BASHARBlueprint for Change —— A Message from Our Future

巴夏:作為改變的藍圖 —— 來自我們未來生命的訊息

CHAPTER ONE  Masters of Limitation

第一章  自我設限的大師

What is your purpose in coming here, Bashar?


First of all, let me say that even though you seemingly perceive a single identity, I represent hundreds of thousands, even millions of consciousnesses that make up the Association of Worlds. In their own manner they have – telempathically, you could say – "plugged into" my consciousness for each of the interactions we have with you. So understand that while there may be a gathering of individuals on your side for these channelings, there is a gathering of individuals on our side as well.

首先,讓我說明一下,雖然你們似乎覺得我只是一個人面對你們,然而我卻是代表著成千上萬,甚至是幾百萬生命意識的結合。在我這裡,他們以自己的方式 —— 心靈感應(可以這麼說)——“連進”我的意識之內,而介入我們與你們之間的每一個互動之中。所以請瞭解,雖然在這些交流過程中,你們可能有許多人聚集,而我們這一邊,也是有許許多多的人一起參與。

We have interacted with many other civilizations that are going through transformations such as yours, civilizations that are in stages of development where they have not yet allowed themselves to realize they could interact with other worlds in an open way. Those of us assisting in your transformation do so in an unobtrusive way that allows you to know you are responsible for that transformation, and not us.

我們已經與許多其它 —— 像你們一樣正在經歷轉型的文明有所互動,這些文明所發展的階段,還不允許他們自己明白,其實可以用一種很敞開的方式來與其他的世界互動。我們正在以一種不唐突的方式,協助你們的轉化,好讓你們明白:是你們自己要對轉型負起責任來,而不是我們

Be aware, however, that we have a non-interference directive totally in effect. This is the idea that any new civilization is left alone if it is in an evolutionary stage where it does not necessarily express an absolute conscious recognition that there are other civilizations with which it could communicate. The idea of our existence is not forced upon any world until such time as that world exhibits the willingness to communicate in positive, loving ways.


Using this format we thus stay one step removed for that and many other reasons. First of all, we recognize that you usually have a penchant upon your planet -- at least in the past have had a penchant -- for following the messenger, and not listening to the message. Therefore, since the information is more important than whom we are, for now we remain removed, allowing the information to have a paramount place in your minds. For if we were to appear and utter these phrases ourselves in physical form, people would be bowing left and right. Rather than your continuing to hold us above yourselves in some sort of awe, we wish to assist you in returning your power to yourselves, helping you to wake up and take back responsibility for the creation of your lives.

由於此一原則,所以我們便不被人類文明所知,當然還有很多其他的理由。首先,我們發現到地球人有個毛病 —— 至少在以往有這種毛病 —— 只肯跟隨先知,而不聽先知所傳遞的訊息因此,由於我們的訊息遠比我們是誰要重要許多,所以現在我們保留隱形,好讓訊息能夠落實在你們的心靈裡。因為如果我們現形,以肉身講出這些話來,人們就會跪拜不已。與其讓你們對我們敬畏有加,不如協助你們贏回自己的力量,幫你們清醒,並取回創造自己生活的責任。

Why are you here at this time in our history?


We have always interacted with every civilization knowing beyond the shadow of a doubt that they are in every way equal to any civilization of which we are aware. If you, however, label other civilizations more advanced than your civilization, know that this is not just a matter of labeling; it is also a matter of perspective. But this may now afford you an opportunity to realize your civilization is changing and expanding, perhaps in ways similar to how our civilization has expanded. We recognize that your world is exploring ideas and levels of consciousness we have already explored, ones that have worked for us. As you create that exploration in your consciousness, we note that you radiate a particular frequency. We have picked up on this frequency and accepted it as an invitation, in a sense, to interact with you.


We communicate in order to reflect to you some of the ways these ideas you are exploring have worked for us, so that if you wish to, you can adapt and adopt some of them into your own reality – IF you find they work for you. This method always works best, because it allows you to decide for yourselves what the information is and whether it works for you or not.


We are in this interaction to put ourselves out of a job. Our dearest desire is to have there come a day on your planet when you do not need us at all. And then on that day we will be able to interact with you on an equal level. However, for that level of interaction you must open the door for us. It's your planet. The way you open that door is not by wishing for us to interact with you, not by the desire alone, but by expressing more of a desire for you to interact with yourselves as equals. Only when you do that among yourselves do you create the vibration that makes it possible for us to be able to come through into your dimension and see you face to face.


