CHAPTER TWO  Peace in Our Time

第二章  當代的和平

Bashar, are the people of Earth now choosing to destroy their world? Are we going to blow ourselves up?


No! Even though it may not be apparent on the surface of your world yet, our perception is that about seven of your years ago you all made a general collective unconscious agreement that you will not annihilate yourselves through nuclear means. What you perceive to be an acceleration of violence on your planet is the last vestiges of these ideas now being brought to the surface. You are getting it out of your system, so to speak, now that you know unconsciously it's safe to do so -- because all of this is not going to lead to your annihilation.


You are bringing what was formerly hidden and covert out into the open, so that you can all look around and say, "Wait a minute. Look what's going on; look what we're doing. Is this the way we want our world to really be? If not, let's change it." You now know it is safe to bring up all of that, examine it, and create it to be the way you wish it to be. We can tell you this at this time because you have made that decision yourselves.


Because you have made that decision, we can also tell you the following: that you never would have been allowed to annihilate yourselves through nuclear means anyway. It is your world; you can do with it what you will... as long as what you do remains in your own back yard! Nuclear annihilation would have torn through the dimensional fabric of other space/time continuums, and affected other civilizations that have nothing to do with you. That is not allowed.


Recognize that your government is very well aware, and has been aware for a long time, that your devices simply would not have worked had they been activated. They have been given blatant demonstrations that this is the case by many of the spacecraft of the Association. These have centered themselves directly over your missile silos, and deactivated -- dampened electromagnetically -- all of the launch mechanisms. Your government and your military have been given many demonstrations of this. The idea of the so-called nuclear tension that exists between your superpowers from that point forward has been mostly for show. They do not wish to lose their standing in your eyes.


Bit by bit, much of this information will begin to leak into your society. The more you open channels of communication and blend yourselves together with the idea of what you have created your government to be, and the more you allow them to serve you rather than rule you, the more they will be able to share with you the information they have kept from you about our existence. They have been doing this basically to protect you in the way they thought you wanted to be protected.


So when government heads get together for summit meetings, are they not actually talking about what they say they are?


Not always.


Is it that they are friendly with each other and they're allowing each other to stay in power?


Whether they are friendly literally or not, they both know what the game is they are truly playing.


And the game is that there is never the idea of nuclear destruction -- and it is then perhaps mostly a monetary game?

而這個遊戲就是永遠不會有核子毀滅這回事 —— 那麼也許充其量只是金錢遊戲罷了?

In a sense, yes. It is the idea of maintaining what they fear they will lose -- power over you...not recognizing that the equalization of the entire world will actually be the gaining of their own self-empowerment along with everyone else.


Do the Russians have the same sort of knowledge we received 40 years ago, when the first space ship crashed here?


Different. But enough information has crossed the lines now that both of your "sides" know just about enough.


This information about advanced space flight — is that known at the governmental level?


Some. Do understand that many of your governments actually have in their possession some extraterrestrial spacecraft. They have been able to derive some theory and technology from these craft in order to make their own, but not fluently. For they are missing out on several concepts about consciousness as part of the equation in understanding the technology. And also some of the materials are a little bit beyond their capability to penetrate. They have applied parts of this technology to some degree now and then; and in a sense, even before they had possession, they were working on some of these understandings. They do understand some of the basic principles.


Governing Government


However, as long as they choose to utilize them for the idea of self- empowerment and gain, they will find that some of the principles will not work -- because these are based on an integrative point of view. Your governments are beginning to learn; but because of what you have created them to be, they act like they are getting it slower than the mainstream of society.

然而,只要他們想要利用那些科技來壯大自己並從中獲利,他們就會發現某些原理是行不通的 —— 因為這些都是建立在一個整體的觀點上。你們的政府正在開始學習這些道理,但是由於你們把政府造就成這個樣子,所以政府表現得好像要比社會主流要慢點才能搞懂這些(道理)

The more you interact with them not in an accusatory manner, not in an angry manner, but in a loving manner, in a sharing manner, in an unconditionally loving manner, and express to them that you believe in peace; that you know there are other ways that are simpler; that there are other ways more indicative of using the reality that exists rather than attempting to ram your way through walls -- then perhaps they will begin to shift their programs toward the types which will allow them to share the information with you, rather than thinking that by doing so they will lose their power.

