The Law of One, Book II, Session 39
March 16, 1981

一的法則:卷二, 第三十九場集會
1981 3 1 6

Ra: I am Ra. I greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We communicate now.

RA 我是 Ra ,我在太一無限造物者的愛與光中向你們致意 我現在開始通訊

Questioner: I noticed that most of the basic things seemed to be divided into units which total seven. In looking at a transcript by Henry Puharich of “The Nine” I found a statement by The Nine where they say, “If we get seven times the electrical equivalent of the human body then it would result in sevenon of the mass of electricity.” Could you explain this?

發問者: 我注意到大多數基本的事物似乎都被分為七個單元 在觀看亨利 Henry Puharich " " the Nine 之抄本時 我發現其中有段敘述寫著 " 如果我們取得人體電性的七倍,就會引發電流質量的七個量子 sevenon )。 " 你可否解釋這點

Ra: I am Ra. To explain this is beyond the abilities of your language. We shall, however, make an attempt to address this concept.

RA 我是 Ra ,要解釋這點超出你們語言的能力 無論如何 我們將嘗試 講述 這個概念

As you are aware, in the beginning of the creations set up by each Logos, there are created the complete potentials, both electrical, in the sense the one you call Larson intends, and metaphysical. This metaphysical electricity is as important in the understanding, shall we say, of this statement as is the concept of electricity.

如你所覺察 在各個理則設定的造物中,起初完整的潛能被創造 同時包含電性 以拉森的觀點 形而上 的潛能 )。 在這個敘述中,形而上的電流在理解 容我們說 上的重要性,跟 物理 電流的概念同等重要

This concept, as you are aware, deals with potentiated energy. The electron has been said to have no mass but only a field. Others claim a mass of infinitesimal measure. Both are correct. The true mass of the potentiated energy is the strength of the field. This is also true metaphysically.

這個概念 如你所覺知 與賦能態 potentiated 能量有關 電子被認為沒有質量 只有一個場域 其他 學者 宣稱有個無限小的質量 兩個聲明都是正確的 賦能態能量的真實質量是場域的力量 就形而上而言也是真的

However, in your present physical system of knowledge it is useful to take the mass number of the electron in order to do work that you may find solutions to other questions about the physical universe. In such a way, you may conveniently consider each density of being to have a greater and greater spiritual mass. The mass increases, shall we say, significantly but not greatly until the gateway density. In this density the summing up, the looking backwards—in short—all the useful functions of polarity have been used. Therefore, the metaphysical electrical nature of the individual grows greater and greater in spiritual mass.

無論如何 在你們目前的物理知識系統中,拿電子的質量數來做功是有用的,你們可以藉此找到物理宇宙其他問題的解答 如此 你們可以方便地考量每一個 更高的 存在密度有著越來越大的靈性質量 容我們說 這質量顯著地增加,但不算龐大 直到 大入口 gateway 密度 在這個密度中總括一切 向後看 —— 簡言之 —— 所有極性的有用功能都被用到了 所以 個體 的形而上電性的靈性質量便越來越大

For an analog one may observe the work of the one known as Albert who posits the growing to infinity of mass as this mass approaches the speed of light. Thus the seventh-density being, the completed being, the Creator who knows Itself, accumulates mass and compacts into the one Creator once again.

這裡有個類比 一個實體可以觀察你們知道的亞伯的工作成果,他假定當一個質量 的速率 逼近光速,該質量便會成長到無限大 因此 第七密度的存有 完整的存有 知曉它自身的造物者 累積質量,並再一次地緊密地塞入太一造物者之中

Questioner: Then in the equation here I am assuming Mi is spiritual mass.
Mi = (mo C
2 )/( 1 - v 2 / c 2 )½

發問者: 在此處的方程式中,我假設 Mi 是靈性質量 是否正確
Mi =
mo C2 / 1 - v 2 / c 2 ½

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.

RA 我是 Ra ,這是正確的

Questioner: Thank you. Can you tell me what this transmission from “The Nine” means. “CH is a principle which is the revealing principle of knowledge and of law”? Can you tell me what that principle is?

