Contact Report 175


• Contact Reports volume: 4 (Plejadisch-plejarische Kontakberichte, Gespräche, Block 4)

• Page number(s):

• Date/time of contact: Saturday, September 4, 1982, 12:00 PM

• Translator(s): Benjamin Stevens

• Date of original translation:

• Corrections and improvements made: N/A

• Contact person: Quetzal


This is the entire contact. It is an unauthorised and unofficial translation and may contain errors.


1. Unfortunately, I still can’t give you any new information today regarding the incidents and clarifications of the matters surrounding the allies of the Giza Intelligences and their machinations, etc.

2. On the other hand, I also didn’t come here on their account but because today, I have once again noticed a severe violation of my orders which I gave in reference to complying with the times of work and the commencement of work.

3. Yet another time, Ferdinand and Ingrid didn’t incorporate themselves into these arrangements; thus, in the later morning hours of today, they left the center in their vehicle, without checking out or announcing their departure on the one hand, and without even asking for permission on the other hand, and without taking up and starting work at 8:00 AM, which I had specifically arranged for both, not to mention that they arrived at the center in the early morning hours at around 3:00 AM and, consequently, should have automatically attended to their duty at 8:00 AM, as it is given by the special regulations which state that after a 30-minute stay at the center, work is to be taken up.

4. With today’s date, they have both contravened this arrangement, with the excuse that they are only ordered to appear at the center on Saturday in each case, and following this, they don’t have to take up their duty of work until 1:00 PM.

5. Nevertheless, they make this assertion against better knowledge, even though the ordinal rules and house rules as well as the statutes and regulations are well-known to them, whereby at least the house rules state that foreign visitors, as well as group members themselves, have to take up their duty of work and collaboration 30 minutes after their arrival at the center.

6. Now, since Ingrid and Ferdinand arrived at the center in the early morning hours and long before 8:00 AM and also spent the night there, as a consequence, the arrangements of the rules, etc. automatically have to be obeyed, referring to the 30-minute period up to the commencement of work.

7. But since the reception of work isn’t possible in the middle of the night, due to the fact that the leaders and all other coworkers are asleep and at rest, work automatically has to be taken up in the morning when work generally begins, so at 8:00 AM.


8. But Ferdinand and Ingrid ignored this order because they still haven’t learned to insert themselves into a regular order and to act according to this order.

9. They still think that as core group members in the community, they can act according to their own rules and rights and can just do whatever pleases them.

10. Thus, they ignored the given order, sat down in their red automobile, and left the center for private interests, from which they first returned at around 11:45 AM.

11. Thus, a grossest duty and order were neglected by them, while also a long-term absence from work originated.

12. However, unauthorized absences from work or arriving to work too late were unanimously decided by the core group to be punished by 20 hundredths of a Swiss franc per missed minute.

13. Through their unauthorized absence and through their disregard of the given rules, Ingrid and Ferdinand have created an absence from work potential in the amount of 4 hours each because at 11:45 AM, after their return, they didn’t take up their assigned work, either.

14. So together, a total of 8 hours of work were lost, leaving 480 minutes at 20 hundredths of a Swiss franc per minute, which is an amount of 96 Swiss francs.

15. Concerning this, the core group now has to decide as to how and when Ingrid and Ferdinand will pay this amount, which resulted from a gross rule violation.

16. Furthermore, I have to explain that Ingrid and Ferdinand have already been warned several times regarding violations of the rules, etc., and ultimately, a threat was issued in writing, in the sense that they would be excluded from FIGU after the next violation.

17. Despite this, they have now committed another gross violation, which can now no longer be granted any leniency.

18. Both of them must now bear the consequences, and no more apologies and excuses can find their validity, according to the motto: “I thought” and so on, or: “I was of the opinion” and so on.

19. Thus, concerning Ferdinand and Ingrid, by today’s date, it is to be decided by the entire core group, as a result of yet another and now final offense against the interests of FIGU and against my personal arrangements, whether

1) Ingrid and Ferdinand are to be excluded immediately and irrevocably and with all statute-determined consequences from the core group, while complying with the ongoing financial obligations, according to Swiss law and regulations, until the end of 1982, in the amount of 300 Swiss francs per month, according to my newest calculation and determination regarding membership fees,

or whether Ingrid and Ferdinand are to be incorporated into a temporary exclusion with probation for two years, which appears as follows and holds the following consequences in itself, and of which I have become aware through the actions of Louis, who voluntarily incorporated himself into a similar order, which was obviously and advantageously beneficial to him, for which I am also grateful to him:

20. 2) A two-year temporary exclusion from the core group of FIGU – for them to prove and to learn the incorporation into duty and the devotion to duty, as it is regularly given in the group and as the statutes and regulations require.