人民與政府互動時,若是能不以控訴或憤怒的態度,而是以一種更能包容的心態(以分享且無條件之愛的態度);並且向政府表達:你們相信和平,說你們知道有另外的簡單方法,更能運用所存在的真相,而不是透過圍堵來阻擋你們的去路 —— 那麼也許政府會開始轉變原來與外界互動的方式,而願意與人民分享資訊;而不會認為:在分享資訊時,他們就會失去自己的權力。

Much of this data is now being brought out in the open, thus forcing them to face the different portions of themselves that are not working fluidly. And so there is no need for judgment, no need for negative feelings from this point forward. The situation has aligned you; now you know how you can serve: by suggesting alternatives to your government and allowing them to hear the words all of you are saying: "We believe in peace; let's do it this way, shall we – together?"

現在已經有許多資料被公開,因而逼迫政府去面對自己運作不順的部份。因此不需要批判,從不必有負面的感覺這個觀點開始。情況已經對你們有利,現在你們知道自己可以如何去做:透過對政府建議不同的可行方案,讓他們聽見全體民眾都這麼說:「們相信和平,讓我們用和平的方式做,好嗎? —— 大家一起來。」

Is there anyone in our government, any people who represent us, who seem to have a clearer vision of this?


Yes, there are a few. You can find them by simply being that vibration. They will be the only ones you will attract -- the ones who can get things done, the ones who are equal to you. But first you must be equal to them. So be bold; interact in a loving way very blatantly and very practically. You are your governments, as we have said before. There is no reason why you should not feel just as at home in government buildings as anywhere else. But you will never know unless you initiate some form of communication, some form of action, some form of equalization between you and what you have for so long thought to be the different levels of your society those levels to which you have given over the responsibility of taking care of your lives for you.

有,有幾個人。你們只要有那種振動的頻率,就可以找到他們。他們是唯一會吸引你們的人 —— 是能夠做好事情的人,是與你們平等的人,但是首先你必須與他們平等。因此勇敢些,以一種有愛的方式去互動 —— 很高調又很實際的。你們就是你們的政府,正如我們先前說過的。當你們在政府辦公大樓裡時,沒有理由可以不自在,要像在家中的感覺。可是除非你們開始某種形式的溝通、行動,否則你們永遠不會知道,事實上你和你的政府是平等的,長久以來,人們都以為政府與你是不同的社會階層 —— 你們把照顧好自己生命的責任交給了政府。

Take back that responsibility. Interact; participate. It is all one world. If you really believe you wish it to be one world, act as if it is one world. If it really were one world in the same way our world is one, there would be absolutely no place barred to you. Simply know that if you radiate that frequency, you will find that there are absolutely no barriers to any so-called level of government on your planet -- not anywhere at any time. You will find yourselves being invited, or you will find that the opportunities will automatically present themselves to you. You will flow into areas where you can drop a little hint here, have a little conversation there, over tea, and get to know one another.

拿回這份責任。互動、參與!只有一個世界。如果你真的相信自己希望只有一個世界,就把它當作一個世界來行動。如果地球真的像我們的世界一樣只有一個世界時,那麼絕對不會有任何地方會把你阻擋在外。只要知道,如果你放射這種頻率,你將會發現在地球上,絕對不會有所謂叫做政府的障礙存在 —— 任何時間,任何地點都不會有你會發現自己被邀請,或是你會發現那些機會全自動地提供給你。你將會自然來到一些地方,提供一些你所知的部分,進行一些交流,在輕鬆的場合與彼此相識。

The idea is that something you absolutely strongly believe in, you will act upon. The two are not segregated. Actions and beliefs are tied together; they are one thing: you act as you believe, and as you believe, you will act. Recognize that the more you are willing to allow yourselves this freedom of action, the less you will create for yourselves the opportunities to sit around and complain about the way things are.


