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Contact Report 251-8 (1995/2/3)      第251次接觸報告之八


續那 23 頁資料的內容

The predictions also failed to mention that scientists will soon realize that Earth's atmosphere is truly not conducive to prolonging human longevity. Although mention is made in the predictions of the genetically-manipulated descendants' adaption to the Earth's atmosphere, no information is given about scientists discovering the Earth's atmosphere being unsuitable for human beings, and the fact that it contributes greatly to their rapid aging process. Furthermore, no mention is made about scientific discoveries which will, supposedly, lead to the imminent production of air that is more healthful and beneficial to the human body than before. This air will be a different yet more suitable composition and will be available for purchase both in bottles for personal consumption and as "little life extenders". Currently the oxygen-nitrogen proportion of terrestrial air is not only unsuitable, but its oxygen content is much too low and it also contains a variety of dangerous gases inhaled by humans.


Regarding the Earth itself, a fact not mentioned in the predictions is that, all along, the scientists were unaware that this planet was not expanding over the millennia through the accumulation of falling star dust and meteors, etc., but that, imperceptibly, it has been expanding internally. This means that an imperceptible expansion process is ongoing for millennia whereby, slowly but surely, the Earth's internal riches are transported to the surface. Over time, this expansion process will accelerate in correlation with the Sun's decreasing nuclear fusion rate through which all gravity fields within this entire solar system will change, in particular those of all the planets.


In the predictions made so far, mention was made about the terrestrials' discovery of time travel, and how to break into future and past dimensions. However, no mention was made about the discovery and locations of other dimensions, and the revelation of untold opportunities for Man. Yet, once again, many dangers will be linked to their discoveries; some will be of a physical nature, while others will be the result of encounters with intelligences from other dimensions. To this end, renewed conflicts will erupt and many events will become a reality that previously were slighted as science-fiction fantasies.


Many more power struggles and revolts will take place on Earth even at times when governments no longer reside on this planet, but will orbit in space stations surrounding it. These governments will not find a safe haven there for long as some predictions mention that the rulers will be overthrown up there. Through faults and machinations of scientists, an evil time will follow once again, whereupon Man will utilize the services of an animal that harbors much negativity, viciousness and degeneration. This condition will be revealed to Man and be provoked by the scientists' service agreement.


Consequently, the animal (or animals) will begin to attack people to a point where it/they will actually hunt terrestrials, and masses of humans will be slaughtered. The prediction, unfortunately, does not divulge any information on whether the animal(s) will be introduced to Earth from the vastness of the Universe, or whether it will originate on the Earth itself. In any case, human beings throughout the world will be forced to defend themselves against these animals. But the human population's efforts will be futile, and for this reason everyone on Earth will have little choice than to flee to the one continent which will be forged into a gigantic fortress.

結果那(些)動物將開始攻擊人類,甚至到實際捕獵人類的地步,以致有大量的地球人類被宰殺 。不幸該項預測並沒有透露,到底那(些)動物是由廣大宇宙被引入地球,還是源自地球本身。無論如何,整個地球人類將被迫因保護自己而反抗這些動物。然而人類的努力卻都徒勞無功,並因為如此,地球上的所有人都別無選擇,只能逃到一個被建造成一座巨大堡壘的大陸上

Three hundred years later, scientists will once again create a horrendous calamity, for their conceit and arrogance will push them to the point where they see themselves as "God", and in their megalomania they will perceive themselves as equals to Creation and as being irreplaceable in every way. Afterward, nearly one hundred years later, a very vicious and aggressive act takes place on Man's neighbor planet, Mars, when numerous spaceships will attack and completely annihilate the planet until even its substance is eliminated. During this period, the Destroyer planet will one again create havoc. This ancient roaming celestial body will enter the inner solar system on a collision course with Earth as a result of the Sun's rapidly dwindling nuclear activity and the subsequent total alteration of the gravity fields within the entire solar system.


The Destroyer previously caused repeated destruction in the old Lyra regions over millions of years. Only sparsely populated by that time, the Earth will be faced with the threat of complete annihilation resulting from this destructive wanderer, and terrestrials will be incapable of safeguarding themselves against it. Because of the suddenly depleted gravity fields, now completely out of control throughout the entire solar system, the terrestrials are unable to direct the Destroyer into another orbit or annihilating the Destroyer. Neither alternative will benefit the Earth, for by this time it will be uninhabitable because of the monumental solaric changes. As a consequence, the remaining few million terrestrials will flee, departing from the planet in hopes of finding an alternative planet elsewhere and of settling there. They get help from the descendants of former terrestrials from the Sirius regions.