21. a) As a probation requirement, not only do the statutes, regulations, ordinal rules, and house rules, etc. apply but also the absolute, exact, and timely observance of the following points:

22. b) Timely fulfillment of the monthly financial obligation to FIGU, in the amount of 300 Swiss francs per month for both partners together, starting from the month of August 1982.

23. c) Timely and accurate fulfillment of the regulations for work and the night watch, as arranged up to the 4th of October 1982, and until then, the commencement of work remains unchanged, being the first Saturday at 8:00 o’clock in the morning.

24. d) From the 5th of October, they are subject to the directives of the statutes and other rules, as well as my new decisions, which will also mean that Ingrid and Ferdinand continue to remain incorporated into ALL duties, so also into the night watch and into the Sunday service.

25. e) If both of them have a night watch but no Sunday service to perform, then in each case, they have to leave the center at 3 o’clock in the afternoon on the following Sunday, if they don’t still have to be included in an urgent task.

26. f) If both of them have to carry out a Sunday service, then they should be allowed to stay in the center until 12:00 AM on that respective Sunday.

27. g) The monthly 8-hour workday also continues to remain as a duty, as well as all other duties.

28. This 8-hour workday must take place on a Saturday, and extra work and overtime hours are just as desirable on this day as also on other days.

29. h) Upon the completion of tasks, etc. in the center, Ingrid and Ferdinand have to leave this in each case no later than midnight of that respective workday, if there isn’t still a night watch or Sunday service that has to be completed.

30. i) An appearance in the center, starting from the 4th of October, may occur on a workday just shortly before the commencement of work, but this must be carried out no later than 30 minutes before.

31. j) Overnight stays in or on the grounds of the center are prohibited as of the 5th of October, and this also applies to opportunities for spending the night in one’s own mobile home on the grounds of the center.

32. The following rights are revoked for Ingrid and Ferdinand during the two-year probationary period:

33. 1) The planned and already permitted animal husbandry.

34. 2) Contact report reference: for each new report, it can only be made accessible to them in the form that a lecture of contents is held for them.

35. 3) Participation in group meetings of any kind, except by my special arrangements.

36. 4) Meditation in the ring and in the center.

37. 5) Direct access to the group.

38. 6) Visits and overnight stays in the center or on the premises.

39. 7) Admission to information and participation with and in group interests.

40. At today’s meeting, all of these points must be brought forward by the board of directors, and I will see to it that this is done within the regular framework.

41. Through this, the whole community will be given the choice to decide on one or the other, so a joint decision must be made.

42. But if such doesn’t come about, as a result of a neutral vote, then I reserve the right to make a decision tonight on my own.

43. If the second variation of my proposal is eventually decided on by a collective group decision, then Ingrid and Ferdinand have to insert themselves perfectly and without any other minor or greater offenses during the two years of probation, after which their FIGU membership will then continue in accordance with their previous membership, under the calculation of the time of the old-existing provisional membership.

44. But if it should happen that, after the continuation of their membership after the two years or during the probation period, an offense is committed once again, then an immediate and definitive and irrevocable exclusion must occur.

45. With a good probation during the first 12 months, I reserve the right to shorten or to annul completely the period of two years.

46. Concerning the intended animal husbandry, it is given that from now on, the group must strive, as far as possible, to carry this out and realize this because neither now nor at a later time during the probation will the animal husbandry be permitted for the two of them at the center.

47. This could only be the case again if they have truly proved themselves and, thus, give some assurance that they actually insert themselves into and obey the given order.

48. However, a renewed commitment to the animal husbandry of the two could no longer occur on a private basis but rather only within the context that the animals were the property of the whole group.

49. Now, if the second variation of my order should find its validity by the whole group, and despite the decision intervening for them, Ingrid and Ferdinand still feel capable of being accepting for the keeping of livestock and the procurement of animal feed, then it should be allowed that they can take care of this procurement, but only in the context that these acquisitions are made in the name of the group and as its property.

50. The involvement in and with the animals and their products, however, could also only be done in the aforementioned sense of the directives of the given provisions, whereby Ingrid and Ferdinand could be allowed to wait on the animals and to generate the products on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday of each week, but they cannot be allowed to spend the night in the center, in accordance with my determination.


This is all so damn unpleasant, but to be honest, I expected now that a quick, final exclusion would result.


51. Actually, that was also the recommendation of our committee.

52. But just in time, I remembered Louis’ conduct, who similarly requested for himself a temporary exclusion from the core group for two years, which was granted by a core group decision, which was very valuable for Louis and brought several positive changes for him.

53. That’s why I thought that such an attempt could be of value for Ingrid and Ferdinand, which is why I brought it to the attention of our committee, so now, both variations exist, which are to be decided on by the entire core group.