But how can I, as only one individual, make a difference?


Recognize that you have chosen your purpose in being in this society at this time on your planet. Know that if you were not going to make a difference, you would not be here. As you begin to see the idea of the connection of everything in your society as it relates to you, and as you relate to it, you will begin to understand that each and every individual makes a difference within the society as a whole.


This understanding will allow the society to recognize within each individual the ability of the society to relate to each one specifically, and the ability of each individual to recognize within him or herself the totality of the society. Thus is formed the first bridge and link and connection from the individual self, from the personality, to the mass consciousness; allowing you to know that because you are connected to everything else, every move you undertake, every move you support, every move you create will always act as a lever for everything else, subtly shifting ideas in one direction or another.


You will know you are connected in various ways through the mental fields you create on your planet, through the physiological fields you create through manipulation of the energy fields of the planet itself. All ideas that you call your civilization -- physiological and mental, emotional and spiritual -- all are diversifications out of the same primal homogenous energy field, the primal consciousness. All are diversifications out of that. And all are, as we have often said, the different shelves, or layers, of the idea of the onion on your world. Many different layers have been created by you out of the homogenous oneness of the energy field, that which is the underlying primal foundation of all creation you know as physical.

你們將會知道,透過你們在地球上所建立的心智場,透過操控地球本身的能量場,以及生理場,你們以種種方式銜接在一起。你們所謂“文明”的所有理念 —— 生理與心智、感情與靈性 —— 全部是由同一個「同源合一」的能量場(即原始意識)所延生出來的一切都是由其中所分化出來。正如我們所常說的,你們洋蔥式層層結構的世界全部都是。你們由同源合一的能量場中,創造許多不同的層次,而同源合一的能量場,就是創造你們所稱之物質的根本基礎

As you diversify these layers, recognize that because you are creating the diversification, you are still connected to every single layer. You are connected and pass through all layers from without and from within. All layers are within you, and so every move you make within yourself is a move made in the outer physical awareness -- because the outer physical reality is only a reflection of every idea you are exploring within the self. To travel, to move through the physical reality -- no matter what the mode of your motion: whether walking, running, riding in your automobiles or airplanes, or even in space craft -- any idea of motion through space is the idea of movement within, exemplified and reflected back to you as a symbol.

當你們區分這些層次時,要明白是因為自己在創造這些分化,你仍然與每一層是相連的。你與所有的層次內內外外也都是相接通的。所有的層次都在你的內在,因此你在內在所作的每一舉動,都會在外在物質的知覺裡有所互動 —— 因為外在的物理世界,只是反映著你在內在所探索的每一個理念旅行,在物理實相中移動 —— 不論你運動的模式為何;不論是走路、跑步、開車、或是搭飛機,甚至坐太空船 —— 任何在空間中的移動,都是你內在理念的移動,被放大並以一個象徵反映回來給你

Recognize, therefore, the idea that every one of you has an effect on the society as a whole with every small subtle movement you make. For every movement -- every movement -- is significant to every other movement. All movements are equal, and go into the totality of the creation of your society, as you perceive it. So now that you are beginning to recognize that there is no longer any separation between yourselves as individuals and the society, you can begin to recognize that as you move, the society moves as a whole. You are immersed in the fluid.

因此要明白,每個人的每個細小行為都對社會整體有影響。因為每個行動 —— 每一舉一動 —— 都對其它行動有意義。所有的行動都是平等的,會進入你們所創造的社會的整體裡面。因此現在你們開始認識到,個人及社會之間是分不開的你可以看出來,當你行動時,整體社會也會跟著你動你是浸在液體之內

Every other being, every other individual, every other self-created perspective within that fluid, will always feel the eddies and the currents as you make your move around in the fluid. They will always be able to sense the directions of your flow, the directions of your movement, the strength you give and the energy you impart to the fluid. All of you, whether you know it consciously or not, are sensitive to this activity, sensitive to your willingness to be exactly who and what you are, what you chose to be in this life.


