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The Law of One, Book III, Session 51
May 13, 1981

一的法則:卷三,第 五十一場集會
1981 5 13

Ra: I am Ra. I greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We communicate now.

RA 我是 Ra 我在太一無限造物者的愛與光中向你們致意 我們 現在開始通訊

Questioner: As we begin Book Three of The Law Of One there are a couple of questions of fairly non-transient importance that I have and one that I consider to be of a transient nature that I feel obligated to ask.

發問者: 在一的法則卷三的開端 我有幾個相當重要的 非過渡性質的 問題要問 外加一個過渡性質的問題,為了與他人的交誼而問

The first is clearing up the final point about harvest. I was wondering if there is a supervision over the harvest and if so, why this supervision is necessary and how it works since an entity’s harvestability is determined by the violet ray? Is it necessary for entities to supervise the harvest, or is it automatic?

首先是澄清關於收割的最後疑點 為我的朋友而問 ], 我懷疑是否有人在監督收割的過程 如果有 為什麼需要這樣的監督以及它是如何運作的 既然一個個體已經可以從他的紫羅蘭色光芒決定收割程度 還需要 實體 監督收割過程 或它是自動進行無須監督 可否請你回答這個問題

Ra: I am Ra. In time of harvest there are always harvesters. The fruit is formed as it will be, but there is some supervision necessary to ensure that this bounty is placed as it should be without the bruise or the blemish.

RA 我是 Ra 在收割的季節 總會有收割者 harvesters ), 果實會自然成熟 但需要有些監督以確保這個 收成 被妥當地放置 沒有擦傷或瑕疵

There are those of three levels watching over harvest.


The first level is planetary and that which may be called angelic. This type of guardian includes the mind/body/spirit complex totality or higher self of an entity and those inner plane entities which have been attracted to this entity through its inner seeking.

第一類屬於地球層面 可以稱為天使般的 這類的保護者包括 該實體 的心 / / 複合全體 或高我 以及被 該實體之內在尋求 吸引之內在次元個體

The second class of those who ward this process are those of the Confederation who have the honor/duty of standing in the small places at the edge of the steps of light/love so that those entities being harvested will not, no matter how confused or unable to make contact with their higher self, stumble and fall away for any reason other than the strength of the light. These Confederation entities catch those who stumble and set them aright so that they may continue into the light.

第二類守護這過程的個體來自星際聯邦 他們擁有此榮耀 / 義務 站在光 / 愛之 階梯 的邊緣 的小地方 ], 以確保那些被收割的個體不管是 多麼困惑 或無法與高我接觸 不致於 為了任何 原因 跌倒或墜落 除非是其光的氣力(不足) 這些聯邦成員會捕捉那些跌落的人 將他們帶入正軌繼續光的旅程

The third group watching over this process is that group you call the Guardians. This group is from the octave above our own and serves in this manner as light bringers. These Guardians provide the precise emissions of light/love in exquisitely fastidious disseminations of discrimination so that the precise light/love vibration of each entity may be ascertained.

第三類看顧這個過程的群體 你們稱為守護者 Guardians ), 這群體來自於比我們高的八度音程 octave ), 他們以此方式服務做為荷光者 lightbringers )。 這些守護者以精巧 近乎苛求的 辨別之散播 方式提供精準的光 / 愛放射 如此每一個體的精確光 / 愛振動能被確認

Thus the harvest is automatic in that those harvested will respond according to that which is unchangeable during harvest. That is the violet ray emanation. However, these helpers are around to ensure a proper harvesting The Law of One, Book III, Session 51 so that each entity may have the fullest opportunity to express its violet ray selfhood.

因此收割固然是自動發生的根據紫羅蘭色光芒的放射決定收割標準這點是不會改變的 然而 圍繞周圍的幫助者可以確保妥善的收割 好讓每一個體都有 最充分 的機會表現他的紫羅蘭色光芒 自我狀態 selfhood )。

Questioner: This next question I feel to be a transient type of question; however, it has been asked me by one whom I have communicated with who has been involved intensely in the UFO portion of the phenomenon. If you deem it too transient or unimportant we’ll skip it, but I have been asked how it is possible for the craft of the fourth-density to get here since it seems that as you approach the velocity of light the mass approaches infinity. My question would be why craft would be necessary at all?

發問者: 謝謝你。 接下來的問題我覺得是過渡性質的問題 然而這是一個密集研究飛碟現象的朋友問我的問題 如果你認為這問題不重要 我們可以跳過 我被問到第四密度的飛行器如何到達這裡因為物體接近光速時其質量會趨近無限 我的問題則是為什麼會需要飛行器 這不是個重要的問題

Ra: I am Ra. You have asked several questions. We shall respond in turn.

