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Chapter 4 – PLEYARENS   第四章 普雷亞星系的外星人

4.1  Erra (Plejaren home planet)


254 stars in the Taurus Constellation - 12.37-38

金牛座內有254個星球 - 12.37-38

The home planet of the Plejaren is located in the Taurus Constellation, which contains 254 stars and planets. There are other constellations with even larger numbers.


Tayget (Plejaren sun) - pronounced Taget in Plejaren - 57.74-75

太蓋特普雷亞星系的太陽- 57.74-75

The Plejaren call the star of their solar system “Taget”. The home planet of Erra has a similar diameter as that of Earth.


Erra, 1 of 9 planets in the Tayget system - 54.41-44

伊柔星是太蓋特星系中九個行星中的一個 - 54.41-44

The home planet of the Plejaren is called Erra and it belongs to the solar system of Tayget along with nine other planets. It is hardly possible to see the planet from Earth because there are too many factors that affect the light for earthy instruments. They are only worthy for viewing objects in this solar system, but are faulty when viewing outside the system.


Erra - 400 million humans, Tayget system - 9 planets - 54.90-92

伊柔星有4億人口,太蓋特星系有9大行星 - 54.90-92

400 million human beings live on Erra. There are three other planets in the Tayget system, which are inhabited by humans. All of the other planets are either fading away or are initially forming themselves up. In the Sun’s system, planets such as Saturn and Jupiter are developing themselves while Pluto, Uranus, and Neptune are already vanishing.


Erra - particular details about the planet - 54.99-109

伊柔星的各項細節 - 54.99-109

Semjase was born on the planet Erra in the solar system of Tayget. Erra is very similar to Earth in every respect. That is why their earliest ancestors chose Earth for their new home when they left the Tayget system. There are only a few differences. By earthy counting, Erra revolves around Tayget every 365 1/4 days and one day lasts 23 hours and 59.4 seconds. This results in nearly the same time for night and day. The other planets of the Tayget system have different daily and annual time periods as in other systems of the universe. The units of time are named differently, but correspond closely to earthly standards. Their “Odur” is only a few parts of a second different from our hour and a “Musal” is exactly one earthly day. They differentiate their year into 13 months, which they call “Asar”, with a compensation of time every 23 years.

西米斯是在太蓋特星系中的伊柔星上誕生的,伊柔星在各個方面與地球非常相似,這就是為什麼他們最早的祖先離開太蓋特星系時,會選擇地球作為他們的新家。目前兩者只有一些少許的差異,以地球的計算方式,伊柔星每365 1/4天圍繞太蓋特一周,一天有23小時59.4秒,而那裡的晝夜幾乎佔了相同的時間。太蓋特星系內的其他行星,就如同在宇宙中其他的星系一樣,各有不同的日與年的週期。他們的時間單位名稱與我們不同,但與地球上的標準相當接近。他們的“Odur”只相當於我們的幾分之一秒鐘,與我們的小時不同,此外一個“Musal”正好是地球上的一天。他們一年分為13個月(他們稱之為“Asar”),而每23年有時間的彌補(就如同我們的閏年作用)。

Erra - atmosphere gravity, density, axis, etc. - 57.78-91

伊柔星的大氣結構、重力、密度與地軸傾斜度等 - 57.78-91

The troposphere on Erra has similar gases as on Earth and they normally have 70 to 75% of nitrides, 25 to 29% of oxygen, and 1% of rare gases such as carbon dioxide and Argon. But, Erra maintains a greater content of oxygen with 32.4%. Also, traces of Argon and other gases on Erra are only at 0.3% and nitrides are at 67.3%. The surface gravity on Erra is 1.0003 times the amount on Earth. The density amounts to 5,521 with an inclination of the axis of 22.99 degrees. The equatorial diameter is 12,749 kilometers and the rotational speed is 11.19 kilometers per second.


