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Contact Report 512 (2011/1/1)   第512次接觸報告

接觸時間: 2011 1 1 日,星期六

Part One 第一部分

Synopsis     摘要

Ptaah, Quetzal and Billy discuss the number of planets and stars that support life throughout the galaxy and universe.

Ptaah Quetzal Billy 討論到整個銀河與宇宙 能夠維持生命的行星與恆星的數量

This is an excerpt of the contact. It is an unauthorised and unofficial translation and may contain errors.



… You also alerted Florena regarding a letter and had given her the contents, after which I checked into the matter and found some serious errors.

關於一封信,你提醒了 Florena 並給了她一些內容,在此之後,我檢查了這份資料,發現裡面有一些嚴重的錯誤。


Yes, look here, this is a fax that my old friend Ernst Meierhofer sent over to me on Thursday. Consequently, I immediately told Florena so that she informed you about it, so that we could talk about it today after the correction work. However, you had already let me know about the mistakes on Thursday night through Florena. She had just come past at around 12:25am, so that Bernadette and I were able to correct the mistakes yesterday. Nevertheless I would like to go through it all again with you, so that everything really is clear and correct and there no more errors.

是的,這裡有一份傳真,是老朋友 Ernst Meierhofer 在星期四發送給我的。之後,我馬上告訴了 Florena 讓她告訴你這件事,這樣我們今天就可以在修正過後討論它了。不過,那些錯誤你在星期四晚已經透過 Florena 讓我知道了。為了讓 Bernadette 和我能夠在昨天更正那些錯誤,她差不多在那天深夜 12 25 分趕來的。不過我還是想和你再仔細檢查一次,以確定全部資料沒有其他錯誤。

Ernst wrote the following:   Ernst 寫了以下的內容(傳真資料):

Dear Eduard, regarding the following from the 228th contact report of the 1st of May 1989, that I copied from volume 5, pages 474/475, I would like something explained, for it is not entirely clear to me how I should understand it all. Particularly the 570,000,000,000 stars with planets are somewhat incomprehensible for me, because it is not clear with that whether there are 570,000,000,000 stars and planets, or whether there are 570,000,000,000 suns that have planets. One could understand it as one liked, so I would like to ask what is meant by it. In addition, the whole thing does not correlate with other statements in contact reports 467 and 264, which I have also faxed to you. Did writing mistakes creep in there?
With Greetings, Ernst

親愛的愛德華( Billy ),關於以下我從第 228 次接觸報告(時間 1989 5 1 日)第 5 卷第 474/475 頁拷貝來的資料,我想作一下解釋;因為我不清楚我應該如何去理解這些資料。特別是 5,700 億顆包含行星的恆星我搞不太懂,因為不清楚到底是有 5,700 億顆恆星與行星,還是有 5,700 億顆具有行星的恆星。大家會按他們的喜好去解讀,所以我想問一下到底是什麼意思。此外,整個資料與第 467 264 次接觸報告的敘述並沒有關聯,這些我也一併傳真給你,其中是否不小心寫錯了呢?
謹此 Ernst

228 次接觸報告(時間 1989 5 1 日)第 5 卷第 474/475 頁的資料


Ptaah and you and Semjase, you said that our Milky Way has 570,000,000,000 stars with planets, but that there were only about 7,000,000 smaller and larger solar systems with planets upon which higher life exists. Are the planetary satellites, that is to say moons, also included?

Ptaah 和你還有 Semjase 都說過我們的銀河系有 5,700 億顆恆星擁有行星,但只有大約 700 萬個大大小小具有行星的太陽系(泛指所有的恆星系統),在上面有較高等的生命存在。這些數據也包括行星的衛星,也就是說月球(泛指一切行星的衛星)在內嗎?


Yes, because there are, in certain solar systems with huge central stars, gigantic planets with immense gravitation which themselves are too big to be able to carry higher life, but their moons are however very well positioned to do so. For your understanding we call these life-supporting objects not moons however, but planet-planets.



Probably just because they are actually planets of a mother planet, or?



That is correct.