54. After the previous experiences of the past few months, referring to the many positive changes of the group members, a good and impartial decision should now truly be able to be expected of them, which is why we want to place this serious decision into their hands and expect their judgment.


You’re really fair if you don’t commit another error in this again and pass another false judgment, as this has often happened in the last few years because of your ignorance in matters of Earth-human thinking and conduct. Concerning this, you should be more careful to penetrate further into the true secrets of Earth-human reasoning, by what means you would remain spared from many disappointments.


55. That is probably correct, but we may not explore this subject of the last secrets of mankind, so failures can’t be ruled out, unfortunately.

56. But should our decision be positive on the 4th of October, then in this regard, we will no longer rely on our analyses alone, concerning which we have already set up extremely permissible boundaries, but in an increasing and authoritative form, we will allow your assessments to catch us up in all these matters and will let ourselves be guided by these.

57. In this connection, in terms of assessing the Earth people, we’ve made the finding that you are very far superior to us with your methods and knowledge, and if we make use of this, your knowledge, then it can no longer be missing.


As you mean, but tell me, how do things stand in the matters surrounding your spirit leaders, whom I am crazily supposed to instruct in certain things?


58. The relevant preparations are in full swing, and everything proceeds as planned, so you should still give your first instruction before the end of this year.


I still feel really small and stupid, my son; an Earthling, who is to teach higher forms of life.


59. You shouldn’t always think of your earthly body as being so insignificant, but rather, consider the origin of your spirit form.

60. It is truly amazing how you always identify yourself with all of terrestrial life, but this might actually be the real reason why you can live without prejudice, or almost without prejudice, among the life forms of this world.


Being a barbarian just has its charms, even if this barbarian is condemned and cursed very often, extensively, and out of the deepest unconsciousness.


61. I know this about you, but I also know that you always see bright rays of hope and that you also rejoice over even the smallest and slightest successes, as each one always allows you to relax.

62. Thus, you rejoice over Silvano, whom you ought to greet for me with the statement that he makes pleasant progress and that he achieves a more satisfactory performance than what was still the case at the beginning of the time of the six-month period.

63. Also, all others are to be included in this, even if they are, without exception, often still grumbling and mentally resisting themselves against the given orders.

64. Jacobus, of course, is also included in this, even though in reference to him, it is still objectionable that his mindset still leaves very much to be desired, especially in terms of brotherly love and his inclusion in the laws and commandments of a Creational order.

65. Urgently, he has much to learn and to acquire, in order to develop a true love, to prevent hate-filled, gloating, and insulting words and thoughts, and in order not always to be happy when negatively and hostilely minded Earth people suffer loss, etc.

66. Such actions hardly correspond to how a person, who is living in the truth and love, thinks and acts, just as the very often illogical and vulgar language, commonly so-called, of Jacobus doesn’t correspond to the measure of a person who is expressing himself in truth, love, and knowledge.

67. It would be very gratifying if he would be careful to control his language, as well as his thoughts and actions.


In addition, he will now say, of course, that he is once again demanded and required at the point of sale.


68. It was his personal desire for a long time that his mistakes should be shown to him.

69. I remember his words very well, through which he expressed this desire to you.


I remember this very well, and I think that this has been beneficial for him. But what still powerfully disturbs me in the group…


70. Everything is well-known to me, but you should write these things up in a better form than the wording of the ordinal rules and then submit them to us, after which we’ll then decide whether the forms of interpretation are accurate.


You didn’t let me finish speaking.


71. It’s our common nature, for we often understand the questions before they are uttered.


Okay, then you know this, and on this occasion, I will get behind this work. But tell me, are you aware of the fact that a few days ago, someone robbed himself of his own life, which has caused us a lot of difficulties and trouble here at the center?


72. I know that, yes.

73. A very unfortunate incident, but this is just the consequence of the fact that those who reject the truth and those who abuse the truth, schemers and liars, as well as forgers of truth always reap their own wages, either through their own and self-directed hand or by the hand of their followers and believers.

74. Now, the man who recently acted upon himself, through the destruction of his own physical life, was allied with the brothers H. and K., under whose direction he also extensively worked against you, against the whole group, and against our entire mission.

75. Influenced by the brothers, his insidious, destructive, and truth-displacing nature was further opened to such activities, which is why he ignored all truth and worked against it.

76. But recently, it has turned out that he has succumbed to his own destructive impulses, in that he deprived himself of his own life, which happened for the following reason:

77. As was very often the case in recent years, he illegally crept around during his regular work, spying on the terrain of your center, namely on the second pulpit on the eastern side of the edifices.

78. Hidden behind some bushes, he watched the center and was suddenly startled by a sound at the opposite edge of the forest.