Very Low Frequency


For you see, there is an energy reason keeping us at bay. You have created your society to be one full of people who hide things from themselves, and this has created gaps in your energy field. These gaps create the illusion that you are vibrating at a very low and slow frequency. We are being of assistance to you so as to give you an opportunity to recognize that you can change your frequency and go through your transformation with an absolute minimum amount of negativity, in terms of the manifestations as they occur on your planet. . . . in the great changes which will take place during the next few years.

你們明白,我們蟄伏不出是有能量因素的你們所創造的社會中,充滿了愛隱瞞的人們,這就使你們的能場有了隔閡這些隔閡創造了你們在很低、很慢的頻率中振動的幻相我們是來協助你們,讓你們有機會明白,你們可以改變頻率,並且在轉型時經歷最少的負面效果 —— 就地球上所發生的“現象”… 就未來幾年間,地球上將會發生的巨大變化而言

We do not mean this to sound egotistical or derogatory to you in any way, but when you encounter beings that are willing to be their full selves, these beings operate at a higher frequency. We could use the analogy of a faster spinning gear and a slower turning gear. When you bring a slow gear and a fast gear together without allowing them to match frequencies, and jam them into physical interaction, there will only be a disruption, a psychotic breaking. Because the idea is that our frequency physiologically in a sense would force your vibration to accelerate at a higher level by being in proximity to our frequency. That would allow all the things many of you have kept buried within you to rise to the surface, forcing you to face them. This can cause psychotic shock to certain individuals.


Therefore, being of a different vibratory field than you, we cannot interact with you in a physiological way unless there is some meeting of the minds, or some pre-arranged purpose fitting the timing that best serves all those who are concerned. When the timing allows it; when it serves the purpose that has been agreed upon by you, we shall meet face to face. If we have not done so, then I will ask you to trust that the timing is not appropriate. And to know that when it is appropriate, nothing will keep us away!


Bashar, how can you prove to us you are who you say you are?


First and foremost, the main purpose of this interaction is not for the validation of my existence; it is for the validation of yours. We are not here to prove anything to you, nor can we force you to believe we are who we say we are. If your world insists it does not want to know we exist, we must respect that. The governmental structures you have created on your planet at this point are still insisting we do not exist, and therefore we cannot violate that chosen belief system. You have created your governments, and that is who you all are. When you make changes within the structure you have said represents you, then they will represent what you say is the popular will. At this point, they do not.


Do understand that your government is very well aware of our existence -- very well aware. But because you have created your society in layers that can hide information from other layers, many of your members do not have that data -- although many of the mainstream members within your governments do. Quite a number of civilizations have already interacted with your world -- among them individuals from our world, Essassani, and from Arcturus and Sirius. And there are the Pleiadians and the Zeta Reticuli. There have been actual physical interactions between members of our society and your government.

要明白,你們的政府的確很清楚我們的存在 —— 十分清楚。可是由於你們所創造的社會,不同的層次可以把資訊隱藏不讓他層知道,因此很多人都沒有那些資料 —— 雖然政府之中有許多的主流份子知道。有許多文明已經與你們的世界有互動 —— 其中有來自我們的世界(愛莎莎尼),以及來自大角星、天狼星的,還有來自昂宿星及網罟座ζ(澤塔雙星)星系。我們社會的成員,曾經與你們的政府有實體的互動

A lot of us would like you to land your ships now, Bashar.


Before we physically land on your planet, we would suggest you take a good look around your world. We then would ask you this: Would you want to land in the middle of a war zone? For without meaning to be derogatory in any way, your entire world is a war zone... We therefore make whatever contacts can be made individually when the opportunities arise, and we do so quietly -- allowing the information to filter in, and soothing the raging fires of your world. Then by the time the fires are banked, we may land on Earth and openly communicate with you.

在我們以實體著陸在地球之前,我們建議你們好好看看你們周遭的世界。然後我們會問:你們會想降落在戰區當中嗎?我們並不是要以任何方式來貶低人類,你們的整個世界都是戰區因此當有機會出現時,我們就會去作個別的接觸,而且我們是安靜地做 —— 允許資訊可以過濾進去,平息你們世界的怒火。等到怒火被扼阻之後,我們也許可以降落在地球上,並且與你們作公開的溝通。

As we have often indicated to you, this time is approaching; within the next two to three decades this can be a relatively common thing. But right now, by many of your own admissions, in the general cross-section of your society you do not want such widespread interaction. Your society is not structured to handle it. It would cause -- in our estimation of your energy in general -- a destructurization of a negative sort, where there would still be fear and panic, where there would still be self-doubt and the belief that your reality is not in your hands. We do not want you believing we might be something greater than you, for far too many of you would be too willing to give over your power to us. We do not want it, thank you. We have enough of our own -- all that we need to live the lives we have chosen to live.


