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Contact Report 725     第725次接觸報告




1,2-二氯乙烷1,2-dichloroethane);Argon);Nitrogen);氰化氫Hydrogen cyanide);二氧化碳CO2);磷化氫Hydrogen phosphide);精油essential oils)和含鐵基質1-甲基環丙烯1-methylcyclopropene);磺酰氟Sulphuryl fluoride);溴甲烷Bromomethane)等。

Synopsis     摘要

This is the entire contact report. Ptaah explains to Billy the poisonous gases used to sterilize and preserve the food in our time.



.But now I want to get straight down to the following topic: In my youth, we had to sprinkle a grey powder over the potatoes for storage, preservation and sprouting prevention, but Asket once explained to me that the powder contained certain toxins, that these were secreted into the potatoes and that though this the human immune system was weakened and [that it] as well caused diseases. Nowadays, this powder may well no longer be used, because as far as I know, stored potatoes and all kinds of fruit, berries, teas, herbs and vegetables, as well as some meat products and various other foodstuffs etc. are kept fresh in gas chambers by means of certain gases. However, if these are then sold and thus get into the normal, fresh air, they rot and spoil quickly. To my knowledge, you Plejaren do studies on this, at least that is what your daughter Semjase once said. Now I would like to know whether these powders and gases are harmless today or still poisonous and harmful to health as they have always been?



About this, I am very well able to provide you with information, because this is one of my special fields of interest, [one] with which I am particularly concerned, just as we intentionally do observations and research on earth in this respect. With poisonous powders and various poisonous gases, natural food is still being treated against bacteria and therewith as well poisoned in high-pressure warehouses of the earthly food companies. Due to the overpopulation and the modernization and digitalization of the terrestrial human race, their entire way of life has changed just as adversely as their eating behaviour, forcing the entire economy, and thus also the food industry, to constantly invent new products and bring them onto the market. This also refers to the fact that new variants for preserving food have to constantly be developed, whereby, however, dangerous methods harmful to health are devised and applied. These are, according to our research, which we carry out year after year, all harmful to human health and cause various malignant tumours resp. malignant cancers, the characteristic feature of which is the uncontrolled growth of tumour cells, which invasively push away and destroy healthy tissue. Nevertheless, all these toxins are declared by users [= those that use them to preserve their food products] and health authorities as harmless to the health of terrestrial human beings. However, this is a deception and a lie, because all gaseous as well as solid or powdery products of this kind cause malignant tumour diseases, [and they do so] at an increasing degree and especially in the industrialized countries. The enormous mass of overpopulation and its needs and desires, just in terms of food alone, is putting the entire food industry under pressure, because consumers are constantly demanding more and more food that is designed for convenience, use and comfort, or food that offers simple and labour-saving preparation and cooking. On the one hand, this is because time is increasingly valued in terms of money and earnings, but on the other hand also because modernization and digitalization are increasingly reducing the initiative and work enthusiasm of the earthlings and are constantly expanding to include only a senseless use of digitalization.


Digital games and digital information retrieval etc., have become a pathological addiction for the majority of people on earth for quite some time, with the consequence that any expenditure of time for normal and reasonable activity and for learning how to live is neglected, and thus the use of reason and intellect becomes more and more stunted whereby general stupidity becomes more and more widespread and becomes a factor of unfitness for life and finally leads to the complete inability to live. As a result of the fact that the Earth human beings have adapted to all kinds of products of need, which only guarantee them luxury, labour saving, laziness and a senseless digital abundance, they also demand more and more food, which only needs little or no processing and does not need to be cooked thoroughly, but only warmed up or already preheated and ready to eat. But with all these foods, toxic gases etc. are used, on the one hand to preserve them and, on the other hand, to kill bacteria and immunise them against them, to the detriment of consumer health, because all toxic gases penetrate the food and lead to many different ailments and diseases in the human body, whereby, as I have already explained, malignant tumours and various cancers are the most common ailments, which will spread more and more in the future. The poison gases used to combat bacterial contamination in food increase the risk of damage to health and also provide more space for oxidation processes, as a result of which food rots and is destroyed more quickly. Chemical substances, as well as poisonous gases used for bacterial control and preservation or conservation, are always harmful to health, even in minimal quantities, even if health authorities and users of the gases etc. irresponsibly claim otherwise.