And the seven million solar systems with planets in our galaxy, on which higher life exists; does it concern thereby entirely only human civilisations?

那麼我們銀河系的 700 萬個具有行星的太陽系中,在其上的高等生命是否只完全屬於人類的文明呢?


No. The universe with all its galaxies is very thinly populated with human life forms, with all space-and time-shifted dimensions, respectively, all existing space-time fabrics, included. Many planets and moons carry only very low, micro-organic life or only forms of life such as animals, birds, fish, beetles and insects etc. which have nothing to do with higher life.



Then I have misunderstood something, because I was of the view that you have always spoken of the fact that it concerned human life forms only.



Then you succumbed to a mistake, if you assumed that those approximately 7,000,000 solar systems with their planets are only to equate with human civilisations.

如果你認為那大約 700 萬個太陽系及它們的行星只涉及到人類文明的話,那你是你解讀錯誤了。

Maybe you have really...



...misunderstood something.



I wanted to say that. In this galaxy there are only 2,630,000 known to us, but additionally there are 1,141,000,000 from other galaxies known to us that should also be included. Of the actual low-developed civilisations in this galaxy, which you call the Milky Way, 1,040,000 are known to us. Universe-wide in your material space-time structure, our scientists estimate that about 6,000,000,000,000 to 7,000,000,000,000 human civilisations of high and low form probably exist.

我想這麼說。在這個銀河系只有 263 萬個是我們已知的,但另外還有 11 4,100 萬個來自其他我們已知的星系也應包括在內。在這個你們稱之為 銀河 的星系,實際上僅是低度發展的文明,我們已知的就有 104 萬個。而在 你們的物質時空結構宇宙範圍內,我們的科學家估計,可能存在約有 6 兆到 7 兆個高等與低等的人類文明

467th Contact, of Monday, 28 June 2008, volume 23

467 次接觸報告( 2008 6 28 日,星期一)第 23


Quetzal said to me recently that your newest computations produced a number of approximately 430,000,000,000 regarding the number of stars in our Milky Way. What is the size of the number for the Andromeda nebula?

Quetzal 最近對我說,關於在我們的銀河系中恆星的數量,你們最新的計算產生出一個數目約為 4,300 億顆。仙女座大星雲的數目有多少呢?

264th Contact, of Thursday, 14. May 1998

264 次接觸報告( 1998 5 14 日,星期四)


Then just not - here is the provisionally last question: What are your calculations concerning the number of the stars in our Milky Way?

那麼就不要了 —— 這暫時是最後一條問題:關於我們的銀河系恆星數量,你們的計 算是多少?


We do not possess exact data, but rather only estimated figures.



And, what does your science of astronomy or so estimate how many stars there are in the Milky Way?



Our computations amount to approximately 165,000,000,000 giant stars and 405,000,000 medium and small.

我們的計算數量約為 1,650 億顆巨大的恆星以及 4 500 萬顆中型和小型的恆星。


I would like to explain to my friend by phone, what you have to say, because obviously actually serious errors have emerged, and we need to iron them out.



The errors in the 228th contact report are known to me, because I checked again everything on Thursday, including Quetzal’s explanation which unfortunately, as a result of typos, resulted in the confusing statement: "570,000,000,000 stars with planets". Firstly the number 570 is wrong, because the correct figure is 587, and secondly, after "billion stars" there should not be "with", but "and". In the 467th report "in regard to the stars" is wrong, because it should correctly say "in regard to the planets". Also the number 430,000,000,000 is wrong, because 431,000,000,000 is the correct number. In the 264th report the number 165 is wrong, because 156 is the correct number. In the same sentence "giant stars" is also wrong, because the correct term is just "stars". Furthermore, in the same sentence "405,000,000" is wrong; correct is "of those, 21,000,000,000 are medium and smaller-sized types".