Everything will transpire as it must: After the disastrous blunders by terrestrial scientists, terrestrials will suffer from the scientists' attempts to destroy the Destroyer, and the scientists' arrogance and conceit will plummet. They will congregate around them ordinary people and flee from the threatened planet Earth. Only three years later the Destroyer will enter the former orbit of Mars and ram into the two Martian moons, Phobos and Deimos, which had remained intact during the planet's destruction. The two moons will disintegrate and trail behind the huge roaming planet as it continues to race toward Earth and ultimately reaches it, but does not ram into it. Nonetheless, the near-collision will result in a catastrophic event in which the Destroyer smashes into the Earth's moon.


This will cause both the Moon and the Destroyer to shatter into a myriad of pieces, which will form a rotating belt orbiting around the Earth. The oceans, lakes and rivers will also be torn from their beds at this time, and will evaporate into the atmosphere from the ensuing immense heat. The steam, along with gigantic portions of the atmosphere, will be wrenched into space and then dissipate while, at the same time, the Earth's imperceptible expansion process over the past thousands of years becomes evident now. The Earth will heat up from its interior and the planet's surface will ultimately become uninhabitable.

這場災難導致月球和「毀滅者」兩者均粉碎成無數的碎片 將形成一條旋轉的地帶環繞著地球。到這個時候,地球的海洋、湖泊和河流將會由其底部被扯裂開來,並由隨之而來的巨大熱量而蒸發到大氣中。接著蒸汽以及絕大部分的大氣,將會被拋入太空中然後消散。在同一時間,地球在過去數千年間難以察覺的膨脹過程,此時變得明顯。屆時地球將從其內部升溫,最終這個行星的表面將變得不再適合居住

Meanwhile, Mercury will enter a collision course with the Sun and will plunge thereon to produce a catastrophe that signifies the destruction of the final remaining harmony within the SOL system. For nearly 100 years afterward, the Sun will generate gigantic eruptions and nuclear fusions once again, as well as protuberances that will extend far into space. By this time the planetary orbits will be destroyed to a point where they will no longer circle around the Sun. No longer will it radiate nor will it become a Super-Nova. After all of this transpires, the Sun will glow and glimmer weakly and generate occasional gaseous explosions along with nuclear fusion activity.

與此同時,水星將進入一條與太陽相撞的軌道並造成一場浩劫,這象徵了太陽系中所剩最後和諧的毀滅將近 100 年後,太陽將再次產生巨大的爆發和核聚變,日珥將遠遠延伸到太空之中。此時的行星軌道將會被破壞到不再繞著太陽運轉,而太陽也既不再發光發熱 ,也不會成為一顆超新星。在這所有發生之後,太陽將會發出微微閃爍的光,並伴隨著核聚變,產生偶爾的氣爆。

Even these conditions will increasingly diminish as time goes on, and eventually all activity will cease completely, whereupon the Sun will drift through space as a dead, dark star, surrounded by equally dead planets. The end will come when the dead Sun, along with the accompanying satellites that drift around it, are attracted and sucked into a Black Hole. Together they will condense with incredible force and stagnate there until they, and other material within the Black Hole, are ejected in one massive explosion. This event will generate fresh gases, fine particles and other elements that will develop into new galaxies, stars, planets, moons and other forms. These developments will cover many billions of years; according to calculations roughly 10 billion years will pass before the Sun and its planets die, exist while dead, and then are swallowed and annihilated by the aforementioned Black Hole.

甚至這些情況會日益減少,並最終會完全停止所有活動,因此太陽將會漂蕩在太空中,如同一顆死亡而黑暗的星球,被同樣死亡的行星所包圍最終,當死掉的太陽連同圍繞它漂流的隨附衛星被吸入黑洞之時,結局將會來臨。它們將會一起在那裡被難以置信的力量壓縮和滯留,直至它們和其他黑洞內的物質在一場巨大爆炸中被噴出。這事件將會產生新的氣體、微粒及其他元素,這將會發展成新的星系、恆星、行星、衛星與其他形式。這些發展將涵蓋數十億年的時間;根據計算,在太陽及其行星死去而漂流,然後被黑洞吞噬和殲滅之前,大約會經過 100 億年

The predictions also provide important insight into women's future role alongside men. In the more distant future, women will fully regain their former original equal status and rights in the men's world with regard to their complete duties, assignments and tasks. A joint female-male relationship will come to exist, as it did in earliest times when men and women stood shoulder-to-shoulder, with total equality of rights as they functioned and worked together. As it was in early times, so will it be again in the distant future, i.e., women with children shall first and foremost dedicate themselves to their offspring by grooming and educating them, among other things, and will maintain the household. Just as they have done from ancient times, men will attend to and exert themselves for those matters and concerns which were designated to them throughout antiquity due to their male physique, etc.


