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THE NEW ATLANTIS: Master Plan Of The Ages


原文來自:Cosmic Convergence: 2012 and Beyond


原創翻譯:Patrick Shih

The Great White Brotherhood and the American Experiment


Then there are those truly unique enterprises which enjoy near perfect alignment of both intention and execution with the Divine will.  Such was the case with the founding of the American Republic.  Regardless of the fact that serious mistakes were made as the 13 colonies grew into the 50 states, the USA was destined to be born as The New Atlantis.


Moral of this Story:  Even though great enterprises such as the founding of the American Republic are preordained by the Divine, and have His/Her many helpers at the ready, they too can crash and burn, particularly if vigilance is not exercised at every major turn. Vigilance in this case refers to maintaining unbroken contact with the Divine source of inspiration, especially to ensure good government and dharmic implementation.  While the virtuous leaders of a truly righteous movement may be properly connected to God Almighty, there will always be some who join it who are not. And then there are those who seek to sabotage and/or take over such noble missions by malevolent stealth and/or brute force.

這則故事的教訓:即便諸如美國建國這種由神聖源頭指派而且許多幫手都就定位的偉大事業,它們依舊可能毀於一旦參與這項事業的人必須保持警戒心,才能保有來自神聖源頭的啟蒙和正確的決策。儘管偉大事業的領導人們可能都保有跟上蒼的聯繫,參與事業的人就不一定了。 甚至有人會想暗中或用蠻力搞破壞和搶奪眾人努力的成果。

Few are aware that it was the Great White Brotherhood which provided both the intention and the mundane impetus for the unprecedented American Experiment.  Friar Roger Bacon, Sir Francis Bacon and the Comte de Saint Germain were all steeped in the philosophy and methods of experimental science.  Hence, each of them contributed key components and techniques to the greatest laboratory of the modern era, an experiment which has come to be known as the ever-evolving American Experiment—the United States of America.


In order for the American Experiment to begin in earnest there were found men of upright character and good conscience who were truly of high and noble birth.  Thomas Paine, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Samuel Adams, James Madison, John Jay, George Mason, John Paul Jones, Samuel Huntington, and Marquis de Lafayette are but a few of those truly great men.  The sacrifice of hearth and home, livelihood and fortune, position and reputation was quite extraordinary for many of these brave collaborators.


Through two very difficult wars the 13 colonies gradually grew into the 50 states and other territories.  The major cities of New York and Los Angeles, Miami and Chicago became the gateway for immigrants from around the globe.  In this fashion, the United States of America became a melting pot (as well as a test tube) of the very best that the world has to offer.  Slowly but surely The New Atlantis has been raised.  However, any experiment can go awry at any time should it be taken over and run by misguided individuals whose agenda is not of the light.

美國經歷兩場非常艱辛的戰爭才將原本13個殖民地逐漸拓展成50個內陸州和其他的海外領土。紐約、洛杉磯、邁阿密和芝加哥等大城市變成了世界各國移民進入美國的窗口。美國依循時代的潮流變成了一個文化大熔爐(一根試管) 。世界各地最優秀的人才可以齊聚在美國一起發展。透過這種方式,新亞特蘭提斯得以緩慢但是穩健地興起。無論何時何地,任何實驗只要被心術不正的人把持就會誤入歧途。

The United States Phase of the Anglo-American Empire 


The United States of America is where The New Atlantis really was meant to thrive and flourish.  The Revolutionary War period defined the tensions that would exist during the entire existence of the USA.  The American Revolution would also come to accentuate the divisions between the John Dee imperialists and Sir Francis Bacon nationalists.  The globalist cabal which rules the world in 2016 has its roots in the imperialism of the British Crown which was closely aligned with the John Dee imperialists.  Conversely, the fledgling American patriot movement reflects the ideals of The New Atlantis envisioned by Sir Francis Bacon and his fellow advocates.

美國原本應該是新亞特蘭提斯繁榮發展的土地。獨立戰爭期間發生的事情也使得美國註定從開國以來就存在各方派系的角力。 美國獨立革命也導致約翰.迪伊代表的帝國殖民派和法蘭西斯.培根爵士代表的民族主義派正式分道揚鑣。到了2016年仍然統治全世界的全球陰謀集團可以溯源到英國王室的帝國主義以及和約翰.迪伊親近的帝國主義者。相反地,剛萌芽的美國愛國者運動反映著法蘭西斯.培根爵士和他的追隨者們對於新亞特蘭提斯的理想。

In fact, the many wars that plagued the American colonies were a direct manifestation of the primordial conflict being waged in London between these two camps.  Regardless of who was fighting on opposite sides of the various battlegrounds — French soldiers or German mercenaries, Native Indians or American Minutemen, English infantry or Spanish conquistadors  — each was supported by either the John Dee globalist cabal or the Francis Bacon nationalist movement.