The oxidation in food, etc. corresponds to a chemical reaction in which an atom, ion or molecule gives off electrons, thereby increasing its oxidation number, while another substance takes up and reduces the electrons, both reactions together corresponding to a partial reaction of a redox reaction based on electron transfer of a chemical reaction. Nowadays, as we know from our observations and research, the most common method used in the food industry on earth to prolong the shelf life of food products is by packaging them in inert gas. It is also claimed that this gas is harmless to health, but this is also a lie, because this gas also penetrates into the food, is toxic and thus has a harmful effect on the human organism. So meat and fish products etc., as well as cheese, bakery products, sliced vegetables or fruit are put in inert gas packaging, thereby deceiving consumers that everything is harmless to health. However, what is prepared on food products by machines in this process, packed and gassed in containers provided and sealed in gas-tight films is just as harmful to health as gassing food in high-pressure bearings or high-pressure gas chambers.

食品等中的氧化對應於化學反應,其中原子,離子或分子釋放電子,並且其氧化數增加,而另一種物質吸收並還原電子,這兩種反應一起是氧化還原反應的部分反應,基於化學反應的電子轉移。如今,從我們的觀察和研究中知道,地球上食品工業中用於延長食品保質期的最常見方法是將其包裝在惰性氣體inert gas。人們還聲稱這種氣體對健康無害,但這也是一個謊言,因為這種氣體也滲透到食物中,是有毒的,因此對人類有機體具有害影響。因此,肉類和魚製品等,以及乳酪、麵包產品、切片蔬菜或水果都放在惰性氣體包裝,從而欺騙消費者,一切都對健康無害。然而,在這個過程中,機器在食品上製備的、包裝和氣體裝在裝有氣密薄膜的容器中,對健康的危害與在高壓軸承或高壓氣室中加氣一樣有害


And all this does not change the fact that research has selected an ideal gas mixture for this technology for each product, because they are all toxic and harmful and thus cause malignant tumour diseases. In contrast to solid food, liquids are not gassed but pasteurized. So what used to be used only to preserve fresh milk is now also used for baby food and fruit juices, as well as for many other products such as fruit or vegetable purees, soups and sauces, etc. Furthermore, depending on the product and your wishes, the shelf life is increased to a certain heat temperature, up to 120 degrees. Usually this temperature increase lasts only a few seconds, and then it is lowered again very quickly. And the reason why this is handled in such a way is to preserve the original flavouring [aromatic]substances. After the heating for a few seconds, the products are filled under sterile conditions in the same processing plant into sterilized containers, which of course have also been de-bacterialized and made sterile beforehand.

所有這些並沒有改變這樣的事實,即研究人員已經為該技術的每種產品選擇了理想的氣體混合物,因為它們都是有毒的並且對健康有害,從而引發惡性腫瘤疾病。與固體食品相反,液體不是用氣體殺菌,而是經過巴斯德式殺菌法消毒pasteurized)的。過去僅用於保存新鮮牛奶的產品,現在也用於嬰兒食品和果汁,以及許多其他產品,例如水果或蔬菜泥(vegetable purees)、湯和醬汁等。此外,保質期取決於產品和需求加熱溫度,最高可達120度。通常,這種溫度升高僅持續幾秒鐘就可以很快地再次降低。之所以這樣處理,是因為要保留原始風味[芳香]。加熱幾秒鐘後,產品在同一加工廠的無菌條件下被填充到消毒容器中,這些容器當然也已預先進行了消毒和滅菌。

The high-pressure poison gas process used today is a method that requires a high capital investment but is extremely profitable for large companies and food corporations. This is especially so for large companies and corporations because heating is no longer necessary for almost all liquid or pasty foods. If the food is already packaged in flexible sleeves, it is subjected to a pressure of 7000 bar for up to 30 minutes, after which the high-pressure sterilized food tastes like fresh goods, although in reality it is no longer fresh, but rather corresponds to pasteurized products that only appear deceptively fresh to consumers. In view of other and newer technologies used to preserve food, they are not yet sufficiently developed, but progress is being made in their development, such as a pressure swing process in which a foodstuff is mixed with an inert gas, such as argon or nitrogen, but which are in no way non-toxic or harmless, as is falsely said. This also applies to many other substances which are used for various purposes and which are toxic as well as dangerous, but which are also often used and fumigated in shipping containers from South America, Africa, America and Asia, such as by the following toxic gases:

