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Contact Report 540    第540次接觸報告


Synopsis     摘要

Meier and Ptaah discuss about the weakening of Earth's magnetism which is related with earth-polarity-reversal and its broad effects on the environment, creatures, etc.

MeierPtaah討論了關於地球磁場Earth's magnetism)減弱的問題,這是與地球極性反轉」(earth-polarity-reversal有關,並對地球上的環境、生物等有廣泛的影響。

This is an excerpt of the contact. It is an unauthorised and unofficial translation and may contain errors.



... Then, however, I have here one more question on account of the earth's magnetism, which for a long time already, should become increasingly weaker. Can you tell me the reason for this?

... 那麼,我這裡還有一個關於地球磁場的問題,長期以來,它變得越來越弱。你能告訴我原因嗎?


The expected weaker earth magnetism is connected with the magnetic earth-polarity-reversal, which the last time had taken place about 700,000 years ago. With the earth a magnetic earth-polarity-reversal repeats itself in each case over a period of approx. 500,000 years, whereby however, depending on the circumstances it can also take up to 900,000 years. A continuous decreasing and hence a change in the earth's magnetic field indicates that a renewed earth-polarity-reversal is looming. This means that ultimately the magnetic field wanders and brings about a polarity reversal. As a result, under certain circumstances, a brief magnetic breakdown can take place, when reverse-polarity wise, the whole thing newly builds up. And since the Earth's magnetism is not equally strong everywhere on the planet and magnetism-fluctuations appear, that can have negative consequences in many connections.

地球磁場趨弱這是與「地球磁極反轉」(earth-polarity-reversal)有關上次發生的時間大約是在70萬年前地球極性反轉在地球大約每50萬年會發生一次,然而根據情況,也有可能長達90萬年一次地球磁場正在不斷的降低,因而顯示出地球極性反轉也正在蠢蠢欲動的變化。這意味著磁場在徘徊中,最終將形成極性反轉。其結果是,在某種狀況下,可能發生一種短暫的磁擊穿magnetic breakdown)現象,也就是當磁極反向時,整個局面會重新建立由於地球的磁力並不是在地球上任何地方都是相同的強度,因此磁性波動magnetism-fluctuations)將出現,這在許多(磁極)連接中會產生負面的影響

Thus the weakening geomagnetism also has a certain influence on the cloud formations in the wise that they lose altitude, condense more and move closer above the earth's surface, whereby the lightning activity becomes more dangerous down below. Nevertheless, a lowering of the cloud cover has a small benefit however, because through that the greenhouse effect is somewhat diminished because more rays of the sun are reflected. A disturbing influence takes place, e.g., with regard to the movements of the earths petroleum lakes located in the interior of the planet, as enormous masses of water also located in the interior of the earth, will however move in equal measure, which would bedeck the whole earth kilometers-high, would they penetrate to the outside. All these simultaneous movements, which certain geological changes, on and in the planet bring about, have various effects, biologically-speaking, for the living creatures in the Earth's underground as well as on the earth's surface, in the waters and in the air.

因此趨弱的地磁對雲的形成也有某種影響,它使雲層失去了高度,且因凝聚而越來越接近地表,以致閃電使其下方變得更加危險。然而,雲層降低會有一點小小的好處,因為這樣它會反射出更多的陽光,而使溫室效應greenhouse effect)稍微降低。但會發生一種干擾的影響,例如那些儲藏於行星內部的油田(petroleum lakes),還有原坐落於地球內部極大量的水,都會以同樣的方式整個移動數公里之高而覆蓋在地球上,它們會滲透到地殼的外面。所有的這些變動同時在發生,其中包含某些地質的變遷。在這個星球的表面和內部,從生物學來說,在地球上的生物,無論在地表、地下以及在水中、空中,都會帶來不同的影響


Interesting, you should explain more to me about this sometime. But the whole thing also means that the Earth is heading for a magnetic earth-polarity-reversal. To my knowledge that process really runs, since the magnetic north pole already wanders and is currently in Greenland. In any case, your daughter Semjase already said this in 1977.



That is correct.



Since you're saying that negative consequences emerge in many connections through the fluctuating earth magnetism, that gives me an idea:  On several occasions Semjase, Quetzal, you and I have spoken about the fact that whole herds of fish, whales, dolphins, sea-dogs and seals, etc., move away from their actual ancestral places in the sea towards other places or throw themselves on beaches and miserably perish. The same also happens on the land, as animals and creatures as well as birds plunge to their death over rocks or cliffs .


Unfortunately, we have spoken briefly only once or twice officially and otherwise only more privately about that, and also only with regard to the fact that through earth-magnetic(geomagnetic) disturbances, strong radio waves as well as through noise pollution from ships in the seas, as well as through dropping bombs, gunfire, explosions and through other man-made disturbances, the animal-, creature-, bird-, poultry-, fish-, amphibian- and insect-worlds are driven into panic.


Now the thought comes to me, that along with those human-induced catastrophes of the earth, perhaps also the earth's magnetism could play a big role concerning situations where whole herds of whales, dolphins, seals and fish move themselves to other places or throw themselves on the coastal beaches and miserably perish, as also herds of animals and creatures or birds seek death en masse, throwing themselves over cliffs and rocks and plunging to their deaths. For a long time the scientists puzzle over the reasons for this, but they find no explanations for it.