在第 228 次接觸報告中的錯誤我是知道的,因為我在星期四把一切都重新檢查過了,包括 Quetzal 的解釋,很不幸,由於打字錯誤導致混亂的敘述:「 5,700 億顆具有行星的恆星( 570,000,000,000 stars with planets )」。首先數字 5,700 億是錯誤的,因為正確的數字是 5,870 億。其次,「 stars 」之後不應該用「 with 」,而應用「 and 」(註:如此,該句意思即變為「 5,700 億顆恆星與行星」)。在第 467 次報告中「關於那些恆星」是錯誤的,因為正確地應該說「關於那些行星」。同樣數目 4,300 億是錯誤的,因為 4,310 億才是正確的數字。其次在第 264 次接觸報告中的數字 1,650 億是錯誤的,而 1,560 億才是正確的數字。在同一句中「巨大的恆星」也是錯誤的,因為正確的用語只是「恆星」。此外,在同一句子中「 4 500 萬」也是錯誤的;正確的應該是「其中有 210 億顆是屬於中型與小型的」。


Well, then we must separate the whole lot into stars and planets. What results from that? Do you have more exact information as to how many stars and how many planets there are?



In this respect I can give you our data, and these state that your galaxy, the Milky Way, according to our calculations, has about 156,000,000,000 stars and 431,000,000,000 planets with solid matter. In addition, there are millions of objects of a gaseous nature, known by the Earth humans as a gaseous planets and nebulae. The principal normal stars, which are comparable to SOL, must be calculated to be about 21,000,000,000, and only in their sphere of influence are many forms of higher life possible.

有關這方面,我可以給你我們的數據。正確的資料如下:根據我們的計算,你們的銀河系內大約有 1,560 億顆恆星和 4,310 億顆具有固態物質的行星 。此外,還有數以百萬計的氣態天體,也就是地球人所知的氣態行星和星雲。 主要的普通恆星 (相當於太陽等級的) 210 億顆 而只有在這種等級的恆星才可能允許有較高等的生命形式存在

Furthermore there are even larger and many times brighter stars than these; just as there are also some which even surpass those that are greater and brighter in their mass and brightness. Also overwhelmingly huge suns exist which, however, form from conglomerations of suns. Small stellar objects exist such as neutron stars, white dwarfs, red dwarfs and brown dwarfs within whose sphere of influence no higher life develops. Of these 156,000,000,000 stars about 7,000,000 are smaller and larger solar systems, which have planets and planet-planets upon which higher life is supported. Some of the smaller and larger solar systems have several planets and planet-planets upon which higher life exists, whereby the number of life supporting planets and planet-planets greatly increases.

此外,還有甚至比這些更大且亮幾倍的恆星;正如也有一些甚至超越那些的,在它們的質量和亮度上更大和更亮。然而,同樣壓倒性地巨大的太陽存在著,它們由太陽的聚集物形成。小型星體存在諸如中子星、白矮星、紅矮星和褐矮星,在其影響範圍之內沒有更高級的生命發展。在前述這 1,560 億顆恆星當中, 約有 700 萬個或大或小的太陽系,其中有行星和行星的行星,在其上可以維持高等的生命型態 。而在這類太陽系中的行星上,有些目前已經存在著較高級的生命,因此爾後,這些維持生命的行星和行星的行星上,其生命的數量還會大大地增加


Quetzal said that there are 2,630,000 highly developed civilisations and 1,040,000 low-developed civilisations within our Milky Way. Does this apply to the whole galaxy?

Quetzal 說過有 263 萬個高度發達的文明和 104 萬個發展較低的文明在我們的銀河之中。這是否適用於整個銀河系?


No, it applies only to those highly and lowly developed civilisations that are known to us. The full number of all higher and lower civilisations will likely run into a multiple of that.


Part Two 第二部分

Synopsis     摘要

Ptaah and Billy discuss the insidious manipulation of our minds via television, computers and the Internet by an evil, but still unnamed, group.

Ptaah Billy 討論由一個邪惡但無名的團體通過電視、電腦和互聯網對我們思想陰險的操縱。

This is an excerpt of the contact report.



...But now I am still interested in what Zafenatpaneach has said regarding my question about television, computer and Internet technology. Have you been able to give him my question?

