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Contact Report 251-3 (1995/2/3)   第251次接觸報告之三


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Few other details are needed to explain the number of diverse human skin tones on Earth. From our previous explanations, it should now be apparent that various human races and their skin colors originated throughout the most diverse planetary systems of our galaxy, the Milky Way. The regions of Sirius, however, played a specific role too, at least with respect to the actual Ur-Ur-origin, before the Old Lyrians came to Earth where they later merged with terrestrial human beings. Numerous distant descendants from those early days inhabit this planet today. 


One more explanatory remark regarding the original genetic manipulators: In reality they were the benefactors of the genetically-altered people, hence they were their "creator-overlords". When the time came to eventually kill or merely exile the genetically-altered individuals they (the benefactors) split into two sides. Subsequently, the two divisions fought each other with harsh verbal assaults and accusations until other intelligent beings from the Sirius regions intervened; they were joined by the group who wanted to kill the genetically-altered people.  


The true benefactors, those opposed to the killing, were able to rescue a great many genetically-manipulated beings whom they had divided into several groups - in spite of the many counter measures of those who wanted to kill. As was previously explained, two groups of peoples settled on the other side of the galaxy, while the remainder of the peoples found new homes in the SOL system on Mars and Malona; subsequently, several thousand degenerate, genetically-altered individuals were deported to Earth.  

真正的“恩人”,他們反對殺戮,拯救了很多基改人 他們不顧那些想方設法 要殺戮的那群人,將這些人類分成了幾組 。正如前面所解釋,其中兩組人選定銀河系的另一邊,而其餘的人在太陽系的火星和法厄同星上找到了新的家園隨後,有幾千個墮落的 基改人 被驅逐到地球

The benefactors knew even then that the people shipped there could not remain in this solar system forever but that sometime later they would have to depart for other destinations. The benefactors were fully aware that this remote system's sun was a waning star even then, and it was specifically selected since the Sirius Intelligences and the "creator-overlords" who were willing to kill the refugees, did not suspect that this region with its dying sun would be a candidate for new settlements of the "degenerates" and "god's workers", as they were called by the "creator-overlords". For this reason, the benefactors placed vast distances between the genetically-manipulated people's home planets in the Sirius regions and the SOL system, as well as the distant system beyond the galaxy, so as to protect those living on them from those who threatened to kill and eliminate them.  


The selected hideaways were chosen therefore for their extreme remoteness and their position at the fringe of the galaxy. In addition to having a dying sun, another determining facet also was that living conditions on SOL planets, and planets within the system on the other side of the galaxy, were very inhospitable since the breathable air on each of the newly settled planets did not match the original air composition on the home planets. Even on Earth today this is applicable, for its air composition fails to measure up to human respiratory requirements. The dying sun, inadequate living conditions and poor air in the SOL system and beyond the galaxy, were therefore reason enough for seeking hideouts here from the pursuers.  

那些藏身之處之所以被選擇,是因為他們位置極為偏僻 ,並且它們位於銀河系的邊緣,除了有一個垂死的太陽外,另一決定的因素,是在於太陽系以及銀河系另一邊星系內行星上的生活條件都很荒涼因為每一顆新定居行星的可呼吸空氣與家鄉行星上原本的空氣成份並不相同即使今天在地球上仍是如此,其空氣成分未能達到對人體呼吸的要求。垂死的太陽,在太陽系與銀河系的遙遠處,不適當的生活條件與惡劣的空氣,所以有足夠的理由在這裡尋找藏身之所,以躲避追兵。

The genetically-altered human beings have struggled to survive ever since their arrival in the SOL system so remote from Sirius, its planets and intelligences. The newcomers propagated offspring and ceaselessly evolved as terrestrials. Soon they will have developed the capability to embark into the Universe's vastness and to their Ur-Ur-points of origin. These actions contradict the unjustifiable claims of terrestrial scientists who contend that Man on Earth, in his current form, is the Ur-product of Earth - let alone Charles Darwin's stupid-primitive false premise that Man descended from apes. There do exist, however, some purely terrestrially-created human beings on Earth but they display their own evolutionary lineage, which is independent from the apes, while the apes descended from the original, respectively earliest, human beings.  