This is precisely why the first settlement at Jamestown ran into so much trouble.  It represented a crucial attempt by Sir Francis Bacon et al. to establish a serious presence on the new continent which was then seriously thwarted by the John Dee cabal.  The New Atlantis was to be colonized to advance true individual sovereignty and high national ideals according to Bacon.  Dee wanted otherwise because of how ripe the New World was to be taken advantage of to further the expansion of the future British Empire.


John Dee would be proven the stronger because of the hidden agenda which was executed at every moment as the United States gained its perceived independence and developed into a powerful nation (really a cat’s paw of the British imperialists).  He also knew that the USA would be used as the military arm of the British Empire (and NWO) once it had evolved into the central banking center of the whole world.  Both New York City and Washington, D.C. were carefully constructed over many decades with the explicit intention that they would first serve the interests of the British Crown.  Everything else was relegated to a lower status … much lower status as the current state of affairs throughout the USA currently illustrates.

歷史證明約翰迪伊在這場鬥爭中取得了上風這是因為美國獨立並且逐漸發展成世界強國之際,有心人士都會一直暗中執行帝國主義者的計劃。換言之,美國形同是英國帝國主義者們的白老鼠。約翰迪伊也知道:一旦美國成為全世界的中央銀行體系的核心,美國就會變成大英帝國(以及新世界秩序)的軍事力量。紐約市和華盛頓特區在長時間的刻意經營之下,變成了兩座以英國王室利益優先的城市。 按照美國對當前世界局勢的態度來看,英國王室的利益才是重點;其他事情都是不入流的瑣事。

Herein lies the primordial conflict that has challenged the USA since its inception.  Every war that has been waged by the United States over the course of its history has occurred either to advance the Dee agenda of an Anglo-American world empire or to thwart the Bacon plan for The New Atlantis.


Toward these ends, the U.S. has been systematically built up as a corporate juggernaut and technological powerhouse.  The advancement of scientific knowledge and applied technology was perfectly in keeping with Bacon’s intention; however, much of the military uses of advanced technology were prompted by the Dee cabal.  Because the true occult powers behind this ongoing enterprise are often utilized as a show of brute force to the world-at-large, the world community of nations was eventually made to worship a new entity known as the Almighty Dollar.


In fact the entire community of nations is now separated into two distinct camps — those who continue to use the U.S. dollar as the world reserve currency and those who are removing it from their international transactions and banking systems, investments and sovereign debts.  Herein lies the real conflict which afflicts virtually every square inch of Planet Earth.  The two Iraq Wars, the Libyan War, the Ukraine War and the Syrian War are only the latest demonstrations the Dee-inspired cabal hellbent on total world domination.  They are now known as the NWO Neocon cabal.




The conclusion of this essay will undoubtedly shock and stimulate many readers.  For the preceding presentation of historical information and uncanny connections contained therein decidedly point to one conclusion:  That the very same group of highly evolved souls traveled through history together reincarnating during the critical periods outlined in this piece.


Just as many erudite historians and esoteric astrologers believe that Comte Saint Germain, Sir Francis Drake and Roger Bacon were all  incarnations of the same soul, so, too, do the best and brightest among us believe that those many supporting characters who collaborated with these giants of human history were all born from the same soul group. Given the herculean efforts and prodigious achievements accomplished by each group, it is quite easy to comprehend why this might be so.


The extremely well-kept secret of Saint Germain’s direct participation, during the pre and post Revolutionary War periods of the American Republic, is an excellent example of how the same souls all likely congregated during that defining period of world history.  Were it not for those previous lifetimes spent together preparing for each successive stage of the building of The New Atlantis, the USA would never have been born.


Now many might say that the current plight of the planetary civilization is such that it might be much better off had the Untied States of America never been established; however, the American Experiment is just that—an ongoing experiment.  True, the lab has been blown up a good number of times by now, but sometimes that has to happen so that a whole new laboratory can be built from scratch.  That’s exactly what happened to the original Atlantis that sunk in the Atlantic Ocean at the peak of its power in the world of men.


There is in fact a brand new laboratory being constructed on Planet Earth at this very moment.  It’s called Vladimir Putin’s Russian Federation.  Furthermore, the coalescence of the many BRICS-aligned nations is a brilliant reflection of the next phase of the post-modern American Experiment.  Perhaps the Kremlin is now home to that same traveling troupe of benevolent souls who have committed themselves to the unpliftment of all of humanity.  After all, it was Edgar Cayce who said that Russia would be the hope of the world.



Could it be?!  Could it be that Russia is the next phase of this ongoing Shakespearean saga, forever alternating with epic comedies and tragedies.  Only time will tell.  As the twilight of the Kali Yuga enters its final days … … … only time will tell.

是這樣嗎?難道俄羅斯真是這個不斷上演的那段永遠史詩般悲喜劇交替之莎士比亞傳奇的下一個階段嗎? 只有時間才知道。 爭鬥時Kali Yuga;是印度教中四個宇迦循環中的最後一個宇迦,也是目前所在的宇迦。)的黃昏進入最後的日子……… 只有時間才會知道

Cosmic Convergence Research Group
March 6, 2016


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