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Catholic Church


Bashar, what is the origin of the Catholic Church?


Many of the rituals now embodied in Catholic ritual came from ancient Druidic practices, remnants of the priesthood hierarchy in the Atlantean civilization. These rituals were redefined to fit notions of the different councils and leaders, and so these misunderstood notions of hierarchy were handed down to the congregation. Mostly it is one of the offshoots, as are many other religions on your planet, of ancient Atlantean priesthoods. It went through a phase redefinition through Druidic practices, emerging in areas on your planet that would support the definitions of intermingling – of not only the ancient Druidic practices, but also some of the interminglings that took place a few thousand years ago with many Orion incarnations – on certain levels.

目前天主教會內的許多儀式,都是來自于古代德魯伊Druid)教的儀式。那是亞特蘭提斯文明中教典的遺跡。這些儀式都被重新定義過,以適合不同議會及領袖的觀念,因此這些被誤會的觀念就一直傳遞到教庭的組織內。正如地球上許多的宗教一樣,天主教也是古亞特蘭提斯教義的一個旁枝。透過德魯伊的儀式,經歷了重新定義的階段,這出現在地球上歷經融合過程的地區中 —— 不僅融合了古代德魯伊的儀式,同時在某種層面,也融入了數千年前來自獵戶星座許多轉世的教義

Especially where rules and regulations are concerned; especially where structure is concerned; especially where very deep and heavy energy is concerned – there was to some degree a reaction to some of the negativity spawned in the sinking and the destruction of Atlantis. The idea of placing a very strong hold on certain aspects of the will, so that through that belief it would be believed you would regain reconnection to the Infinite through suppression, through order, through domination.

特別著重規章條例;特別注重架構問題;也特別重視深沉的能量 —— 這是對亞特蘭提斯的陸沈及毀滅衍生出的負能量,所產生某種程度的反應。由於想要對意志方面作有力的掌握,這種信念導致他們相信,唯有透過壓制、命令、統治,才能使教徒重新與造物主再度連結起來

Well, it's a pretty popular belief that Jesus Christ actually instituted that –


Oh, no, no, no. The individuals around that individual instituted it to some degree, but not that individual. That was never the intention of that individual. But you see, the point is that those disciples, or apostles, were also full of the knowledge of some of the ancient Druidic practices at that time. Their interpretation of the Christ consciousness was dispensed according to those ancient understandings, and interpreted through that flow line into the basic structure you now have. That was their understanding at the time of the arrival of the Christ consciousness through that particular manifestation.


It was not the intention of the Christ consciousness to establish that particular type of structure. It was the intention of the individuals surrounding that individual, because that was their understanding at the time, based on what they already had learned of some of these ancient practices. They were, to some degree in their own understanding, continuing the lineage. But there was much misinterpretation.




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