RA 我是 Ra 你問了好幾個問題 我們將依次回答

Firstly, we agree that this material is transient.

首先 我們同意這題材是過渡性質

Secondly, those for the most part coming from distant points, as you term them, do not need craft as you know them. The query itself requires understanding which you do not possess. We shall attempt to state what may be stated.

其次 從遠方來的個體大多數不需要飛行器 這個詢問涉及你們還沒擁有的 理解 我們將試著在可以陳述的範圍內回答

Firstly, there are a few third-density entities who have learned how to use craft to travel between star systems while experiencing the limitations you now understand. However, such entities have learned to use hydrogen in a way different from your understanding now. These entities still take quite long durations of time, as you measure it, to move about. However, these entities are able to use hypothermia to slow the physical and mental complex processes in order to withstand the duration of flight. Those such as are from Sirius are of this type. There are two other types.

有一些第三密度的實體學習使用飛行器往返各個恆星系統 他們所受到的限制是你們理解的 然而 這些個體學習到使用氫的方式與你們目前的認知不同 。( 不過 ,) 這些實體依然花很長的時間 在星際間 四處移動 於是這些個體使用降低體溫的技術 hypothermia 延緩肉體與心智 複合體 的過程 以抵擋長期的飛行過程 好比 那些來自天狼星的實體

One is the type which, coming from fourth, fifth, or sixth density in your own galaxy, has access to a type of energy system which uses the speed of light as a slingshot and thus arrives where it wishes without any perceptible time elapsed in your view.

還有其他兩種 其一是來自你們銀河系的第四、第五、或第六密度 他們能夠使用一種能量系統可以將光速視為一種彈弓 然後到達任何想去的地方 以你們的觀點而言 幾乎不花任何 可感知的 時間

The other type of experience is that of fourth, fifth, and sixth densities of other galaxies and some within your own galaxy which have learned the necessary disciplines of personality to view the universe as one being and, therefore, are able to proceed from locus to locus by thought alone, materializing the necessary craft, if you will, to enclose the light body of the entity.

另一種體驗是其他銀河系的第四、第五、第六密度 還有一些位於你們 自己 的銀河的實體 他們學到必要的人格修練 將宇宙看待為一個 存有 因而得以單憑思想 就能從一個 地點 移動到另一個 地點 具體化必要的 飛行器 以包圍該實體的光體

Questioner: I assume that that latter type is the type we experience with the landings of the Orion group. Is this correct?

發問者: 我假設 大部分 的獵戶集團的降落屬於後者的體驗 是否正確

Ra: I am Ra. The Orion group is mixed between the penultimate and the latter groups.

RA 我是 Ra 獵戶集團屬於倒數第二與之後的種類

Questioner: Why is a vehicle necessary for this transition? When you, as Ra, went to Egypt earlier you used bell-shaped craft, but you did this by thought. Can you tell me why you used a vehicle rather than just materializing the body?

發問者: 為什麼需要一個載具來達到交通 transition 的目的 當你 Ra 的身分前往埃及你只用鐘型的飛行器 但你是以思想來製作它 你能否告訴我為什麼要用一個載具 不乾脆 具體化 身體就好了

Ra: I am Ra. The vehicle or craft is that thought-form upon which our concentration may function as motivator. We would not choose to use our mind/body/spirit complexes as the focus for such a working.

RA 我是 Ra 透過集中心力 思想型態轉變成載具做為一個動力器 我們不會選擇心 / / 靈複合體做為這類工作的焦點

Questioner: Thank you. It seems to me, and you can tell me where I am going wrong with this statement, that we have seven bodies each corresponding to one of the seven colors of the spectrum and that energy that creates these seven bodies is a universal type of energy that streams into our planetary environment and comes in through the seven energy centers that we have called chakras to develop and perfect these bodies. Each of these bodies is somehow related to the mental configuration that we have and the perfection of these bodies and the total in-streaming of this energy is a function of this mental configuration, and through this mental configuration we may block, to some extent, the in-streamings of energy that created these seven bodies. Could you comment on where I am wrong and correct that which I have stated?

發問者: 謝謝你 有個聲明 要說 這個問題對我很困難,因為我不真的知道我在說些什麼 你可以告訴我哪裡說錯 首先我們有七個 體對應到光譜的七種顏色 那創造這七個 體的能量是一種普遍的能量 它流動到我們的地球環境 然後流經七個能量中心 我們稱為氣輪 以發展並 完善 這些軀體 每一個 體多少與我們的 心智輪廓 有關聯 使這些 體完美是心智輪廓的功能之一 透過心智輪廓 我們或多或少 阻擋流入的能量 創造七個光體 ]。 你能否評論我剛才講的內容之對錯

Ra: I am Ra. Your statement is substantially correct. To use the term “mental configuration” is to oversimplify the manners of blockage of instreaming which occur in your density. The mind complex has a relationship to the spirit and body complexes which is not fixed. Thus blockages may occur betwixt spirit and mind, or body and mind, upon many different levels. We reiterate that each energy center has seven subcolors, let us say, for convenience. Thus spiritual/mental blockages combined with mental/bodily blockages may affect each of the energy centers in several differing ways. Thus you may see the subtle nature of the balancing and evolutionary process.