自從被基改的人類遠離天狼星系的智慧生命而抵達太陽系後,他們掙扎求生並繁延後代,不斷 演變為地球人 。不久,他們將有能力進入浩瀚的宇宙並前往自己最初的發源地這些行動反駁了地球科學家不實的論斷,他們辯稱地球上目前的人類就是地球上原生的物種更別提 查爾斯 達爾文 既愚蠢又粗糙的 錯誤假設 人是人猿的後代 。然而,地球上確實存在一些純粹地球原生的人種,但他們具有自己的進化血統,與人猿無關相反的,人猿反而是起源於最原始的人類

Yet, even these purely Earth-created individuals are saddled with the genetic legacy of the so-called "original sin", if one can call it that. The same applies also to those many humans propagated in former times by Old-Lyrians and Pleiadians who then died on Earth. Every extraterrestrial, absolutely each and every one, who ever lived and died on Earth never again returned to his homeworld. Their spirit forms passed into the terrestrial realms of the Beyond, and they have since incarnated into new human bodies.  

然而,即使是這些純粹由地球創造的人類,都同樣背負著基因遺留下來的所謂“原罪”( 如果可以這樣稱呼的話)。同樣也適用於那些在很久以前在地球上繁殖,其後死去的老天琴星人和昴宿星人。每一個地球人,絕對是每一個,只要他曾經在地球上生活並死亡, 就永遠不會再回到他的家鄉 他們的靈魂會進入地球的“天國”領域 ,而他們此後就轉世 為新的人類肉體

Because these individuals were born on Earth, they too sustained the damage of the previous genetic alterations by the "creator-overlords" from Sirius. This entire situation transpired because the genetically-manipulated and the purely terrestrial human beings energetically propagated offspring with each other, and as a result the degenerate legacy unrelentingly spread throughout planet Earth's entire humankind.  

因為這些人出生在地球上,他們同樣遭受來自天狼星那些“創造主”的基因竄改而受害。整 個情況的發生,是因為那些基改的地球人和純粹的地球人相互大力地繁殖後代,於是乎,墮落的遺傳基因便不屈不饒地傳遍整個地球的人類

The genetic manipulations do not imply that terrestrial Man is a born killing machine, but signify only that he is a combative life form, capable of killing when required to do so, or when events trigger his loss of control or outbursts, etc. Such actions may also lead to degeneration; but, generally, they only occur when the two factors consciousness and psyche, hence the person's world of thoughts and feelings, are afflicted or briefly overburdened, whereupon they prompt the act committed in the heat of passion. Therefore, the evil brought about, or rather fostered, by the genetic manipulation, is not an intrinsic, compulsive inborn lust to murder. In truth, the genetic manipulation was only created as a controllable factor enabling Man to subdue the evil implanted in him, and to make it slowly vanish as he walks along his natural, evolutionary path.  

基因竄改並不意味著地球人是一個天生的殺戮機器,但表示他是一個好鬥的生命體 ,當有需要這樣做,或者當有事情觸發他情緒爆發或失控時,他就有能力殺戮。這樣的行為也可能導致墮落;但是,通常這些事的發生是意識和心理兩個因素所造成,因為他們的思想與感情世界被折磨或不堪負荷,於是在激情中犯下罪行,因而造成罪惡。或者更確切地說,是因為基因的操控,而不是一種內在、強制與天生的殺戮慾望。事實上,基因操控只是一種可控的因子,強制人類屈從植入在他身上的邪惡,但 最終會由於人類的自然進化而使其慢慢消失

This takes an incredibly long time, however, and the reversal of the gene manipulation is an absolutely suitable solution therefore. Clearly, there truly exist no born murderers, and this fact must be stated explicitly. Such malevolent predispositions, degenerations, or individual and mass actions result from either injuries of a psychic-conceptual-emotional nature, through some sort of disorder of the consciousness, or by explosive rages. In case of disorder of the psyche or consciousness, organic injuries of the brain can play an important part.  

然而,這將會是一段令人難以置信地漫長時間。因此, 基因操控的逆向工程 會是一個合適的解決方案 。顯然, 不存在天生的殺手 這是必須明確表達的事實 。這種邪惡與墮落,或是個人和集體行動的結果,源自於某種形式的意識混亂,造成精神情緒的傷害,或者由於猛爆性的憤怒。而在心理或意識紊亂的情況下,大腦的有機傷害也會形成部分因素。

All of this is the result only of the degeneration of the gene that was accordingly manipulated, whereby evil, the purely negative, forever forces itself into the foreground. For this reason additional items also come into play, such as Man's savagery and blood frenzy during revolutions and wars, at times when he discovers the ease of killing and then overcomes the killing barrier. Such a barrier normally will remain forever present in Man, despite his genetic manipulation, unless circumvented by disease or explosive rage. Therefore, there is no such thing that Man is born evil in the sense that he or she is totally evil from birth onward, as some people enjoy claiming; those who wish only to see evil and total negativity.  


Man, of course, was provided with both the negative and the positive from the very beginning of his existence, but not to the point where he is only negative or only positive. Ultimately, an equilibrium is established that truly provides Man with the capability and stability of conquering every inflicting injury and all forms of external influences. Both, negative and positive factors, when combined with and applied to the appropriate form, result in one grand total which turns the human life form into an extremely hardy living entity that possesses the required abilities and is a born fighter for the Creational-natural laws and directives without excessiveness.

