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Chapter 6 – EXTRATERRESTRIALS   第六章 地外文明 – Part 1


6 外星生命

Other life forms in other star systems - 1.27-38

在其他星系上的生命 - 1.27-38

During Meier’s very first contact with Semjase, she told him that other planets in this solar system have long since been devoid of life or are in the first stages of development. However, other solar systems have many kinds of life that are not only human. The animal and human forms of life are varied. Also, many animal forms and even plant forms of life have developed higher states of consciousness. So, there exists life forms that have acquired much knowledge and have freed themselves from their home worlds. They have traveled through the universe and have also come to Earth. Many of them are rather nasty contemporaries and live in a certain barbarism that exists on Earth. Mankind ought to be on its guard because these entities often attack and destroy anything that gets in their way. They have destroyed whole planets or beaten their inhabitants into barbarous bondage. One of the Pleiadian missions is to warn Earth humans of these creatures. Meier is told to let this be known to humanity because more and more time approaches when a conflict with these entities will become unavoidable.


The whole Universe has innumerable forms of life - 35.P791-805

整個宇宙有無數的生命形式 - 35.P791-805

There are innumerable forms of space-traveling life in this universe, humanoid as well as non-human races. Like-minded races with similar intentions usually join in close alliances together. These alliances are of mutual benefit and are respectful of all evolutionary concerns. There is wonderful cooperation in all concerns of life, even with those which belong to other universes, such as the DAL universe. Alliances that exist among different species, are usually instituted to watch over locally inhabited regions of space. Regulating services are maintained by large space stations known as “Greatspacers”. They are equipped with every conceivable technical means to repel enemies, if necessary.


However, this does not exclude conflicts. Many different kinds of creatures inhabit this universe, as well as many other universes. As a result, conflicts are unavoidable and become a way of life because, in some cases, there are those who seek to initiate conflicts. There are certain non-human forms who, according to their natural character, seek to exercise their power. The Pleiadians must always protect themselves from them. Here and there, this leads to warfare with destruction of materials and entities. But, wherever possible, this does not happen because every creature needs its evolution, which is fundamental in many ways.


Extraterrestrials statistics - 39.240-244

外星生命的統計資料 - 39.240-244

There are very many extraterrestrial intelligences that are coming towards the Earth from all over the universe. But, only the fewest numbers of them try to attempt communications with Earth human beings or even come in close contact. Most of those are only interested in showing humanity new, better, and futuristic concepts. They are mainly intelligent races of distant descent from humanity’s forefathers. Only in rare cases, are there other creatures. Most of these are of human form. Only 5.7% of all extraterrestrial visitors to Earth are in contact with Earth people.


7 other extraterrestrial races located on Earth - 54.52-54

在地球上另外還有其他7個外星種族 - 54.52-54

There are seven other extraterrestrial races on Earth in addition to the Pleiadians. They all own stations on Earth and communicate with each other as well as cooperate with one another. This does not include the Gizeh Intelligences.


6.1 Extraterrestrial History

6.1 外星生命的歷史

Earth History - 51.75-83

地球的歷史 - 51.75-83

Earth is 646 billion years old from its gaseous state and then formed into a solid body 600 billion years ago. The Human species originated on Earth 6 billion years ago and the early Earth humans encountered space-traveling humans.


HISTORY OF THE ARYANS - ancient home worlds were Lyra - 70.19-91

雅利安人的遠古歷史(天琴座是遠古的家鄉世界) - 70.19-91

The ancient home worlds of the Aryan race were planets within the Lyra Constellation near the Vega Constellation. A few of the planets there are still inhabited today by different races, which all belong to the Pleiadian Federation. Their early ancestors mastered space flight more than 22 million years ago and conducted expeditions far into the cosmos. They also explored the Earth for the first time. But at that time, the Earth was still in its early development and was considered for later development. However, the Earth was often visited and used as a penal colony to punish the elements that were evil on their home worlds. But, this only lasted a few millenniums when the inhabitants left the Earth by an unknown means. The Earth was then left alone for many millions of years. The Earth developed life of all kinds in natural order.


The ancient Aryan races developed themselves spiritually, spread out over the cosmos, and gained great power. But, this power was not controlled and was used for wicked and mischievous purposes on many worlds. Meanwhile, a catastrophe occurred when a “Destroyer” planet passed close to the ancient home worlds. It caused great damage and killed two thirds of mankind there. But, by persevering through lots of deprivation, they soon found a new beginning. They built a new civilization and culture in less than nine centuries. Through common work and research, they created a very high technology which enabled them to reach even further than they had ever gone before. They also developed their spirit, whose forces they were still not able to master.


