Contact Report 193


• Contact Reports volume: 5 (Plejadisch-plejarische Kontakberichte, Gespräche, Block 5)

• Page number(s):

• Date/time of contact: Tuesday, May 29, 1984, 1:44 PM

• Translator(s): Benjamin Stevens

• Date of original translation: Friday, October 30, 2009

• Corrections and improvements made: N/A

• Contact person: Quetzal


This is the entire contact. It is an unauthorised and unofficial translation and may contain errors.


1. After our last conversation and after the inspection of your copies of contracts with Lee Elders, it urges me to speak to you today and to clarify some points.

2. After reading the contracts, I’ve found out that these have been made on the part of Lee Elders exclusively for purposes of personal profit.

3. There is a certain amount of dishonesty in them and a severe disadvantage to your person.

4. However, it must also be said that you don’t need to worry in any way because these contracts with Lee Elders are, in all points, invalid and meaningless, for they are contrary to all articles of the statutes of your Free Interest Group, FIGU, which were already created before these unlawful contracts came into being.

5. Thus, you couldn’t sign these contracts in accordance with the FIGU statutes at all, so they are worthless.

6. On the other hand, they also possess worthlessness because they are composed and written exclusively in the English language, without them being held in the German language, whereby you could literally read them.

7. You aren’t so strong in the English language that you could have understood these sophisticated contracts, and moreover, they weren’t translated for you into a useful form.

8. Therefore, they also have no validity in this respect, and you are free from all commitments in this connection.

9. If Lee Elders wants to have any rights, then new contracts would have to be made, which also correspond to the statutes.

10. But in the future, such contracts would have to be taken by me personally for examination, before a signature can occur.

11. Furthermore, I have to say the following:

12. Not in the least do things of evil occur in the United States through the assistance of Lee Elders, by what means profit is supposed to be made through our cause, but you are the financially disadvantaged person, along with FIGU.

13. Thus, Lee Elders still promotes it that people such as B. C. can work nonsense and can make a profit for their own benefit, which brings more harm to our cause than benefit.

14. This has become clear to us through our own investigations in the USA.

15. But only now could I do this, after our group there said good-bye and took off two days ago in a definitive form, as this has also happened with the group in Asia.

16. Thus, our group is now responsible for the entire world.

17. And as an order-giving person of this kind, I now order that Lee Elders immediately stops all absurd machinations of all kinds and starts to work in accordance with our instructions.

18. In addition, this comprises the following major points:

19. 1) The eliminating and repairing of all machinations, such as in the case of B. C. and Dr. F. B.

20. 2) The translating and publishing of the Contact Reports into the English language.

21. 3) The modifying and appropriate reshaping of the regrettably completely inadequate film "CONTACT" to a film of our imagination.

22. 4) Publication and public screening of the appropriately reshaped film "CONTACT."*

23. 5) The preparing of new contracts that are valid for the statutes of FIGU and that are also useful for FIGU, Hinterschmidrüti.

24. 6) All of this must happen within the next three months, so by the 31st of August, 1984 at the latest.

25. If the date of the 31st of August, 1984 becomes forfeited, without the aforementioned points being satisfied, then we will draw off the hand of Lee Elders, and we will strive with all means at our disposal to allow the cause of Lee Elders to collapse in all points and concerns.

26. This means that we may ruin his work in every way and may destroy it if he does not now follow our given orders.

27. The first step relating to this has already been done in that we withdrew our liaison groups in the USA and in Asia because it isn’t right that visionaries and swindlers use us for profit purposes.

28. But this has already been done by B. C. and Dr. F. B., as well as by several others, which was uncovered as a result of your last conversation.

29. You mentioned that this Dr. F. B. and this B. C. claim that they have had contact with Semjase and Ptaah and with others of our European group, which in no way corresponds to the truth, of course, because we have never gotten in contact with any Earth people in the USA or otherwise outside of Europe.

30. Our contacts in Europe had reference to four people, of whom you are one, while two of the remaining three are now dead.

31. So now, there are only two contacts of a conscious form, whereby physical contact with you and only purely telepathic contact with the other person are maintained.

32. The remaining contacts are of an unconscious nature, so the connecting persons suspect nothing of them.

33. In Asia and in the USA, all contacts were also of this kind, namely according to purely telepathic impulses, without the relevant Earth people suspecting anything of their contacts.

34. So there can be no Earth people in America, who consciously had contacts with our people or with the ones of the Asian group.

35. Whoever maintains this must simply be called a swindler and a fraud.

36. You yourself know very well why this is so and why only you are our mouthpiece and for what reasons only you can be our contact person in the given form.