Houses, family, buildings, and land use - 42.80-94

房子、家庭、建築物和土地的使用 - 42.80-94

The human beings of the Pleja System do not live in the same type of homes as people do on Earth. Their buildings are all round or flattened round with other buildings, such as for beamships, that are spherically round. They do not have buildings for mass dwelling as on Earth because every Plejaren claims the right to open freedom. Every family has their own home, which is municipally constructed and requires no compensation, otherwise known as rent. Such things belong to their distant past because they have not had to pay for anything for a very long time.


These homes are not built together with other houses. Each home stands alone on land that measures 100 meters square. This land is used for gardening, meadows, parks, etc., with many flowers, bushes and trees along with many other plants such as vegetables, etc. All inhabited planets of their system have completely fertilized all their worlds as much as possible. Every usable area is cultivated and fertilized. Only areas that could not be made fertile become occupied by large or several forms of buildings or dwellings. There are also buildings for factories with installations for supervision and beamship ports, etc.


Erra (Plejaren planet) - sickness (under control) - 57.36-42

伊柔星的疾病控制 - 57.36-42

Many of the sicknesses on Erra were conquered by their scientists many centuries ago, but there still prevails today some evils of pathological character that have been transmitted from other stars and from earlier ages. However, they no longer cause death or destruction to the body. They are insignificant evils similar to colds on Earth that can result in pneumonia. Fortunately, they are normally able to bring them quickly under control before they can rage havoc on the body. The inhabitants of Erra are human beings just like those on Earth and are susceptible to things of pathological nature, but they can usually control or cure them. There are also other diseases that are unknown on Earth, which their scientists have mastered. Regarding cancer, this is something that becomes embedded by parasitical, wrongly controlled life, which they have been rid of for a very long time.


Pleiades - name, chronology, and planet names - 70.183-194

昴宿星團的名稱、年代和行星的名字 - 70.183-194

The name for the Pleiades, which was named after an IHWH, has been preserved here, but was lost in the confusion of languages that appeared on Earth. It changed to other forms, but the original name was found again in time. This name can be traced to ancient Greek mythologies.


The humans on Erra count the passage of time in years, just as on Earth, because this method of chronology was originally invented by a common ancestry. The Plejaren chronology started at the beginning of the peace in their system, which was 49,711 years ago. The planets in the Pleja System, which are much younger than Earth, were previously referred to only by numbers. But, when the High Council took over guidance there, they named the planets with well-sounding names like Erra. This occurred 1,951 years ago and the Plejaren also use this as the start of their chronology from when spiritual synchronization and harmony began.


4.2 Plejaren Human Beings

4.2 普雷亞星系的人類

Plejaren - 3,500 years ahead of us in development - 39.P39-40

普雷亞人的發展領先我們3,500 - 39.P39-40

The Plejaren are 3,500 years further developed than Earth humans. There are other forms of life in the universe, but there are none that are better or as well proportioned. There are also entities that Earth humans would consider to be ugly.


Plejaren are the highest developed creatures here - 29.33-43

普雷亞人在這裡是發展最高的生物 - 29.33-43

At that point in time, the Plejaren are the highest developed forms of extraterrestrial life that are stationed on the Earth. The second highest developed form of life here is 1,340 years behind the Plejaren in evolution. The Plejaren provide information that corresponds to the highest concepts of knowledge for the truth and it should be considered over any explanations or interpretations from other lower developed forms of life. The information provided by the Plejaren should also be accepted over the pretended tales from deceivers and charlatans who declare that they have had contact with beings from Venus. In a few years, it will be shown by scientists that Venus is not inhabited by humans, either physically or spiritually, as has been described by the deceivers.


Plejaren characteristics - 3.10-17

普雷亞人的特點- 3.10-17

Although earthly humans would believe that the Plejarens are perfect beings, they are still very far from this level and must continuously develop themselves. They are not super human beings, as Earth humans like to think of them in their ignorance and imaginations. Neither are they teachers, missionaries, or prophets. They just have an obligation and duty of preserving the development of life in the universe. This means that they endeavor to maintain order and control over certain life. They initiate contact with individuals of other worlds that are ready for it and provide explanations to them. They slowly prepare them for the thought that they are not the only thinking creatures in the universe. They also provide telepathic help so that the concepts of essential time-critical inventions can be learned.