Our methodology is to use what you would call the tried and true method. It is the reflection to you of your own power so that each of you, individually and collectively, can make the decision as to whether or not you want to interact with us as a society. That is completely up to you. Should you decide no, we will be on our way. It is our perception, however, that you are deciding yes, and so we "hang around."


Do understand: in all the interactions we have shared with you we have been more than willing, and quite ecstatic, to experience and express the interchange of love, and to be of assistance in reflecting back to you what you already know about the power you have to create the lives you want to create. But it is not really our mission to provide this information. The idea is to establish relations, and that is what has been done. In communicating this way, and establishing "foreign relations" with you, we are accomplishing our primary goal.


As we have suggested before, the idea is that we choose to remain obscure so that we are not looked upon as your saviors. We are not here to save you; you do not need saving! We are not here to run things, to live your lives for you. We have our own lives, and are very busy, thank-you-very-much! We have no time to take responsibility for living your lives as well. But we do love you; we do desire that your world and our worlds shall one day soon explore together all that exists in the Infinite Creation, as we already do with many other civilizations. And when you determine as a group that we can interact as equals, we will then do just that.


Could you give us an estimation of how soon that will be?


You are not so very far away. It is our perception that within the next 30 to 50 of your years at the outside the changes that are taking place upon your planet will make it conducive for your world to be fully involved with our civilizations. That is indeed all the time it will take. Rather than the segregation and separation you have been exploring for thousands of years, once you begin to explore integration, it doesn't take that much time, by the definition of integration, to get to highly accelerated places very quickly.


You are all beginning to suspect there is more to you than just the physical form, and that consciousness truly expands and extends beyond what you have believed for many thousands of your years. Your beliefs were that the physical world is all there is; that the physical universe simply exists with or without you, and you have really nothing much to say about it. You may be in it for a while, and you are told that you may be able to affect your immediate surroundings to some degree. But lo and behold: in the ultimate story you have been given on your planet, nothing you do has any real effect on the overall realities.


But now you are beginning to discover this is not so. Even your own scientists, your own physicists are beginning to realize that your thoughts themselves are the actual driving and creative force behind the physical reality, behind the physical experiences each and every one of you have.


You see you have been created with free will. If you choose to buy into negative beliefs; if you choose to buy into the idea that you can only do just so much, and it is beyond your capability to do more, the universe supports you exactly that far and no further. Because the universe never gives you more than you say you are ready to handle.


How many of you truly believe you are ready to handle absolute infinite unending ecstasy? A great many of you, because of your training, fear ecstasy quite a bit. ...Quite a bit. Or you at least contain belief systems that are self-regulating, in the sense that when you finally do create something that seems to be going the right way, you say, "Well, this is jolly! How long can this last?”


You always cut yourselves off. As soon as you impose that restriction on yourselves through your belief systems, the universe says, "All right, if that's the way you want it, cut!” ...Instantly. Instantly. Instantly! You are that powerful. You have always gotten everything you believed you could get -- or perhaps even more importantly for many of you, everything you believed you deserved to get. For deservability is a big issue with most individuals in your civilization: "I deserve the negativity" or "I don't deserve the positivity."

人類總是把自己切斷。一旦你透過信念系統面對自己設限時,老天會說:“好吧,如果你喜歡如此,就切吧!”…馬上斷了,馬上,就是馬上!你就是如此有威力。在你們的文明中,“該得多少”對多數人是一項很大的課題:“我只配得到壞的!”或是“我不配得到好的”。然而真相是:凡是你相信自己能得到的,你都會得到 —— 也許對許多人而言,更重要的是,凡是你相信你值得得到的,都會得到

Introducing Guilt


One of the key ideas engendered upon your planet long ago is the idea of guilt. Not that other civilizations do not experience it, but you have delved so very deeply and so very strongly into it that your civilization, among the many civilizations we have encountered, has an expertise that is matched by none. Not that this makes you any less. In fact, the idea of your willingness to even experience such limitation in many ways actually makes you strong, and is, in and of itself, an indication of how strong you know you are -- to be able to subject yourselves to such degrees of limitation. This allows you to create many wondrous occasions of self-incrimination, self-invalidation, self-limitation, segregation and separation in your lives. And many times it is the primary ingredient, the primary symbol, to allow you to prevent yourselves from creating in your lives what you prefer, what you desire, and what you know deep within you is what you deserve to experience in your lives.

