,000 dead people in all shall be deplored, of whom a large portion will be buried and won’t be found.

530. Even while these massacres are being carried out to the highest degree, a similar event will take place in Africa, in Zimbabwe, where likewise, dead ones will have to be deplored in very large numbers, namely 2,700, of which a portion will likewise be buried and will remain untraceable.

531. Particularly in Assam, the massacres won’t only be restricted to the month of February because even in the month of March, these will still continue in part, while according to our calculations, peace should enter into Zimbabwe, at least in the concern of the massacres.

532. Then, after these events, only the severe natural disasters will have to be complained about world-wide, especially in Australia, where in the southern regions, tremendous and large, destructive forest fires will destroy much and also demand human lives, and then, once the fires have expired, still no peace will enter, but new catastrophes will breakout across the country, this time through tremendous water masses, which will fall from the sky in torrents and which will flood the country, causing further massive destruction.

533. The same will then also follow in America, in Los Angeles, where through storms and floods, damages running into the millions will result and human lives will be lost.

534. Only after this will some peace enter again, before a further natural event then occurs on the Hawaiian Islands, when there, a volcano arrives at another outbreak within a short time.

535. This, my friend, is the data that I had to give up to the month of March 1983 about the coming events.


Then I can still ask two or three more questions that came to me during your explanations.

They concern the Destroyer.


536. The time is still sufficient for me if your questions are not too many.


There are only two or three.

You’ve always spoken of the Destroyer as a giant comet, so I would be interested to know what dimensions this guy really has.


537. Its volume is 1.72 times that of the planet Earth’s, but the specific weight has been reduced to the average mass of the Earth.

538. The entire mass of the Destroyer’s matter is much more compressed than the Earth’s.

539. If the Earth exhibits a volume of about 1,083.3 billion cubic meters, with an average density of 5.516 grams per cubic centimeter, then the Destroyer, in comparison with that, is a giant, exhibiting a volume of 1,694.2 billion cubic meters, with an average density of 7.18 grams per cubic centimeter, if I can give you this information according to earthly understanding.


Interesting - and the Destroyer also has a self-rotation, like, for example, the Earth?


540. That is correct, but this is slower than it is with the Earth, which exhibits about 465 meters per second at the equator.

541. The self-rotation of the Destroyer at the same line only amounts to 314.7 meters per second.


So only about 3/4 of the Earth’s rotation speed.


542. That is correct.

543. Nevertheless, this speed has increased for quite some time through our efforts because we try hard to divert this migrant star from its course in order to guide it into areas far away from the SOL system, where it can cause no more damage.


Then, largely, Earth humanity would no longer have to fear that it would threaten the Earth again - if you succeed in this endeavor.


544. That is correct, and we are quite confident.


But in addition, a question: why are you allowed to make a mess of the Destroyer with your craft, but on the other hand, with the other threats, such as with the expected “red meteor,” you may do nothing?


545. The Destroyer was impaired by our very early and partly vengeful ancestors from its natural course; thus, it causes damages in the SOL system which are not of a natural cosmic origin.


But you said nothing about that in all of your explanations – neither did Semjase speak of this.


546. We do not know the exact circumstances of that time, which is why we can give no further details and explanations that are of use.


Then just don’t, even if I think that it’s not right not to give us information about it.

But still one final question, namely because of the Destroyer, Santorini, and Moses: my time travels with Asket have taught me of the accuracy of the data and the information given by you, but several times, I have recently read in writings that Moses’ time and the Santorini outbreak occur in completely different time periods; these calculations and assertions run from the 1500 B.C. empires back to the 5th millennium B.C.

Why is that?


547. It’s because of the time distortions of the chroniclers, whereby the Jewish and the other chroniclers that were influenced by them committed, with respect to this, the worst evils, through which time distortions have appeared in the data, settling up to several thousand years.

548. The Santorini erupted and exploded by the immense influence of the Destroyer exactly 3,453 years before the year A.D. 2000, and Moses lived in the same time period and prepared the exodus of the Hebrew-Jewish people from Egypt at that time.

