Contact Report 196


• Contact Reports volume: 5 (Plejadisch-plejarische Kontakberichte, Gespräche, Block 5)

• Page number(s):

• Date/time of contact: Sunday, September 30, 1984, 1:30 PM

• Translator(s): Benjamin Stevens

• Date of original translation: Monday, November 02, 2009

• Corrections and improvements made: N/A

• Contact person: Quetzal


This is the entire contact. It is an unauthorised and unofficial translation and may contain errors.


I am sorry to tell you today that once again, you were mistaken on the basis of apparent facts. To all of that which I said to you in our last contact, you responded incorrectly because the actual facts look clearly different from those apparent ones that I was able to mention to you at that time. Of course, Lee Elders is no saint, and he hasn’t responded to your request, namely that he should have been here on the 7th of September, 1984, and he has also provided no new contracts, as you demanded this. This is true, but this is very well justified by the fact that Lee couldn’t come sooner, as he said, and that we really only had to discuss these things verbally. So it isn’t a malevolence of his that the appointment of the 7th of September, 1984 wasn’t kept but rather, perhaps, an act of defiance or such, I think.


1. However, he shouldn’t have done that.


Certainly not, but anyhow, it seems understandable to me. Well, in any case, it is also such that at least a few things of what was said about him and his actions don’t correspond to the truth. The charges that have been made against him don’t all correspond to the full truth, so it is, at least in part, a clear case of slander. From Wendelle Stevens, I know from a telephone conversation and from letters that parts of the allegations against Lee Elders are nothing but malicious slander. In addition, Lee was able to bring me some written material that proves to me in other cases that those accusations, in reference to financial interests and the fact that he doesn’t work in our sense and in the sense of the mission, are nothing but malicious slander.


2. Are you sure of that?


I’m not a hundred percent, but the materials allow me, at least at the moment, to make no other judgment. To be sure, a lot isn’t right with him, yet time will prove all of this.


3. Then, perhaps, I acted very wrongly toward him with my last conversation, for which he should be lenient towards me.

4. I really don’t know where I should stand any more because I always commit a blunder with the Earth people when it concerns the assessment of things that are of such form.


You should once come to terms with it and thoroughly deal with the fact that the people of the Earth are no saints and, above all, neither is he. With the Earthlings, it is such that lies are invented for all possible purposes, so apparent facts also become generated, which can be quite devilishly deceptive because they are only apparent facts or lying facts.


5. You already told me that on many occasions, but I simply cannot come to terms with it because the fact that people lie is unusual and foreign to me.


Of course, but still, it is just so on the Earth. The Earthlings are not Pleiadians, to whom lying is a foreign word. For this reason, you shouldn't always take everything so devilishly seriously and at face value, if you…


6. That is correct.

7. I should rely more on your senses and on your feelings, I know.

8. That is also true, but I am stuck in my skin as you are in yours, if I may speak with your words once again.

9. So I just let myself be fooled again and again, even though I actually resist myself against it.


Good, then now hear me once: as I estimate things, the facts are as follows: possibly someone around Roberta Brooks, or she herself, invents slanderous accusations against Lee Elders, apparently through a web of lies. This is presumably done in order to dislodge him and to boot out him and me as well as FIGU one after the other. The reason for this can probably be found in the fact that Roberta or someone else can and wants to step into the place of Lee Elders. But as things look, everything points to Roberta, which I cannot prove, however. For this reason, I also wouldn’t like to maintain that it is she herself or that the allegations against Lee Elders might still be right.


10. Why do the Earth people only lie and slander, my friend?


Lies and slander are usually done out of greed and selfishness or for other personal benefits.


11. That is incomprehensible to me.


For you and yours already, but if you could finally imagine yourself in the being of the Earthling, then you would be able to understand everything. Yet this will probably never be the case.


12. It is, perhaps, better if I cannot do that.


Then it would be appropriate that you finally listen to my words more, even though I can also be severely mistaken – also concerning Lee.