長久以來,在地球上所產生的關鍵概念是罪惡感並非其它的文明就沒有,可是你們卻將罪惡感深深而強烈地植入你們的文明中,而在我們所接觸的所有文明中,地球人類的罪惡感堪稱首屈一指這並不會使你們卑微,事實上,你們願意從很多方式去經驗這種限制,反而使你們變得很堅強,因此罪惡感顯示出你們知道自己是多麼的堅強 —— 能夠將自己屈從在如此程度的限制之下。這樣使人們在生活中創造了許多的自我歸罪、自我無效、自我設限、分離及隔閡等等的怪異現象。很多時候,阻止你自己在生命中不能造就你想要的、你渴望的,與你深知在你生命中值得經驗的,其主要因素與基本信條,就是罪惡感

Guilt is what will always perpetuate limitation, always perpetuate separation; it keeps you from recognizing your own self-empowerment and your own connection to the Infinite Creation. For recognize that, fundamentally speaking, while many of you for a long period of time have assumed that hate is the opposite of love, guilt is the true opposite of love. Hate may be the diametric, dynamic polarity expression of love, but guilt is the true mechanical opposite. For love is complete and utter self-worthiness and creativity, while guilt is the belief in lack of self-worth; it stifles creativity. Hate involves the concept that you deserve something, whereas guilt is completely devoid of the sense of deservability. In fact, guilt is the denial of your very existence!


Therefore, the belief in your lack of self-deservability allows you to be able to create a scenario in which you actually keep at bay all of the things in life that are yours by birthright -- such as happiness, ecstasy and creativity. Guilt is the bitter pill that was injected into your society -- by your society -- to keep you in the status quo of lack of self-empowerment. Because when you truly believe you are not connected to All That Is, or God, the infinite Creation; when you truly believe you must control by force in order to get anything at all in life, then do you further the continuation of limitation, further the continuation of guilt.

所以,相信自己不配得到,會使你創造很多的情境,把你與生俱來的所有好東西都窖藏起來 —— 例如:幸福、狂喜以及創造力罪惡感是被注射到人類社會的苦藥 —— 被你們的社會 —— 讓你們保持在缺乏對天賦力量體認的現狀當你們真的相信自己並沒有與「無垠的造化」聯繫時;當你們真的相信,只有透過強力控制才能得到所想要的事物時,那麼你們就加強了限制,加強了罪惡感的延續

This scenario has become the very ethic of your society. When you do not believe you are connected, you thus do not believe you can create things you desire in your lives with great ease and effortlessness, and things become worthless to you if you don't create suffering in order to get them. "No pain, no gain," as you say. When you are told a story in your world, and that story contains pain and conflict, struggle and strife, you say, "Oh my! Very realistic story!" When you are told a story where it says, "And they lived happily ever after," you say, "Huh! Fairy tale! That's not real life."


There is absolutely nothing within the creation of the universe that insists that the story containing the conflict is any more real than one that does not. It is your choice, out of your habits, to believe that pain is more real than joy. So as we said, this has become the ethic of your entire civilization -- that you cannot have anything in your lives that is worthwhile unless you have suffered, unless you have, as you say, earned it. But do recognize that you do not have to earn it; you already own it!

在全宇宙的創造中,絕對沒有這回事,堅持說:人生必須是包含著衝突才是比較真實的。那是你們的選擇,出於你們的習慣,而認為痛苦比喜悅更真實。正如我們所說的,這已經變成地球人類整個文明的倫理 —— 除非你有辛苦爭取,除非你有努力賺得,否則無法擁有任何珍貴的事物。可是請明白你並不需要去賺取它,你已經擁有它了

Your Birthright


You were created from ecstasy; you were created out of love and light. It is your birthright. Everything you do can be an act of love, done with an effortless ease of creativity. You are made in the image of the Infinite Creator; and that means, quite simply, that you are infinite creators and multidimensional ones as well. This is the natural you. If you will allow yourselves to realize that you no longer need the tool of guilt, you will then give yourselves the expansiveness of your birthright.


You will allow yourselves the expressiveness of your vitality, and you will then be able, with all clear consciousness, to create and attract into your lives the things you know you deserve. You will find that when you remove guilt from your toolbox, what is left will be this recognition and realization: NOTHING is too simple, or too good to be true. Nothing! . . . "Any exceptions, Bashar?” No, not one.