549. These dates are correct, as you could determine yourself on the basis of your journeys with Asket into the past.

550. And Moses really lived and led the exodus, even if it is later claimed that this is not true.


Thus, you only confirm my own determination.


551. Anything else is not possible for me because we cannot simply falsify data like the Earth people do because with them, chronicles are not written down daily but often only after many centuries or even only after two thousand years according to oral tradition, as this was the case with the Jewish and various other national chronicles, by which dates and events have been so distorted that two or even three events that took place at the same time were torn apart into intervals of centuries or millenniums and were placed separately into different times, while two other events, which lay thousands of years apart, were assigned to the same time.

552. A very deplorable fact which, unfortunately, will trigger a lot of confusion, errors, and disputes with the Earth people.


It probably can’t be prevented.


553. That, in turn, is accurate.

554. Thus, the coming events probably cannot be prevented any more, as I have mentioned this to you before, because the Earth people probably can’t be taught.


I know, and nevertheless, I simply cannot get away from the thought that one would logically have to drive by force in order to hammer reason into the people and also the respect for life and for the laws and commandments of Creation.

Unfortunately, one may not do this.


555. I often have such thoughts, too, perhaps because it could achieve something.

556. Nevertheless, these are only unattainable dreams.

557. In truth, it is very saddening to see this.


You may calmly say that aloud.

But I still have a question that was proposed to me and which I would have gladly answered from you, even though I had already received the answer before from Semjase.

But maybe you can explain it again, nevertheless:

once again, it concerns the Bermuda Triangle, and this time, it’s about the missing ships and airplanes, which are awarded a mysterious and supernatural disappearance, such as, for example, with the bomb and torpedo airplanes that vanished in 1945 without a trace, and of those, Semjase said that these had hopelessly got lost in the fog and then crashed, on the one hand from lack of fuel, and on the other hand from reasons of navigational error.


558. That is correct.


You know that the most fantastic and craziest stories about the Bermuda Triangle are circulating on the Earth and that many imaginative and gifted writers earn enormous amounts of money with a plethora of books and that they still stupefy the people with these.

Thus, extraterrestrials are blamed for all inexplicable Bermuda incidents, along with unexplainable supernatural or unearthly phenomena, all of which, of course, is outspoken nonsense because usually, the largest part of all incidents can be explained in a natural way.


559. The Earth people allow themselves to be tied up only too gladly by fantastic lies and frauds because the given reality appears too commonplace to them in their stupid mania-faith in the supernatural.

560. But concerning the incidents in the Bermuda triangle, I would like to tell you the following, but primarily, this must still remain a secret for now:

561. From approximately the month of April or May, 1991, the phantasy-stories about the Bermuda Triangle occurrences will undergo a change to the extent that, little by little, they can be proven to be incorrect.

562. At that time, namely, it will happen that treasure hunters will find the first missing planes, which have crashed from the year 1940 on and sank into the ocean.

563. However, this will only be the beginning of sporadic clarifications of alleged mysterious occurrences in the Bermuda Triangle.

564. Much will be clarified and lose the nimbus of the mysterious, but which does not mean that steadfast misled ones, fanatics, mystics, fantasizers and know-it-alls will not continue to hold onto the stupidity of those erroneous opinions, who talk about extrasensory, non-earthly or extraterrestrial forces, who should be connected with the Bermuda Triangle occurrences.

565. Such people will continue to exist.

566. And I think this, unfortunately, can not be changed.

567. And now, unfortunately, I must go again, and so do you, in order to go back to sleep for a few more hours.

568. Unfortunately, the time was not sufficient today in order to explain to you all predictions, so I will make up for it later.


Of course, it actually is a lot – and I have to cope with even more than before because these matters are very hard.


569. Then now, you will lie again in your house only a quarter of an hour after the time that you left.


Okay, thank you.

Thus, nobody will notice that I was gone for two and a half hours.

Bye, my son.


570. Until we meet again.






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