The Law of One, Book V, Fragment 2
Session 6, January 24, 1981


The following material in Session 6 concerns the basic requirement for the Ra contact; that is, harmony. During the 106 sessions with Ra there were only three people who ever attended a Ra session besides the three of us, and in each case it was Ra’s recommendation that each entity needed not only to have the appropriate attitude in its personal means of seeking but that each person needed to be in harmony with each of us before attending any session. In Tom’s case this was achieved by Don’s explaining to Tom the meaning that the Bible, candle, incense, and chalice of water held for us as triggering mechanisms or signals to our subconscious minds that a session was about to take place and that from all levels of our being we should begin the process of purifying our desires to serve others above all else and to surround ourselves with the joy-filled light of praise and thanksgiving. The harmony that this process produced among our group, then, was much as a musical chord with which those of Ra could blend their vibrations, and upon that harmonious blend of vibrations information of a metaphysical nature could be transmitted by being drawn to those which sought it.

Jim 評論
以下的資料是來自第六場集會,主題是 Ra 通訊的基本要件,也就是和諧。在106 場與 Ra 通訊的集會中,一直以來除了我們小組之外只有其他三個人有參加過Ra 的集會,在每一個個案中都是 Ra 推薦這些局外人在他個人的尋求方式中要有適當的態度,同時每一個局外人必須要跟我們小組的每一個成員處在和諧當中。
Tom 的狀況為例,首先發問者Don 會向Tom 解釋聖經、蠟燭、馨香的意義,以及盛載水的聖杯之意義,這些器具都是所謂的觸發機制或信號,提醒我們的潛意識心智一場集會即將開始,然後我們存有的所有層面都必須要開始準備淨化我們的渴望去服務他人,將服務他人置於一切之上,並且以讚美與感恩的喜樂之光環繞著我們。於是在這個過程中,在我們小組中所製造產生的和諧就好比是一首音樂和絃,Ra 群體能夠藉此將衪們的振動與我們調和,那奠基於這樣的和諧的振動調和,形而上特質的資訊能夠被傳遞,讓那些尋求的人能夠汲取這樣的資訊。

Tom is one of the members of L/L Research’s spiritual family who attended our meditation group’s Sunday meetings for some years. It is impossible to say how many “members” have come to our sessions over the years since 1962, when we began. Like many of these dear souls, he has kept in touch, although his personal path has taken him elsewhere. We have always attempted to “tune” our circle before we begin to meditate together, so Tom was perfectly clear on what we needed.

Carla 評論
Tom 是我們L/L 研究機構的靈性家族的一份子,他有好些年都定期參與我們週日聚會的冥想的群體。我們幾乎不可能去說從1962 年以來到底有多少成員參加過我們的集會。如同許多這些親愛的靈魂們,他始終與我們保持接觸,雖然他個人的途徑帶他到別的地方,在我們每次冥想之前,我們總是嘗試去調頻我們的聚會圈子,所以Tom 他十分清楚我們需要什麼。

That altar, with its Christian accouterments, may well puzzle some who think that it takes a new-age channel to produce new-age information. Not so for me, unless one counts Jesus Christ as a new-age channel himself! I was a cradle Anglican, and have attended Episcopal churches my whole life. That those of Ra worked with these deeply ingrained biases within me is, to me, a signal characteristic of this unique source. I felt loved, accepted and cherished by having these items placed near me, and that they thought this out was a constant blessing during this contact.

關於這個祭壇,它所擁有基督徒的一些配備可能會讓有些人有些困惑,因為他們認為新時代訊息需要一個新時代通靈管道。然而對我而言卻不是這樣的,除非一個人把耶穌基督本身也視為一個新時代的通靈管道。我幾乎從在搖籃以來就是聖公會的教徒,並且在我這一生都持續參加聖公會教會。所以 Ra 群體去工作深植在我內心的這些偏好,對我來說,是這獨特來源的顯著特徵,我感覺到被愛、被接受,並且被珍惜有這些聖物擺置在我的附近。所以在這整個通訊過程中,這些器具就彷彿是一個恆常的祝福。


Session 6, January 24, 1981

1981 1 24

Questioner: I would like to ask if it is possible for Tom to attend one of these sessions tomorrow. Are you familiar with the entity, Tom?


Ra: I am Ra. This mind/body/spirit complex, sound vibration “Tom,” is acceptable. We caution you to instruct this entity in the frame of mind and various appurtenances which it must understand before it is conducted into the circle.

RA︰我是 Ra這個心//靈複合體聲音振動為湯姆是可以接受的。

Questioner: I’m not quite sure what you mean by appurtenances.


Ra: I was referring to the symbolic objects which trigger this instrument’s distortions towards love/light. The placement and loving acceptance of them by all present is important in the nurturing of this instrument. Therefore, the appurtenances involved must be described and their presence explained in your own words of teach/learning, for you have the proper attitude for the required results.


Questioner: The only question that I have is that I will assume that since Leonard was here when you first made contact that it is suitable for him to be here as well as Tom.


Ra: This is correct and completes the number of those at this time able to come who are suitable. Again, remember the instructions given for the preparation of the vibratory sound complex, Tom.



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