Nothing is too simple or too good to be true, and nothing is too wondrous or too ecstatic to be yours -- nothing. You deserve all you can conceive of -- because you exist! And if you exist, then obviously All That Is, the Infinite Creator believes you deserve to exist. If you exist with the desire for creating peace, harmony, joy and ecstasy in your lives, then know you are not created with that desire without also having been created with the ability to attract that into your lives. Your awareness of that idea, in and of itself, is sufficient to bring it to you. Creation holds nothing back from you, and it never has -- never! In all circumstances in your lives each and every one of you has always been supported 100% by the universe. You are not ever given a desire without also being given the ability to accomplish that desire!

每件事都可以很簡單很棒地成真,沒有任何事會因為太神奇、太喜悅,而使你無法經歷 —— 沒有一件事。你能想到的都能得到 —— 因為你存在!而如果你存在,顯然是「老天爺」相信你值得存在。如果你存在著一份想要創造和平、和諧、愉悅及狂喜的欲望,那麼要明白,如果不是因為你生命中具有吸引那些事物的能力,就不會有那些欲望。只要你發覺這個道理,就足以把那些屬於它以及在其中的東西帶到你生命裡。「老天」不會不給你任何事物,而且祂從來不會如此 —— 從來不會!在你生命中所有的環境裡,每個生命都百分之百受到宇宙的支援。老天給你欲望,同時也給你達成欲望的能力

The universe, and Infinite Creation, does not do extraneous and pointless things. Therefore, since you did not have to do anything special in order to deserve existence; since obviously All That Is believes you deserve to exist, give yourselves the same benefit of the doubt; treat yourselves with the same unconditional love and respect. Grant yourselves permission and grant yourselves the right to create life, as you desire it to be, for you have the ability to create it that way. All you need do is remind yourselves that your ability to conceive of that idea is, in and of itself, the indication of your ability to create that idea. Again, you are multi-dimensional creators; and as you think, as you feel, and as you believe, so you experience the creation of the physical reality around you -- always! No exceptions.

老天爺不會作無關又沒意義的事,因此,既然你不必作任何特別的事而存在;既然老天相信你值得存在,那麼就給你自己同樣的利益吧,用同樣的無條件之愛與尊重對待你自己。給你自己許可,給自己權利去創造你所渴望的生活,因為你有能力把生活創造成你所要的樣子。你惟一需要做的是,只要你提醒自己你想出那個念頭的能力,屬於它自己以及就在其中,就表示你有創造那個念頭的能力。再一次,你是個多維度空間的創造者,而當你在思考、感覺及相信的時候,你就經驗到周圍“物理實相”的創造過程 —— 永遠都是如此!沒有例外

Your physical reality is always the product of what each of you believes it can be -- OR fears it will be. For to fear that something will happen in your lives is the same thing as saying you believe that the fearful scenario is the strongest possible reality likely to come into your lives. Your physical reality is always the product of what you believe it can or will be.

你的“物理實相”永遠都是你信念的產物 —— 或是你害怕的結果。因為害怕某事會在你的生活中發生,就等於說你相信,那可怕的事情是極可能會來到你生命中的事情。你的物理實相,永遠都是你信念的產物

Situations do not happen in your lives to show you that you are stuck in them; situations do not happen in your lives to show you that you have failed at creating better ones. Situations come into your lives to show you what beliefs you have been taught, what beliefs you have bought into -- and if you don't prefer them, to change them. You always have a self-regulating mechanism to allow you to know what beliefs may be buried in your unconscious minds. The self-regulating mechanism that allows you to know precisely how to bring those beliefs to the surface of your conscious minds -- so you can change them if you don't like them and reinforce them if you do -- is the experience of physical reality.

在你生命中,不會發生你困在哪裡的情況,也不會發生你無法創造更好生活的情況。你生命中的境遇,只會顯示你被教導過什麼樣的信念,你將什麼信念帶入了生活 —— 而如果你不喜歡時,就改信念。人永遠都有自動調節機制,好讓你知道,你的無意識心靈中埋有什麼樣的信念。自動調節機制會讓你知道如何精確地把那些信念帶到意識的表層來 —— 如此當你不喜歡時,就可以改變此信念,如果喜歡,就可以加強此一信念 —— 這就是物理實相的經驗

If you see that you are involved in situations you don't prefer, then simply recognize that the only way it could be in your lives is for you to have the belief allowing it into your lives. Therefore, now that a situation has shown you what the belief is you have been operating on, you are free. You have the opportunity to say, "Aha! Now I have the definition of the belief that has created this; it has been buried within me. It has now come to the surface, because here it is all around me. Therefore, if I don't prefer it, I can understand what the definition was and I can thus change that definition to what I do prefer."