They constructed flight machines which could carry them even faster throughout space. They were saucer shaped and had beam drive which enabled them to travel to the widths of the universe. They explored and colonized planets in other solar systems, either by peaceful means or through murderous wars. With their evil powers, they often attained new possibilities for living with greater space, which was needed for their increasing number of human beings in their nations. Their scientists explored more and more worlds in their ships, which made them absolutely powerful masters. Their weapons were of great power and fighting efficiency. Their battles against whole nations of strange worlds were short and one-sided for these conquerors.


The scientists recognized the unlimited possibilities of spiritual forces and developed their forces with a collection of immense knowledge. They soon became absolute masters over their nations and were called IHWH (pronounced “Ish-wish”), meaning “God” or “King of Wisdom”. The IHWHs subjected all forms of life below them under their rule and governed them by dictatorial force. For 864 years, in earthly time, the nations secretly revolted. The IHWHs tried to stifle it by violent means, but were not completely successful. For four long centuries, secret preparations progressed for breaking out with a sudden blow in a far reaching war for liberation. The war spread over many worlds of the Lyra and Vega Constellations. More than 60% of all culture was completely destroyed. Three worlds of the Lyra system were eliminated and dissolved into energy by a new process. In Earth chronology, the war for liberation in the Lyra and Vega systems was around 230,000 years ago.


The high commander of the terrorizing armies was an IHWH by the name of Asael. When he saw the hopelessness of his fight, he made a fast withdrawal to escape from the victorious and vengeful nations. With his fleet of 183 mother ships, 253 reconnaissance craft, and a crew of 360,000 people, they fled their home system and went astray in the cosmos for many restless years until they found a great star system that offered the necessary space. This new system was comprised of 254 young blue-white stars with a few inhabitable planets. This whole star system was called the Asael system after their leader. But, after occupying this system, different planets were made inhabitable within 300 years by the titan-sized deserters. A new race of beings was generated and they soon began exploring through space for new room to live in. 17 years later, they took possession of the star system of Hesperides with planets inhabited by human forms of life which were quickly conquered. Over a few centuries, a new culture was generated in the Hesperides worlds that were inhabited by the emigrants from the Asael system.


Seventy years later, Asael died and was succeeded by his daughter, Pleja, who was an IHWH. Their home system was then changed from Asael to the Pleja system. Under the command of their new leader, Pleja, the titan-sized human beings began expeditions to an outlying solar system. They did not know that millions of years ago, their great, great ancestors had flown to this remote system and placed their prisoners on the planet Earth. Upon their arrival to this solar system, they brought three planets under their power, Earth, Mars, and Malona. After a few years, the expedition fleet left these worlds again because they were still very desolate and life-threatening. But, a few of them remained behind and slowly grew savage as they mingled with the animal-like and uncultivated descendants of the Lyran outcast humans. This lasted for many ten-thousand years until the leader Pleja died.


New expeditions to Earth discovered that the inhabitants had developed new intelligence. They constructed a new culture on Earth and on the fourth planet, called Malona. But soon, the inhabitants, which were still very barbarous, fought for government again with the new colonizers. This led to an order for the colonists on Earth to be evacuated by force to their home worlds. However, Malona remained colonized because the people there remained peaceful. This lasted for forty years before a thirst for power rose between the two different nations. Before this could be settled by orders from the home systems, the Malonians destroyed one another and their whole planet. Scattering into thousands of small pieces by an immense explosion, the remnants of that beautiful planet now revolve around the Sun between Mars and Jupiter. Since then, expeditions have been sent out from the home worlds to constantly watch the developments on Earth.


For more than 80,000 years, there were repeated attempts to colonize the Earth. But, this always failed miserably. Several kinds of creatures have been deported to Earth, including violent prisoners, and were simply left to their own fate. Deprived of all technology, they degenerated, became savage, and mixed with earlier elements to become bestial. Then, in several hundred mother ships and smaller ships, the Earth was again approached and occupied. A great culture was erected, which remained for 6,000 years. But, the thirst for power increased again, which led to a horrible war that destroyed everything to the last piece. All forms of life soon grew savage. The Earth remained completely ignored for 4,000 years.


Then, war broke out in the home worlds of the Pleja Systems between the high-minded scientists and the people, who had been subjected to terrible weapons and other things. While the wicked destruction raged, a great group of otherwise-thinking scientists bound themselves together under the leadership of a scientist by the name of Pelegon. Pelegon was regarded as a king of wisdom and called IHWH or God. So, 50,000 years ago, these 70,000 human beings fled from the Pleja System in spacecraft that they had forcefully taken possession of and settled on Earth. Pelegon had 200 sub-leaders composed of scientists who were competent in each special field of knowledge.