RA 我是 Ra 你的陳述大體上是正確的 使 心智輪廓 這詞 彙卻是過分簡化流入能量被阻塞的過程 心智複合體與靈性、 身體 複合體的關係不是固定的
因此阻塞可能發生在靈性與心智之間 或身體與心智之間 在許多不同的層次上頭 我們重申每個能量中心都有七個 顏色 為了方便之故 容我們如此說 靈性 / 心智阻塞 心智 / 肉身阻塞綜合在一起可以影響每一個能量中心以幾個不同的方式 由此 你可以看到平衡與進化過程的微妙特質

Questioner: I am unsure as to whether this will provide an avenue of questioning that will be fruitful, but I will ask this question since it seems to me that there is a connection here.

發問者: 我不大確定以下的問題是否會帶來有益的收穫 但我還是想問 因為它似乎提供某種線索

On the back of the book, Secrets Of The Great Pyramid , there are several reproductions of Egyptian drawings or works, some showing birds flying over horizontal entities. Could you tell me what this is and if it has any relationship to Ra?

在這本書大金字塔的秘密 * SECRETS OF THE GREAT PYRAMID 的背面 有幾個埃及繪畫的複製像 有幅畫內容是幾隻鳥飛過水平的實體 你可以告訴我那是什麼 是否與 Ra 有任何關係

Ra: I am Ra. These drawings of which you speak are some of many which distort the teaching of our perception of death as the gateway to further experience. The distortions concern those considerations of specific nature as to processes of the so-called “dead” mind/body/spirit complex. This may be termed, in your philosophy, the distortion of Gnosticism: that is, the belief that one may achieve knowledge and a proper position by means of carefully perceived and accentuated movements, concepts, and symbols. In fact, the process of the physical death is as we have described before: one in which there is aid available and the only need at death is the releasing of that entity from its body by those around it and the praising of the process by those who grieve. By these means may the mind/body/spirit which has experienced physical death be aided, not by the various perceptions of careful and repeated rituals.

RA 我是 Ra 你所說的繪畫是許多作品的其中一些 它們 扭曲了我們 感知 的教導 死亡乃是通往進一步經驗之大門 這些扭曲關切特定的過程 即處理所謂的 死亡 的心 / / 靈複合體 以你們的哲學角度 或許可以稱為諾斯底教義 Gnosticism ): 也就是相信一個人可以透過仔細安排的活動 概念或標誌來獲致知識和 適當的位置 事實上 肉體死亡的過程如我們先前所述 援助隨時可得 對於死者週遭的人而言死亡時唯一需要做的是 放下那個離開肉體的實體 即使悲傷 ,( 仍然 讚美這個過程 而不是各種仔細安排且重複的儀式

* 譯註 本書相關網址 http://www.new-universe.com/pythagoras/secrets.htm

Questioner: You spoke at an earlier time of rotational speeds of energy centers. Am I correct in assuming that this is a function of the blockage of the energy center so that when it is less blocked, the speed of rotation is higher and the energy instreaming is greater?

發問者: 你稍早曾提到能量中心的旋轉速度 我假設那與能量中心的阻擋機能有關 也就是說當能量中心的阻擋減少旋轉速度就越快 同時流入的能量也越大 這個假設是否正確

Ra: I am Ra. You are partially correct. In the first three energy centers a full unblocking of this energy will create speeds of rotation. As the entity develops the higher energy centers, however, these centers will then begin to express their nature by forming crystal structures. This is the higher or more balanced form of activation of energy centers as the space/time nature of this energy is transmuted to the time/space nature of regularization and balance.

RA 我是 Ra 你說的有部分是正確的 在前 三個能量中心 能量不被阻礙的情況下會產生旋轉速度 然而 當一個 實體 發展較高的能量中心時 這些中心將會開始透過形成水晶結構來表達它們自己的特質 這是較高或更平衡的能量啟動型態 將空間 / 時間的能量轉化為時間 / 空間的特質 並加以規則化 保持平衡

Questioner: What do you mean by crystal structures?

發問者: 你說的水晶結構是什麼意思

Ra: I am Ra. Each of the energy centers of the physical complex may be seen to have a distinctive crystalline structure in the more developed entity.

