The Law of One, Book V, Fragment 24

Session 39, March 16, 1981

一的法則:卷五, 片斷二十四
三十九場集會, 1981 3 1 6

The difficulties in recovering physical energy which Carla experienced as a result of the two experiences with LSD continued to shorten sessions and keep her condition somewhat fragile. We again saw not only the powerful effects of this chemical agent—which we do not recommend to anyone—but the even more powerful effects of unwise choices made by those who wish above all else to be of service to others. As time and experience with the Ra contact accumulated we became increasingly aware that the honor of providing this kind of service brought with it the need for just as much responsibility for providing the service with as much purity and harmony as one was capable of producing in every facet of the life experience. What was learned needed to be put to use in the daily life, or difficulties would result in the life pattern which were the means by which the subconscious mind would provide the opportunity to regain the balance and harmony which had been lost. These difficulties could then also be intensified by Orion crusaders in the form of psychic greetings designed to stop the contact with Ra.

Jim 評論
Carla 在恢復肉體能量時面臨的困難是兩次經驗 服用 LSD 的後果 持續縮短 Ra 集會 並且使得她的狀態有些脆弱 我們再次看見這個化學藥劑的強力效應 我們不推薦它給任何人 但更為強力的效應是那些希望全力服務他人的實體所做的不明智選擇
隨著我們逐漸累積與 Ra 通訊的時間與經驗 我們越來越覺察到提供這類服務的榮譽同時也帶來相等的責任 也就是我們在生命經驗的每個面向需要提供 與該通訊 同等的純度與和諧
過去學到的東西需要被用在日常生活中 否則將導致生命樣式中的一些困難 潛意識藉由這些困難提供機會讓我們重獲失去的平衡與和諧
這些困難也被獵戶十字軍以超心靈致意的形式強化 用來阻止與 Ra 的通訊

We also discovered that every person which incarnates brings with him or her certain avenues, preferences, or ways of nurturing its inner beingness. This inner beingness is that which is the true enabler and ennobler of our daily lives. When we would ask Ra how best to aid the instrument we would often get more specific suggestions according to the situation, but we would always be reminded of those qualities which were Carla’s ways of nurturing her inner beingness.

我們也發現到每個投胎到此的人都帶有特定的手段、偏好或方式來滋養他或她的內在存有狀態 這個內在存有狀態是我們日常生活的真實致能者與 封爵者 ennobler )。 當我們問 Ra 如何最佳地協助該器皿 我們通常會獲得符合狀況的具體建議 Ra 總是提醒我們 Carla 的特質 與她滋養內在存有的方式

Data from the Ra contact indicates that I never had much actual physical energy at all, which fits with my own personal, subjective sense of myself as one who runs on spiritual and mental energy, and as one physically lazy. I call it laziness because I have such a hard time making myself do physical work, unless it is walking and wandering, dancing or swimming, rhythmic activities I love. Even as a young child I was easily able to sit and read, or sit and imagine, for hours. So the sessions we were doing completely exhausted my actual innate physical energy quite quickly. To this very day, I think since then I have always run on nerve alone, and the simple joy of being alive, which I have in abundance.

Carla 評論
Ra 通訊的資料顯示我從未有許多的肉體能量 這點符合我對自己主觀的看法 我是一個靠著靈性與心智能量運行的實體 在肉體上是懶惰的 我使用懶惰這個稱謂是因為我很難使自己做物理實質的工作 除非是走路與閒逛、跳舞或游泳等韻律性的活動 即使在小時候 我可以輕易地坐下來閱讀 或坐著想像 持續好幾小時 所以我們執行的這些集會完全地耗盡我先天的肉體能量 直到今天 我想我一直都是靠精神力而活 關於能夠活著的單純喜悅 我有充沛的這類喜悅

Don and Jim both were very upright persons of marked integrity and character, which helped tremendously as the process of psychic greeting could only work on our inherent distortions. They loved each other and treated each other with great respect, and did their utmost to care for me. They were wonderful in making sure that all was done as well as possible to make me more comfortable. I also had the advantage of being a straight-arrow kind of soul all my life. So the negative energy could only intensify my many physical “problems.” Thusly the sessions were extremely wearing, but I gloried in them nevertheless, for seeing Don’s pleasure in the talks with Ra was more than enough payment to me. I was and am careless of life force if by giving it I can see another live more fully.