HISTORY OF THE ARYANS - Recent Plejan history - 70.92-100

雅利安人的歷史(普雷亞人的近代歷史)- 70.92-100

On the home planets in the Pleja System, the wicked war was fought until the bitter end and the scientists capitulated. Their type of government was removed and placed in the hands of spiritual leaders who announced the long-forgotten spiritual lessons and educated the nations. The people recognized the value of the lessons and have lived accordingly since that time. They finally found peace and have lived ever since then under the law and order of absolute determination. These conditions are still preserved today and will never change. For the next 8,000 years, the Pleja nations developed themselves to a very high spiritual level and unanimously lived for evolution. They developed great alliances with every other nation possible within far-reaching systems.


They also performed new expeditions and in 1951, by Earth chronology, they discovered a world in the Andromeda Star System. It was inhabited by an extremely high developed form of life which existed semi-materially and semi-spiritually as well. It was agreed among this form of life in Andromeda, that they should guide and govern the Pleja nations and their alliances with their gigantic knowledge and wisdom. This plan was welcomed joyfully by all nations. It was decided by agreement of the spiritual leaders that all fates should be guided by their new best friends. The manner of guidance was determined to be through a council of the higher spiritual levels, called the “High Council”. Since then, all nations of all races allied with them remain under the guidance of the “High Council”, which never orders any commands, but only offers “High Advice”. The observance of this is at the disposal of each single form of life, which is normally observed without exception.


History - 9.115-161

人類的歷史- 9.115-161

History - 60.11-93

歷史- 60.11-93

HISTORY OF THE ARYANS - the colonization of Earth - 70.101-171

雅利安人的歷史(地球的近代殖民史)- 70.101-171

The refugees to the Earth knew nothing about the end of the wars in the Pleja System. Delighted by their new found liberty, they gladly subjected themselves to the straight regime of Pelegon. For millenniums, they constructed large cities, inhabited all continents of Earth, and developed a very high culture. They lived in peace for 10,000 years. But then, a new IHWH by the name of Jesas arose, who murdered the follower of Pelegon and took command over all the united nations and races. 20 years later, the people rose up against Jesas and a horrible war was raged over the Earth. Everything was destroyed and only a few thousand humans were able to survive while others fled into the cosmos and settled on Beta Centaurus.


For 7,000 years, no more extraterrestrials landed on Earth and the inhabitants became completely wild and degenerated. Then, the descendants of those who had fled, returned to the Earth 33,000 Earth years ago. They were guided by another IHWH by the name of Atlant and built a huge city on the continent of Atlantis. His wife, an IHWH named Karyatide, built a smaller Atlantis. At the same time, her father Muras built the gigantic city of Mu on a different continent. For 18,000 years, they flourished and lived in total friendship and peace until some scientists were again overcome by the thirst for power and tried to seize the government. But, having become tired of the continuous wars, the nations rose against them. So, the scientists took possession of spacecraft and fled into the cosmos of space about 15,000 years ago.


For two millenniums, they and their descendants lived in the regions of Beta Centaurus. They became very evil and, only under the strongest command, could a certain amount of order be maintained. Through mutations and science, they were able to reach a very high life span of thousands of years. Possessed with a thirst for power, they returned to Earth about 13,000 years ago. Their leader was a scientist by the name of Arus, who was also known as “The Barbarian”. Just as with the IHWH Pelegon, 40,000 years earlier, Arus also had 200 sub-leaders who were each competent in a special field of science. They settled in the high North and in the region later to be known as Florida. From there, they continuously attacked Atlantis and Mu. After a few millenniums of their occupation of Earth, they succeeded in completely destroying Mu and Atlantis. A few survivors were kept in servitude while some of the greater scientists were able to flee and return to their original home world in the Pleja System.


For centuries, the invaders boasted supremacy on Earth as IHWH Arus led a severe and bloody regiment. His sub-leaders also assumed for themselves many things and made themselves more and more independent. They insured that their own race remained pure. But, they secretly captured the wild and mutated beings of Earth who were distant descendants of their former human beings. The wild and beautiful females were tamed and were copulated with by the leaders, who called themselves Heavenly Sons. They created new forms of life that were dwarfs, giants, and like animals. The highest leader of all sub-leaders was called Semjase. She ordered a beautiful female being that was the most human-like, named Eva, to be copulated with by a Heavenly Son. The descendant was a male that Semjase named Adam, which meant earthly human being. A similar breeding resulted in a female being that Semjase ordered to be mated with Adam. There were also many other similar beings that were created, that caused great riots in groups and tribes. From these, present humanity developed and divided into the different races on different continents.