當然,人從一開始存在就被同時賦予了正面和負面的因子,但不至於全然只有負面或只有正面的狀況。最終人類會被真正賦予一種產生平衡的能力,與克服一切所受傷害和外在負面影響的穩定性。負面與正面因子,當兩者結合並適當運用,最終就會把人類變成一個 具備其所需能力的頑強生命體, 而且是一個 生來不須指點即是為「天地造化」法則而戰的鬥士

The "creator-overlords" who originally were human beings with the same characteristics as Man, however, insanely eliminated this gene from within themselves. In the process they lost all their own combativeness and robustness. They modified their entire thinking process and actions accordingly, and this resulted in their complete decadence. Consequently, they were defenseless and were subjugated when aggressors attacked them. As a result they secretly developed this breed of fighters whom they genetically manipulated and covertly new races were propagated having an array of diverse skin colors.

那些“創造主”最初也是具有同樣特點的人類,就像地球人一樣,然而,他們瘋狂地消除 這種在自己身上的基因。在這個過程中,他們失去了自己的鬥性和健壯,他們修改了自己的整個思維過程和行為,導致他們徹底的衰落。於是當侵略者襲擊他們時,他們因無力抵抗而被征服。因此他們才會秘密開發了這批戰士,經由竄改基因祕密繁殖出一系列不同膚色的新人種。

These fighters served as pawns against the aggressors and were victorious. Thus, the "creator-overlords" are to blame for their own deterioration. In their distress they procreated a new breed of humans who actually possessed all the nature-given prerequisites once again and, hence, they were capable of fighting and living. This proved to be insufficient for the "creator-overlords", though, and they decided to conduct additional genetic manipulations to make the new peoples even more aggressive than their natural tendencies allowed. To some extent the creators merely amplified certain factors through genetic manipulation, whereby the manipulated individuals actually turned into fighting machines -- but always equipped with the potential capability of normalizing themselves again through the control of evolution. For such an event to transpire millions of years would be required, though, and this evolutionary path continues even today as is evident in terrestrial Man.

這批戰士作為他們抵抗侵略者並取得勝利的棋子。因此,那些“創造主”應該為他們自己的墮落而受到譴責 。他們在危難之時培育了一批新人種,而這批人種實際上具備了所有自 然賦予的必要條件,並且他們有能力戰鬥和生存。然而這些結果證明對那些“創造主”並不夠,於是他們決定進行額外的基因操控,使新人種比他們的自然傾向更加具有 侵略性。他們在某程度上只是經由 基因操控 放大某些因子,藉此,被操控的那些個體就成了殺戮機器,但他們自身始終具有經過進化的演進,再次回歸正常的潛力。即使這種情況的發生需要數百萬年, 地球人類至今仍然明顯在這種進化大道上持續前行

The genetic manipulations made the negative or evil factors, as humans of Earth know it, particularly forceful and unnaturally aggressive. For this reason these factors have not dissipated from terrestrial Man to the point where they can never flare up again in any way, that is to say, in his excessive procreation of offspring. Such behavior has led to overpopulation, every type of ensuing ill and religious-sectarian insanity and imbecility that is frequently fanatical in character. All of these factors threaten not only the complete, ultimate destruction of the planet, but also the environment in general and every life form.


Terrestrial Man's thoughts and actions represent a regressional phase toward the Ur-condition of the genetic manipulation whereby everything degenerates and becomes excessive, just as it did in earliest times. The "creator-overlords", at the time, discerned another reason for eliminating the genetically-manipulated people. This regressive phase is manifested ever more powerful in military action, militant matters or religious-sectarian machinations. Military practices, political hate campaigns, religious-sectarian fanaticism and every type of crime generate a loss of control over the positive, which is consumed and suppressed by the negative. This turmoil spawns a state of negative-evil frenzy, which is then indulged in and pursued without restraint.

地球人的思想和行為代表著一個退化現象 ,也就是由基因竄改回到最原始的狀態 ,由於 退化,使一切變得過度,就像它剛開始的狀態。這也是那些“創造主”在當時察覺到,而需要 消滅基改人種的另一個原因。 這種退化現象,主要表現出強烈的好鬥行為 ,喜好打鬥的事物或結黨營私的活動 對軍事行動、政治對立、宗教狂熱,以及每一項罪惡,都產生一種正面控制力被負面的力量壓制並消耗的現象 這種騷動引起一種負面邪惡的狂亂,然後落入毫無節制地沉溺並樂在其中的狀態


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