Don Jim 兩人都是非常正直的人 具有顯著的德性與廉潔 這些特點是可觀的幫助 因為超心靈致意只能作用在我們固有的扭曲之上
他們彼此關愛 彼此尊重 並且盡他們所能來照顧我
他們確保所有事情都被良好地完成 使我感覺更舒適
我的一個好處是我的靈魂特性如同一支筆直的箭失 這一生都是如此
所以負面能量只能夠強化我眾多的 肉體問題
從而 這些集會極度地使我疲倦 但我仍然以此自豪 因為看見 Don Ra 談話過程中得到的樂趣已經是超過所需的酬勞了

I should note that I see the purity that Ra speaks of in myself not as a shining virtue, nor as a personal achievement, but rather as a gift of nature. I cannot remember a time when I was other than completely involved in the passion of my life: that life itself. I saw myself as a child of God, and wanted my life to be a gift to that deity. I was drawn to virtue as others are to gambling or drugs. This inexplicable condition still prevails—my hopes for this life remain simply the giving of all I have to the Creator. What this purity is not, is celibacy or retreat from the workings of the world. I have always followed my relationships and based my life around them, trusted my passion, and had an earthy, even vulgar side. I simply find life a wonder and a joy, and all the limitation, mess, loss and pain in this world have not changed my mind on that.

如果給予 我的 生命原力得以使另一個人的生命更加充實 我毫不介意
提到我內在的純淨 我並不把它視為一個閃耀的品德或個人的成就 毋寧說是一個天賦的禮物 我不記得有任何時間我沒有完全投入我生命的熱情 生命它自己 我看待自己為一個上帝的小孩 我想要我的生命成為獻給神的禮物
我自然受到美德的吸引 好比有些人自然受到賭博或迷幻藥的吸引
這個無法解釋的狀態迄今仍在 —— 我對此生的希望即是單純地給予我有的一切 獻給造物主 這個純淨並不意指禁慾或隱居深山 遠離世間
我總是追隨我的關係 並基於它來生活 信賴我的熱情 擁有一個世俗 甚至包含低俗的一面
我單純地發現生命是一個奇觀與喜樂 而這個世界上的所有限制、混亂、損失與痛苦都不會改變我的想法


Session 39, March 16, 1981

三十九場集會, 1981 3 1 6

Questioner: The instrument was wondering if the fragile feeling she has now is the result of the chemical ingestion of about six weeks ago?

問: 你該器皿想知道她現在虛弱的感覺是否為六週前攝取化學藥劑的結果

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct. This instrument is now undergoing the most intensive period of physical complex debilitation/distortion due to the doubling effects of the two ingestions. This instrument may expect this extremity to proceed for a period of fifteen to twenty of your diurnal cycles. The weakness distortions will then begin to lift, however, not as rapidly as we first thought due to this instrument’s weakness distortions. This instrument is very fortunate in having a support group which impresses upon it the caution necessary as regards these sessions at this time. This instrument is capable of almost instantaneously clearing the mental/emotional complex and the spiritual complex for the purity this working requires, but this instrument’s distortion towards fidelity to service does not function to its best use of judgment regarding the weakness distortions of the physical complex. Thus we appreciate your assistance at space/times such as that in your most recent decision-making not to have a working. This was the appropriate decision and the guidance given this instrument was helpful.