目前使用的高壓毒氣工序是一種需要高資本投資的方法,但對大公司和食品公司來說卻非常有利可圖。對於大型公司而言,尤其如此,因為幾乎所有液體或糊狀食品(pasty foods)都不再需要加熱。如果食品已經用軟殼包裝,則要承受長達30分鐘7000巴(bar)的壓力,之後高壓消毒食品的味道像新鮮商品,雖然實際上它不再新鮮,而是巴氏殺菌過的產品,但對消費者來說似乎是新鮮的。鑒於用來保存食物的其他新技術還沒有發展出來,但是正在取得進展,例如一種將食物與惰性氣體(如氬氣或氮氣)混合在一起的變壓工序,但正如人們所言,這些技術絕非無毒無害。這也適用於許多其他用於各種目的的物質,這些物質是有毒和危險的,但也經常在來自南美洲、非洲、美洲和亞洲的集裝箱(貨櫃)中使用和(用毒性氣體)薰蒸fumigated),例如以下有毒氣體:

-     1,2-dichloroethane is a colourless, flammable and toxic liquid with a chloroform-like odour. This chemical compound belongs to the chlorinated hydrocarbons, whereby poisoning through 1,2-dichloroethane occasionally occurs during unloading of sea containers. Inert gases do not cause any damage to the fumigated materials during pest control, which is why the anoxia process, as it is known, is used everywhere, including in buildings etc. and for pest control of all kinds.

- 1,2-二氯乙烷1,2-dichloroethane)是一種無色,易燃和有毒的液體,具有類似氯仿的氣味。這種化合物是氯化烴chlorinated hydrocarbons)的一種,因此,在卸載海運集裝箱時,偶爾會發生1,2-二氯乙烷中毒。在害蟲控制期間,惰性氣體不會對薰蒸後的材料造成任何損害,這就是為什麼稱之為缺氧anoxia過程的方法被廣泛使用(包括建築物等)以及進行各種害蟲防治的原因。

-     Argon is toxic and causes hypoxia or lack of oxygen in the tissues of the organism when inhaled. Argon can cause weakness, dizziness and general indisposition. Depending on the duration of an argon influence, breathing and pulse are accelerated. Argon leads to shortness of breath, chest pain, trembling, sweating, alternating hot and cold sensations, as well as to changes in perception and up to unconsciousness even at low levels of exposure. Often quite diffuse and unspecific symptoms occur. Long-term oxygen deficiency caused by argon can cause organ damage, which requires rapid medical clarification and treatment of the symptoms.

- Argon)吸入體內是有毒的,會導致生物體組織缺氧hypoxia)。氬可導致虛弱、頭暈和全身不適、加速呼吸和脈搏的加速,這取決於氬氣暴露的持續時間。氬會導致呼吸急促、胸痛、顫抖、出汗、冷熱感覺交替,以及感知變化和昏迷,即使在低暴露水準下也是如此。通常有相當擴散和未具體的症狀發生。氬氣導致的長期缺氧會引起器官損傷,需要迅速進行醫學淨化medical clarification)和治療。

-     Nitrogen is also poisonous, but it is a vital basic building block of nature and a nutrient. On the other hand, it is a dangerous pollutant for Earth human beings and ecosystems as well as all their creatures living in them. The main cause of reactive nitrogen emissions into all environmental media is the entire agricultural industry and thus agriculture, which, contrary to all false statistical claims by terrestrial <expert researchers>, accounts for more than 73 percent of the total. Nitrogen corresponds to an inert gas, which is increasingly used as a fumigant, but even though the air we breathe is 78% nitrogen, it cannot be considered a non-toxic fumigant. Nitrogen fumigation is used to combat [plant]feeding insects and parasites, e.g. in gas-tight foil tents and in closed chambers. If the residual oxygen content can be kept at 0.5% to 0.1%, the insect eggs are killed after only four days to one week. If, on the other hand, the nitrogen is slowly increased and the oxygen content is gradually reduced to less than 1%, then the insects die within three weeks or at most 2 ½ months due to anoxia or anoxia, hypoxia. To make a fumigation successful the killing of the insect eggs is especially important. The fact that inert gases do not cause any damage to the fumigated materials during pest control does not mean that they are not harmful to the health of terrestrial man, because it is a fact that Earth human research is still largely incapable of analysing the dangerous toxins in these areas.