37. Anyway, it is now the case, however, that we've withdrawn the groups in the USA and in Asia until further notice, namely for so long until the waves have smoothed themselves again and the truth has prevailed.

38. Of course, this also has developmental disadvantages for these States as a consequence, which can vilely affect them politically.

39. But regardless of that, we persist in this until the truth has prevailed, before we once again concern ourselves with the thought of stationing our development-assisting people in these States at some other time.

40. Make this known to Lee Elders.


I will do that; you can count on it.


41. In addition, he should consider our word, if he does not fulfill his obligation within the three given months.


Of course, I’ll let him know. Regarding Roberta Brooks, I already wrote to him.


42. That’s good, and concerning this, I also give him time until the 31st of August, 1984.

43. Even if the addressed film corresponds in no way to our and your conceptions, it could still be helpful somehow.


I already wrote Lee several months ago that the film is tasteless and doesn’t correspond to my conceptions.*


44. That’s also why you no longer have to feel bound to the contracts.

45. Furthermore, you absolutely must omit that you deliver further material for the time being.

46. Even the book you mentioned, which should eventually be written about you, you may not allow, at least for now.

47. We can think about it again if Lee Elders fulfills his obligation and also prepares new and, this time, valid contracts.


Of course, I will adhere to that.


48. Then I still have a few things of importance for the group members:

49. Since everything with the SOHAR center is now placed into your hands, I could regulate the concerns surrounding the initiation in such a way that with a failure of the initiation time, a loss of seven years wouldn’t appear but rather only a loss of seven months.

50. This is already programmed in such a way in the monitoring disc.

51. Moreover, it is now that time for you when the enterprise becomes self-supporting.

52. For this, you have to search for a suitable person for the organization, and this immediately.

53. Also, the initiative of the expansion of the group must now be seized at last, as well as the initiative around the lectures.

54. As usual, there’s a lot of idle talk about these interests, but nothing is undertaken.

55. There are just a few "specialists" in the group, who have large mouths, but at the same time, nothing is done.


I also know that, my friend, which is exactly why I’ve left these points with Engelbert, in order to be set on the agenda for the next meeting.


56. With that, you have done well.

57. It would be good if some of you would make appearances at good places, where such has already been brought into being.


All of that is of no use if it isn’t then carried out, nevertheless.


58. Again, that is also correct.

59. It is always the case that something is started and then is dropped again, but you can do nothing about that.


It annoys me, however.


60. Nevertheless, you have to try again.

61. But the people should be so far that they develop their own initiative because nothing comes from nothing.

62. This also applies in relation to “Rainer Schenck;” is this writing now finished?

63. Probably not.

64. Already for seven months now, Bernadette has put this off, which is really a disgrace.

65. You must call her to order through disciplinary action, or it obviously won’t be any different.

66. Already seven months ago, I asked that she be brought into a detailed discussion and be used in the work.

67. Now, it should have already been a long time ago that Bernadette would have fulfilled her obligation.


Often and often, I told her that, and now even you as well. But what do you think now, with respect to Roberta Brooks?


68. You know what problems we have in assessing the Earth people.

69. The rule is that we can only explore the superficial because we are not allowed to penetrate more deeply.

70. Thus, we only recognize the upper layers of thought, and what lies deeper than that remains foreign to us.

71. Thus, we can only recognize untruthfulness when it becomes obvious; previously, it remains unknown to us.

72. So we will not investigate secret thoughts, and what is served to us during the assessment of the Earth people very often corresponds to evil.

73. What I can recognize now in Roberta Brooks as superficial bodies of thought is of a good nature, so she doesn’t seem to be of a bad type.

74. But what possibly hides under the surface thoughts, that I do not know.

75. For this reason, I had to learn that I have to be careful with regard to closer observations.

76. I cannot and may not, in any way, afford to make another mistake in this respect.

77. The surface thoughts of Roberta Brooks are good, and according to these, I must act and decide.

78. So accordingly, I must declare that it should be ventured to entrust her with certain tasks.

79. Indeed, she has already demonstrated very great confidence through her work with the finances for the text translations, so it is to be supposed that she will continue to move within this framework of confidence.


That’s what I think, but making decisions in this world is sometimes quite devilishly hard, my friend.


80. That is correct, yet why do you say that I, out of all people, had to gain such bitter experiences relating to this?


Because you are now my middleman, my friend.


81. That is logical, of course.

82. But before I go now:

83. You still have the American video film that you could give to Roberta Brooks.


We already thought of that, but we suspect that there would be difficulties with customs, and then, the film would be affected by radiation.


84. I didn’t think of that, but maybe you will find a solution for it anyway.

85. But now, I must go; until we meet again, my friend.

86. And loving greetings to all.




87. Salome, Arkadas.






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