Then use 100% of the trust -- the same trust used to create the negative scenario -- to now know that once you have changed the definition to a positive definition, reality will reflect that definitional belief just as strongly as it reflected the other definitional belief which you did not prefer. You have your own self-guidance system, your own built-in guidance system. And this is why when we interact with you, what you will always sense from us is that whether you choose to believe in yourselves or not; whether you choose to believe you have the capability of creating the reality you desire or not, we believe in you! We will always reflect to you that you have that capability, for we know you do. We do not believe you have it; we know you have it -- beyond any doubt whatsoever. We know all beings in creation have the ability to create the reality they experience.

然後運用百分之百的信任 —— 正如用來創造負面事件的信任 —— 現在要知道:一旦你已經改成了正向的定義,實相就會同樣強烈地如實反映新的定義,正如以往反映你所不喜歡的舊定義一樣。你有自己的自我引導系統,你天生的引導系統。這就是為什麼當我們與你們互動時,不論你是否選擇相信自己,不論你是否選擇相信自己有創造所想要的實相的能力,你們都會感受到我們相信你!我們永遠都會反映給你們知道,你們擁有這份能力。因為我們知道你們有,我們不是“相信”你們有;我們知道你們有 —— 超越任何的懷疑,我們知道所有上天的子民都有能力去創造自己所經驗的實相

Again I remind you: all of you are born on your Earth with a total facility for living your lives in absolute joy; but because of the way you have created your society to be, that joy is drummed out of most of you by the time you are three years of age. Yes, that young! And you begin to buy into the belief systems that your society says are the belief systems you must buy into in order to survive in this world... kid!


Highly Focused


There are many, many clever ways you are constantly creating restrictions upon yourselves. This stems from the fact that a long time ago you chose as a group consciousness to be highly focused into physical materiality. What came with that choice was the ability to forget that you were the creators of all your physical reality to begin with. You have played the game of forgetting for thousands of years. Now you are remembering; you are waking up, blinking your eyes and saying, "Oh, there is something more; I am now remembering that I began this game. I began this cycle a long time ago; now I'm at the end of it. Time to go on to a new cycle of joy and remembrance and creativity." That choice on your part, that recognition, is why I, and others like myself, are now able to begin to communicate with your civilization.


While we were observing your society for thousands of years, we knew we would have to wait until you had played out the negativity you have been exploring for so long; and now you have played it out. This life now is representative of the transformational age. This life now is the one you have been waiting for for hundreds of thousands of years. This IS the transformational life! It has been going on now in accelerated fashion upon your planet for approximately 40 or 50 of your years; it will continue in an accelerated fashion for approximately 40 or 50 years more. You are smack in the middle of the transformational age: the halfway point (1987). In fact you are right on the edge of transforming into a very strong, peaceful and creative planet.


We would like you to understand that even though your world seems to be going through much turmoil at present, you may keep this in mind: transformation is not the product of mediocrity! As strong as you have been on the negative side, that is an indication of how strong it can be on the positive side. Let us assume that you have taken a rubber band and stretched it far, far back into the depths of limitation and negativity, as far as you can possibly stretch it. Now you are on the verge of considering exploring the positive side. What do you think is going to happen when you let go of that rubber band? It's going to snap back very rapidly and very far onto the side of positivity.


This is the threshold on which you are standing as a civilization at this point in time on your planet. That is why many of you may be incredulous to understand: "Well, what do you mean 40 years? That's all it's going to take? We're going to be a unified planet in only 40 years? But we've spent thousands of years getting to this point!"


Looking at a general average cross section of the combined rates at which you are all progressing individually, most of you will actually take only about 20 to 25 years. From our point of view, the energy as it now stands reads thus: every single day of your time brings with it as many connections to different levels of your consciousness as it took one to three years to make ten years ago. That is the rate at which you are accelerating.


This speeding up -- is that one of the reasons some of us have been very spaced out lately!


Yes! The Limbo State is in full force. The transition, the shifting of gears is taking place. That is why many of you now find you are coasting along with your clutches out... You are not engaged.


Bashar are we the least-advanced planet you've ever come across?


Rest at ease that your civilization is not the least-advanced in the universe. There are many civilizations going through their own transformation; by no means are you at the bottom of the totem pole. However, you are one of the most highly focused and accelerated civilizations we have ever encountered. Which means you have experienced a much greater degree of limitation in a more rapid way than almost any other civilization with which we are familiar. You have, in other words, done it all. There is almost no other way you could explore the idea of the limitations you began several thousand years ago.


Once you have the understanding that integration is that much more geometrically progressive and unified, you will understand that all it requires is, as you say, the blink of an eye to accomplish anything you want to accomplish -- when you really put your minds to it, and when you rearrange your priorities. So at this time let us share with you a little nickname many of us have for you. Understand that in no way, shape or form is this name meant to be derogatory... honest! But the idea is that we, and many of the other civilizations that know about you, have called you the MASTERS OF LIMITATION.