- Nitrogen)也是有毒的,但它是自然的重要基礎和營養物質。另一方面,它是地球人類和生態系統以及生活在其中的所有生物的危險污染物。所有環境介質中無活性氮排放的主要原因是整個農業經濟,因此,與地球專家研究人員所有錯誤的統計說法相反,農業占總數的73%以上。氮氣是一種惰性氣體,越來越多地被用作薰蒸fumigant消毒)之用,但如果呼吸的空氣中也含有78%的氮氣,那就不能說它是無毒的薰蒸劑。氮薰蒸用於對抗[植物]餵養昆蟲和寄生蟲,例如在氣密膜帳篷和密閉室中。如果殘留的氧氣含量可以保持在0.5%0.1%,那麼昆蟲的卵在僅僅四天到一週後就會被殺死。另一方面,如果氮氣緩慢增加,氧氣含量逐漸降低到1%以下,則昆蟲在三週內或最多2個半月內會因缺氧而死亡。要使薰蒸成功,殺滅蟲卵尤為重要。惰性氣體在害蟲防治期間不會對薰蒸材料造成任何損害,並不意味著它們對人類的健康沒有危害,因為地球人類的研究,在很大程度上仍然無法分析這些地區的有害毒素。

-     Hydrogen cyanide or hydrogen cyanide is also a very toxic, environmentally dangerous and highly inflammable and deadly substance, which is absorbed very quickly through the skin pores when fumigated, but is particularly strongly absorbed through wounds.

- 氰化氫Hydrogen cyanide)也是一種毒性極強、對環境有害且高度易燃和致命的物質,在薰蒸過程中,氰化氫通過皮膚毛孔吸收非常快,在傷口上吸收尤其強烈。

-     CO2 corresponds to a gas that contains within itself diverse other toxins that are still unknown to earthly research and will remain unknown for some time to come, because the appropriate means of detecting and analysing them are far from being available. If fumigation of food is carried out, as for example with regard to fruit and tropical fruits etc., then sea containers and other closed containers and rooms etc. are also included, whereby, on the seas, the containers are of particular importance which are filled with poisonous gases, through which fruit and vegetables are transported all over the world. In addition, however, storage rooms on land are also gassed, as are apartments, halls and churches etc., in order to kill pests. Such gases can also delay or accelerate the ripening of food, especially apples and bananas, which release the phytohormone ethylene or ethylene and CO2 during ripening. If CO2 is added, ripening is delayed, while the addition of ethylene stimulates ripening. But this toxic CO2, too, gets into the fruits, which are then eaten and damage the health of the earthlings. This is especially true with regard to malignant tumor diseases, which are particularly caused and promoted by CO2. If the ripeness of fruits is desired, ethene is released without hesitation in order to bring them to ripeness faster and in a more controlled way. Ethene or ethylene is also produced by plants themselves and also acts like a plant hormone with regard to an artificially induced and rapid ripening process. Above all, because it already effective in nanomolecular quantities, it is used for the ripening of apples, bananas and tomatoes.

- 二氧化碳CO2)是一種含有許多其他毒素的氣體,這些毒素在地球研究中仍然是未知的,而且將留待一段時間,因為檢測和分析這些毒素的適當手段還遠遠沒有。如果對食物進行薰蒸,例如水果和熱帶水果等,則還包括海運集裝箱和其他封閉的集裝箱和房間等,因此,在海上,集裝箱特別重要,這些集裝箱被裝滿了有毒氣體,水果和蔬菜通過這些氣體運送到世界各地。此外,陸地上的儲藏室以及公寓、大廳和教堂等也都使用毒氣,以消滅害蟲。這種氣體也會延緩或加速食物的成熟,特別是蘋果和香蕉,在成熟過程中釋放植物激素phytohormone乙烯ethylene)或乙烯和二氧化碳。如果添加二氧化碳,則延遲成熟,而通過添加乙烯促進成熟。但是,這種有毒的二氧化碳也會進入果實,然後被食用並損害地球人的健康。對於惡性腫瘤疾病,尤其是由二氧化碳引起和促成的尤其如此。如果需要果實的成熟度,則毫不遲疑地釋放乙烯ethene),以便以更可控的方式更快地成熟。乙烯也由植物自己產生,在人工誘導和快速成熟過程中也像植物激素一樣的作用。最重要的是,它具有納米分子有效含量(effective in nanomolecular quantities),可用於促進蘋果、香蕉和番茄的成熟。