Toxicity / Radioactivity


I am very concerned about toxic waste on our planet at this time, Bashar, and would like us to find appropriate ways by which we could either neutralize or clean up this waste safely.


Many of you already recognize that certain forms of energy exist upon your planet, specifically with regard to the electromagnetic field of your planet -- energies, which can be tapped in non-polluting methods to supply all the power you need for every endeavor you could possibly imagine. Since you have already decided to create certain technologies that have detrimental byproducts, there are a few ideas, which might be used to alleviate some of that concern.

你們很多人已經發現,在地球上有某種形式的能量存在,特別是地球的電磁場 —— 們可以用無污染的方式去取用的能量,且足夠供應你們所能想像到所有能量的需求。由於你們創造了某些會產生有害副產品的科技,而我們有一些理念可以用於消除這些顧慮。

One we have discussed before. You will find that some individuals, as we perceive the energy of your consciousness now on your planet, are beginning to investigate and discover certain polymer materials, plastic materials that will actually have the ability to molecularly bond with the residue given off by the toxic waste. These will be able to form some sort of containment, some sort of absorption containment process, so that the toxicity -- and we are talking about radioactivity specifically -- will no longer pass beyond that barrier. These polymers may exist in your society within the next twelve to fourteen of your years, as we read the energy now of your technological evolution.

我們曾討論過,按目前地球人類的意識能量,我們察覺到你們有些人正開始研發一些聚合物、塑膠的材料,它們可以與有毒廢棄物作分子的結合。如此就能形成某種形式的封存;某種吸收封存的處理,好讓那些有毒物 —— 特別是輻射廢棄物——再也不會外泄出來。依據我們由你們的科技進化能量中預測,這種聚合物也許會在未來的1214年後在你們的社會中出現

Of course you can also create electromagnetic bubbles around such substances to isolate them. Certain types of electromagnetic bubbles are capable of actually changing some of the molecular composition of that material, rendering it at least neutral, if not actually usable. However, when the vibrational rate, or frequency of each and every individual upon your planet accelerates to a higher state, then some of the substances you have created at your lower frequency will also simply no longer have an effect upon your corporeal forms. They will be of another reality level, another frequency level, and will not be able to create an effect in a physical reality that no longer relates to -- or shall we say is no longer synchronized with -- the former reality in which those substances were created.


You can truly create a separation of universes, so that the old substances will no longer affect you physically, because you will be operating on a different plane entirely. However, you will no longer, as we have said, need to create such substances anymore when your society allows itself to realize that all the power you need, all the technology you can invent, can be based upon electromagnetic or gravitic principles. Then that will be sufficient for any endeavor you would wish to create. From that point on you will no longer create any toxic or radioactive by- products.


Now, many individuals have been exploring and experimenting with this idea of electromagnetic utilization for quite some time. But because of the way you have structured your society's interests, some of that experimentation has been suppressed. This is because it does not serve the interests of the individuals who control your technology at this time. Once those barriers have been lifted, many individuals will then come to understand that certain methodologies have existed -- some for decades of your time -- that would alleviate all of your power problems.


Could you tell us how to produce those electromagnetic bubbles, and what frequency it is?


You do not have the technology at this time. We can perhaps be of a little more assistance with the idea of the polymers, pointing you in certain directions -- but only pointing. We cannot give you the entire idea -- a) because some of your technology has not yet been decided on; therefore we cannot predict such a thing with absolute certainty. Your future is still in flux about what it is you will discover. b) Because some of these things you must be allowed to discover yourselves. We cannot necessarily remove the process of discovery from you.