一旦你們瞭解到,整合不僅只是幾何上的進展及統合,你們會明白到:整合所需要的一切是,正如你們所說的,能在眨眼間成就你所想成就的任何事情 —— 當你們真正用心時,並且學會重新安排你們的優先順序。因此現在,讓我們來分享我們許多人對地球人類所取的綽號,請明白這一綽號沒有任何在外形的貶意…真的!只是我們以及很多其他文明在對地球人類瞭解之後,都把你們稱作“自我設限的大師

Now, recognize that the cycle of limitation begun by your human culture so long ago brought with it an unexpected effect. This unexpected effect was the ability -- once you had locked yourselves into materiality from a certain point of view -- the ability to forget that you did it to begin with, and that you could extract yourselves from it any time you chose. This is under the category of what you might call a "catch-22" in your language. The idea is that a certain degree of experience of limitation, a certain focus of limitation, automatically brings with it an ability to forget you created it to begin with. So once you had locked yourselves into that cycle of limitation and focus as physical beings, you then had to play out the natural result of the momentum you generated long ago.

現在,請明白限制的循環是人類文明在長久以前所開始的,而且帶來了一種意想不到的效果。這意外的效果是一種能力 —— 一旦你們由某種觀點把自己鎖在物質世界裡 —— 就能忘記你們剛開始設定的初衷,那就是:你們可以隨時選擇抽離的時機。這可以比作落入你們所謂“進退兩難”的境地。這個概念就是:某種程度的限制體驗,某種的限制專注,就自動帶來遺忘的效果,忘了當初你們自己開始的初衷。因此一旦你們將自己鎖進限制的循環並且專注在物質世界時,接著你們就必須按照過去所產生之動量的自然結果去運作完成。

How Could You Forget?


Once there was a time when we encountered a civilization that had come into contact with The Association. Eventually in sharing information back and forth, it came time to describe and define your existence, and what we are doing in our interactions with you. Well, do you realize that one of the closest approaches to an argument we have ever had with anyone -- not exactly in the same way: no negativity, no real violent emotionality -- but the closest we have ever come to an argument was when they simply could not believe there could exist any expression of individuality anywhere within the physical universe that could not be aware of its own power, that could actually forget it creates its own reality. It took quite some convincing, as it was simply beyond their conception.

以前我們曾經遇過一個與「星際聯盟」有所接觸的文明,在彼此交換資訊之後,到了我們要描述地球人類的存在狀況以及與人類互動中作了些什麼的時候。嗯,那是我們唯一的一次跟其它文明有接近爭議的互動 —— 與你們的爭執不同:沒有負面的抗爭,沒有真正的激烈情緒 —— 而我們之間爭議的焦點就是他們無法相信:在此一物質的宇宙中,怎麼會有任何個體表達說:不曾察覺其自身的力量,怎麼會忘記是他們創造了自己的實相,那要花很多的力氣說明,因為的確是超越他們所能理解的概念。

This is not to say they are any better than you, but to show you how many different ways there are to perceive reality, and to point out that there are civilizations who have created themselves to not even be able to inherently conceive of the ability to forget we are a part of Infinite Creation. Recognize, therefore, that it was quite astonishing to them to realize that you were actually able to funnel your great power in such a manner as to use that power in creating within yourselves the ability to forget you even had the power you were using.

這並不是說他們比你們有任何優越,而是讓你們明白:要領悟與認知實相,可以有如此眾多不同的面相。同時指出:居然會有一些文明,可以把自己造就成違反本能;忘記了自己是無垠造化的一部份。要知道,這對他們來說是驚訝而難以理解的;居然會有人能把自己強大的力量限縮成這樣 —— 在你們自己的內在創造出一種能力,去忘卻以往人類曾經擁有過的力量

They learned something new about themselves that day and something new about the universe. You taught them, to their very great amazement that that was one way All That Is can express it; and now they have a much broader understanding of the variety of ways Infinite Creation can manifest. You taught them something by your willingness to experience such a high degree of limitation in focus. They in turn began experimenting to some degree with the idea...not that they created exactly the same degree of forgetfulness.


But you see, the idea in their civilization became a source of enjoyment. They found, as you also found to some degree, that the ability to impose the illusion of forgetting upon themselves, however momentarily, allows them to experience things as if they are experiencing them for the first time. They were able to realize that that was not an experience they had ever had. Thus they were able to generate for themselves a whole new understanding of creativity simply from the altering of the perspective, the altering of the point of view -- of creating the scenario of not remembering that you are connected to the experiences you are creating your reality to be.