Fruits are often prevented from ripening by nitrogen when this [ripening] is delayed by negative pressure and the resulting withdrawal of ethylene. After just a short time the Inhalation of fumigants causes various health problems for the Earth human being, including exposure or evaporation in [vapours seeping through from] grain stores. Carbon dioxide is also irresponsibly used in large quantities to delay ripening, which also causes the necessary displacement of oxygen in the storage rooms, but which also makes entering them [storage rooms treated with gas] life-threatening, because in fumigated rooms death by suffocation is imminent.


- Hydrogen phosphide (PH3) is another colourless gas which spreads an odour like garlic or fish and which also has a harmful toxicity, and is used in both the commercial and private sectors. In its pure state, the substance is very toxic, corrosive, dangerous to the environment and highly self-igniting. Nevertheless, it is also absurdly claimed that this gas is not harmful to health, which is not true, because this substance also contains toxic basic substances that have a harmful effect on health, but which cannot be detected and analysed by terrestrial means. However, hydrogen phosphide can develop in the body from aluminium or magnesium phosphide, which are not usually recognised as dangerous when ingested orally, but over time can cause damage to health whereby symptoms of poisoning may still occur even after 24 to 48 hours, but it may be difficult to analyse these as harmful effects of hydrogen phosphide. Hydrogen phosphide can form in grain stores when moisture spreads, but due to its small molecular size it can also penetrate or permeate masonry. In addition, this substance can block important fermentation processes in the human body and cause permanent kidney or liver damage. If a very high blood concentration occurs, methaemoglobin can be highly concentrated, which can lead to a very dangerous respiratory dysfunction. It is possible that through this stuff [PH3] an acute poisoning or sub-acute poisoning with nausea and tiredness as well as sudden death occurs.

- 磷化氫Hydrogen phosphidePH3)是另一種無色氣體,會散發出大蒜或魚之類的氣味,並且也對健康有害,可用於商業用途和私人用途。在純狀態下,該物質具有劇毒、腐蝕性、環境危害性和高度自燃性。然而,在這方面也有人認為這種氣體對健康無害,這是不正確的,因為該氣體還含有對健康有害的有毒原料,但無法通過地球上的方法進行檢測和分析。然而,磷化氫可以從鋁或磷化鎂在體內發展,在口服時通常不會被認定為危險,但隨著時間的流逝,可能會對健康造成損害,即使在2448小時之後,中毒症狀仍可能出現,但可能難以分析是磷化氫的有害影響。當水分擴散時,磷化氫可以在穀物儲存中形成,但由於其分子較小,可以穿透或滲透磚石。此外,這種物質可以阻斷人體的重要發酵過程,並造成永久性腎臟或肝臟損害。如果血液濃度非常高,可能會形成高濃度的高鐵血紅蛋白methaemoglobin;也稱變性血紅素),這可能導致非常危險的呼吸功能障礙。也有可能由於這種物質[PH3]引起急性中毒或亞急性sub-acute)中毒,並伴有噁心和嗜睡,甚至發生猝死。

- Oils and ferrous substrates are being tested to destroy parasites, as well as various newer methods are being used and newer ones are being researched, as we can observe, but it would be going too far to go into detail. I only want to say that, in future, in addition to products, packaging will also be treated, whereby essential oils and ferrous substrates or antimicrobial solutions are taken into account which will be incorporated into packaging film and then released into the food during storage to protect it, but, as we have already researched, all these substances will also have a detrimental health effect on the earth human's organism.