IHWH Arus became very angry about this and wanted to kill or exile all of his sub-leaders that were responsible for this. But then he realized his new power and that he could reign over the newly created beings. So, he changed his mind. With new guard-angels and sub-leaders, he ruled over three human races. They were the inhabitants of India, the Black Sea area, and South of the Mediterranean Ocean. The later group, were gypsies that became known as the Hebrons or Hebrews. As the uppermost governor over them, IHWH Arus let himself be venerated and adored by them. In his megalomania, he let himself be worshipped as their creator and his sub-leaders as his creational assistants. He established hard and severe laws that always demanded the blood of any violator.


7,000 years ago, his third son, Jehovan, took over as IHWH and demanded only blood and death from the three enslaved human races. 3,400 years ago, Jehovan was maliciously murdered by his only son, Jehav, who then snatched up the government for himself. He ruled wickedly, always crying for blood and revenge. He was a megalomaniac like his father and let himself be called God, the creator. 3,320 years ago, Jehav had three sons named Arussem, Ptaah, and Salam. Arussem constantly sought to seize power from his father. So, he murdered his father and sought to snatch up the power. But this failed because his brothers opposed him and expelled him into exile with 72,000 of his followers. They were tired of the constant wars, struggles for power, and bloodshed. So, Ptaah and Salam worked for many decades to provide humane forms of living for the people.


But, Arussem secretly returned to the Earth with his army and took up residence in the old cubical buildings of Egypt. Deep below the Great Pyramid of Gizeh, they set up a center for their wicked aims for world control, but without remarkable success. Their way of reaching their goal was through lying, deceit, and intrigues by leading people astray with religious lectures of delusion, cults, and many other miserable machinations. But because they were expelled, they were cut off from technical and scientific advancement. As a result, these Gizeh Intelligences are slowly dying out and today, are only 2,100 in population. Arussem governed until 3,200 years ago when a mutineer by the name of Henn, who was called Jehova by the Hebrons, prepared a powerful forced departure.


Henn was also given the surname of “The Cruel One”. But, 2,080 years ago, he grew old and weak and was displaced by his nephew, Kamagol I, who seized command of the evil Gizeh Intelligences. Like no tyrant before, he coerced all earthly religions under his control and demanded horrible human sacrifices and cults which still continue today. But his son, Kamagol II, overthrew him, seized his power, and let his father die miserably in a deep dungeon. Kamagol II was more evil-minded than his father and began immense mass murders of humanity. He reached an old age and recently died of natural causes. All of the Gizeh Intelligences will no longer exist by 2006.


Together with the Heaven’s Sons, the Hyperboreans, and the emigrants from the Pleja System, the sons of the murdered Jehav, Ptaah and Salam, led their government by common agreement. They governed well, maintained peace, and rarely interfered in the concerns of the Earth human beings. Ptaah was stricken by an unknown disease in his 93rd year in office and died a few days later. His brother Salam, continued to govern alone until he weakened by old age and handed over his command to his son, Pleyos, 2,040 years ago. Communications were established with the home worlds and their government was subordinated to the spiritual teachers and government of the Pleja System.


Pleyos, like his father, was a very wise and merciful governor. So, when the home worlds subjected themselves to the guidance of the “High Council” 1,950 years ago, Pleyos and his nation on Earth arranged themselves accordingly. Then, they decided to leave the Earth humans to develop naturally on their own. So, they left the Earth 1,943 years ago and returned to their original homeland in the Pleja System after Jmmanuel was born and educated for his mission as a prophet. Upon their return, they found that the Plejarans had developed very highly. They lived together, as they do today, united and as an allied population in peace and liberty.


Other giant ET races - colonized all continents - 69.57-58

其他巨人外星種族(殖民各大洲) - 69.57-58

Cyclops, titans, dwarves - settled and left or died - 69.59-60

其他巨人外星種族(獨眼巨人、泰坦巨人、小矮人)的安頓、離去或死亡 - 69.59-60

Giant-sized races, Cyclops, Titans, and Dwarfs colonized all of the continents of Earth. But, they either left again or perished by unknown causes. The gods and semi-gods of Greek mythology were a splinter group of descendants of the Hyperboreans who also colonized the Earth. Hercules was about 3 meters tall. (See section 7.1.6)







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