79. Then, what he saw there let everything collapse badly within himself, and it became uncontrollable for him.

80. ANDRON (who knows how to assert himself), who is the largest in body mass among our allies and who stands at over 5 terrestrial meters tall, materialized there and slowly walked towards those bushes across the meadow, where the spying man kept himself hidden.



*Translator’s Note: During the 173rd contact, Quetzal stated that Andron was, more precisely, 5 meters and 26 centimeters tall. This corresponds to just over 17 feet and 3 inches tall. For comparison, the tallest Earth-bound human on verifiable record was Robert Pershing Wadlow, who stood at almost 9 feet tall just before he died. According to measurements given in our present day Bible, a famous ancient Philistine warrior, Goliath, stood at approximately 9 and a half feet tall, only half a foot taller than Robert Wadlow. Goliath is considered to be the tallest Earth-bound human on record that is not verifiable. Both of these men find there place in the Guinness Book of World Records. Below is a picture of Robert Wadlow’s father, who stood at just under 6 feet tall, standing next to his almost 9-foot tall son. To the right of them is the silhouette of a man, which corresponds to a 17.25-foot tall man standing next to Robert and his father. Thus, the reader can get a better idea of how large a person the spy in this contact conversation was confronted with.

[Resuming at Quetzal's speech]

81. This frightened cruel one suddenly realized that you, your mission, and we had been defamed by the brothers H. and K. and that throughout his life, he had acted inferiorly and wrongly.

82. He recognized that Andron could not be a terrestrial life form but rather had to come from another planet somewhere because according to his knowledge, there were no such large men on the Earth, let alone one who could materialize himself at an edge of a forest.

83. Full of horror and sudden realization, he ran way, while his thoughts began to be confused.

84. Then, unfortunately, it didn’t take too long before he robbed himself, in fear, terror, and confusion, of his own life.


This, of course, won’t be spread according to the truth.


85. That would be impossible because he told no one of his experience; thus, he took his secret to the grave.

86. For this reason, only speculation surrounded the termination of his life, after which, through false clues, reasons were then found for his suicide.

87. The family members and coworkers strained themselves to put their thoughts together, etc., from which they now assume to know why the man had driven himself to death.

88. But the truth is different from what these people assume; moreover, the reason for the outbreak of his confusion of consciousness lies differently with those who were hostile-minded toward you, us, and the mission.


You speak in riddles, my son.


89. Yet it wasn’t very long ago when we explained to you that all those, who concern themselves against the truth and fight this, also work against you and against your and our mission, and they slanderously and destructively work against us, such that all of them become the bearers of their own rewards.

90. But this, as it was explained to you, also applies to those who slanderously and untruthfully boast of contacts with us or other life forms that are foreign to the Earth, even though these do not correspond to the truth.

91. It was explained to you that all these miserable and unfortunate creatures, for this and for their falsity, mendacity, craze for intrigues, and denial of truth, as well as their distortion of reality, have very vicious and miserable wages to bargain for because they prepare and summon their own destruction through their shameful and destructive activities, in the sense that they produce their own altered state of consciousness and destruction of consciousness, as well as confusion of consciousness, which lead to the complete psychological destruction of the same, and which cause suicidal actions, thus, the self-destruction and suicide of one’s own life.

92. Others will be called to account by their own followers and believers; thus, they receive their wages by their own hand and actions.


I know this, it was explained to me, but you haven’t responded to my question concerning those who…


93. That is correct; it was omitted in my explanation.

94. Thereupon, I addressed therewith that a younger man, who became hostile-minded towards your and our mission through the brothers H. and K., has fallen into a confusion of consciousness, which is designated as insanity.

95. As a result, he was interned in an insane asylum, from which there will be for him no return to the so-called healthy society.

96. A second young man in Berne has fallen victim to a fanatical-sectarian insanity, which has already led to the fact that his acquaintances and family make serious efforts towards likewise committing him to a crazy mental hospital.

97. Those are two cases, in addition to some other similar phenomena, which have arisen recently.

98. With the year 1982, the time has come where the effects of this against you, us, and the mission start to drive these evil doers into their own self-generated psychopathy, as this is also the case with H., who already viciously impaired his psyche in his hatred and in his vindictiveness toward you, us, and our mission, such that his thinking already exhibits the unmistakable characteristics of the pathological psychopath, so with him, everything only depends on the length of time until his psychopathy finds its final and irreversible form.


That’s all damn unpleasant, even if these self-generated rewards for these poor creatures are nothing more than an unstoppable success of their own actions and thinking. It is really very unfortunate and unpleasant, and somehow, one should be able to help these poor creatures, nevertheless.


99. Unfortunately, that is absolutely impossible because their hatred and their vindictiveness, as well as their blindness, allow them immediately to turn every reason and logic within them to the opposite.

100. Now with that, my friend, it should be enough for today because my duties call me again.

101. Until we meet again.


Bye, and loving greetings to all.






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