目前你們還沒有這種科技。我們也許可以就聚合物的理念多作一些小小的協助,指出一個方向 —— 但是只有指出而已。我們不能把全盤的理念都給你們 —— 那是因為A)由於你們一些科技還沒有決定好;因此我們不能以絕對的確定性來預測這樣的事。(B)由於這類事情必須由你們自己去發現,我們不能拿走你們自己去發現的過程。

However, it is our perception that individuals who are exploring and experimenting with certain types of molecular arrangements in polymers that simulate certain biochemical processes in the body, certain biochemical arrangements in your human bodies within the DNA and RNA structures, will be closest to the mark. In a sense, what we are saying is that these polymers, to use that term very loosely, will be almost bioorganic in nature, and will to some degree contain an affinity to certain heavier elements. And in absorbing those heavier elements into their structure, they will set up a matrix, a certain type of magnetic matrix, which will actually create a type of polarized effect for the particles being absorbed by the polymer.


In other words, the particle will strike the polymer -- let's say a radioactive polymer particle will be absorbed on one side of the barrier. So something will be released on the other side of the barrier, but it will be polarized in a way you have not seen polarization yet. The new polarized particle will be harmless to your species, yet it will still exist. In a sense it will be pollution of another type, but one that is not harmful to you. All we can do at this time is describe this basic mechanism to you. The knowledge is not now available to us to understand more specifically exactly how this mechanism will be created in terms of the technology on your planet.

換言之,粒子會撞及到聚合物 —— 譬如說一種有輻射性的聚合物顆粒被吸收到阻擋物的一面。因此阻擋物的另一面就會有某樣東西被釋出,可是它極性化的方式會是一種還看不出來有極化的狀態。這種新的極化顆粒,將不會對人有害,然而它仍然存在。在某方面而言,它是另一類的污染,可是不會對人有害。我們目前所能作的就是:把基本機制告訴你們。目前我們無法得到以地球科技的條件去創造此一機制的確切知識。

Well then, do you see us killing our planet, Bashar?


Right now, yes; but not ultimately. It is our perception at this moment that you are basically forcing yourselves into a corner, and this will finally cause you to face the idea that there are more beneficial and efficient ways to go about things. It is our perception that within the next twenty or so of your years as a society, in full recognition of that fact you will then find these ways and transform your world very rapidly. For once the recognition is made, then the changes can occur, historically speaking, almost overnight.


The Middle East


Bashar there is so much conflict all over the world; one area in particular is always at war. For some reason it just never seems to initiate any of the positive changes we see happening in the rest of the world.


Your Middle East


That's the place. Can you give us any information as to why that is the situation?


Because in many ways that area was the reception site and the reception point for very early infusion, in an incarnational sense, of some of the very strongest of negative energies upon your planet. A very, very strong Orion incarnation was the historical individual you call Sargon of Akkad. This individual is recognized in you history as being responsible for the creation of the Arabic Empire, using the sword to conquer that whole area. Therefore, it was founded on many Orion principles. Individuals in that area are struggling because they believe -- as the Orions did in those times -- that to struggle was the only way to express and understand the self that it must be done through the idea of conflict. Thus, basically you will find that much of their energy, in many past incarnations, has been put toward the idea of warfare.


Never having learned about unconditional love being the ultimate power in creation, they sought to dominate and domineer, this being the only way they could understand their relationship to Creation. They are jostling to understand themselves as different expressions, learning that they can express the power and the energy with which they feel so naturally connected in terms of your Earth. And now it can be expressed in more positive ways.


They can begin to recognize an immensely important idea: that every individual is as powerful as he needs to be to have anything he desires in life without having to hurt anyone else, or himself, in order to get it. They are beginning to assimilate into many other cultures, which gives them the opportunity to recognize they can blend and balance that energy in a positive way that it does not have to be a struggle or a conflict of ideologies. For the blending of all ideologies is what will, paradoxically, allow them to express their own ideology the easiest.


That area of your world has indeed represented a high degree of limitation and focus and the playing out of that very energetic negative state. So in that sense, they are the crucible around which all other realities and cultures on your planet rotate and revolve. They are playing out much of the negativity of the remainder of your planet through that small area, that small theater representing some of the very highest concentrations of the old belief systems on your world.


In a sense, this can be looked at as a circumstance which allows the rest of you to make the changes you are making, since they are willing to function as the repository of the majority of the negativity on your planet, thus releasing the rest of you to change in the ways you desire to change. Once the rest of you have stabilized yourselves, then can the greatest and most rapid changes potentially occur within that area, as they will no longer have to hold the symbolic torch for the rest of you.