...... 但現在我仍然對 Zafenatpaneach (註:一個男性電腦專家,他修改了 Billy 的個人電腦幾次,並且透過一個在 SSSC 高空徘徊的遙距發射器飛碟本質上創造了一條由此到 Plejarens 人的電腦網絡的數據鏈接)曾說過些什麼感興趣,對於我關於電視、電腦、互聯網科技的問題。你有沒有把我的問題交給他?


Certainly, and he has explained some things to me, but said that he had concerns about whether his response should be made public, so therefore you would have to decide whether you want to disclose his answer openly or not. Most recently, our talk was indeed of the sense that it is not to be discussed openly.



I remember this of course, however, I have considered the whole thing thoroughly several times and have come to the conclusion that it will indeed be better if we talk openly about it because it can only be useful for many people if they know the facts by which they can control themselves consciously and prevent various things.



As you wish, but it could be dangerous in certain respects for you.



I accept that.



Then I can talk openly thus: Zafenatpaneach explained again that on the Earth a religious-sectarian organisation works together with a certain secret service to manipulate the people via television, computers and the Internet as they wish. Not only are television equipment and many monitors manipulated so that the organisation can see directly into the room and observe and listen to everything, where the respective device is located, but the computers are also manipulated at will. However regarding the computers it means that these can be controlled from outside and impaired, if that is the wish of the organisation concerned. This has been the case for many years whereby you also have been affected by it with your computer which was penetrated in order to disturb your work such that with certain writings, articles and books, that deal with religious and sectarian delusion, serious mistakes have been inserted or important facts deleted. Even pure computer disturbances are practiced with you, whereby even faults can occur. The whole thing, however, goes even further, because the mentioned secret service-religious-sectarian organisation also intervenes in the lives of all users of televisions, monitors and Internet users and manipulates them. This organisation which is protected in a secret service manner using all the rules of the art has achieved worldwide admittance by means of it’s countless number of manipulated devices into the consciousness of the people and steers their behaviour in many areas.

那麼我因此可以公開談論: Zafenatpaneach 再次解釋了地球上一個宗教教派組織與某一特務機關合作透過電視、電腦和互聯網按照他們所希望的操縱人們。不僅是電視設備及許多監視器受到操縱讓組織可以直接看到房間並觀察和聆聽到一切,在相應的設備所在之處,而且電腦也受到任意操縱。然而關於電腦這意味著這些都可以從外面受到控制並被破壞,如果這是那有關組織的意願的話。一直都是這樣子持續了許多年,因此,你與你的電腦也受此影響,被滲透以擾亂你的工作,從而某些著作、文章和書籍,那些涉及宗教和教派妄想的嚴重錯誤已被插入或重要的事實被刪除。甚至是純粹的電腦干擾都會對你實行,由此甚至可能發生故障。然而,整件事甚至更進一步,因為所提及的特務機關宗教教派組織同時干涉所有電視機、監視器、和互聯網用戶的生活,並操縱它們。該組織以一種特務機關的方式受到保護,利用藝術的所有規則實現全球範圍內的進入權,透過其無數操縱設備的手段准入到人們的意識並在很多領域上引導他們的行為。

As, for example, before in cinema and video films, etc. individual pictures of food and consumer goods were inserted that were registered into the subconsciousness of the spectator audience that resulted in the food and items being purchased commercially, this is done today in a similar manner by the said organisation. With it the technology is so far developed with the assistance of the secret service concerned and their technicians and electronics engineers, programmers etc. that television sets, certain types of monitors as well as the entire Internet can be abused for their own purposes. The whole thing extends not only to the religions and sects, but also to the politics and economy, namely in the manner that vibration impulses are emitted by the manipulated devices and apparatuses which are taken up by the people subconsciously and influence them. These impulses steer people subconsciously so that they faithfully turn to religions and sects, become religious-sectarian fanatics, suicide bombers and terrorists. Also politics is steered in large measure in this manner; whereby at elections, the voters, are also being influenced by vibration impulses, consequently they choose those in the next government, etc, as as directed by the emitted impulses. Even concerning food, commodities and luxury goods etc., the same methods of influencing the subconsciousness and controlling the person come to the fore, but also in terms of "contribution enthusiasm" at begging organisations and the like. Also disharmonious as well as religious-sectarian music is steered in this manner and through vibration impulses leads to mass hysteria etc. Today there is hardly anything that is not used to influence people subconsciously and to drive matters, actions and behaviors that are not self-determined, but criminally-determined by the thoughts and aspirations of those who gain some profit from it. Very many people are to such a degree no longer capable of their own decision-making, which they do not notice however, that therefore they do things and maintain thoughts that are given to them subconsciously by vibration impulses.