可是你知道,這種理念在他們的文明裡變成了一種享受的來源。他們發現,正如你們也有類似的發現,有能力去讓自己忘記從前,無論時間再短,都能使他們去做一些事,每次都像第一次體驗,彷彿從前未曾做過一樣。所以只要改變觀點,改變視角,他們就能產生對創造力全新的領悟 —— 就如同人類可以去造就一種情境,不記得自己與所經驗的事有關,不記得是自己在創造自己的實相

Therefore be aware that even though you have created such a seemingly negative past, other individuals in the universe have benefited greatly from your unique willingness to create such a reality, one which can be shared in different ways as a learning tool by many individuals in the universe. You have also assisted us in assisting other worlds, because our thought patterns would otherwise be highly alien to you and yours to us. Without the use of the model of this physical channel; without experiencing Earth life through the connection with him -- in a life you would consider a past life of mine -- we would not have the model to draw from, the experiences to draw from, to be able to assist you now, or to even speak with you in the same terminology.

因此要知道,雖然你們創造了似乎很負面的過去,但宇宙中卻有一些文明因為人類願意去創造這樣的實相而受到了很大的助益,這可以被宇宙中許多其他文明當作不同形式的學習題材。你們也協助我們去幫助其他的世界,否則我們彼此的思維模式就會有重大的差異。如果不曾運用這個肉身作為溝通管道的模式;如果沒有透過與地球的“他” —— 可以看作是我的前世 —— 之間的連繫,我們就無法形成此一模式,造就此一經驗,能夠在此時此刻來協助你們,或是能夠以同樣的語詞來跟你們說話。

And so in using your high degree of focus in limitation, we have been able to know that if our model works on your world, it works marvelously on many other worlds that do not have such a high degree of limited focus. Because you are then the master lock for almost any other civilization experiencing limitation to any degree. And so we thank you for the high focus you have created, because then in dipping into your well, we have most of the tools necessary to deal with almost anyone else. We thank you for forging the type of steel that allows us to cut through many bonds of illusion which we find exist in many other societies beside yours.


Begin to Unify


It will not take very long for your world to transform into a unified state. The idea, in and of itself, of the exploration of limitation means that things are broken down in complex ways; they create a lot of complexity and detail. You have to experience them a step at a time, one after the other. Now that you have begun to unify things back together, and to awaken into your integrity -- your integral state -- things can speed up and be very accelerated. It will be a very accelerated state, because the sooner you open up to the positive ideas, the sooner you begin to accelerate geometrically. When you begin to integrate, consolidate and unify, everything is within you; you live in the moment spontaneously. You literally create less time. So everything is accelerated, things happening more quickly. Your whole world ignites in an ecstatic explosion of ecstasy and coincidence and synchronicity -- everything tying into everything else, being interconnected and interrelated; always in the right place at the right time, interacting with exactly the individuals you need to interact with. No accidents. There are no accidents. Never have been, are not now, and never will be. Co-incidence is simply that: co-incidents.

不需要多久,你們的世界就會轉型進入統合的狀態。自我設限這個概念本身及其過程,把許多事情用一些複雜的方式弄得失效了;它們創造了很多的複雜細節,而你必須一次只經驗一步,一步接一步。但現在你們已經開始把事情整合回來,並且喚醒自己趨向整體 —— 你的完整狀態 —— 一切就會加速整合且非常快速。那會是極度加速的狀態,因為你愈早敞開心胸積極面對,整合就會愈快開始以幾何級數的方式加速進行。當你開始整合、鞏固並合而為一,一切都在你的內心世界;你就活在當下。你真的濃縮了時間。於是一切都加速起來,事情會發生的更加快速。你的整個世界就像點燃了驚喜的爆炸,處處充滿了巧合與意外之喜 —— 每件事都是環環相扣,一切都相互交織並息息相關;總是在對的時間出現在對的地方,與你需要互動的人交流互動。沒有“意外”這回事,根本沒有意外事件以往沒有,現在和未來也不會有“巧合”純粹就是:巧妙地結合

*       *       *       *

We wish to extend to you at this time our deepest appreciation in allowing us to experience the gift of your consciousness. We thank you for choosing to function as representatives and ambassadors of your world, for that is what each and every one of you are right now. We thank you for allowing me to function as an ambassador for all that are listening in on this side. Bit by bit, day by day, through these interactions we shall come closer and closer to the time in only a few of your years hence when we may interact with you openly and joyously.










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