Negativity Personified


And in my country of Iran, Bashar, what about that madman who killed so many people?


Understand that that individual was only acting as a collective reflection for the belief systems -- the combined belief systems in negativity collected down through your centuries -- in that particular country, and in your whole civilization at this time. Other individuals have served in this way, and more will do so also. These individuals do not know they are strong enough to not have to reflect that degree of negativity.


So at this time that whole area, the energy of that area through many lifetimes, has built up this volatility, this understanding, this particular point of view, and allowed certain individuals to embody all the fears, all the negativities, all the disconnections from Creation that culture has felt.


Every culture at this time upon your planet is going through its own transformation in its own way. At this time in each culture there are those individuals who have been brought up to believe they are weak; and those weak individuals will take upon themselves what they perceive to be the idea of power and strength, which is to dominate and harm other individuals.


But that is a sign of powerlessness. These individuals are only thrashing about in their own self-created nightmares, and they are taking as many individuals with them as they can -- because they feel themselves to be dying inside. That culture is going to go through many rapid changes within the next decade; there will, in fact, be an utter complete transformation of that entire area on your planet.


The Sword of Sargon


There will be a spark, and the spark will be ignited. That spark that is ignited will touch off what you might call an emotional chain reaction in the people of that area -- over a wide expanse. From your year 1997 through your year 2000 -- and with ramifications proceeding up to 2011 -- that entire area will undergo a change, as it has never known in your recent history.


That spark will be the recognition that the barriers and the definitions and the creeds that have kept everyone separate -- that is what you are actually fighting against, and not truly an individual. That individual has only taken it upon himself to represent all of the symbols that keep your people separate -- all of the ideas and beliefs; all of the creeds and the old ways; all of the habits and rituals; the old ideas of the inequalities of the races, of the castes, of the levels in society.


The spark will unite and bind that entire area, and there can be a burst of light that will transform many throughout that entire Mediterranean area, spreading out as a shock wave... a shock wave of light. As we perceive your energy now, approximately in 1997 there will be a tumultuous interaction, concerning their social, political and religious understanding that will allow them to reexamine all they believe in. However, at the same time it will form a crucible that will allow certain souls to shine very brightly, very hotly.


Our perception is that within a very short period of time, before your year of 2001 -- there will be such a major transformation in that area that a new line, a new understanding, a new model or template for how your entire world could develop and a government will issue from that area. This laying down of the foundation of a world government subsequently will be accomplished by your years of 2011 to 2013.


Now, we do perceive that the situation in your Middle East will come to a head. Great degrees of accelerated polarities will be created, similar to the polarities the rest of your world is exploring now. The various stages that it has taken you decades to pass through, they will pass through in a very short period of time. There may be still much escalation of violence; many ideas may be torn down physiologically. But yet, violent though it is -- and it does not have to be -- out of that will still come a way to make room for a new understanding.


One way or another, that society must free itself of the shackles it has wrapped around itself. And in a sense, even if it must break down its entire social structure to do so, it will. Again, not that it has to. But out of that deep, deep suffering -- out of that will come a momentous transformation in that land... and the sword of Sargon will now reflect the light!


A New Triumverate


This transformation you are talking about: do you mean they will become a Communist country?


No. We are talking about your entire planet beginning to recognize that all borders are confining; that all labels and all ideologies are simply different points of view; and that there are many things in every culture that each culture can blend, assimilate and benefit from. It will not be any label you now possess on your planet; it will simply be the unification of your planet -- as a planet.


You will soon allow yourselves to form a triumvirate association of your three major powers: the United States, the Soviet Union, and The Peoples Republic of China. And together, as the triumvirate, they will set the stage as a leading example for the proposal upon which the rest of your civilization can form its own world peace, its own world government. From that moment on the idea of national boundaries will begin to dissolve over a period of the following 100 years.