RA 我是 Ra 在較為開發的個體中 肉身複合體的每一個能量中心都可視為具有獨特的水晶結構

Each will be somewhat different just as in your world no two snowflakes are alike. However, each is regular. The red energy center often is in the shape of the spoked wheel. The orange energy center in the flower shape containing three petals.

每一個都有些不同正如在你們的世界沒有兩片雪花是相同的 然而每一個都有規則的外觀
紅色能量中心通常是車輪的形狀 橙色能量中心為三個花瓣的花朵

The yellow center again in a rounded shape, many faceted, as a star.

黃色中心又回到圓形 有許多切面 如同星星一般

The green energy center sometimes called the lotus-shape, the number of points of crystalline structure dependent upon the strength of this center.

綠色中心有時被稱為蓮花形狀 水晶結構的頂點數目依該中心的力量強弱而有增減

The blue energy center capable of having perhaps one hundred facets and capable of great flashing brilliance.

藍色中心或許有上百個切面 並且 大量 閃耀著光芒

The indigo center a more quiet center which has the basic triangular or three-petalled shape in many, although some adepts who have balanced the lower energies may create more faceted forms.

靛色中心是個較為平靜的中心 由許多基本的三角形或三個花瓣形狀組成 儘管如此 由於 一些行家已經把較低能量中心平衡好所以在此能創造更多切面的型態

The violet energy center is the least variable and is sometimes described in your philosophy as thousand-petalled as it is the sum of the mind/body/spirit complex distortion totality.

紫羅蘭色中心的形狀變化最少 有時被你們的哲學書籍描述為具有千個花瓣 因為它是心 / / 靈複合體 變貌 的總體

Questioner: Right now I feel a feeling at the indigo center. If this center were totally activated and not blocked at all, would I then feel nothing there?

發問者: 現在我的靛藍色中心有個感覺 如果這中心完全地被啟動 完全沒有阻礙 是否我就不會有任何感覺

Ra: I am Ra. This query, if answered, would infringe upon the Law of Confusion.

RA 我是 Ra 這個問題 如果回答的話 會侵犯混淆法則

Questioner: Immediately after the death of the physical body you have stated that the primary activated body is the indigo, and you stated that it is the form-maker. Why is this so?

發問者: 緊接著肉體死亡後 你曾說主要被啟動的光體是靛色 你說它是形體 - 製造者 form-maker ), 為什麼呢

Ra: I am Ra. This will be the last full query of this session of working.

RA 我是 Ra 這將是此次工作的最後一個問題

The indigo body may be seen to be an analog for intelligent energy. It is, in microcosm, the Logos. The intelligent energy of the mind/body/spirit complex totality draws its existence from intelligent infinity or the Creator.

靛藍色光體可以視為智能能量的類比 在微觀宇宙 它即是理則
/ / 靈複合全體 的智能能量從 智能無限 或造物者中拉拔出 自身的存在

This Creator is to be understood, both in macrocosm and microcosm, to have, as we have said, two natures: the unpotentiated infinity which is intelligent; this is all that there is.

這個造物者須同時以巨觀與微觀宇宙的觀點來 理解 如同我們曾說 造物者具有兩個特質 尚未賦能的( unpotentiated )無限,它是智能的;此即是一切萬有

Free will has potentiated, both the Creator of us all and our selves as co-Creators with intelligent infinity which has will. This will may be drawn upon by the indigo or form-making body and its wisdom used to then choose the appropriate locus and type of experience which this co-Creator or sub-sub-Logos you call so carelessly a person will take.

自由意志 賦予 造物者 力量 同時包括 我們全體 之造物者 以及身為共同 造物者 co-Creator 的我們 偕同具有意志之智能無限 ], 這意志可以被 靛藍 色光體或形體 - 製造者所牽引 它的智慧被用來選擇適當的位置 經驗的型態 透過這個共同 造物者 或子子理則 你們很隨意地稱之為一個人 的決定

I am Ra. This is the time for any brief queries.

我是 Ra 此時可有任何簡短的詢問

Questioner: Is there anything that we can do to make the instrument more comfortable or to improve the contact?

發問者: 我唯一需要知道的是 有沒有什麼我們可以做的 好增加這器皿的舒適度 或改善這通訊

Ra: I am Ra. All is well. You are conscientious. I leave you now, my brothers, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Go forth, then, rejoicing in the power and the peace of the one infinite Creator. Adonai.

RA 我是 Ra 一切都好 你們是盡責認真的 我們與你同在
我的兄弟 我們在太一無限造物者的愛與光中離開你們 向前去吧 在太一無限造物者的大能與和平中歡欣鼓舞 Adonai


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