RA 我是 Ra 這是正確的 這個器皿現正經歷肉體複合體衰弱 / 扭曲的最劇烈時期 起因是兩次攝取 藥劑 的倍增效應
這個器皿可以預期這個極度的困境將持續 15 20 個日間週期 然後,其弱點扭曲將開始減輕 無論如何 沒有我們原先想得 那麼 這是由於這個器皿的各種 不間斷 之弱點變貌 這個器皿很幸運地擁有一個支援小組 該小組在這段時間的各個集會將必要的警戒注意事項銘刻在該實體心中
這個器皿幾乎能夠瞬間地清理 理智 / 情感複合體與靈性複合體 這是此工作需要的純淨度 但這個器皿朝向忠實服務的變貌並未在這件事上發揮最佳用途 ,( 由於 它對肉體複合體之弱點扭曲的批判
因此我們感激 欣賞 你們在空間 / 時間中的協助 好比你們最近決定減少一次工作 這是恰當的決定 給予這個器皿的指引是有幫助的

Questioner: Is there anything that the instrument can do in addition to what she is attempting to do to help her condition get better faster? I know that she hasn’t been able to exercise because of her foot problem for the last couple of days, but we are hoping to get back to that. Is there anything else that she could do?

問: 除了該器皿現在為了改善狀態嘗試做的事情 還有沒有額外的事情是她可以做的,好使她的狀況更快好轉 我知道因為幾天前的足部問題導致她不能去運動 但我們希望很快能回到常軌 有沒有其他事情是她能做的

Ra: I am Ra. As we have implied, the negative entities are moving all stops out to undermine this instrument at this time. This is the cause of the aforementioned problem with the pedal digit. It is fortunate that this instrument shall be greatly involved in the worship of the one infinite Creator through the vibratory complexes of sacred song during this period. The more active physical existence, both in the movements of exercise and in the sexual sense, are helpful. However the requirement of this instrument’s distortions toward what you would call ethics have an effect upon this latter activity. Again, it is fortunate that this instrument has the opportunities for loving social intercourse which are of some substantial benefit. Basically, in your third density continuum, this is a matter of time.

RA 我是 Ra 我們曾經暗示過這點 負面實體們 傾巢而出 為的是在此時損壞這個器皿的正常機能 這是先前提到腳指問題的起因
幸運的是這個器皿將在這段時期大大地投入崇敬太一無限造物者的行列 藉由 唱頌 神聖歌曲的振動複合體 更活躍的身體生活 包括運動與 活動 是有幫助的 然而 這個器皿的必須變貌朝向倫理道德 對於後面的活動有影響
再次 這個器皿幸運地擁有充滿愛的社交活動 這些活動具有實質的利益 基本上 在你們第三密度連續體中 好轉 只是時間遲早的問題

Questioner: From your reading of the instrument’s condition can you approximate how often and the length of workings we should plan on in future workings?

問: 從你對該器皿狀態的解讀 你可否大略估計我們在未來如何計畫工作頻率與每次工作的時間

Ra: I am Ra. This query borders upon infringement. The information given sets up fairly followable guidelines. However, we are aware that not only can each of you not read this instrument’s aura and so see conditions of the physical complex but also the instrument itself has considerable difficulty penetrating the precise distortion condition of its physical complex due to its constant dependence upon its will to serve. Therefore, we believe we are not infringing if we indicate that one working each alternate diurnal period in the matinal hours is most appropriate with the possibility of a shorter working upon the free matinal period if deemed appropriate. This is so not only during this period but in general.

RA 我是 Ra 這個詢問瀕臨冒犯的邊緣 先前給予的資訊設立相當容易追隨的指南 無論如何 我們覺察到你們每一位都不能讀出這個器皿的靈光場 於是看見其肉體複合體的狀態 同時器皿自身也有可觀的困難穿透其肉體複合體 確切 的扭曲狀態 這是由於它恆常地仰賴其意志去服務
所以 我們相信我們並未冒犯 我們指出每次間隔一日 在清晨時分進行工作是最恰當的 可能的話 縮短清晨的工作時間 如果你們認為合適的話
這個建議不只適用於這段時間 也是一般性的建議


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