Therefore, the modern proliferation by the women's liberation movements and the single-handed push by women into upper management and responsible positions for their sole supremacy, to mention a few things, will be eliminated once and for all, in order to make room for equality and equal rights that will hold true for both men and women. As a result, men and women will work together jointly on all tasks and will deal with them equally. Neither one man nor one women will elevate him- or herself above the other in rank or power regarding business, administration, government, power and other situations, as is the case today.


It is very important to realize, too, that many negative events will occur in the near future regarding diseases and epidemics on Earth. For this reason all humans must become very meticulous about their personal hygiene and must avoid physical contact with people of questionable health status. There should be paid great attention for harmless disesases and infections, because in future times these can turn into much graver and even incurable illness. The same will hold true also for physical contact with animals, including touching of any type. An additional concern will be the intake of animal-origin food products, absorption of viruses, bacteria, etc., of animal substances such as feces, saliva, blood, hair and so forth, which can cause also fatal diseases and epidemics. For this reason alone, creatures of every type should not be kept within the confines of human residences, indeed, they must not be tolerated therein even briefly.


The following facts explain the ancestry of the Pleiadians, or rather the Plejarans, and the old Lyrians: The Pleiadians, as distant descendants of the ancient Lyrians, maintain contact neither with the Sirius intelligences nor today's descendants of the former "creator-overlords", regardless of whether they possess positive or negative characteristics. They have no plans for such contacts, not now nor in the near future. Nonetheless, their divergent paths will come full-circle and one day they will join again, taking place, at the earliest, when the genetic manipulations are reversed. Only then will the descendants of the former "creator-overlords" be sufficiently advanced in their evolution to allow for any contact between the Pleiadians and themselves. The same also holds true for Sirius intelligences who are completely different human races outside the Enoch (Henok) lineage; indeed, they have no hereditary link whatsoever with the descendants of the former "creator-overlords".

以下的事實陳述了昴宿星人(但 正確來說應是 Plejares 或者是老天琴星人 )的先祖來源 身為古老天琴星人的遙遠後代, 昴宿星人既沒有與天狼星人,也沒有與以前“創造主”他們今日的後裔們接觸, 不論他們是具有正面或負面的特質。他們沒有這類的接 觸計畫,現在沒有,近期的未來也不會有 。儘管如此,他們雖在各自的道路上發展但將來又會回到大循環的交會點,總有一天他們會 再次結合 早的發生時間是在基因逆轉之時 只有到那時,昔日“創造主”的後裔在他們進化的大 道上足夠成熟,這樣才允許昴宿星人和自己之間的接觸。同樣的情況也適用於天狼星人,他們是以諾(即 Enoch Henok )世系之外完全不同的人種;確實,他們與昔日 的“創造主”沒有 任何血脈關聯。

Today's Pleiadians, or rather Plejarans, and the Lyrians, along with the current peoples of the Enoch-Nokodemion lineage (or Nokodemion-Enoch) who reside in the DAL Universe, are all part and parcel of the human life form that is exceedingly elevated in its consciousness and spirituality. They are no longer capable of contacting lesser evolved human life forms, such as Earth humans, inhabitants of the Sirius regions and many other human races on other worlds, without endangerment through the lower vibrations from these life forms, who are less-evolved beings. Furthermore, Pleiadian/Plejaran laws prohibit them from contacting these less-evolved entities, and interfering in their internal affairs. Such actions would dangerously intrude upon the self-determined evolution of these less-evolved beings.