In fact, you have spoken about this phenomena with my daughter and with Quetzal, as well as with me. The two of us spoke about this in the years 1993 and 1995, wherein you had already mentioned magnetic disturbances, but had otherwise well understood, not as the earth's magnetism, but rather as magnetic disturbances of a technical nature, such as those produced by the human beings of Earth. And as for your assumption that geomagnetic disturbances may be the origin of the whole thing, meets the actual facts, and indeed to such a large extent that all the disturbances which are caused by the earth humans, falls in weight to only about 20 percent. The origin of it all lies in the changing strengths and displacements of the earth's magnetism, which finds itself in a strong shift to the downside and during the last 150 years, the change in its strength has already weakened by around 10 percent. This decrease happens still further, and indeed with around 6 percent per century.



Aha, your answer creates the possibility of calculating when the polarity reversal will take place, i.e., when the North Pole will be there, where the South Pole is now - and the other way round. Semjase already told me in the 1970s, that in about 1000 years, the magnetic north pole, which today is in Greenland, will take its point there, where Mecca is today. Well, if it is, then so be it. And what you say with regard to the magnetic disturbances, which I mentioned earlier, so you no doubt rightly lie, because back then I hadn't yet brought the whole thing in connection with the earth's magnetic (geomagnetic) fluctuations, which however is now the case according to your explanations.

啊哈,你的答案建立在計算當極性反轉polarity reversal)將發生的可能性,也就是當北極將會反轉的位置,就是南極現在的位置朝反方向。Semjase在上世紀70年代已經告訴過我,在大約1000年以後,今天位置是在格陵蘭磁北極,將移動到目前是麥加Mecca;是沙烏地阿拉伯麥加省的省會)的那個位置。好吧,如果是,那麼就這樣吧。你說關於磁場的干擾,那些是我之前提到過的,這樣你無疑肯定是說法有誤,因為那時我還沒有將整件事與地球磁場(地磁)波動的關係連接起來,但是現在的情況正是如同你所解釋的那樣。


... The whole thing is simply regrettable that the people are unknowing in these things and are not really informed about the facts, which is also why no action is undertaken by them. On the other hand however, it is also so that the majority of the people are indifferent and even takes no action when he or she is informed, because self-initiative with regard to the world, the fellow human being, the fauna and flora as well as the nature and the planet is foreign to him or her, has but gotten out of the control of the good nature in relation to their own needs.


Generally however, the people are kept unknowing quite consciously because the more unknowing and knowledge-based dumber the human beings are, the easier they can be exploited, controlled, subjugated and treated as fools, and indeed both by religions and sects, i.e. their representatives and gurus, as well as by multinational corporations, scientists, conglomerates, diverse organizations and above all, by public authorities and governments.



This is a heavy and a true word, but many will not rejoice over this and will again preserve hostilities towards you.  In any case, with that you certainly make yourself not so many friends, particularly even when you ...



You mean if I represent this also of the public.



This I wanted to say, but you had clearly understood it before I could express it.



It was also not difficult to catch your thoughts and to understand - they were loud enough yes. With what I said, I'm not out to make myself many friends. Certainly however, there will be some who give me their friendship, but to gain these, it must also be taken into account that enemies arise as well. The truth is that whosoever wants to gain friends, along the way many adversaries always emerge, who turn out to be evil fiends. These however are lurking everywhere with lies and deceptions, as well as slanders and falsifications and intrigues. This I have experienced well enough in my life thus far, even within my own family, but that could and will never stop me from fulfilling my mission. Therefore, as always, I appear openly and speak, what there is to talk about and what has to be said. My maxim has been and always will be, not to hide myself in a fortress, or in a cave, etc., and not to isolate myself from the public with regard to the teaching and mission. Would I not hold to this so, I would then create an isolation against the mission and the teaching, through which entirely all life-essential information for the humans of the Earth would be blocked. The might-potential of my enemies with their lies and calumnies, as well as with their childish criticism, and so forth. is great, and that they are numerous and I'm repeatedly the target of their crummy attacks, this is undeniable.


Nevertheless however, I will not be deterred. It is my understanding that my enemies are humans which kick all the rules of social coexistence into the dirt and believe themselves powerful. Just as friends need good interpersonal relationships, honest love and like-minded ones, - fiends, for their infamous machinations, their hate as well as their lies, swindles and calumnies, need their enslaved allies with rotten character and a selfishness, deviousness and unhonesty, etc. having gotten out of the control of the good nature. All these fiends that work against me, do not understand the honesty that I must have and must maintain, in order to disseminate the teaching and to fulfill the mission. They are absolutely incapable of comprehending how solitary, hard and rocky is the road which must be taken in the honesty and the modesty, among the people on this earth, and they haven't one iota of a clue as to the efforts which are connected with everything. But in their unhonesty, lying, cheating and slandering they can not and will not comprehend the whole thing, because would they do that and thereby understand everything, then they would destroy the effects of their dirty deeds, intrigues and their imagined positions of power and leave them to be alarmingly small and insignificant.



For this I must say no more, for each additional word would be too much.



Sometimes it just comes over me, and then I have to speak up.



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