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After Death


What happens when we die, then?


Different things. You will, first of all, obviously no longer consider yourselves to be physical, as you now understand physicality. And when you remove yourselves from that physical state of limitation, then you will know you chose everything you experienced in that life, and thus you can create any other type of reality on this planet, or any other planet – or not reincarnate at all. You can choose to know on that level, and see very obviously that you are, in fact, the Creator.


Now, what you will first encounter at physical death is the idea that you are a thought form in a world of thought forms, and thus will usually experience whatever represents the strongest beliefs you had in life. You will experience the realization, the seeming physicalization of those beliefs, whether they be heaven or hell, or anything in-between.


For instance, if someone had the idea that there is a hell and that it would be extremely painful – if he immediately finds himself in that self-created scenario, he is very unlikely to be able to sustain that degree of pain. For as soon as he knows the pain he is enduring is not something he can tolerate, it will lessen – because the mind in the non-physical reality instantly translates into the seeming experience he is having. The instant he becomes aware that as soon as he changes his thought the scenario around him changes, then he will get the idea pretty quickly that he does not have to hang around in that scenario. It becomes clear to him that whatever he believes at any given moment, even on that level and especially in a sense on that level – is what most quickly manifests and realizes into the experiential reality he is having. Not meaning to sound flippant, but "hell," the concept you usually hold it to mean, could only be populated for very long by masochists, by true masochists.

例如,如果某人相信有地獄,而且那會是個十分痛苦的地方;如果他立刻發現自己身陷在那自創的情境裡,那他極不可能忍受那麼多的痛苦。而一旦他知道他所承受的痛苦並不是他所能忍受的,痛苦就會減少,因為在非物質世界中的心靈,能馬上把想法傳送進入他感受的經驗裡當他一發覺到:在他改變想法時,周圍的情境也跟著改變了那麼很快他會明白,自己不必泡在這種情境裡。他很清楚地知道,在任何一剎那,不論他相信什麼,即使在那個層次 —— 在某種意義上特別是那個層次 —— 就會快速實現,而進入他所擁有的經驗現實裡。不是故意無禮這麼說,但是你們一般觀念裡的“地獄”,只有被虐狂(真正的被虐狂)才會長久深信不疑

Further Reincarnation


So I could go on to another plane and not be reincarnated?


You do not have to be. It is always a choice. Now, since you are here, I will assume you did choose to reincarnate at least one more time – into this lifetime you are in now.


It's not my first life?


No. There is, on the average, 2 to 3,000 lives for every individual in the room, with regard to the particular Earth cycle you all have been involved in during the last 50,000 or so of your years.


So why!


Why not? Because you chose to. Because you chose to explore the idea of limitation as it is being expressed on this planet. And to do so, you chose to manifest yourselves in many different lives; to explore all the different ideas of beingness you can explore in this society. Thus you have been everything there is to be in your world at one time or another – sometimes more than one time. Everything! As this is now the transformational life, this life can be the last physical life you may choose in this cycle, since it is now over and turning into another cycle.

為什麼不呢?因為你們選擇如此。因為你們選擇要探討自我設限這個理念,而這已經在地球上呈現出來了。為了如此做,你們選擇在很多不同的生命裡表現自己,探討這個社會裡所有不同的存在理念。因此在你們的世界裡,每一次你都曾經是各種東西(註:可能是動、植物甚至是礦物)有時候甚至不只一次,成為每一種東西由於現在是處於轉形的生命期這一輩子可能是你所選擇的輪迴循環中的最後一輩子,因為現在舊循環已經結束,正要轉入另外一個循環裡。   、

Bashar, I want to ask more about Jesus. I've been reading a lot on his last years, and I want to know about the period of time when the information was erased from the Bible. Did he go to India? And at what age?


There was the idea of travel to the area of India. We perceive that there was a connection at age 17 and also age 30, approximately, and also a connection in the area you call Egypt. In addition there was the idea of many out-of-body experiences in order to travel to many different places other than those mentioned. Do recognize that what the being was allowing himself to know was his own Godhood, his own Christ consciousness. And he was simply reflecting to you that you can do it too.


When you repeat exactly what he said, that reveals the whole thing: “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” 


If you repeat it and mean it for yourself, yes.


There is no big mystery there, no debate.


Yes, it is self-evident. You see, that is why we are suggesting you do what he did, and not simply follow him. For if you follow, then you wind up saying, "He said this; he said that,"rather than repeating what he said and feeling the vibration within yourselves for what it gives you.


We are the ways, the truths and the lives. Yes!




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