今天的昴宿星人(應是 Plejares 人,或者是老天琴星人)以及現在居住在 DAL 宇宙中具 Enoch-Nokodemion (或 Nokodemion-Enoch )血統的人,他們都是人形生命的一份子,具有極高的意識與靈性進化層次 他們已經不再能夠與低度進化的人形生命(諸如地球人類、天狼星的居民,及其他世界的不同人類種族)進行接觸因為這樣會受到來自這些低度進化生命的低頻振動影響而有危險。此外,昴宿星人( Plejares 人)法律禁止他們接觸這些較低進化的生命,並不許干涉他們的內部事務,因為此類行動會危及到這些低度進化生命自我決定的進化過程

As it is the case with any other life form, each human life form must evolve through its own strength. Higher-evolved life forms are permitted to extend to the less-evolved beings certain realizations and prospects only through impulses which, on one hand, cannot be recognized as such and, on the other, do not lead to opportunities that would accord greater and more extensive realizations and prospects than those sustained by lower evolutionary levels. Based upon this justification, the Pleiadians have elected to contact neither the descendants of the past "creator-overlords" within the Sirius regions and other locations nor the actual Sirius intelligences themselves.

同其他的生命形式一樣,每一個人形生命的進化也必須依靠他們自己的力量高度進化生命形式允許對低度進化生命提供某些認知方面的啟發 只能透過脈衝方式 一方面這種形式不會被他們知道,另一方面也不會超過他們所能理解與承受的限度 。基於這樣的理由,昴宿星人既沒有去接觸昔日 創造主”的 後代子孫(包括天狼星或其他區域),也沒有去接觸天狼星人。

When the Old Lyrians ventured to Earth ages ago and commenced their activities among the terrestrials whose actual origins were elsewhere as explained earlier several times, they selected periods when neither the positive nor negative "creator-overlords", or their distant descendants, were present in the SOL system or on Earth, respectively, after the "creator-overlords" had again vacated this region. The Old Lyrians, and later the Pleiadians/Plejarans, were always vigilant, for they had no desire to encounter the "creator-overlords" or their descendants. They did not want a confrontation since they wished to travel their own path but, additionally, they did not want to be driven into combat with the other Enoch (Henok) lineage due to their different world view.

當老天琴星人在很久以前來到地球探險時,他們與當時的地球人(他們的實際來源在之前說明過)之間從事各種活動。他們分別選擇無論好或壞 的“創造主”與他們的後代都不在 太陽系或地球的那段時間以及他們 再度撤離地球之後光臨 地球 老天琴星人和後來的昴宿星人 Plejares 人) 非常機警,因為他們不想和“創造主”或其 後代碰面 他們並不想因為不同的世界觀而和同樣具有 Enoch (Henok) 血統的其他人種發生衝突,因為他們希望按照自己的道路發展前行

This discrepancy in world view eventually had led the "creator-overlords" to breed the genetically-manipulated peoples, an act of which both the Old Lyrians and their descendants, the Pleiadians/Plejarans, strongly disapproved. From this time onward they refrained from having any contact with Enoch-lineage inhabitants from the Sirius regions, as well as with those actual Ur-Sirius intelligences who were no better than the inhabitants from other locations. The Old Lyrians in the meantime had progressed in their evolution beyond that of the inhabitants from the Sirius regions, the other Enoch lineage, and the actual Sirius intelligences. And for this reason were any contacts with these groups out of the question since they would have been far too dangerous for their bodies, indeed, their lives. Although the Old Lyrians remained relatively aggressive, scheming and so forth, they were not deprived of simultaneous conscious and spiritual evolution, except for those people who forcibly refused to adapt to the evolutionary process.

正是因為這種世界觀的差異,才導 致那些“創造主”培育 出基因被竄改的人種,而這種行徑無論是老天琴星人還是他們的後代昴宿星人( Plejares 人)都強烈的反對 。從那個時候起,他們就禁止和天狼星區域具 Enoch 血統的人發生任何接觸,當然也沒有接觸那些遠古的天狼星人,因為這些人也並不比其他人好到哪裡去。同時老天琴星人的進化層次高於天狼星區域和其他具 Enoch 血統的人 ,也包括真正的天狼星人。基於這個原因,他們不能與這些族群有任何的接觸,因為這對他們的身體甚至生命都可能造成傷害。雖然老天琴星人仍保有相對好鬥、狡詐之類的特性,但他們同時沒有失去在意識和靈性方面的進化,除了部分那些拒絕進化的人以外。

These groups were forced to leave the Lyra-Vega regions and others, whereupon they ventured into the SOL system. Among them were some benevolent and evolved individuals who took upon themselves the sacrifice of leaving along with the refugees, so they could continue their teaching mission of directing the refugees onto the path of humaneness and evolution. In the course of time they succeeded in reaching their goals, although many things repeatedly went awry. On Earth, these Old Lyrians intermingled with the terrestrials just as the "creator-overlords"' descendants from the Sirius regions had done previously.