And probably hardly anyone can defend himself against it, because everyone assumes that he acts according to his own will.



This is right, because everything happens within the subconsciousness.



It should nevertheless be possible however that the human being can defend against it, I assume, or?



That is correct, but a clear consciousness is required which does not allow itself to be affected by vibration impulses of any kind. This includes open advertising and advertisements of all kinds, that are designed to entice people into doing certain things, actions, deeds and purchases etc.



In a time since passed, when I still went now and then to the cinema, the films were manipulated so with pictures that the spectators ran off during the breaks to buy ice cream, nuts, chocolate and Coca Cola because they were urged to do so by the inserted pictures that penetrated into the subconsciousness. Oneday, when these rotten activities became public, the film manipulations concerning the inserted pictures became banned.



This is right, however, now the whole thing repeats itself in the manner mentioned by Zafenatpaneach, namely many times more extensively than at the time when cinema films were still being manipulated. And what regrettably appears with the whole reprehensible thing, is the fact that worldwide, to the whole population of the earth, nothing is known of it and of their manipulation in this shameful manner.

這是正確的,但是,現在整件事以 Zafenatpaneach 提到的方法自行重演,也就是比起當電影院電影仍然被操縱那時更廣泛許多倍。而且隨著整件應受譴責的事情遺憾地出現的是這事實:全球範圍內,對於地球的全部人口來說,對這點以及他們以這種可恥的方式操縱一無所知。


Now I know this, I also understand why in politics the wrong people usually get at the helm of government. And it makes me understand why, during a sale of all kinds of goods in department stores, etc. hysterical masses get into a purchasing fury and also buy many other unnecessary things. Also it becomes understandable why, in today's time, so many humans still cry for the death penalty and endorse wars, as well as commit terror and suicide attacks etc. Also the fact that the believers of religions and sects as well as the members of extreme right and left groups become more fanatical and do not shrink back from Gewalt[1], murder, torture, robbery and destruction etc., thereby has become explicable. All this leads to constantly increasing and ever more comprehensive discord. Consequently it is also no wonder that disastrous riots are ever more prevalent, since for about 2.5 decades a purported music has reached people worldwide that is entirely disharmonious by which these people become more active in Gewalt, unscrupulous, conscienceless and indifferent to each other. And if everything continues in the framework mentioned, then an uncontrollable anarchy and roaring chaos will ultimately develop.

現在我知道這點,我也明白為什麼在政治上錯誤的人通常會掌政府的舵。而且這令我知道為什麼,在百貨公司等各類商品的出售期間歇斯底里的群眾進入一種採購的狂暴中,並同時購買很多其他不必要的東西。此外這變得可以理解:為什麼在當今的現代,如此多的人類仍然哭著要死刑並贊同戰爭,以及犯下恐怖和自殺式襲擊等。還有這個事實:宗教和教派的信徒以及極右和極左的團體成員變得更加狂熱而且不從 Gewalt (註:沒有英文可以傳達此德文字的意思,是根本的力量的殘酷執行 / 死刑,但其又遠高於所有力量)、謀殺、酷刑、搶劫和破壞等退縮,由此已變得可解釋了。所有這一切導致不斷增加和日益全面的不和諧。因此這也難怪災難性的暴動日益普遍,因為約 25 年來一首傳說中的樂章已經傳到世界各地的人們那,透過此,這些人在 Gewalt 、不擇手段、喪盡天良和彼此冷漠中變得更活躍,這完全是不和諧的。如果一切在所提及的框架中繼續,那麼最終會發展出一個無法控制的無政府狀態和咆哮的混亂。


These relationships actually exist, and so can your last remark also become reality.



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