發問者: 謝謝你 你可否告訴我 " " 傳達這句話的意思 "CH 原則是知識與律法的啟發性原則 " 你可否告訴我那個原則是什麼

Ra: I am Ra. The principle so veiled in that statement is but the simple principle of the constant or Creator and the transient or the incarnate being and the yearning existing between the two, one for the other, in love and light amidst the distortions of free will acting upon the illusion-bound entity.

RA 我是 Ra ,這個原則是如此地被隱蔽,其實只是關於 常數 或造物者,與過渡性或 具肉身 存有之簡單原則 以及在這兩者之間存在著對彼此的渴慕 這個渴慕在愛與光中 在自由意志變貌之中 作用於這個 受到 幻象 束縛 的實體

Questioner: Was the reason “The Nine” transmitted this principle in this form the first distortion?

發問者: " " 以這種形式來傳遞這個原則,是因為第一變貌嗎

Ra: I am Ra. This is incorrect.

RA 我是 Ra ,這是不正確的

Questioner: Can you tell me why they gave the principle in such a veiled form then?

發問者: 那麼,你可否告訴我,為什麼他們要以如此隱晦的形式來給予這個原則

Ra: I am Ra. The scribe is most interested in puzzles and equations.

RA 我是 Ra ,該抄寫員對於謎題跟算式十分感興趣

Questioner: I see. “The Nine” describe themselves as the “nine principals of God.” Can you tell me what they mean by that?

發問者: 我懂了 " 九的議會 " 描述他們自己為 " 上帝的九個首長 principals " 你可以告訴我,他們的意思是什麼

Ra: I am Ra. This is also a veiled statement. The attempt is made to indicate that the nine who sit upon the Council are those representing the Creator, the one Creator, just as there may be nine witnesses in a courtroom testifying for one defendant. The term principal has this meaning also.

RA 我是 Ra ,這也是個隱晦的敘述 嘗試指出九個坐在議會座上的實體是造物者、太一造物者 的代表群 如同在一個法庭中,可以有九個見證 為一個被告做見證 首長這個詞彙也有此意義

The desire of the scribe may be seen in much of this material to have affected the manner of its presentation just as the abilities and preferences of this group determine the nature of this contact. The difference lies in the fact that we are as we are. Thus we may either speak as we will or not speak at all. This demands a very tuned, shall we say, group.

我們可以在這個資料中 看到抄寫員的渴望多處影響了呈現的方式 如同這個群體的能力與偏好決定此次溝通的本質 不同點在於一個事實 我們就是我們本然的樣子 因此 我們照我們的意志說話 不然就完全不說話 容我們說 這需要一個非常精準調頻的小組

Questioner: I sense that there is fruitful ground for investigation of our development in tracing the evolution of the bodily energy centers because these seven centers seem to be linked with all of the sevens that I spoke of previously, and these seem to be central to our own development. Could you describe the process of evolution of these bodily energy centers starting with the most primitive form of life to have them?

發問者: 我感覺到探究身體能量中心的演化 是個會帶來收穫的領域,因為這七個中心似乎與我先前說過的,所有跟七有關的東西連結在一起 這些東西似乎對於我們自己的發展有核心的重要性 你可否描述這些身體能量中心的演化過程從最原始的,具有能量中心的,生命形態開始

Ra: I am Ra. This material has been covered previously to some extent. Therefore, we shall not repeat information upon which rays dwell in first and second density and the wherefores of this, but rather attempt to enlarge upon this information.

RA 我是 Ra ,這個題材先前有提到一些 因此 我們將不會重複資訊,如 哪些 光芒住在第一密度與第二密度,以及其中的原因 我們嘗試擴大這個資訊

The basic pivotal points of each level of development; that is, each density beyond second, may be seen to be as follows: Firstly, the basic energy of socalled red ray. This ray may be understood to be the basic strengthening ray for each density. It shall never be condescended to as less important or productive of spiritual evolution, for it is the foundation ray.

各個發展層次的基本樞紐點 換言之 第二密度之外的各個密度 可以做如是觀 首先 基本能量,所謂的紅色光芒 這個光芒可以被理解為各個密度的基本強化光芒 它絕不可以被貶低為較不重要,或較無靈性上的生產力 因為它是基礎光芒

The next foundation ray is yellow. This is the great steppingstone ray. At this ray the mind/body potentiates to its fullest balance. The strong red/orange/yellow triad springboards the entity into the center ray of green. This is again a basic ray but not a primary ray.