Plejarens - humans like us - 9.1-14

普雷亞人是和我們一樣的人類 - 9.1-14

For decades, Earth humans, as well as whole groups, have been placing the Plejaren into spheres that they do not fit into and which they do not feel comfortable with. Often, for the sake of appearances and pure profit, they are held higher then they actually are. They are only human beings like those on Earth. They have advanced technology and great spiritual progress, but this does not mean that they dominant as many on Earth would ascribe to them. They are neither guardians of humanity, god-sent angels, or anything similar. Many selfish people lead others astray by pretending that the Plejarens watch over the Earth and are responsible for the fates of humanity. This is not the case as they only perform a self-imposed mission, which has nothing to do with oversight and the regulation of fates on Earth. Thus, it is wrong to believe this is true. If this were the case, then they would regulate everything openly. Although the Plejaren are nearly 3,000 years ahead of mankind on Earth, both spiritually and technically, they are not god-like as people would believe who are captured by religions. These people degrade themselves and their fellow human beings as though they were under developed. Faulty or deliberately inverted contact reports cause false impressions that humans only perform mistakes and can do nothing right. This is not the truth since everyone goes its own way of evolution.


Plejaren are not perfect and make mistakes - 15.17-45

普雷亞人不是完美的,他們也會犯錯 - 15.17-45

Although from different planets with different spiritual perspectives, the human beings of both worlds are fundamentally equal who must go their own way of evolution. This does not exclude mistakes being committed by either party. The pseudo-contactees who say that extraterrestrials are perfect creatures for religious benefit, are either deceiving, fantasizing, or want to suppress humanity. If the Plejaren make a mistake, they admit it and take responsibility for it as it makes no sense to hide from it or contest it. Only by being very objective without feelings will the truth be found. As a result of doing this, Semjase has decided to remain outside of Meier’s concerns because he may be better able to decide important issues for himself. However, she also wants to help in certain matters when they concern interests that she can render information that can assist him.


Plejaren ability to read other’s thoughts - 2.21-25

普雷亞人有讀取其他人想法的能力- 2.21-25

The Plejarens will only investigate the thoughts of someone else when it is proper to do so. It is not their desire or policy to penetrate into the thoughts of another when it is really not important. They have no right to investigate the personal secrets of others. When they penetrate into the thoughts of others, there is always the possibility of learning more than what was actually provided. If they were to do this, then they would know every last thought and secret of Meier and they would not always be astonished and surprised by him.


Laws of Jmmanuel are still valid today - 23.12-34

以馬內利的戒律至今仍然適用 - 23.12-34

Semjase told Meier that the laws of Jmmanuel, regarding matrimony and intercourse, are as valid today as they were in his time for the whole universe. It is not true when charlatans say the extraterrestrials are super humans and no longer need laws and restrictions to live by. Only when Creational order has become accepted, then laws and restrictions fall away. This is the case in very high spiritual spheres, where all connections to material needs belong to the past. Entities, with physical bodies, are afflicted with too many faults to do away with laws that provide order for their level of development.


Plejaren have more spiritual laws for criminals - 23.35-38

普雷亞人對罪犯有更多的精神層面的律法 - 23.35-38

When certain crimes are committed, the Plejaren have a uniform penalty of lifelong exile, which is considered to be rather primitive. But, their laws correspond to their spiritual level which is much more humane then those on Earth. They no longer punish criminals by eliminations and a hurting of the body, but rather by lifelong banishment to other worlds that exclusively serve for this purpose. Such worlds only have same sexed forms of life exiled there in order to prevent over-population and the creation of descendants. They must care for themselves without any mechanical means. Periodically, controls are enforced to eliminate any secretly created products and all contact with other creatures is stopped. On some of their worlds, criminals are banished to great islands in large oceans when the crime is not severe. This form of punishment guarantees that the criminals will obey orders and not cause a burden to the public in a humane manner that allows those banished to fulfill their evolution.







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