Is there anything we can do to help out and further along the transition, in that Middle Eastern area?


You can send your love, each of you acting according to what you believe is the thing that represents the light and love of your truth, thus being a shining example to that nucleus, to that core around which you rotate. You could then be mirrors, 360 degrees all around, to reflect back to them their potential for change in a positive direction.


Do recognize that they have limited themselves by refusing to acknowledge other points of view, doing so in order to remain within that limited focus which allows them to get the job done, as you say. The more willing you are, as an outer world around them, to change and do the things that represent your love and light, the stronger the reflection of that love and light will shine back to them. And there will be a time when the momentum and the weight of the love and light you are sending will be something they can no longer resist.


You can interact with them along whatever avenues and conduits may open up to represent your ability to be of service. Not that you must go into interacting with them appearing as if you're out to change them, making it seem as if you believe they should change, and you are doing it in a judgmental fashion. That is not what we are referring to. But you could allow yourselves to just avail yourselves of whatever opportunities you find to slide into and share of who you are. And then they will see around themselves more reflections of that willingness to balance the idea of positivity with all that ancient negativity.


War-Like Planets


What about a planet with a life system that has developed with a war-like mentality, one that can enter this part of our galaxy with intentions of conquering? Will that likely happen, Bashar?


Understand that individuals with that intention do not really get very far. The idea is also that your energy as a world now has changed sufficiently so that even if there should be another civilization close at hand with intentions of conquering and dominating, they would be hard pressed to even find you now. For your vibration is a little bit too different from any society that might actually wish to push themselves into space with war-like intentions of coming here to take over.


Now, the idea is also that traveling in space is actually traveling within. And true, space travel is not the idea of what your technology is right now, where in a sense you are sliding around on the surface of space. When you understand how to breach the barriers of space and time itself, you will discover it requires a very highly integrated attitude, and a highly integrated attitude makes it very unlikely you will ever be of a war-like nature, and in fact you would not get very far if you were. For even if you were to make the attempt, you would most likely find yourselves dispersed at the other end....


The idea of war-like planets in conquering modes can and have happened, but they are usually relegated to certain levels of dimensionality. Many times that means they actually have to be in physical proximity to each other, and in our perception, not on any level is there a race of such a nature within hundreds of light years of your world. For the idea is this: now that your vibration is changing into a modality they would not even begin to be able to understand, they probably would not find you even if they looked. So in a sense, that makes you the most war-like planet around... and we have no fear of you. Therefore, in actual fact, if there were going to be any concern at all, it would probably be from our end, not yours.


But aren't there wars between other planets?


If we might draw an analogy to what many of you have assumed must exist elsewhere in the universe, simply because it exists upon your planet....


In a sense, there are other places, and have been interactions throughout the different galaxies, that might loosely amount to what you call warfare. There have been many variations of this theme on many different worlds from time to time. You are not unique in that. But the idea many of you have perceived, which has to do with alien consciousness that may have negative intentions toward other worlds: this particular negative intention does not always manifest itself in the absolute format you would recognize as warfare.


For recognize, in many ways warfare is quite improbable in terms of galactic and stellar distances. There is rarely any need for such an idea, since there is always more than enough room for expansion, and therefore more than enough room for different ideologies. Every civilization is a different reality in many ways, and generally speaking one reality is usually experienced only by one civilization until they make agreements to share common frequencies, common wave lengths between different worlds -- which then allows them to interact in various ways.


But if they do not make that agreement, then chances are they will rarely even encounter other civilizations if they are not of a mind to interact with those other civilizations in mutually beneficial ways . . . unless they wish to lure themselves to civilizations that as a whole are choosing to function as victims, and draw to themselves -- out of their fears, out of their doubts -- the idea of a conquering civilization. However, even this notion is usually not able to be played out in your typical fashion of warfare and domination. For, as we said earlier, the stellar distances make this very improbable.


Do recognize also that although it may seem symbolically like planets are being conquered, none can be conquered if they do not vibrate to the idea that they can be. And thus you will find that the so-called best safeguard to that idea is to simply know you are not of that vibration, that idea. And they, not being of the same reality, will never find you. If they should come to what represents -- to them -- your planet, it will not -- to them -- seem to be at all inhabited.