下一個 主要 光芒是黃色 這是偉大的踏腳石光芒 在這個光芒裡,心 / 身的潛能達到最完整的平衡 強健的紅 / / 黃三角形成為一個實體進入綠色光芒中心的跳板 綠色 又是個基本光芒,但不是主要光芒

This is the resource for spiritual work. When green ray has been activated we find the third primary ray being able to begin potentiation. This is the first true spiritual ray in that all transfers are of an integrated mind/body/spirit nature. The blue ray seats the learnings/teachings of the spirit in each density within the mind/body complex animating the whole, communicating to others this entirety of being-ness.

這是靈性工作的資源 當綠色光芒已經被啟動,我們發現第三 主要光芒 藍色 得以進入賦能態 。( 綠色 是第一個靈性光芒,因為所有 能量 轉移都屬於整合的心 / / 靈本質 藍色光芒將靈性的學習 / 教導安置於 / 身複合體 中的每個密度 脈輪 賦予整體活力 與其他實體溝通 這個存在性質的全部

The indigo ray, though precious, is that ray worked upon only by the adept, as you would call it. It is the gateway to intelligent infinity bringing intelligent energy through. This is the energy center worked upon in those teachings considered inner, hidden, and occult, for this ray is that which is infinite in its possibilities. As you are aware, those who heal, teach, and work for the Creator in any way which may be seen to be both radiant and balanced are those activities which are indigo ray.

靛藍色光芒 雖然珍貴 卻只有行家方能工作這個光芒 它是通往智能無限 ,使智能能量通過的大門 這個能量中心工作的教導 被運用在內在的、隱藏的、與玄奧的教導方面, 因為這個光芒具有無限的可能性 如你所覺察 那些醫者、教導者、為造物者工作的實體們 不管以什麼方式 只要 可以被視為 光輝 與平衡的 那些 活動 是靛藍色光芒

As you are aware, the violet ray is constant and does not figure into a discussion of the functions of ray activation in that it is the mark, the register, the identity, the true vibration of an entity.

如你所覺察 紫羅蘭色光芒是個常數 不用算入光芒啟動函數的討論中 因為它是個記號、紀錄、身分 一個實體的真實振動 *
* 譯註 以上這一大段討論七色光芒之原文相當令人混淆 Carla 討論之後,決定加上一些詞彙 以增加其清晰度 此外主要光芒指的是三原色 。)

Questioner: In order to clarify a little bit I would like to ask this question: If we have a highly polarized entity polarized towards service to others and a highly polarized entity polarized towards service to self, what would be the difference in the red ray of these two entities?

發問者: 為了澄清一點,我想問這個問題 如果有一個高度極化的實體朝向服務他人 以及 一個高度極化的實體朝向服務自我 這兩個實體的紅色光芒有差異嗎

Ra: I am Ra. This shall be the last full question of this working.

RA 我是 Ra ,這將是此次工作的最後一個完整問題

There is no difference in equally strongly polarized positive and negative entities as regards red ray.


Questioner: Is this also true of all of the other rays?

發問者: 這點在其他所有光芒上,也都為真

Ra: I am Ra. We shall answer briefly. You may question further at another working.

RA 我是 Ra ,我們將簡短地回答 你可以在另一個工作 期間 進一步發問

The negative ray pattern is the red/orange/yellow moving directly to the blue, this only being used in order to contact intelligent infinity.

負面光芒形態是 / / 直接移動到藍色 這個光芒被使用只是為了與 智能無限 接觸

In positively oriented entities the configuration is even, crystallinely clear, and of the seven ray description.

在正面導向實體中,配置是平均的 透明結晶 清晰 符合七個光芒的 描述

Are there any short queries before we leave this instrument?


Questioner: I would just ask if there is anything that we can do to make the instrument more comfortable and to improve the contact?

發問者: 我只問有沒有什麼我們可以做的 好增加這器皿的舒適度 幫助 這個通訊

Ra: I am Ra. You are most conscientious. All is well. I leave you, my friends, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Go forth therefore rejoicing in the power and in the peace of the one Creator. Adonai.

RA 我是 Ra ,你們 至為 謹慎認真 一切都好 我的朋友們 我在太一無限造物者的愛與光中離開你們 向前去吧 在太一造物者的大能與和平中歡欣鼓舞 Adonai








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