那些拒絕進化的人被迫離開了天琴座織女星和其他區域,於是他們冒險進入了太陽系。這些人當中有一些仁慈且已進化的人,犧牲自己陪同難民一起逃離,因此這些人繼續了他們的教導任務,引導這些難民走向仁慈和進化的大道。經過這個過程的時間,雖然許多事情再三步入歧途,但他們後來還是成功達到了教化的目標。在地球上,這些老天琴星人和地球人逐漸混合在一起,正如當初來自天狼星的 創造主”後 代所做的一樣

Thus the descendants of the Old Lyrians-Vegans were also confronted with and subjected to genetic manipulation in the same manner as all other humans on Earth. Their interactions took place in a relatively brief period, since approximately a paltry 3 thousand years later no human life forms could be found on the planet who were not heretically affected by the genetic manipulation. This applied to ⋯⋯the 144,210 leaders, sub-leaders, and the very positive spiritual leaders who had voluntarily embraced the idea of instructing the refugees, along with several millions of ordinary people, in the spiritual teachings and in other matters. For this reason it is likely that since that time no single terrestrial human life form has existed who does not harbor the legacy of negative and positive degeneration, although it would manifest itself according to the individual's balance, whereas degenerations occur frequently in forms of both negativity and positiveness.

因此這些老天琴座織女星人後代和地球上其他的人類一樣,同樣也承襲了基因竄改所造成的影響,他們之間的交互混種發生在相對較短的時間內,因為大約區區 3000 年之後,這個行星上已經找不到一個不受基因竄改影響的人類 。這也包含那 14 4,210 位的領導者、副領導者和那些非常正面的精神領袖(他們在精神教導和其他事項上自願指導那些難民以及數以百萬計的一般民眾)。基於這個原因,可能自那個時候起,已經沒有任何一個地球人類免於負面和正面墮落遺傳的影響,雖然它會根據個人心性的平衡而定,然而墮落退化的身影,還是會經常出現在各種負面和正面的現象之中。

Although the Old Lyrians had greatly evolved by this time they nonetheless lacked obedience to the Creational-natural laws; they often transgressed against them, therefore, and wreaked much havoc. However, this was applicable only to those few million people who had fled in earlier times from their homeworlds. On Earth they behaved in much the same manner, and they consequently adopted religions established by the descendants of the "creator-overlords". They elevated themselves to creator-gods so as to spellbind the terrestrials.

雖然當時的老天琴人已大幅進化,但是他們仍然缺乏對「造化自然」之法的遵循,他們經常違背它們,因此造成巨大的浩劫,當然 那只是早先從他們母星逃離的那幾百萬人。 在地球上,他們採行了與那些 創造主” 的後代大致相同的方式, 建立了宗教,並且在地球人面前開始 自詡為創造之神,從而迷惑地球人。  

The Old Lyrians therefore were neither the true initiators nor the founders of the Ur-religions with their god-creators and creator-gods; instead they were merely the unscrupulous exploiters of the equally unscrupulous "creator-overlords"' descendants who initiated religious legends, religious fables, god fables, origin-of-the-world fables and other falsehoods. In doing so, on one hand, they wanted to conceal and allow the true origin of the SOL system's human beings from Mars, Malona and Earth to sink into obscurity - so they would not find their way back to the Sirius regions one day -; on the other hand, they anticipated that their initiated religions would create conflicts and wars among the genetically-manipulated peoples who would subsequently exterminate themselves. They hoped, therefore, that the human SOL system inhabitants would never rise again nor would they embark upon a return trip to their Ur-homeland.

然而這些老天琴人既不是他們的 創造之神 真正的初創者也不是遠古宗教的奠基者。相反的,他們只是 和那些“創造主”的後 代一樣不擇手段,而後者創造出了宗教傳奇、宗教神話以及種種開天闢地的神話。他們這樣做,一方面想隱瞞那些在太陽系的火星、 Malona 和地球的人類,使他們的真正來源的真相墜入五里霧中 另外一方面,他們預期他們所創始的宗教將會在這些基因被竄改的人類之間引起衝突和戰爭,最後導致毀滅自己。因此,他們希望太陽系的人類再也無法重振也無法回到他們的遠古老家。

The Old Lyrians-Vegans gradually began changing their mental outlook and started to abide by the spiritual teachings, hence, the Creational-natural laws and directives, whereupon their overall evolution began to advance rapidly, and they greatly elevated themselves spiritually. Consequently, they had to guard themselves even more and did not allow any type of contact whatever to occur between them and the descendants of the "creator-overlords" or with the intelligences from Sirius. After making peace with the inhabitants of their home planets, one Old Lyrian-Vegan group returned there, while a second faction withdrew to another dimension beyond the Pleiades constellation.