So the idea, more often than not, of what could be considered a conquering race, and a conquered race -- to use those terms loosely -- would be simply the willingness of the conquered to give up their power completely to the conqueror, to allow their lives to be run by someone else, and to have all their power removed and all the responsibility for the creation of their lives taken from them. But not taken without their consent, for it cannot happen without that consent.


Thus the type of warfare that has occurred in this sense has simply been one of a people succumbing to an idea and allowing themselves to fall in line, to fall under the domination and the auspices of another civilization successfully using the idea of seduction to lure that other civilization under their banner. The "conquering" civilization then is able to increase its numbers and increase its strength very literally by talking the other civilization into allowing them to be dominated. They can do this by taking responsibility for their needs, by pretending they will take care of those needs, and by removing from them in the process all of their ability to know and believe they can create their own lives as they choose them to be.


This is the type of warfare that is more common. It is a mental idea, a psychic idea, in that sense. But even that, in our experience, is a relatively uncommon thing. For not that many civilizations we have encountered are that willing to forget who and what they are to the degree where they would attract such a liaison with another civilization that would even want that type of dominion over other worlds. Both of these ideas are relatively rare in our experience.


Star Wars


All the ideas of what you now represent to be war-like projections into space are, for the most part, in your long distant past. Do understand something: though we are not saying the scenario that has been painted in literal terms is actually literal, the idea of your science fiction stories -- particularly the one you call Star Wars -- did carry with it one of the strongest insights of all, and that is that you were told it was a long time ago. For indeed it no longer has anything really to do with your present. At least not, as you say, in your neck of the woods! It is a representation of the old cycle of negativity, and a connection to many other star systems through which you have come. It was simply applied to a future format.


Well then, how do we stop wars and have a peaceful planet?


Please understand that if you believe in peace, then you do not have to hate war. You do not get peace by hating war; you get peace by loving peace. Hate only reinforces the things you say you do not prefer, because that's what you are focusing on. Be peace; live peace. Breathe peace; share peace. Love, unconditional love, will transform your entire world in the twinkling of an eye. UNCONDITIONAL love for all.


The Peace Clock


At this time we would like to suggest to you a project we have called the Peace Clock. A very simple idea, but very impactful. It goes as follows:


Step one: every single day of your time, at noon in your time zone -- for one full minute at noon time -- meditate on world peace in any way that is comfortable for you. See your world enjoying the idea of peace and harmony, in any way you wish to imagine, or visualize. What you will be creating is a motion, a momentum, an electromagnetic thrust around your planet – for we recognize you have many different time zones on your world.


If at midday in your time zone that entire slice, one-twenty-fourth of your planet, is focused for one minute in meditation on world peace -- and then the next slice, and the next slice, all the way around your planet, around and around and around, day after day -- you will actually generate an electromagnetic momentum that will almost literally spin you, before you know it, into fourth density, into synchronicity all around you.


Allow yourselves to truly feel the strength of your power, for you are empowered. If you know that every single individual has a profound impact upon your entire planet, you will change your world in ways you have not yet imagined -- very rapidly. You will be accelerating your world at such a pace that if this is accomplished by your year 2000, then beginning from that year many things will happen you will perhaps hardly even believe.


Now, step two: take that information -- that idea of the one-minute meditation at noon -- and share it with as many as you possibly can. Involve individuals, cities and whole communities, states and nations; all levels of your society. Involve your radio and your television media, so that at 12 noon every day they will also allow the one-minute of silent meditation. Remind everyone with a tone, if you wish, or with a comment. All participating.


The basic goal is to have every individual -- yes, every single individual -- on your planet doing that one-minute meditation by January 1, 2000. You will find such a high degree of accelerated energy focused on world peace around your world, that you will be able to have the foundations laid down for one world between 1990 and the year 2000. No later than 2013, 2011....


And there will indeed be peace in our time.










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