- Oils)和含鐵的基質ferrous substrates)正在測試用於消滅寄生蟲,以及正在使用各種新方法,也探索了較新的方法,但是提供詳細資訊可能太過分了。我只想說,將來除了產品外,包裝也會被處理,其中精油essential oils)和含鐵基質或抗菌溶液將被考慮在包裝膜中,然後在儲存期間釋放到食品中並對其進行保護。但是,正如我們已經研究的那樣,所有這些物質都將對地球人類有機體產生不利健康的影響。

In the present time, as a rule, toxic gaseous substances are used as fumigants for food, [fumigants] which are used to kill bacteria and other pests, sometimes in buildings, rooms and containers resp. the supplies or materials stored in them. These poisonous and sometimes very poisonous gases and other substances, which are sometimes applied in combination, have properties and dangers which can cause damage to the health of people on earth and even endanger their lives.


If the fumigants are used to fumigate stored goods that are not moved, and thus rid them of mites, insects and other unwanted creatures, the gases are distributed between and around the foodstuffs, whereby the toxic substances of the gases also penetrate into their interior. By doing so the requirements for quality and pest control should be adhered to, as well as the properties of low residue formation in decomposed stocks and a good penetration. In this respect, gaseous as well as solid pesticides are used in special closed rooms, but also in the open air.


-     1-methylcyclopropene (MCP) has only a low toxicity, but is nevertheless harmful to health, because it is effective even in the smallest dose[s] and thus only leads to extremely low residues of less than 0.01 ppm. Contrary to other claims, it is as carcinogenic, mutagenic and damaging to reproduction as do all solid or gaseous toxins. Fundamentally it shows, in small doses and due to the earthly possibilities for a long time indetectable, influences on ozone, earth, air and water organisms.

- 1-甲基環丙烯1-methylcyclopropeneMCP)僅具有低毒性,但對健康有害,因為它以最低劑量工作,因此殘留量極低,小於0.01 ppm。與其他說法相反,它與多種固體或氣體形式的毒素一樣,具有致癌性、致突變性和對生殖有害。基本上,在低劑量下,由於存在地球上的可能性,因此對臭氧,地球,空氣和水生物的長期影響不可察覺。

Due to the ignorance of earthly chemical research, 1-methylcyclopropene is used worldwide without hesitation for apple treatment. With regard to the storage of stone fruit, only low concentrations of about 1 ppm (note Billy: ppm = parts per million) are used for the fumigation of the air in the storage area[s], whereby, through the coating of the ethylene receptors of the fruit, the fruit reduces its respiratory activity and significantly slows down the ripening process. Through this technique, however, consumers are unable to tell the age of the fruit, making it impossible for consumers to distinguish whether the fruit is fresh, a few days, weeks or even two or three years old. An ageing can only be determined by a chemical analysis, as for instance, as well by [analysing how much] the vitamin C content drops, which is decreasing with age.

由於對地球化學研究的無知,1-甲基環丙烯在全世界被毫不猶豫地用於蘋果處理。關於核果stone fruit;如桃、梅等)的儲存,只有低濃度約1ppmBilly註:ppm = 百萬分之一)用於儲存區的空氣薰蒸,這會降低水果的乙烯受體的透氣性並顯著減慢成熟過程。然而,運用這種技術,消費者無法分辨出水果的出產時間,使得消費者無法分辨出水果是否新鮮,是幾天、幾週還是兩三年前的。年份只能通過化學分析來確定,例如,由於老化,維他命C含量降低。

-     Sulphuryl fluoride, which is also a very toxic and environmentally hazardous fumigant for objects, is almost inert and colourless, and is also non-flammable, odourless and heavier than air. Sulfuryl fluoride is used to combat wood, textile and other material pests.

- 磺酰氟Sulphuryl fluoride)也是一種對物體有毒且對環境有害的薰蒸材料,幾乎是惰性和無色的,並且不易燃、無味且比空氣重。硫醯氟用於防治木材、紡織品和其他材料的害蟲。

-     23 Bromomethane or methyl bromide is mainly used on wood to combat moulds and wood pests. However, this substance is extremely toxic and very dangerous to the environment, and a bromomethane concentration of over 2 g/m³ in an enclosed space is already lethal.

- 23 溴甲烷Bromomethane)或甲基溴methyl bromide)主要用於木材,以防黴菌和木材害蟲。然而,這種物質毒性極強,對環境非常危險,在封閉空間內濃度每立方公尺超過2公克已具有致命性。


Thanks, that was an interesting monologue on your part, and all your remarks are very interesting.



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