那些在老天琴座織女星人,則開始逐漸改變他們在精神方面的見解,並開始遵循靈性教導,也就是「造化自然」之法,於是他們的總體進化開始發展的非常迅速,並在精神靈性方面得到快速的提升。從此,他們必須更加保護自己,避免和 創造主 後代或者天狼星人接觸。在與他們母星的居民和好之後,一群天琴座織女星人返回了那裡,同時第二派人馬則撤出至另一個維度而位於昴宿星團之外

Therefore, this group withdrew from our dimension just as the Old Lyrians-Vegans did previously, and these people found a new homeland beyond the Hyades star cluster, about 150 light years from Earth. A third faction left our universe, the DERN Universe, and penetrated into its twin universe, which is called DAL Universe, where they propagated and formed a gigantic federation together with many other peoples. The same situation occurred also with the Pleiadians/Plejarans, whose federation exists in a region approximately 7 billion light years in diameter and in a space-time configuration that deviates by a fraction of a second from our own. However, some of the federation members, or rather federation planets, exist in our space and time configuration.

因此,這批人就像老天琴座織女星人從前那樣,由我們所在的維度撤離到了距地球約 150 光年的畢宿星團之外,並在那發現了一個新家。第三批人則離開了我們的 DERN 宇宙,進入到了其孿生的 DAL 宇宙 他們在那裡繁衍後代,並與許多其他的種族組成了龐大的聯盟同樣的情況也發生在昴宿星人( Plejares 人)之上 他們的聯盟存在於一個直徑約 70 億光年的星際領域 ,且是在一個偏離我們幾分之一秒的時空結構中。然而,有一些聯盟成員(確切地說,是聯盟行星)則是存在於我們相同的時空結構之中

This information should suffice for now and no special explanations are needed. Further discussion about the actual years would be a moot point in any event, for I consider any mention of the exact timing of these events completely out of place. An interesting item for the group, and for everyone else, may be that certain points pertaining to the extraterrestrial intelligences' visits had been off-limit for discussion for several years, except for those items your people, you in particular, had already mentioned. You had already told me that I could openly speak about them upon your withdrawal.



That is correct. We spoke only of those ancestors who played an important role up to the present, that is, the three groups we previously discussed in one of our last conversations. In addition to these groups there exist still a few other groups of extraterrestrial origin who visit Earth and are observed here relatively frequently. However, none of these groups maintains any form of contact with terrestrials, neither of a private nor military or governmental nature. Some visit Earth strictly for excursion or expedition purposes, while others maintain different interests; but not one of these groups has any type of contact whatever as it is presented by hysterical Americans, whereby terrestrial women are impregnated by extraterrestrial intelligences, or where men from Earth impregnate extraterrestrial women. Furthermore, you may forget the nonsense about the massacre of animals, etc. etc. Such matters have no factual basis. Extraterrestrials will create a big flurry on Earth in the future when their interests concern other matters than excursions or expeditions. However, we are not at liberty to speak about the whys and wherefores, and neither are you, of course, for you know about all of these future events.

是的。我們只談到了那些到目前為止扮演重要角色的祖先,也就是在之前我們提過的那三個族群。而除了這些族群之外,還存在一些其他外來的族群也在造訪地球,且常被目擊 (譯者註:者這裡應該指的是其他的 人形族群” 然而,這些族群沒有與地球人保持任何形式的接觸,無論是私人、軍方或是政府方面。他們有些造訪地球是為了短暫瀏覽或是探險,而其他則有不同的關注目的;但是他們其中並沒有一個與地球人作過任何類型的接觸,無論是那些歇斯底里的美國人所提到的有些女性因此而受孕,或是有些男性使外星女性受孕。此外,你可能忘記了那些有關動物被殘殺的無稽之談等等,這些事情都沒有事實根據。未來當外星人關注的事項不再只是短暫瀏覽與探險之時,他們將會在地球上造成一場大騷亂。然而,你我都沒有權力對這些你所知道的未來事件談論它們的來龍去脈


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