13. I would gladly like to do that, even if…


Good, but how does it stand now with the book printing in America? I think that one should quietly leave these things in the hands of Lee. But in this connection, one has still dragged in G. G. and a certain Benedict. In addition, there’s Gary Kinder, who wants to write a book about me,* which I only find to be good. Lee also brought me a check concerning this, which I immediately cashed. I think that one should really write this book and that one shouldn’t disappoint Lee Elders for his efforts relating to this.


14. You’ve already acted and have surely done the right thing.

15. Concerning the book of Gary Kinder, nothing is to be argued against it, which is why I can and probably have to give my consent for it, for you’ve already cashed the check.

16. After the things that you’ve told me, the facts in a variety of concerns, of course, look different from what I had supposed on the basis of what had happened, so Lee Elders is, at least in part, without reproach in these things.

17. But what I must continue to criticize are the contracts because they are written incorrectly.

18. As the contracts exist, the Contact Reports are also included therein.

19. But this may not be the case because they do not belong to the photographic material, but they form a part of your clerical work.

20. If Lee Elders wants further cooperation, then he has to provide new contracts, which specify everything clearly in this respect.

21. Therefore, the Contact Reports must separated from the existing contracts and be placed among the remaining writing material.

22. If this is done, then I can agree to the fact that Lee Elders is granted the right to make publications, also in reference to the Contact Reports.

23. However, the condition is that he extracts the Contact Reports from the material awarded to him of the UFO interests, namely through a corresponding contract.

24. If this is done, then he should be given the right to publish the Contact Reports in the sentence-numbered form, as they exist in the German language.

25. At the same time, it would certainly be of value if Lee would collaborate with Benedict and George, but this is to be determined on Lee Elders’ side.

26. The other writings - and yes, there are many - must also be published of course, and concerning this, I suggest that Lee Elders also undertakes the necessities, together with George and Benedict, if that can be done.

27. It is especially of importance that the book OM is published, along with the other writings.

28. It should be specifically noted that the book OM is held as bilingual, as well as the Decalogue.

29. For other writings, this is also absolutely necessary and, thus, not just desirable.

30. OM and Decalogue must be numbered sentence by sentence, like the originals, as well as the Talmud, Genesis, and the Introduction to Meditation.

31. For the remaining writings, such a numbering of the sentences isn’t absolutely necessary.

32. It might also be of importance that also the Talmud, Genesis, and the Teaching of the Meditation are held as bilingual because these are also important writings, like the OM book and the Decalogue.

33. A great concern of mine is the Storybook.

34. On our side, we find this work of yours to be very good and also very instructive, which is why we are also interested in this being published.

35. For this, G. G. might be able to be the authoritative person, who takes care of this important matter.

36. But first, you have to clarify this.

37. In order to let things take their course, however, I have to set another condition:

38. Within two years, efforts actually have to be made that lead to a success; otherwise, renewed contracts will expire.

39. The time has already long been exceeded, in which the writings should have been published into the English language.

40. For this reason, I must insist that within two years, what is necessary is done.

41. Should this not be the case, then you’d have to look around elsewhere, in order for the writings to be printed.


Two years, in and of itself, is a brief time because such things are very time-consuming on the Earth.


42. Still, I think that this time is reasonable because I do not say that by the expiration of the time, the writings must be printed but that simply what is necessary is done to ensure that the writings go to press and can be brought among the people.


That, of course, is different. Then I can negotiate now with Lee?


43. That is correct.

44. In addition, I would like to leave you a free hand here, but you must take into account the points that I mentioned.


Then, I can negotiate with Lee at my own discretion?


45. That is correct.


Then I would like to conclude our conversation for today because one certainly already waits eagerly to see what you had to say.


46. One knows that I’m here?


No, but one knows that you promised me to come again in the month of September. And today is, nevertheless, the last day.


47. Then until we meet again, my friend.

48. I will come again at the end of October.

49. Salome.


Salome and bye.






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